AT&T vs. Sprint

Compare AT&T Wireless and Sprint

AT&T and Sprint are both known for their own strengths and weaknesses.? Although AT&T has a considerably larger customer base, Sprint is still in the top 5 for service providers.? So if you’re comparing Sprint and AT&T, you should be aware of each of their strengths and weaknesses and match them to how you will be using your cell phone.? As always, it’s a great idea to ask local users about their experience with each network.? Some networks may have great coverage in most areas but people in your neighborhood may have troubles.

AT&T has made some serious waves over the last few years, much to the credit of Apple iPhone.? Some of the top debates between AT&T and Sprint are about their top phones, iPhone and Palm Pre.? In general, AT&T is known for their decent voice coverage and growing data network.? The iPhone has accelerated the need for a strong 3G network and an upcoming 4G network.

AT&T Wireless Service Compared to Sprint

AT&T isn’t necessarily known for their amazing customer service but most users seems to prefer AT&T to Sprint in this arena.? With AT&T you can typically get a hold of a customer service representative in a relatively short time.? Their customer service agents can be hit and miss but that’s common across almost any business.? If you depend a lot of phone support, AT&T would have the advantage.

Sprint Phone Plans vs. AT&T Wireless Plans

One of Sprint’s strongest advantages over AT&T is cell phone pricing, especially with data plans.? Sprint has a strong data network at reasonable prices where AT&T data network can struggle at times and the company is often accused of price gouging on data plans.? Sprint has the advantage in terms of plans but you have to take the whole package into consideration.? The savings may not outweigh the negatives.

AT&T vs Sprint Phone Options

Each of these networks are recently known for having exclusivity over 2 of the top PDA/Smartphones.? Everyone is aware that AT&T currently has access to the Apple iPhone and have sold an amazing number of units.? Most people agree that the iPhone is currently the strongest smartphone on the market.? The strongest contender to the iPhone thus far is the Palm Pre.? With some features that the stylish iPhone doesn’t sport yet, many people are moving to the Pre.? The Pre’s biggest limitations right now is a slim App store and people being reluctant to move to Sprint.? For non-smartphone users, AT&T definitely has better options in terms of phone selection.

AT&T Wireless / Sprint Comaprison Conclusions

AT&T clearly dominates in most scenarios.? Their customer service and phone selection is superior in most cases.? Sprints largest advantage is their data network and pricing which could be a sizable advantage depending on how you use your phone.? Overall, the average user will be much happier on AT&T’s network.? Whether you’re a smartphone or standard cell phone user, talk to some friends in your area on these networks to see if there are any major coverage issues.? However, most people will end up on the ever expanding AT&T network.

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  2. Anna Says:

    AT&T sucks. Their service is terrible – they are full of empty promises which they never come through on. They have messed up our account numerous times and the refund seems to get lost each time. Even though each month the amount of money they owed us was more than we owed them for our ongoing account, they made no credits or refunds, except promises to do so. Our refund has been promised to us for more than 2 months. Each time I call them to query it, they transfer me from department to department. I remember one time sitting on the phone for 2 hours with just a simple question – what happened to our refund. AT&T is the worst cellphone company I have ever had to deal with. I cannot wait for my contract to end so I can close my book with them. We initally planned to have a package for internet, homephone, cellphone and cable with them. They sent us all the equipment to install ourselves with no codes, etc, after promising us that their “technical support technician will be here soon”. Cable up to today, has never been issued to us, and no explanation has evern been given to us as to why this service has not been provided, even though we called and called numerous times about it. Then when we received the bill it was 3 times more than the amount they guaranteed us for the package. Our AT&T internet was down more than it was working and when it was working, we had numerous problems with it. AT&T is a waste of time and money. I would recommend any other service provider other than AT&T. I would strongly suggest that AT&T learn something about customer service and learning about follow-up and customer satisfaction. I have had accounts with Sprint and Metro PCS in another state and have never ever had any issues with those companies. I strongly recommend that you do not take up servce with AT&T – rather opt for Sprint or Metro. Their rates are cheaper and their services are far better.

  3. Dave Says:

    I work for AT&T and more Sprint customers come into the store than from any other provider.

    That is all you really need to know…

  4. kayn Says:

    You guys are dumb asses att beat everyone. i have att and when i had sprint i had no fucking services. verizon just plan sucks

  5. Chris Says:

    OMG how much does sprint suck??? Well I get better service support and a live person when I call AT&T. Sprint took forever to confirm if my son’s phone came after that was after an hour of listening to the looped recording! My poor baby is stuck on his dads sprint plan that trying to get out of it is like trying to leave the mob!!! I am soooooo glad I made the switch to AT&T I wasted no time…I went with AT&T the day my Sprint plan expired and have not regreted once!!!

  6. Melissa Says:

    AT&T’s network coverage is not as good as Sprints unless you live in a major city. In some states that I visit, Louisiana for one, there is only one city with 3G coverage and all other areas have spotty coverage or are on a poor edge network.

    On the other hand, Sprint’s customer service is horrible. When you call with questions on your service you can get 3 different answers. They try to sell you products when you have an issue. Their customer loyalty plan is crap. They recently offered, as an incentive to get me to re-up my contract, a 30-day guarantee on a new phone. EVERY carrier does this! Most of the customer incentives are this way… something they have always done for anyone.

  7. Todd Says:

    As with any cell provider, it will all depend on location. Most people that praise AT&T are in a large metropolitan area and do not do much traveling outside of that area.

    I am in the DC Area and AT&T is great in the DC area, but as you start getting further into VA there are alot more dead spots compared to sprint or verizon.

    In MD you are usualy pretty OK between baltimore and DC beacuse it is to huge metro area’s. However If you go away from either metro area you will start to find alot of dead spots.

    I also travel back and forth between VA and NY and between my work blackberry (AT&T)and my personal sprint phone, the AT&T will lose reception alot more between VA and NY.

    To the guy that works at an AT&T store, I am a Technical person working for the government and I can tell you that I know many users that where in sprint, went to at&t to only wish they hadnt, or switch right back to sprint do to AT&T’s spotty reception while traveling.

    The grass always looks greener on the other side, till you get to the other side, what made people want to jump to AT&T was mostly the IPhone or just thinking there was something better then sprint besides verizon, and yes i Think verizon is better, but for my needs sprint is cheaper and very close to AT&T to the point that most people cant tell.

    I will admit that dealing with AT&T i found them to have better customer service then sprint, but sprint was much more reliable.

    Personaly I am really hoping AT&T keeps investing, because we need as much compitition as possible to keep prices down on plans.

  8. Aaron Says:

    I have have both sprint and AT&T accounts for my business. I receive better customer support from Sprint then I do AT&T. I am in California and granted there are more AT&T service centers but whenever I need to come a Sprint service rep on the phone they have treated me with the utmost respect and always have resolved the issue. I have been with AT&T since the 90’s and Sprint, well Nextel before the acquisition since 2002. The Sprint service area has increased drastically in the last 2 yrs and is by far better and more reliable then AT&T. The only attractive thing about AT&T is the i-phone and the only reason we have 1 (ONE) AT&T line is due to international travel.

  9. miami Says:

    Sprint is simply better, they have better coverage, customer service, online tools.
    Att is getting more and more customers because they have a big commercial machinery, the real fact is that their service is no good at all, calls dropped, bad signal, less bars in more places.
    I wouldn’t recommend att to anybody, even to my worst enemies.
    Sprint is just a very good carrier, verizon is good too.

  10. Robert Says:

    I used to have service with ATT, and now have Sprint.

    Sprint’s plans, thus still complicated, are easier to understand than ATT’s.

    Coverage in my area and where I travel to (east coast) is better. Equipment wise, ATT had more choices.

    Hey, I’m the first one with right spelling. No wonder, am not a dumb American.

  11. Angel Says:

    I have been with AT&T (or whatever they are calling themselves today) for 6 years. The customer service is ok, not bad as long as your problem isnt at night or sundays. I am most upset at the fact that other companies are offering much better plans for much less money, and if I switch I can get a great deal on a new phone too….so why am I staying? I am considering leaving and AT&T should be working much harder to keep my business rather than see me leave. Sprint has a $99 UNLIMITED EVERYTHING plan…that same plan for AT&T is close to $145….I can make up my cancelation fee within 3 months, have a cool new phone and better coverage…doesnt make sense to stay…

  12. Dan Says:

    well all I have to say is I have been with AT&T for 10yrs (first started with cingular) and they have done nothing but treated me good so much so i have Satelite DSL and cell service with them. and as a matter of fact i cancled my home phone with them today with no problems at all. and yes i was still able to keep DSL. I had problems with my DSL modem about a year ago they came to my house walked in and in 5mins they were like its a bad modem we have another in the truck they went and installed the new modem with no changes in billing and off I went.

    When you cancel a contract with any cell provider reguardless of why they charge you, and as for coverage I work offshore oil rigs and have had to travel to Newfoundland Canada and had no problems with reception. I normally leave for the rig from New Orleans and no problems there either.

    Hell out of all of my friends who are on other services we always have signal even when they don’t.

    all of these problems are peoples opinions about the provider.

    Just give a little people do not try to have your way all the time learn about you equipment, read contracts, ask and verify ?, ect. and youll be good to go. it never goes 100% awesome with anything you buy or enter into.

  13. Jonny L. Says:

    I think cell phone companies in the US are having a field day with us, their customers. I lived in England (London) for over 10 years before migrating to the US. Almost all mobile phone companies in Europe (England for that matter)offers, free incoming calls(even on almost all pay as you go plans) free evenings and weekends, caller id, call waiting, voice mail, and the rest….Basically, your time plan determines how much minutes/call time you may be able to spend on your cell phone during the peak hours which is practically similar to the official working hours(7am – 6pm) after which all calls made are free. Extra peak call minutes cost slightly more after your time plan hours are exhausted. The list of free features are endless…. Despite all the technological advances here in the US, when you compare the level of services offered here by the cell phone companies to that of Europe, it makes one wonder whether cell customers are being robbed in broad day light or US cell phone companies are still stuck with practices of the third world countries.I hope US consumers come to realize this and take actions.

  14. Mark Legend Says:

    what is the best service with the best phones with the free services offered in europel. A good and honest co. with a good phones and services. Thank you

    Mark Legend

  15. Mark Legend Says:

    We are currently on at&t paying month to month. our contract ran out in 2007 . We want a co that offers us after 14 years of using them at least a head set and a few extras. At&t makes it an issue. So I am to understand that to have these people have another contract (2 year) they will just give my wife and I the bare min. Really we would like to purchase our phones from an outside source and are concerned that at&t will give us a runaround and not make it possible to us anything but their so-so phones and for the prices they charge for some of their old or made for only at&t phones seems just too controling. I want to purchase a cool phone from another place. Do you know if they will help me get is connected and going if it is not on of their pnones. or mayby you can recommend a great phone plan with another co. and they will not care where I get the phone from? Thank you. Mark Legend.

  16. Joel Says:

    I have both Sprint and AT&T. Sprint’s network is by far superior in coverage and reliability. AT&T’s customer service is much friendlier and they offer much better phones. At the end of the day, coverage and zero dropped calls is more important to me, so I have to give the edge to Sprint.

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  21. LIVIN Says:

    I have sprint but im looking toward to get AT&T what should I do?

  22. victor Says:

    livin you should get AT&T because its cheap and they got better phones

  23. Xacto01 Says:

    I have sprint and I am a happy customer. After Hesse took control things have turned around… Palm Pre (web os), HTC Hero (android), Touch Pro 2 (wm), Customer Services is better now, cheap unlimited plans, and just today…… unlimited mobile to mobile (call any cell phone for free regardless of carrier FTW), and 4G starting 2 years earlier than other carriers 4g. I dont want to pay $1k extra in 2 years for an iphone.. I have a ipod touch so I get apple’s app store. I wouldn’t want my apple app store games on my phone anyway due to lack of replacable battery on an iphone. Seperated games and phone is fine for me.

  24. Gabriel Says:

    Iv had AT&T for many years and after some years I swiched to sprint . I must say I was unsatisfied and swiched back b4 the 30 days. I am happy with AT&T and hope it will stay helpfull.

  25. Geno Says:

    Well I am still with At&t because of the dumb contract. I have been on and off with them for years since what Pac Bell or something. I just got to Sprint because I get a discount. The hospital I work at has a contract with Sprint so I get a good deal. I also had a friend who worked at At&t who hooked it up with an employee discount but I just pay ten dollars more a month with Sprint and I get unlimited internet and unlimited text and unlimited any mobile to mobile. With At&t I had no internet and 250 texts each phone both lines. You do the math. I get better coverage with Sprint faster internet. What I like about Sprint is when they don’t have coverage in certain areas they feed off of Verizon’s towers. I heard that from the guy who sold me the Blackberry Tour. I also heard it from a high school buddy of mine who still works at Verizon. At&t is okay but I get better signal with Sprint. Unlimited mobile to mobile an carrier. That is the biggest selling point period. Roll over minutes can not compare. Verizon is a good company I am not going to knock them but they spent too much money on advertising that is why their rates are the highest.

  26. Jen Says:

    I have At&t they are not bad except for the 2 big reason I am considering a switch. First is the dropped calls I only live 30 min from the twin cities and I have at least 4 spots within that drive that dropps my calls every time.
    Second reason is they do not have any good text plans enless you are going to spend 200.00 or more a month, it is 19.99 for unlimited test per phone,
    when verison and sprint have them included into their family plans. Plus they have better coverage area they are better.

  27. sara Says:

    I have to say, at&t sucks! I hate it! I had their services for awhile, and let me tell you, NEVER get at&t. Sprint is so much better. It has much better coverage and plans.

  28. Rich Says:

    Well here s the deal in a nut shell.. I have been with sprint since the late 90’s. I have a friend with At@t. The Best rate plan is the sprint simply everything plan Way cheaper that At@t s plan.And as Far as covarge in Middle Tn . Middle of no where.At@t Is a little and i mean little better, but they sent a letter to one of my friends (At@t) and said that he is useing to much out of network internet , and thus going to cancel his contract. My other friend (At@t) they kick him out of his contract, for using too much off the network,and now he made a bigger mistake by going to Verizon, he regrets it ever ever day.. says that he wants sprint but will not pay the extra to get out of the verizon contract.. well I tryed to tell them . they are starting to come around.. OBTW sprint has greatly improve customer service..

  29. mike Says:

    My wife has nextel/sprint and since sprint took over it has gone dowhill. I took here phone on a motorcycle trip and all the time in Iowa I had no service until I got to Minnesota. On the data side my son sent a text message and it took over a half hour. We picked him up for dinner and at the restaurant the message came in.

  30. Tracy Says:

    IDK what yall all talkin bout. Both companies have a weakness and strong side. There might be days when sprint sucks and there are also days when AT&T stinks. So back off!

  31. Marcus Says:

    ATT is overpriced and overrated. If you need mobile services and the price/service issue is important then Sprint is the way to go.

    I do not see a phone company as a fashion accessory, but rather a tool to accomplish my tasks. Clearly, the one that offers the best value is the one that I use, hence my choice of Sprint. Oh, and I have used Verizon and ATT as well. Bottom line, Sprint offers the most in terms of price/performance.

  32. Billy Gadsen Says:

    I ilked to think that service is best with Verizon.Customer Service is only as good as the training they recive besides how can soeone actaully expect a customer service to show empathy,speed,and full knowledge of every thing that goes on in a phone company. Trith is people have become lazy and impatient and of course you pay for the service but millions of others do as well and at my school there are probably tens of iphone users and when they call customer servove with ATT they become angry fast.Why? Its because they a question and expect an imediate anwer as if the person actaully invented the phone besides iphone users are arrogant anyway i know because i have one:)

  33. Truth Says:


    AT&T plans are high as hell. Rollover is overrated. Data and Text messaging (they count incoming) must be purchased separately at ridiculous rates. They just got a myfavs like feature but it requires one of their higher priced voice plans.

    Sprint has voice, data, messaging, gps, sprint tv, all packaged into one simple and much cheaper plan. Has a growing selection of phones that trump the Iphone (its so overrated) and has great customer service. On any the Any Mobile, Anytime is just a huge DEAL!!!

  34. erock Says:

    Robert: “Hey, I?m the first one with right spelling. No wonder, am not a dumb American.”

    *facepalm* i don’t even want to go into the grammar mistakes in your post…

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  36. Doug Says:

    Robert: ?Hey, I?m the first one with right spelling. No wonder, am not a dumb American.?

    Next time you want to insult others make sure you type proper english you uneducated dumb idiot. The proper way to post that would have been: “No wonder I am not a dumb American.”

  37. Lacey Says:

    I have ATT for my cell phone service and I absolutely cannot wait to get another cell phone carrier. I HATE ATT. I have had the same identical problems with my phone from the day that I got it. You call customer service and no matter how many times you call and complain about the same identical problems, they always reply with “you shouldn’t have this problem again” and I ALWAYS DO!!!

    ATT is a piece of junk. I cannot stand them.

  38. JasonMorgan Says:

    AT&T is very good, and i love their customer service, everytime i go in their store everyone is so friendly.

  39. PhoneJunkie Says:

    I think the quality of the phone service really depends on the area where you are using it. When you guys post and opinion on which one you like better, can you post what region you use it the most in?

  40. vham843 Says:

    im with sprint and my contract is currently up. i live in charleston sc and my sprint service is ok but i do drop calls alot in my neighborhood. i was with att 7 years and left for sprint but im weighing my options on att and t-mobile now because of this. i dont understand how att is the 2nd company and everyone complains about it? please help

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  43. Drx Says:

    I use Sprint for personal use and ATT for Business. Both carriers are strong but the main advantage is the coverages. When Sprint has no service, ATT seems to. When ATT has no service, Sprint seems to. A booster does help in valleys but it is hit and miss with both companies again.

    The nice thing about ATT service is the phone card system. To this day Sprint still keeps their phones exclusive which most likely makes all Sprint users angry. Every phone should be shared between carriers and use the card. Competetion is good for us consumers in the end.

    The Palm Centro, Pre and Iphone are the best on the market between the two companies so far.

    I wish satellite service would be cheaper and they competed for that instead. We have a satellite phone and I have service everywhere I go. Yes, there are positives and negatives with that as well but when I’m in valleys we always had service for emergencies.

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  45. Bob Says:

    I have both AT&T and Sprint accounts with land lines and cells on AT&T and cell only on Sprint. I have had both for years and recently began canceling the AT&T accounts and porting all numbers over to Sprint. I do not notice any significant coverage disadvantages with Sprint. The HUGH difference is that Sprint has EXCELLENT customer service while AT&T has virtually NONE. The differnce became so apparent that I was willing to pay the cancellation fees to AT&T at about $175/line to switch!!! I will make up the cost in 2 years from the far better Sprint deals. I will never venture into AT&T territory again unless significant changes occur!!

  46. Josh Says:

    I work for sprint telesales and sprint customers for the most part are fu**ing retarted and dont know a great deal when they see one.

  47. Charles Says:

    I just ordered at&t’s GO Phone ….I havent gotten it yet…Did I make a mistake?????

  48. KATTIE Says:

    I Have to tell you that nothing beats Sprint when it comes to customer care and service. I have been with them for nearly 8 years. I never had a dropped call nor was I ever out of coverage. While i was in Israel I even had crystal clear reception. Anyone that says otherwise really doesn’t know how great they are. The best wireless coverage if anything the only reason why sprint customers go to at&t its the iphone and not due to sprints unprecedented care because they are number one when it comes to customer care. Iphone no longer exclusive to At&t hint hint.. sprint 4G network at&t 3G…

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  50. idunno Says:

    quit repeating the same thing over and over sprint is better than at&t dumbasses

  51. J. W. Jordan Says:

    Have had both and Sprint is far superior in every area except one and that is the iphone. Customer service is much better with Sprint. Cost is much lower with Sprint. I have had more dropped calls with AT&T than with Sprint. AT&T has lied to me on occasion and Sprint has not. I know for a fact that Sprint has had to lay off employees due to the economy. I do not know about AT&T. Bottom line is AT&T thinks they are doing you a favor and Sprint is happy to have you as their customer.

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  53. Anthony Says:

    Sprint has been my first cell phone carrier since 2005. I’ve used Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon and Cricket. I’ll tell you Cricket sucks ass! I can’t even get 1 bar in my house and the neareast cdma tower is 1 mile away! Have company has their perks, I had Nextel before they merged with Sprint and their customer service was awwful, along with the plans they offered during that time! Verizon is good, but too expensive for my blood. T-Mobile is above Cricket when it comes to coverage, T-Mobile likes to give customers more for less with their plans.
    Sprint is Great! Sprint will give you more coverage then T-Mobile, Cricket. Their Iden network has more coverage then their cdma network. You have 2 network choices then just one. Thier plans present great value, esp with the everything data 450 plan, you have unlimited calling to any us cell phone calling and are not just limited to calling Sprint & Nextel customer for free! If Sprint Nextel offered me a job, I’d work for them in a heartbeat! :)Their customer service is #1 and has solved every issue I presented to them!

  54. MJO Says:

    I have sprint family plan with 1500 shared minutes, blacberry service with unlimited data and textmessages and & pay $129. I checked with ATT and they don’t have 1500 shared family plan but they have 1400 shared minutes. If I get this 1400 minute plan from ATT and add blackberry service and unlimited messaging it will be about $190. Now I want to know, how ATT has better prices? Sprint gives you unlimited text messages with BBerry service, ATT doesn’t, you have to pay for it. Only good thing I like about ATT is their customer service, they are great. Sprint’s customer servce is horrible. Coverage I like Sprint more. I have Sprint and my frind has ATT and I had to call both customer services so I know. Sprint wins with prices and coverage.

  55. att rep Says:

    speaking as a rep from att, i can tell you our service isnt the best it could be due to and inconsistent phone support center. In the store we pull strings every day to keep people happy and bend to their wants.

    The problem with service as far as i see it is in the eye of the customer though. Some people appreciate honesty, some appreciate thorough explinations, some like prompt and quick service, others just want stuff thrown at them.

    It doesnt matter if youve had the service for ten years, or are a new customer. The bottom line is the person who is helping you needs to be paid, aswell as hit their goals for the month and keep their job. begging for a free car charger, (which they get paid on) with your free phone. This isnt something that happens, so when the rep tells you that isnt something he or she can do, dont interpret that interaction to be bad customer service, but instead just you being a shady consumer.

    Overall if people who dont want to spend money or dont want a phone with a “Camera” or only want something with a “Flip” go to wal-mart or best buy for their free upgrade, and people who want a premium phone and a good experience come to the corporate stores all will be happy in the balance of cell phone sales / service

    And about our plans? Yes, we cost 30$ more a month on average, this is true. But i can tell you, in this area every time i tried to get help from a rep in the sprint stores, i was viewed as a waste of time. Not only would i get a survey from the interaction i had in the store, but i would fill it out negatively and truthfully. I would periodtically check in and those reps whom acted so unprofessional would still be working, using the same sleazy sales tactics.

    At at&t, if your given a bad survey your put on a performance plan and if something doesnt improve your termed. That simple.

  56. typical cell phone crap Says:

    Customers of the cell industry are idiot for the most part, and are split into two types

    Type a:
    Person agrees on a two year plan, whatever features they want, with the phone they want. The person uses phone for intended purpose, pays bill monthly, and rarely has issues but when does addresses them promptly.

    Type b:
    Person whom agrees on plan, features, and gets discounted phone but misuses it and doesnt opt for the insurance. This person goes into store and assumes the 19.99 he paid for the phone was the full price and is baffled, and upset when he finds out you cant get another one only 2 months into your contract. Or they are someone who uses texting or data without the plan and assumes the company owes it to them to credit all uses without commiting to a plan afterward.

    These things cause type b to seek another company, assuming all of the evil bad things the company they are currently with will not happen at the other company.

    Meanwhile, without thinking these people dont realise that almost all cell companies share many policies with one another. Warranty claims being one of them, aswell as usage credits, etc.

    People always thing the grass is greener on the other side, but realitically its just the same thing with a different logo.

    Im willing to bet that all of the negative replys to either sprint or at&t on here is a result of Type B.
    Lets face it, their coverage is the same, in fact sprint roams off of some at&t towers…


  57. Cammie Says:

    OK, so sprint has better plans,coverage txting act. but he only thing i hate about them is heir service,when u have a problem they create it to a bigger problem, they lie, they break their promises- they even offer more stuff when u r iin a seriuse problem! My rebate took 2 years to get since my cell number changed!My mom and dad havent gotten their in a year! attHave cool phones but evrything else suck except their niceness.

  58. Cammie Says:


    GO NUTS!!!!!!!

  59. richard Says:

    I appreciate everyones comments on the subject. it really helps trying to dcide whether i should keep my sprint job or go to att. where should i work? all iknow is that sprint does give you more bang for your buck. and i also know that the only thing keeping att in business is because of the imfamous iphone. which there are better phones out there than the iphone.

  60. doghouse95 Says:

    I’ve had them all and am now using Straigh talk. $45, for everything unlimited. I have good reception even out in the sticks. You can set it up on a credit card for monthly service and everything works without a bump.
    The only thing I don’t like about straight talk is their selection of phones isn’t top end but they are getting better.

  61. Bryan Says:

    I agree mostly with what “typical cell phone crap” said except one thing, Sprint uses the same network as Verizon CDMA. (google it) and ATT uses the same network as T-Mobile GSM. So Sprint can’t really roam off ATT’s towers as it is a different Technology. I have had Verizon for probably 6 years and have been very happy until recently. They changed their plans and now are going to start charging you for a data plan depending on which phone you get. So you basically have to get a super simple cheap phone if you don’t want to pay for data access. Sprint’s data plans are the cheapest period. My company phone is Sprint and its works everywhere my Verizon phone works and sometimes my Sprint phone works places my Verizon phone doesn’t. I think ultimately it depends on where you live and what you use your phone for the most. I haven’t used ATT in over 6 years, I used to have Suncom before they got bought by Cingular and their coverage was worse that Verizon but that was 6+ years ago so I’m sure things have changed. Like someone else said ask people where you live what they have had good luck with as service varies depending on where you live.

  62. morgsE Says:

    I have been with AT&T since 2006… before then I was with Sprint from ’04- ’06 and before that I was with Cingular… I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE SPRINT. Their customer service sucks… I don’t have hours to wait to talk to someone about all these added charges to my account. Sprint was NOTORIOUS for adding charges that I had not authorized!!! AT&T is friendlier, faster and takes BETTER care of me then SPRINT ever did.

  63. jeffd Says:

    I just signed up w/ Sprint after being an AT&T customer for so long – don’t have a problem with customer service on both ends. I live in Riverside county and the difference I have noticed is quality signals. When I had AT&T, I had no problems accepting or making calls inside my house & using my Blackberry for navigation while I’m driving. That was on AT&T “edge” network. Now after my transition to Sprint, everytime I make a call or receive a call inside my house the other party (ies) can not hear me – I have to walk around the house to get a better signal. Now I’m on the Sprint 3G network, which is better than “edge” which I had with AT&T. Using navigation on Sprint network – “FORGET” it – searching forever – might as well use a regular map.

  64. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  65. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Phone Reviews Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  66. chris soria Says:

    I disagree with your overall conclusion. Although, AT&T is good, it’s not that great. Its 3G coverage is abysmal and depending on where you live they get dropped calls. Ive had sprint now for a while and the pricing and data overall is superior to AT&T’s.

    Also sprint has better call quality because of their network. Also, sprint may have a small network, but they roam on verizon’s network. And it’s free.

    AT&T is just a rip off for data and texting. I’m sticking with Sprint

  67. Brian-M Says:

    I’m moving to Northern Indiana in a few months. Does anyone have any experience with Sprint/AT&T in that area? I won’t tell you who I have now but I am thinking of switching. I’m looking for an unbiased opinion. Any thoughts?

  68. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  69. TC Says:

    Been with ATT for the last 12 years. Been near perfect up until 2 years ago. Coverage became spotty all the sudden around N. Dallas and other suberbs, places where it was near perfect before. Have had several phones over the last couple years so it wasn’t the phone. Now I’m averaging a dropped call every 2-3 calls regardless of location. Family in Charlotte complains of the same problems. Definitely going to look elsewhere even though they have a decent selection of phones.

  70. Jordan Says:

    I dont have AT&T or Sprint but I think both of these companies are good. AT&T has a much cheaper and better selection of phones such as the iPhone 4 coming out soon but Sprint’s plan is cheaper. Overall, I think AT&T is a little bit better

  71. Ruben Says:

    I had Sprint and i didnt had signal but when i change to At&t i have more signal in more places i have 3G anywhere i love the speed and the services. At&t Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Trevor Says:

    I have to say AT&T was the worst choice of a cellphone service my parents could have bought. AT&T is far from having better service than sprint I always lose signal with AT&T even when I’m in areas where your supposed to have good signal the pricing is terrible with AT&T for what you get and their customer service sucks to say the lease. Idk how many times they have over charged us. All my friends have sprint and I have not heard one complaint about their service and what you pay for is what you truely get with sprint not to mention they now have the new 4g htc evo which I believe is going to kill the iPhones !

  73. amber Says:

    we have sprint. i live in round rock texas. we dont get service a lot of places, our phones are constantly searching. i’m not sure how well at&t works in texas, thats what i’ve been trying to figure out. i really want the iphone4, and my parents have been complaining so much about sprint i am going insane. my dad gets employee discount with both carriers so its about the same price for us. we would have to pay $80 to terminate my moms phone early. i personally do not have sprint. i have metro pcs. i get service almost everywhere, and my parents dont. since they are wanting to add me to their plan, i want to continue to get good service everywhere. the only places i dont get service is in the car and certain resteraunts. so could anyone who lives around austin tx help me out? how is the service?? another plus is that it would be free to call my boyfriend, who has at&t too.

  74. Mike Says:

    I have to admit. I have had sprint for 12 years now and I like the service I recently went to the dark side (AT&T) strictly because of the Iphone. I have to say I have had more dropped phone calls on my Iphone than on any other phone I have ever owned. I was at a party with a large crowd of people they were about five people who had Iphones none of us could make calls. I was baffled one of our friends was on there black berry phone from AT&T and could make calls with no problems. If you have the service from the same provider why is it the Iphone didnt work but Black Berry did. All I could say is WTF. I called the customer service department and they told me to turn my phone off and turn it back on again that would recycle the phone. It didnt work…

  75. george Says:

    I signed up for an AT&T plan Talk7 69.99 month. I ended up putting 151.48 for down payment and accessories on July 01. I recieved a bill a few weeks later for Billing Cycle July 01 thru July 02 for amount 190.69. I called AT&T customer service and this was for 1 day of Service in July which I was charged 1 month and the next month in advance. I decided to exercise my right to cancel contract in first 30 days. I took phones and accessories back to AT&T store on July 16 and was charged restocking fee for phones. I received a credit for -16.00. I called AT&T to submit a gripe to a AT&T manager and the service attendant did not escalate my request. However AT&T informed me that I would be getting a final bill. I asked how can I get a final Bill on an account I just closed. I even got a -16.00 refund.. No explanation AT&T could give can satisfy my mind. These guys seem like thieves and robbers. If you are a poor working person like me you may want to avoid these guys as you may not be able to afford the AT&T Invoices which you will not be able to interpret. Invoice was beyond my ability to interpret and more than I could afford.

  76. Blakestuhh Says:

    I live here in Wichita,ks and have had AT&T and verizon for the past few years off and on. I don’t really mind either of them they both work and serve the purpose their suppose to. I’m just tired of the iPhone and all that crap. I want to get an evo 4g and try sprint out, not really sire what to do?!

  77. fairytalebling Says:

    I LOVE MY SPRINT!!! Will NEVER go back with AT&T worse time of my life!

  78. Your mom Says:

    I love how people get all angry and resort to stuff like “you dumb asses” etc. State your opinion about the topic. That’s the purpose of these forums…so that people can use helpful information to make a logical, rational, well informed decision.
    And “typical cell phone crap”, thanks for categorizing people into your two generic groups…we all appreciate your insight. How interesting that you feel that people with a legitimate complaint are whiners who want something for nothing. Please enlighten us all and entertain us further with your wisdom…lol. And as for the genius who is glad to NOT be an american….please be glad to leave. It’s your right and our blessing for you to vacate this beautiful land. Take Obama with you.

    As for the services, I’m on here looking to see if anyone else has the issues that I do with AT&T. It appears that I’m not alone. AT&T is well below par. I have decided to take my business to Sprint. Thank you to all of you whom posted rational informative posts. To the rest, please get educated.

  79. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone – Sprint Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  80. Mary Z Says:

    Live in Minneapolis MN. Used to have Sprint (lousy coverage). Now have AT&T (lousy coverage). Cant figure out how someone can be in a major metropolitan area and still have lousy coverage.

    AT&T’s pricing is so confusing I dont think Customer Service personnell understand it eiter so they just have to muddle through each call. Sprint’s customer service was generally unhelpful, rude and disrespectful. Several times I had to hang up and call back just to get someone who would listen to a simple question.

    It’s too bad my only consideration at this point will be price.

  81. Ronnie Says:

    Hey, Robert. You may be the first with correct spelling because you are not a dumb American. But, your grammer is incorrect. So does that make you just stupid? How rude.

  82. Doug McAlexander Says:

    I used Verizon for 12 years, including the Airtouch years prior to the merger between Airtouch and Verizon. I have to say that Verizon clearly has the best coverage in the U.S. However I travel with my work and I have two complaints about Verizon. Verizon doesn’t have a rollover option so when I don’t travel, thus don’t use the cell phone as much, I wind up with extra unused minutes that I paid for but did not use. But when I travel one month and use an extra 500 minutes I get charged $100 extra. I started asking Verizon to add rollover the day I heard Cingular (now AT&T) introduced it. But Verizon always gave the same canned answer: “If you have minutes left over each month you need to lower your plan!” I would have to explain that I don’t always have minutes left over, only on months when I don’t travel.

    The other problem with Verizon is with International travel. Their phones use CDMA technology where most countries outside the U.S. use GSM. Note: Sprint also employs CDMA while T-Mobile is based on GSM. GSM uses a SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module. When I traveled with my Verizon phone I had no service, not even the option to roam. I contacted customer service to resolve the issue just prior to a trip to Tasmania. Verizon only had two phones that could be configured to operate from a SIM card, a Motorola and a large Blackberry. But once we got into the facts and figures Verizon started hitting me with setup fees and extra charges just for the privilege of carrying a phone that can be used outside the U.S. I told the Verizon representative that AT&T phones already work inside and outside the U.S. with no additional fees other than the International roaming charge when used outside the U.S. The Verizon representative then spoke those twelve words that caused me to leave and go to AT&T. And those words are, ?I don?t know what AT&T offers because I don?t work for AT&T!? Those twelve words, with a different company name, will lose my business each and every time I hear them. I must admit that the customer service from AT&T Wireless has been far superior to Verizon?s customer service.

    Now after 2.5 years with AT&T I can provide a concise comparison. My experience with wireless has been that I drop more calls in a week than I did in a month with Verizon. In fact I seldom dropped a call with Verizon. Verizon does indeed have more 3G coverage, far more. However the Verizon 3G network is not as fast as AT&T?s. My download speeds with AT&T 3G are noticeably faster, when available. AT&T?s coverage map misrepresents their actual coverage. I recently traveled to Virginia. I checked the coverage map ahead of time to see what I might expect. It showed 3G in one area where I was going to lodge and Edge everywhere else. Okay, so I?m expecting full data support with some areas operating at a slower rate. What I found to be the reality was that I had almost no usable data coverage and no phone service at all, except if I drove down the road a ways from where I was staying, and even then the coverage was spotty. Had to find a spot where I could make a call and stand in that one place for the duration. Fortunately my GM vehicle has a built-in cell phone through the OnStar service, which uses Verizon towers. I have to pre-pay for the minutes but Verizon had full coverage everywhere in the area. I asked the locals which carrier they used and they all told me that Verizon is the only reliable carrier in the area.

    I have four phones on my account. Two are Android phones and two are Blackberry Bold 9700s. Android phones use Google to store data so they are constantly communicating with Google in the background. This runs up the data usage. And now AT&T has decided to limit data usage to either 200MB/month for $15 or 2GB/month for $25. 200MB is not enough for an Android-based phone. This is a stupid move on AT&T?s part. They want your money for data usage but they don?t really want you to use it much. Their infrastructure does not have the capacity to handle the amount of data throughput that they want to sell, so instead of improving their infrastructure to handle the amount of data they sell, they decided to cap the data. The more I see this nickel and dime action from AT&T, the more I am driven to consider Sprint. Verizon is no better than AT&T when it comes to the nickel and dime routine so they are not an option. And poor T-Mobile just doesn?t have the coverage to be considered a major contender in this market. Perhaps that will change now that Wal-Mart is offering an unlimited talk and text plan using T-Mobile for $45/month.

    I am no longer under contract with AT&T. I have AT&T home phone and DSL as well, since I bundled the services in August of 2009. A couple of months ago I started hearing other phone calls and dial tones while using my landline. This all started at about the time many of my neighbors were getting AT&T U-Verse TV service. At the same time my DSL service started turning off and on and off and on, over and over. After about two months of ridiculous customer support from the landline side of AT&T they solved the problem with crosstalk on my phone line. It was a wiring problem on their end. Imagine that! By hooking up my old Earthlink modem my Internet stays connected now, but the speed fluctuates between 1Mb and 2.8Mb (I?m paying 3Mb). The AT&T modem also experiences the fluctuation but it also logs off of the PPPOE server at random times, as much as 27 times one morning. AT&T has yet to solve this. Technicians tell me they will look into it and call me back but they never do.

    Customer service with AT&T Wireless has been good in comparison to Verizon, with regard to wireless service. However since I bundled my wireless with home phone and Internet in August of 2009 I have had constant billing errors and the recent Internet service issues. I am now strongly considering Sprint. For one price of $70/month you get 1500 anytime minutes to call landlines, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to any wireless phone on any network, unlimited texting and picture-messaging, unlimited Internet usage, a free HTC EVO 4G phone, and unlimited GPS service. I know this because my son switched from AT&T to Sprint a few months ago and he loves it! He even has coverage in areas of North Georgia where Verizon and AT&T have zero coverage. One price covers all without the nickel and dime cafeteria style billing you get from the other carriers. Tethering is optional, as with any carrier, but you can use the EVO phone as a wi-fi hotspot and up to 8 wireless computers can browse the Internet at 4G speeds. My son sits here in my house and connects to the Internet at 5.4Mbs, as measured by and I sit here with DSL fluctuating between 1Mb and 2.8Mb.

    I typed this up for my own use as I consider my next move, but I make it available to viewers of this site in case it will help. I am a consultant in the engineering industry and I am licensed by the FCC. I worked for Motorola back in the early days of cell phone development.

  83. Jackscurl Says:

    First off, my first cell phone provider was Verizon and just as a reference for others, I thought Verizon, while expensive, did provide awesome customer service and coverage. I ended up switching to Cingular because Verizon was not available in Fayetteville, AR at that time (I still had awesome coverage and no roaming). Because I was not in their network anymore they did not give me any hassle (or charge any fees) about dropping the contract early. That was 5 years ago.

    Cingular did well; They offered great plans, service, pricing, and decent coverage. The day it switched up to ATT, I started getting dropped calls and have had them consistently ever since. Their coverage is not anything to brag about. I still think Verizon did a better job. I have always had a good experience with ATT’s customer service. I bought an iPhone two years ago and my contract is up this month. While I fell in love with the iPhone, I do not love ATT. I’ve been researching the Sprint’s Evo and Epic, and had the opportunity to play with them at a Sprint Rep’s booth. These are the first phones that have actually captured my attention away from the iPhone. The rep not only spent a lot of time with me showing me all the cool stuff, he also offered to throw in a bluetooth piece when/if I decided to switch. That was the first time any provider has offered extra goodies to me.

    My dilemma is that I know nothing about Sprint. I had heard horror stories about that provider back in 2002-03, but now I’m hearing that they are alright.

    My concerns about switching are:

    – No more rollover minutes
    – All of my friends and family are on ATT so would my 450min plan be enough anymore?
    – Switching over all my music from iTunes
    – Will 30 days be long enough to determine whether I really like Sprint before the deadline to drop the contract?

  84. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | kizblog Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  85. Reggie Says:

    I had Sprint for over 15 years. I only switched to at&t becuase of the iPhone. I have never had any problems with Sprint nor their customer service. Actually having to deal with customer service has been quite a pleasure. They seem very concerned that my problem get resolved. If you pay your bill on time, you should be just fine…if not be prepared to have your service cut off, LOL. I am certain had it not been for the iPhone I would have still been with Sprint. I am so disgusted with at&t pricing plans and the love affair with the iPhone is now gone, I will pay the early termination fee and go back to the network that has never let me down….Sprint. And now that Sprint has the Blackberry Bold which is an international phone, I am set.

  86. OMG Says:

    OMG sprint terrorize my mailbox with its manila size bills and then its phone selection sucks. theyre all crap unless you spend 500$. att is the lord and you naysayers will bow to it now!!! BOW YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!

  87. chuck Says:

    I bow to no one but “GOD”.

  88. Jennifer Says:


    I just talked to sprint a few days ago because I am thinking of switching from AT&T to Sprint. Your 450 min should be fine because with Sprint, you only use your minutes on land lines. All calls to and from mobile phones are FREE. This includes any mobile phone on any network. Also, their nights start @ 7pm.

    I do not have Sprint yet, but I do have co-workers that like it. I currently have AT&T Family plan with 1400 minutes and unlimited texts. I have 2 Iphones on the plan, and 1 regular phone with no data. My total bill is about $180 every month. With sprint, all three users can have smart phones with unlimited text, data, and 1500 min (which I might use a smaller plan since all mobile calls are free to any network) for less than $120. The price with Sprint is with my business discount, but keep in mind I get a business discount with AT&T also.

    I contacted AT&T to see if they could compete with the prices, especially since I have been with them since 2002. Unfortunately, when they were trying to see what they could do to lower my monthly bill, they were taking AWAY options that I had already. I obviously can lower my bill if I loose the features I have, but taking away features isn’t doing much to compete with the company offering me everything for much less money. I’m tired of AT&T prices!

  89. it’s just a name Says:

    I think it depends on the person’s taste, his/her residential area or work place and how much he/she can afford to pay to those phone companies….Whether it is a good service, good plans, or coverage, trust me…all these companies Well, like At&t, Sprint, Verizon or else…they are ripping money off the Americans…Stop mentioning “Dumb Americans” cauz the person who is saying that he isn’t dumb, could be the dumbest person plus don’t compare American phone companies with European phone companies….you guys pay in Euro…keep that in your mind…somehow they are ripping you off more than Americans…ONE THING YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS….KEEP CHECKING YOUR BILLS THOROUGHLY CAUZ YOU HAVE BEEN ROBBED SO MANY TIME THAT U DON’T EVEN KNOW AND u still think your company is better the other phone companies…KEEP that ur mind plus…stop using phone while u r working and stop slacking off …..Take care ppl and adios….

  90. Lizbeth Says:

    i read all convestation. well im not sure if both of phone company. i have to say no matter what if i will have a phone from AT@T or sprint..simple if i had complain about those company then i will bring a company will see a big issue to fix their company if a both of the company will see what wrong with this phone companies from their try to best. On depend people will appeciate from which is company they got.

    im curious which is the companies support to Deaf people who wants or buy the both cphone companies? no offense if im deaf then complain about both of phone companies as no matter what they do make a technology for people.

  91. P7 Says:

    I’ve had Sprint since 2006. Never have I had any issues, no dropped calls, coverage has been perfect everywhere in the the southeastern US (where I’ve traveled). Coverage is perfect here in Florida. I will tell you a story though. My family and I went on vacation to NC to one of those cabins up somewhere. Well, we were lost. My dad had AT&T, my mom had T-Mobile, my brother had Metro PCS, and I had Sprint. We needed to call the ranger since we were lost.. Well, no one had signal, except me. I believe I had 2-3 bars. Just enough to make the call. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had an issue with coverage. I think the last time I was roaming or searching for signal was when I went to PR. I will admit some areas in PR are spotty for Sprint.

    I will however leave Sprint for AT&T. Why? I’m sure you guys guessed it. I’ll be paying less than half the regular price per month though. That’s why I’m switching. Even though I’m paying $20/month for Sprint now. But yes, I will be joining Sprint again soon. Whenever that may be..

    Oh and the customer service. IMO, very underrated. I work w/ Sprint, AT&T, and TMO and let me tell you.. Sprint always gives me the best customer service.

    The only downfall for Sprint is the CDMA network. The world revolves through GSM and Sprint/Verizon will need to soon switch to GSM. Hence, why they are now making some GSM capable based phones.

    Nonetheless, I will let you guys know how AT&T compares to Sprint. I’ll be switching in a week.

  92. just saying Says:

    Just wanted to say that if Verizon & AT&T were to have similar pricing as Sprint there would be more customers for them to have, I’m sure. I have been with Verizon and they are not all coverage powerfull, though they are very good. I have not had At&T, but people I know have and they have had spotty coverage. I believe all the big 3, have their limited coverages, but the biggest downfall I see from AT&T & Verizon is the charges for texting, cell to cell, & data etc. compared to sprint pricing.

  93. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Cell Phone Wiki Says:

    […] is improved to review dungeon phone providers prior to creation a purchase; as a result he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when we Compare Sprint as good as AT& T, we assimilate their services […]

  94. Anthony Says:

    I’ve had AT&T for approximately two years. The iPhone 3GS, then the iPhone 4. Just love the antenna on these guys lol.

    As for my opinion, I find AT&T to charge unreasonable prices for their services, i.e., their limited data plan (2G), unlimited texting at $20 and late start of night time minutes @ 9PM.

    Per Sprint, they actually offer unlimited mobile to mobile w/450 minutes, unlimited data, texting, web, which then means unlimited tethering (hotspot) for $69.99; let’s not forget an earlier start of night time minutes @ 7PM. These same exact services will cost you just around $99.99 with AT&T, tethering included. Oh, I also have a military discount, so yours will be more. Have fun.

    Now, why am I not switching? Well, I am – soon at that.

    Secondly, if you need to call customer services for anything other than canceling your contract, then you my friend need help… at life… because you’re sucking the sack pretty hard – AT&T’s to be exact. Seriously, I have never once needed to call a customer service representative for anything.

    Lastly, people please, learn how to type grammatically correct. It’s deterring to read on once I see a bunch of mistakes. Please put in some effort to sound intelligent, rather than sound like a complete moron or dick. Nobody will take your comment seriously.


    1) AT&T coverage and quality is hit or miss. Very spotty. I’ve heard Sprint to be better with more speed.

    2) The network gets jammed around peak hours. You can forget about tethering.

    3) Sprint offers better services at a better rate + 4G speed (sorta’). On average, an AT&T customer would have saved $400 annually if they were with Sprint and on similar plans.

    4) Who needs customer service? Grandpas and grandmas, of course!

    5) Who doesn’t own a cell phone these days? You simply need unlimited mobile to mobile these days, for the most part. If you need more, then get Magic Jack or something. It’s $19.95 a year.

    6) Did I mention you get Sprint TV on their most basic contract?! Awesome.


    If you enjoyed my post or hated it, I’d like to hear from you through this thread, unless you’re going to needlessly call me a douche-bag. Speaking of which, you’re a douche for reading this.

    Good day 😉

  95. HPhan Says:

    OMG! Sprint customer service is terrible. I had to be on the phone for 1.5 hour and they still couldn’t resolve the issue. I had a situation that my daughter lost her phone and I reported to Sprint store next day. Then I got my replacement phone 3 days later. It apparently someone picked the phone and used data massively, the charge during phone loss was over $500. This means Sprint didn’t block the number of my lost phone, and made me pay the charge for the usage after my phone loss. If they block the number this wouldn’t happen. This is stupid and nonsense! Their customer service is like car dealer, I had to talk to 1 operator, 2 supervisors, and a finance personnel. And they are not willing to remove the charge for the usage after phone loss was reported. I have a feeling of being robbed by Sprint. Better choices are Verizon and AT&T. Sprint sucks.

  96. Rachel Says:

    I’m thinking about switching off of at&t to Verizon or Sprint…So far I’ve learned Sprint is looking good…Thanks for all the info! Especially Anthony.

  97. Crystale Says:

    I am really thinking about going with sprint..i have T-mobile which sucks way more then At&t! So thanks for the info Anthony! Finaly an unbiased post!

  98. Servando Becerra Says:

    I had sprint and switched to AT&T sprint sucked they charged me way to much for texting and internet was so slow an I live in a small town in KY and I always have full bars on at&ts 3G and I’ve ne’er had a dropped call :{D love AT&T!!!!!

  99. WesH Says:


  100. Sal – Ft. Lauderdale Says:

    Live in Ft Lauderdale and I am thinking of switching to Sprint. I would cut my data plan in half. Any downside I should know about?

    I am also thinking of purchasing the new blackbery flip. Any comments?

    Thanks in advance.


  101. lan Says:

    i switch from metro to atnt love atnt but yeah da attanea issue stinks wit my iphone 4 but ever since i got a case bar is up higher now i like da 4g which atnt dont have n i check htc evo it was better den iphone 4 wat shud i do help switch to htc evo or stay wit iphone?

  102. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Android iPhone Windows Phone Blog Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  103. smart one Says:

    sprint wins hands down. customer service with ANY carrier sucks so here’s what you do with any carrier you have problems with. Talk to an actual human being in person problem solved. Whenever i had a problem with att or verizon and talked in person to them they pissed and moaned about the problem. With sprint i had a $5000 bill mind you i didn’t leave the state but i switched from a non data plan to a data plan and started using data. Well i got a bill for $5000 and took it into them and put the bill on the counter and said fix it now. The rep called corp or whoever and said ok here’s what were going to do. We’re going to credit you for 2 months since we(the corp office) f’ed up. So pay attention to your bill and usage and you won’t get nickeled and dimed.

  104. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Android Phone Dell HTC LG Motorola Samsung Sony Ericsson Tips Blog Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  105. warren Says:

    My thoughts on Sprint. One problem after another, not happy with this phone carrier at all. Sprint (SUCKS}

  106. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Extreme Smart Phone Says:

    […] compare cell phone providers before making the p&#117&#114&#99hase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand &#116&#104&#101ir […]

  107. Indi Says:

    I’m hating AT&T after being a customer for over six years so considering Sprint to get more bang for my buck.

    I live in NJ where AT&T service is pretty great. I can’t recall ever having a missed call, just get charged up the Kazoo.

    It would be very helpful if everyone here would indicate a general location to get a better idea of what works best where.

    Can anyone tell me how Sprint service is in NJ/NY?

  108. Mike Says:

    I have to say, I have AT&T and I love it! It’s one of the best including reception. Until recently, I’ve discovered Sprint’s plan.

    AT&T: No unlimited data plan.
    Sprint: Unlimited everything for $70 a month.

    Though AT&T’s customer service is a little better, and their reception is better traveling wise, Sprint uses Verizon’s tower which is the best in New York. I’m an AT&T fan, and even I admit Sprint has better plans and coverage in New York.

    AT&T has better coverage and service in some places, and especially traveling.

    But, considering Sprint has a good plan, and amazing coverage, traveling isn’t important to me so I’ll be getting Sprint’s 70 everything plan.

    AT&T even though they have a larger number of customers, Sprint has it’s own good features and their own bad. I have AT&T and I love my service. Except in my school’s lunchroom I have no reception. My friend with Sprint does. Considering that’s the only place I have no service, AT&T is pretty good, but Sprint’s just as good, but not as well advertised and known. Much less stores than Verizon or Sprint, but when it comes down to saving money, and having excellent service in NY only, I’ll be going to Spring.

    Besides Sprint, AT&T’s the king any day, and has friendly customer service, some good plans and nice phones. Way better than Verizon I’ll tell you that much, AT&T’s way better than Verizon, but Sprint has got me right now. I’ll be switching, but won’t forget: if Sprint screws up, swinging right back to AT&T.

  109. Mike Says:

    I love AT&T, they have amazing service! Sprint isn’t great like AT&T, but is getting there, and quick. I live in NY and have had 1 dropped calls only. I love AT&T, and considering their cool plans, nice phones and good connection, that’s pretty amazing. My family likes Verizon, but like AT&T but can’t switch because of personal reasons.

  110. Mike Says:

    Now a question for you: I live in New York in Brooklyn.

    AT&T reception or Sprint? (Never had Sprint.)

  111. Fran Says:

    I have been a happy Sprint customer for 13 years. I have wanted an IPhone, so switched to ATT. After a week, I am switching back to Sprint. With ATT, I have to worry about Data useage. (Sprint is unlimited) With ATT, my nights don?t start til 9 pm.(Sprint starts at 7 pm.)With ATT, every time I dial a mobile phone that is not ATT, I use minutes.(Sprint allows you to call any mobile with any carrier, free).
    Verizon has similar policies as ATT does.
    I actually wasn?t as impressed with the IPhone as I thought I would be. It?s a hassle to keep shutting down data hogs like Facebook and the internet. They keep running, and need to be manually shut down. They also eat up battery life.
    The EVO (Sprint) rocks. Puts my IPod to shame.
    I have traveled all over the USA with Sprint, and have no complaints about service.
    I feel I am an impartial ?witness?, since I actually left Sprint. One week away from Sprint made me realize it?s the only company I want to do business with

  112. JavierAiden Says:

    I have had both sprint an AT&T. They are both good service providers. I think AT&T forget we are in a resection. I work hard for my money .. Don’t us all dumb Americans With AT&T I had to always Check my usage so I didn’t have to get a surprise when I opened up my bill. Customer service with AT&T is nt all that great. They make you feel like they are doing you a favor by signing you up for there service. I cancelled after 5 months. Went back to sprint, got the htc evo 4g.. They murdered the iPhone.. 4.3 screen. Unlimited text . Unlimited calls to ANY cell phone provider and unlimited Internet .. And calls starting at 7 pm for land lines. We pay $200 a month for 4 line.. We all have unlimited everything and 4g.. I have a iPad .. So do I miss the I have a iPad that I pay nothing for a month and a iPhone killer phone that I pay $50 a month for with no worries. Hope you guys make the right choice. And just to advise my spelling isn’t all that great but it doesn’t make me a dumb ass .

  113. Adrian Says:

    I changed from Sprint to AT&T and back to Sprint within months. I just recently purchased an EVO phone and it has many great APPs – just like the Iphone. I like the price of Sprint $70/mth vice AT&T $130/mth. This EVO continue locks when I try to look at videos. I buddy’s Iphone allow him to watch videos without problem. I believe, if you have reception using AT&T phones, you are in great shape; if you have reception with Sprint EVO, hopefully you will get everything you want.

  114. Nick Says:

    Too many dropped calls with at&t. Last week I drove to Dayton,OH from Detroit,MI and had about 12 dropped calls on my way there. I drove on I75 all the way. I thought my phone is bad but after reading different articles about at&t i guess it’s time to change to a different carrier. I really want to give sprint a shot since verizon it’s kind of expensive. Do you know anything about sprint’s coverage in Michigan?

  115. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone » Get your info here. The best article parking directory Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  116. savannah southern Says:

    I absolutely hate AT&T service…..all the hoops you have to jump through and extra expense to get coverage, only to have the service dropped 23 out of 24 hours a day, and when there is coverage there is only 1-2 bars for a very short time….if you get a call out you only get to connect, identify yourself, and then its gone again….if you receive a call in, same thing….too much frustration with the service….I think they want everyone to buy the most expensive phone, with the most expensive plan, keep moving up to the next phone, keep that money train rolling. And they control the service according to which plan and phone you have, and how long you continue to have it without advancing to the next level….it can and is being done to people who can’t afford it, but can’t afford not to. Such a lousy way to serve the public. Sounds like a drug dealer serving the addict feeding an addiction, right? Think about it….if all the unhappy Iphone users stopped using AT&T and went to the cheap phones (Walmart and Dollar Store Phones!)for just a month JUST 1 MONTH!!!), making only the most important calls (and forego texting), then the major players would rethink the importance of the customers. Sign me: Fed Up in California.

  117. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers just before creating the buy hence he went for Sprint vs AT&amp T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT&amp T, you comprehend their services […]

  118. Jason Says:

    @JavierAiden, I don’t think you’re a dumbass. I know many very intelligent people who couldn’t type their own name accurately if they were looking at their driver’s license and had 100 re-tries. This includes me, by the way. I asked my wife to type this for me.

    As for the matter of Sprint vs. AT&T: As many have said, it depends on where you live, work, travel, and what your needs are. I have an AT&T iPhone, which is solid in MAJOR metro areas, but goes downhill fast performance wise most anywhere else. I have an HTC EVO on Sprint for my personal service and it is quite competitive with AT&T in major metros and ahead of AT&T when you get out of the major metros. To echo another budding theme, I have not had but one reason to call Sprint’s customer service in eight years. I figure everything else out myself, because the customer service and/or tech support at most major companies (of any kind) is bad or worse. The deciding factor between AT&T, for me, comes down to value and I can’t understand how Sprint is not the better value-by far.

  119. Will Says:

    I am a 13 year old with a cellphone better than many people and I have sprint. I have the EVO. Overall sprint is better with data plans but their customer service is terrible( most the people dont even speak english) And when it comes to coverage I get service everywhere. My friend has the Iphone 3gs and my phone works more that his and My phone can do more that his……. and sprint has the top 3 phones the EPIC the EVO and the EVO SHIFT

  120. mike in Illinois Says:

    I’ve had Sprint, ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, and USCell plans. Sprint is by far the worst customer service of all of them. Absolutely terrible. If you don’t get the steep employee referral discount stay away like the plague.

    ATT Good all around if you are in cities, but I travel, and it didn’t work for me off the beaten path (too many dropped calls out on the road even when it said it had a good signal and it was more expensive)

    T-Mobille was good on price and ok on cust. service when they had regions that worked for me, but when I was with them their regions were very restricting and their regions were the only way to get their prices to where it was a good deal. Its been a long time. Maybe they are more flexable.

    Verizon was quite good, but very expensive.

    USCell is a very large regional, but regional. They are by far the best customer support and reasonable plans. A little on the high side, but they make up for it with forgiving policy and great customer support. If you are in their area I highly recommend USCell.

  121. sara Says:

    Sprint has terrible slimy sales reps that told me my new phone whould do more than my old smart phone so they tacked on another $10. I agreed anyway, and took the sales pitch.

    They sent me an evo shift great phone all good and then I went to activate it. They then said not 10 more but $20 more dollars. After more than 6 hours on the phone I had to give up.

    Over those 6 hours, I was bounced between people that said they could fix my billing problem and people that said it isn’t possible. Multiple times I was told that they were going to explain it to the next rep that they were passing me off to. Only to get dumped into the next reps call queue, sit on hold (usually about 10 min) and not once did the next rep ever know what was going on. Started over from the beginning each time they passed the buck. One even told me he would have to call me back in 30 min.

    4 hours later I had to call and start the whole process over again. Don’t ever count on their rebate coming through either. I’m still waiting on the mail in rebate from my previous phone 2 years later.

    I finally gave up. Needless to say the phone was sent back. I wouldn’t trust the sprint sales people.

  122. mike Says:

    I purchased a Samsung trasform from Sprint and the dishonest salesman said that Android 2.2 was available and that skype would work well on the transform.

    Skype doesn’t not work on the transform and 2.2 is still not available. (2.2 was due out before the end of the year 2010.) tick tick tick going on 3 months later. No opperating system upgrade and the phone doesn’t do half of what they promised. It also doens’t allow you to install apps to the sd card. so the phone has very limited memory. They are more than happ to have you send the phone back and they sell you anther phone for 3 times the cost.

    They lie to you to get you to buy this clunker and then when it doesn’t do what they said it would do, they are happy to sell you a more expensive one that does what they said the first one would do. Classic bait and switch. Buyer beware.

    Tech support took hours and hours of my time to try and fix this and nothing accomplished and 0 compensation. Tech support and Customer support are a total waste of time.

  123. OC lady Says:

    13 months of issues with Sprint. Lied, cheated, and stole from me. Spent over 50 hours dealing with horrible phones and evil customer service. My husband, family and friends think I’m crazy until hubby dealt w/ Sprint NON-customer service. He couldn’t believe it! The “supervisor” was down right rude. I said this is what I’ve been dealing with for 13 months. Been with Sprint for almost 10 years and now making the switch. Concerned about coverage but I’ll take dropped calls over Sprint customer service any day! Husband is staying with Sprint…me and the kids are switching to AT&T. We live in a major metropolitan area so research says we should be ok. My friends have about the same amount of dropped calls with ATT as Sprint. Wish me luck!

  124. robert Says:

    at&t is better

  125. lookout4you Says:

    I am aware that there is NO perfect carrier..THEY ARE ALL SCANDALOUS in one way or another..I have at&t and they are expensive very greedy..once i called a land line which was to be added to my plan and wasn’t and got a 700 bill then internet usage racked up to that should let you know…not trying to scare you but we ALL need to get in their A** to let them know we have a say..remember we are the costumers AT&T, SPRINT, T-MOBLE, VERISON ETC..start crack the whip..if they say your bill will be this expect it to be that..they wont let you know the truth cause if they did you most likely wouldn’t buy..BE SMART and DEMAND…

  126. Mark Says:

    Need Advise:

    My contract from Verison is about to end. I currently have a family plan with 4 lines. I currently have phone and unlimited texting and I asked them to add a dtat plan to each phone and gave me a quote of about 265.00/month w/out taxes.
    I looking around for a better deal. I need phone and unlimited text (Teenagers)and would like data as well. At&t and Sprint have good deals and monthly pricing. Any advise

  127. PBG Says:

    Mark.. i had same issue and i compared ATT with sprint and ofcourse sprint is coming out to be much cheaper then att. 190 included 4 lines .. al with data plans and 2 smartphones..
    check them out.. you wont be disappointed…
    with att. same price.. i am getting 1 phone with data plan and 3 without…

  128. tim Says:

    sprint which now has a 4g network where at&t does not. sprint also has the evo now which is many ways is much more advanced than the iphone and it is less expensive. i am a faithful sprint user and have never had any problems with pricing. not to mention the coverage is astounding. i get coverage where many of my at&t friends do not. sprint is simply better

  129. JD Says:

    kahn u dont know what good service is

  130. JD Says:

    kayn.excusssseee me…lmao

  131. George Says:

    AT&T IS THE WORST!!! They messed up so many times on my billing and in this economy, you can’t afford losing money on bone headed errors they make. Im wanting to switch to sprint but I’d have to make a down payment because I have no credit (which is like over $300 i think), thats the only reason why im still here wiith crappy AT&T =/

  132. Kelly Says:

    First off I want to say I live in Henderson, Nevada (about 20 minutes from Las Vegas)in the area of Green Valley. I’d been a Cricket customer for about 2 years. I never had a problem with dropped calls or customer service, and once I upgraded to the Huawai Ascend Android smart phone, I was very pleased with the speed of 3G. The actual quality of that particular phone however, in my opinion, is sub-par in comparison to other android powered smart phones, nevertheless I know this is not the forum for comparing phones but rather carriers. So, I recently made the “switch” after my husband came home one day with the HTC EVO Shift gleaming from ear to ear insisting that I share in his new found bliss, and join him on a family plan from Sprint. Of course after handling that sleek and stylish new phone he had well, let’s just say I was like “Cricket Schmicket”! I then proceeded down to the Sprint Store with my happy hubby and was sold on the Samsung Epic 4G. The sliding keyboard being a HUGE plus for me! The reps were snobby, but again I digress. The phone needed to be ordered of course, but I was offered a free body glove case for the wait. Cool! So, with a few days time on my hands and being the resourceful gal that I am, I began researching and comparing phones and carriers (mainly Sprint vs. AT&T). This of course is when I was educated on the difference between CDMA and GSM. Ok, well I have never traveled outside of the U.S. so that wasn’t an issue for me. I do however prefer the SIM card option, but regardless there was no stopping the elated hubby who was all aboard the sailing Sprint ship. Who was I to complain anyway, he’s the one paying the bill! Once I got my new phone I was all excited, expecting to experience the same happy, happy, joy, joy feeling that hubby had found, but to be quite honest, I’ve been sadly disappointed. I think the phone first off, is just a tad bit overrated (however heads and shoulders above my previous one), but its the coverage that has been the main issue for me. As I stated at the beginning of my post, I live in Henderson, NV. which for those who are familiar with the ever expanding Las Vegas Metropolitan area, is really not that far out of Las Vegas. Im actually just right down the street from the Green Valley Ranch Casino! So one would probably not expect the outrageous amount of dropped calls that I am getting especially having had absolutely none with my Cricket service. Its really starting to tick me off! Inside my home I get, if im lucky, 1-2 bars and mind you this is on a 4G network! Baffling, if you ask me. Traveling a few hundred feet to my front porch, I get like 3 bars. Even more baffling is how one night while texting a friend from the comforts of my bedroom, up on the screen pops a message “you are now roaming, charges will apply” What the? Roaming? I’m in my effing bedroom for crying out loud! Are you kidding? Well, I of course cannot convince my Sprint sold husband of my frustrations with the carriers coverage, and Sprint of course states the “I dont see why you are having this problem” speech as they are afterall repoting 3G AND 4G coverage in my area. I know, I know, interference, walls, ceilings, outside elements, blah blah blah! I just dont understand why I never had the problem before with Cricket on my little wannabe low end 3G Huawai Ascend. Which leads me to conclude that, maybe its not all about where you are as opposed to which carrier you are with.(?). However, I have no plans on switching of course since it’s not my call, but I do feel much better having been able to use this forum as an outlet for my rant. Thank you for that, and best of luck to all of you in this seemingly frustrating quest for high tech happiness!

  133. brohan Says:

    ok so i have a sprint htc evo…. its charging port broke, so i sent it to the sprint repair store, and they said that my new evo would be in by tuesday. this was thursday that i placed my order with them. its now friday and my phone still isn’t here. im so pissed at sprint, i would never recommend sprint to anyone. there service sucks, the android apps suck along with the phone and battery, and sprint lies on there loyalty and there customer service!!! NEVER go to sprint it SUCKS!!!!!

  134. Cyndi Says:

    I have been a Sprint/Nextel customer for 5+ years and would never go anywhere else. I was with T-Mobile and Cingular before I moved to Sprint and will never leave sprint. Your going to have an expected amount of differences. I have the HTC EVO and everyone around me with an Iphone would rather my EVO. So Sprint all the way! don’t care who they merge with lol

  135. Mike F Says:

    I don’t care who the carrier is, sometimes there will be bad customer service. I, personally, have not experienced that with Sprint in the last 10 years of service with them.

    Here’s the bottomline for me. AT&T wants to charge me as much as I pay for 1500 shared minutes, and UNLIMITED DATA/texting/messaging, and free calls to ANY mobile phone on Sprint, just for 4GB data on three iPhones. Then I’d have to pay another $100 bucks a month for 1400 cell minutes. Oh, I forgot, don’t I have to pay extra for a messaging plan as well?? Forget it. Keep the iPhone. I’ll continue to use my EVO (it has flash).

  136. Andrew Says:

    To everyone saying At&t has better coverage than Verizon or vise-versa, it depends on where you live/ where the phone will be used. For starters, if you ever travel outside the country you Verizon Iphone will be useless (cant speak for their other smart phones) Yes Verizon has a larger coverage area, but does the coverage in Montana really matter if you live in Chicago? also the At&t network is faster that Verizon’s. As for customer service I cant speak about either of them but as a sprint user for the past 7 years, anything will be an upgrade for me. Dropped calls, texts that take days to send, and bad experiences with customer service. But I have talked to sprint users who have never had an issue. Do a little research on each providers coverage of your area, and ask friends and family in your area what they think of your coverage. Don’t take all these comments of “Verizon Sucks” or “Att sucks” as the truth. do some research

  137. Julie Says:

    All I can say is, if you need ANYTHING from Sprint and you have to call them, you get a live person fairly quick but then they either place you on eternal hold or disconnect you while you’re on hold or on a truly bad day, you get placed on eternal hold that ends in disconnect. Either way, expect to call multiple times and plan on a good hour to get taken resolve the issue. I spent over an hour on the phone with them two days ago, had to call five times due to all the disconnects, I never dropped that many calls and they are using hard lines and can’t keep you connected. DUH!

  138. James Says:

    What would you recommend for 4G coverage in Baltimore, MD? AT&T or Sprint?


  139. Phil Says:

    I agree with one person on here, it all really depends on where you are at. I live in a very small town and all we have is sprint and at&t, before at&t bought alltel out had three choices. I’ve been with sprint for about 3 years, but now switching over to give at&t a try maybe good and may turn out bad we’ll see. I’ve heard a mix up of good and bad with the providers of wireless serves, but have 30 days if you don’t like it can always cancel it.

  140. Micro SIM Cutter, Converter with 2 SIM adapters | bang olufsen Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  141. Mia Says:

    I was considering switching from Sprint to AT&T today because I really want an iphone. But sprint has been good to me over the years.

    They’re getting the iphone 5 & iphone 4 in October, so I guess I’m just going to wait.

  142. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone « Important Information « Social Networking Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

  143. what is kindle? Says:

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  144. Erron Says:

    Whoever thinks the HTC Evo is better than Iphone is crazy sick?.. I had AT&T and I am now currently with sprint and I have the EVO. To me they both have bad service and repeated drop calls. When I had AT&T I had the Iphoen 3gs and I belive that phone is better than the EVO I currently have. The only people who say EVO is better are the ones who never had the IPHONE. AT&T now has a new texting plan that includes unlimted mobile to any mobile just like sprint. I know many people who left AT&T and went to Verizon for the Iphone 4 and all of them were disapointed. There are a number of things that you can do with the iphone on AT&T GSM service that you cant do on the CDMA service. If you are not big on phones, any provider would be good. If you are an iphone lover, then AT&T is the best route to go?

  145. Lionsmane Says:

    AT&T is going to regard it’s Loyal iPhone users , that Helped propel the companies success and that have grandfathered the Unlimited data plans, with a reductions” of data speeds once you reach the 2GB cap”””, in other words kiss your unlimited data plans goodbye !!”

    O did anybody tell you that Sprint is getting iPhone 5?
    True unlimited plans” no Cap”.

  146. AT&T vs Sprint Analysis- the Best Way to Buy the Right Cell Phone | Cell Phone Circut Says:

    […] that it is better to compare cell phone providers before making the purchase; hence he went for Sprint vs AT& T analysis. He believes when you Compare Sprint and AT& T, you understand their services better […]

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