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AT&T Wireless vs. T-Mobile

When you are talking about the differences between AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile, you are looking at the difference in value.? AT&T Wireless generally has better service, better coverage and better phones.? Remember the key here is generally.? Obviously, your physical location will have a lot to do with your coverage and your customer service experience will be different every time you call in or visit your local retailer.

T-Mobile may not have the latest and greatest phones or amazing coverage but you’ll save a few bucks by signing up with them.? Their plans are the same monthly fees but T-Mobile plans come with more minutes, reducing the chance of overage fees.? Text messaging plans are also cheaper with T-Mobile.? In general, if you live in a decent size city, T-Mobile’s coverage is sufficient.? They also claim to have service on every major highway so you shouldn’t run into any surprises while traveling.

AT&T vs. T-Mobile Comparison Conclusion

If you are looking for a basic phone and getting the best deal, T-Mobile is probably your better option.? If you are looking for a better overall experience and don’t mind paying a few bucks extra, AT&T has what you are looking for.? If you are a PDA or Smartphone user, there is no question that you’ll want to look into AT&T over T-Mobile.? You’ll usually get better coverage with AT&T but we always recommend asking friends and family in your community how their coverage is as it varies from location to location.

T-Mobile vs. AT&T Wireless Winners

Pricing: T-Mobile
Service: AT&T
Coverage: AT&T
Phones: AT&T
Overall: AT&T

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  2. This is bullshit Says:

    This is absolute bullshit… AT&T’s coverage is a FUCKING JOKE!!! Ask ANYONE with an iPhone what they think about at&t…

    As a VERY (UN)satisfied at&t customer I am telling you, Pick t-mobile

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  4. Bubba Says:

    As a former tmobile user in a rural area south of houston I have to say that although tmobile is cheaper, it’s just not worth it. I barely had signal anywhere with my G1. I now have the iPhone and spend quite a bit more but lke I said I live in rural Texas and am happily typing this with full signal and 3G. 🙂 AT&T wins for me.

  5. Ashley Says:

    The ONLY way I’ll EVER switch to AT&T is if they get some sort of Frequent calling plan. AT&T is great but, the friends I talk to most aren’t on their network, and I’m a major talker.

  6. Carl Says:

    Definitely biased, in phones your speaking of iPhone? Ok, T-Mobile has had Android powered devices and more. Service, AT&T, really? T-Mobile has had the best CS(proven by J.D and plenty of other customers), the rest I do agree with. AT&T does have more coverage, but 3G network is congested.

  7. Gerren Says:

    Well I just switched to T-mobile from At&t primarily for pricing. I need unlimited everything, but for both my wife and I, we were paying over $300/mo and she only had 900 anytime mins. I’m saving $110/mo now for the same service. Now to see if the quality in calls, service fluctuates. The pricing definitely has! They were “ki lling” us!!

  8. corie & fredo Says:

    we jus had a disscusion about whos phone was better, i (corie) have at&t & fredo has t-mobile. i personally think at&t is SO much better overall & fredo is conviced tmobile is amazing. im sure pricing wise its great…but overall? everything else..i agree, at&t is thee best!!!… any comments fredo?….. “at&t sucks bcuz, they talk alot of smack & cant back it up with thier prices! *long pause* at&t is not good for traveling. on a trip to south dakoda at&t failed in picking up a signal while tmobile triumphed. it was so great at&t users were trying to borrow my phone…” ok fredo, where is your phone now if its so “incredibly” awesome? “i lost it & i plan on getting a new one..” mmmhmmmm suuuurrrrreeee….

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  10. Travis Says:

    I live in Portland , Maine and have had every Cell provider since 2001. AT&T and T-Mo have been the exact same here.

    I find it odd people saying that they had coverage with T-MO where AT&T couldnt pick up a signal considering theyre ROAMING PARTNERS? Or is that only in certain areas?

    Clarafication on this would be appreciated=)


  11. Torn Says:

    Okay, I have to weigh in here. I’ve had T-Mobile for 7 years.

    Their customer service is fantastic. Because I’ve been a customer for so long, they offered me a plan called “Unlimited Loyalty” which is unlimited talk time for $49.99 a month. I have the BB Curve and the data plan (unlimited) is an extra $20/month and 400 text messages is another $4.99 so my total is basically $75/month plus taxes and fees (comes to about $90/month total.

    Every time I call T-Mobile I get a rep on the phone within 3 minutes (I’ve learned the shortcuts). The reps are friendly, helpful, and since they don’t outsource to India there is never a language issue.


    In that seven year timespan – SEVEN YEARS – I have lived in three different apartments dead smack in the middle of the city of Los Angeles, one of the most populous areas in the entire country, and during that seven years and three apartment timespan I have NEVER had ANY phone service at home. NONE.

    My experience with their coverage is that it is absolutely horrific in Los Angeles. I lived in Koreatown, then Silverlake, and now live in Hollywood and can not use my telephone in my apartment. I even updated to the BB Curve because of the Wi-Fi option, but it shuts off constantly and, with no EDGE service in the apartment, I drop calls constantly. They’ve replaced my SIM card once and my handset THREE TIMES in the last 9 months, all to no avail.

    So, I’m very disappointed to have to leave them, but I have actually become an inside joke with friends – the guy who gets out half a sentence per call before the phone goes dead. And since I also use it for business now, I can’t do it anymore.

    I hoped that if I did an iPhone with ATT I would at least be able to use the Wi-Fi and rely on the 3G for back-up. Also, the iPhone is about 20 times faster than my Curve, according to the specs. Guess I’ll know soon.

  12. Jeff Says:

    I live in Seattle and have an iPhone 3G with AT&T and 25% of my calls are dropped. This has been verified at the Apple Store on 3 separate occasions. AT&T is total crap and the morons at the Apple store told me to shut off the 3G function and rely on EDGE. WTF??

    I am switching to Verizon Wireless asafp.

  13. Duane Wills Says:

    Do not judge AT&T by the iPhone. The iPhone is all hype. I’ve used the exact same BB 8900 on AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s night and day. AT&T has coverage. T-Mobile doesn’t. Far too many times, they will both have comparable coverage outdoors, but T-Mobile will fail indoors. HotSpot calling helps but only with specific handsets with proper WiFi. Not enough bandwidth? Not enough time to handoff? Calls will sound horrible if they don’t drop entirely. What was it, two days ago? T-Mobile’s entire network melted down, from the wireless to the home phones to their internal and external website. If you want business-grade service, you use AT&T. Verizon is NOT true 3G. There’s no simultaneous voice and data. There’s no good smartphones. AT&T had more 3G on launch day than T-Mobile has now, and most of AT&T’s is HSDPA, not UMTS. That means twice the downstream bandwidth. If you want the best experience, go buy a BlackBerry Bold on AT&T.

  14. Duane Wills Says:

    P.S. AT&T and T-Mobile are only roaming partners in specific markets. Also, bear in mind some third-party towers will still allow one but not the other. Beyond that, T-Mobile uses oddball 3G frequencies, so even when a T-Mobile phone can access an AT&T tower, it can only use EDGE.

  15. Duane Wills Says:

    Also, in regards to Gerren, AT&T has no family plan with 900 daytime minutes. However, there is an even better one. 1400 daytime, free nights and weekends, free in-network, rollover, and ten A-List numbers for $89.99 a month. If you were paying $300, you just needed taught how to read your bill.

  16. Ryan Says:

    I was with AT&T for 6 years. I decided to add one more line to my family plan, it required a $300 deposit. No problem, wrote the check, guaranteed to get it back in 12 months. 12 months later, they decide to tell me that if my service is interrupted due to non payment for any length of time (I was late once) that means I had to wait another 6 months. 10 months later, no $300 return. I call them, they say it has to be 12 months again, of course I am late again on payment, so now I have to wait ANOTHER 12 months… seriously AT&T? I tell them I will just pay them $175 and cancel my policy and they say “Okay”. They don’t care about customer retention. I call T-Mobile, they hook me up with a $100 a month unlimited everything plan for switching to them, port my number in 3 hours, and I am on my way. I can call at 3pm or 3am, I speak to an American. Hold time is minimal unless there is a new phone released or major outage due to storms/tower issues and what not. I live in St. Louis, MO and get 3G coverage in a coffee shop I frequent that I didn’t even get cell service in with AT&T. I’m happy with my switch!

  17. Doug Says:

    Ryan it’s not ATT’s fault or any carriers fault when “YOU” sign a contract and you screw up and not fulfill your contractual obligations by being late, you’re blamig the carrier for your incompetence and I know many people who have Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile who did the same thing you did by not following the written contract and the carriers went after them. The carriers can’t be taken for a ride either. If I was a landlord I would never let you rent out one of my apartments because you would be late paying your rent often and making excuses and demanding I bend over backwards for you when it’s your fault.

  18. Doug Says:

    I currently have ATT now because I have the iphone and love it. I have also owned the Moto Razr V3xx and Moto Razr2 V9x which are known for their call quality, reception and signal strength. That?s one thing people need to realize is that sometimes it has more to do with the cellphone technology than it does the carrier. My friend lives at the bottom of a hill in a part of the city that no carrier gives him more than 1 or 2 bars and the phone he always had the best reception and most bars was on his Moto Razr phones using ATT. His LG phone could never get any signal there. The Moto Razr line gives me more bars and more clear call quality/reception than any other phone I?ve ever had. From reading all the reviews at and all the other electronic websites, the best flip phones you can get for best call quality, reception, signal strength are the Motorola Razr phones, even their flip phones beat the smart phones in that area. I?ve never had a dropped call with any of my Moto Razr?s or iphone with ATT and I?m in a smaller city of 40,000 that doesn?t have 3G. My phone always works.

    When it comes to service from ATT I never had a problem with them. I?m on a family plan with 3 lines and it?s only $95 bucks a month total. I get over 670 minutes anytime a month for myself and I keep my rollover minutes. I get unlimited minutes week nights (9pm to 6am) free and unlimited weekends completely free. I currently have 4,850 rollover minutes to use free and my rollover minutes keep adding up and soon I?ll be over 5,000 free minutes and I won?t even come close to using them all.

    Another advantage with ATT phones is they have a SIM card so you can take your phone any where in the world and it will work, all you do is go into another country and take out your SIM card and spend $15 to $20 bucks for a new SIM card and pop it in and your phone works in that country. I currently have 4 phones that are all ATT and I can use all of them now by taking the SIM card out of one and putting it in another one of my phones. If I feel like I only want to take one of my Moto Razr phones with me I take the SIM card out of my Apple iphone and put it in the Razr and vice versa which you can?t do with Verizon. That?s what makes ATT more flexible with more options. When it comes to which carrier has the best customer service I don?t why anyone would complain about any of the carriers and it?s not the carrier?s fault if their store is busy. I?m in a small city of 45,000 people and I have 4 ATT stores in a 12 mile radius.

  19. Doug Says:

    Most the complaints from people about carriers are most often from people living in rural areas in small towns. If you live in any major city in the U.S. with over 500,000 people you should not get a dropped call but if you do it?s not the carriers fault, it?s you and your cellphones fault. Like I said I live in a city of around 40,000 people about an hour and 15 minutes west of Boston and I do a lot of traveling in my car and I never had a dropped call so I wonder what the hell people are doing with their phones. I also want to add that there?s no such thing as a perfect cellphone or perfect carrier, they all have some sort of short comings and I notice when I read any of the complaints about cellphones they?re so trivial like: ?ohh the buttons wore out.? waaa waa blah blah blah. The only real short comings of any cellphone is battery life and that?s it but people expect to have 100 hours of talk time on a single battery charge which isn?t going to happen. If you get atleast 3 hours talk time that?s good enough plus you won?t get a tumor in your head, and with all the portable battery chargers you can get for your home and car you won?t run out of battery life. So plug in your damn phones and stop expecting it to be some sort of military grade Navy Seal phone where you can beat the hell out of it in a war zone and expect it to function.

  20. Doug Says:

    If you get a Motorola Razr2 V9 or V9m or V9x you will see a big difference in signal strength, call quality, reception, less dropped calls, the technology inside the Moto Razr2 V9 phone is superior in that area to other phones especially compared to LG.

  21. bigjohnstud Says:

    I have had AT&T for 10+ years. They were great in the East Coast, but now that I live in Phoenix they are TERRIBLE. I have dropped calls all the time (using blackjack pda, iphone pda, multiple other non-smart phones) and it’s the same thing… DROPPED CALLS. Their customer service is TERRIBLE! Without going into detail, AT&T could have cared less that I was a 10+ year long loyal customer and did NOTHING to try and save me when I wanted to leave them. They are terrible, period!

  22. spo00n Says:

    I have to second the comment ab not judging coverage by the iPhone. I’ve stood right next to iPhone users & had no problems w/ 3G on AT&T; they did.
    In Atlanta, AT&T coverage is excellent. In the midwest, their coverage seems pretty bad.
    They are more expensive & they do not have the broadest selection of devices, unless you want an iPhone or a blackberry.

  23. JasonMorgan Says:

    I hope ATT buys t-mobile and becomes the biggest wireless carrier again.

  24. none Says:

    I have T-Mobile, work for AT&T, and I’m glad I have T-Mobile. I moved from NJ to FL, and NEVER, NEVER have had dropped calls. Customer service is awsome, never had an issue w T-Mobile customer sservice. And I do love my myTouch which is pretty close (in my opinion) to the iphone, plus i get some of the apps iphone customers have to pay for, for free. Working a AT&T makes me realize I want to stay w T-Mobile, hands down…and if T-Mobile was to be bought by AT&T, I’d leave them, for sure.

  25. PHONE FREAK Says:

    This all depends on where you live, and what you like from a company… HOWEVER att is larger and more expensive while t-mobile is smaller and has great Customer service

  26. Chris Says:

    T-mobile is a freaking joke. Their customer service is terrible, they lie to get your business and hit you with stupid fees. They may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Dont expect to put out Hyundai type money to get a mercedes. If you want a cheap network with dropped calls galore, and terrible service, go with t mobile. If you are willing to pay a little extra and actually be happy with a cell phone carrier, go with ATT. the comarison is not even close. There is a reason ATT is second only to verizion (by a slim margin) as the top service provider. Great cell phone company. T mobile = crap

  27. Justin Says:

    I am tired of hearing how small T-Mobile is… really? It has almost twice as many subscribers as AT&T (150 million vs. 81.6 million). That is WORLDWIDE! I am sorry if you think that the US is the world; but it is not.

    As said earlier, it depends on where you live in the world that you need to determine coverage.

    I have T-Mobile and unless in rural areas (which I seldom am) I have not had dropped call experiences or problems (minus one or two dead spots in the city I live [Portland, OR]).

    Why T-Mobile? Simcard! I travel to Europe and can grab another sim card (or convert to T-Mobile intl), drop it in and have a working cell with a local number where I am while I travel at VERY LOW COST.

    Last time I was in Germany I spent $9 for unlimited data on my BlackBerry for 2 weeks (which I then made call via skype). Can’t complain about that.

  28. Duane Wills Says:

    Don’t confuse Deutsche Telekom with T-Mobile… There’s T-Mobile… and their parent company who has been trying to sell them off for years.

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  31. JustMeHere Says:

    TMobile outdoes AT^T any day anywhere but geismar louisiana.

    Having a company ATT blackberry and a G1, the G1 is faster on the net, has more phone coverage and it works everywhere.

    The blackberry, well.. company knows its useless so now they just call me on the G1.

    If any of you think ATT provides good coverage, you have to try something else cause ATT service does not even compare its service to a 3rd world country. Viva in South America (one if not the smallest GSM provider) provides better uptime, and a lot better service.

    And ATT, please keep your phones for support past 5pm CST.

  32. Mr. Hamilton Says:

    I currently have an iPhone, and I am thinking about switching over to T-Mobile for the new Nexus One Google phone. ATT is just so darn high in cost, where with T-Mobile, it appears that I can save myself some money and heart ache. ATT is a good carrier, but they too have some 3G and drop calls issues. I live (2) hours south of Chicago, and even the coverage here is pretty good, my 3G speed isnt so “3G” fast. I’m really thinking about switching….Today.

  33. John Albatross Says:

    I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years now. I was scouting the iPhone as a bargaining chip to get a better phone through T-Mobile. I woulda had to pay $300 deposit because of my credit score being an atrocious 702. then to get the iPhone with everything I got on T-Mo, it woulda cost me $150 a month. And T-Mobile worked out a deal to get me a better plan. I am from Philly but traveled to Penn State which is on a mountain. Austin, Chicago, Nashville, DC, Virginia, NYC, etc. And my coverage was full bars the majority maybe one less. Christ Verizon woulda gave me a phone over AT&T and they are the best carrier in the country

  34. Dillon Hughes Says:

    I live in Alamogordo, NM nd the only carriers that actually have stores are Verizon Cricket, nd Alltel. Sprint and T-Mobile are also available but only through their website or Wal-Mart (Sprint only). AT&T’s coverage map says it has coverage but when you put in my town it magically says “We don’t cover you. Come back later” Like wtff is that?

  35. Chris Ellis Says:

    Well, here is the deal AT&T has great coverage in certain areas more in the mid west and the south eastern part of the US and AT&T they are expensive. T Mobile is inexpensive and has better plans then AT&T but their coverage is not as good.
    I know cause I have had both.

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  37. wusty Says:

    I am with Mr Hamilton on this.. i have been with ATT since 2003 paying 150/month for unlimited talk,text and data on a blackberry..
    I can get the same plan on Tmobile for 79.99 with the nexus one.
    ATT finally dropped the price on the above plan to $120.00
    I am seriously considering moving to Tmobile at month end when my contract is up.
    I called ATT to tell them i might be switching and they just said “OK”

    I live in Portland OR, rarely had a dropped call even when i go up to Seattle or travel to TX..
    Worked fine in London England (huge bill)

  38. Eddie Says:

    I have a prepay AT&T and i love it.
    Its a cheep ass 30$ phone and it rocks my grandpa’s 40$ t-mobile prepay.
    I vote AT&T

  39. Jose J. Says:

    I have both AT&T and T-mobile using their latest smart popular phones the iPhone 3gs and the Nexus One, for that said T-mobile rulezzz At&t and Nexus One rulzzz the iphone, lol i will disconnect At&t service, and if i can sell the iPhone on eBay!

  40. brittani Says:

    personally… i think tmobile is better! i have had both networks and i get service more places and my service is better. tmobile has better prices, and most of their phones are nice, but i like alot of the at&t phones. so… by far, tmobile is better!

  41. AT&T Says:

    IPhone’s are rated the worst reception out all phones.

    AT&T is budgeting up to $19 billion this year to improve its nationwide phone network, a 5 percent to 10 percent increase over its $17.3 billion investment last year, the company said today.

    Although AT&T didn?t break out how much of the budget it plans to spend in California, it said it will add 200 new cell sites and upgrade 500 existing sites to 3G capability in the Golden State this year on top of 200 new sites and 320 site upgrades in 2009. The carrier has spent $7.3 billion on wireline and wireless networks in California from 2007 to 2009, $1.5 billion of that on wireless in particular, according to a release from AT&T?s office in Sacramento.

    The company said its 2010 budget includes a $2 billion increase in capital spending for ?wireless and backhaul related to AT&T?s wireless network.? Backhaul refers to the portion of its wireline network that moves wireless voice and data traffic when it?s not flying through the air.

    AT&T?s spending seems to be on par with that of rival carrier Verizon Communications, whose capital budget is projected to be $16.8 billion to $17.2 billion, compared to $17 billion in 2009, the company stated in a Jan. 26 earnings release.

    The breadth and strength of AT&T?s 3G network has been called into question by a series of ads Verizon has been running on TV and in other media for several months, depicting AT&T?s coverage as sparse compared to Verizon?s. This led to an air war of commercials from each carrier dissing the other?s network and providing actor Luke Wilson with a steady job.

    Don’t worry AT&T is ready to buy T-Mobile and will do it in the next year or so.

  42. Logan Says:

    I think I choose AT&T ok I just found out yesterday that my phone bil ends in march ooohh but wait theres more now its in august because we added more minutes for our phone so when we did that they extened our phone bill contract and thats why I choose AT&T

  43. Dennis Says:

    I used ATT many years, from ATT, to Cingular, then back to ATT. The customer service from Cingular is better. When it switched back to ATT, they are bastard. Because I always need to out of the country, don’t want to pay the monthly fees without using any mins. But ATT doesn’t allow me to suspend the services but T-mobile allow. Also I received many text massage that I don’t want to receive and ATT charged me $0.20 per massage, and T-mobile just $0.05 Therefore when my contract with ATT ended, I switched to T-mobile. Very satisfied to the cell phone service from T-mobile. Say goodbye to ATT forever.



  45. Ms. Curious George Says:

    AT&T Customer Service is pretty bad. I had an iphone, and representatives would not explain bills. I asked to cancel the text, but they always blamed their system for re-adding it in 3 days. AT&T reps can change your plan, and their system re-adds certain data plans without your permission.

    Their system is too autonomous for me. I wasted time with reps that just made up answers why my data plan cost increased.

    AT&T is better if your friends also use it for the in-network calls. Also, my voice coverage was fine, but the iphone data was very slow.

  46. steve Says:


    LOL, Free blow jobs for new customers

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  48. iphone user Says:

    For those of you who have an iphone when you turn off 3g you get the best coverage. Also AT&T can be strnoger in buildings than Verizon!! Verizon can’t rollover never!! I have 9000 rollover minutes so Verizon can suck on that!

  49. iphone user Says:

    T-mobile has weak spots all over Seattle and unlike g1s and my touches my phone doesn’t break down and need to be sent back. I also can talk on the phone anywhere in school and text t-mobile doesn’t even get service in some classrooms or streets in Seattle when I do. Why pay for a phone if you hardly can make calls wtf!

  50. iphone user Says:

    I can text faster so far with the iphone than any t-mobile phone.

  51. Marcharino Says:

    Thinking of finally moving away from AT&T. I’ve been a Pac Bell-Cingular-AT&T customer for fifteen years, and because of the unlimited price difference, I’ll probably be going to T-Mobile to save cash every month. Am I really going to experience difference in coverage? Probably not, but maybe someone out there really thinks there’s a reason to pay more for AT&T?

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  53. Ken Says:

    Yeah, so T-Mobile has a prepaid Unlimited Flexpay account… basically after the taxes, I pay 90.00 a month for unlimited everything, including 3G internet, free roaming, free long distance, etc… good stuff. At&t dosen’t offer anything even remotely close to that. Also, T-mobile (if you requiest it) will unlock your phone, so you can use it with AT&T or with any cell phone company (GSM) on the planet. Good Stuff !

  54. Matthew Says:

    Thanks to the changes in the economy, expect to see some major changes in how cell phone companies do business. People are waking up to the shenanigans, and are refusing to agree to their bs as before. Seems to me, that their main reason for all these requirements of their customers is that they are aware that if the customer wasn’t locked into a contract, most would have buyers remorse from their shoddy service and cancel their accounts. After ten years of being an AT&T customer, I fired their miserable asses yesterday. What a miserable bunch of scumbags. Oh and btw it is quite obvious who are at&t employees commenting on this list. All of them have the same egotistical condecending tone that the reps at at&t have. You folks are complete douche bags. Actually the term of scumbag, or shill does a better job of describing the typical at&t employee. Matter of fact, I am not going to waste one more precious moment from this point on acknowledging its miserable effect on its world.

  55. win Says:

    we are using Tmobil for more than 10 years and seriously consider switch to ATT. We live in Houston area and whenever we go for fishing or camping, there has no signal. We always need to borrow phone form ATT friends. We love Tmobil service and have heard ATT has bad customer service. I also consider HD2 or Nexus phone to iphone if we don’t switch. Who can give detials on comparsion? Thanks!

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  57. DC Says:

    I’ve been debating on switching my iphone from ATT to Tmobile. My ATT service sucks in Orange County, CA. Someone told me to switch my network setting from 3G to 2G and it definitely seems to be helping to reduce the amount of dropped calls. Anyone using Tmobile in OC? Is the service better then ATT?

  58. b Says:

    i have an iphone and coverage is perfect zero dropped calls

  59. wdz Says:

    AT&T may be a little ahed with signal, but not much, or do you really need full signal unless you live way up in mountains? T-Mobile is almost the same anyways, plus TOP IN SERVICE 24/7.
    Should I talk about PRIZE now? Better not, you know T-Mobile is way better. iPhone users? iPhone breaks too much man. After all, AT&T sucks compare to T-Mobile.

  60. SV Says:

    Well, iPhone may have changed the ATT but t-mobile is the best. No roaming anywhere you go, any network you use (as long as you are in USA). I am T-Mobile customer for 8 years with no roaming charges in any of my bills till now. I was with ATT before but the roaming charges were atrocious. At T-Mobile, you get more than what you pay for.

  61. jmart Says:

    I work for T-Mobile…and upon reading all 60 of these inputs…about 87% are for TMOBILE…WE WIN!! (again)

  62. FDAN&T-Mobil Says:

    this is bs, get a life retard… go play call of duty or something nerd… AT&T will rock tmobile’s junky service… 3g doesnt work anywhere, plans are cheaper for a reason… oh yeah they have created something faster LMAO sooo has every other company.. problem is IT DOESNT WORK ANYWHERE.. so wtf is the point… jesus christ… really tmobile, really??? the other thing good out of tmobile is unlocking the at&t iphone to use on tmobile.. tell me im lying. :0)

  63. Donald Canard Says:

    anyone noticing that AT&T service for non-IPhones is starting to really suck since about April 2010 ? Calls not initiated, repeated drops, etc. This is in the Hudson Valley NY. Anyone else noticing it here, or elsewhere ? Maybe those deregulated telecomms need to be reregulated so they plow revenue into infrastructure rather than into executive boners ?

  64. cheryl miller Says:

    We use to have AT&T, what a joke, phone never worked. After AT&T we went to Verizon, coverage was great but the phones were horrible, did not hold up and you are only eligible for a new one every two years, another problem with Verizon is the billing. Every month our bill was messed up, had to call them and get it corrected. We now have T-mobile and have not noticed any differnce in coverage, our bill dropped 55 dollars a month and the bills are always correct, no errors. T-mobiles phones seem to be excellent, they may not have the choices Verizon does but the quality of the ones they do have is better.

  65. angkor Says:

    *cough*cough* bs

    getting a good reception depend on the phone,service provider/towers and location.

    I never had any problem with T-Mobile so far being a customer over 1+ years.

    I’m pretty far from any towers (out in the boonies) and can get pretty good signal,1-3 bar (when not talking) but when talking, my bar jump from 1-3 to full 🙂 now that’s amazing with my moto-v3 and the sound quality is pretty darn good 🙂
    Familys and friends with the same company(t-mobile) but different phone such as blackberry,nokia,samsung having 1-2 bars sometime no service at all now that’s something to consider and thats the reason why I still have my moto-v3 :). like others posted b4 me, sometime its the phone.

    T-Mobile: $Money Saver$
    Customer Service: Excellent A+
    Coverage: Depend|In my area, OK (read above)
    Phone: Depend|Phone quality play a roll (love my moto-v3 read above)

    End of Story G-Nite All 🙂

  66. Celinda Marovich Says:

    Good share man Thanks

  67. Laura Says:

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 5 years, and am in the middle of a 2-year contract. In my experience, customer service has always been very good.
    As with others, reception is bad and getting worse. I live on the upper west side of Manhattan and most nights get no reception at all between 10pm-1am. During the day it is unpredictable and spotty.
    Lately, people call me during the day when I do have 3-4 bars and are directed right to my voicemail. I’ve missed important calls and am considering leaving T-Mobile (their pricing has kept me all this time).
    I also get NO reception at all, ever at my parent’s home in Philadelphia and NO reception ever at a worksite in rural CT.
    I’m using a Nokia 5610. Does anyone have better luck with different phones on T-Mobile? I’ve heard that the Sidekick misses more calls than the Razor, for example.

  68. Ketron Says:

    T Mobile > better then > AT&T 100 %

  69. William Says:

    i have been with Tmobile for 2 years. now traveling in northern Michigan. there is no t-mobile service, but my iphone get connected to ATT and it is working great. i was told by tmobile that there won’t be any roaming charges.

  70. Dog Says:

    Hello At&t. I was going to switch to you for the new iphone4. My unlocked jailbroke 2g kicks butt on t-mob. You all are tooooooooo high priced.

  71. AREWECOOL Says:

    I have an HTC HD2. I have to walk outside to talk on my phone. I have no 3g at all. It suck for my current area.

  72. Srinivas Says:

    Hello guys , i have seen here good reviews from many customers.

    I live in Ames , IA.

    In my college and surrounding areas ATT is a real crap and networks have 0 or 1 bar.

    i have a nokia N79 phone in which only a GSM sim card can be used.I have only one option ATT or T mobile. right now i have ATT , can i switch over to T – Mobile. i like their unlimited Talk & text plan for $50.user comments are really appreciated.

  73. Matt Says:

    I’ve had AT&T for about 10 years. Lived in Sacramento, redding, and San Fran and all those places have had great cell phone bars! I am loving my galaxy S. Alot of my friends have tmobile and verizon they get crap reception. Have to walk out of my house in San Fran to talk. Damn AT&T buy tmobile already and become #1 again! Show verizon and there slow network

  74. Krmadec Says:

    T-Mobile is coming with HSPA+, this is really fast, like 21Mb Downlink, quite fast. Don’t worry about 3g or 4g, what matters is how fast it gets and that is blazing fast.

  75. srmtz Says:

    T-mobile is the best. Customer service is a 5 star rating from me. 10 year customer. Most problems are from the phones. I’ve used blackberry, motorollas,samsungs with no problems making calls or receiving calls, no dropped calls. My daughter had the G-1 for 3 years before she broke it. She loved that she got to download free aps and the ones she payed for were well worth it. The quality of customer service and plans are affordable where with verizon and at&t are ridiculous. Their phones are overpriced and service is terrible. I had verizon and my first bill was 300 bucks, I didn’t even have a data plan. At&t won’t even give their loyal I-phone customers a discount on the new version, where if it were tmobile, they would surely come up with one. Their latest promotion is giving kids free mobile service, even if you buy the phone, you can get a cheap one for 40 bucks or less.

  76. Kentucky college information Says:

    T Mobile > better then > AT&T 100 %

  77. NoraK Says:

    My husband has AT&T and I have Tmobile. Long story short, we both have Blackberrys and the Tmobile plan has been cheaper including unlimited texting and data plan. Besides the cost factor, AT&T’s customer service and billing department has been quite horrible in comparison to Tmobile, including extra charges and upgrades that took forever to kick in. Mistakes made on the bill took months to correct. They do not seem to care that we have been customers for a long time. Tmobile has been quite accommodating, enough so that I will put up with the occassional coverage issue which seems to lessen as they grow bigger. They have given me discounts and freebies in appreciation of my loyalty for 8 years 🙂

  78. Jason Says:

    I’m Indonesian.. Seems it’s very confusing me to choose Tmobile or AT&T in Ohio for this December.. I already have blackberry that I’ve bought in Indonesia.Then I need your suggestion what SIM card that I should use it in USA? Actually, I need blackberry for the internet for the example I want to use for Blackberry Messenger..

  79. Shane Says:

    JustMeHere Um Let me tell you this…… Chicago Big T-mobile Location Service Is 2-3 Bars Throughout Illinois… 3G Tilt Your Phone and you loose it when walking in chicago … Got 3G 123 oh look its gone….. G1 Sucks I Personally Live with someone With it There Internet Sucks And Is slow There phone reboots during phone calls and when your reading something or surfing the web

    Look So Far I Hate T-Mobile At The Moment I Have (2 Bars) Normal In My Home In Wheaton… In My Other Home In Naper Vill (1) Bar (3) maX So looking Forward To going to AT&T If i hate i swear i will post it look So Wait for it if you want you aint gonna see it

  80. Big Tex Says:

    This post is quite outdated. T-Mobile is quickly expanding their network coverage (I still experienced a lack of coverage on the highways in Nebraska, but small time cell companies have the monopolies in the rural midwest, so that’s to be expected), and their phone line-up is quite impressive. And I am also glad to say that their plans’ pricing hasn’t suffered from the upgraded phone lineup. Still one of the most affordable and most bang-for-your-buck among the major companies.
    My new Samsung Galaxy S is brilliant. Sleek, sexy, powerful, and amazing. After looking at some of the other phones, I wish I had taken more time to look at the Windows Phone 7 cell phones. But I am happy with my Galaxy S phone. About the comment just above me. It sucks because they have a G1. That phone is old and outdated. My G1 also sucked in Chicago when I was living up there. Got the Galaxy S when I was out there, suddenly the service is clearer with much better coverage. That issue is with an old phone, not T-Mobile.

  81. Paige Says:

    I’m deliberating between the two. I will say that AT&T served me well for several years before I switched to Straight Talk. Now I’m wanting web, etc. and I Know you can’t go wrong with AT&T – it’s a safe bet! The service is excellent, which I value because I don’t want the stress of dealing with idiot CSR’s.

  82. sue Says:

    I was with T mobile for 4 years, and I never had a problem with them. But my company gives ATT 24% discount on my bill, so recently I changed to ATT, and I regret that I changed to ATT. I had some issues with my phone, so I call ATT, and they said go to the ATT corp store, so I went. But they didn’t have answer, and I called ATT, and had to talk to 3 different people for an hour to get no answer. Customer service did not have an answer and they weren’t nice either!!

    I vote for T mobile on Customer service and Price !!!

  83. Compare ATT and T-Mobile to Make the Right Choice | Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right […]

  84. budda Says:

    T-mobile is now saying they have the largest 4G network in the country…nobody HAS A TRUE 4g network. i believe they are all 3.something. sincw t-mobile is redoing they network why not call it a 3G like the rest of the carriers? and why does this upset at&t so much.. t-mobile is supossably the fourth largest carrier in the coutry

  85. matt Says:

    Iv had tmobile for 12 years I get way better service than my cousins at&t phone

  86. matt Says:

    Coverage is all to do with the phone

  87. Dominique Says:

    Let’s not forget that T-Mobile uses as SIM card as well. Like AT&T they are GSM carriers and its easy to switch phones domestically and internationally.

  88. Maheedhar Says:

    I am a T-Mobile customer for 7 years and happy with the customer service except few times dealing with bad phone issue. We were interested to switch to AT&T because of their flexible data plan. I got free 2 Samsung Captivate phones with 2 yrs from The phones were great, but the AT&T coverage shows only one bar sometimes no bar and had tough time with AT&T to change phone nos to local since we moved from Dallas. My old T Wing phone shows all 4 bars. I am sticking together with T Mobile for now…

  89. Uger Says:

    Wish I could go back to T-mobile. AT&T is nice for the iPhone, but their customer service is horrendous and they are definitely sleazy with the pricing and metering of data.

  90. baconator Says:

    Hey I have Alltel in NM and they got bought out by AT&T. I wanted T-Mobile for the Nexus S but is it worth the switch. Shoullf I wait for AT&T to get a high end Android device and not lose my unlimited data plan? HELP

  91. Oakie Says:

    I had been with T-mobile for 3 years and recently switched to AT&T for a free new phone. Boy, did I make a mistake!!! The AT&T is really sleezy. They charged me for overage of 60 messaging for the first 5 days although I had a plan for 200 messages a month. It turned out someone (God knows who and they knew it was not me based on their own record) deselected that feature and reselected again on 12-7. I was left to pay for the 60 messages for the 1st 5 days because when someone from AT&T did that they automatically disgarded my initial plan (even it was on record) and charged all 60 messages as overage. I spent 50 minutes on the phone with a customer service person without success because she could not move the date back! Apparently, the changes they could make is a one-way, only benefit AT&T. I wish I never switched :(.

  92. Justyn Says:

    Love Tmoile, have had all carriers and pretty much the coverage is all the same here in OKC. But for the pricing and the customer service, Tmobile hands down. 3G everywhere and when all else fails EDGE is always there to lend a helping hand. Tmobile fan!!

  93. Compare ATT and T-Mobile to Make the Right Choice | Customer Service Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right […]

  94. Lindsey Says:

    Well, well, well!! I have just read every comment on this post and I must say that I am amazed at just how naive some people are!! Do you really expect technology, created by man, to be perfect?! Do you really expect everything about a carrier or everyone that works for a carrier to perform at 100%, EVERYWHERE, ALL of the time?? Think about it….you live in florida, california, or texas and you are more likely to tint your windows on your vehicle. You live up north in Michigan or North Dakota you are more likely to put snow tires on your vehicle. Same concept applies here. You need to look at the area in which you live and work to determine what is best for you. Just because AT&T doesnt work in your area doesnt mean it is crap, just means that it doesnt fit what you need it for. Samething goes for T-Mobile. In the area where I live, at&t happens to be the better carrier, as far as coverage goes. On the other hand, where my cousins live, T-Mobile has better coverage than AT&T. It is going to be give and take no matter who you compare. Understandably, individuals are going to have their own experiences, some good, and some bad. But overall, all of the carriers are the same. Each of them have their flaws and it is up to the consumer to figure out which ones they can deal with and which ones are more than they can handle.

  95. juan Says:

    well i dont live in the states i live in puerto rico i have at&t my brother has t-mobile . Over here t-mobile is faster becuz they berly took out 3g so da network is new we had t-mobile 3g in puerto rico for about 1 month . My brother has da mytouch 4g i have the htc surround on at&t . His is waaaay faster at least 5 times faster than my surround reception they are both the same outside the only advantage att has is that reception is better inside buildings in many buildings t-mobile has no service while at&t has atleast 1-3 bars and it works fine while t-mobile doesnt work at all . Also over here in puerto rico att doesnt have all them problems with dropped calls like it has on da states . I have never had 1 dropped call on my surround maybe cuz theres not lot of people over here like in da states so yea t-mobile nd att are da same thing over here only that att has better reception inside buildings thats da only difference other than that service is da same

  96. trever Says:

    atnt sucks thay do not have 4g tmobile does and atnt service suck to who ever made this sucks

  97. Compare ATT and T-Mobile to Make the Right Choice – Thai Seminar Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right […]

  98. celena Says:


  99. Compare ATT and T-Mobile to Make the Right Choice | iPhoneresource.Net Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right […]

  100. Person Says:

    I prefer T-Mobile it is way better and more cheaper! But on the other hand At&t has some more of the newest phones……….

  101. whoever, wherever Says:

    I’ve had T-mobile since 2003, and recently have thought about switching to AT&T because of the phones. Thank you to everyone on here, I am now going to stick with T-mobile. I work at a cell phone store that carries both, (and SPRINT) and am now out of contract, but this post has thoroughly convinced me to stick with T-mobile. I really haven’t had much to complain about aside from a few defective handsets. The customer service has been great, and i have no real complaint about coverage. On the other hand, I have friends with AT&T, brand new phones, and supposed fastest network asking me for my phone to call their parents. HATS OFF FOR RELIABILITY. Anyone complaining about T-mobile’s coverage either needs to get a new phone, or complain to T-mobile to put a tower in their area. Unlike AT&T, T-mobile MIGHT actually do something about it. AND if you’re thinking, how can he complain about AT&T’s customer service? I say I’ve had their internet service for 4 months now, had to call every month to correct the bill, and had to spend at least an hour talking to someone who’s first language definitly isn’t english. O and T-mobile is at least $50 cheaper. SO tell me. Who would you pick?

  102. user Says:

    I’ve been with att for four years now, and have had very few issues. I was thinking of switching to t mobile a few months back to save some money (yes, att is not the cheapest around), until I went on a trip with my friends. I had them constantly asking for my phone because their t mobile phones couldn’t get any reception, so we decided to make a game of our coverage on the way home. We were driving through a canyon when my buddy lost his t mobile service, and then timed how long it would take me to lose mine then get it back. He held both phones since I was driving. About halfway through he said “well there it goes. No, wait, its back. Nope, gone again, back.” all total I lost coverage for less than a quarter mile total, and about 15 seconds. After that i decided a few extra bucks a month wasn’t too bad for the quality of service. I wouldn’t want to drive through the canyons without my att phone by my side. (Unless someone else cones out with the same/better coverage for cheaper. 😛 )

  103. Seth Says:

    I have used Tmobile for about 6 years and DO NOT think that it has good service comparing to AT&T (my current provider). I live in NYC and I had TONNS of coverage issues with Tmobile. For instance, I had NO service in the apartment I moved in (which is why I actually switched and got excellent home signal with ATT). I also had problems with service inside certain building in Manhattan (!!!). COME ON! Tmobile has lost its value in my eyes completely.
    I also do not agree with people who claim T-mobile is less expensive. The only thing they may be better at is “unlimited everything” type-of-deal… But who needs it? Unless cell phone calling is an integral part of your business, you realy dont need all that! My current AT&T setup is actually CHEAPER vs Tmobile (who allow no flexibility whatsoever with their stupid plans) and I have Iphone 4 with superior coverage. So there you have it!

  104. Mobile Att Latest Android Phones | Compare Android Phones – Latest Android Phones | Compare Android Phones Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right […]

  105. julie Says:

    Every month, we are on the phone arguing w/AT&T. Wasting literally hours of our time. We have the bundle and we are now ready to switch to T Mobile for cells, maybe WOW for cable and land line and perhaps stay w/AT&T for internet only. They are forever giving us ‘credits’ on our bills, but it never amounts to much. It is sooo expensive! Customer service w/At&T is sporadic, sometimes helpful, many times not helpful. There is no reason for these bills to be undecipherable, and for them to keep climbing for no reason. We were told to go to Walmart and not the TMobile store, for a better deal. We would also like to keep 3 of our 4 phones in this transfer. Hope it’s possible.

  106. Phil Says:

    LOL, At&t bought out T-mobile, trollll

  107. Lissette Says:

    Always better T-mobile. I worked for a few years in AT&T customer service and there is always problems with the iPhone and the best device they would have would be the iPhone andBlackberry but still u dont have unlimited Internet untmil u have to beg for it. They say never to say not to the customer but its never the case. No wonder t-mobile has better service. THey say world wide coverage but it’s only onsome certain phones. I have t-mobile and in my area. AT&T devices wont get a single bar…

  108. nick Says:

    i’ve had tmobile since 2000. i’m wondering now that since all these att users will be using up my signal on tmobile if my service is going to suck. i personally could give a crap less about getting the iphone. i love having my androids especially with an unlimited plan and tethering. now i’m just waiting on the new dual cores to come out in may

  109. Josh Says:

    Are you serious.. Phones goes to tmobile(the only phone AT&T has is the iPhone while tmobile is android central) service goes to tmobile due goths fact there is no place on earth you can find 3G I mean whoever wrote this article is biased

  110. michael in florida Says:

    I have read all these post and agree with several people saying reception is really based on where you live. I have been with tmobile for a long time, here they were areial then voicestream now tmobile. I have the new my touch g4 and it works great. My dad and brother both have iphones. They were both going to switch to tmobile for the unlimited service I have, but with todays news regarding at&t buying tmobile they are going to wait and see what happens. I personally love the fact that when i do call or go into a tmobile store and the csr see’s i’ve been a customer for almost 20 years, they give me whatever i want. I am certain that will change when its at&t and tmobile is gone. I will have to look into seeing if I can make my G4 work on metro Piece Of Crap. I know they have androids and maybe that will be an option. I know, I can already hear all of you laughing at me. Sorry I just dont care for at&t. Hopefully you all wont be too harsh on me.

  111. Darkin Says:

    Man oh Man what should I say. Ok right now I don’t have t-mobile buy man I miss there service so much.
    every one that I know who have or had an att phone complained none stop about there service and there bills. The only time my bill was ever high on t-mobile was when I didn’t pay my bill which was 279 because I did not pay my bill for 2-3 months. The only reason at&t is trying to buy t-mobile is because there scared of them. AT&T says there major competition is Verizon, but t-mobile is on the raise. They have always had great service. I go to the country every year in September and when I had t-mobile I always had full bars. All my aunts and uncles who have att only get 1-2 bars when we go. Every one of my cousins who have to mobile always have full bars. The only thing att has is the iPhone which they used to bring in new customers some like it some dont. I know people who only left t-mobile for the I phone and they regret it every time.

    I used to work for apple and supported the Iphone I was always on the phone with att customers that was always saying that apple should have went with some one else instead of att. They always and I mean always complained about the service. I talked to some who bought the phone from att retail store
    and the phone was cracked or not working at all and they was always told to call apple. Which was not up to apple since the customer was suppose to always leave with a working phone att customer service was a joke. I am sorry to say that I hope T-mobile bring AT&T to their knees.

  112. Michael Says:

    T-Mobile in our area is way better coverage, But it was the old ATT they built better sold off to Suncom and T mobile bought, Full bars in some bad coverage area for everyone else, Im in the basement getting calls while the big V and S always doing hold on I need to get outside… and that is upstairs. Coverage is where you live and work and very subjective to the user, T- mobile hardly ever drops and normal cause of elevators for me. My worry is I changed it to Walmart Family Mobile 2 Phones unlimited TnT is 81 and change with tax (45 first and 25 each after), Data you buy as needed, after3 months Im still using the free 200 megs they gave us.

  113. BO Says:

    I am a cell phone user in New York City for 20 years. From Analog to Digital. When I have Voice Stream (the old T-mobile), its drop calls a lot, they don’t have enough towers to support their service, than I switch to Sprint, no compliant crystal clear voice calls. And than I am regret switch to T Mobile, cause I love the Motorola slim phone, I only keep it for 5 days, and drop T-Mobile again. They failed the second chance I gave them. Over all, their phone quality is poor. Currently I have ATT, Yes they drop calls, Data Slow in Manhattan, but still acceptable.
    T-Mobile is good for Family, business users perfect verizon, Att and sprint.

  114. AndroidGuy Says:

    Only reason I pick Tmobile is because of the android phones they have,as everyone knows android is popular over the iphone.

  115. Taken 1251993 Says:

    I was an att customer for years and my contract came up att customer service was horrible and they didn’t seem to even care I was leaving so I also talked my mother in law to switch also. Funny haw att saidb they wasn’t in competition with tmobile when I was looking for customer service and got people just answering the phone just for the simple fact thatthey had too.I thought iwas done with att so to the fcc don’t allow it to att customers switch to the people that does have excellent customer service tmobile.

  116. Taken 1251993 Says:

    Oh yeah and I shopped both companies and tmobile has better phones better service and will save you a buck or two and their service around here is just as good.

  117. #1 Compare ATT and T-Mobile to Make the Right Choice | How To And Tips Today Says:

    […] then you should compare it with other cell phone provider like T-Mobile. This is because when you Compare ATT and T-Mobile and resort to ATT TMobile comparative study, you are sure to make the right choice. This entry […]

  118. Gerry Says:

    T-Mobile user (more like emergency use)
    I have had T-Mobile for over 3 years now. I am a pay as you go customer. I paid $100 the first year to get the “gold” plan (1000+ minutes) and extra every time I buy more. Here’s the great part – I payed $30 the end of the first year to add more minutes (bring it back up to over 1000) and not lose the minutes still remaining. The second year I paid $50 to bring it back up to over 1000 (talked a little more). The last fill up was $30 again. This is for a YEAR!!! No I don’t text alot. The first year to receive text was free, cost to send only. I think it now costs per text either way. I don’t really use a cell much but it’s there when I do. I get reception most places but, yes there are poor areas. Does AT&T have a plan for me? I don’t think so. I checked all of the carriers back when I started. So if you don’t believe me you can check it out for yourself. I did have to buy my own phone (no free ones when you go this route).


  119. Resha Says:

    T-MOBILE ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! They have the best everything. There phones are one of a kind. They also last longer.

  120. Alicia Says:

    Switched from T-mobile to AT&T about a month ago.. I just got my final bill from T-mobile (1100.00) and now this news….Not so much concerned with basically being t-mobile again as I am with losing 1100.00 for pretty much no reason..

  121. Bruce Says:

    I think I’ve had every cell phone company out there. I hated sprints coverage and Verizon was a joke but since changing to AT&T I’ve been very pleased. I travel a lot and I’m on the cell constantly but have not had one dropped call, not one with AT&T. I’m very happy with them

  122. Keeboo Says:

    I have been a customer of T-Mobile for 12years. I love my T-Mobile service. I travel a lot. Granted in my area my service was horrible when it came to reception at first. I called tmobile and the just requested that I make a trouble ticket for my reception. The reps were so understanding and went through several trouble shooting processes to make sure it wasn’t my phone. They explained that they just needed X-amount of service trouble tickets to warrant a new tower. I told everyone in my apartment complex and posted a sign for everyone unhappy with there reception to call and put in a service trouble ticket. I didn’t work for the Att folks. But TMobile came through, I have reception inside and out. I had a problem with billing from those text sites TMobile corrected it and blocked the text provider. I misunderstood my billing conconcerning my text coverage I called and they corrected it and back dated so the charges for the overage equaled the new usage plan I was gonna need. (RARE-for any business) Hands down tmobile is the best I only call customer service basically for a new phone deal. I had 6-months left in my contract and they renewed my contract with the same discounts I would have had to wait 6months for. I am on my phone (internet/wifi) almost 24/7. My cousin who lives with me got a Att bill for $1800.00 for getting media text messages when out town on a family emergency. He still has to go on the patio for service while my phone is tethered to my desk top as I surf the internet. Att charges for tethering/data/existing on the planet. Coverage yes a problem tmobile has corrected for me, service-OUT of this World and price OMG I have gotten way more than I pay for. If TMobile sells I would got to another provider.

  123. Keeboo Says:

    P.S. right now I am on my motorola cliq-(hands down a sick phone when u know how to use it)- the phone I got on that early renew plan (renewed for 2yrs from the day I renewed my contract not 2yrs and 6mo). I lost my Blackberry which I loved too. I know what all my phones I have owned let’s say are capable of and Tmobile has been a great service plan for all the data and text I use in a day attempting to see how much my phone can take. And price I almost forgot 85 total(myfavs-data-insurance- etc) . This is after they grandfathered in a plan I have had for 6 years that they don’t carry anymore. My poor cousin he could have went to hawaii on that money but at least he knows now to jsut turn it off and use my phone when out of town. Blow job really!!!!!! I tell you now wouldn’t u really prefer rather than getting it in ass without the lube from Att???????

  124. elizabeth ai Says:

    I’ve had tmobile for 11years and I am very satisfied with the service. Any time I had a problem it was solved after I spoke with customer service. I do not think this merger is a good idea and I will stay with my tmobile

  125. amber lee wyrick Says:

    I have t mobile and they suck balls! The customer srvvice is poor. For over six months I’ve been getting charged fo text messages to a number in frace that doesn’t exist and they have charged me 10 dollars a month or more. I have called more time to count to try and fix this problem and they give me the run around and basiclly no one knows why or what is causeing it…. I got new phones a year and a half ago (400$ phones) and mine and my boyfriends phones aren’t worth a crap and don’t function properlly! After being a t mobile customer for over 5 years next month I am swthching to Verizion and can’t wait to tell t mobile to take their phones and their service and shove it! At&t or no at&t, there’s no fading the scar they have left on me!

  126. tami Says:

    no you know att has unlimited mobile to mobile from any network now

  127. butterflyeffect2010 Says:

    I have been an ATT Customer since 2006 with a family plan. I split the cost with family members and it worked. Change in finances and out of contract, I decided I wanted to go the prepaid route. GOOD IDEA with TMOBILE!!! No taxes, no fees, and good phones and better prices. Now with this merger thing, I’m going to wait and see what happens. BUT, I would not pay for ATT or sign up for any contract every again. I don’t use the cell much, just for emergency, and don’t see the point getting a plan for 40 with tax, probably 47.00. I wish I had tmobile long ago. I would have saved a whole lot of money.

  128. Iola Cutright Says:

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  129. solomon Says:

    at&t is the best company at least not expensive as verizon!!! there just good they have great service thinking bout switching back to at&t really good service and far better than t mobile!!!

  130. Jennifer Says:

    My mom got an AT&T smart phone a few years back. It was a nice phone, but the service sucked. The only reason she bought it was so she could tether her phone to her laptop and get internet on the go. In the Best-Buy store where we bought the phone, we were told that this service was free. Long story short, they lied, and she managed to get out of her contract without additional charges.

    Our family switched over to T-Mobile then, and loved it. Much better prices, a wider variety of phones, and great coverage. The people at the store were friendly and knowledgeable, and we never had to wait long when we needed help. They have free tethering, and cheep internet plans for most non-smart phones as well as some smart phones.

    I’m sad to see such a great company bought out by such a crappy one. We’ll probably be switching to Sprint or Verizon once our contracts are up.

  131. Leila Says:

    I had t-mobile for seven years. For the most part, customer service was great until you had phone-related problems. I went from a basic Samsung flip phone, to several Motorola Razors to five BB Curves. I had so many issues with dropped calls and the BB crapping out after 2-3 months that I gave up on T-Mobile. I jumped off while smack in the middle of a contract but bc of the issues they let the disconnection fee slide. So overall, they had good prices, and decent service depending on the phone.

    I switched to AT&T and have gone through all 3 of the latest iPhones, while my family stuck with T-Mobile. The complaints from them kept becoming more frequent and their service in the same areas we were in kept making them drop their calls. And they had four different phones: BlackBerry Curve, a Sony Erickson, and two different Nokia models.

    So, just last month they switched and they ALL got iPhones. They said they’d never go back to T-Mobile.

    NOW – I know some friends with T-Mobile phones that are faster but people – let’s also consider the phones role before jumping and saying one provider is hands down better than another.

  132. ernesto Says:

    ATT,in key west has the worst customer services. The don’t look at you when you come in. I’m scared of loosing t-mobile’s customers service…i love t-mobile

  133. lctmobile Says:

    We have T-mobiel service for numbers of years without any network coverage problem. However, lately, one of our phones is having “network busy” signal for days! Aha, At&T is taking over T-mobile. We wonder! Someone has made Motorala Razor (not V3 model) no longer working in T-mobile network??

  134. michael johnson Says:

    At&t is way better than T-homo 😀

  135. Sara Miller Says:

    AT&T has to buy other companies in order to progress. T-Mobile came out with the first android phone because they are leaders. I wont give any company except T-Mobile. If this merger goes through, I will not have a cell phone or a house phone. Why would I want to have a company that had to sell themselves to Cingular then buy themselves back again to have more towers? T-Mobile can build more towers without becoming a monopoly. I went to the coast with like 4 other people and everyone had a different carrier including Verizon and AT&T. How come the only phone that worked was mine? I know, because it was a T-Mobile phone. Never had a dropped call, phone has never roamed and I get service everywhere except on the mountain. How many AT&T customers can say that?

  136. edgardo Says:

    I was with sprint about 6 years. after that swith to At&T. THIS IS THE BIG MISTAKE I MADE. call drops all time, data is too slow. I cant wait finish my contract and back to Sprint.

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  138. At&t all the way Says:

    At&t has good coverage i have had t-mobile before and it sucked i got no signal it was just horrible and i have an i phone and at&t is so far the best choice I’ve made

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  140. Junior Says:

    T-Mobile is a Joke really stingy ass customer service as, signal and coverage sucks, bottom point AT&T the best at this moment

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  147. Rocco Riccola Says:

    Never had T-mobile but have had AT&T for 15 years now. Three months ago I switched to Verizon and got the 4G LTE Thunderbolt. Super fast but couldn’t get LTE at home like their map claimed so I switched right back to AT&T. HSPA+ here in southern Michigan is pretty fast averaging 2-7 Mbps download and sometimes spiking to 10 megs. Uploads average 500k to 1.7 megs. Only complaint is that my HTC Inspire has horrible download speeds on Edge in the northern part of the state where there is NO T-Mobile service. Up there Verizon is king. Calls have been excellent. Don’t know why people have issues with dropped calls!!

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  159. Matrix Says:

    I am currently on Verizon and Have an iPhone 4. I am not completely thrilled with pricing and what im getting for my money so i am either going to go to T-Mobile or AT&T (Not even considering Sprint because of the awful service I had). Who should I go with? Looking for good coverage, pricing and just a good experience. HELP!!!!!

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