AT&T vs. Verizon

I was in the market for a new cell phone and service provider over the weekend and I had narrowed my options down to Verizon or Cingular AT&T. I’ve had both services in the past and haven’t really had any complaints about either. I was looking for a pretty basic plan, nothing too fancy. I am a little bit of a gadget junkie so a cool phone was mildly important. Here’s what I found.


  • Plans – Plans in my range were very similar to Verizon, no difference there
  • Phones – Had their ups and downs, much larger selection online. I came in the day after the iPhone release and they were obviously sold out. I wasn’t looking to spend quite that much but after playing with the model in the store, I probably would’ve caved if one was in stock.
  • Customer Service – CRAP. I go to the same AT&T store every time and its always busy so there was no surprise there. I meandered (yes, meandered) around the store for at least 15 minutes but it was so busy, I wasn’t able to speak to an AT&T representative. From my previous experience, the in-store folks are as helpful as AT&T will let them be. Unfortunately, AT&T makes you direct any further problems, questions, etc. through their phone system which is horrific.


  • Plans – The plan at Verizon with the same price was very similar. The only difference was instead of 5000 night and weekend minutes at AT&T (which I’ll never use), I get unlimited night and weekend minutes at Verizon.
  • Phones – No iPhone here but thats probably a good thing for my wallet. Verizon offers some interesting features like mobile TV and navigation which is available for a fee. Verizon’s phone are similar to AT&T’s but offer some of these extra services if you subscribe.
  • Customer Service – MUCH better than AT&T. First of all, we were greeted at the door. The Verizon store was equally as busy as AT&T but they must have had atleast 10 people working compared to the 4 or 5 at AT&T the day after the biggest event in the history of that company. Seriously, how do you only have 5 people working the day after you released the iPhone? I worked with the same Verizon representative the whole time. It sounded like they aren’t allowed to help other customers until you are done with them. I did notice afterwards that if they didn’t have any employees available to help you, they put your name on a list so they can help people in order which is something very irritating over at AT&T. In the back of the Verizon store, they also had a tech support desk which I had never heard of. You can actually bring your phone into the store, and they attempt to fix it there. I’ve probably sent 5 AT&T phones back to get fixed or trade for a refurbished phone. My sister-in-law who was with us, was having problems with her keypad. She took it in with us and came out with a refurbished phone right on the spot. That would be nice.

Samsung Cell PhoneYou can probably guess I went with Verizon and got a new phone and a 2 year chain contract. It’s only been a couple days but I am pretty pleased so far and would recommend my local Verizon store over the local AT&T store. Maybe they vary from city to city but the customer service and tech support at the store I visited was far superior to anything I have received from AT&T.

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  2. Scot Says:

    Since Sprint and Verizon are both CDMA networks and share towers, I?m using Sprint and roam on Verizon whenever I choose.

    Not to mention I have 3000 minutes and unlimited web/txt for $44.99 a month.

  3. Cody Says:

    What about T-Mobile? I?ve used them for years and love everything about them?plans, phones, contracts (shorter), and customer service.

  4. Stefan Says:

    I can get service with Verizon just about anywhere, and they have way cooler phones than AT&T. Verizon has really great customer service, while AT&T has awful customer service.

  5. Joey Says:

    You people might be the only ones ever to have a good experience with Verizon?s customer service. Look up some cases online. I?m dumping Verizon as soon as my contract expires – you may think their phones are ?way cooler?, but look carefully at the operating systems, and take note of how they?re all the same. I could renew my contract and get a new phone with a huge rebate, but there are exactly zero Verizon phones that do more than the phone I currently have for under $200, and I got my phone five years ago.

  6. Jon Says:

    Maybe you guys didn?t know that employees at Verizon stores work on COMMISSION! You think you?re getting good customer service, and in fact you might be?but not because they care about you, they care that you can bring them commission. Personally, I have Verizon and have had terrible experience with their customer service AFTER signing up. Try giving their Customer Service number a try when your bill isn?t turning out the way you ?signed up? for. I?m going back to AT&T.

  7. Brian Kim Says:

    Who cares if they are working for commission? If that makes the customer service better then so be it. Maybe AT&T should do the same thing.

  8. Bruce Says:

    Verizon LIED to me when I wanted to increase my minutes. The phone rep said that if I increaed my minutes it wouldn?t extend my contract. Well it did? for another two years. That two years is almost over and I?m done with Verizon. Verizon nickle and dimes ya on everything. And Verizon phones use BREW not JAVA for apps so I can?t use any free stuff from Google Mobile or anywhere. I can only use Verizon apps (that they charge for). Verizon is ugh horrible.

  9. Andrew Says:

    Pretty much everything said above is true. I really have only one comment, which is that i do have an iPhone and all the features are great while everything is covered in one bill, BUT my reception and service on the sucker is terrible. I get 5 bars in places i will never need it and no service in places i am desperate. I bought this phone to obtain awesome features, but only the camera has been reliable. Whenever i see the at&t commercials with the ?more bars in more places? slogan i laugh and then get pissed. (p.s. i live in arizona so if it works better in other areas don?t mind this comment)

  10. Tyler Says:

    I hate at&t so much. The service with them is crap! Verizons service is so much better and I love how they have CDMA/GSM cells now. AT&T is made up of crap! AT&T lies when they say ?The Best Service?! Its fake! They will cut off ur service for Roaming to long!! Its called ?Partner Usage?

  11. Glenn Says:

    If At&t would fix there CRAPY customer service I would recommend highly. Business laptop owners look to the 3g service its by far better than verizon hands down, although sprints isn?t bad.

  12. Lefty Says:

    I like AT&T, i get good service just about anywhere (98.999)OF THE TIME. i had(in order) metroPcs,verizon,nextel and now AT&T. For me att is taking over.

  13. Optic Blast Says:


  14. tinka Says:

    verizon has way cooler phones thant att
    can verizon phones be used on cingular networks

  15. tinka Says:

    I meant to say att networks

  16. Jason Says:

    I have Verizon for 3 phones and I now despise Verizon. They do have better service than ATT where I live but its not worth it. I have had Verizon now for a little over three years and no kidding in the past year my bills vary and have not been the same like they should be. We dont use any fancy features, just call and text and one month my bill goes from 140 to 180. Try reasoning with VZW about it and get nowhere.

  17. Mel Says:

    Verizon sucks ass! We had three lines for over 4years and for the last couple of years the bill was never less then $130 dollars!! The only thing we did was call and only two phones were used for most calls, with $5 a month texting on only one phone. How the hell did the bill end up $130 and up, try asking them. When I called to ask if we can terminate the service because our two years were up I was asked why was I terminating it. I answered because I get overcharged for minutes that I don?t even use and i only get 50 texts to other networks a month! I was told to ?downgrade? my minutes- bullshit! The phones r ALL the same, they have no ?cool? features and are overpriced. Plus if you want to switch phones you gotta wait till you two year contract expires because there are no SIM cards and you can?t just put your SIM card into another phone when it breaks. When you get Verizon you are pretty much screwed for two years and you will get charged for everything. It even costs $10 to get your contacts transfered from an old phone to a new one! We got ATT and more then happy with our roll over plan with unlimited texting and most of all with the 15% discount that we got because of where one of us works! ATT is better, more flexible and has awesome phones. And since you have a SIM card you can actually get any phone you want, like those cool phone from Europe or China no one has even heard about here 🙂

  18. Nate Says:

    I?ve had verizon for over 5 years now and have never had any problems. I just got the LG voyager (better than iphone imo though not as flashy) for under $100, so those saying they have no good phones fo runder $200 and all the phones are exactly the same .. stop the lies. they even have the blackberry 8230 for $50.

  19. Nate Says:

    Oh and the person saying it costs $10 to transfer contacts, biggest lie ever. Create an online account and you can back up your contacts online for FREE and transfer them to ANY phone for FREE. Wow people, why lie?

  20. Andrew Says:

    I had Verizon for 2 years and i recently switched to ATT. I switched because verizon nickel and dimes you for everything. Customer service has been pretty good with them over the 2 years, although I would say I had to call in at least 10 times wondering why my bills is much different without changes in usage. They have mostly always taken care of me, but They cripple their PDA devices.

    While some on you may use phones like the Voyager and stuff like that, I use blackberries and other smartphones. On these devices, you have to pay more to use extra features (like GPS in which VZW disables and you would have to use VZ navigator which is not free for Blackberrie) that?s already included on the same phone for TMO or ATT. I mean I am already paying 44.99 x 2 for blackberry data and I still have to pay another 20 bucks for GPS??? On Att I pay 30 bucks for blackberry service and the GPS is unlocked. It just seems like for anything I wanted to do, it would cost and extra 10 bucks per month (for 2 lines) to do it. It got too frustrating. Now I switched and coverage is about the same in my area, I have a plan with unlimited feature that include some of the stuff that would have costed an extra 30 bucks more a month with VZW. So for now, ATT works best for myself?. maybe in 2 years when my contract is about up, VZW has made some changes regarding these ?extra? features that you are being nickeled and dimed for and stop crippling their PDA devices.

  21. John Says:

    who cares if the phone is cooler? a phone is great to me as long as it gets good reception and the sound quality is good. I have at&t and i get great reception almost everywhere i go and in the places i dont, verizon dosent either.

  22. Mark Says:

    I looked at switching to Verizon but found out that I would be paying almost $120 a year for the same plan I have with AT&T. Their coverage map for my area gives me the same number of bars I already get. Their excuse for the price difference is that theirs is the best coverage and service in the country and they do not have to compete with the other companies in terms of price. Based on their attitude and coverage map I think I’ll stay with AT&T for now.

  23. Joe Says:

    I have now had Verizon, Nextel, and At&t, At&t is by far the best of the three at least in Michigan and Florida

  24. Maria Minadakis Says:

    I really cannot agree with the writer about AT&T. I have had a great experience in the APPLE Store in Towson, Md. It was really packed with customers and I thought it was going to be a disaster but they had lots of employees and got to me within 5 minutes. I already owned an i-Phone that I bought at the Belair Road AT&T Store in Perry Hall, Md in July of 2008. I lOVE
    i-Phone. Use the Internet on it everyday and write lots of e-mails from it too! This AT&T store also treated me well. I went to the APPLE Store and bought the MOBILE ME plan that I added and all I can say is I have no complaints.
    i-Phone and all I can say is I have no complaints.

  25. Maria Minadakis Says:

    Additional information about i-Phone.
    I use i-Phone a lot. Maybe more than the average person. All day I use the Internet and e-mail. I love my i-Phone so much so the fact that you cannot download from some Internet sites if you are using the Safari browser is fine with me because I like the Safari browser also.

  26. Maria Minadakis Says:

    I just recalled the name I was trying to think of and that name is SPLASH PLAYER. Does not work with i-Phone. So if you want to download using SPLASH PLAYER, then the i-Phone is not for you. I was disappointed at first but got over it. I called Apple Tech Support and was told they are working on it.

    I like i-Phone regardless of not being able to use SPLASH PLAYER with it. Everything else is A-OKAY!

  27. Warren Gambella Says:

    Just switched from a BlackBerry with Verizon to and iPhone with AT&T.
    The service with AT&T is horrible. Numerous drops, no 3G even though I live in a 3G area. Horrible service. I would never have switched if work didnt force the change.
    Had Verizon for 7 years with no problems.

  28. Johnny Guerrero Says:

    I phone is the best phone on the market I just recently swithched from Verizon to ATT. I phone is truly amazing. ATT service availablity SUCKS!!! I am in the process of going back to VERIZON. So many dropped calls I phone HAS NO GPS!!! to bad I -phone did not go with verizon, if u think about to going to anyone from verizon. DO NOT DO IT!!Verizon credited me back my cancelation fee and I have 30 days to return the i phone. And u can use verizon phones like modems.

  29. liz Says:

    My husband just switched our verizon wireless service to ATT, which he works for, we had verizon for 9 years, no problems always helpful and polite, we have 4 separate cell numbers, switching has so far been a mistake 3 days out, my husband and I both got 2 free cells online and we were told we would have to go in store for the 2 iphones are kids wanted, they did a credit check online and we were informed no deposit required and then my husband went in the store and purchased the 2 iphones of which he activated in the store, setting my phone up I see I have a bill, what? they charged 150.00 deposit and ran another credit check when he picked up iphones even though we had already set up service on phone for family plan with 4 phones, they said store runs its own credit checks, so we basically switched services being told no deposit then they slip it in without saying anything? I am so mad at my husband the service in the phone mart sucks, you just stand around like a dumb ass, which I already feel like for switching, very unprofessional, trying to explain the problem to them is like talking to a wall, whah!! I want Verizon back, but will the kids hate me for taking back Iphones, they pretty much love them so far, but then its only been 3 days, by the way was on phone for 1 1/2 hours and still deposit issue not resolved, maybe after they run another 4 credit checks, they will figure it out and ruin my credit in the time being. You would think we would get better service since he works there, no such luck, we get 20% discount off the family plan thats it, so 20 bucks a month. we aren’t saving any money because we have to pay 30.00 for iphone service on each iphone.

  30. Buzz Says:

    I have at&t it works best at my high school in the halls when verizon is searching I usally have a few bars at&t customer service so far has always been nice verizon is equal to at&t I heard I like gsm better

  31. Marti Says:

    I still cant understand why anyone would leave Verizon for crappy ATT service… the iphone isn’t even all that great… try sending a picture message…OOPS! can’t do it… how about video capture??? SORRY! and if you wanted to get insurance for your phone … guess what?? you can’t even insure an iphone!! you will have to pay FULL RETAIL FOR A REPLACEMENT.. YOU CAN’T EVEN CHANGE OUT THE BATTERY! I won’t even go into its awfully S L O W download speeds, and the fact you cannot download from other than itunes… you cannot even have a mp3 tone for a ringtone. As for cell service and customer service, Verizon wins hands down… Plus with Verizon, you can change your calling plan and features ANY TIME for FREE and WITHOUT getting into a new contract, and they will even backdate calling plans AND credit the prior bill if you go to a new plan and have billed overages… Lets see ATT do THAT Plus their etf fees are variable, and get lower each month that you have service… Also their insurance will replace your phone for any reason- including physical and water damage… who else does that???

  32. Marti Says:

    By the way — Verizon is coming out with the Blackberry Storm on 11-21-08, which will blow away other phones… it is a 3g touch screen phone with a 3.2 mp camera, video capture and removable memory (and battery! ha ha) and it is a BLACKBERRY! it’sonly 199.99 after the 50.00 mail in rebate… order online and rebates are INSTANT- and you don’t have to deal with ATT’s service…..

  33. bill Says:

    My 2 cents–coverage with Verizon has been outstanding; customer service totally sucks. Most recent experience was out of the country with a “world phone” (Blackberry 8830) Couldn’t dial out, the “global support number” didn’t work and it took FIVE DAYS to get a response from an email. I’d chalk it up to my ignorance if I hadn’t made 2 calls to Verizon (30 minutes on the line) to be sure all was good to go. Turned out after 5 days they decided to reboot my global option and it began working. Store service–never plan on less than 45 minutes. On the phone? Put it on speaker and read a novel. I’m at least going to explore AT&T and if they’ll let me test a phone to see how the coverage is in my most common use areas I’ll give it a serious look. If the coverage is there I’ll gladly pay my early out fees to Verizon

  34. ndmoh Says:

    Stay away from verizon. They are so greety and they prey on customers. Early next year, I will be switching to At&t because of the IPhone or TMobile for the Google Phone and also for the service.

  35. Stephanie Bizz Says:

    i am absolutely done with verizon! i have the family share plan that they do not offer to anyone anymore. my 2 year upgrade is up and i really wanted the Dare! but they won’t let me get it becuase i don’t have an upgraded plan! not only can i not have the Dare, but i can also not have the Voyager, the Glyde, or any new touch screen phones unless we pay MORE money to upgrade our plan! it’s ridiculous! my older sister is on the AT&T plan with rollover minutes, (which i love considering i don’t really ever do anything but text). and there is this phone called Samsung Eternity. it’s just like the Dare but better! so i’m hoping my mom lets me switch over. yes, i love the works of verizon, but they are ridiculous with trying to get more money out of their customers! AT&T IS BETTER THAN VERIZON!

  36. neil Says:

    The days where it was worth it to go to one provider over another is gone. The big three (Sprint, Verizon, and At&t) all have simlar plans and cost ends up being the same.

    Sprint is losing customers anyway. Right all depends not the phone. Sprint and At&t have the better phones (especially now that At&t stepped up their game for texting-based phones).

    Time will tell what happens.

  37. Ivan Says:

    okey I work for Verizon in the call center there is no nickle and dimes there is no contract extention when you change your calling plan (i change my calling plan every two months). I used to have T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T and now I have Verizon there is no better company then them check this out you go over your minutes you go change you calling plan and you get credit for all of the overages this company has a peace of mind Tech support is awesome network is the best the biggest 3g network in the nation

  38. Zen Says:

    From my point of view VERIZON like to force people in plan they don’t need. I wanted to upgrade my phone with Verizon and extend my contract. I choose there HTC touch pro, i was told by rep. that, i will have to add DATA plan on my monthly plan. They said all Smart phone/BB need to have data plan in order for customer to have them. I was baffle by that. I my self being a programmer and Engineer. I know there no way that’s right. Simple code can block the phone, so i don’t use there data network and still be able to use wi-fi. Offcourse Verizon cant do that how else they will make people cough up money for things they dont need. The HTC have wi-fi; so i should be able to use my wireless router or hot spot. But according to Verizon, they cant let me have the phone without the data plan. To me that just another way to extortion.

    So i called: AT&T
    For one they have huge selection of great phone that have Wi-fi compare to Verizon who have only 3 or 4 wi-fi based phone. I ask AT&T rep that if i get there HTC touch pro (FUZE), will they be forcing me in some data plan, there answer: NO. I can simply have AT&T have a block, so i cant use there data network, and just be able to use my wi-fi worry free.

    That was the moment i switch to AT&T. And i used to be a loyal customer of Verizon for over 8 years.

  39. Holo Says:

    I’ve long been an AT&T customer(first Cingular, then AT&T, then Cingular… yet now AT&T again) I’ve had contracts with both Verizon and Cingular, but due to some credit flaws and unemployment was forced to resort to pre-paid phones.

    The past six years I’ve been using the Go-Phone. I recently cleared up some credit issues to get my credit back in working order and went shopping for some phone plans. After about 90 minutes at the local AT&T Corporate store I was surprised with the words: “You’ve been approved!” …..
    Followed by the phrase: “With only SEVEN-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-DOLLARS per line… which is a good deal because after one year you’ll get that money back.”….. I left immediately.

    Later I went 2 blocks from my house walked into Verizon and was approved with ZERO down per line a family plan, three new phones and the rebate papers filled out and even stuffed in envelopes ready for a stamp….

    Just my experience… take it or leave it.

  40. Jes Says:

    I have At&t right now and I didn’t have a problem with them until I went to North Dakota. I had GREAT service in Fargo when we got in but then drove 20 miles out toward the country and had no service what so ever for a month. (Lisbon area)Didn’t like that. Then back in Hawaii I had great service until just recently. Out of no where I have really poor reception to none at all and At&t wont do anything about it. They said it was my sim card so I bought a new one, nothing changed. They said it was my phone so I got a new one, nothing changed. They have no more suggestions but still want me to pay the cancellation fee. I wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t waiting on phone calls from Iraq, but I am and I can’t miss those.

  41. Jon Says:

    Hmm, got the AT&T tilt. Love it. Got an AT&T 3G laptop connect card. Very fast. Go to Europe, still got service. Go anywhere outside the us…still got service. So anyways about your soon to be outdated CDMA technology (which is switching to GSM based LTE which AT&T will be using also) has no service really anywhere i go. (Yes i know about GSM Vodafone). Sorry Verizon, still trailing behind AT&T.

    Verizon Wireless: 70.8 million U.S. subscribers
    AT&T Mobility: 72.9 million U.S. subscribers

    Anyways, about 3G standard. I will say coverage is BAD. HOWEVER, i do enjoy using the internet and getting EMAILS while talking to my BOSS at the same time. Yup, thanks to HSDPA (you should like it) which is faster than CDMA (and is capable of being 2 times faster), i can hardcore multi-task.

    But hey, its my opinion and i travel for work a lot…and i mean A LOT. So i love att’s smart phone selection and for me their service is awesome. Customer service is OK, although the only time i had to deal with them is to add stuff to my plan.

  42. mmmm Says:

    actually, if you switch a phone over in a store, they do charge you $10 dollars to transfer your contacts. not a lie. ive done it before. they just dont mention the backup assistant to you.

  43. huh Says:

    I am pretty sure verizon’s 3G network ISN’T the best in the nation since they don’t even carry the blackberry BOLD because they don’t have what’s necessary for that phone.

  44. Ms. Kiki Says:

    I feel the same way you do. ATT customer service is horrible, your always on hold for simple questions. Verizon has a wonderful team and has excellent customer service. I switch from ATT to Verizon.

  45. Chris Says:

    i had verizon for years and had no problem. i wanted an iphone so i changed to at&t recently. no problems so far.

    your phone is only as good as your location. if you live in an area dominated by verizon towers and change to another carrier with less, OBVIOUSLY you will not be happy. at&t has excellent coverage in my area and so far i am able to make/receive calls in areas i could not do with verizon.

    so, for me, at&t is a better choice based on my area. that, and i love the iphone.

    someone in the at&t store was rude to me when i tried to add a line so i called customer service and at&t gave my wife a $300 phone free.

    so, it really comes down to what your needs are and to choose your carrier based on your location.

  46. Peter Says:

    I am a Verizon customer for the past 4 years in Arizona ; was with sprint before. I am a heavy pda/phone user.

    Here is my experience so far

    – Works well in most places i have been and at work; many people have similar experiences

    – They truly nickle and dime you; 3$ for back up assistant on non pda phones; 10$ for their vz navigator; $1.99 for ring back tone service and then you buy ring tones separately
    – Sheer Arrogance; they cripple pda phones when compared to same or similar phones on att, sprint, etc. example go to and check out HTC touch pro; they disable gps so you cant use google maps [you have to pay 10$ a month for vz navigator above the data plan which is mandatory on pda phones]. They have put in 192 RAM versus 288 RAM of sprint. They also disable you tube player and fm radio. Then they have the temerity to charge you 50$ more for the same phone compared to att and sprint

    – no I phone; I know i-phone is not all that great for business use; hey but let me have a choice of network. I understand Steve Jobs first took iphone to Verizon. Verizon told him the customers belong to them while Apple maintained they bring in the customers and verizon would only provide the service; Steve jobs basically told them to f*** off and went to att instead; what a shame!!
    – they disable wi-fi on most of their phones; comnpared to similar phones on other networks. But why? – so they can charge you

    This I believe:
    People should change and check out the networks every so often. Dont be tied down mentally to your contract. Explore if the early termination fee is a lot cheaper than sticking with a nickle-and-dime plan you have.
    I wish in this country people should be allowed to buy the phones they want and go to the network they want just like in Europe and Asia.

    For now, i am looking to switch to either ATT or Sprint

  47. Peter Says:

    In July 2008, Verizon Wireless agreed to pay $21 million to settle a lawsuit filed by customers who claimed the company’s early termination fees are excessive and unfair.

    Later that month, a judge in Alameda County, Calif., ruled that the fees Sprint charges customers for ditching service early were illegal. Sprint is appealing the decision. But the company has joined the three other major wireless operators in the U.S. that already prorate early termination fees.

    source; cnet

  48. Steve Says:

    I have had AT&T for 10 years and have an iPhone. I’ve been pretty happy with my service as I travel all over the country and I’ve never really had service problems. I was considering switching to Verizon but after spending some time in a Verizon store I wasn’t really impressed. I looked at the Blackberry Storm and noticed the disabled the GPS and only allow you access to the feature if you pay $10, plus not to mention the charges for visual voicemail, detailed billing. I also looked at Sprint’s service and their coverage map is horrible, so I didn’t even consider them.

  49. Shishir Says:

    I use AT&T, and I got a Sony Ericsson (oh look, something verizon DOESN’T have) and for around $100, my family gets 4 lines, with unlimited nights & weekends, and unlimited texting.

    And because AT&T is a GSM provider, my dad got to trade in his old LG for a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.

    Also, Verizon’s phones stink. I’m sorry, but they cripple their phones. They do, and AT&T has a wider selection of phones to choose from, and their customer service (i choose to avoid the calls and skip to their online chat support system) My phone had a problem with its microphone and AT&T shipped me a new replacement phone the next day, for free. And I used my friend’s Verizon phone (the Rumor, i think) and I was disapointed because it didn’t even let me transfer a file via bluetooth. Verizon cripples their phones, and i’ve had verizon for almost 3 years and i wanted to leave the first second i got my phone. Atleast with at&t you could change phones whenever you want…

  50. savannah Says:

    hey pppl i hav verizon rite now and my family has lost so much money since we swithched 2 verizon . ATT are so so so much better ! sure verizon gets service n more spots where i live but the bills are out ragious! w/ ATT our bills were low and we were happy w/ alot more money and my whole family cood hav a fone. ATT is better!

  51. Ross Says:

    I have had both ATT and Verizon. I ahve also had Alltel…I travel all throughout the US…the coverage quality is better for ATT in most areas, Verizon is better in a few areas mostly in the northeast. As far as customer service, I have had much better luck with ATT. My suggestion is that the two are so similar that I wold figure out which phone I wanted most and go with the provider that carried the phone I wanted. BTW, you could throw Alltel in the mix as well, there is not enough difference between any of them to make a difference…just do NOT get Sprint…they are horrible

  52. Justin Says:

    I work for A=at&t and I have to say that they are the best imo (not just because I work for them). I used to have verizon and I could not get any signal where I lived. I switched to at&t and I got around 3-4 bars. And with at&t you CAN change your rate plan or features without affecting your contract. Another thing that was mentioned is the PDA service. With at&t you do not have to have a data plan in order to use a PDA, unlike verizon. There is a simple code we can add to your account that will block your phone from recieving data signals, so if you dont want data you dont have to have it. At&t doesnt cripple their phones like verizon does either. Customer service is much better too imo.

  53. Noori Says:

    Okay people, so this is what I see:

    I used to have Cingular back in 2001, before it went with AT&T. I had absolutely no reception in my house unless I went inside a closet or near a fireplace, and even then, calls would get dropped. If you can’t have reception where you live, what’s the point of a phone? Many of my friends were experiencing the same problems with then Cingular. We all switched to Verizon. I have been with Verizon since 2002. I am not saying I am a loyal customer. But I have had nothing but good experience with Verizon’s customer service over the phone, and also in their stores (not the kiosks in the mall…those are worthless pretty much IMO because they can’t do many things that the actual store can do). I had to change my number several times or switch phones, and I never had any hassles…they were very friendly with me.
    The service with Verizon is good everywhere I go. I have some friends who live up in the mountains, and AT&T does not work there at all…only Verizon (even with one bar). Reception also depends on the phone you have as well so don’t blame the wireless companies. Phone making companies like Motorola, LG, and Sprint are also to blame for how they make the phone and the antennas.
    However, I have noticed lately in this year that the reception where I live has been going up and down….I have missed so many phone calls while sitting next to the phone! I called Verizon about it and they checked out my area, but told me that the towers are good where I live. It could be the electrical wires and sattellite we have installed as well that can cause interference with my reception….but to miss like 10 phone calls in one day???? There has to be something going on with Verizon’s towers nearby.
    I also have to agree with some of you who complain about Verizon’s phones. In the last couple of years, they have started to get some nice phones. But in the last couple of years, well, since 2005, they started adding in their own Verizon UI interface, which is boring….this takes away from the phone’s own individuality, that other phones have with other companies. I asked Verizon why did they make the Verizon UI Interface the same on every phone model, and their response was…so it would be easier for the tech people to assist customers if they had problems with their phones. Well, how about getting the Tech people to learn all the features of all the new phones. There are tech people who know features of every single computer no matter who built it. So please. Before this, all the phones had their own built in features, that made it all the worth while to get a new phone, and test out those new features that were never in our previous phones, and were not close to being similar. And I do hate that Verizon cripples phones….I used to go on Myxer to download ringtones, but now Verizon crippled it so we can’t even receive their text messages to our phones for ringtones….I have to make my own ringtones and save them in my micro SD chip so I don’t have to buy ringtones for 3 bucks a pop….plus they don’t have the ringtones I want.
    I’m considering getting a blackberry or a palm and am looking into different networks. AT&T seems to have better reception now then it did when it was Cingular. However, friends who do have AT&T and the iPhone which I tried last night and actually do like a lot, have said that the reception is scratchy but they’re keeping AT&T for the reason that they travel around the globe sometimes and need the GSM features and the sim card to use their phone internationally as well. Verizon is barely coming out with GSM and CDMA phones together, calling them global phones.

    Also, in regards to Verizon, the contract does not extend if you change it…I have done it myself and have not extended the contract….and our fees have not gone up or down drastically unless we add new features or pay for data. So therefore, Verizon does not make their customers pay more unless customers buy all those extra features. Otherwise, you can easily have 5 lines for up to $180 bucks with all the features of unlimited text, unlimited night and weekend and free mobile minutes along with 700 peak minutes, etc. The premium plan has a lot of good features included that you don’t have to pay extra for.

    Choose which service will work for you where you live, work and play.

  54. Marc Says:

    We’ve had Sprint for 7 years and I’m sick of their service and quality. I’m now looking at Verizon & AT&T.

    Consumer Guide has best cell phone plans & phones in their current issue. It’s worth checking out. Needless to say, Sprint is at the bottom in any city.

    Regarding ATT & Verizon, they list their quality major cities. It’s worth checking out.

  55. ellen Says:

    I have t-mobile and where i live its horrible. there is bad service and the old phone i have can hold no like memory and just randomly shuts down. my 2 year plan with them ends january 14th thank god! and i will probably be getting verizon and a functional phone. 🙂 thank you for your info my mom wanted to check out AT&T but i like verizon better.

  56. Wylie Says:

    Looking into family plan with 4 phones and 700 minutes. Verizon will cost me $90 versus $160 for AT&T. The only difference is that AT&T provides rollover minutes that I won’t need.

    This is a 78% difference in this plan. I would guess AT&T is more expensive in other plans as well.

  57. Chad Says:

    The minute plans for AT&T and Verizon are identical. The add a line costs are identical. AT&T offers rollover minutes, Verizon does not. With AT&T I can get data anywhere I can get voice; with Verizon you cannot. AT&T by far has the best devices and gets top pick from all the device manufacturers. Ex. iPhone, BlackBerry Bold, Samsung Rugby, etc., etc. Both companies have very good voice service with others being better in areas where the opposite is not as strong. Data plans are less @ AT&T. Customer service will always vary between companies; it depends on the customer, what there situation was, etc. etc. Both are good companies; I choose AT&T.

  58. Doug Says:

    I have both Verizon and AT&T but as soon as my contract with Verizon ended I cut them loose.
    I use my cellphone for long business conference calls and sometime I have alot of minutes left over other times I am hit with bill of $300 or more. I travel alot and have no issues with AT&T coverage. I continue to stay with AT&T for just the rollover minutes. If you SOMETIMES use the phone excessively, the only choice is AT&T and that is just the plans only. The Iphone is a truly amazing product that is also another big reason to choose AT&T.

  59. moe samater Says:

    i,ve been with verizon for the last eight years
    i did not have a problem until last year igot ripped of twice for unexplainable unverifiable phone bill.
    tryed to solve it with full faith unfortunately failed.
    my contract expires in may 09 but will not wait
    any suggestion you folks out there, appreciate your feed back thank you.

  60. verizon rules Says:

    i am in love with verizon. they are much better than at&t becuase the people in the store are very nice, compared to at&t, who suck hairy balls

  61. verizon 4 life Says:

    ok just to clear this up at&t sales reps also make commission! Anyways, I have had Verizon for about four years now and could not be happier with the service. I switched over from at&t/cingular at the time I wanted a different phone but now I realize how much superior Verizons coverage is. Verizon works in areas that I Didnt have coverage before. The plans are very comparable but the customer service and coverage is what makes the service outstanding. I have had one issue with my text messaging plan and when I called in they made the experience easy by backdating my texting plan to cover the overage. The reps I have came in contact with are very informative and they do have a ton of “cool” features such as there vcast service, mobile tv,vz nav with audible turn by turn direction, chaperone feature, push to talk..and so on. Verizon does offer phones with sim cards, like my blackberry storm for instance and I can use features like backup assistant for my families phones fo FREE!

  62. Joe Says:

    I was a Verizon customer for 10 years. I kept having dropped call problems in my house, might have been my phone, I am not sure.. but I was frustrated.. I switched to Cingular and was extremely happy.. only dropped calls on this 1 road where I had a deadzone, wasn’t commonly traveled and was literaly a 10 foot stretch.. if I went fast enough I’d keep the call :)… I have recently switched back to verizon (paying 175 termination fee to att).. things haven’t been the same to me since ATT came back. The phones worked great.. the service (phone) is better then verizon in alot of ways imo.. but the fact is more people use verizon, and the free in calling is where its at. If all things were equal, and all of my friends were on att, I think I would be 10x happier.. but what people say in this thread is true. Verizon service is kinder, and more helpful.. att people are just complete dicks to me. But being honest, I only care about the quality of service not the people. I have a bb storm now, im on my 3rd device (defects).. I’ve grown to love the device.. after initially hating it. My girlfriend switched back w/ me and she has problems in her house which is supposed to be 110% covered by the verizon map we looked up, so we have to assume its her phone or an issue we can report. I think alot of people hit it on the head.. it comes down to your needs. Try verizon because you have 30 days to do so w/ no fee’s if you cancel (If you use data you will pay ~$1/day prorated data plan) but.. just get a normal phone from verizon w/ a new number.. take it home and give it 5 days.. check out att.. see if it works for you. then find out what your most commonly talked to people use and let that help you 🙂

  63. Verizon In San Diego Says:

    I couldn’t agree with the last guy more.. If your going to bad mouth verizon look into all their products, features and customer service a little bit more. I have a ATT phone that’s in my dads business acount so I dont have to pay for it. We previously had verizon for years, he switched carriers because it was cheaper at the time. Verizon and Att are around the same prices now and he’s def. switching back asap. Anyway I have noticed the diference between the service between the two. There are a lot of places in San Diego that I had service when I had a verizon phone that I dont get now with ATT. On top of it all has anyone looked at the official consumer reports for the past 7 years, verizon has, “has the best cell phone deal.” Also the customer service is a lot friendlier and they seem to try as hard as possible to resolve any problems at verizon.

  64. Paul Says:

    Customer service is going to somewhat suck no matter which one you go with. My two cents: AT&T is way better not only because of the iPhone which is awesome but also the fact that you have rollover minutes and literally unlimited apps available for free for the iphone. Plus, with GSM phones (AT&T) you have the ability to take out your SIM card from a broken phone, throw it in another random AT&T phone and start making calls against instantly. EXCELLENT feature if you travel a lot. I damaged my phone in the water on vacation one time, took out the SIM, went to WalMart at 10pm, bought a cheap $30 AT&T prepaid phone, threw in my SIM card and I was good to go until I got home and bought the phone I wanted. Try doing that with Verizon! Also, with SIM card companies like AT&T, you can use phones that aren’t even carried by AT&T just by unlocking it and putting in your SIM card. Kind of a no brainer on which one to choose. LOL

  65. Paul Says:

    Oh ya and also, I live in San Jose, California and get EXCELLENT service. No dropped calls and 3G service literally EVERYWHERE. My friend who has Verizon is sooooo jealous now that I got the iPhone which spanks just about every other phone out there (it’s the #1 best selling phone for a reason.) Also, the iPhone has an actual GPS receiver built in so you’re getting ACCURATE GPS service, unlike other cell companies who use cell towers to triangulate your location. BlackBerry’s are cool though and Verizon has the new one I think. Nothing bad to say about BlackBerrys, I love them. But now that I got the iPhone, I’m WAYYYYYY happier.

  66. Kev Says:

    Just an FYI, Verizon’s CDMA2000 1x EV-DO is a 3G network and their network has been around since October 2003. I have Verizon. I am happy with them but, the phones they offer are propietary and very controlled by Verizon. Meaning many features the phone manufacturer may advertise on a certain phone may not be unlocked or available through Verizon. I had an LG phone with an MP3 player in it that never played 1 song in 2 years since I would have had to purchase the songs from Verizon. Also Verizon does not and never has offered SIMM cards. Good for anti-theft, bad for trading or trying other phones. My advice, go with the company that has the phone you like and if you don’t like them change in 2 years. It goes by quick and you get new customer deals that loyal customers get screwed out of!

  67. Ashlei Says:

    I’ve had Verizon since 2003. I have been happy with my service up until recently. The whole reason I’m on this site is because I was trying to compare my options between Verizon and AT&T.

    In my experience, Verizon has great customer service. I did have 1 billing problem, and it was when I called over the phone. They took off my texting when I went on vacation instead of adding it like I wanted. I believe that problem happened because I was talking to someone who probably lived in India or something. That was the only bill that was excessive, and as soon as I went into a store, it was taken care of immediately. I have never had a problem like that after that, and always made sure to go in to a store. I’ve gone to several different stores and figured out which was most helpful.

    Come on people do your homework. Research the plans and the extras, costs of phones, insurance, internet etc. Walk in there and say this is what I want. That is what I did and I got the phone I wanted and the plan I wanted. No surprises. I got a phone when my new every two was up and it was after the 30-day trial to return it if you didn’t like it. The voyager came out and I wanted to switch. They let me switch even though it was after the 30 day policy – no questions asked. I dropped one of my phones before that and it short circuited, I had insurance on the phone, and they replaced it no questions.

    The reason I’m contemplating switching now is mainly because fewer of my friends and boyfriend in particular have Verizon. For the first time since 2003, for the past 2 months, I have come close or gone over my minutes. The thing is I wouldn’t use as many minutes as the next plan up offers, and don’t have the money to waste. I also was told I had to buy an extended battery for my phone. They acted so surprised at how often I use my phone. My thought is – you create these phones to be used like ipods with music players, can go on the web, and even watch tv. All I’m doing is making phone calls and texting and the battery can’t handle that?? I think that is a little ridiculous.

    Anyway, after looking at the actual plans and reading the reviews, I’m still not sure what to do. I’ve been happy with Verizon for a long time, but dating someone without it is costing me more money! But if I switch, then I may have the same problem with those who I do talk to with Verizon. If the customer service at AT&T sucks that bad, and that’s the main difference (p.s. I’m anti i-phone and wouldn’t get it even if I switch, I like that my voyager is basically the same AND has a keyboard, and I don’t use the internet or anything)then is it worth it?

    I have until November to decide, I’m certainly not disappointed enough to switch before my contracts up. In the meantime I’ll be trying to get my boyfriend to switch to Verizon (or pay for my minutes that I go over!). For how much I have promoted Verizon in the past they should be paying me! This is honestly the only time I’ve ever even entertained the thought of switching and everyone who knows me would be shocked to hear it – so I think that’s saying something.

  68. Jean-Marie Says:

    I was with Qwest and they switched to Verizon recently. I am trying the Blackberry Storm and it’s amazing. But I am tempted by the touch feature and user-friendly aspect of the IPhone. I have about another week before I need to make my final decision. Bottom line, which gives best service and plans and which phone is best? I’m reading a lot of complaints about V nickle and diming, and ATT giving horrible service. It’s all over the map! I live in Oregon where both services give great coverage. Any suggestions?

  69. Jorge Nunez Says:

    AT&T my way or the highway attitude.

    After spending two days at AT&T stores here in Jacksonville, Florida trying to get a 6650 for my wife… we gave up.

    We were willing to extend my contract and pay for the phone, yet the highly trained personnel of three different stores could not get it right. Every single one of them had a different angle of understanding.

    For one employee extending my contract meant giving my wife a new contract and transferring her number of my contract to her new one. In this process my phone microchip got shut of for several hours killing the rest of my work day.. We came back Monday to a totally different explanation and deal. Attempted calling customer service, there we met another unwilling able attitude.

    We now know that AT&T is doing so well that does not care about us as their customers or the service provided. My way or the highway attitude ran us of. We have decided to move everything to Verizon.

  70. D. Gold Says:

    I am traveling and working in the Caribbean and that was the reasons for me to transfer from Sprint to AT&T. And it was a total mess just the first week after I left here to go to work in St Lucia Island. AT&T did not activated my emails or disconnect my telephone so I could not make call from the Island as I was promised the day I got the Black Berry. After a month with out phone In may way back I found a funny Bill showing calls from places that I never when specially when my service was down and no call made. They forced me to pay half of the call to be able to use the service(POOR Management) After a while a make a trip again and this time I make arrangement to make payments the day 5 of the month, and the telephone was interrupt the day 4 and after some discussion of my agreement which I did keep to pay by the 5 they reconnect the phone again. I make the payment as per my agreement. They don’t deliver what they promise.

  71. JP Says:

    I have been with Verizon for 7+ years and I am facing a decision whether to switch to AT&T from Verizon when my contract is up in June. I have never really had a major problem or complaint with Verizon but that’s due to them doing their job. I live in a major metropolitan area (Baltimore) and the majority of my travels are on the “beaten path” (i.e not SW Idaho or Northern Canada). Therefore, I am not too worried about not having coverage in the majority of areas I go to with either provider. Both plans are identical in costs for my uses, so that’s not a factor. Verizon seems to have better coverage “off the beaten path” but how often will I find myself there – but if I am there it would be nice to be covered? Most of my family/friends are on AT&T so that is a factor to consider. But AT&T offers the rollover minutes, which to my utter amazement Verizon does not. That’s my quandary… To rollover or not…..You listening Verizon?? Get you head outta your rectum before you lose me…..

  72. Tyler Says:

    I’m a Best Buy Mobile employee who sells all of the major Texas carriers, sans T-mobile. The switch I see the MOST of are customers who are fed up with Verizon and go to AT&T, or Sprint going to AT&T. Their customer service has improved greatly over the years, and their rollover minute deal is a huge draw for new customers. If you can’t stand AT&T though, Sprint really isn’t a bad choice, as they have freaking AMAZING data rate plans. That’s the one place AT&T will get you is on their data pricing. It costs over $1000 a year to own an iPhone, Blackberry, or any Smart Phone with an unlimited texting package and data package. Ouch.

    That said, I’m a longtime AT&T customer, and I’ve never really had any substancial problems with them.

  73. Chance Says:

    To compare AT&T and Verizon Wireless. I mean everybody will have thier differences about customer service expr. Working for cust. service, you try to do your best to make the customer happy, but if an issue arises that goes against company policy, what is there to do? The cust. is going to be angry, we feel really bad, but can’t help it. Well to wrap it up, ATT tries it best, verizon is our biggest competition. Rivals if you must. Let the best man win.

  74. Chance Says:

    by the way, to a few coments above on the page, you can use ATT phones as modems as well buddy! I guess you just have to test the 2 companies out and see which one works for you, what will you be using the phone for? When, and where? I guess thats why theres more than 2 cell phone companies eh? So you have more choices depending on your life-style? For me, att hands down! plus i work for att cust. service 🙂

  75. al Says:

    AT&T is the worst company ever and has been since the early days of Unix. As soon as they touched Cingular every thing went south. Anything but AT&T.

  76. HGL Says:

    I’ve read through this entire thread and realize that the jury is still out about the two providers…

    I currently have Verizon and been a customer for ~8 yrs. I’ve decided to look into ATT because VZW did not work up in Vermont on my ski trips – quite frustrating – and I want to be able to access the web and email on the road. The best data phone out there seems to be the iphone so, in order to give ATT a fair chance, I decided to try the GOPHONE and test out the service (voice only obviously) myself. So far, my order has been delayed by 3 days because the order wasn’t put in the system correctly. I was on the phone with 3 different reps in a span of 45 mins and the issue was finally resolved. So far, not a pleasant experience. I must say that VZW does have very good customer service. Phone should arrive in a few days (they couldnt expedite the order) so I am looking forward to testing out the new service. Wish me luck.

  77. anonymous Says:

    verizon PWNS att!

  78. sami Says:

    Hey thanks all
    I am trying the Storm. ALL new devices have bugs period. So my advice is dont wait for a new phone to come out as waiting ano extra year will make that new phone better (Iphone is a great example)
    I am asking for advice: I like the Storm but had an LG dinosaur for years (Verizon) Personally, I have a medical issue with pressing with fingertips, so I like the Storm but the pressing may hurt over time(BTW – even Verizon employees prefer the speed of the BB Curve) For me, I may need a true touch screen (no pressing)
    ANY Advice?
    1. there seem to be these cool VERIZON phones like voyager etc… that IDU – they dont do email/internet? or is it limited email? or in order to get email (even basic) I should go with BB, Omnia or switch for Iphone?
    Looks like the At&t vs. Verizon debate is based on location?
    If At&t is so bad how can so many peolpe be using it?
    I may just go back to month to month with a simple phone(w/ 99 speed dialing numbers!!) and wait for a better phone to develop –
    The Iphone just seems to be the best phone – but the switch is quite a commitment.
    Thanks all the comments were helpful!
    Any advice for a touch screen with some email would be appreciated.
    BTW – if I didnt have the issue of pressing buttons I’d probably keep the Storm its pretty cool! (or downgrade to Curve)

  79. CZM Says:

    At&t has greatly increased their customer service in the past 5 years. VZW sports “their” 3G network, in reality it doesnt have a prayer against At&t’s 3G network. WHY do you ask? The Japaneese (they MADE the concept of the mobile phone) is making 4G tech? They use 3G GSM/UMTS/HSDPA. IT IS FASTER. So for you data surfing freaks… ATT WILL BEAT ANY OTHER NETWORK hands down. At&t is in with DOCOMO, which is the world LEADER (in Japan) of the newest of new tech in the WORLD. Its a fact At&t’s 3G is NOT everywhere, they are working on it… and its not as vast in coverage. BUT 95% of the time, ATT’S 3G is way faster than any of VZW or Sprints CDMA/TDMA. At&t doesnt even have that ANCIENT tech, they stopped using that stuff years ago. Get with the times people, At&t is better.
    SIM CARDS PEOPLE, switch in and out of multiple phones BY YOURSELF. You dont have to go into the store to switch out… do it yourself in seconds! All of Europe and Asia have GSM, USA is so behind in the world of TECH. Its sad, if you want you can go over seas into Europe or Asia and buy mind-bobbling phones (that you can put your sim with ATT into) that would put any VZW, At&t, Sprint, or T-Mobile phone to shame. Iphone and Non-Iphone alike. All the carriers mirror eachothers prices, atts customer service is great, Ive never had a problem, and they are JUST BETTER.

  80. Ben M. Says:

    I am always amazed to read people’s comments to the effect that CDMA is inferior to GSM, is older then GSM, etc.. That is simply not true. CDMA can actually handle more data, faster, and more calls than GSM. In emerging markets like India, China, and Indonesia, they are putting up new CDMA networks precisely because CDMA is superior for broadband data transmission and that is where the money in wireless is. GSM took off because the EU stipulated that it would be the only standard there. That is a big market and it gave GSM an edge, but that does not mean it is better.

    Verizon is so much better than at&t in my experience, there is no comparison. VZW’s 3G network is basically nationwide at this point, at&t’s is only in big cities. For example: VZW has 3G in my little PA hometown of 10,000 people. at&t did not even have coverage there until a year ago. Here in Boston where I live now, at&t is a nightmare of dropped calls, interference, and static. And they cost exactly the same. Also, you will discover that VZW no longer disables Bluetooth for things like file transfer in their new phones. They also will provide customers with good credit free loaners up to 30 days for trips to Europe (you have to pay the roaming airtime, of course) and their CDMA phones work in CHina, Japan, India, Canada, Korea, Mexico, the Caribbean, and several countries in S. America. But best of all VZW WORKS HERE in the USA, all over, loud and clear. I know at&t cannot say that. Finally, any new VZW phone with 3G (which means nearly all of them) can be used as a high-speed modem. Can at&t say that? VZW is a communication company, not just a mobile phone company: voice, data, broadband. It’s the better choice.

  81. Robert Says:

    I have been debating over ATT vs. VZW for quite some time. As a former owner of a multi-carrier cell-phone store, I can say that VZW has been superior vs. ALL carriers when it comes to Broadband & Call coverage. I changed from Sprint, which I was neither happy nor dissatisfied with, to VZW about 3 years ago when VZW launched their high-speed wireless network. I bought the Treo700w and have since upgraded to the 700wx – due to me breaking my 700w. Customer service has been excellent. When I replaced the phone, it only cost me $50 for this $600 phone…so that was cool.
    I have since constantly struggled with getting the next BETTER thing. The blackberry Bold at ATT seems great…but then I went to an ATT store and found out that their broadband is still only getting 700K downloads and 300K uploads. As a frequent user of the wireless internet feature, that is not good enough for me. I tether my laptop to my Treo and surf and work from almost anywhere nationwide. The speed and coverage hase been perfectly acceptable.

    My ONLY complaints are: 1. The Treo is just not that great of a phone. I have been in a car with my Father, who also has VZW but on a flip-phone, and he will have full bars and I have 1 or none. So I know the coverage is good, it just sometimes sucks because of the TREO 700.
    2. I really don’t like the windows operating system. it freezes up, it has quirks, the .pdf viewer sucks, etc…

    BUT, I have yet to find a phone or carrier that is better than what I have. I use the camera, the memory expansion with a 4GB card as my MP3 player, I synch with MS Exchange, I love the keyboard and constantly surf from the phone as well as tether to my laptop nationwide. WHAT phone and carrier is better???

  82. Aaron Says:

    I Have been with Verizon for over 7 yrs now when the nights and weekends came out. I Have had good service with them or as good as u can get (They all have there dropped calls area) and I Have always lived in the roaming/extended network area. I had promblems with my bill the first six months but they always took the extra off my bill @finally gave me the weekends for free till my contract was up. I Have had sprint,alltel and US cellular mostly had 1 of them at the same time as verizon for work phone so could compare them at the same time as I drive truck from Nth-Sth from PA to CO area in the midwest.

    I compare plans a couple times a yr on all the networks and they all have there ups and downs for what they offer the one that nickel and dimes u is Us cellular for everthing u want. AS far as ATT goes up till the last yr and its still very spotty in where u stand at in my area u have no service here.
    Disslikes with verizon till now. They never went back to 7pm for nights and all the rest did.
    would be nice but they Now offer the family and freinds feature now that they have all of alltel customers can call 5 or 10 off network for free. which to me is better then rollover mins. They have already changed most of the towers that alltel had over to there service with EV/1X service but still says extended network for now.
    I change my plan all the time. specially my text package. Its very easy to go in online and see where u are at.if u need to upgrade for the month u can and they go back to first of month never any prob.
    One other thing with verizon– never pay for insurance on phone. its not worth it. u have first yr free from manf of phone unless u actually loose phone it will get replaced. If u have insurance u still pay $35 bucks for it in most cases. Say if u break the screen u just go back in and for 50 bucks get the same phone and go on. first year it wont extend phone contract but after it will.

    Only good with ATT is rollover. But nothn now with family and friends FROM THE BEST NETWORK

  83. Jordan Says:

    I have Verizon… They have TERRIBLE customer service after you sign up. PLUS, they add stuff to your bill for ALOT of money. I am switching to AT&T. Verizon Wireless Doesn’t Work In Canada! EVEN WITH CANADA SERVICE PLAN!!!! At&T Works in Canada. So AT&T Wins!

  84. Brad Says:

    i currently have verizon as a service. but am about to get out of it. its really getting old of how the bill varies and will not stay cheap. no matter what. i am apart of a family plan, and just the other day i had to help out and pay the bill. well we were behind, so of course it’ll cost extra. but 3x the normal bill. come on. i will admitt, i like the cool stuff that verizon has, and they do have cool phones, but if you want the cool things that come with the cool phone you have to pay for all of it, every month. and that is enough to kill you. its a little rediculous. i have made the descision to transfer to att asap. my girlfriend has it and loves it, and there family plan never varies. also, about the customer service, where i live, both att and verizon have amazing customer service. i went to att with questions, and come out with everything i needed to know. also, my area is a lot better with att service, compared to verizon. but the biggest thing that hooked me, other than the better service than verizon, is that i can get the iphone 3g and not pay so much extra for every little detail on the phone. i can do everything with that phone for one cost where as verizon would charge you seperatly for music, broadband access, email, tv, etc… and thats what kept racking up our bill. ya i know, y not get the plan, ha what one. i dont think i have to pay for things i barely use. thats the main reason i am switching to att.

  85. Bessie Says:

    I luv the iphone from at&t!!! The phones from verizon are too pricey, and there not even good phones. There ugly and bulky. At&t has a bunch of really nice free phone. A free phone at at&t would be like 49.99 at verizon

  86. Paul Says:

    Wow! learned alot about cell phones and services. And in the same breath kind of could not believe what i was hearing. The biggest users of ATT was the people who want the Iphone. Whoopie! touch screen in your pants all the time piece of technology which some people cant seperate from there hands. BUY A PSP if you want to goof with a handheld piece of bells and whistles. CDMA is the newer technology based on the licensing from Qualcomm. GSM is the first tech for cell phones. The new 3G from ATT might be better since Verizon has had 3G for years (ev-do). With that said i have had Nextel, Sprint, Tmobile. None compare with the coverage of Verizon. Bars dont mean alot with CDMA as they do with GSM. You can have zero bars and still make a call with CDMA. On the other hand the 100 dropped calls with GSM usually occur with full bars. So to be fair it is absolutley what you are after, a signal when u need it or a fancy touch screen phone thats vogue that you spend alot of time with redialing.

  87. Christine I. Says:

    I had T-Mobile, then AT&T, and finally made the switch to Verizon. I love the service, and the customer service ? I can?t lie about that. My mistake however, was making the switch to a blackberry storm ? literally the worst phone ever. If anyone is debating on whether or not to get it ? don?t! I waited for it, and made fun of my husband who lost service on the iPhone (don?t mark me as knocking the iPhone ? I think it?s the best phone that ever existed, but AT&T isn?t Verizon), claiming that once the Storm came out, it would be better and faster. WRONG! This week alone it has shut down on me at least 5 times. And it takes at least 10 minutes to restart. My only issue with Verizon is that they don?t accept returned phones that are faulty. I?ve already exchanged the phone once, and I?m on the second release now. However, all I asked for was a downgrade to the curve. Nope ? not happening with Verizon. They argue that I?m out of my 30 day period. I told them I would even return the rebate (which is now a debit card ? no longer issuing checks), and not ask for a price adjustment. Not even the slightest chance, even though the curve is way cheaper than the storm.

    If you value service over the phones and don?t care about the newest piece of technology, go with Verizon. If you want to have a great phone with dropped calls here and there (I counted 19 times since my husband got the phone back in September of 08, and that?s just when talking to me), go with AT&T.

  88. Bessie Says:

    I hate us cellular its so stupid. they charged me 300 bucks 4 300 minutes dont ever go there

  89. Philip Says:

    To the person that said AT&T slipped 2 150 dollar deposits by them is mistakiing. Deposits have to be payed for in the store. They are not billed just like any other company. To the point who is better AT&T or verizon..i guess it depends where you live. They both have great coverage. They both would have their pro’s and con’s. To the idiots who complained about the dropped calls with I-Phones..You should be smart enough to know whenever something new comes out, its going to have its way to stop that..Use common sense.

  90. Bob Says:

    I Currently have Verizon for my personal use and Nextel for my Business use, I need a phone with a loud speaker and tried the Verizon V750,after 2 days of use i returned the V750 due to the poor speaker this phone has,I then tried a couple of other Verizon phones and they all have poor speakers. I use the nextel I335 for work and the speaker in this phone is awesome. I recommend Nextel providing you get the coverage needed.

  91. John Says:

    Bought the “more bars” hype and swticed to at&t. Couldn’t get a signal in freaking DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE at the LARGEST HOSPITAL IN THE CITY!!

    Paid the stupid tax and cancelled, returned to VZ.

  92. Anya Says:

    If you guys have any problemsand want to cancel

    contact the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (look it up on google)

    That organization has helped me cancel Tmobile without paying, get free internet because of cut-outs, etc.

    give it a try

  93. Anya Says:

    if you guys have ever any problems with any service, try contacting better business bureau

  94. sami Says:

    I wrote above about switching – I tried the Storm which isnt bad for a phone that just came out – no wifi, its a tank and the browser is embarassing compared to iphone – Has no person (Ive researched this stuff a fair amount) ever thought of using a simple phone for verizon and also the iphone. Frankly, using an iphone for email, txt, internet, finding places, music and so many apps for a ~230 plus 75/mth is worth it without a great phone – I use an ipod and a simple phone nowon verizon – why not keep a simple phone for VZ – the iphone woyuld still be worth the money – for those that say an iphone is a phone with some fancy features – you really have not used it – I dont have it yet – but even without the phone calls the iphone is a life-changing wxperience – essentially it is a new for m of technology and equipment with noparallels–I see the Palm-Pre is coming out but I have no doubt it is no iphone and wont be for some time – If the Vz plan is ~45 and gthe at&t is around 75 for 125 BB users pay this much already!!) you can have the iphone plus extra coverage – I HAVE never heard of anyone doing this! I guess its crazy – But trust me: the iphone is NOT a phone that is one its minor features – it is worth it even if you never make a call (Itouch sounds just silly)

  95. Paul Says:

    Again the only people who say anything good about ATT is the Iphone people who play with the damn thing without talking with it. Did not hear any response from the GSM camp!! If you want to get a new phone with Verizon call 18009220204 and bitch like a woman!! I used to get all my cell phone probs solved cause my girl can b*tch herself silly and get me free minutes or new phone!!! Like i said buy a Sony PSP for finger excersizes or buy a Verizon phone and make a call!!!

  96. Paul Says:

    for the person who uses Nextel i believe that tech is called “iden” but once again on a CDMA (sprint) network. If it works then it works. i just want to know other than the gadget people with the Iphone does the damn thing work???? Can you make a call or just palm the damn thing. That means the GSM (old ass tech). Other than the 3g. All of you still using GSM are still there because you have a much bigger database. Does not mean it it is better. Guess the rest of the world should wake up to newer tech. CDMA!!

  97. CZM Says:

    To the person that thinks GSM is OLD tech, do your research… the tech goes from oldest to newest: ANALOG(1st Generation), TDMA/CDMA/GSM (2nd Generation), EDGE (2.5 Generation), 3G (3rd Generation); and really all thats better about 3G is how fast the data speeds are. The BASE network is still VZW, Sprint: CDMA and T-Mobile and At&t: GSM. Stop telling people that GSM is old tech, you honestly dont know. Take it from someone that has been employed in the wirless industry for the past 10 years. Do your research before coming to the big boy table.

  98. Twila Says:

    We had AT&T prepay for many years, then converted to monthly, then lived through the AT&T Cingular merger with no problems. Spent the past 7 years or so with AT&T/Cingular. Like many, struggled with dropped calls, a LOT, up until about 2 years ago. Then that issue seemed to get better. Was extremely happy with AT&T/Cingular and LOVED their roll over minutes! Had 2 phones on family share plan. Great plan, great price!

    Spring of ’08, bought the Pantech DUO because of the keyboard. Liked it for texting. Was well past any contract and didn’t want to be in another 2 year stint, so paid cash for it at the AT&T store. Less than a month later, the AT&T Tilt PDA Smartphone came out. Returned the DUO for the Tilt the day they hit the shelf. Paid an extra $200+ to trade, but wanted the convenience of Windows Mobile. Within a month bumped my phone plan to include unlimited texting for $20 extra with AT&T. Found texting to be much better than in the past, on my older Samsung 427, so was texting a LOT. Funny, I’m an old woman, never thought I’d enjoy texting so much!

    Anywho, that went well, but I realized I was beginning to see a lot of data useage on my bill and AT&T came out with their unlimited data useage, including texting, for $50/month, added to my 450 mins @ $39.99. Still not a bad deal, so I switched to the unlimited data plan, just in case I got crazy with surfing the net or something. All went well for several months, then I realized I wasn’t transferring enough data to make that $50/month plan worth it after all, so I switched back to the $20/mo unlimited texting. I hadn’t used more than 500kb in any one of those $50 months, so why bother.

    Funny thing…the very next month, after I dropped my unlimited data plan, I had TWO days with HUGE data charges on my bill. I was aghast to say the least! Even when I was covered for that kind of data transfer/internet access, I didn’t even come close to what AT&T was billing me for! I was, and still am livid! This all occurred on my Sept 08 bill. I haven’t paid it yet and I don’t plan to. I’m contesting it.

    When I called AT&T about this obvious error, and spent over an hour on the phone with a customer service rep, they finally conceded that they’d waive those extra charges ($376!) IF I was willing to go back on their $50/mo plan. I didn’t want to, but they told me they couldn’t guarantee that this kind of data useage wouldn’t happen again unless I was willing to take on the unlimited data plan. That would be my best insurance against it. What I tried to tell them was that if I didn’t have that kind of useage when I had the $50 plan, why would I knowingly have that kind of useage when I knew I didn’t have that plan any longer!? I wanted, and still want, those charges dropped. I didn’t make those data transfers! And NO one else uses my phone! Anyway, I agreed, the tech agreed to waive the charges and we went our seperate ways. Or so I thought. Within 2 days, I got an email from ‘some other tech person’ presumably a supervisor. They told me they would NOT waive those charges. I called them again, asked them to even look back at my past billings, they could see that I was never in the habit of downloading or using that much internet data transfers. But no go. So, that’s the day, I switched to Verizon!

    Verizon has been great! I’ve got my family share plan, including Friends & Family, and the cost is about the same. With the F&F I don’t really need the roll over minutes. Also got 2 new phones. An LG Voyager 10000 for me and an LG ENV2 for the daughter. Although I’m stuck in a 2 year contract again, which I was well out of on AT&T, I’ll survive. I’ve got unlimited texting, pic messaging, vid messaging, VZ Nav, MobiTV, email and whatever else the premium plan gives me, including TWICE the minutes for just $50/mo more than I was paying AT&T. Verizon has been excellent to deal with. No deposit required. AND, I get service EVERYWHERE I’ve been since. That was one issue I had with AT&T. There were a lot of places where I didn’t have service with them. Those AT&T deadzones are history now with VZ.

    I’m still pissed about this. I’m contesting the charges. I didn’t ‘do the deed’ and I’m not going to pay for it! AT&T says the two transfers in question originated from my phone. I’m telling them they’re absolutely incorrect. They won’t budge, nor will I.

    I miss some of the options/apps that I had with my AT&T Tilt but I don’t miss their attitude about this issue. Like many here, I was a very loyal customer for many many years. Then they screw up my billing or someone somehow managed to steal data time off my phone and I’m stuck. Too bad so sad. Hey, AT&T…how many loyal customers do you have to piss off before you figure out that yes, even AT&T can make mistakes.

    Anybody out there wanna’ buy a nearly new AT&T Tilt Smartphone? Got one for sale, back in it’s original box and ready to go!

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  99. Serg Says:

    grass is always greener…

  100. Jan Byrns Says:

    Well just left Verizon after about 5 years of the same ole crap..They are rude,and give u junk phones,,not sure how I’am gonna like AT&T,,but right now anything looked better then Verizon,,sooo burnt out with not getting good customer service..They don’t care about the people its all about what they can stick in there pocket..Really Praying AT&T is deffernt..Only one day in to the into AT&T..

  101. Tyler Sullivan Says:

    I work for Sears in the electronics. I have used sprint’s, verizon’s, and at&t’s. So far verizon’s is the best. I get coverage wherever. I am currently looking into getting my own line and it was in between at&t and verizon. My girlfriend has at&t and she had problems with it all the time. I never once had a problem with my verizon phone when I had it. As for the customer service, I work off of commission. It is not always about what you pocket. Grant it with some people it is. The verizon store in my area I get great customer service and the at&t store I get semi good customer service. Not all of verizon’s customer service is bad and not all of at&t’s service is bad. They both have decent phones but I think verizon has more of a variety of great quality phones whereas at&t has a variety of phones that are not as good in the quality department. So before all you guys start downing one network, read reviews and start studying about them. And the plans are also the same. I have compared most of the plans on both networks and they come out to the same prices. Also the charges that verizon charges you, you get with at&t. It is because you start using features that you do not have and you get charged for them. So think about what you do instead of getting all mad about the price of the bill. Pay more attention to what you are doing

  102. Kevin Says:

    Verizons 3g coverage overall is better. Their service is better. And their plans cost less. 550 minutes for verizon costs just as much as 450 minutes for at&t a month.The unlimited text costs 10 dollars less for verizon a month. They also have a wider variety of phones.

  103. Gina Says:

    I have both an iPhone (AT&T) and a Samsung sch-u620 (Verizon). I got the AT&T service just for the iPhone, but now that I get to compare the two services side by side, I prefer Verizon. At this point the plans are almost exactly alike, features and prices all considered. And even though the CSRs in Verizon work off commission, you get better service in the stores (usually because there’re more people working at once). Also, you have to keep in mind that each phone manufacturer has different reception quality: I’ve found my 620 usually has one bar better than the iPhone in most places, but my boyfriend has a Nokia and beats me in signal strength almost every time. I’m a gadget junkie, so that’s another point in Verizon’s favor; they have the newest and coolest phones available right off the bat and have all their Blackberries on the 3G network, whereas on AT&T only the Bold is on the 3G.

    Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that Verizon vs. AT&T is just like Pepsi vs. Coke. Neither one is outrageously better than the other, but each one works better for different people when it comes to what you want, whether it’s gadgets, packages, etc. etc.

  104. Robert Says:

    for the next couple who actually read these post when i say please believe me i mean it. i was with Verizon for 4 years. and i was counting down the last contract to get out. i had made several complaints over the years with verizon. and it tiped it off with an activation of a data plan i didnt authorize. And bombarding calls after swith to a new number (obviously they didnt check to see if it was bad number to recycle). they offered to pamper me to no end after this issue. but to make a long story short i told them this is no phone or any type of bargin they could give me to make me stay with them. i happy switched over. The battle is unending between the end but it comes down to that some people have better experences then others. 1 THING! i am sure of is the basic people with the low activity no data etc. are the people who give the best feed back because they dont use the darn network/service as it should. but are very basic. AT&Ts plans vs Verizon are cheaper IMO and the Data plan is just not ever an issue AT&T takes it. all you have to do is just open your eyes DO YOUR HOMEWORK beofore decideing dont just take people opinons.

  105. melissa Says:

    you all suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. diane Says:

    I had Verizon for almost 10 years and had absolutely NO problems with them, my phones or customer service.

    I’ve had AT&T for about 2 years now and have had nothing BUT problems from billing problems to phone problems and especially with customer service! They are the most uneducated in the industry!! And if they don’t know an answer, they just make something up(misinform) instead of just admitting they don’t know and find someone who does.

    I am VERY dissatisfied with AT&T and as soon as my contract is up… it’s back to Verizon (or Cricket if they have better coverage and phones by then).

    Just my two cents worth.

  107. Paul Says:

    Why did At&t change to Cingular and then back to At&t. Sounds like what Prince did. hmmmmm.

  108. Paul Says:

    Cricket is on the Better Cdma tech!!! Probably using Verizon towers and now Alltel towers as well. Better building penetration and with soft handoff instead of the call dropping hard handoff. Possibly even using Sprint network as well (dont know but cricket is so new that i cant imaging them building towers that quick).

  109. Tom Says:

    I have had both services and would love an iphone but AT&T coverage sucks. Verizon has the best cell phone coverage in the country it is not even close.Rural areas, big cities,even Hawaii you get your calls it’s a great company.

  110. cliff Says:

    well, I have friends and family members that have att. they’ve had no probems whatsoever with att coverage, or the extra minutes or customer service.

    Verizon, in Oregon, is a different story; they don’t know what they’re doing. they have floating prices. and many times it’s your word against theirs.

    You have to be somewhat assertive with them.

    I ordered a new ring tone for my phone. according to the info on the phone, there was no charge except for 1.99 ring tone that I wanted.

    I got my bill and it was over by $10. I called them and they said there were charges for accessing the ringer online catalog, for browsing, and the two-way setup that I chose. $6.00. I had to wheel and deal with them to get the price down to where it should be.

    I’ve had enough with them.

  111. Joel Says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I had nextel terrible got tired of no reception so I decided to shop around Tried AT&T for 2 weeks Tried T-mobile For an other two Ans Sprint as well but once I got to verizon I got hooked And I can tell you that verizon is better than anybody else all round by far just the quality of the calls its the greatest by far the best

  112. Kyle Says:

    I have the iPhone and I bought it before I had even switched to AT&T. But AT&T, you gotta step your game up. I mean wow. Serveice has been terrible and it is just upsetting. I was waiting since January 08 (When i bought my iPhone) to switch to AT&T and just recently switched in December. There is to much hype about AT&T: More bars in more places. Hopefully with the new update of the AT&T service it will finally be good. Also if Verizon does get the iPhone next year, I’m tapping that. Customer Service I haven’t had any problems with them. Everytime I call them I have a 3 min hold and I’m on. Then they solve my problem quickly. BUT I do have to say that the AT&T people in store are mentally disabled. AT&T STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!

  113. john Says:


  114. will Says:

    I will say at&t has some call quality issues with the iphone 3g, but I’ve been with them for 4 years and I’ve had a few issues with going over my minutes and they have credited my account several times so they are just as good as verizon.

  115. MIke Says:

    From what I know from my friends that have Verizon, and myself w/ AT&T, coverage is hit or miss anyway. I have fine enough coverage just about everywhere I go (pretty much large cities) and only minor inconveniences. A dropped call here and there but nothing a quick redial doesn’t fix. Yet my girlfriend will come over to my house (she’s Verizon) and almost completely lose coverage. I’ve been w/ AT&T since before it was Cingular before it was AT&T again (’bout 8 years give or take) and nary a problem. And from the horror stories I’ve heard about Verizons on-the-phone customer service, AT&T is faaaar better, I’ve never had a problem with them over the phone dealing w/ bill problems, phone problems, whatever. Always fixed orderly and on time with no hassle. I’ve heard Verizon’s coverage is better, but so far I’ve yet to see how/why, I have great reception in the same places my Verizon friends have great reception, and crappy where they have crappy. I’ve never really been in a position where they have good and I have bad. Just some thoughts.

  116. Johnny5 Says:

    Been back and forth between AT&T (Cingular) & Verizon over the past 5 years. Actually found AT&T a little better for customer service, much faster response time. I used my own unlocked phone on AT&T, and was allowed to do whatever I want with it (WiFi, etc), and had the cheapo plan ($10/month less than Verizon). I think they BOTH try to nickle and dime you (AT&T charges you an extra $1.99/month for ‘detailed’ billing!). Coverage was better for me (North Florida) with AT&T, and call quality was about the same (a little better with AT&T’s GSM).
    You really need to check out how well the service works in your area. Remember, the number one thing your phone should do is make and receive phone calls (where you can actually hear the person on the other side). Everything else is gravy.

  117. Naomi Says:

    No phone AT&T has can ever make up for the fact that once they get you past the 30 day test period, AT&T’s mission is to nickel and dime you to death with features and processes designed to generate extra fees here and there. After years with Verizon, I decided to switch my family to AT&T because of the roll-over minutes come-on. The Samsung phones we selected on-line turned out cheap feeling and one failed, but the more irritating thing was how AT&T had set up the logic to put internet access immovably in the middle of the display – when what we wanted were phones. Long story short, I ended up getting the defective phone replaced, but phone logic and operation were user unfriendly and AT&T customer support attitudes made you feel like your call was an imposition. Customers at AT&T are unpleasant necessities to be taken advantage of and screwed in little ways rather than treasures that are the reason for your paycheck. The couple times I’d been late on a Verizon payment, they texted and called me so I could pay without penalty. Verizon had always responded well when I called in with issues (even “What can I do to save money?”). The people in their service centers are pleasant and well-informed. I was just getting used to the replaced AT&T phone but I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to stand AT&T as a service provider, so I hadn’t paid my bill on the due date. AT&T sent one piece of snail mail notifying me of the late payment. No call. No text. No attempt to use the technology they sold me! They just shut off all our phones! That was the last straw. I called Verizon and reactivated with them. Returned the phones to AT&T with an explanatory letter saying why I chose not to have a 2 year relationship with a company that behaved as they do. I sent in a check for $230.57 for activation and two months of service (quite a big penalty for a short experiment with a different provider) with a copy of the letter. They called and when I said I was unhappy with how they treated me as a customer, they turned me over to collection for $1,084 and have entered an unfavorable data point on my credit report. I hate AT&T with the light of a thousand torches. I am so happy to be back with Verizon where hardware, operational logic and service all are directed to treating the customer like someone they want to keep. Be warned. AT&T still thinks like a monopoly after all these years. They are an ugly, ugly company.

  118. Greg Says:

    You have to scratch your head and wonder about the writer when reading this article. He expected great service at AT&T when going to the store the day of the I-phone release. Armchair QBing the staffing problem is easier than fixing it. Was that really a level playing field? I have recently had horrible customer service experiences at Verizon every time I go in to there stores, different locations, different days, etc. They both think and do business like a monopoly(think Seinfield Soup Nazi service) I wish I could do without a cell phone, until then I will try to minimize any contact with customer service and switch when I feel I have to.

  119. david Says:

    att’s phones have the operating systems each manufactuer intendedthem to have i.e. lg, samsung motorola,nokia, pantech, blackberry ect. Verizons phones are EXATALY THE SAME each operation system is identical weather it be samsung or sony or lg how is that possible??? Verizon guts the phones and makes them cookie cutter , so the answer to the question whos phones are cooler . ATT clear winner because each one is different and nokia phones have a reprogramable open ended operating system called symbian does verizon?? no!!! do your research. ATT is a GSM company all digital can you use a verizon phone in germany or china without doing anything ??? NOO!! att clear winner in technology. now the customer service sucks at att but it sucks at all places. and the plans at both companies are3 a rip off , so ATT wins by default better technology

  120. Nicole Says:

    Take it from someone that has all the providers. VERIZON IS THE BEST WITHOUT ANY QUESTION!! It is the only provider that you can go into a store and get your phone looked at by a tech, talk to a customer service rep, and purchase a phone. Verizon offers the largest employee discounts and has the best coverage of any provider. Before verizon I had sprint and I couldn’t get service anywhere and got charged roaming when I was suppose to and had to call cust. service everytime to get a credit which I basically had to beg for. As for ATT the customer service is horrible and if you have an issue with the phone you have to call and they try to troubleshoot the phone over the phone. Then IF they deem the phone is having issues then they send you out a phone. At verizon you can walk into the store and get a phone right there no waiting. As for the SIM card issue…Verizon is coming out with a newer better than 3G network. That does provide a sim card with the phone. There is no getting over that VERIZON IS BY FAR THE BEST!

  121. Julie Says:

    I went cell phone shopping today and decided to look into a new service provider. I stopped by ATT first because all my friends have ATT and said it was pretty good. I walked in and it was like pulling teeth to get help. The manager and security guard had to finally yell at one of the employees to help me…I was NOT impressed. Then, I went to Verizon…and this was a TOTALLY different story! They did not jump on me like car salesmen but, even though they had MANY customers waiting I got noticed after a few seconds and was asked to sign in and told someone would be with me shortly. The manager kept coming by to check on me and kept asking if I was ok, needed help or anything. The salesman that ended up helping me was FANTASTIC! I knew which phone I wanted because I had already looked at their LARGE selection online and picked it out. He helped me and made the process easy and painless…needless to say I chose Verizon!

  122. Deborah Says:

    I have been with Verizon for 8 years and swear by the company in every aspect… tech service, personal customer service, phone quality, no dropped calls, service where no one else’s phone seems to work. I have been with a few other companies since the wireless phone made its debut and will never leave Verizon.

  123. Paul Says:

    Sounds like the people who have owned all services prefer Verizon!!! As do I. No contest on coverage, customer service (even though as all big companies you do have to listen to the damn computer for awhile), and phones. Cdma is the better tech than old school GSM. Sprint is also CDMA but with far fewer towers since they run on pcs 1900 mghz. Remember Verizon just purchased Alltel. Means more towers on the already best network!!!

  124. Joelle Says:

    I just recently switched from ATT to Verizon…. just to let you all know: It’s a pain to get back the rebate they offer for the phone. I bought my phone last December. It’s end of May now and the rebate is still not in sight! It is really frustrating to talk to them too. You have to make sure you keep contacting them about the rebate otherwise they conveniently forget! I never had that kind of trouble with Verizon!!!
    I bought my new phone over the phone. They sent it to me fast but the rebate was not included. They ended up telling me that I threw it out myself without noticing the form. Haha, there wasn’t even a receipt in there, the store clerk must have really screwed it up. So, anyway, I guess they didn’t believe me but still told me they would put in a new rebate…6 months later: nothing. After contacting them, they figured out, it was never put it and they promised again to process is…. 6 weeks later! still nothing… I am on my third attempt now.. finger crossed! Unbelievable!

  125. Joelle Says:

    I meant to say I switched from Verizon to ATT!!!!!!!!! (for the family plan)

  126. Kyle Says:

    Get a smartphone and you can do whatever you want (free apps, etc.) I’ve been using Verizon for 5 years and they’ve always been great. One time after lowering my minutes they accidentally removed my unlimited texting plan and i got hit with a $600 bill. They refunded me the entire thing and even compensated me for the problem. They don’t have the latest and greatest phones out there but I’ve never had that much of a problem with them.
    In fact I used to have AT&T until they ripped me off. I was one day late on a payment and they turned off my cell (my only phone). The thing was the bank said the check cleared and AT&T swears it didn’t One post void later they were gone. I switched to VZW and have no problems. I wish they’d switch to GSM though….

  127. wayne Says:

    i bought a company that had verizon service already.they made us responsible for the contract that had already been in place, but when they transfered the ownership they started a new two year contract that we didn’t catch right away.the billing was so mixed up,they kept billing with the old owner and the new owners names,and even for an extra phone that belonged seperately to the exowners wife.after three months of arguing and not being able to get it straightened out I canceled the service and went back to alltel(whom is now verizon)I was told that I had to pay $600.00 for the cancelation of the three lines we carried.I told them it was worth it to be free of them,but told them the early termination fee was going to be paid at $50.00 per month until paid off(and it was and was never late).did it end there, no,since they didn’t receive all $600.00 termination fee at once, they hounded me weekly for the remaining amount and also put it against my credit(I had an 800 rating)as a non payment.
    Oh and fyi, verizon is mostly owned by saudi arabia.
    now look whose taking over our telecomunications,scary huh!

  128. k Says:

    All VZW customer service reps are in the u.s.
    Please do not get it twisted. VZW thus far best network over AT&T. Friends and Family beats everything.. Hint.. read your contracts. know your plan, know your phone, check your minutes,
    know your contract expiration date.. you will have no problem.. 83 million

  129. Nick Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for a number of years, and aside from them having the most expensive service, I really did not notice anything outstanding. I live in the northeast (NY metropolitan area) and for all the years and through all the different phones that I had with Verizon, my phone reception was always intermittent at work (middle of Manhattan, no less) and home. After my contract expired and I didn’t like any Verizon phones (a crippled Storm with no WiFi? No, thanks), I bought an unlocked one and switched to AT&T. I am very happy with my phone and reception now. I guess it’s all opinions and personal experiences, but in my case Verizon is not better than AT&T.

  130. Will Says:

    I have been with At&t/Cingular for about 10 years now and would never think of going anywhere else. Currently the have the best selection on quality phones. The only thing I can hold against At&t is that they are not the cheapest in the market but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. A cell phone is something I depend on in a daily basis so I want to get great quality. Their customer service is always friendly and willing to do whats in their power to help me out financially. Overall I can’t say At&t is better then any one else and that is because I like the service to much to leave.

  131. Tyler Says:

    I had Verizon Wireless for the past 4 months and I recently dropped out because I was able to get out of my contract for free. I switched due to lack of service in my home. I know switched too ATT and I couldn’t be happier. I know get full service in my home which I never had with any other providers that I have tried in the past (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) Another thing that bugged me with Verizon was the fact that they locked everything on there phones. I had a blackberry and they locked simple things like GPS!!! And they would charge you another $20 to use there Gps program. I never really hated Verizon I just didn’t get service in my home. And the prices are relatively the same, ATT is just cheaper for me because I get a 15% discount. I really think you just need to test out and see what works best for you at your home.

  132. Paco Says:

    Well I am about to have an interview with verizon. I checked out this site for some intel. I was suprised by the comments that seem to lean towards Verizon as the better of the two big dogs. I see verizon as a Safeway and maybe Att as a Wal-Mart. Especially in regards to customer service. Prices are a toss up and coverage goes to Verizon by a long shot. Now for many of these folks that commented, they were held to att mainly due to the Iphone. And that sounds like that might be changing here soon as Verizon might aquire Iphones as well. From the looks of this site I would say that from these two giants, Verizon has beat Att by a fairly decent margin. It has gone to the score cards and verizon has one 2 to 1 for this battle. There will be more battles ahead and it will be interesting to see what companies just get it with this new economy. Peace!!

  133. Alberto Says:

    My at&t phone (Blackjack 2) works fine my cousin has verizon while his phone is searching for a signal i have full bars running on a 3G network…..the service is great even when i an out of the city…there customer service is great…

  134. Jessica Says:

    I’ve been AT&T customer for over 5 years now. Their coverage and customer service have been improved a lot in past 5 years in my area (NJ). I’ve been thinking to switch to Verizon because their phones are cooler than ATT’s. I want a family plan with unlimited data and messaging features. It turns out that verizon is 10 dollars more per month as compared to ATT. However, the price are same from both carriers if you want a family plan with only unlimited messaging feature. I don’t care so much about other cool features so can’t give my opinion on those perspectives. But having a phone with SIM card is indeed convenient when you want to use SIM on another phone.
    Verizon offer 65 up plan for seniors. oh, it’s totally a rip-off. This 65 up plan is more expensive than the cheapest family plan from ATT. Check Verizon and ATT’s websites if you don’t believe me.
    Personally i think ATT is better off for people who travels a lot and for those who love iphones.
    If ATT has the phone i want, i will not consider switching to verizon for sure.
    Thanks for reading.

  135. falcon Says:

    Ok all kidding aside – I live in bethlehem, pa and commute mostly into NJ morris plains etc. So I take rt 78 corridor. What is the coverage situation on that route there for ATT. I have Vz today but am sick of it as I can’t do much with my motorola Q and it looks so archaic compared to the new iphone 3G S. Coverage on Vz is great but am I so love the new iphone 3g s. Thanks.

  136. Oscar Says:

    I have ATT but i miss Verizon, especially now that Verizon has better deals. If you are an iPhone lover, then stay with ATT. But for the rest of the people that need it to call, check email once in a while and text, Verizon is a better deal. ex. data $2/mb Verizon or $10/mb ATT, Verizon does not have rollover but most plans you can call 5 people unlimited.
    As for the coverage, I had better coverage with Verizon than ATT but i think it all depends where you live and what kind of phone you carry.
    Customer service has been good with me for both companies.

  137. Carol Says:

    If you plan to do any traveling by car or otherwise spend time outside of major cities, check the coverage areas. Verizon covers much more of the country according to the maps.

  138. Coni Says:

    I’ve been reading all this info for more than an hour while my husband is now entering hour 2 of being on the phone with AT&T customer service. We have been traveling the US for the past 9 years and have had US Cell, Sprint, Nextel, Verizon and now AT&T. We have the worst service with AT&T everywhere we go. Customer service is always nice, they listen, say that they are sorry we are having trouble and nothing is ever better. We have done everything for 6 months that they have asked of us but since we are in the middle of 4, yes that’s right 4 3G towers they insist that we have great coverage however we never get better than a low signal on the computer and very low frequently (which means for us it will not even bring up Google). When we are on the road it is not uncommon to not be able to get on line or make a call going N on the interstate but coming back S we can do both, What kind of sense does that make. Many people in Oklahoma City just think it is normal to have dropped calls in the metro area so put up with it. Just because the coverage map shows the service is good here we get no help. We had Verizon before AT&T and had better service here with no Verizon in the area. Verizon may be a little more money, but what good are roll over minutes if calls don’t go out or in? Our computer wireless is also terrible!! I can’t wait for Verizon to come to this area, and it is coming soon! We had no problems with Verizon customer service but only had to call them 2-3 times in 5 years. By brother in Little Rock has trouble with his AT&T has to go outside to talk, but stays as his wife is retired from AT&T and gets an excellent deal. Our daughter here has trouble with calls, too. So I definitely don’t think I’m special.

  139. Gevor Says:

    Verizon sucks their phones suck too ,but with att u can use any unlocked phone you want so AT&T IS the best ,i didnt have any problems with my service ,i use a Nokia n95 with att i dont think that u could use the n95 with verizon.

  140. Adrian Says:


  141. Larry Zip Says:

    I’ve read through so many of these posts and I garee that Verizon service is better and signal much more reliable and their customer service is 5 STAR and NO they do not work off commision, that is a myth. That said I think AT&T however get way better phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry Bold, etc and there is the 3G.

    I think that with so many of the complaints I see here are really people that are just confused, especially around billing. From experience I can tell you that some people are just really stupid and just never under their bill or usage. Why do you think Sprint about 5 years ago fired all of those customers and spent them “dear John” letters? That’s why and I don’t blame them. These are the same idiots that call and say “but why is the signal so weak when I am calling my house and sitting right in front of my garage?”.

    I would say the real advantage to AT&T though is that you can travel with it and with Verizon unless you have a Worldphone you stuck to the US or CAD.

  142. Jeannine Says:

    You only talk about AT&T services at a place of business. If you call them – they are incredibly helpful. If you have charges that you don’t understand – they will explain them to you and then forgive the charges. I have a family plan and as long as we talk to AT&T people by cell we never use any minutes at all. I have 1400 minutes for 4 family members and we never use them up. I also got for $29 unlimited texting for all 4 phone. Verizon’s fav 5 forget to tell you that the person you call gets charged for the minutes that you talk to them. YUK!

  143. Abbynorma Says:

    Just switched to VZ 3 days ago and the store managet told me that they infact do work on comission. There rebates come on a preloaded card??? I paid in cash I expect cash back! We are having trouble with a local Tx company called Hawke Electronics, it seems they don’t want to let us go and are making it difficult to port out number! It took 4 trips to the VZ to get our phones because each time the needed more paperwork for our business acct. I am seriously thinking that we made a mistake leaving ATT. It was less about ATT and more about HATING Hawk! They are a reseller and we couldn’t deal with ATT directly only Hawk. Att said it would take at least 6 weeks to move form Hawk to just ATT and that is if we stayed on top of Hawk about the transfer! Never again will I go with a secondary provider! 2 of our new phones from VZ are giving us trouble after only 3 days! Would love the Iphone just because it would be one gadget instead of carrying phone and ipod not to mention day planner. Plus VZ won’t let me download my ipod movies only movies I can down load is stuff they sell on there VZ network! Couldn’t transfer info. from sim card. When they did the data transfer it was useless!

  144. Abbynorma Says:

    I need the whole pkg. and I think Att has it!

  145. Mark Says:


    Had AT&T for years (1997-2005) until their pricing was 50% more than Verizon’s. I loved AT&T’s coverage. I traveled throughout the US and was happy most of the time.

    I switched to Verizon. (2005-Present)Substantially less cost. Plan was 2,000 minutes for $99.00. Like the service BUT I could not get good service where I lived. I moved and service was better. I moved again and now I cannot get any service in my house. I called Verizon and asked for a Tier-3 service call… (This is where they send the truck out to test signal) Ask for Tier-3 from a normal CSR and they’ll stutter . . . asking if they can help you and how you know about a Tier-3 service call. (Apparently it’s Taboo).

    They said they would send a truck out and call me within 3 days. They didn’t call back. I called after a week. Their response. “We sent a truck out, yes it is a KNOWN Dead Zone and we are not planning on putting a tower in the area.”

    So I’ve lived with crappy service for a year and am now going to switch to AT&T or SPRINT (haven’t tried Sprint yet) All plans are getting chincy on the minutes for the price.

    Major areas I travel now are Chicago, NYC, Milwaukee, Denver, San Diego, Boise Los Angeles, San Francisco and Nashville area. How is the AT&T reception there?

    Thinking 3G iphone since they are unloading them for $99 bucks. (2 year agreement though). Thing I DON’T like about iphone is OS is not Windows. I am a PC user and several apps I use are Windows based. However, iphone does have a lot of apps I would additionally use, and ease of navigation is a plus. (I hate learning new phones)

    Has anyone done the prepaid plan to try out the phone for a month and if don’t like it return before the 30 days. This way I can be sure to have good coverage for where I travel.

  146. Mark Says:

    See if you are living in a DEADZONE with your carrier.

  147. richard Says:

    i presonaly have to say that att and verizon works better in deiffrent places for examle att works better in the mid east but not for the west such as california nevada and arizona. and its the oppisote for verizon so u cant really judge their company

  148. Tony Says:

    Verizon and Att are in all reality the same as coverage wise…..but AT&T definetly has way more phones to choose from and they are better.
    If you go to websites like phonescoop and look at verizon phones compared to att phones, verizon can not compare. The specs on att phones are much greater quality then verizons, aslo att has a much faster 3g network then verizon, so if youu are looking for speed choose att, and did i mention they have alot more smartphones to choose from as well,(Iphone).

  149. Ethan Says:

    I had verizon but my phone broke so for financial reasons I’m switching to AT&T. Not by choice but someone offer to pay my bill if I switch, so I’m going to. I think verizon phones look a lot cooler but I guess I’ll suck it up. I think the Iphone is the only AT&T phone that looks cool, so I’m going with that.

  150. Booe Says:

    Im sorry. But verizon is way overrated. I live in the central AR. area and my coverage is pathetic. I just recently switched to verizon from AT&T ab 3 days ago. Im glad they give the 30 day gaurantee b/c im switching back to AT&T asap. I got the blackberry storm when i switched to verizon. I love the phone, but i can’t make a clear phone call. For the past few days, i’ve had trouble with people hearing me and me hearing others. I haven’t witnessed the customer service so im not going to bash them. But the phone service is PATHETIC (at least in the central AR. area). I’ve had AT&T for years and i’ve had verizon for a couple days. both have their ups and downs, but i got to say that AT&T is by far superior. Who cares if verizon has “Cooler” phones. Their useless if they wont work right with the service. I guess it just depends on where you live and what your coverage map looks like compared to others. Check the coverage map BEFORE you switch to another carrier. because i checked mine after i switched and i found out that i get little to no service with verizon. But with AT&T i get full service. the only thing i have good to say about verizon is “Thanks for having a 30 day gaurantee” because that came in handy for me.

  151. Mr. White Says:

    I currently work for AT&T and have to agree that customer service is horrific. I am a customer service agent and I often feel horrible for AT&T customers. AT&T CSRs are heavily restricted with what we can do. Oour floor support is poorly trained with addition to unattainable goals. AT&T would rather process as many calls as possible than actually solve the customer’s issue. I think AT&T service (coverage and customer service) is embarassing.

  152. chucky Says:

    verizon wireless works in the places I need it to work. With AT&T I had to go outside of my house to use my phone, or drive up the street, I also had to drive up the street. I know service varies state to state. Verizon wireless works where I need it to work ,even in the back roads.

  153. that guy Says:

    hands down, verizon is the best. granted, they do have the worst phones out of any carrier (except nextel, but why even count them?) but service is the most important thing to me. i had t-mobile for 2 years and at&t prepaid before that and can say that t-mobile is the only company giving verizon a run for their money. in simple words, at&t is PURE GARBAGE. verizon for the best coverage, t-mobile for the best phones.

  154. chris Says:

    We have had At&t for 3 years now and I wouldn’t have it any different! Great service, great signal! We recently had family members switch to verizon. Just been a few days, no complaints yet. Time will tell, I guess. As for us, we’ll stick with At&t!

  155. MJ Says:

    I’ve been trying to decide between the two biggies, and must say, Verizon has ATT beat badly on family plans: if you go for a plan with 1400 minutes or more on Verizon, you get to choose 10 “friends and family” numbers that don’t count against your minutes — no matter which carrier they’re on. It’s similar to T-Mobiles “My Faves”. ATT has nothing like this, much to my chagrin. The “rollover” minutes don’t begin to compare or compensate. I really wanted to go with ATT, but this makes it hard to justify, even if I prefer their phones (BB Bold, etc.) Sigh… Really hope ATT can add a My Faves/Friends & Family type feature. Otherwise I think they’re going to lose a lot of would-be customers.

  156. 2dayhelp Says:

    I am reading all those posting and laughing very loud loooool People-don’t you know that CDMA technology is old and outdated? And only Verizon and very few other carriers in USA using CDMA? Rest of the world using GSM. So-Verizon in the stone age. Sorry-I’ll stay with AT&T. Have been AT&T customer for long time-never had any problems at all. GO AT&T! BY THE WAY-DID I MENTIONED THAT VERIZON IS SUCKKKK!!! I JUST DID. Ok-now you do the math loooool

  157. anisa Says:

    I hated going into the AT&T store, I wanted to get the new Iphone and they were rude to me! They have no right to be cocky and rude when I am their customer willing to pay extra for a phone, they know that they are the only ones who carry the phones and so they are tooo cocky about it. VERIZON is much BETTER especially with their customer service. I went with them of course. They were not rude at all and were very helpful. DO NOT GO WITH AT&T

  158. Nelson Says:

    Verizon wireless sucks. I read most of the comments and I just love the people that go over one company over the other based on how “nice” someone treated them at the store. Are you kidding me? Just because you ran into some rude employees doesn’t change how much you will pay a month, the type of coverage you get, and so on. Overall, the prices are similar in plans. The only big difference is that with Verizon, once you start to add features such as navigation, your bill starts to go up and eventually you are paying more than with other carriers. I also agree that any carrier that does not use the Sim card technology sucks. Just my opinion.

  159. Chad Says:

    Wow some of the posters are really clueless. One poster mentions how prices and plans are similar and that person is correct. They then go on about how expensive Verizon gets when you start adding navigation and other options. Well duh! So does AT&T! Get a 900 minute plan on AT&T and add their navigation option. What’s that? It ends up being the same price as Verizon? Wow. Impressive. How did that happen? Morons. As for CDMA being old and outdated. Well its a proven fact that the Verizon network has more coverage in the U.S. (which is what matters to most people IN the U.S.), faster 3G speeds (again proven)with way more 3G coverage, and way fewer dropped calls or network problems. AT&T cannot say that. Google is your friend. And for those still being critical then good news! LTE (the 4G network which uses a sim based phone) is already launching in numerous U.S. cities THIS YEAR. With many more next year. AT&T isn’t even set to launch theirs until 3 years from now in 2012. 2011 if they are lucky. And they’re already GSM! I GUARANTEE YOU that I will have coverage (which is most important) in more places with Verizon than with AT&T. On top of that, Verizon does offer WAY more 3G coverage and speeds. All of this for the SAME PRICES you pay on AT&T! With AT&T you pay the same and get less. Less 3G and voice coverage. More dropped voice and data calls. HORRID customer service. Still don’t believe me? Google it. Say what you want about CDMA…but it’s thus far proven to be more reliable and better than GSM. On MANY levels. For GSM being so ‘great’ it sure sucks at coverage and voice and data reliability. Go with Verizon. It’s #1 for a good reason.

  160. jjlmg Says:

    Well I hate how whenever there are two good cell phone companies, it turns into a fight about which one is better. But it also helps customers get the network that they would like. If you like your network, great!
    But I still prefer Verizon because of service and it is so easy to check everything
    Voicemail is *85 or 1
    and there is #BAL (balance) #PMT (Payment)#MIN (minutes) and there are no numbers to press. It just automatically sends u a text for FREE about how many minutes you have, how much your payment will be at the end of the month. One of the ones you have to press a number (but still its like press 1 to pay)
    There is also Mobile TV, VCAST Music, GPS, Mobile Email + IM,and Visual Voicemail. You have to subscribe for some of them, but it is still nice to have.

  161. Fedex710 Says:

    The Difference Between AT&T and Verizon isnt that bad, ive had AT&t FOR YEARS, and Had Verizon once, Verizon wins in signal, But AT&T wins hands down on 3G and International calls , At&t Also Wins on Rollover Minutes, Verizon maybe launching the 4G network sooner than AT&T , but Verizon says that there gonna keep it in 1 city for 5 months before opening a new one, AT&T Plans to open have the nation at once, AT&T Also wins on phones , Verizon may win on Costumer service, But AT&T wins on Saving Minutes, and Internet plans, vERIZON CHARGES U for everything, at&t does but u can use anything on the service like internet for the 1 price, And AT&T is the best for BUSINESS PEOPLE,

  162. Fedex710 Says:


  163. Chad Says:

    Re: Redex710

    AT&T wins on 3G how? Definetly not on coverage. Speed? Nope. In fact recent tests by various companies, people, and services have put Verizon #1 in consistent and faster download speeds. Again, google it. As for 4G. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Verizon just announced LTE is launching in Boston and Seattle this fall, and in over 30 markets early next year. At NO TIME has Verizon ever stated what you said. At NO TIME has AT&T ever said they are rolling theirs out all at once. Show me the links that prove otherwise, because I know you can’t. AT&T wins on saving minutes? AT&T and Verizons minute plans are almost idetical. AT&T has rollver, but Verizon has Friends and Family. When was the last time you could talk as many as 5 people on an Idividual Plan or 10 people on a Family Plan while calling another carrier or landline unlimited during the week and not at night without using your minutes? You can’t with AT&T unless you get their more expensive Unlimited Plan. AT&T and Verizons data/internet plans and pricing are identical. As for checking minutes, you can do that and more on Verizon Phones AND on their website. Change plans and features, add up to 5 phone numbers and 5 text message numbers to be blocked for free, interact with others on the official Verizon forums, and so on. So move along fanboy. You obviously have no clue what any carrier other than AT&T has.

  164. Chad Says:

    Re: Fedex710

    And yes, you can check that stuff for free from your Verizon phone and their website.

    Correction: It’s supposed to be Re: Fedex710 not Redex710.

  165. Fedex710 Says: , AT&T Isnt as cheap as verizon, They dont charge you for every little thing, As for Verizon, They dont really have good Laptop download speeds, AT&T is For Business and Travlers, Verizon Has hardly ANY coverage in international cities, For verizons Friends And Family plan , How can u say it saves money? When U can only Call 5 people on other carriers, Unlimited Texts is $20.00 with AT&T but with verizon it cost, $34.99 . The only reason that Verizon Became the Biggest Wireless phone Company is because they bought Alltell, Didnt even work to put up towers everywhere , At&t is still putting towers everywhere .

  166. Randa Says:

    each carrier is going to have their flaws. I have had verizon, t-mobile, and at&t. Honestly, I have had better coverage with at&t than with any carrier so far. My uncle had altel until verizon bought them out and he is a truck driver and he hates verizon. He gets horrible service and when i talk to him on the road its miserable for both of us.

    But, honestly i would say its more of a user error than the carriers fault. Its we as the customer get locked into these contracts without reading them or asking questions. a rep selling you the service can only say so much,as in finding out how you connect, usage for your phone service,and go over the fine lines of the contract(act fee, term, cancellations, ugrades, extensions and etc…which not to mention everything we need to know is written in the contract). They are there to give us what we want. We are repsonsible for asking questions. As far as customer service goes, most of the problems with them are because we as the customer do not listen completely either to how things work, warranty, ins. act fee, etc..the list goes on. and not to mention the overreacting when we were told something in the begining, didn’t listen, and now trying to fix it in a rude and unbearing manner.

    I’m not saying its all the customers fault either, they’re reps that could really careless about the customer and just want the sell will tell you anything but we as customers need to do research of our own before committing to the service.

    So, next time when you go wireless service shopping, write down all the questions, ask, get names of reps, and really listen to what they say and once you do that…then see how your service with that carrier, including customer service, is then.

  167. Randa Says:

    oh, and if you look at the test they did for speed….look at how many customers were tested with att vs. the rest of the carriers. it was over 8000 vs. the others barely 3000 tested if that…so yea i bet the other networks were a lot faster 🙂

  168. Randa Says:

    oh, and if you look at the test they did for speed….look at how many customers were tested with at&t vs. the rest of the carriers. it was over 8000 customers tested with at&t vs. the others barely 3000 tested if that…so yea i bet the other networks were a lot faster 🙂

  169. Janelle Perrin Says:

    yea but if you have a individual plan for verizon you have to get the more expensive plan to get the family and friends feature its like it defeats the purpose. Because i was taking up a lot of minutes calling my boyfriend on ATT so i had to up my minutes from 450 to 600 I think and not that i am at that step i can use friends and family so I don’t even use a fraction of the 600 minutes

  170. Dave Says:

    i never had a dropped call with at&t. i switched to verizon and can’t talk 5 minutes before the call drops. at&t here i come!

  171. Andrew Says:

    Recently I bought an iPhone from my local Apple store with a 2 year ATT plan. So far I’ve had no problems with ATT. They have 10 times better coverage in my area than Sprint does (which I had a contract with before). I guess the coverage thing depends on where you are. ATT gets my thumbs up.

  172. matt Says:

    Am in a Pickle and wish I knew what to do but all I can say is everyone is telling me to go to verizon. I have been unemployed for 4 months and its getting worse out there. So with that being said buying a new phone was hard when my razer v29 I had with AT&T stopped working. That phone was ok until it started recieving a lot of dropped calls. I must admit though I dropped it plenty. Everyone on any plan probably are not honest with all the weigh ins when their devices stop working and they blame it oon the carrier. A phone on any plan rarely ever stops working unless caused by user error or been dropped on the floor or in water. But most carriers now dont even ask if you did either of those. But what they wont do is give you a phone. Even though I have had dropped calls with At&t I am not sure verizon will be better since a lot of the weigh in today says just as many troubles with verizon. All I can say is all corporate companies have their pros and cons and my decision today will be based on what I can afford instead of service when I feel verizon has the best 3g network period. AT&T has definately bad custome service but I feel its all about who at each carrier you talk with.. now dont get upset, but normally at At&t everytime I get customer service I get a rude african american female who just talks over me while I am telling her my troubles by repeatedly calling out my last name. I believe all the carriers suffer from this and its unfortunate in the US that we pay people very low money to do a job like phone customer service. These folks cant make more that 8-9$ an hour and that is why their is bad customer service with all the carriers but again some people are friendly. If I had more money I definately would stick with verizon hands down but by the end of the day will tell… my opinion is AT&T is ghetto to the hilt and if you dont want to talk with some uneducated minority who got hired based on her race gp to verizon. At&T’s mantra is we are number one in diveristy which basically means we hire according to affirmative action. sorry people to sour the day but its my experience. not racist either but ghetto is ghetto and it is so sad.. VERIZON!

  173. matt Says:

    so for now it may be At&t but this is what I read in a fortuen 500 company review board….

    Jake Kimble from Bullish Bankers, recently wrote an informative article on the two companies. From a qualitative standpoint, AT&T seems to have the stronger 3G network, and that is strongly complemented by the most formidable smart phone on the market, the iPhone, which is exclusively contracted through the company. Verizon?s 3G network is decent, and is supported by a variety of phones including several models of the Blackberry, which has also been a recent trend. Going forward though, VZ seems to be putting itself in a much better position than its competitor. The company continues to build out its FiOS fiber optic network. FiOS is a fiber-to-the-premises network (FTTP) supported by lightning fast fiber optics, which are considered to be a huge upgrade from the traditional coaxial cables currently in use, and should be the way of the future.

    AT&T?s fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) network only places its fiber optic network in between communities, in an effort to save costs, and runs copper coaxial cables from the outer premises to each individual house. This shortcut limits the speed of the data carried across the line. Accordingly, VZ is recently adding more FiOS customers per quarter than AT&T?s U-Verse, despite the fact that it currently has less availability. Verizon continues to build this network out and is finding cheaper ways to do so as it goes. As bandwidth continues to grow and consumers increasingly demand higher quality data and video, VZ?s investment should continue paying off, especially with an economic recovery.

    Furthermore, VZ has also taken a forward-looking perspective on the wireless front, as it continues to develop its 4G network. This network will handle more wireless services and with better speed and quality than 3G. VZ plans its commercial launch of its 4G network in 2010 in 30 metropolitan areas, whereas AT&T is not looking to deploy its 4G network until 2012

  174. matt Says:

    may stay with at&t today but as soon as I can pay to cancel my contract(next month) I am out of the ghetto fabulous mary j blige BS customer experience know as AT&T ghetto connections!

  175. MC Says:

    I wish there were no cell phones at all. I’m sick of paying money every month that I don’t have.

  176. MC Says:

    I use one for business purposes unfortunately.

  177. Brad Says:

    AT&T freaking owns all cell phone companies I get great service everywere I go I have the iPhone 3g I love it I used to have sprint and verizon both and by far AT&T is way better!!

  178. Kris Says:

    Where do I start? The quality of customer service from Verizon is contingent upon the attitude and enthusiasm of the staff.I had to return to a store 2-3 times during 3 months to rectify the issues with my bill.One was a hidden fee.I was charged for using a game demo.How can you get charged for using a demo?Store clerk told me I went into get it now so I was charged with data usage.My other issues were with the free VZ nav for a month.My friend said it states on the bill you have to deactivate it manually so you’re not charged continuously.I was credited for the VZ nav,but owned up for using get it now since I dont have the data plan.My friend has AT&T,he hasnt had any customer service or billing issues.When it comes to phones,yea VZ has cooler looking phones.I have a LG Versa,but after renewing my contract a couple months ago with this phone I’m regreting it.I’ve mostly had LG phones and people say how they rank high in being troublesome.Touch screens are frustrating.I should have simply got a BB 8330 like my friend and he says he doesnt have any problems.My AT&T friend used to have an iphone but broke down and got a BB 8820.Im debating whether or not I want to cancel verizon and going to AT&T.It’s more cost effective than paying full phone price and I don’t feel like waiting 2 years to renew.I can keep my number and save money in the end by switching to AT&T.

  179. paul Says:

    I reside in the heart of Beverly Hills, California few blocks from Rodeo Dr. in a penthouse(on top of the building) My experience with AT&T is horrible… dropped calls, no reception, or bad reception… when I go to my business, passed BH Hotel, again, dropped call! Funny thing, I called the VP of AT&T and while I was on the phone with him… the phone went dead…
    Because of who I am, they sent an army of tech’s to figure out why I get so many dropped calls…In the end same old story!
    I am so frustrated that on my very important calls I use a satellite phone just like in the middle of the desert! I told the heads of AT&T that I feel sorry for them. Is Verizon better or I might have to use the satellite phone again in the middle of BH?

  180. Kris Says:

    paul said this:

    Is Verizon better or I might have to use the satellite phone again in the middle of BH?

    I havent had any dropped calls with Verizon. Only some static when talking to people on crappy networks like tmobile and nextel. One innovative idea Verizon or any other carrier should have is a discount if you’re switching services but only for the first time. Another great idea would be for people to trade in their old unwanted cell phones to receive a discount on purchasing a new one. It works with cars so why not with cell phones? They all just want to sell you cell phones that will eventually have problems whereas manipulating you into paying full price for a new phone. If you dont want to do that the company still wins with a early termination fee if you cancel your service. You’re still paying for the termination fee and a new plan/phone altogether. if you switch services.

  181. Dee Says:

    I started with verizon about 14 years ago when they bought out Prime CO. I couldn’t go anywhere if I tried. I use my phone for business and I can’t deal with the poor reception and dropped call that you get on At&t and don’t even mentioned metro. I really don’t see where the price is more than At&t or T mobile, but the reception and the customer service is much, much better. The best part about verizon is the back up assistant which allow automotic backup of your contacts. I don’t think anyone else has that. I don’t know about you but my contact list is priceless. It only took 1 time for me to lose my phone with all of my contacts to realize that I am a verizon customer forever….

  182. Vince Says:

    I have had both….Didnt quite like either…So I went with Alltel…Well guess what…Now I am back with Verizon…SUX!! Both AT7T and Verizon are trying to mopolize the wireless business…So chose the lesser of the evil. Well, I am stuck with Verizon now, But I will be watching closely…Bcoz as soon as they screw me over like they did a long time ago…its time to switch…my brother has AT&T (Iphone)…his service sux…He gets service in places he hardly goes too (fishing/Hunting) and weak signals at places he is at most of the time (work/home)…So I am kinda at a lost now. Alltel had some pretty good services that i am still using…like “voice to text” convert your voice-mails into text messeges, unlimited text,”friends and family” call 21 numbers anytime of the day land-lines ANY number for free at no charge…I LIKE THAT ONE!!! And also I travel alot for work and service has been EXCELLENT!!! Signal strength is through the roof 95% of the time. So we’ll see…Hopefully verizon doesnt try toscrew me over again. Good Luck all!!

  183. Johnny Says:

    I have AT&T and it hasn’t been that great where I live. There isn’t a lot of coverage on the Western Slope of Colorado. All of my friends have Verizon and have had coverage all over town and up on places that AT&T doesn’t cover!
    Earlier this year AT&T’s towers were down and I had no use of my phone for over a WEEK!
    We kept on calling 611 for help from AT&T people, but they kept directing us to someone else. After six people we still didn’t have any answers! FINALLY the problem was fixed… but then… my texting wouldn’t work!! My friends couldn’t get my texts and I couldn’t receive texts. It went on for almost a month and I was CHARGED for all the messages I sent but did not make it over to the person I sent it to!! I was also charged for all the messages people tried sending to me- even though I didn’t even receive them! It was all finally fixed, but the service wasn’t that great. I’m switching to Verizon.
    The only good thing about AT&T is the rollover minutes- however, I don’t make too many calls. The minutes just accumulate and are wasted.
    I don’t mean to trash talk AT&T, I just want to tell you about this experience.
    I am very sure that I am going to switch to Verizon but could people give me info on T-Mobile?

  184. Bendover Says:

    Hey Paul,
    So how is it to live in the middle of snobtown?
    Oh, I forgot, you already told us!~

  185. 2dayhelp Says:

    Well….I am confused now. So Verizon STILL have better coverage then AT&T? Wow! May be I should switch someday to Verizon. The only one reason I didn’t yet–I hate all this =Power your phone off-so you can update your software and towers= bullcrap.

  186. Ash Says:

    No more Verizon Wireless for me. CDMA is totally avoidable. The phones do not work overseas, there are not portable to other networks.

    Get prepaid with GoPhone, TMobile or which ever operator offers GSM. Get a Quadband phone which is unlocked and you can benefit from complete flexibility and freedom!

    I just bought 2 unlocked phones in India and going prepaid from now on.

  187. Lisa Says:

    its the same thing nothing different i dont understand what pplz be talking about the only difference is that AT&T haves rollover thats it sprint at&t and verizon haves the same plans!

  188. Zoey Says:

    AT&T dont have bad customer service there really nice to me!

  189. Elizabeth Says:

    I completely agree with you about att’s customer service my mom has been on the phone with them a lot recently and all that they do is they put her on hold and after an hour being on the phone with them they finally tell her the problem after an hour on the phone.

    But att has some good phones (i guess???)
    plus it seems like everyone has bad customer service and you didnt go there on a good day you should have gone on a day that a amazing phone wasn’t coming out. try going on a regular day next time!!!!!

  190. Elizabeth Says:

    wow bendoverr (lol)
    you are righht about “paul”

  191. RYLAND K Says:


  192. Westin Says:

    I am finally getting out of a 2-year contract with AT&T. I have found, in these two years, that the voice quality on nearly any AT&T phone (especially the iPhone) is awful, and since I had no texting on my plan and could only talk, this was a terrible problem for me. I probably used a quarter of all the time I spent talking with people asking what they just said. And I spent a LOT of time talking on my phone. Also the AT&T coverage in the three places I spend the most time in was nearly nonexistent. I could not have an hour long conversation with a friend without the phone cutting out at least six times. Six was the lowest number of times of all for an hour. Then, after it cuts out (which will happen, by the way, even when my phone went from one bar to three), it gives three VERY loud, high-pitched beeps. I figured I may go deaf from using this phone! (nokia 6126)
    Calling friends from the Verizon store here, the voice quality, reception and ease of use on the phones was beautiful. I told my friends “I nearly cried using the phones there, it was just so beautiful to hear their voices clearly.” And they were happy to not have several dropped calls.
    Now I’m switching to Verizon, I cannot wait to get my phone next week! I plan to order the LG enV Touch.

  193. Steve Says:

    I’ve been with AT&T for 6 years. I can honestly say that I am sick of them altogether. I’ve never seen a more underhanded and greedy company. My wife and I recently got the family plan to add her sister while staying with us in America. The plan is 80 bucks, 9.99 for my sister-in-law’s line, 30 dollars x2 for my blackberry and my wife’s, 30 dollars for unlimited text messaging. After all of their hidden fees and taxes and God knows what else, our bill should be about 180-190. What was it last month? 287 Dollars! I got charged 159.00 for my texts, my wife was charged 27 for texts, and my sister-in-law was charged 21 for texts. When talking to their customer service, they gave us a whole lot of BS about this and that and it’s different with the family plan. That’s BULLSHIT. I used to have unlimited texting for a long time with no problems. Verizon here I come!

  194. Grass Says:

    Quite the opposite here. I had Cingular/At&t since 2003 and switched to Verizon 3 months ago. I am about to pay the hefty ETF so I can go back to At&t. Since switching to Verizon in Western PA, our family has had many missed calls going straight to voice mail without any missed call notification. At best we have one bar at our home, no service in the garage or basement. I had none of the problems with At&t. I also feel like I am back in the stone age with Verizon’s crippled phones and no SIM cards. Also, my husband travels overseas and you have to have a global device on Verizon’s network. His old GSM phone worked everywhere he traveled. I do have to say that the voice quality on CDMA is a little better, but that doesn’t make up for all the other downfalls on the Verizon network. At&t is also cheaper for us.

  195. Brad Says:

    I have had Verizon for 7 years and have had great service. There customer service is second to none. Just like Ford vs Chevy…everyone has there opinion. Verizon will beat anyother service nation wide hands down. I have never had a problem with my bill, plan, phone or service. Yes I have heard complaints, but I think Verizon is awesome. AT&T is just a big company that wants you to sign up with them…but could careless if you stay with them. There customer service is among the worst. I need my phone to be reliable, that is why I am staying with Verizon. If I needed a cool phone with lots of apps and didn’t care about reliability…I would get an IPhone.

  196. Kate Says:

    To the poster two comments up- I also live in Western, PA (Pittsburgh) and I never have any problems at all. My parents live in a valley, and when I go to visit them, I have perfect service there as well. My friend, who has Sprint, comes with me sometimes and her phone ALWAYS is either roaming or out of service in their house. Sprint sucks all around (her parents pay close to $500 a month for three lines after all kinds of ridiculous fees and stuff), and I would rather have no phone than a Sprint phone. With Sprint, you can have a texting package for however much a month, depending on what you get. But that doesn’t cover picture or video messaging. You have to pay for a media package (date plan? I don’t know what they call it) which gives you the internet, picture messaging and video messaging. Two seperate packages, meaning more money. With Verizon, text messaging plans cover texting, picture messaging AND video messaging. Sprint won’t do that because they have to connect to the internet to view and save any pictures sent to you. Verizon does not. I have the unlimited texting plan and no internet. I have no use for the internet. I have it at home, I don’t need it on my phone too.

    But anyway, as far as AT&T, anyone I know with AT&T (which isn’t many, seeing as most people around here actually have some sense) never have good service. I went on vacation to the Outter Banks (North Carolina) recently with a friend and the whole time, she had little or no service, but my Verizon always had service, full bars usually. I made fun of her a lot on that trip, because she always tried to talk about AT&T being a good service provider and blah blah blah, but had nothing to say when her phone didn’t actually have service.. ANYWHERE. I laugh at those “The most bars in most places” commercials on tv. AT&T’s phones seem complicated to me, too. I could never figure out anything on her phone. You’d think it being her phone, she’d know? Nope. She had me trying to figure out how to change certain settings on her phone and where her pictures were going when she saved them. (We found the pictures after a while, never did figure out the phone settings though.)

    Nextel.. well, honestly, Nextel is a joke. I don’t actually know anyone who has a Nextel phone as their personal cell. The cable guy came last May to install our cable and when he had to call his office, he pulled out his Nextel and walked around the room trying to get service. I laughed and offered my Verizon, which had perfect service. He laughed too, and pulled out his personal cell, which was also Verizon, and made some comment about cheap, crap Sprint/Nextel service.

    One more thing about Verizon. If there is something wrong with your phone, they replace it on the spot in the store. You don’t have to sit around and wait for the company to maybe or maybe not send you a replacement in the mail, after they charge you for it. My brother dropped his phone (the enV 2) off the roof a few weeks ago. It hit the cement, didn’t even crack (which is amazing for any phone, since he dropped it from about 30 feet in the air), and even worked for a few days afterwards. But then it started acting a little weird, fading in and out and the keypad wasn’t lighting up. We went to the Verizon store and they gave him a free replacement on the spot for no charge. Not only has Verizon always been fair and understanding with my family, but they are also incredible nice. I’ve never had a bad experience. I don’t care if they make commission or not, I can tell when someone is genuinely nice, and they always are. We have been with Verizon since 1999, and I will never have another phone service, ever.

    So, this is where you make the big decision. If you want a crappy phone with crappy, if any, service, get Sprint or Nextel. If you want a cool phone that does just about everything (except make phone calls because it will never have any service), get an iPhone with AT&T. If you want a good phone (I’ve had the origional EnV for two years now and have never had an issue with it, it’s never broke or acted up on me), excellent customer service, reasonable pricing and the absolute best signal/service, then get Verizon.

    The choice is simple, really.

  197. Andre Says:

    In my area, AT@T’s coverage can’t even compare to Verizon’s. My AT@T co-workers, can’t even get coverage in our companies breakroom. The most impressive thing though, was when I went camping recently at Idaho’s Deadwood Lookout. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, 30+ miles from any “minor” towns, let alone cities. And I still had two bars. The guys I was with, (an AT@T and Sprint) had nothing. I’ve also had countless good customer service experiences with Verizon.

    That being said, I wanted to get one of Verizon’s PDA phones (to replace my aging Palm T5), and I came to learn that I will have to pay $30 per month for the data package. I don’t care about internet service, I don’t care about checking my email 10 times a day, all I want is the Word and Excel apps that comes with a pocket PC. Then I get the excuse that it’s so I can update my phone perodically. Well, woopdee doo!! I can still do that with my T5 by hot syncing on my PC. Just a lame excuse to extort money off me. This combined with other issues I’ve had with Verizon in the recent months. I’ve been a loyal Verizon customer for over 8 years. I love’d them. But their constant nickle and diming me for crap I don’t want, or that are half the price else where, combined with their crappy built in software, over priced upgraded software and complete void of 3rd party software… I hate to say it, but I’ll be shopping for a new provider between now and the time my contract expires in 7 months.

  198. Mel Says:

    I too am from PA, Pittsburgh, and have At&t. I am extremely happy with my service. We are in a town approx. 20 minutes north of the city and have a solid signal everywhere with At&t. I have tried Verizon when we had no At&t in the area, but could not get a good signal at my home. Neither can my friends with different phones. At&t gives me a full signal and I may have dropped a total of five calls in almost 3 years. That’s not bad, being that I could not even place a call with Verizon. At&t now has solid coverage in Pittsburgh.

    The phones are great! GSM gives you a huge amount of phones to chose from, especially if you purchase an unlocked phone. You can’t get that with Verizon. Period. Their phones are stripped and loaded with what Verizon wants you to have. Everything else, you will pay extra.

    At&t customer service has never given me any trouble. They are helpful, polite and the few small issues I had over the years were resolved on the spot.

    As for the poster who claimed At&t has little or no coverage on the beaches ie. Outer Banks in NC, that is simply not true. We just went there earlier this year and had a solid signal.

    I would not hesitate to recommend At&t to anyone around here. I use my phone for business and depend on it.

    P.S. Rollover minutes! They come in very handy many times!

  199. Cindy Says:

    Choosing a wireless provider may involve factors such as availability, cost and personal preference. I was skeptical to switch to from Verizon to AT&T because of all the negative comments, even from people that have never used them. I made the switch to AT&T and am very satisfied with my service and coverage–which surprisingly is better than Verizon in all of my usage areas (Eastern Ohio/Western PA). While I suppose the 3G speed could always be faster, it works fine with my iPhone 3GS. So instead of insulting others like the above poster Kate did by stating ‘some people around here actually have some sense’ one has to consider that it eventually comes down to availability, cost and personal preference for consumers.

  200. Jen Says:

    Do not go with T-Mobile. By far the worst service, coverage, and customer service I have ever had to deal with. I’m currently looking for a new carrier and was hoping this site would help me out, but I’m more confused than ever. My only 2 choices are AT&T and Verizon. I’ve used AT&T before and they weren’t bad, but I had problems with their text system and never could get a straight answer as to what was wrong. I finally gave up and went with T-Mobile (BIG mistake!).

  201. Mike Bassi Says:

    At&t is the best verizon robs people watch out for your money. At&t has world wide coverage free verizon makes you pay because for global service because their network is not as good as at&t’s. Plus verizon customer service sucks.

  202. Mike Bassi Says:

    so does my grammer in the above comment sorry but verizon still sucks.

  203. Tom Says:

    Why do I get the feeling that all I am reading is Verizon and AT&T sales people messing with each other?

  204. Llazyme Says:

    I too have the upgrade / re-chain option so was in both stores today in Eugene OR. At&t has 2 things that are attractive.. the i-phone and roll-over minutes.
    I was dealt with quickly in both stores.. both were pretty busy.
    I’ve been with verizon forever.. my current phone has lasted 4 years. The customer service has been excellent.
    Coverage has inproved here on the edge of the western us.. but there are still gaps along the coast.

  205. b-ran Says:

    Ok the dumbest point is verizon on commission??? seriously i could care less what they get paid, how they get paid, or what there forced to do. Its all about customer service and if its better than at&t, then by god im gunna go with verizon.

  206. tiffany loves shawn Says:

    i like verizon cell phones because u can get unlimited texting to people on your plan. so if anybody has a problem with me saying that then they can just get over

  207. tiffany loves shawn Says:

    just joking lol

  208. Chris Wick Says:

    Verizon network is one of the best. Their customer service sucks. I went to a Verizon store and got treated badly because I wasn’t buying anything. You better be ready to buy something or else you’ll be ignored

  209. Troy Says:

    at&t or verizon in the mid east coast which is better or is there really a diffrence.
    1 phone service
    2 email
    3 web browsing

  210. Jim B. Says:

    I had ATT for so many years I can’t even count. Then decided to switch to Verizon because they had a phone I liked. How bad could it be right? HA! What a joke! It was horrible. I never had so many dropped calls when I was with ATT. Decided to try T-Mobile. This was only marginally better. If the phone can’t make calls, what the hell good is all the other crap? Have been back with ATT for almost 4 years now, and something is going to have to go drastically wrong for me to leave. Hardly ever a dropped call, excellent data coverage wherever I go, including my sister’s cabin in the Sierra mountains, and I love my HTC Tilt WinMo PDA phone I’ve had for the last 2 of those 4 years. Not to mention that Verizon charges out the wazoo for fewer-minute plans with NO ROLLOVER! Verizon lies. Get ATT.

  211. TrevorK Says:

    does att work good in hawaii

  212. Liz Says:

    AT&T Is by far the best service I have had – I have had everything except Sprint (which I have heard HORRIBLE things about anyway). AT&T Customer care is always accommodating for me, they have done so many credits and re-rates when things were messed up. I’m not quite sure what you are basing customer service on! Verizon customer service was always rude to me though – I never really had to deal with t-mobile – but that doesn’t matter. Seriously, the best phone out there is the iphone, and those of you who don’t agree are in some kind of denial – so open up your minds, and get out there and try it! If you have service issues with AT&T there are several things it could be – your sim, your phone, your area etc. Verizon does not have the ability to just switch a sim card because they use a DATED technology called CDMA – AT&T uses a worldwide up to date technology called GSM. Check it out, its all true! Trust me, get an iphone and you won’t be disappointed – scared? Try the one-on-one training class at the apple store, they will teach you the ins and outs of the phone, wow! It really does come with great customer service, huh!?! Just make sure you pick up an apple care plan for extra first class service.

  213. david Says:

    I just hate you all customers that think you know everything… Verizon, AT&T do you think we care. we are here to get paid for helping stuck up like you and we smile not because we care about you but we get paid for doing that. just get over it and if you dont like the company that service YOU just change to the other. do you think we sales rep. care about you telling us that you are going to leave the carrier your little family of 5 well we dont, tell that to C.S cause they might care. we are here to sell AND GET OUT not to deal with your personal issues about you acc fees or YOU going over your minutes and saying you didnt. if you dont buy, someone else will, please dont think you are Irreplaceable or unique because to the frontlines in the stores… WE DON’T CARE just BE NICE to us and be PATIENT if we have other customers and I promise you will get a really good C.S but if you are a total DICK how do you expect us to be with you… Treat people good so you can be treated better

  214. Army Wife Says:

    I recommend At&t!! My family have verizon & husband had verizon, I chose AT&T & my Hubby switch & got under the family shared plan. I had AT&T for a few years now & love it. Verizon do have more nice variety of phones but so do AT&T although not as much. We have the iPhones & we love it! I would consider Verizon did have the best service but not anymore because AT&T is growing & they are adding more towers & I haven’t had any service problems. Verizon is a lot more expensive with the plans & Internet service than At&t does. I love that AT&T has the rollover minutes with unlimited night & weekends & free nights starts at 9pm. Verizon do have that mobile to mobile text but I don’t care cuz it doesn’t matter when I have unlimited texting. When I call for customer service, sometimes I talk to some people who don’t know what they’re doing but most of the time I get people who are so patient, kind, friendly, understanding, helpful, & most importantly listens. I hope this information will help you guys out there to decide, but also it’s each individual experiences & preference. For me is At&t first then verizon, I’m not even gonna talk about the other services such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, etc.

  215. Nick Says:

    AT&T customer service is bleak at best. I recently paid $325 to get out of my contract and go with Verizon. Reason? AT&T coverage is LOUSY. I don’t get reception in many parts of my state w/ AT&T while Verizon covers almost every square inch. I think Apple jumped on the wrong horse when they chose AT&T as their exclusive iphone service provider. Check out Verizon’s HTC Imagio Smart phone. It’s as good if not better than the iphone. You’ll have much better service too!

  216. Nicole Kinney Says:

    att cust service is by far the best…. the other guys cant even compare, really they cant, verizon and sprint run on differant networks than att, so its like comparing apples to oranges. But if I had to choose which is better overall, att all the way!

  217. Stephanie Says:

    In Response to Dave:

    It sounds like someone is bitter about their job. There is no need to “hate” customers for giving their opinions here. In all honesty as a cell user for many years I can say a lot of frustration over cell phone provider services is well deserved. You say that customers are easily replaceable? That is so wrong. The executives and other higher ups at the cell phone companies know this and this is why millions are spent each year to keep and get new customers. When there are so many choices for providers you make sure as a competing company you can stay in the game. If any one in this large spectrum is replaceable it is sales reps like you that come a dime a dozen. Especially when the economy is so bad and and jobs are scarce. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Less customers = No job for you.

  218. stephanie Says:

    I have had both AT&T and Verizon and will hopefully be going back to AT&T. I have had so many problems with my phones with Verizon… Had to replace 1 phone 4 times and still didnt work so I had to get a different phone… I never have reception in my house but outside and almost anywhere else its great. AT&T is ok too but then again they can be a little slow and apparently they do not know how to update an address when you move. Honestly the only reason I am going back (customer service sucks!!!) is for the I-Phone…

  219. Michael Says:

    1. For those who have had “bad experience with veeizon”, is a couple of headaches worth a lot more headaches? Meaning if you switch to another carrier (AT&T for example) you will NOT get the same coverage you need, Verizon spends 45% of their revenues in network alone, while AT&T spends it in marketing and other things. Hands down verizon has the best coverage, network and come on people that’s what having a cell phone is all about being able to CALL!!!

    2. Reliable – After 9/11 the only wireless carrier that didn’t completely go down in New York City was Verizon, and after an hour it was fully restored. IT took AT&T, T-Mobile and other carriers over 6 hours to fully restore.

    3. Coming up in 2010 Verizon will be the only Wireless Carrier in the U.S to start LTE (4G Network) giving you even more speed!

    4. Security – CDMA network gives you the peace of mind that it’s impossible to hack the network (no tapping on your phone), GSM (which is what AT&T and T-Mobile use have been hacked).

    5. Now that Verizon has bought Alltel, it’s even bigger than before!

    Bottom line I have had Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular, Amp’d Mobile, And Verizon has been the most reliable, I don’t want to say the best customer service because there has been times where they have not treated me like I want, but in the end guess what, I CAN RELY ON MY CELL PHONE

  220. Michael Says:


    1. Verizon is getting the iPhone next year. AT&T is losing that contract.

    2. You are seriously going to leave for a phone that is going to look nice and shiny but have barely any reception, have barely any 3G coverage, you will LOVE the phone, hate the network, it’s a very stupid reason to go back especially when iPhone and other great phones will be available to Verizon VERY SOON.

    3. Your phones keep breaking? Stop getting a cheap phone!!! Spend the extra dollar and get something that the Verizon Agents recommend or that has great reviews online. Or maybe watch how you are treating your phones, the network nor Verizon has the fault because a phone is malfunctioning, Verizon doesn’t make phones, they simply provide the network for these phones to operate on.

  221. Michael Says:


    It’s not like comparing apple to oranges, yes it’s a different technology, but they are wireless carriers, they both offer similar things and the bottom line is that Verizon is bigger, better coverage, largest 3G network, and regardless of if Verizon’s customer service is bad (which is not) IT’S THE NETWORK! There is NO network in the U.S that compares to Verizon on coverage and reliability.

    If I want to buy a sports car and I’m comparing a Mazda RX8 to a Honda S2000, (which both have completely different engines) don’t mean i’m comparing apples to oranges, they are still sports cars and they are similar.

  222. Jason M Says:

    ATT is so much better, way more cool phones than Verizon.

  223. Jruggs Says:

    ATT is the better choice. The world of cell phones is moving over to smart devices and Verizon isn’t keeping up. The Iphone is the king of cell phones and Verizon had nothing to counter with, even Sprint attempted with the Palm Pre. Also having GSM Phones helps with a smoother transfer of devices where with Verizon it takes 10 minutes with Customer service.

  224. Sandy Says:

    I’m not that into smartphones or watching youtube on my phone, but I did end up going to the posterchild of these functions: ATT. Why? Because I called Verizon and received the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced on a sales call. Usually, when a company is out to sell/make money, they ramp up the butt kissing, but the CSR at Verizon was rude, obnoxious, and sarcastic. I asked her if I could see if I qualified for service before making my mind up on a particular phone or service (and I did this b/c some places have a step-by-step menu that require specific info before submitting) and she was like “duh, that IS the normal procedure.” I don’t work at Verizon, you little twit…so how am I expected to know what the hell your usual procedure is? A couple more snarky remarks and I was out of there. Called ATT and received nothing but sincerity and helpfulness. Customer service IS a strong selling point…at least for me.

  225. Sandy Says:

    Dave: your sentiments are your own. I also work as a CSR (for a satellite company), and I don’t have your negative and crappy attitude. Do I get rude customers? Yes. Do I like them? Hell no. Can’t stand people who cuss at me or are mad because of circumstances that are out of our hands, but I don’t look at all customers that way. However, I think a lot of folks here are justified in saying that a lot of times customer service sucks because the truth is that a lot of these jobs hire from the lowest rung in the employment chain. I was laid off from my regular job, which is how I ended up a CSR, but surprisingly I like doing the work. But 80% of the people around me seem to hate their jobs and are extremely unprofessional and downright trashy (cussing constantly on and off the phones, constantly engrossed in office gossip, loud, and immature) sort of like your post. For every one of me or several other professional acting CSRs I know, there’s twenty of you. Sad but true. It’s like customer service jobs are where bad/loser high school kids to go die…a regular detention graveyard.

  226. Erik Says:

    I have been an ATT customer for many many years. In fact, I was a customer of Cingular, which ATT merged and before that Pactel Cellular which Cingular acquired. So, from that I can tell you I have experienced just about a lifetime of the ATT service.

    ATT has been a company that has great marketing but lousy signal strength and coverage. For many years, nearly all major points of my life, work, home, routine travel routes, there was a weak signal. It was so frustrating and nothing I could do short of changing services. Yet, every two years I resigned up. Maybe I love punishment, who knows. I am one of the hopeless romantics that think the relationship will change.

    I finally reached a point where I am ready to switch and my contract is up in December 09. I am so excited to dump ATT. There phones are junky, not all of course, but most. They seem to rarely have a good selection. The ATT stores are a total rip off, not to mention they seem to relish in tortcher customers by long lines, and rushed interaction, worst yet are the prices of the phones at ATT stores are 40-100 percent higher than stores like Best Buy. Why this is, I don’t know. I can get a phone at ATT for $150 and Best Buy $49 both with a rebate.

    Customer service is so so. If you’re a great paying customer, as I have been and for so many many years, I do get treated a little better but it’s only after getting angry and threatening to leave. I understand that cell companies don’t make money on customers until after the first year or so, and the cost to acquire new customers is expensive, so it’s better for them to do what it takes to keep customers who pay and hang on for more years. For the most part, if a customer pays their bill, and the phone works, there is little need to interact with customer service from any company. But when you have trouble or need a new phone is when things go bad quickly.

    I think that in this age, most cell companies use each others cell towers, I guess some areas are more ATT, or Verizon and in those places you get better service depending on who subscribe.

    Most of the pricing plans are the same with some minor differences. I think all are within 10-$20 a month. Clearly everyone has an argument as why one is better. I think the first company to offer a no contract service, and not the pay per use kind, but full service will be the winner. That will demonstrate they are confident their service is the best and they don’t need to lock customers into a contract.

  227. JW Says:

    I guess no one has seen this commercial lately?

    And #2 Verizon employe at the corporate stores DO NOT get commision the independant stores may or may not that is up to the store owner. AT&T phones suck they are all junk and made cheap and are old. Verizon Has 10X more service than AT&T and their customer service is much better.

  228. Sara Says:

    After reading all your comments, I am still confused as to which provider to choose. However, my goal is great coverage and it appears verizon has it. I’ll decide for sure when I go into the store and ask about all the extras I want.

  229. Todd Hillman Says:

    I also was looking at either AT&T or Verizon. Visited both locations, and the Verizon rep was far more knowledgeable on the phones, plans, etc. In fact, the AT&T rep had many problems figuring out applications on the Iphone-could these work vertically and horizontally-simple like the calendar? AT&T rep could not open one of the cases for the Iphone. He did not know of any discount plans available, but he would look into this and call me back. Five days later, I am still waiting on his phone call.

  230. Julie Says:

    I currently have AT&T. The customer service is horrible, i know. A relative of mine has been trying verizon ( he was on AT&T too ) and he says the service isnt as good around our area. I really love one of verizon’s phones and i want to know if it’s worth it.

    Thanks 🙂

  231. Mortimir Says:

    The situation is exactly reversed in my hometown. Verizon is a horrible company. I don’t know as much about AT&T, as I haven’t used them. If they’re worse than Verizon I’d probably rather do without a mobile phone, frankly. I’ll be finding out soon, as I refuse to endure any more b&*$hit from Verizon, their deliberately broken phones, and embarrassingly inept customer service. BTW, you better back your contacts up manually, because their online service does not work as advertised. It doesn’t work at all! I say that after two weeks of trying to access my contact list through their service. For me that was the last straw. I hope you have better luck.

  232. Karin Says:

    I am a former satisfied Alltel customer (12 years), now dissatisfied Verizon customer. Previously, I had service, data and phone, nationally and internationally on my Blackberry 8830. Literally, 2 weeks after the transition to Verizon, I woke up in the morning and ALL of my e-mails, texts, and call log disappeared! I called Verizon customer service…yes, they explained in a nice/calm manner that there was a memory leak. After hours of phone calls to tech support, and software downloads, I rebooted to NO BROWSER! Nor did it replace those lost e-mails. This did not happen once…3x in ONE WEEK! Either I will raise enough hell to get out of my contract with no fees, or I will limp along until I can switch to AT&T. 16 of my Facebook friends are satisfied AT&T customers. I can’t wait to switch! Yeah, Verizon is big, but bigger is not always better…only leads to MORE problems. Why do you think PC’s have more problems than Mac’s? Common comments from my Verizon friends are “oh, that doesn’t work on my phone” and “I can’t get that” and “If I take the battery out, it might work again” and “If I update my roaming, maybe that will help.” What?! I miss my Alltel!

  233. Dan Says:

    What about the new Motorola Droid phone on Verizon? I’m really torn between iPhone/AT&T or Droid/Verizon. I’d rather have the iPhone, but with Verizon’s network. Decisions, decisions… Anyone else here struggling with the same choice?

  234. Lay Says:

    I’ve used ATT for two years and hate them whenever I need service. Their 3G sucks and the connection isn’t all that great. I’ve used prepaid companies that are actually better. So I’ve been looking to switch.

    What I heard so far is that T mobile has bad coverage in my area but I think even though Verizion cost a little more than ATT they sound like they are alot better they have a better map in most areas and actually have customer service.

    O ya you often get charged for things you don’t use with ATT followed by no one to talk to when you complain.

    I know because my phone keeps tracks of my minutes used and messages and I’ll get charged for alot more.

    They were much much better when they were Cingular

  235. Roya Says:

    I have also been with At&T since they were Cingular, and I have to agree with Lay that they were better as Cingular. The reason we signed up with them was because they were all that was available where we were living – in fact, almost 5 years later, AT&T is still the only thing that works there!

    However, I am thinking about upgrading my phone, and as much as I love Apple, I’ve heard way too many complaints about the iPhone. I like the BB Bold, but would really like a touchscreen. Like Dan, I really like the new Droid – or even the BB Storm 2 – but I don’t know if it is worth switching networks. I’ve never had any problems with AT&T customer service – but I’m sure they are different everywhere you go.

    From what I’ve heard, maybe I will stick with AT&T – though I really wish they had a touchscreen BB!

  236. Michael Says:

    Bottom line is AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are all about the same. I have been with AT&T forever and I am happy. I have been by people who have Verizon and don’t get reception and visa versa, where they got reception and I didn’t. I had T-Mobile for a bit and their services runs on AT&T’s towers, so it’s pretty close to the same.

    Never had Sprint, but know people who have. The big difference is CDMA vs GSM. Sprint & Verizon= CDMA, AT&T & T-Mobile= GSM. Most of the rest of the world has gone to GSM, which is why AT&T & T-Mobile users can go almost anywhere in the world with their phones. You’ll just get charged and arm and leg to make a call.

    All in all at the end of the day it really depends on knowing how to work within the company’s system and which one you are more comfortable with. I like AT&T, but have friends that swear by Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

    Remember this is not the old AT&T that got broken up by the government, but 6 of the 7 baby bells under the AT&T name. This means they function as many small companies under one name. Hence the problems with some customer service issues. That is federal government regulations, not AT&T’s choice.

    Verizon is Bell Atlantic (the 7th baby bell), GTE and MCI. The federal government’s approval of Verizon and Verizon Wireless allowed the “new” AT&T. Verizon land lines, internet, wireless and TV are much like AT&T, different companies, or division operating under 1 name. They have the same issues as AT&T does. Again, this is the federal government’s regulations to protect the consumer.

    With AT&T (12) and Verizon (48) we are talking about two companies that are in the top 50 of the worlds largest companies.

    Choose whichever you feel most comfortable with whether it is AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. At the end of the day, you are still just 1 customer of millions, if not billions of customers world wide.

  237. Alex Says:

    AT&T sucks and VZW RULES!

  238. Alan Says:

    I just have to say that what ever works for you in your particular area, is what you should go with. I don’t think you can generalize this issue. All coverage areas are not the same. You should switch if you are not happy but don’t try to tell others what they need in their own particular area. Most people have their own individual needs when it comes to phones, so for some iphones are not needed but for others, it is a useful tool.

  239. bud Says:

    at&t is the best ive had about 5 phones with them and when they came out with the iphone i got it and ive never wanted anything else it does everything you could ever want and it blows all the other touch screen phones out of the water mostly just cuz the screen is so much more touchy the others are slow and just suck

  240. Pcaywood Says:

    I heard that if you have an att phone verison has just purchased some of the towers and they wont let att customers us them with out purchasing their phone plan has any one else heard this?

  241. Kieran Jones Says:

    seriously you need to redo this At&t is much MUCH MUCh better than verizon now the service is about the same but the internet 3G is faster than verizon and verizon is beaten by at&t

  242. Michael Says:

    ATT sucks they were going to charge me %60 to apply a company discount to my account. Who the crap charges money to give a discount.

  243. Rene Says:

    I work for AT&T, and yes, there are a lot of things a store rep can do, and a lot of restrictions to what they can do. I will not talk abour Verizon because, even though I was once an assistant manager there, I don’t like to talk negative about other companies. What I would like to say is: There are many small authorized agents who sell nothing but AT&T, however, they don’t have either the training nor the knowledge to take care of customers the right way. Go to a COR (Company owned retail) store, the way to know the difference is, agents have their company name next to the AT&T, and they don’t carry the iphone. if you happen to come across one of those agents, run out and call customer service for the nearest COR store.

  244. Ken Says:

    Michael is missing pertinent information. He is relying on old information. ATTWS went out of business due to probably the crappy service & mis-management in their org. Cingular was a wireless provider, owed predominately by SBC Communications. SBC bought the brand name fm ATT and restored the ATT Wireless brand name. It’s too bad because I really beleived that it had done a wonderful job building the Cingular name.

    Verizon has the highest customer satisfaction of any wireless provider and with the absorption of Unicell & All-Tel, they truly have the best coverage. It’s all about where you live, use the phone the most. Living in the largest city in ME and having the CDMA/GSM coverage with my Blackberry, I can only suggest that this company be a consideration.

    ATTWS – At ATT, while The Telecom Works Sucky
    Sprint PCS/Nextel – At Sprint PCS stand for pretty crappy service and with Nextel, there is no-tel.

    T-Mobile – the next time I travel to China, maybe a consideration and I am not referring to China, ME because it doesn’t work there.

    Verizon Wireless – works wherever I need it to work. 16 years as a loyal customer. And I’ve tried them all!

  245. Doug Says:

    I have had both ATT and Verizon and both were fine. I currently have ATT now because I have the iphone and love it. I have also owned the Moto Razr V3xx and Moto Razr2 V9x which are known for their call quality, reception and signal strength. That’s one thing people need to realize is that sometimes it has more to do with the cellphone technology than it does the carrier. My friend lives at the bottom of a hill in a part of the city that no carrier gives him more than 1 or 2 bars and the phone he always had the best reception and most bars was on his Moto Razr phones using ATT. His LG phone could never get any signal there. The Moto Razr line gives me more bars and more clear call quality/reception than any other phone I’ve ever had. From reading all the reviews at and all the other electronic websites, the best flip phones you can get for best call quality, reception, signal strength are the Motorola Razr phones, even their flip phones beat the smart phones in that area. I’ve never had a dropped call with any of my Moto Razr’s or iphone with ATT and I’m in a smaller city of 40,000 that doesn’t have 3G. My phone always works.

    When it comes to service from ATT I never had a problem with them. I’m on a family plan with 3 lines and it’s only $95 bucks a month total. I get over 670 minutes anytime a month for myself and I keep my rollover minutes. I get unlimited minutes week nights (9pm to 6am) free and unlimited weekends completely free. I currently have 4,850 rollover minutes to use free and my rollover minutes keep adding up and soon I’ll be over 5,000 free minutes and I won’t even come close to using them all.

    Another advantage with ATT phones is they have a SIM card so you can take your phone any where in the world and it will work, all you do is go into another country and take out your SIM card and spend $15 to $20 bucks for a new SIM card and pop it in and your phone works in that country. I currently have 4 phones that are all ATT and I can use all of them now by taking the SIM card out of one and putting it in another one of my phones. If I feel like I only want to take one of my Moto Razr phones with me I take the SIM card out of my Apple iphone and put it in the Razr and vice versa which you can’t do with Verizon. That’s what makes ATT more flexible with more options. When it comes to which carrier has the best customer service I don’t why anyone would complain about any of the carriers and it’s not the carrier’s fault if their store is busy. I’m in a small city of 45,000 people and I have 4 ATT stores in a 12 mile radius.

  246. Doug Says:

    Most the complaints from people about carriers are most often from people living in rural areas in small towns. If you live in any major city in the U.S. with over 500,000 people you should not get a dropped call but if you do it’s not the carriers fault, it’s you and your cellphones fault. Like I said I live in a city of around 40,000 people about an hour and 15 minutes west of Boston and I do a lot of traveling in my car and I never had a dropped call so I wonder what the hell people are doing with their phones. I also want to add that there’s no such thing as a perfect cellphone or perfect carrier, they all have some sort of short comings and I notice when I read any of the complaints about cellphones they’re so trivial like: “ohh the buttons wore out.” waaa waa blah blah blah. The only real short comings of any cellphone is battery life and that’s it but people expect to have 100 hours of talk time on a single battery charge which isn’t going to happen. If you get atleast 3 hours talk time that’s good enough plus you won’t get a tumor in your head, and with all the portable battery chargers you can get for your home and car you won’t run out of battery life. So plug in your damn phones and stop expecting it to be some sort of military grade Navy Seal phone where you can beat the hell out of it in a war zone and expect it to function.

  247. Moe Says:

    Verizon is a snooty company so naturally I won’t gone with them.
    I had sprint which was fine in NYC but much more spotty as soon as you get out of big towns or off the interstate in rural areas. As of now I switched to AT&T and the iPhone 3gs love the phone and thats after having the htc 6700,6800,touch, touch diamond all windows mobile phones. The AT&T network after 7 months of service I have to say I have very little issues clear calls I’m in Brooklyn and didn’t have any dropped calls. One day last week I realized that the 3g service was getting much faster up to 1.5- 2.0 mbs that’s good enough for me. The biggest whiners are the AT&T costumers I’m not sure why. An article or two in the newspaper and suddenly everybody claims to have dropped calls. The point is before you get any cell service check out your home area and settle for the company you want to keep. Once your travelling one will be better than the other in some place, that’s just life.

  248. Margaret Says:

    Well after AT&T is pushing their 3G ntwork with the iPhone Verizon came back with 3G network we have a map for that and showed American’s that Verizon has the largest 3G network, and now AT&T hired Luke Wilson to show post cards where AT&T works in (all the places he saids are major cities) Do we all live in major cities…???? No we live away in the woods on farms small town USA, yes Verizon works here…CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW AT&T???

  249. chris Says:

    i have had at&T and sprint and guess what folks i saved money time and headache and the best part is >>>>I DONT HAVE DROPED CALLS .. after i swiched to do you want too know what service i have thats right verizon and i love it i will never go back too at&t or sprint again.. t-moble is better than those two and if they got more towers i might swich too them maybe they should partner with verizon that would be smart

  250. chris Says:

    i live in the country verizon is the only one that gets services u.s. celluar roams off verizon towers but still att and sprint all your phone is good for where i live is a paper weight

  251. Doug Says:

    There are plenty of areas where Verizon doesn’t work in rural areas. I have a friend who lives in central California between LA and San Fran and can’t get reception with Verizon, but gets great reception with T-Mobile and AT&T. It matters where “YOU” are located. I’ve had Verizon and AT&T and both are fine. One is not better than the other when it comes to signal strength for everyone, it has to deal with your individual location. There are areas where AT&T have more towers than Verizon and vice versa. But where AT&T and T-Mobile have a superior system than Verizon is in their GSM network and sim cards. I can take my AT&T GSM phone anywhere in the world and it will work, all I have to do when I get into a different country is take out my sim card and spend $15 bucks for a new sim card and pop it in and it works, where as if you were to use your Verizon phone in another country you will get hammered with roaming bills and other expenses. When I had Verizon and traveled to Europe I got hit for a $350 bill for using my phone for a day.

  252. mike Says:

    Verizon is crap…. enough said.

  253. mike Says:

    There is nothing better than the Iphone and verzion knows it. Verizon will never make anything close to the Iphone. Dam people its a figgen Apple, hello any own a apple computer much better than a pc. No Problems. Also enough of this AT&T coverage. They are by far the biggest cellphone company. I think that map ad with Luke Wilson is really verizon’s map.

  254. joe Says:

    well i like att – and about the coverage map, verizon is only showing att 3g coverage which verizon dont even have yet what verizon is showing as there 3g is the same as att 2g so that is misleading in itself so verizon isnt exactly honest about there coverage also they are not telling you most of there towers are not theirs.. not to mention talking and doing data at the same time yeah try that with a verizon phone.. one other thing people are going to get the chance to compare since apple is making the iphone to work on both verizon and att networks and dont think you will get visual voicemail because thats actually owned by att not apple..

  255. Karen Says:

    FIRST of all, how are the prices the same for att and verizon????? ATT has the same prices as the other networks, better over some. Verizon’s plans are ALL 30 dollars more expensive than other networks and that’s alot when you addd on the high taxes you pay at the end. Who is gonna pay 130 for unlimited minutes, not including text or internet fee and not including the taxes. so after all the math your phone bill is 200 dollars, WTF!! (yes this is true compare the prices on carrier websites)

    I am a huge blackberry fan so that’s why I stick with at&t; they have better Blackberry phones.

    AND how can verizon talk crap about the iphone when they came out with the flop of all flops the Blackberry Storm. We all know that phone is and has been doing bad because after a couple months of release, it went on sale for like buy one get one free and now you can get two of those suckers for free. CAUSE NO ONE WANTS THEM!

    The at&t store where I live is great. They do greet me at the door to assist me. If someone has experience poor customer service, it is the fault of the employee NOT the carrier. I’m sure companies do not tell their employees to be beotches.

    ALL networks have some problem. 3G is new and Sprint is trying to do 4G so you can only imagine the next problems that are going to happen. I don’t suggest anyone doing 4G until they can get the 3G straight.

    The phone game is all about random picks. If you are LUCKY, then you will have a great, awesome phone with great awesome service.

  256. jj Says:

    OMG you are so biasd. att is always busy because the plans are amazing. more coverage. my mom has verizon and i have att and everywhere we go she has little or no bars. i have all or most of mine! and the phones are cheaper and so are the bills. i pay 30 a month for unlimited calling texting and internet use… verizon sucks and not being biased its becuase everyone i know who has it… hates it!!

  257. Terry Says:

    Verison would be sued to death if their 3g was = to AT&T’s 2g.

    The maps on 3g says it all. Who is investing their money on upgrading period.

  258. Carol Says:

    Not true. The ATT store I go to has a sign in sheet and a greeter, so you get helped in order. I have never had one of them help someone else in the middle of helping me.
    Plans are about the same.
    iphone rocks.

  259. Paul B Says:

    Lets see from everything that I have read it seems like everyone has a strong disdain for something that has been a hearsay misconception. I have work with electronics for approximately 8 years and everyone at one point or another has a bad experience with a company and takes it to a level that just shouldn’t exist. The tricky part about cell phones is that there is absolutely no way to just say that one company is better then another in the area I live most phones/phone services work just fine so you can pick based on your preference. I have chosen Verizon because the AT&T store around me have ignorant help and the Verizon stores are well staffed, Sprint lost my respect with there current level of phone the are a network for my grandmother. The long and short of it is all you need to do to get away from a pressured sales experience is walk in to a Best Buy and visit one of their Mobile Experts who here the complaints of every company all day everyday and they can give you an unbias opinion based on the coverage area you are in and they can take care of all your service needs, not to mention if your phone breaks under their plan there is no waiting or refurbished phone they get you a brand new phone on the spot and if possible transfer your contacts they made my life easier I recommend them to everyone I know.

  260. Steve Says:

    Ok… Before we had AT&T and Verizon sales persons battling back and forth and now we have Best Buy getting in on the fight.
    I agree that whatever works best in your area is the most important factor when choosing a cell phone comapany and that no one provider is “the best” provider hands down. Here I have no 3G coverage for my AT&T blackberry but I CAN’T get Verizon phone for my address. That just doesnt make sense. I have had good customer service from AT&T I have heard good things about Verizon as well so thats a push. Like the new Droid but like I said… I cant get one here. I hope AT&T widens its 3G coverage and does it soon or I will have to find a way to switch to something that gives me more for my money. So in the end my friends.. its what works best for you. Do you want a phone with no sim card? Do you want better 3G coverage? Do you want commission customer service? Different calling plan names? The list can go on and on.

  261. AndrewB Says:

    I really do despise Verizon! I have their wireless service with 2 basic phones and their FIOS HD and internet. Can you say almost $300 per month! It chokes me to even type that!

    Verizon customer service sucks ass! They are so friendly and nice on the phone when you call and I’ve had to call them at least every other month! For the past 4 times I’ve had to call for service, I’ve had to call back no less than 2 more times to actually get what I had ordered (or removed from my bill)!!! Service!!!???? What service?

    I plan on dumping all of my Verizon service, going back to cable for TV/Internet and going to AT&T for better wireless plans and the sex with iPhone. My 2 years is up now, just waiting for wifey’s phone to go past 2 years and then I will pull the trigger (so to speak).

  262. Dan Says:

    I have had good service with my AT&T. However, it can use some improvements on 3G (especailly in California). I stay with AT&T because there is a cell site only one block from my house! How cool is that? When travelling, it’s ok. AT&T is going to have to play “catch-up” with Verizon when it comes to coverage, if they want to be considered the best in the west. The iphone is the only thing keeping the customers they currently have.

  263. Chris Says:

    I am a former employee of verizon and it was the worst job i ever had and probably the worst company i have worked for…aside from that im still a loyal vzw customer because of one thing only COVERAGE!!! I would love to have an iphone but i cant sacrafice coverage for hands down the best phone on the market….

  264. John Rote Says:

    AT&T is the worst of everything. We bought an IPHONE at one of the AT&T stores and when we went to pick it up someone had taken it and given it to someone else. So, we ended up getting another one. The new one cuts out about every 3rd call. I wouldn’t recommend AT&T if it was $5 for the phone and contract. They’ll send you a new phone alright, but it will do the same thing. When my contract runs out I’ll switch to Vorizon. Then, Vorizon will be the worst. Who knows. It’s all a ripoff. AT&T must set it up to drop every 3rd call or if you stay on one call too long. How else would a phone suddenly drop if the sky is clear, and my phone and I are standing in the kitchen not moving? Yah. You guessed it. AT&T sucks.

  265. Monster Says:

    AT&T is the best

  266. Bryan Johnson Says:

    I am going with AT&T now, Verizon implemented a $350 early termination fee which is double AT&T’s rat. AT&T prorates it down $5 a month also.

  267. Duhhhhh Says:

    With at&t’s network, you can talk on your iphone and connect to the internet at the same time. With Verizon, you can’t. Verizon’s technology does not allow you to do this, so it doesn’t matter which Verizon phone you buy, you just can’t do it, and never will be able to either. What else do you need to know?

    Also, At&t 3g speed blows Verizon’s “3g” coverage out of the water. At&t is suing Verizon for their false claims with the 3G coverage maps. Verizon’s definition of 3G coverage speed is considerably lower than what At&t considers 3G speed. Just read this article:

    Also, I had Verizon for 6 years before going with At&t, and the At&t coverage is handsdown 150% better here in upstate NY. Plus I now have the (handsdown) best phone on the planet (iPhone 3gs). Just my 2 cents.

  268. Duhhhhh Says:

    Also, Verizon will never get the Iphone because the Verizon network does not allow you to surf the internet while you are on the phone (Verizon uses crummy CDMA technology). Apple would never offer the iphone on a network that does not allow web surfing while in the middle of a phone conversation…this is an absolute necessity for iphone users who have already been spoiled with this feature. I never considered this feature important when I had Verizon, but now that I have my iphone with at&t, I am constantly talking on the phone through my iphone earbuds and simultaneously surfing the internet, messing with apps, maps, navigation, etc. I couldn’t live without it!

  269. Verizon ROCKS Says:

    It will be interesting where the market goes once the LTE is launched in the near future. Well for Verizon anyways, AT&T is going to take there time along with everything else they do including putting up more towers. While having AT&T for nearly 6 years, you don’t realize how poor there customer service is and there coverage until you switch to a provider with awesome customer service and reception. I have read many complaints about Verizon employees working on commission but I have yet to have any problems with one, even when i’m not signing up for a new contract. I had the Blackberry Storm first generation for nearly over a year and had to go in and get a different one 4 times because of defects. Each time I was able to leave the store and have everything that was on the old phone put back on the new one rather than having to send out my phone which was a pain in the ass with ATT. Couldn’t tell that I just walked out with a different phone besides no defect. I’m not going to sit here and knock all these Iphone fans because the Iphone is a nice phone. But I will say since I switched from the Storm to the Droid last month, I love the fact that I can MULTI-TASK including surf the web while on the phone with the exception of WiFi…..

  270. Duhhhhhh Says:

    I don’t think you read my post correctly. I said that I had VERIZON for 6 years, and that AT&T is waaaaay better. Also, I’m not sure what you are talking about with the droid and surfing the web while on the phone…your last sentence doesn’t really make sense. You can’t surf the web while on the phone with the droid unless you are connected to wifi. Maybe that’s what you meant to say? Well, that is true, but what happens when you are driving down a highway at 80 mph and your biggest customer calls and needs an immediate response that requires you to pull information off off the Internet? Tell them you will call back? Well in my line of work, you may have just lost the customer, or at least frustrated them and made their day a little more stressful with the delay…which could have been easily avoided if you had am iPhone on a GSM network.

  271. Betty Says:


    “The Apple iPhone was originally introduced in 2007. Since then, there have been a variety of problems associated with the smart phone. Complaints have ranged from connectivity issues, “missing” functions to a controversy over hundred-plus-pages for phone bills.

    “In June 2009, Apple released a software update for the iPhone OS 3.0. Many people reported problems downloading the software, receiving error messages when they attempted the update. There were also a few reported of problems with iTunes or time-out messages during updates.CNET: Scattered reports of iPhone OS 3.0 update problems (June 17, 2009)2”

    Also I recently just purchased the Blackbery Storm 2, and besides the fact that it has all the same apps (but non are required) it also is wifi capable, and has 3.2 mp camara.

    Another thing is that I read that comment about how Verizon workers get commisson for their sales, well I can tell you for a fact that this is just not true, authorized retailers are one of them that does not deal with commission!

  272. IPhone 4 life Says:

    well i like mt IPhone i have had both and just to say i liked VZW but i love my phone now running my own web-site i get to do everything from my phone like BE ON THE PHONE WHILE SURFING THE WEB… WHICH YOU CAN NOT DO ON ANY OTHER NETWORK!!! And as for the commerical that VZW is running as far as coverage is concerened AT&T owns all of their network another FACT that no other Carrier can say… so screw the 3G VZW will get bought out by some one very soon and dont cry when its AT&T that does it…. SORRY!!!

  273. lana Says:

    i effing hate verizon. they drop my calls constantly and the other half of the time i don’t receive any.

  274. Gary Says:

    i know for a fact that with AT&T you do have to pay Requires purchase of a $30/mo data service. 2 year contract & new activation required with all there PDA smartphones its right on there website so if your so stupid you can’t read it then stay with you junky service at AT&T and keep paying your 30.00 just like verizon charges

  275. Darrell Says:

    I have never had AT&T but am thinking about switching. Verizon Lies like Hell with their TV Commercial about there are no Dead Spots. Hell where I live there are more dead spots than live ones. Verizon should just close down their Wireless Service. As there are other people like myself that are just throwing their money away.

  276. JasonMorgan Says:

    Att is the best, and iPhone makes them even better.

  277. Me Says:

    if customers: current or prospective do not do their homework and review posts such as this and hear it straight from the customers then they won’t really get a more accurrate view of both systems. I live in the intermountain west (Utah) s I can only speak for myself and my area. I travel quite a bit (4 times a week). My territory is from North Dakota.. down to El Paso, TX up diagonally over to central California.. up to Seattle and back over to N. Dakota. I was with AT&T for several years but got repeatedly soooooooooooooo tired and pissed off of either dropped calls in the middle of booking flights off the fly going to the airport or it just doesn’t place the call (dead tone). That’s why I left AT&T and went over to Verizon. I DO NOT get dropped calls or problems making the initial calls from Verizon. AT&T can claim it services my vast area.. but have so many dropped calls is a different story they don’t claim. A few of my friends spoke about this argument over Thanksgiving and current AT&T friends still claim of repeated dropped calls & can’t connect. From my poll of friends if you can deal with those deficiencies from AT&T then by all means.. go with them.. I’d rather spend less tine or no time at all with those issues. GO VERIZON! lol!

  278. Jennifer Says:

    At&t sucks eggs. Man, i always wanted an att phone, and at last i got it. today i did the automated voice option, asked some faq’s, then was about to call them and just scream my lungs out. I have a GoPhone, and the money that I had left, which was about 10 dollars, was all gone. It all went to those suckers. My 2 younger sisters had about 40 dollars each and the same thing happened to them. My dad who has a regular att phone got charged about 40 dollars (im not sure) because they disconnected his phone. He got into a fight with them about a week ago. ugh, att sucks crap!!!!!!

  279. pat Says:

    I had AT&T when they when they where still cingular. When it changed to AT&T the customer service went from great to non existent. Last straw with AT&T is when a 911 dispatch called and said I have called several times and the where calling the Highway Patrol. Called AT&t asap and asked for my call history and they confirmed I never called 911, but they wouldn’t email the updated call log or talk to the Officer. After getting several supervisors they finally did take care of it. DONT TRUST AT&T!!!

  280. Bob Says:

    Well, I read all 279 posts and I still don’t know which is better. I have Verizon and want to change because I can’t get service at work or where I play. At&t has service in both places. So I guess it boils down to ‘get the phone that has the best service where you will use the phone,’ does that sound right?

  281. BRIAN Says:

    AT@T CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! WE tried to get out of a contract with them, do to the fact that we have no service at our home, and they simple told us to bad!Verizon is very helpfull and as soon as our contract is up we are gone.

  282. Marie Says:

    I love Verizon.
    I live in Arizona and I’ve NEVER had one drop call. Anywhere I go, I’ve never had a drop call. The customer service is amazing. I can just walk through the door and they get to me 1 minute later.
    I used my cousin’s phone [which happens to just be AT&T] and my call dropped a few seconds after I began talking. I tired it again and I couldn’t even hear the person on the other line.
    I’ve been to an AT&T store and I waited about twenty mintues before they even got to me.
    Personly I think Verizon is better. AT&T doesn’t seem like a good chose.
    My friend has Sprint and that one sucked. She’s going to get Verizon now.
    My other cousin has T Mobile and she said that it’s fine. She gets a few drops here and there, but she can AT LEAST hear the person on the other line.
    My brother has Alltel and he said he regrets it. He is going back to Verizon.
    I’ve also used my phones in California and never got one drop call.
    I don’t know how it may be for the rest of you, but using Verizon all these years was the best idea I’ve ever made.

  283. Phil Says:

    I like AT&T. My phone was shipped back to the warehouse because my school apparently didn’t want me to have it. They stopped the back tracking of the phone and it was sent back! They are awesome and I pay less than 100 bucks a month for internet, text and minutes between two of us!.

  284. ariel Says:

    personily i LOVE verizon t give you coverge almost any were and my opinoion is verizonalso as a better selections of phones. and i am not even a teen yet and i have hade both at&t and verizonand 1 other cruddy pre paid phone and my favorite was verizon from the start an i have had it now for about 2-3 years. and if you have a young child and you want them to have an emergency phopne then verizon is the right place for you. plus the magority of of phones are 10 times chaeper

  285. Stephen Says:

    Verizon wireless customer service is fail. Another thing is, at&t has saved my so much money as oppsed to verizon. In the average year a customer can go through 5-12 phones on a verizon plans because the phones are bad. Worst ever. AT&T phones never fail, NEVER. If they do, big IF, AT&T is there to help. Their 3g coverage is better than verizon’s those commercials are lies. My dad has verizon and is always upset, me never, since I have AT&T. Not to mention the data plans are excellent. Also, AT&T plans are cheaper. I’m sorry but they are. Do some research. Verizon is full of liars and my dad runs a business he’s losing money because of them on top of an outrageous bill, he pays $60 more than I do with the exact same plan and number of phones. I’ve checked. Very funny, very funny. What’s also funny is my dad’s switching to the best after his crap contract with verizon is up.

  286. Nick Says:

    I am a AT&T customer and been one for seven years. Out of those seven years I never had any problems until the year of 2009. I’ve had a lot of dropped calls and the sad thing is in my area my AT&T is great. Maybe it’s my phone? I get a new phone at AT&T in every two years when my contract expires. My family and I gets treated very well at AT&T and every time we go to the store we get a “hello welcome to AT&T great” maybe because we always go at the right time? I been told Verizon works well with “BIGGER” cities like L.A., Oakland, Miami, Pittsburgh, ect. and I live in a city with 35-40,000 people. We have a Verizon store in the area, but I don’t think the signal will be great here. Anyways. I will never give up on AT&T for Verizon or any other networks.

  287. nick Says:

    this article proves once and for all the at&t is far superior to verizon in every aspect but marketing.

  288. Jack Says:

    i think verizon is better, cuz it has way better service.

  289. Jim Says:

    So funny reading all this. Shows how powerful advertising is. Truth is 1) AT&T has cooler phones…period, 2) AT&T is catching up with Verizon after their purchase of Alltel and the sales numbers are scaring Verizon, 3) independent tests (look them up or read the papers) show both are essentially even on dropped calls, and 4)same independent tests show the AT&T data speeds are way faster than Verizon’s and about to get even faster. I’m thinking Verizon is sweating bullets out there about now.

  290. Roy Gilliland Says:

    The charts about 3-G coverage you see on tv is true. AT&T have a faster 3-G but they do not offer it nowhere but in large cities. Verizon coverage charts are true. Its the largest 3-G carrier than AT&T.

  291. lindsey Says:

    ok i have had verizon for probably six years now and only one bad experience with the customer service because the workers do work on commision. it was the opening day for a new phone and i was not buying it so the guy who was helping me was only focused on the customers buying that particular phone. i love all the apps that verizon has but one thing that pisses me off is that you do have to buy everything from your phone off of the verizon store. so when you get a new phone, all the ringtones you spent money on are gone. my boyfriend has att and his phone just looks so boring. i would suggest verizon for people who are more about personalizing their phones and att for people who just want a phone that is basically indestructible.

  292. Miguel Says:

    AT&T SUCKS BALLS They can no longer support unlimited BW on thier phones because their networks cant handle it. VERIZON is A LOT STRONGER and have actually been on 4-5G networks since early 2009 they just don’t advertise it. The Recent commercials make me laugh as you can see ATT try to defend themselves by making up all kinds of BS about them being faster LMFAO ROTF!! yeah right ATT SUCKS!!! thats why you should invest in your infrastructure instead of paying your CEO’s Bonuses on the amount of contracts. Stupid fools! The commercials make me wanna sock a att rep. lmao… and I don’t work for Verizon I am just a network engineer with real tools to measure their claims and I can assure you all Verizon has one of the most powerful networks today! And even so our networks still suck because of the FCC wanting to cap all our bandwidth. Why is it in korea and china the average BW is 30MB/30MB and here in the GOOD OLD REGULATED US we are barely catching up to these speeds? One thing is for sure ATT sucks If your going with reliability on power of infrastructure your definately WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better of with Verizon. I don’t care how much actors AT&T hires to make their stupid claims! Just do some research on AT&T and you’ll see even their top CS execs are now saying they can not offer anymore unlimited BW plans… LMAO… newbs!

  293. Jayna Says:

    I’m way better off without AT&T. They are the bitterest hone carrier in the galaxy.

  294. Gene Says:

    Just listen to this video regarding talks between Verizon Wireless and Apple. It was mentioned that Verizon Wireless has the largest network and has the most reliable service. Copy and paste the link below to your browser window.

    One reason why I definitely would not go with AT&T is back when the fires destroyed so many homes in southern California, there was a news interview of one of the families that lost their home. They said that when they called AT&T regarding their television/high speed internet/phone service and that they lost their house to the fire including the AT&T box, the AT&T customer service person said that they would still have to pay over $300 dollars for the box. I was like, WHAT??? don’t they have insurance for those devices? These people lost everything and they’re asking them to pay for a stupid device? Don’t they have exceptions for natural disasters? Have a heart AT&T!

  295. mel Says:

    verizon is better than atnt and tmoble both

  296. Shawn Says:

    I belive that Verizon Wireless is a lot better than AT&T because they seem to be more friendly and concerned that you feel comfortable with their service. in my opinion, i believe that Verizon has better phones. Yes AT&T might have the iphone but Verizon offers more options for people than AT&T does. Also, Verizon just introduced their new phone the Droid which seems to be more inovative than the iphone. The iphone is still a very good phone but the droid will probibly most likely top it.

  297. Dan Says:

    and that is why all you as apple users have to wait upwards of a year before seeing software being ported to the Macs?.. Apple had to falsely advertize to developers that they offer great programming shares to develop apps for their phone. The had advertized the new age of get rich quick schemes that every programmer dreamed of. Granted a few did well off of an app here and there but after the app how do they follow it up? Often they do not and are still making noodles in a coffee pot with a hotdog. When it comes down to service of the two providers Verizon is hands down the better provider. So you can down load faster then Verizon on your apartment roof during a solar storm. I can download about the same speed all over the USA in addition use the Vodafone network overseas with my phone. You see Mac has the tendency to get to the edge of technological advancement? Then they crash to the bottom? They repeat themselves over and over. At least WINMO, CrackBerrys, and Android are looking to the future? Apple always shoots its self in the head every few years?. Hint the useless Mac Air! Great! I have a computer that I can do absolutely nothing with other then stick it in a envelope! That?s state of the art right there!

  298. Dan Says:

    ohh and forgot to add…. Verizon phones ***CAN*** brouse the internet, send text, email, and IM while in a phone call. I tried it last night with my HTC(Windows Moblie) and my wifes BB Storm. Both phone do it all so AT&T is full of crap.

  299. Dan Says:

    Sorry for the troll but one more…..

    Also looked up PC World testing on this…. Guess what! AT&T has come up behind Sprint and Verizon leading the pack in a independet test. The performance varied a lot from city to city. But none the less each carriers hot spots!!

    ?Out of the 13 cities, Verizon got the highest reliability rating in seven and Sprint got the highest one in six. AT&T didn?t score highest in reliability in any cities, and was often far behind its two competitors.

    ?Verizon got the highest download score in seven cities; Sprint scored highest in four; AT&T in two. ( AT&Ts commercial is full of crap)

    ?AT&T had the highest upload score in ten cities; Sprint was highest in two; Verizon in only one.

    So here we are:

    AT&T’s “fastest 3g network” busted!!!

    Sprints “Most dependable 3g network” busted!!!

    Verizons “America?s largest and most reliable wireless network.? holds true!!!!

  300. Hollyjo Says:

    verizon is by far better,and there comercials are not lieing they just have a misleading graph. iv had verizon for about 10 years now, and they just keep getting better by the year,

  301. Chris Says:

    Verizon and ATT are very similar. The rate plans are nearly identical in cost and same goes for features. Everyone complains because ATT and verizon are not competitive price wise with sprint and tmobile, but thats because they are not trying to be. ATT and verizon know that they have vastly superior networks, therefore they only need to compete with each other. I work for ATT, but I use Verizon, and i have previously had ATT (I only switched to try verizon out). I must say that after using both, I have found them to be extremely equal. Verizon has better customer service, and a slightly larger network, but att is far superior in phone technology, 3g connection speed, and they offer better customer incentives to keep you. Both are great, and I have a really tough choice to make when my contract is up. But I will say this, I will never go with t moble or sprint. They both SUCK!!!!

  302. Chris Says:

    And btw, the iphone is worth going to ATT for. The droid is great too, but the iphone is in a class of its own

  303. Leo Stillo Says:

    I believe At&t has the best phones but Verizon has the best customer service and coverage. I make and receive a out 80 calls a day. AT&T has about 4 to droped calls per day and when with Verizon 0. If you make many calls like me everyday I would adize you go with Verizon. If you don’t make many calls per day and like awesome phones such as the Iphone, go with AT&T. Bottom line.

    If Verizon really wants to make AT&T look bad, they should bash all the droped calls they have.

  304. Salle Hansen Says:

    Why go for Verizon. Sure they may be the biggest cellphone company but I want AT&T, the original “American Company” to Service America. Verizon is a spin off of GTE, which to me a cheap telephone brand used to be sold in dollar stores 10-20 years ago. Verizon has no class, their logo sucks and the nerd that advertize it will never get it from any sexy babes. At&T is the original American Icon and should be supported by americans.

  305. Lowwwrider Says:

    Verizon is the best there is out there. Ive been searching around with t-mobil, metro pcs, boost, at&t and they do not compare with verizon coverage, customer service, and phones. I-phone is pretty cool but lacks camera with flash and no multi-tasking apps. Droid does everything the i-phone does except talk and browes web at the same time. Verizon 0 drop calls. At&t 10 plus. T-mobil is cheaper but not great coverage. Metro way cheap but phones suck, overpriced phones, and covergae sucks.

  306. Dan Says:

    To Salle Hansen:
    Verizon is an American company. As a matter of fact two huge companies that combined in 1998 between GTE and Bell Atlantic. Two very health, profitable, and marketable companies that shot AT&T in the head with their aggressive marketing and customer service which AT&T could not compete. Then Vodafone came in to start a wireless venture. After the merger was complete GTE and Bell Atlantic names disappeared becoming the company we know today as Verizon. As for the argument of the I-phone being on the AT&T network is coming to an end. Insiders have leaked that Apple has developed a new I-phone for the Verizon network called the World Phone (or something to that degree). Hints why Verizon does not attach the I-phone directly for a while, only the service provider. It will utilize Verizon’s un-advertized higher G bands. Unlike AT&T Verizon does not go around touting spotty higher speed coverage; they wait till they have a good service coverage and know that they can support the network demands. If it is any constellation then you should check out the two service providers stocks… Verizon has always edged out AT&T.(5 dollar edge per share last time I checked) As for support AT&T, that all you brother. It’s just like buying a car from company going bankrupt. Cough Chevy cough…. So what a smart person will do is buy a car from a company that show innovation and the ability to adapt to what the customer wants… (Ford) Beside, the argument of being able to browse the internet and talk on the phone at the same time on for only 1 phone they have…. Verizon’s “basic” HTC Ozone does the same among many other models. My boss even decided to go to AT&T from Verizon’s and was so upset with the quality service and customer support he switched back a month latter. Beside what most AT&T / I-phone users don?t understand is that they are locked in by the company. Verizon is geared up with many smart phones that offer true freedom to do what you want with the hand set. Come on! My best friend has AT&T and the I phone. AT&T puts a limit on the size of a download. If he is downloading something from the Apple APP store he is doing so through a nifty app that is on MY phone which allows it to act as a wireless hub. (that?s the HTC Ozone) Also you can not use the I-phone as a wireless modem with out cracking the AT&T blocks(software) on the phone!!! It all comes down to speculation why…. The consensus that most people in the blogosphere and even very tech savvy technicians I work with say AT&T’s network must not be able to handle such data loads. So if I forgot to address and issue please do follow up with more questions or arguments!

  307. onefishnful Says:

    Well, I have to go with the general public on this one. AT&T has been absolutely great for us. We have tried ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile. We live in a rural area outside St. Louis, MO. So we don’t get the best coverage area with any of them. But AT&T has the best coverage for us. Customer service on their website and by phone has been really good. I don’t go to their stores so I don’t know about that. We quit Verizon after a year of using them because we could not get service most of the time. We had to go to the basement to make calls and that only worked half the time. And we quit T-Mobile because of their very poor customer service. Every time I called to talk to them about a problem on my bill or something, it was like going to war. And they made a lot of mistakes on my bill. Every time I think about switching back from AT&T to one of the other services, these reviews always convince me to stay with AT&T.

  308. gdgdfg Says:

    i got a verizon phone and then the man went into the pack where they have them and i saw him take off his skin and he was a alien they were talking about taking over the world with highly priced plans and other things ……. but then a at&t person came to the rescue he killed the verizon dude and everything lived happily ever after

  309. guido Says:

    Was on Sprint for 7 years, we had a family plan with 2 phones. We left Sprint in 2007 because my employer had a significant discount with Alltel. We were apprehensve when Verizon nought Alltel, Verizon has been stellar in customer service……and our corporate discount continues. I was disapointed that Verizon didn’t get the iPhone. I waited for the droid phone and was worried that they would make me change my plan, but they didn’t!! So I got to keep my Alltel plan with discounts. The only thing I lost was my beloved Alltel voice to text but I am extremely happy with my new phone.

  310. Mike Says:

    Have been with AT&T since 1996. (Pac Bell, Cingular,AT&T) Recently returned from sixth cross country RV trip in past 10 years. Obviously, coverage has improved during that time. Very satisfied with ability to connect nationwide. On one trip, I lost my phone. AT&T overnighted a new phone to me, no charge. Have never experienced a service problem in the 13 years I have been a subscriber. I do not have much need of 3G access, but have not had a problem when accessing it in most areas.

  311. KING OF QUEENS Says:

    Verizon is the best thats all i got 2 say

  312. shuo Says:

    Don’t kid yourselves. It doesn’t matter which network you are on, some places service is good and some places its not. choose a decent network with a good pricing plan and get a good phone. thats all that matters.

    mobile networks are not there to help you. they are there to make money, to establish their enterprise and to expand their business, at any cost.

  313. shuo Says:

    its not like a company naturally has good service everywhere. pick a network that works for you the best in your area. don’t over-generalize. maybe your mobile provider has terrible service. maybe other providers in the area also have terrible service.

    don’t treat the entire network as one company. each network is made of thousands/millions of companies distributed throughout the country. how good the service is in your area is a reflection on how good the management is in that particular company in that particular area. not that the service is like that everywhere and not that the people are somehow nicer.

  314. Jack Says:

    IM WITH AT&T ALL THE WAY ITS BECAUSE WAY BETTER PHONES BETTER COVERAGE AND WAY MORE PEOPLE. Verizon still had to buy alltel and they still dont have as much people than at&t AT&T ALL THE WAY

  315. Ashton Says:

    I have been with cingular and now atat for years and have never had a problem. No dropped calls, great service in most places, and good customer service when needed. It truly just depend on what kind of plan you need, the phone you want, and the service that you desire for your area. Not arguing just saying that atat has been fine for me and will be staying with it for years to come especially if they keep coming out with these cool new phones like the lg expo.

  316. Dan Says:

    To Jon,
    You are not readying or even listening to the adds correctly. They are talking about 3G as they say many times in all the adds.. Nothing to do with regular service coverage just 3G….. AT&T is attacking Verizon while it can before the nationwide 4G network launched in 2010. AT&T still can’t even provide 3G to its covered areas and what areas they do is throttled. (look up what network throttling is, ATT is notorious for that)

  317. Jason Says:

    If you did research on your dumb lie you would know that Verizon IS the #1 wireless company with the most people. DONT BE FOOLED BY HOW “COOL” THEIR PHONES ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. C.Y. Orion Says:

    I think that Sprint is the best hands down, they have the first and only 4G network in select cities and they are expanding it. They have the best prices by far and great customer service, also when I call Sprint and speak with one of the representatives they seem down to Earth, when I call AT&T and speak with one of their representatives it seems like Im talking to a robot reading off of a script. Ive never had Verizon however I know about their prices and they are ridiculous! And one of my co-workers said that they restrict your access to certain websites, I am not sure if thats true or not but the prices are bad enough. The only reason I had AT&T was because of the Iphone and other than that I really dislike AT&T because of their prices and their customer service is okay other than the fact that the person seems to read from a script. I think AT&T may be losing alot of cusotemers when the contract with the Iphone ends which is only around 6 months away, once the Iphone is available to every carrier more people are going to switch to Sprint. I also have 5 lines with Sprint, and they have easy to understand plans. I pay 129.99 for the 1500 Data Share PLan, the 3rd 4th and 5th lines are 19.99 additional so thats $189.96 total and I get unlimited internet, unlimited messaging, unlimited roaming in America, and 1500 minutes with the Any Mobile, Any Time feature which lets me call any cell phone in the U.S. regardless of the carrier without deducting my minutes and I also get unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7PM which i think all other carriers nights start at 9PM, so the only way i can use my minutes is by calling a landline before 7PM on a weekday. Now seriously, how is Sprint not the best???? I was paying about 300+ a month at AT&T and I was still getting overage charges for going over my minutes. And I love my new HTC Hero. I ? SPRINT!!!!!!!

  319. C.Y. Orion Says:

    I think that Sprint is the best hands down, they have the first and only 4G network in select cities and they are expanding it. They have the best prices by far and great customer service, also when I call Sprint and speak with one of the representatives they seem down to Earth, when I call AT&T and speak with one of their representatives it seems like Im talking to a robot reading off of a script. Ive never had Verizon however I know about their prices and they are ridiculous! And one of my co-workers said that they restrict your access to certain websites, I am not sure if thats true or not but the prices are bad enough. The only reason I had AT&T was because of the Iphone and other than that I really dislike AT&T because of their prices and their customer service is okay other than the fact that the person seems to read from a script. I think AT&T may be losing alot of customers when the contract with the Iphone ends which is only around 6 months away, once the Iphone is available to every carrier more people are going to switch to Sprint. I also have 5 lines with Sprint, and they have easy to understand plans. I pay 129.99 for the 1500 Data Share PLan, the 3rd 4th and 5th lines are 19.99 additional so thats $189.96 total and I get unlimited internet, unlimited messaging, unlimited roaming in America, and 1500 minutes with the Any Mobile, Any Time feature which lets me call any cell phone in the U.S. regardless of the carrier without deducting my minutes and I also get unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7PM which i think all other carriers nights start at 9PM, so the only way i can use my minutes is by calling a landline before 7PM on a weekday. Now seriously, how is Sprint not the best???? I was paying about 300+ a month at AT&T and I was still getting overage charges for going over my minutes. And I love my new HTC Hero. I ? SPRINT!!!!!!!

  320. Faviola Says:

    I agree that Sprint is the best, I mean T-Mobile makes a big deal about fave 5 and Verizon has some family thing with about 25 ppl if you pay extra of course and AT&T only has mobile to mobile and rollover mins, Sprint lets you call any cell phone any time, it works for me, i have the HTC touch pro 2 and I pay 69.99 for unlimited messaging and internet and 450 mins with any mobile any time, with the i phone the cheapest plan you can get is aroung 99.99 all together… but i do like the Iphone a lot.

  321. Bill Says:

    My friend has an at&t iphone, I have a verzion motorola droid. We were at a grocery store in a big city, he pulled his phone out to look up a recipe. His was taking forever to open the next page on the internet. I kept asking him if I should try seeing if my phone was faster, he said no. 10 min later, i was fed up with his phone, pulled out mine. got to the same page he was going to in less than 30 sec. So everytime I see that stupid commercial with luke wilson lying about the speed of the at&t vs verizon, i just think to myself “i have first hand experience of how much of a lie that commercial is”

  322. Maria Says:

    My dad`s work only supports at&t and spirit and we have verizon now and we do not want to change.
    we LOVE verizon and we had no experice with those companies. We really do not want spirit. We hear at&t has the iphone and we do not care. We can get a verizon phone with internet. Our contract ends in april and we need to find out more information about at&t and see how much it is and see if there is a difference. Verizon is the best company. NO PROBLEMS.

  323. Justin Says:

    Verizon is better! I get reception EVERYWHERE and they have great customer service. Everytime I walk in the store, they greet and help me right away. Even if they are busy, you still go on a waiting list so you can look around while you are waiting instead of standing in line. Verizon hands down!

  324. Lilee Says:

    I have never had AT&T, but I REALLY want an iphone. I have a Blackberry now, and I like it, but it doesn’t do as much as I would like online, plus the apps are not cheap! Verizon does not have iphones, but does have great coverage. Customer service was wonderful when I signed up, but afterwards was and is a complete nightmare!!! I am so disgusted with the post-customer service, when you have a problem they do not fix it, you don’t get the same CSR twice, and they only give you their first name. I just had a very costly problem (a mistake on their end) that took 4 months and a report to the BBB to finally get it resolved. I don’t care how many bars I lose, I’m going with AT&T next time!

  325. victor muniz Says:

    look i have verizon and is a lot way beeter than att i got better coverage than my other friends whit att the only thing that i like about att are the role over minutes but still i love verizon

  326. Rachel Says:

    At&t what can i say they are a great company. i recently got my boyfriend to switch from verizon to at&t and now he loves his i-phone, and wondered why he hadn’t switched sooner, lol. I’ve had verizon before for about a year and i hated it. I’ve been with im with at&t for about 5yrs now and im happy. Well i know at&t isnt for everyone but as far as me and my boyfriend where enjoying our 3g and unlimited mobil to mobil, texting and internet. and you can’t knock the rollover min. that keeps my bill under control!

  327. Sammy Says:

    One major different to keep in mind that Verizon does not offer roll over minutes, they love it when you go over your minute that how they get you. Also Verizon phones dont work in Canada or Oversease, AT&T is a global company. Verizon is a nationwide company. Go for AT&T. Also Verizon will never get the iphone its exclusive for AT&T.Keep in mind the iphone is the best phone technology we have in the market so far.

  328. Katrina Says:

    I have Verizon and I love it. Their customer service is amazing- in the store and on their customer service line. Not only that but I just did a trip across the state of Wa with my uncle, he has the iPhone, and well needless to say my Verizon phone had more bars in more places! I would have service to 15-20 driving minutes before his phone would barely register service and then back into no service at all.
    Also, I know someone who works at Verizon customer service, and she says that half the problem with people not liking Verizon is because they expect the company to pay for customer faults. And to some extent they will (the first time a first time kid with a phone goes over in texting if you upgrade to unlimited texts they usually will waive the additional fees on the bill), they have for us. She says it is the same people calling over and over demanding adjustments…
    They have fixed and refurbished my phones and even replaced them. And working on commission creates incentive to make the customer happy!! Sounds like it’s working! And PS the contract with apple on the iPhone is up here soon, and Verizon will have the iPhone in March 2010. Amazing!

  329. Manafest Says:

    AT&T is horrible on all aspects! Verizon is the best hands down.

  330. Justin Says:

    AT&T all the way…
    i switched from T-mobile to AT&T and have had Zero problems.. my parents have problems with getting Verizon signal almost anywhere except outside, so where does the claim that CDMA signal is stronger come into play? and by the way i can go to almost any country with my phone, and not have to worry about not being able to use it thanks to GSM and ohh yeah we have the Iphone.

  331. Nelli Says:

    AT&T says they can surf the web better, but if im stuck on the road i would rather have quality cell phone coverage rather than internet access.

  332. maryy Says:

    okay, so going back a long time, but the guy who did comment #19 got really upset because he said people were lying about the $10 it costs to transfer contacts for verizon. He said it was free if you do it online. I’d just like to point out that some people are not, how do i say this, um technologically inclined. Some people tend to break computers. So yeah, maybe it’s free that way, but don’t get mad at people who don’t know about the free deal and call them liars! geesh!

  333. Geof Says:

    AT&T’s ads claim it covers 230 million people, which implies the company has that many subscribers. That claim is not only implausible, it’s not possible. The entire population of the United States is only 309 million people, and 27% of them (62mil) are under the age of 20. It’s safe to presume that 1/2 of them (31mil) are too young or otherwise not able to have a phone. 13% of the population (40mil)are over the age of 65, and again it’s safe to presume that half of them (20mil) either don’t have a phone or use another carrier. Statistically about 4% (12.4mil) of the population doesn’t even have telephone service, which means that the maximum number of people AT&T could cover is 245.6 mil, yet AT&T claims to cover 230 million, which is 93.4% of the US population. So that must mean Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, CREDO, Quest, Comcast, Cricket, etc have to share the remaining 6.6%. What a joke.

  334. NiteTrain Says:

    Can anyone remember the good old days….when life was quiet. How about way back when-you used to know where the pay phones where in ur town that you could pull up to and use while in ur ’70 Chevy Nova. Dayz of the dinosaur. Wow how did we ever get by

  335. A cell story Says:

    I only know what I personally experienced. I have had both ATT and Verizon. I have had to take phone calls in the middle of the street with ATT while I can be on an elevator anywhere with Verizon and keep the call. I do like the Iphone but with Verizon getting newer and better units, I think Verizon does have the better network overall. I think call quality is important and with Verizon, you sound like you are on a land line while my ATT phones sounded like a cell phone and seemed ‘tinny’ and static filled….if that makes sense. I don’t like the charges that both companies charge for getting out of a contract but what can we do??? I have my eyes on a Droid now but will have to wait till March. I think both companies need to be honest in their advertising and quit stretching the truth because there is no way what they both say is true. It is personal choice. Check both out, weigh what is important to you, both have return periods….so read UNBIASED reviews, test them out and enjoy your purchase.

  336. Mrs. Lewis Says:

    I have been with AT&T for 2 years, and I love their service.. I have never had a problem with them; their customer service is excellent (my opinion)!!!! I travel to many places and all the places I have been, I was able to use my phone (good service/network)… Out of all the phones I’ve had my *IPHONE* is the best phone…”LOVE IT”!!!!! I’ve been with Verizon, sprint, and T-mobile; they all were horrible, high, bad customer service, and bad coverage….. I don’t plan on switching from AT&T in the future…. I could careless what anybody say, verizon is not all that AT ALL!!!!!

  337. AT&T Says:

    I suck ass. Don’t get me. verizon obviously has a bigger penis

  338. jeff lee Says:

    Is not how big one company is over the other one. The truth of the reality is that verizon wireless has a much clear surge of urgency for providing their customers the best customer service experience and provide the best wireless experience. Everithing starts from their employees. They always go above and beyond to make sure you are taking care.

  339. Justin B Says:

    Verizon > AT&T . Hands down. I’ve been with them for about 4 or 5 years now and I can’t remember a time where bad service was ever an issue.

  340. Mrs. Lewis Says:

    AT&T is the best regardless of what people say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love it!!!!!

  341. chris Says:

    I have had experience with many cell companies. Sprint was great on coverage but the billing was so bad I could never get it corrected. Just canceled it. Verizon (non-wireless) has about the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever experienced…I would never use them for any reason after that experience. T-Mobile was fine except the coverage and dropped calls were horrific…left because it got to the point where I could hardly keep a call online. AT&T is my current company because I’m an iPhone freak. I’ve had nothing but great experiences. They do need to do something about the overwhelming of their network…it could be predicted with the iPhone but apparently not. The AT&T store is okay, but with an iPhone I make sure I go to the Apple store who will replace your phone on the spot if anything at all is going on. Amazing service that I would never give up. There are a lot of copy cat iPhones, but I can assure you they do not measure up.

  342. C Productions Says:

    Verizon is clearly better. Yeah i hope at&t does take over for about a month! at&t will raise their alreadt high prices and verizons will go down. verizon has awesome service AND phones unlike at&t

  343. Amy Says:

    I had the opposite experience. I went to Verizon first and they didnt help me for 20 minutes and they didnt have a sign in sheet. Maybe the sign in sheet came from someone who was smart at your local Verizon it is not used company wide.I was going on a trip and they told me straight out it wouldnt work in certain countrys. I went to AT&T the greeted me right away I got Mobi TV and a sweet phone and the customer service has been great both in the store and on the phone. I think the companys are so much alike that it depends on the store you go to and how that manager runs it really.

  344. sam Says:

    At&t is a complete failure of a company. i have read several reports of them lying to their customers. not to mention that all my friends that have them complain all the time about their crappy coverage. i have been with Verizon since 2004 and i have never turned back… their service is outstanding and i intend to stay with them for the foreseeable future.

  345. LeAnna Says:

    I’ve been on AT&T for at least 3 years and I’ve never had a problem with their customer service. It seems to me their plans are a little high in price and I’m extremely unhappy with the new mandatory data plan for PDA phones (Why should I pay $30 a month for a service I don’t use?). Anyways, I’ve been considering switching to Verizon to see if my bill could be lowered in any way.

  346. claudia Says:

    I’ve had both at&t and verizon. I live in Cleveland, OH and verizon’s service winds, hands down. All my friends have iphones and when we go out, it’s “oh Claudia,can i use your phone?” or “damn, i have no bars!” i originally changed to verizon years ago b/c of the chocolate phone…and been ever since with them…..I have a blackberry TOUR and that phone is the great…funny, if AT&T was really the best though, why did Apply approach Verizon first? Just some food for thought…

  347. claudia Says:

    sorry for all the typos….dog spilled pop all over my laptop! lol

  348. Rob Says:

    I agree with those who say it is a matter of the experience you have with the carrier. With Verizon, I could stand inside or outside and couldn’t get service. The next day, I said I was leaving and then I had 5 bars everywhere. That’s just crappy. I have friends with the same story from ATT/Cingular. So, just go with what has worked for you in the past.

  349. austin Says:

    verizon sucks they lie how will there coverage cover 98 99% of the us that is a lie in fact i can prove it verizon says i should have all my bars but i dont i have 2 bars but at@t says i should have all my bars and i do verizon lies a@t is the to trust

  350. josh Says:

    verizon says they have 5time more 3g coverage than at@t thats not true because i had verizon now i am with at@t at@t has alot more 3g coverage there are alot more 3g places than verizon plus verizon trys to rip you off it true i no has a fact

  351. dyl Says:

    verizon sucks they are terrible. the phones suck and unless you get a great one you are very limited to what you can do. you cant bluetooth songs. you cant sync with itunes. the songs dont always work. bad service. and why would you need a map to find where your friend doesnt have service? what ratards. how about a map to a gay parade? cause thats what all verizon customers are gonna be going. can u hear me no b!tch?!

  352. Mrs. Lewis Says:

    I totally agree with Josh…?

  353. mr. bob Says:

    as dyl says he’s wrong.. you can move itune songs on to your phone. he says you cant because he doesn’t know how to. get a brain man. but on the hand who wants to talk and surf the web at the same time? thats just rude i think. thats why you do that at home or work then you’ll get slaped lol verizon has some kick butt phone soon the apple iphone because at@t lost their contract with them this year so that’s an other plus for verizon. for where i live im happy with the coverage of verizon with the low cost unlimited time and unlimited txt. i love the droid, it’s atm it’s a has a chance to win agaisnt the Iphone but some people will think differ and i dont blame them. this is my appione only,, srry bad spelling.

  354. Justin Says:

    Mr Bob havnt you ever heard the saying Dick are for chicks

  355. Rachel Says:

    I have had Verizon, Sprint and AT&T (in that order). I am very happy with ATand T and my bill is the lowest I have EVER paid. I have a Blackberry curve and don’t have the data package because I don’t want it… I pay 71.85 a month for my minutes and unlimited texting. I am very happy with the prices, the phone quality and the customer service. I also don’t have any problems with service… on the contrary, in my college there are classrooms where I am the only one who has service, and all the Sprint and Verizon users are sadly disappointed.
    Sprint is by far the worst. THE WORST. Oh, the days I used to spend cursing out those CSR.

  356. Courtney Says:

    You guys are some what right. The iPhone is a good phone but its on a crappy network. I work at a verizon wireless authorized retailer and i see these problems on a daily basis.
    1.) Verizon Wireless is a much more SECURE network than AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint/Nextel. If you lose your phone on these such networks (minus Verizon) they have sim cards. Someone can just take your sim card out, pop theres in and BAM , they have a brand new phone. All of your secure information is now in their hands and you have no idea what this person is capable of doing. To make stories short, it can start chaos.
    2.) Verizon’s service IS the best out of all of them and not because i work for them. Because i have experienced it. I have a friend who has an iPhone on AT&T, i will have full service, surfing the web, making phone calls and what not and she will have NOTHING. Of course we have dead spots, every network does. But the amount of dead spots are very minimum. With Verizon you actually get service! Wow is that not amazing? your actually paying and getting what you paid for.
    3.) Dont even get me STARTED on how crappy Sprint/Nextel is. Why do you think their losing THOUSANDS of customers a DAY?
    4.) I will admit, Verizon Wireless may not be the cheapest carrier but i would pay any amount if i actually GET service. Why waste my money on a cell phone provider when i wont even get service in my own home with it?
    5.) The only reason why Verizon has a data package on Blackberry’s is so that you can do unlimited web browsing and not end up with a $500 bill at the end of the month.
    6.) Verizon Wireless customer service representatives are helpful. myself including (even at the store level) If we cannot help you out in the store, we try our ABSOLUTE best to make sure your needs are met and that you walk out happy and satisfied.
    7.) Regardless, even if a customer switches, we know they will be back. Why do you think we offer the WFG? (worry free guarentee)

  357. Courtney Says:

    And another thing. Verizon does not have sim cards for security. Like i stated before if you have a sim card, and lose it, someone can just pop their sim card in your phone. Verizon has an ESN or MEID seriel number linked to each phone, once you report it lost/stolen only YOU can take it off of the list (or who ever reported it in the first place) So lets say some 14 year old kid finds your phone, tries to activate it. It gives us an error message and wont work. Its called SECURITY!
    1.) Most Blackberry’s do not offer WiFi (with acception to the storm and storm 2) Because WiFi is an unsecure network. Blackberry’s have their own web and secure network so no one can hack into your network. and with Blackberry’s you can do anything. Save pictures to your phone & save it as a back ground (versus cell phones). and its all (GASP) FREE! Just thought id throw my opinion out there.

  358. Mike Says:

    I just switched to AT&T from Verizon. I need a phone and that is it. I do not want text, email, video etc…..

    Verizon no longer offers very many basic phones and if I get a smartphone or upgraded phone I had to add another $30 a month for the service.

    If you just need a cell phone for calling AT&T is your best bet. I added a third line for my son and it costs less than I was paying at Verizon.

    Not everyone want a data plan charge shoved down their throat. I sure many more will switch to AT&T in the coming months.

  359. Vince Says:

    ATT service is the worst there is! I tried for over a month and numerous phone calls to tech support to get a phone that would communicate through Bluetooth to our medical monitoring equipment. This is a City account with over 400 phones. They sold us a dozen phones they said would work, but they did not. After a month of arguing with them, they tols us it was our equipment that had the problem. We then tried Verizon. After 5 minutes in their store, we were up and running. We sent all of the ATT phones back and canceled the accounts. They called us a few weeks later and apologized and wanted our business back. SORRY…

  360. Bill Says:

    AT&T obviously has the cooler phones…..hello people! iphone is obviously the king of the phones right now. otherwise, every other network wouldn’t be biting off there design and functionality.

  361. Drake Says:

    The problem with some of these comments is that you don’t know which are legit. Some are written so biased that it sounds like a company rep trying to skew the opinions their way. I’m currently with Verizon- have been for several years, and I’ve never had any issues with them so far. I would LOVE to have an iPhone, but I’m not about to switch to AT&T to get one. Judging from past experience and the experiences of those I know who use AT&T, their customer service blows. I’m due to either opt out of Verizon without penalty in March, or upgrade. I’m leaning towards upgrading to the Droid. I’m also hearing 2010 is the last year AT&T will be the exclusive American provider for the iPhone, so hopefully Verizon will start offering those by the end of the year. Check out the link below that talks about both carriers cutting their prices. Let the price wars begin.

  362. Sharon Says:

    Hey Lisa how big is your dick

  363. terri Says:

    I HATE verizon…i dont know much about at&t which is why i came here reading this stuff, but so far i will get rid of my cell plan with verizon as soon as my contract is over with. My bill is different everytime and it was 150$ for my first bill and i changed some stuff so i wouldnt have to pay as much (like a 40$ plan instead of 80$) and instead of 150$ its 137$ …what happened to the 40$ difference in the bill? No Idea…. not to mention my aunt just told me she got rif of her daughter’s plan because they charge you for every txt and picture/flix mess. i dont know if she had a plan with messaging but i know i do and it seems like it still charges me for sending/recieving messages…. Verizon sucks..dont get it!!!

  364. gena Says:

    OMG! Can’t believe the arguing. Thought the purpose here was to help people make an informed decision when choosing a wireless carrier. ANYWAY…I have had the AT&T family plan for years. I was given a Verizon phone as my work phone. Now, in MY area, NC and SC, the coverage was terrible w/Verizon and I personally found the Verizon stores very overcrowded and customer service to be extrememly slow. I often ended up using my personal phone to conduct business because my work phone would drop calls. Looks very unprofessional and is quite embarrassing. With AT&T on the other hand, coverage has always been really good and no problems w/customer service. However, I do my business through the local telephone company who is an authorized dealer for AT&T. And yes, voice mail and messaging w/Verizon is terrible. Voice mails sometimes don’t come through at all, or are delayed, which poses a HUGE problem with work! Many of my friends are planning to switch to AT&T when their contracts expire.I will say, though, that with the merger, things will probably improve later this year w/Verizon since they will be able to offer the extended coverage. I still don’t like that their phones don’t use SIM cards. My husband has washed and ruined several phones, so we go to Wal-Mart and get an in expensive GoPhone, pop the SIM card in, and voila! Problem solved without paying full price for a new phone while still under contract! All in all, having used both services concurrently, I would recommend AT&T.

  365. Richard Says:

    wow are u stupid y did u not go with at and t way better wow

  366. Dave Says:

    For the laptop card, Verizon beats AT&T 3g hands down. I have been in meetings in multiple cities where everyone in the room with an AT&T card was SOL, while the Verizon was getting a good signal. Verizon has consistantly had a better signal outside of major areas, too.

  367. Jack Says:

    i currently have verizon wireless, the env2. it brakes everyday.

    we all know that at and t had the iPhone, which blows every blackberry and other phones away. and dont make excuses and stories because taking evidence from these wall posts,

    BOTH COMPANIES ARE GREEDY. OK. WE GET IT. iPhone is amazing so yeah use AT AND T

  368. Jack Says:

    i currently have verizon wireless, the env2. it brakes everyday.

    we all know that at and t had the iPhone, which blows every blackberry and other phones away. and dont make excuses and stories because taking evidence from these wall posts,

    BOTH COMPANIES ARE GREEDY. OK. WE GET IT. iPhone is amazing so yeah use AT AND T (im switching when my plan is up, in a month)

  369. Sam Says:

    I like Verizon better, but solely because everyone i know has Verizon. Its 10x more popular in my area than AT&T, but iPhone is still sick.

  370. Justin Says:

    I actually get better service with AT&T than I did with verizon. I recently canceled with verizon to grab an iPhone and I love everything about it. the 3gs really is perfect. It’s apathy as if my AT&T signal is stronger. For example when I’m on a steel warehouse or in my basement, basically areas that are rough usually with signal, I retain Signal with AT&T and never could with verizon. Weird. And I haven’t dropped a call yet I really have been happy with my decision to switch so far and the iPhone is excellent really blows away the abilities of my blackberry

  371. Mandy Says:

    AT&T is better. I dont care what nobody says

  372. Disgruntled Cutomer Says:

    My parents started with Verizon when the company was called AirTouch. We started having severe problems with the terms of our service contract not being fulfilled by Verizon, and them refusing to do a single thing about it, other then “extend our contract” for a fee. We left Verizon almost two years ago and went to Alltel were our service was fantastic. As soon as it was official and Verizon took over Alltel contacts our service went back to unreliable. We are missing calls nearly 75% of the time, we even get text messages days after they are sent, voice mails come late too. Needless to say as soon as the contract is done we are ditching Verizon and going with AT&T we have family on that plan and they’ve been trying to get us to go there for years.

  373. Phone Takes » ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon models. Share and […]

  374. samantha henadez Says:

    att is better than verizon

  375. chris Says:

    Just switched to Verizon after five years with at&t. Best move I’ve ever made. Got sick of never having service and now have 3g everywhere I have been so far, including sitting on my couch in the middle of nowhere, alabama. Plus the Motorola Droid totally kicks the iPhones butt! Wished I had Verizon to begin with. Not to mention I now have three lines cheaper than two with at&t!

  376. Meea Says:

    I was thinking to switch from AT&T to Verizon because my boyfriend has Verizon phone. BUT I changed my mind after I read these reviews.
    My personal experience with the Verizon customer service wasn?t good. I had a wireless internet services at my apartment. After I moved I had to cancel it. The manager at Verizon had treated me like I was her enemy.
    Overall the differences between Verizon and AT&T (comparing my boyfriends phone services with mine) are the following:
    – AT&T coverage is better than Verizon (South of Mass);
    – The amount of delayed text and voice messages with Verizon is large. I haven?t notice this problem with AT&T;
    – SIM card with AT&T phones is a HUGE plus, especially after you wash your phone with the laundry 😉

    I am staying with AT&T!

  377. 2dayhelp Says:

    Well…. loool Screw Verizon and screw AT&T both! I got a Page Plus!!! No contracts, no credit checks, everybody qualify! Nationwide service–using Verizon Wireless Network. $39.95–Unlimited talk-text-20 MB of data!!! Whooooooo hoooooo!!! You can’t beat it!!!! So—you enjoy your =very nice contract= deals—NOT ME!!! HECK YEAH! GO PAGE PLUS!!!!

  378. 2dayhelp Says:

    REPLY to: chris

    3 lines?!?!?!?! Witch contract?!?!?!?!? Poor guy……looooooool

  379. LIONHEARTED Says:

    Just want to say I really FIND ATT a bunch of bloodsuckers. I had television cable service with them and can you believe this? They UNILATERALLY changed my subscription and dropped TCM (Turner Classic Movies) AND RAISED MY SUBSCRIPTION!!! BASTARDS!!! So I went to Direct TV, a satellite company, and receive TCM and a bunch of channels AT A CHEAPER PRICE! (Great customer service, by the way). ATT phone service? I was with ATT by default. Originally,
    CINGULAR, CINGULAR was bought out by ATT. LOVED CINGULAR! Service was great and never had a billing issue. Then comes big fat sassy ATT and the S*** hits the fan. Billing problems. Service interruptions. GOD AWFUL customer service. Like I am doing THEM a favor being a customer. FORGET THEM. Went to VERIZON. Purchased a PAIR OF AWESOME LG enV3 for free!!! (WIREFLY HAD THE OFFER, AN AGENT FOR VERIZON, two year service contract). These babies

  380. LIONHEARTED Says:

    Just want to say I really FIND ATT a bunch of bloodsuckers. I had television cable service with them and can you believe this? They UNILATERALLY (without my permission) changed my subscription and dropped TCM (Turner Classic Movies) AND RAISED MY SUBSCRIPTION!!! BASTARDS!!! So I went to Direct TV, a satellite company, and got back my TCM and a bunch of other channels AT A CHEAPER PRICE! (Great customer service, by the way). ATT phone service? I was with ATT by default. Originally, CINGULAR. CINGULAR was bought out by ATT. LOVED CINGULAR! Service was fantastic and never had a billing issue. Then comes big fat sassy ATT and the S*** hits the fan. Billing problems. Service interruptions. GOD AWFUL customer service. Like I am doing THEM a favor being a customer. FORGET THEM. Went to VERIZON. Purchased a PAIR OF AWESOME LG enV3’s for free!!! (WIREFLY HAD THE OFFER, AN AGENT FOR VERIZON, two year service contract). These babies, with texting keyboard, internet access, camera, etc., etc., are offered retail at $300 each! Now my wife and I PAY VIRTUALLY HALF THE PRICE EACH MONTH for cell phones AND WE NOW HAVE TWO OF THEM AND A BUNCH MORE MINUTES! SCREW ATT. I HATE YOU. BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS WHO WOULD SCREW THEIR OWN MOTHER OUT OF A MEAL.

  381. victor muniz Says:

    todos son unos mama bichois

  382. Big Fig Says:

    Boy—there are som funny comments in here from the chronically judgement impaired or those too easily wayed by advertising or sales people. So—bottom line is there ain’t too much difference ON AN OVERALL basis but you need to understand YOUR NEEDS to determine a carrier. That includes network performance in your area and the areas you use as one factor but not the only factor. Will you need access overseas—then AT&T or T-Mo is the simpler option and you’ll have a full selection of phones to use. Is VOICE quality and best coverage alone important to you. Look to Verizon first. Intense data needs – AT&T will be faster in 3G and more importantly have lower and more consistent latency. Devices—they ALL have some pretty coll devices but if you are real comfy with Apple’s ITUNES interface and don’t want to have to learn something new—Once again AT&T and the iPhone might be for you. T-MO and Sprint are both pretty good options for some as well. Be an informed buyer and learn what our NEEDs are and you’ll get the best carrier for you. I’m a little bit of a MAC head and I travel to Europe a lot and not much out of major cities in the US so clearly for me AT&T is the answer but IF I was (for instance) a trucker traveling rural routes and not too concerned with intense data needs I could be a Verizon customer in a hurry. Comes down to HOW and for WHAT you use your device.

  383. sam! Says:

    yesterday i found this link and i decided to see if verizon or at&t was better. so i went to both stores. First i went to at&t. they had a small amount of phones. they had 4 people working. it was small store. not very impressive. next i went to verizon. right when i walked in someone emmediately walked up to me and asked if i was looking for anything particular. at&t didnt do any thing like that. they kind of just stood there. talk about ignoring your customer. i also noticed verizon had a much bigger variety of phones. and more people working. it was probably because it was so busy unlike at&t. which by the way had like 5 or 6 people working. so i say VERIZON IS THE BEST and no argument about that.

  384. Chanel CHANEL!!!!!!! Says:

    Have you ever noticed in the verizon commercials… all they have against at&t is their little map thing. At&t has the fastest 3G network, you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time…. etc. Verizon only has the stupid map that doesnt mean anything. it doesnt matter how big the stores are or how nice the people working there are (Sam! #393) It all matters on the phones. like At&ts nice touches and keyboards where as verizons CRAPPY PHONES. All he people at my high school say that At&ts better and VERIZONS CRAP! So if people like LIONHEARTED #390 want to say that, there full of crap can can **** up!!! So SCREW VERIZON!!! SCREW THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE VERIZON!!! Get At&t is wayyyyy better!!!!

  385. Chanel CHANEL!!!!!!! Says:

    Have you ever noticed in the verizon commercials… all they have against at&t is their little map thing. At&t has the fastest 3G network, you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time…. etc. Verizon only has the stupid map that doesnt mean anything. it doesnt matter how big the stores are or how nice the people working there are (Sam! #393) It all matters on the phones. like At&ts nice touches and keyboards where as verizons CRAPPY PHONES. All he people at my high school say that At&ts better and VERIZONS CRAP! So if people like LIONHEARTED #390 want to say that, there full of crap can can **** up!!! So SCREW VERIZON!!! Get At&t is wayyyyy better!!!!

  386. dave Says:

    Well I have at&t. First of all Verizon is pricey. But I have to admit that they do get good service…At&t is not at all pricey for me, and they don’t have hidden fees. Verizon has cool phones, but their batteries totally suck! At&t offers better service and a lot of QWERTY keyboard phones. Verizon’s phones tear up easily. My cousin dropped her Verizon phone and it was totaled! Take my advice. Verizon is ugh!! I don’t do Verizon because they are ugh pricey! At&t has fair prices!

  387. Chris Says:

    Verizon has great reception and phones, but i was in there with my children and they went to look at phones and some grumpy employee went up to them and asked them if they took anything and then asked them to leave. they were looking at phones, people need to chill.

  388. Joe Says:

    I have read a majority of the posts here, and have come to the conclusion that the quality of the coverage you get depends on the location that the phone is being used in. For example: When I lived in Jacksonville Fl. I started out with cingular in 1993 which changed to at@t. I had great coverage and service until I moved to Athens Al in 2004. In my house the coverage is crap, although the customer service has remained very good. I can get maybe one bar unless I go about a 1/2 mile down the road, then coverage is great again. The reason I’m researching verizon is that I have started a home based business and have to take alot of calls in the house. Dropped calls are bad for business. Verizon seems to get a very good signal in my house. I’m just wondering if a cell phone signal repeater would be a better way to go? Has anyone ever used one of the devices? The cost may cheaper than changing providers. I’m looking for facts on the subject rather than emotional responses. Anyone having factual information on the subject, your responses are appreciated.

  389. Dave Says:

    Verizon is by far the best as far as service and customer service goes. I am not saying verizon is perfect and that everything is great. Sprint has better 3g/4g, they are good at that part. At&t ha. My friends NEVER get the same service as me, and any time I borrow their phone for a second, the service and reception is terrible. The 3g is a little faster, but what good is that if you never have the coverage or reception? I find verizon to be more expensive but, like the saying goes ” you get what you pay for.” I also live in a high volume city, so if at&t cant get cover in a city then I can imagine if your in a desert area.

  390. Max Says:

    A friend of mine and I went on a road trip from Madison, WI, to Iowa City, to Kansas City, to Taos, NM, up to Moab, UT, down to the Grand Canyon, over to Death Valley, up CA 395 and over to San Francisco. It was interesting cause I have the Motorola Droid, and he has the Apple iPhone with At&t. We had a fun game at first of who had the better coverage, but that game turned kinda sour and sad pretty quick, the iPhone’s coverage was really really frustrating for him. There was literally 3 days on our trip that he didn’t get coverage, and I had for most of it complete 3g. Also, the speed didn’t seem to be a huge difference for both of us.

  391. Evan Says:

    I had At&t for a few months, in those months i went through 4 diffrent phones, i got each because something about the last one was broken and it was murder to get a new one. Service was terible, and costumer service was the worst. I switched to Verizon a few years ago, and the service is great everything is good with Verizon. I Strongly Reccomend Verizon.

  392. Savvy Says:

    ATT&T FREAKIN’ ROCKSXD!!!!!!!!!!

  393. JOE Says:

    AT&T IZ OSMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  394. Savvy Says:


  395. JOE Says:

    lets discuse this , 8063161164

  396. JOE Says:

    thats not my number its 8064442012

  397. D. Myer Says:

    I have been a verizon customer for about 4 years. Their customer service seems to be ok and their service doesnt seem to break down to often, but I am about to drop them tomorrow and move on to AT&T. It seems the bill just gets higher and higher. I also want to try an Iphone anyway. Looking forward to AT&T and the rollover minutes.

  398. JOE Says:

    tee hee ^o^

  399. JOE Says:

    i thought it wasent a real phone number , so i texted it to make sure it wasent but it was .

  400. Savvy Says:

    I told JOE not to text you. Me and him both saw the # on the computer, and I said what if, that REALLY WAS a real #. So, he said “Do you think I should text it?” I said “NO!! What if it real IS a real #?! THEN WHAT?!” But he didn’t listen.

  401. your daddy Says:

    I’m so gay.Ill eat you up All people from Winsconsin are so gay.

  402. Savvy Says:

    Dude, I think you mean, come DOWN here, instead of UP here.

  403. Savvy Says:

    Dude, I think you mean, come DOWN here, instead of UP here. You’re a guy(I THINK)

  404. Giggity Says:

    I love boobies

  405. Giggity Says:

    I love boobies(At&t)

  406. All Right! Says:

    I also love boobies. Verizon sucks azz, they cripple their phones and their smart phones are slow compared to At&t. The Blackberry Bold 9700 (Att) blows the Blackberry Tour (verizon) out of the water. I have At&t and go put whatever I feel like on my phone, and use my bluetooth for whatever I please. This is not the case with verizon, they have crippled bluetooth, music file transfers, and gps on their phones in the past to make people pay hundreds of dollars extra for what they can get for free with At&t.

  407. your daddy Says:

    Joe, what part of Texas are you in? You’re nothing but a coward. Why would I come to Texas to whup your ass? I ‘d just have one of my homies down there do it. Maybe even have a couple of your legs twisted for good. FAGGOT ASS JOE. GO FIND YOU A WOMAN.

  408. Donny Says:

    ok so verizon sucks, ive had it for over 1 1/2 years and none of my phones have worked right, my first phone was the alias and if i got a text when i was alredy sending one it would turn off my phone, the charger port on the phone broke, currently i have the voyager but the touch screen stopped working randomly and it will pocket dial everyone in my contacts, i could deal with all of this if it wasnt for the crappy customer service

  409. yo daddy Says:

    thats why u need at@t

  410. AT&T fan Says:

    I have AT&T. IT ROCKS! I never drop calls. The internet is SO fast! AT&T has better coverage than verizon.I just LOVE AT&T!The people who work for AT&T are SO friendly and they really care about you and they care that you like your phone! The people who work for Verizon don’t care about you or if you like your phone!And Verizon lies just to make money!Take my word for it: if you are looking for a new phone service CHOOSE AT&T!If you currently have Verizon,you still have a chance to be cool and go with AT&T!I LOVE YOU AT&T!

  411. applaud 4 AT&T Says:

    Verizon is awful! I was so let down with my phone when I was with Verizon!It was so terrible that I had to switch to AT&T and I loved it! No dropped calls, fast internet, friendly service, and quality phones! I love AT&T!

  412. rock on AT&T Says:

    AT&T is so much better than Verizon! (trust me I know!) I will always stand by AT&T!

  413. hello Says:

    Note to TreverK: i don’t know if AT&T works in Hawaii! nobody knows! the rest of us live in america! don’t ask stupid questions like that!

  414. Cocacola Says:

    Verizon phones always break and malfunction. AT&T phones are stronger. You can use them for years and years and they will still be like when you bought them.

  415. NK73 Says:

    I by for my sister 4 month’s ago from verizonwireless the LG enV?3 in Maroon and on that time it was not $9.99 minimum data plan requiers. Now as my contract expire I went to by the same phone.I have to have the $9.99 for me to have that phone. Why my sister dosen’t requiers to have one.The verizonwireless it’s all scam and I will look for at&t or t-mobile. The verizon they say are the best but I have a lot of drop calls or some of my friend’s tell me that they can’t hear me cleary.

  416. [unknown] Says:

    Ill go with Verizion. There’s only one reason why. It’s better. How? It is.

  417. Have you seen Bob Says:

    After using AT&T for several years we have switched to verizon, coverage wise, its much better. According to AT&T, Verizon is not as fast. However coverage is much more important to me than internet speed etc. I currently have a verizon intensity (which I love dearly), I have not dealt with AT&T customer service much, but I have experienced Verizons and so far the customer service is great. I’ve never seen nor used a Droid so I’m not sure whether it is an acceptable counter to the iPhone. In my experience AT&T has the crud beaten out of it by Verizons coverage.

  418. Shawn Says:

    At&t has bad coverage and Verizon has good coverage. Point blank. Untill At&t does something to bring them back on top Verizon will be on top.

  419. sup Says:

    Read comment #403! It is proof that at&t is better!

  420. M O’Laughlin Says:

    I respect the opinion, but can say for sure that ATT offers the ATT Navigator as well as Mobile TV as well. These features can come bundled with our data offerings to give a greater experience without the hassle of ordering several features. Features of this nature go hand in hand with the higher end devices and that is what separates ATT from its competition in the handset market–not to mention the most recognizable history in the industry of communication. Please also keep in mind that ATT doesn’t just offer customer service in the stores, we have numerous departments for the various and diverse customer base that we serve.

  421. Savvy Says:


  422. penny Says:

    I like verizon because with At&t we were not told important things very often and we just plain got bad service! so I say Verizon is better, better phones, better service, better comercials too.

    🙂 penny

  423. LVJ Says:

    Verizon IS the best. Customer service, plans and especially coverage. We were in Northern Nevada and our car broke down the 4 of us had different carriers – Nextel, Sprint, AT&T & Verizon – my Verizon phone was the only one that got service! I know the AT&T commercials are bull – they do not have as good of coverage!

  424. Jarrod Says:

    I dont see why people are saying verizon is horrible, there phone service has improved tremendously since 2005-6. I don’t get how people would be ignorant enough to say edge is as fast as verizons 3g network, in some areas it might be because speeds varies but in most of there 3g coverage it is fast and i know from experience, where i live i get 500kbps and 1mbps when i have it plugged into the computer for tethering but when i go into a outskirt of Houston i get speeds around 2mbps. Also verizon has a whole lot better selection of phones then it did, with more on the way.

  425. Eric Says:

    All you people who stay AT&T sucks or Verizon Sucks. so an so is better blah blah blah go back and look through all these posts you will get equal response on both compines! its ridculous how people argue about both compines when they both suck there both gonna be good at certain things and suck at others.. get over it cell phones compines are always gonan suck and always try to screw you over at somepoint get over it and deal or dont have a Cell phone its that simple. customer service will all depend on the person you get, if there in a bad mood that that or they just dont care about the job enough to help out, half you people are already so pissed and blame the customer service reps for stuff they didnt even do, you explode on them and yeah that makes them wanna help you… consumer are to blame also, next time you talk to a rep try not to be a prick it helps!

  426. anthony Says:

    Att sukkssssss verizon is the besttt had it for 5 years the best service the best customer service u break yur fone and they send u a new one for freee dey are the bestttt

  427. ryan d Says:

    I am switching as of today to At&t. My wife and I have been loyal Verizon customers for the last 9 years. We both have had sooo much trouble with the latest Blackberry Curve phones. I went in to get my 4th phone replaced and was told my phone was out of warranty. I told them that was impossible, “I just got this replacement 3 1/2 months ago. I was informed the phone is only warrantied from the original date of purchase.

    I tried negotiating a reasonable solution to THEIR problem and was told, “sorry you will have to purchase a phone at full price.”

    This infuriated me and I thought, why have I been using these crappy phones anyways? I made the switch from PC to Mac 4 years ago and have never looked back.

    I can’t wait to do the same with my phone.

  428. kiley Says:

    well i have one thing about the t-mobile question…. t-mobile is great i used it for about 2 years then i moved… and they told me that we’d have service where we were moving… so we moved and i had no service… i called 5 times and got no help… so t-mobile isnt the greatest service out there….

  429. Rosi Ortiz Says:

    I love att. i had verizon and the service was not good at all. i switched to att and everywhere i go i have all the bars. even in the woods. plus it work down in MX. verizon does not. so i choose att over verizon

  430. Mary Says:

    I hate att with all my heart. it has such bad service. your battery dies really quick if u have att. verizon has cooler phones and good contracts. verizon wireless i obviously the best. I have all my bars everywhere i go and it has service everywhere. im a verizon fan 100%. Verizon wireless is better than att!!!!

  431. Venera Manukyan Says:

    I hate Verizon, no affense to all u Verizon lovers. i personally think the service for Verizon is really Crapy, plus Verizon phones brake fast. the service for ATT is sooooo much better i really prefer ATT instead of Verizon man. if u want a phone that wont brake on u and will have service wherever u go, id prefer ATT its proven that ATT works faster, and Verizon is slow. that guy on TV just wants to sell Verizon Phones, its not really true that Verizon phones have more service in more places, I’ve travelled through out the world and had both Verizon and ATT, and let me tell u what, Verizon barely had service anywhere, Verizon hardly has service in America, so why would it have service anywhere else?? All I’m trying to say is that ATT is better that Verison, if you what a [hone u can trust =]

  432. Venera Manukyan Says:

    I hate Verizon, no affense to all u Verizon lovers. i personally think the service for Verizon is really Crapy, plus Verizon phones brake fast. the service for ATT is sooooo much better i really prefer ATT instead of Verizon man. if u want a phone that wont brake on u and will have service wherever u go, id prefer ATT its proven that ATT works faster, and Verizon is slow. that guy on TV just wants to sell Verizon Phones, its not really true that Verizon phones have more service in more places, I’ve travelled through out the world and had both Verizon and ATT, and let me tell u what, Verizon barely had service anywhere, Verizon hardly has service in America, so why would it have service anywhere else?? All I’m trying to say is that ATT is better that Verison, if you want a phone u can trust =]
    i personally hate verizon with all my guts!! i know gross, i use to have a verison, and it made my life miserable, plus in verizon phones u get way more dropped calls that ATT, ATT bearly has any dropped calls, ask anyone. well im just trying to say ATT is the best so screw verison, not in a bad way though.

  433. Scotty S. Says:

    I am a verizon subscriber for over 10 years now & loved the service as I never get a dropped call….EVER. The service seems to be the best to me but I recently upgraded a phone and found a verizon scam…the prepaid rebate cards are fraudulent!! they send you cards they say have been frauded before the issuance and you have to go thru an invasive process to claim the rebate….just a scam as most people dont have the time to seek a notary to complete the fraud paperwork. because of this I am leaving for at&t…Also If you are a Mac user it is very hard to import anything to a verizon device. Verizon will continue to do well but they are killing the longtime faithful with the nickle and dime policies and not bringing in the Iphone!!

  434. jon Says:

    I think verizon is better than at&t. I mean they have the i phone but what other phone is good and with verizon they have 2 types of droids and envy touch and a samsung rouge and many more which are all great phones and inexpensive

  435. Luke Says:

    ok so Im from North Texas and i’ve had the new Blackberry Storm2 9550 and i kinda like it but my main concern is the bill. me and my girlfriend have one, got it on the same day with the “unlimited everything” plan, a couple of weeks later i even called in and asked what plan i had and the lady clearly told me “you have Unlimited Talk, Text and Web.” I must say that im on the internet all the time and the facebook app blows and hardly ever works but myspace is alright, now my girlfriend never gets on, EVER!! well she just recently completed the online profile and found out that the bill on her phone was 185.00 and mine was 250.00, yea unlimited my ass and with reading comment above sayin that verizons rebate is a scam im 100% sure im goin to change from Verizon to AT&T.

  436. Matt Says:

    I’m making a video on YouTube why Verizon is better that AT&T. My user is MrLuebeck

  437. Verizon Cust Care Says:

    I work for Verizon Wireless (VZW) in their customer care department. For everyone complaining about their bill, get over it. Our prices are almost the same when compared to AT&T. I personally use AT&T, but that’s because I signed up in 2005 and never had a reason to change (live in large city). If you live in rural areas, then you probably won’t get better service than VZW. I get crap service in the country with AT&T. AT&T has the iphone if you want it… how many apps can one person use (and pay for)? Verizon has many diff smart/pda/blkbrrys that offer anything you’d want in a real phone. If you want a toy, then buy the iphone. If you want a good non-smart/blkbrry phone, then buy a Samsung (1st choice) or an LG (2nd choice) with either company- they seem to have less warranty returns over motorolas (recently). Ask people around you who they have and how their service is. Before choosing a device, REACH SEARCH IT. Both companies have $35 restocking fees within 30 days of purchase, so don’t go to either store and ask a SALES PERSON. Do your own research and if you have questions then call customer service. No matter what store you’re in, both stores have sales people on the floor to SELL you things. Before you purchase a device, ask the person (over the phone, in a store, or even online) if the equipment you’re buying requires a data plan. AT&T and VZW are basically the same on most policies, prices, and customer service. It’s common sense people. I like AT&T because of roll over minutes. I never have to change my calling plan because I don’t go over my minute allowance. AT&T and VZW have the same unlimited calling plans- they changed them at the same time. These companies are so a like it’s hard to tell the difference. However, if you don’t care about the service and you’re dirt poor, then sign up for a T-Mobile or Sprint contract… you will one day be AT&T or VZW. VZW just swallowed Alltel.

  438. Hi Says:

    Verizon sux big time. At&t is sooo much better. Big cities, and even little towns have much better service with att than verizon. I switched from verizon to att because where I lived I had no service at all. Now I have all the bars everywhere. Im glad I switched. I will never go back to Verizon. VERIZON SUX!!! AT&T ROX!!!

  439. Hi Says:

    Verizon sux big time. At&t is sooo much better. Big cities, and even little towns have much better service with att than verizon. I switched from verizon to att because where I lived I had no service at all. Now I have all the bars everywhere. Im glad I switched. I will never go back to Verizon. VERIZON SUX!!! AT&T ROX!!! Make the switch people. You will see the difference.

  440. icebird Says:

    I had at&t and the service sucks, I live in the Raleigh NC and I’ve miss so many phone calls and text it ridiculous,most of the time I don’t get the voicemail til a day later, I switch back to Verizon and the service is way better. Your phone isn’t worth 2cent if you can’t receive phone calls or text and if your phone keeps dropping phone call, I don’t give a damn how fast my phone downloads.. I’m not into video games anyway. The only thing my iphone is good for is music, I should bought an ipod for that, it would’ve been cheaper!!!

  441. kris Says:

    AT&T is a powerhouse so they don;t care i mean AT&T was better as just Cingular but they were bought out unfortunatley of course Bellsouth was better but also was bought out so really what makes yall think it won’t forever till AT&T buys out another competitor and steps leaps above Verison. AT&T has already been broken up once for being considered a monopoly and it seems like they are not too concerned with it happening again. As for the city talk they are both full of it. I live in Rural area and ALWAYS have 4-5bars with AT&T its just where there towers are both have holes so GTFO it. Also don’t lie and claim to NEVER get a drop i have had T-mobile, Sprint, Verison and AT&T in my lifetime just of price and bull with thier crapt and AT&T has lasted longest but ALL of them dropped calls almost in the same area so it happens get over it got a problem with it then use a cell phone for what it was made for and thats a EMERGENCY ONLY!!

  442. redleo Says:

    you are all ignorant. you all think you know everything!!!!! i work for verizon. i know the facts. i dont lie to my customers, neither do the other reps. we DO have the most coverage. look up the facts before you go on your rants. try working somewhere where ignorant people who think they know everything come in and ruin your day by yelling at you when its actually the customers fault! i cant even sleep at night because i dream about you kinds of people ruining my day. find out the facts ask lots of questions and maybe you’ll have some way to prove your idiocracy.

  443. Jim Robinson Says:

    There is no comparison between these companies. Verizon’s wireless service is MUCH MUCH better (1,000%) than AT&T’s. I just went back with Verizon because AT&T’s 3G network constantly gave me problems. With Verizon, I have great reception, clear calls, a 3G network that doesn’t go down, and great customer service. I can’t say enough about Verizon. With AT&T, I constantly had dropped calls, poor voice quality where there was crackling and interference in every call, missed text and voice messages, slow internet, missed calls, and terrible reception in the Cincinnati area. On top of that, their customer service reps are rude and unknowledgeable. Go with Verizon, you will be a lot happier.

  444. Grace Says:

    i had att for like 2 yrs and im like really happy w/ it. verizon phones lose battery to easily

  445. Grace Says:

    i meant verizon phones loses battery too easily…
    my phone lasted like 3 days without charging it and i always use my phone

  446. John Says:

    Who are these people saying they work for Verizon? If you do, then you are lying, or not very knowledgeable about VZW policy (or the rest of your team is wrong). I’ve been told again and again, ‘if you change your plan you will be extending your contract’. Verizon call quality seems a bit better to me (CDMA is a bit more robust), but AT&T (GCM) works better on weak signals (poor coverage areas). They both have similar service/phones, coverage. I would like to nopte that I found AT&T’s customer service to be MUCH BETTER THAN VERIZON’S! Yes, I think I’m the only person who has experienced that from reading the posts, but I found AT&T very polite and quick, and Verizon staff were argumentative, slow, and I never had an answer from Verizon unless I called 7 times (yes, I always had to call at least 7 times before I got an answer, not 7 dialing attempts, 7 sessions speaking to support staff – TERRIBLE!).
    Trouble is, I don’t use 3G (and barely text), I’m one of the few people that uses a cell phone as a phone, and that’s about it (IT guy who always has a laptop, why use a bloody phone? Even a netbook is a better solution). I REALLY don’t like how Verizon FORCES you into a data plan, blocks other apps (referring to friend’s phones and VZW policies, I don’t even use it), and yes, the bill is always up and down with no explanation.
    Used AT&T and Verizon, and am with another provider right now, but will be going back to AT&T, they’re cheaper (rollover and no data plan requirement), have similar service, and works just fine.

  447. rocker Says:

    ATT rocks u guys cant argue allu verizon jerks are getting cheeted i ge at least 3 bars any where i go!!

  448. yo daddy Says:


  449. yo daddy Says:

    503 616 6386 text it!

  450. Tinna Says:

    @ Marti

    First of all AT&T does not charge you to change your plan nor do you get into another contract if you change your plan. I’m not sure where you got your information from but that is incorrect. Also as for as the insurance goes, you can file an insurance claim for any reason with AT&T as well (it’s your deductable). So please if you are going to speak on something make sure your information is correct. AT&T also backdate your plans if you have overages and decided to change your plan in the middle of your bill cycle. Not to mention AT&T have rollover minutes as well, so if you don’t want to raise your plan AT&T customer service department will give you rollover minutes to cover your overages. Lets see Verizon do that!

  451. mike and ike Says:

    whats kool about verizon they contract employess from a company named flextronics who handles all their tech support next time u have a issue wit your phone you can easily go see a tech and they always give you plenty of options they make sure u walk out wit a working phone……

  452. skill Says:

    Att rocks all u verison idiots are missing out on every thing and your guyses phones may look cool but the are just CRAP i repeat CRAP so go w/att

  453. skill Says:

    Verizon is cheap. i know all u verizon people say”oh wow what great customer service” but in reality its the PHONES!!!! att has way better phones so dont give me that verizon crap and go with att. all u att users U ROCK

  454. skill Says:

    ATT OWNS day verizon Any day so id just shut up yoyoyoyoyoyo cause u know the truth att Rules verizon is just a bunch of assholes

  455. Hello Says:

    Verizon is way better then at&t.I take long trip in my car never drop any signal my friend have a att drop lot of times during the trip and have to use my phone.

  456. yoyoyoyoyoyo Says:

    u wanna go, so cald skill! verizon is bigger then at@t and will soon buy sprint which will be a total of 140.56 million customers so shut the hell up!

  457. josh Says:

    i have gotten the iphone from the at&t store and had great service with a rep and my coveage was great and i have nothing bad to say and combined it with a uverse bundle for one bill (i switched from verizon and saved $200)

  458. yoyoyoyoyoyo Says:

    haha my names josh to. how much was the iphone?

  459. Elantra Bell Says:

    ATT has always been nice to me and my family. Verizon insulted my mom and degraded me. They tood us get the Fu*k out because we broke our phone and ask for a new one that WE would pay for. After that we went to ATT and They treated us nicely even when busy.

  460. BN Says:

    in my opinion ATT is better. They do treat you very nice, better than Verizon. And they have cooler phones too. Verizon is just plain blackberries, iPhone in your face Verizon, ATT is cool

  461. Barack Obama Says:

    Verizon has been a great cell phone company to me. You can receive calls and call others from anywhere unlike ATT. I had ATT and I did not get good reception from certain areas. That’s why I switched to Verizon.

  462. CEO of Verizon Says:

    All of you people who think Gayt&t is better then verizon just because of the iPhone well guess what, VERIZON IS GETTING THE IPHONE….. IN YOUR FACE!

  463. CEO of Verizon Says:

    HEY ALSO. I actually do work for verizon…. And yes its true you do not extend your contract by switching your plan. Go and try everyone. If they do then there wrong.

  464. Hello Says:


  465. Errr Says:

    After reading all these (and thank you)….I think I will be going to AT&T tomorrow to get the iPhone after all. I have been with Verizon for years. I have been a Blackberry user for 2 years now. In the last 10 months, I have traded out 6 Blackberry Curves. All have been defective. I traded out 3 in one day.

    The customer service with Verizon is average. The signal strength, and you can verify this with your phone, bounces around so much in your hand, no wonder I am dropping calls or have horrible reception. My friend using her iPhone beside me, will have clear reception and smooth running apps. All the while the Crackberry is slow and that DAMN roller ball gets dirty easily. The RIM network that Blackberry uses is very poor too.

    I am in business and I have to have a functioning phone. With all that Verizon is NOT doing, I must try AT&T. I guess having bills nearly double what I should be paying the last two months, didn’t help either.

  466. Matt Says:

    Verizon Rocks my socks so much I’ll sue AT&T one day.

  467. Glenda Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can deal with either company. I just left ATT at a cost (early) and went to verizon. What a joke. Neither gives a carp about us. I asked one question and had 5 different emails. When I finally got a supervisor by phone I informed him that I needed answers and if he couldn’t give me a definitive answer I would go to corporate and he told me that would be a huge mistake. Even talking to him was a mistake is what he stated. WHAT???? I had the exact same problem with ATT. I am starting to wonder if any of these companies care about the consumer

  468. hp Says:

    verizon is NOT getting the iphone…

  469. tmakenna Says:

    you think apple-a multi billion dollar company would have a contract with ATT if it sucked!!! don’t think soo.

  470. MsTechman09 Says:

    For anyone who wants to get verizon, i warn you… DONT DO IT!!! There service is crap! i drop calls like a bad habbit!!! Yea their customer service is great but other than that they really i mean REALLY suck. I’m trying to switch to At&t or back to T-mobile. With all sincerity please dont choose verizon. Most of my friends have at&t and rarely ever drop calls. I konw this because i often ask to borrow their phones while were out lol But seriously dont choose verizon. If anythings get at&t, Tmobile, sprint, cricket. anything is better…WAY better than Verizon.

  471. att stinks Says:

    We were faithful Verizon customer for 5 years or so, we had a busy Feb and ended up going over on our minutes and ended up with a nice bill. Since most of our friends and family are with at&t we made the switch and the roll over minutes sounded like a great idea. Well what a mistake, inside our house we get 1 bar and 2 if we are lucky and calls drop all the time.. We are about 2 miles from the local at&t store of which you can see the cell phone towers right out the door, we went in and asked them about the crappy reception and they looked up our address and they said we were in a “good” area and wouldnt guarantee a signal inside a building, what a joke! Then he said I could buy a signal booster for $200 to increase the reception, I told him I wouldnt even consider it even if they gave it to me, what a crock! So back to Verizon it is, we always get a full 5 bars in the house and anywhere around the atlanta area, at&t out on the highways drop connections when you least expect it and breaks up alot, definitly would not recommend at&t, not sure why people like them, their customer service is in India and they are hard to understand and put you on hold all the time.

  472. Markanthony0987 Says:

    I’ve been with AT&T for nearly two years. I’ve had sprint I’ve tried verizon. I have an iPhone now and I can’t do without it. AT&T’s plans suck but I get coverage almost everywhere I go. I live in san Antonio so it works great here but even in areas you’d think shouldn’t be or where AT&T says it’s not covered I still get service. When I go to pay my bill no matter how crowded the store is someone greets me and ask how can I help you. I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes. I’ve only been to one store where the service is bad but the rest are great. The people are usually very friendly and don’t mind answeing any questions you have.

  473. melissa Says:

    i work for verizon i have only read threw some of the remarks on here but gonna throw some info out there anyways….. plan cost going to be about the same with any carrier what your paying for is features, coverage,customer service really…with Verizon can change your calling plan up to 3 times in one month it DOES NOT extend your contract only way to extend contract is new phone and sometimes bonus min…. with Verizon you get a new phone every 2 years but become eligible for an early up grade a year into your contract plus primary line get additional discount on new phone with NE2 discount…get unlimited nights and weekend unlimited mobile to mobile, on a higher min plan you get friends and family up to 10 numbers with other carrier or land lines you can call for free…can make any changes to your acct online from your myverizon acct….PS the motorola Droid is alot like the iphone and cust that have had both prefer the Droid

  474. Sharon Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for several years and have always been happy with their service until I noticed charges on my bill for data services. I did not intentionally go on the internet, I had ACCIDENTALLY clicked on something (I don’t recall what) that tried to connect me to the internet when I did not want to. So I immediately pushed clear, but by then it was too late and VERIZON charged me for data usage. I basically didn’t receive ANYTHING for the $1.99 they charged me for my mistake. When I called complaining (for about the third time) they said I was out of luck unless I wanted to bar all data usage which would mean I could no longer send pics (which IS free to do). So basically I would have to GIVE UP a free service to prevent them from ripping me off. Why can’t they give you a warning screen first which would give you the option of backing out before you would be charged? I am NOW very disappointed in the dishonesty of this practice and Verizon. If this doesn’t change before my two years are up I will be checking out other companies and switching. The representatives I talked to gave me the runaround and were rather rude. They were actually defensive of the dishonesty and underhandedness of this practice and their company. I wonder how much they have made off of their customers!!! This is Pretty Sad and Very Disappointing.

  475. Verizon Says:

    what losers you people spend this much time fighting over something stupid. your most likely all adults, since your fighting over the phone bill, don’t you have to work ?

  476. Verizon Says:

    what losers you people spend this much time fighting over something stupid. your most likely all adults, since your fighting over the phone bill, don’t you have to work ?

    # Twila Says:
    March 25th, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    We had AT&T prepay for many years, then converted to monthly, then lived through the AT&T Cingular merger with no problems. Spent the past 7 years or so with AT&T/Cingular. Like many, struggled with dropped calls, a LOT, up until about 2 years ago. Then that issue seemed to get better. Was extremely happy with AT&T/Cingular and LOVED their roll over minutes! Had 2 phones on family share plan. Great plan, great price!

    Spring of ?08, bought the Pantech DUO because of the keyboard. Liked it for texting. Was well past any contract and didn?t want to be in another 2 year stint, so paid cash for it at the AT&T store. Less than a month later, the AT&T Tilt PDA Smartphone came out. Returned the DUO for the Tilt the day they hit the shelf. Paid an extra $200+ to trade, but wanted the convenience of Windows Mobile. Within a month bumped my phone plan to include unlimited texting for $20 extra with AT&T. Found texting to be much better than in the past, on my older Samsung 427, so was texting a LOT. Funny, I?m an old woman, never thought I?d enjoy texting so much!

    Anywho, that went well, but I realized I was beginning to see a lot of data useage on my bill and AT&T came out with their unlimited data useage, including texting, for $50/month, added to my 450 mins @ $39.99. Still not a bad deal, so I switched to the unlimited data plan, just in case I got crazy with surfing the net or something. All went well for several months, then I realized I wasn?t transferring enough data to make that $50/month plan worth it after all, so I switched back to the $20/mo unlimited texting. I hadn?t used more than 500kb in any one of those $50 months, so why bother.

    Funny thing?the very next month, after I dropped my unlimited data plan, I had TWO days with HUGE data charges on my bill. I was aghast to say the least! Even when I was covered for that kind of data transfer/internet access, I didn?t even come close to what AT&T was billing me for! I was, and still am livid! This all occurred on my Sept 08 bill. I haven?t paid it yet and I don?t plan to. I?m contesting it.

    When I called AT&T about this obvious error, and spent over an hour on the phone with a customer service rep, they finally conceded that they?d waive those extra charges ($376!) IF I was willing to go back on their $50/mo plan. I didn?t want to, but they told me they couldn?t guarantee that this kind of data useage wouldn?t happen again unless I was willing to take on the unlimited data plan. That would be my best insurance against it. What I tried to tell them was that if I didn?t have that kind of useage when I had the $50 plan, why would I knowingly have that kind of useage when I knew I didn?t have that plan any longer!? I wanted, and still want, those charges dropped. I didn?t make those data transfers! And NO one else uses my phone! Anyway, I agreed, the tech agreed to waive the charges and we went our seperate ways. Or so I thought. Within 2 days, I got an email from ?some other tech person? presumably a supervisor. They told me they would NOT waive those charges. I called them again, asked them to even look back at my past billings, they could see that I was never in the habit of downloading or using that much internet data transfers. But no go. So, that?s the day, I switched to Verizon!

    Verizon has been great! I?ve got my family share plan, including Friends & Family, and the cost is about the same. With the F&F I don?t really need the roll over minutes. Also got 2 new phones. An LG Voyager 10000 for me and an LG ENV2 for the daughter. Although I?m stuck in a 2 year contract again, which I was well out of on AT&T, I?ll survive. I?ve got unlimited texting, pic messaging, vid messaging, VZ Nav, MobiTV, email and whatever else the premium plan gives me, including TWICE the minutes for just $50/mo more than I was paying AT&T. Verizon has been excellent to deal with. No deposit required. AND, I get service EVERYWHERE I?ve been since. That was one issue I had with AT&T. There were a lot of places where I didn?t have service with them. Those AT&T deadzones are history now with VZ.

    I?m still pissed about this. I?m contesting the charges. I didn?t ?do the deed? and I?m not going to pay for it! AT&T says the two transfers in question originated from my phone. I?m telling them they?re absolutely incorrect. They won?t budge, nor will I.

    I miss some of the options/apps that I had with my AT&T Tilt but I don?t miss their attitude about this issue. Like many here, I was a very loyal customer for many many years. Then they screw up my billing or someone somehow managed to steal data time off my phone and I?m stuck. Too bad so sad. Hey, AT&T?how many loyal customers do you have to piss off before you figure out that yes, even AT&T can make mistakes.

    Anybody out there wanna? buy a nearly new AT&T Tilt Smartphone? Got one for sale, back in it?s original box and ready to go!

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    that was pathetic, literally.

  477. Levi Says:

    I work for att and they suck! Their map really isnt as good and their phones suck really bad… I have vzw and their service is really good i like their phones too! (att vs verzion) verzion wins every time!

  478. Sharon Says:

    Verizon Says:

    March 23rd, 2010 at 5:53 am
    what losers you people spend this much time fighting over something stupid. your most likely all adults, since your fighting over the phone bill, don?t you have to work ?

    Dear Verizon Says:

    YOU are the loser because your company will be losing your long term customers! Why? Because of your dishonest, sneaky and dishonerable practices of charging people for basically NOTHING!!! If someone accidentally clicks on something that unintentionally connects them to the internet they should have the option of backing out and NOT being charged for a human mistake. VERIZON is purposely taking advantage of these mistakes, HIGHLY profiting from them and REFUSING to do anything to rectify it. Times these little charges by the number of customers they have and you have a hefty amount of ILL GOTTON GAINS. They should be ashamed of taking advantage of people like that. What ever happened to helping and satisfying the customer. I say what goes around comes around. I NO LONGER will reccommend Verizon to anyone because of there deception and sneaky charges. I will be changing when my contract is up and I suspect many others will too. How sad, they used to be an awesome company, but no more.

  479. Matt Says:

    Watch out BN, Verizon is getting the iphone soon

  480. skill Says:

    I agree WOW!!!! I couldent have put it in better words.

  481. skill Says:

    You wanaa mess yoyoyoyoyoy cause my name is SKILL and since is im skilled i can tell u att is better than verizon any Fu**ing day of the week

  482. skill Says:

    What yoyoyoyoyo u cant come up with a comback 4 that 1 that just proves my skill

  483. skill Says:

    hEY U VERIZON IDIOTS!!!! U ACTUALLY THINK VERIZON IS BETTER THAN ATT!!!! R U GUYS STILL IN PRESCHOOL!!!! I MEAN WOW!!!! u guys complain about dropped calls and suprisingly enough i havent had any!!!!!!!b

  484. CEO of Verizon Says:

    I work for verizon and the SUCK LIKE HELL

  485. skill Says:

    U heard him even da CEO!! agrees

  486. Matt Says:

    Yea. I phone is coming to Verizon either fall 2010, or early 2011

  487. Ethan Says:

    one att&t store does not determine how great the vast majority of att&t stores are. If you’ve seen the contract for the iphone and att&t agreement you mine as well buy the droid…..iphone isnt coming anytime soon. Oh and if verison is better, why would one of the top electronic companies in america sign with att&t? just a thought

  488. Frank Says:

    I used to be a Cellular One customer and Cellular One was split sale to Verizon and AT&T. The provider we had to go to was Verizon. It has been terrible. Sure we got free phones, but the service has been far from acceptable. They treat us like it was a burden for them to take us on. Our service with Cellular One was great, we had them for 12 years. We are switching to AT&T because they care and are more than willing to help us be satisfied. I have had AT&T home/internet service for many years and never dissappointed.

  489. sam Says:

    …iPhone DOES have GPS…it’s called MAPS.

  490. will Says:

    most of these arguments sound viable. but some just sound like the people writing comments need to be a bit more informed on their own devices and plans. 🙂

  491. Jacob Says:

    Both Verizon and ATT have bad costomer service, and Verizon nickels and dimes you for the littlest thing you do on your phone…not ATT. They both get good service in lots of areas across the world. I dont care how cool the phone is but Verizon kept making me pay more and more every month and i switched to ATT after the 2 year contract was up. Im much happier with ATT. The bill doesnt increase every month and you pay what they say, no hidden fees like Verizon 🙂

  492. Kyle Says:

    I have a have 3 AT&T phones. I also have computer service. I have been very happy with my service. I always have 3G where ever I go. My friend (Which Has Verizon) does not have as much coverage. I also noticed that my bills were very very cheap. Unlike Verizon. My computer works perfectly and I’m very pleased with the speed. So if you were choosing between AT&T and Verizon you should pick AT&T.

  493. CALI RULES Says:

    Just food for thought………………..Apple offered the iPhone to Verizon first…………………..And the rest is History!!!
    I love my iPhone…………………..AT&T FOREVER!!!!

  494. Ben Says:

    Im getting my first phone today the samsung intensity from VERIZION which is better than at&t because on weekends i get free minutes does att have that i think not

  495. nick Says:

    i think that its all on personal prefrence and i have at&t and i like it and i like the phones on both networks but i know for a fact that at&t is cheaper than verison. my girlfriend pays 200 more than i do and we have the same exact extras like calling unlimited and such

  496. Jake Says:

    I think Verizon is a much better carrier. ive had verizon for 7 years and had no problem. and some people i know that have at and t says it sucks. so if u think at and t is bad ur stupid. verizon can do more things than at and t can. PLZZZ when a at and t phone comes out with a phone better than The droid then u at and t retards can start talking.

  497. skill Says:


  498. skill Says:

    I have att and it has worked 4 years no dropped calls the only time i had 2 pay extra was when i forgot 2 pay the bill 4 my txting. Some of you talk about costomer service right u verizon pplz and mabey if your phones worked u wouldent NEED costomer service would u??? ok once again att is better than verizon(and cheaper) so go with att pplz!! 🙂

  499. vivian stone Says:

    I agree with all of these letters with at&t phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. AT&T ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  500. skill Says:

    ATT=:) verizon=:( so unless u r goth or hate smiley faces go with att

  501. kate Says:

    want an iphone. Have no choice but ATT

  502. George Says:

    I live in BFE Georgia 3 miles from a major interstate with LOTS of towers.

    I had Sprint, it sucked.
    I went with Cingular, not much better.
    ATT took over Cingular, the service was great for a short period of time.
    We have to step outside to talk on the phone, just like we did with the other carriers.
    EVERY one of my daughters friends that visit her that has Verizon gets great service anywhere in our place.
    Come December the ATT contract is up, we’re going with Verizon.

  503. Chelsea Says:

    I am trying to connivence my mother to switch to Verizon from at&t because they are horrible. Al my friends have Verizon and the coverage seems great. My long term boyfriend has actually switched from at&t to Verizon an says the customer service is amazing the only down fall is that they do not have sim cards. He has had the same phone for almost 3 years now and has NEVER had a problem with anything. I think this article is extremely helpful i appreciate it :).

  504. Kip Coffman Says:

    hahah i have just taken to read all 504 of these posts. ONE sentence. ATT WINS…LIKE ALWAYS lol nothing can beat the iphone 3gs for ATT!

  505. bc Says:

    no mention in your review of GSM vs CDMA… GSM is used elsewhere in the world (ATT), while CDMA is only used here in US (Verizon). However ATT drops calls all the time due to network overload from the iPHone (search NY TImes iPhone dropped calls – and you will find a full page article on the problem). CDMA doesn’t sound as clear to me – but at least the calls don’t drop all the time. I have BOTH – they both suck in different ways.

  506. Glory Says:

    ok 1st of all, all these dumbasses complainin bout verizon are nothin but actual dumb asses! i always been n love with verizon. 2 ppl n my family hav at&t nd deir service suckks!!! dey regret it now. i hav a family plan of 3 wit da contract & it never raises da prices, its always da same. The service is great for me, can at&t say da same?!?!?!? NO!!! yall makke it lOokk likke da iPhone is da only thin dat makkes at&t cool & its true cus at&t itself is 1 of da worst companies ever!! can u argue wit dat?

  507. venera Says:

    okay, y da hell would att be so stupid enough to give their BEST phone to their enemy????? i mean come on!!! The iphone was created by att, n is gna stay there, cz att aint stupid to give it to fkin verizon

  508. venera Says:

    you know what “glory”, verizon suks eggs, and is like slower n worser dan att, da iphone aint da only thing that akes att cool, its just a fact that ppl wit cerison cnt live wit, cuz der jealous mhhmm!

  509. venera Says:

    i mean verizon

  510. venera Says:

    okay so, att is cheaper dan verizon, i know a frend that pays 100 ollars more, but we both have unlimited call, text, n web, but i have att, she has verizon, plus att has rollover minutes, wich means that if u have extra minutes, it rolls over to ur next month, so u have more minutes. verizon dont have that, att has WAY WAY more free phones, and cheaper plans, so beat that!

  511. i-zaya Says:

    verizon is way better than AT&T from my opinion. They say AT&T is faster than Verizon only because there is less space to work with. The same thing happened with the iPad, soon there was too many iPads and not enough service-broadcast towers eventually service slowed and some iPads even said “No Signal”. The thing is with Verizon the more space you have to work with the slower things are. You dont expect to deliver a satellite around mars in the same amount of time to deliver one to jupiter. it’s the distance/time ratio. With Verizon it’s the area/speed ratio.

  512. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Tektion Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  513. Mark Says:

    Can you people please stop typing like immature infants, no one is going to take advice from someone who isnt educated enough to type respectably. Att-better plans; Verizon-Better service.

  514. Heather Says:

    I have had the WORST problem with verizons customer service! I have tried for 8 months now to get a bill credited that verizon has admitted is their fault!! But no one will help me the keep giving me the run around. Now the bill has been turned over to collections because I REFUSE to pay it because we don’t owe it!!! And they won’t fix it!!

  515. at&t vs verizon wireless Says:

    Verizon has better 3g coverage, but at&t has better 3g except for coverage

  516. Rita Says:

    The bottom line is go with the provider that most of your friends and family is with because this is a competitive market, after reading the all of the comments so are true some was true because both carriers changes plans, phones, and customer service policies to keep up there isn’t much difference between neither one att is constantly putting up towers and verizon is steady trying to get a phone that is equal to or same as iphone. one company will change to make plans and phones equal. Go with the company that has most of your friends and family on. the differences really does not matter in the end both are equal/

  517. Rita Says:

    If you keep this up you will keep going back and forth for the rest of your lives just go with the one that has the most friends and family just go where you use less minutes if you are big talker get unlimted minutes or go with the rollover minutes if your talk varies from month to month people use your head, plans, phones, customer service will probably change tomorrow.

  518. Mackenzie Says:

    AT&T no buts about it the phones for one thing %100 better and it cheaper and better everything! i have the iPhone

  519. Alkis Says:

    AT&T sucks BIG time, As an independent truck owner with previous experience with Verizon and TMobile, I can definitely back my words on how bad the quality and reception of calls with AT&T is while driving across the country.
    Even the wireless card sucks, whenever you don’t have a good signal, it still shows a few bars and gives you a “No wireless device detected”, that’s bull, warning should be…We don’t have signal in this area, move somewhere else !

  520. Alkis Says:

    APPLE, Please bring the iPhone to Verizon.
    Thanks heaven !

  521. Dennis Miller Says:

    Having been a Verizon customer for nearly 6 years, I have to say I have no complaints about their coverage/reception. Service is top-notch, as well, with excellent one-to-one attention when you enter a store. HOWEVER, a recent event at a store sent me away fuming. While several on this post have argued that Verizon has cooler phones (all of which are just iPhone wannabes, IMO); as of Feb. 2010, ALL but 5 or 6 of the phones Verizon carries come with a MANDATORY data plan – ranging from $16 to $30 a month IN ADDITION to your calling plan. This pissed me off to no end – as if I HAVE to carry a data plan, at the very least carry the phone that’s worthy of it: the iPhone. People can argue that it’s not the best, but let’s face it – any phone with multiple apps, touchscreen, etc. has been trying to emulate the iPhone, and there are TONS of FREE apps for it on the iTunes store – which you will never get from Verizon. EVER. They used to offer free car chargers, cases, etc. when you renewed your plan and purchased a new phone. NOT ANY MORE! If they could, they would charge you for looking at your phone now. They won’t let you do anything to change your plan without tacking on another 2 years to your agreement. Verizon can stick it when my contract is up! Maybe sooner if feel like forking up the early termination fee…

  522. Steve Says:

    I have been happy with Verizon up to today. I was told when I bought a Chocolate LG, buy one get one free 28 days ago, that the data package, an extra $10 per month per phone was optional, that I did not have to accept the data package and “just call Verizon and decline the package”. I should have been suspicious that I was being billed for it at the time of purchase but was told/assured just to make the call and decline. I should have read the pages and pages of fine print which charges a $35 restocking fee on returned phones if different than the ones purchased( what other reason is there to return a phone except you may want another model or if it is defective) When I was told by Verizon rep on the phone that I could not decline the package I took the 2 phones back to the Verizon store, told them I had been assured that I could decline the data package and was told “No Way, no one ever would have told you that in our store” and “that person is one of our best salespeople” Yes, if by best salesperson you mean he sells a lot of phones. The Verizon culture of protecting their own and commissions I suppose. So I had to decide if I wanted to keep the e-mail, on-line services offered in the data package services my wife and I do not use for $240 per year or bite the bullet and pay the $70 restocking fee. I paid the $75 restocking fee. They were sorry about the “CONFUSION” read that as ” you SUCKER! ” And yes, as stated in another post, the salespeople do stay with you and complete the transaction and explain everything in detail just as the salesperson explained to me and my wife a few times, that we could decline the data package. I was polite and did not cause a scene as I know they have the power to play the game their way, however, no matter how much I insisted that I was told what I was told about being able to decline the data package, they never would admit that one of their reps would have said this. Their parting words were, again, “sorry for the confusion, have a nice day”

  523. Jason Says:

    And Rollover minutes? Honestly thats such a big deal that when you guys on ATT pay for your limited minutes we pay the same for UNLIMITED minutes so that argument is now forfeit

  524. Jason Says:

    Droid does iDoesnt

  525. Buzz J Says:

    At my school in many places veizon says no serivce and I get three bars. I have AT&T with the iphone it works everywhere.

  526. Dean Says:

    Jon, i work at Verizon, and we do not in fact work on commission.

  527. superman938383 Says:

    they iphone 4g is coming to Verizon 😀

  528. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Phone Reviews Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon models. Posted in AT&T Tags: Cell, […]

  529. erica Says:

    sick of paying a big bill @verizon. 4 phones 700 mins, unlimited text, 2 phones unlimited data now for 200? wtf? att&t for approx 160 dollars, 4 phonEs ALL unlimited text AND data 700 mins???? verizon claims “oh we have the best service so it’s more!!!!!!!” SICK OF IT!!!!!!!SICK OF GETTING RIPPED OFF!!!!!

  530. lillib Says:

    i think that verizon is way better than at&t. verizon i think u can do so much more and there employees are stright forward with u they dont beat around the bush. im only 14 and saying that verizon kicks at&ts butt!!!!!!! :))))))

  531. Experienced Traveller Says:


    1. Sounds like “better” must be defined. Do you need minutes, texts, data, or something else?

    2. Geography is huge. I live in L.A., NYC and London. In L.A. I get far better service with AT&T than Verizon. In upstate NY, Verizon is much better (AT&T has been increasingly better, but I moved around so that might be the cause). Both companies are worthless in Europe. I bought a new phone in London with 3mobile and get this, I paid $100 for a phone and as long as I fill up with any amount, I get free internet, skype, texting and more. Thus far I’ve paid $30 for a year of service that included unlimited texts, internet, Skype calls and a low minute rate. Blackberry would be a $7.50 a month (total) if I had that. I don’t use minutes that often here though, but when I do, Skype on the phone allows calls anywhere in the world and for me it’s been about $0.02 a minute.

    Conclusion: (1) Determine what a better phone means to you (service and contract);(2) figure out which contract fits and which service is best for your contract/geography; (3 make a decision because you’re most likely locked in.

    Too many factors and the anecdotal evidence here is horrible. I’m sure a bit of online research and more targeted blogs will help your search better than this general thread.

  532. Ronnie Says:

    Verizon is better. but i like at&t only because you have a sim card and you can swich cell phones way easier. oh and verizon custmer servis is WAY better. so over all i like verizon a lot better

  533. Matt Says:

    I work at an AT&T location in a small market, and we are always very busy, there are only 5 of us on shift at any time which you can not fault us for as it is not up to us. Amazingly enough we do have a sign in sheet so people do not get skipped in the order they arrive and I greet everyone that walks into my store whether I’m with someone or not so its a per store issue not a company issue…

  534. Jake Says:

    @maria minadakis That is the APPLE store. Totally different from AT&T.

    I have had AT&T for about three years now and I hate it. Every phone I have had (getting close to around 10 now) has had a problem with it. Some not getting service ANYWHERE. Some just being totally cheap and breaking after 3 months. They are all terrible. And maybe all the cool features are included in the Blackberry data plan, but if you have a non BB phone, you have to pay for everything individually (mobile web, navigator, etc.) And not to mention their customer service is pretty terrible. Of course they out-sourced it so you can’t even understand the person you’re talking to. They are so difficult to work with, I literally had to explain a problem to a rep three times before they would do anything. And god forbid they try to help you in the store. As soon as you mention any kind of problem they give you the warranty exchange number (having had to have called it so many times I know it by heart now). As soon as my contract is up (unfortunately not for a year) I’m leaving.

  535. Jake Says:

    Also about the SIM card issue, my girlfriend has verizon and when her phone broke, all I had to do for her was call a number, type in a code, and the phones were switched. It took probably two or three minutes; quick and painless.

  536. heather Says:

    I was with Verizon Wireless on my aunt’s 2-year plan from May ’07- May ’09, but had to switch over to Sprint after, cuz I couldn’t afford Verizon’s $400 deposit (I was 19 & had NO credit at the time). I hate Sprint. Calling 611 is like pulling teeth. They always throw in some weird charge randomly. My bill could be anywhere from $75-$100 a month. I was checking out Verizon & AT&T plans. AT&T seems to be about $20 cheaper per month (I need unlimited data & text), but I feel like it would be worth it to spend $20 extra per month & go with Verizon to avoid AT&T’s crap customer service. Plus I LOVE the LG Chocolate Touch from Verizon.

  537. Alex Says:

    I’m thinking of switching to Sprint from AT&T

  538. Minh Says:

    Ok, yes $10.00 for AT&T FAMILY PLAN, up to 5 phones, now what kind of family needs more than 5 phones at a time?
    I get unlimited night and weekend calls with AT&T.
    All in all, AT&T is better than Verizon.

  539. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Cell Phones Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  540. Robert J Says:

    Humm, Everyone seems to be upset about customer service and / or MONTHYL BILLS, regardless of carrier.

    I feel your pain and was in the same boat. HERE IS HOW I SOLVED THE PROBLEM.

    I trashed the High Tech junk, went to a PRE PAID $60.00 unlimited per month for text and talk.


    I check my emails at home or work and same for the internet.

    HONESTLY, if you life has become so consumed (as mine was) with being able to access everything from a cell phone, you need to take a step back and take a breath.

    I remember the days when having a PAGER was high tech !

  541. Adam R Says:

    Seems like your comparison is rather biased.

  542. Ivan Says:

    I am with Verizon through no choice of my own and am shopping for some decent alternative when my contract ends later this year. I was an Alltel customer living in the rural SE US where Alltel was the ONLY company with coverage in my area of the country. When I arrived I was with Sprint but I had no signal until I was in town, about 15 miles from home. I loved everything about Alltel and it’s a shame that VZW didn’t adopt some of their customer service policies.

    I’ve read a number of rave reviews concerning the customer service with VZW. I’ve not had the same experience but, admittedly, a number of my conflicts are more connected with their policies than customer service. As an example, I will share my latest “conflict” with VZW. The contract for a 2nd line I added while with Alltel expired on March 17th 2010. I didn’t add this under my existing contract for reasons not necessary to address here. I called to ask them if there was any flexibility in the contract so I could end the contract on my March bill cycle date, the 3rd of each month, rather than pay the pro-rated amount for the monthly charge of $31 tax incl. Reply, “Yes, but you will be charged $200 for ending contract early.” I laughed and jokingly asked, “if I decided to end the contract on March 16th instead of allowing it to expire on the 17th, I would be charged $200?” (the humor I found in this was not shared by the cs agent) Reply, “Yes sir.” Then she added, “we don’t pro-rate your bill for the final month of a contract. You will be charged for the full month of service.” I was incredulous. I asked if the service itself was extended for a full month. “No”. I protested the legality of this business practice to which she replied, “Sir, this is stated on the agreement you signed when you began your contract,” I replied, “I never signed anything with VZW. VZW was visited upon me like a punishment for something or like a disease!” She became upset with me and suggested that if I persisted in my tone, she would have to end this conversation, but I beat her to the punch. She was NOT at any point during this conversation, friendly, solicitous or even neutral – she sounded annoyed from the start of my call. I wrote to VZW explaining that I had never signed anything with their company, and since I am required to run my Alltel Plan to the end of my contract, I’m ineligible for any of the VZW Plans even though I have a VZW phone since the replacement for my stolen Alltel Blackberry was a VZW Blackberry, I am subject to Alltel’s policy regarding the end of contracts which included pro-rating the final month. I had to pay the bill which included the charge but the reimbursement or my service would be interrupted for partial payment. The credit for the $15.46 is still pending, awaiting the reply to my email which I followed with a 2nd request for a decision.

    I have a folder of saved emails between VZW CS and me. There are 91 seperate files in that folder, accumulated over the past 10 months since the Alltel to VZW cutover on July 12, 2010 in my area – the same weekend my blackberry was stolen. That was another nightmare!! Some of the emails use threats or a threatening tone, trying to scare me into submission but that serves only to inflame me. I called the State Utilities Commission in the state I lived in at the time to register a complaint. Since then, they have been more cautious about the tone, their evasive tactics when I’ve made requests to have a service discontinued, like VZ Navigator. There’s no way they could market this against other GPS Navigation Tools because it is inferior. I wish they would because it would motivate the company to focus some money towards improving their product! They block GPS so that I’m forced to use that or nothing on my phone. I received a charge for a 3rd Party SMS provider once but they could not tell me who or why. They would not remove the fee since, as they told me, they already paid for the service, but stated that for $10, I could have all 3rd Party SMS providers blocked. Nickle and dime PLUS, I seriously doubt the veracity of some of the bs they throw my way. I am a web programmer and I drill the questions when such bs as the above are offered up as explanations. I would love to see ALL these companies go through a detailed external audit, not just of their books, but of the call logs (this call will be recorded for QA…). They’re all greedy. It’s the nature of our economy. They are also unscrupulous which is a choice made by someone in the company!

  543. Ivan Says:

    I would love to see a consumer revolt against the “2 year contract” business practice, period! This contract guarantees that they will have me as a customer or the money, should I decide to leave early, but what guarantee does the consumer get for committing to this contract? A reduced price for the phone vs. market value or what I would pay if I bought a Blackberry or iPod from the vendor. I’m charged say $100 for the latest Blackberry Curve as my part of the 2 year contract. I’m as certain as I can be without having the true numbers shown me that the company, VZW, AT&T, Sprint, etc. pay less than $100 for that phone in the first place. I really get nothing or close to nothing and no further guarantees! I know my bill increases over time for reasons I’ve never gotten any satisfactory answer to. So, I get NOTHING in return for giving them a 2 year commitment as a customer! Now Satellite companies are jumping on board! It’s time to call an end to this predatory business practice!!!

  544. Zofia Sidbury Says:

    Enjoyed reading your articles.

    To add,
    Now You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection…Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!

  545. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon models. Posted in General « Fort […]

  546. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon models. Posted in General « Fort […]

  547. Jim Says:

    ATT uses the world standard GSM phones. If you want to use another cell phone you just swap the sim card, and you are good to go. This way you can buy another cell phone off ebay or from a friend. In my area ATT has much better coverage as well.

    Verizon uses the older CDMA technology, which requires you go back to Verizon (and pay a fee) when ever you want to switch phones.

  548. Jim Says:

    As for coverage area. There is a big difference depending on the phone you buy. Samsung and iPhones have very poor reception and therefore you get less coverage. Motorola is a much better quality phone and give me great coverage. I’ve compared coverage with different phones and the difference is amazing.

  549. renee Says:

    Okay, I like verizon Lets put the phones to the side and only talk service. I’m still in my mid twenties, so I not old, but last time I checked customer service wins everytime. And I’m sorry Att does not have it period. Example when I had them I called them at 8 in the morning so I wouldnt be on hold for long(their suggestion)and still was on the phone with them at 3pm when I finally had to hang up because it was time for me to go to work. Now with ATT advertising that you can not surf the web or should I say use data and voice together. Two words DROID DOES. Yes folks my phone does let me talk and surf and text all at the same time. I have no idea were att got that claim but sorry its false.

  550. Erika Says:

    GET VERIZON at&t is horrible

  551. armando Says:

    It is truth that verizon is going to take over ATT on the new os4-iphone coming out this summer 2010?

  552. Re: Renee Says:

    Droid: The only way you can talk and surf at the same time with CDMA (Verizon) is if the phone is on a WiFi connection otherwise only one at a time.

  553. Scott Says:

    I’ve had ATT for 8YEARS now and have no plans on switching to anything else….. I love them. Plus in July I’m getting the new IPHONE 4! Thats enough of a reason to have ATT!

  554. Vanard Says:


  555. Angela Says:

    VERIZON is THE best service you can possibly get. they now have the Droid, which beats the iPhone by a trillion, AND they have 100x better service. verizon is the best, hands down, no questions asked.

  556. Brooke Jansen Says:

    Love my Iphone but no service in Central Maine. Had to go back to Verizon. At&T said “we didn’t say it was good service”. Duh!Refuse to pay early termination fee. A contract is a contract. No service no fee. Right?

  557. Jon Way Says:

    I have had Verizon and AT&T. In fact, I have had both at the same time for awhile after I got an iPhone. I think all the hoopla made about one being better than the other is way over exaggerated. I don’t care if you don’t have coverage in all parts of Alaska or other remote areas of the US – neither of them do. If somebody wants to get away from everybody else – great, but why should I have to pay for the added expense of setting up so they can. It is expensive and they all pass those costs onto the consumers. All I know is that when I had Verizon – my phone bill always had extra charges for usage and what not. I have been with AT&T for 4 years now – and never had any extra charges.

  558. Shenita Ahrends Says:

    I Thank you for the blog post. I really loved the readt. 🙂

  559. Marc Jenks Says:

    One of the real issues at the heart of coverage, dropped calls, etc. is that some phones have more problems than others. So many assume that a dropped call is 100% a network issue. Many times, it is your phones ability to keep the call. Software, hardware (antennae) play half of the part of a quality call experience. They can vary from maker to maker and model to model. If your phone has not cycled recently (reboot by removing batt), it could perform much differently than the same model right next to it.

  560. Katie Says:

    GOOD LUCK with Verizon! That will be a choice all you verizon lovers will soon regret!

  561. john Says:

    ok im getting f t up which is better att or verizen wich i have right now is it worth it to swich to att because of the iphone 4. wich has better servise att or verizen

  562. Harry Thomas Says:

    I think your comparison is quite biased. First of all, wireless staffing like most business staffing is based on sales volume and intensity. I had verizon and AT&T and never had to really wait to get greeted or get service. Both teams are professional and polite. I have never visited a verizon store with a repair department (LOL). Is that run by the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? I had to talk through the same awful phone maze at verizon that I use at AT&T. AT&T has better phones
    and all smartphones- iPhone, blackberry, android htc and palm. Plus, in my area they have Uverse tv, the fastest Internet, and a voip phone all bundled at discounted rates. In Michigan, verizon can’t beat that. I’m sorry veriZon bias boy…AT&T has verizon beaten thoroughly and comprehensively.

  563. Car Insurance Warren Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog via Bing. Your article is truly relevant to my life at this moment, and I?m really happy I discovered your website.

  564. tom Says:

    our verizon store is aweful. hardly any customer service at all :'(

  565. Amy Says:

    I have had Verizon for years. I love the new iphone4, but dont want to compromise the service I receive at Verizon. I was given by an executive there an ERis to try for a week, didnt like it. After spending an hour with a fabulous customer service rep, am considering a Chocolate LG. Amyone have 1 and your opinion??????

  566. Taylor Says:

    I’ve been with AT&T and I have NEVER had a problem with customer service, reception or any big problems with my current phone. Although I have never had an iPhone & probably won’t ever get one, I still think they’re a pretty good phone (my friend has one and he has no complaints over it) so I have absolutely NO reason to switch to Verizon, especially after hearing what’s happened to my girlfriend, she bought the new Droid and it crashed on her right after the warranty expired, and customer service was not friendly or helpful AT ALL. So my opinion, DEFINITELY AT&T.

  567. Charles Steele Says:

    I have AT&T right now, their service isn’t the best in the world and On my cell phone, the other day, i couldn’t even get a call out to call home and it’s agravating. I am going to give Verizon Wireless a try as well. Just to see which works the best.

  568. Suzie Says:

    Was with At&t for about 10 yrs, but all my friends and family went to Verizon so I was kinda stuck going too. I never had too many bad issues with At&t though. I am only with Verizon a short time …got an HTC Incredible and it is just that, Incredible. I feel I have better coverage but their customer svc workers seem arrogant and snippy. I am locked into the 2 yr contract but after that I am going to Straight Talk, $45 a month for unlimited talk and text but you buy your phone and there are not really any good ones yet. I think in 2 yrs, this will be the way to go and both Verizon and At&t can shove their 2 yr contracts.

  569. Aly Says:

    I just cannot respect these people on here who have extreme opinions and cannot even spell the words right. I enjoy reading the comments but those of you here to write in all caps, it’s really not necessary.

  570. Kat Says:

    My husband and I have been with Verizon since 2005. We have been decently pleased, until recently. I have the ENV Touch and I was just sent my 3rd replacement phone. I was told that if this refurb also gives out I will have to pick out another phone in the same genre. I bought my phone before Verizon made data plans on 3G Multimedia phones mandatory.
    Since they now want me to pick out a different 3G phone (and sign a new contract) I will have to up my minutes from 550 to 700 PLUS get a $10 data plan. I refuse. I don’t need the internet, it is a waste of money on a phone. But the basic phones Verizon has are horrible. My husband is also up for an upgrade in August, and in order to get a decent phone (I’m talking fully keyboard/Nice camera) he will also have to get a data plan. My bill will go up $40/month. I cannot afford that.
    A local Verizon employee told me today that the data plans are to help pay for Verizon’s new 4G network. And he has many Verizon customers in his store very upset over these new data plans, threatening to call senators and the FCC.
    I went to AT&T today and I was told that I could get more minutes WITH unlimited texting AND a nice phone for cheaper a month than I pay now. He said his store has signed up 37 Verizon customers in the past 3 days and he has 15 signed up to come in this weekend because they are offering a $100 credit per line/free activation for any Verizon customer that signs with them.
    I have heard that they drop calls. But I drop calls with Verizon all the time, and I constantly have no signal. I had no signal in the Verizon store today!
    Currently, most people I know are Verizon. But now that they have done this data thing, most are looking to switch. My 57 year old mother in law does not know how to work anything besides the most basic of phones, and with Verizon phasing out basic phones, it’s not going to be very hard to get everyone to switch.

  571. Jake Says:

    I’ve been with sprint, at&t, and now verizon. Sprint you get service barley ever and you would roam onto verizon costing extra. AT&T had okay coverage but customer service sucked. Now im with verizon and there GREAT i love them, great customer service GREAT coverage, all BUT i get droped calls here and there but if you call *228 you could update that so it don’t happen.

    So in my opinion VERIZON is the best, but i haven’t had all the networks so i can’t tell you which one is actually the best.

  572. seagal sensei Says:

    The above 573 responses are collectively about the worst examples of grammar I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Jesus, people…get it together. I wasn’t aware a phone could brake – as in slow down, nor was I aware that grown adults would use “are” instead of “our”, “there” instead of “their”, and misspell words that we all (supposedly) learned in 4th grade. Wow.

  573. Dcfdfgg Says:

    Verizon sucks balls iPhone 4 rocks

  574. Lynne Says:

    I LOVE our AT&T store. Nothing like yours. Love our coverage here in Alaska. No such thing as Verizon here.
    Love my IPhone. You’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand before I’ll give it up. (except to upgrade to the next IPhone)
    I agree with the grammar criticism. I cannot believe how much the use of English grammar has been degraded over the past 20 years. We would’ve never gotten out of the 6th grade if we wrote and spelled like that.

  575. Lynne Says:

    We even got AT&T coverage in the middle of the Yukon Territory, in the dead of winter on the Alaska Highway. We were shocked. Mountains all around. Strong signal. Surprised and very pleased.

    I think a lot of the people who are misspelling words on here are doing it on their texting phones.

  576. Lynne Says:

    Marti Says:
    November 14th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    I still cant understand why anyone would leave Verizon for crappy ATT service? the iphone isn?t even all that great? try sending a picture message?OOPS! can?t do it? how about video capture??? SORRY! and if you wanted to get insurance for your phone ? guess what?? you can?t even insure an iphone!! you will have to pay FULL RETAIL FOR A REPLACEMENT.. YOU CAN?T EVEN CHANGE OUT THE BATTERY! I won?t even go into its awfully S L O W download speeds, and the fact you cannot download from other than itunes?

    Uh…just connect your IPhone to your computer, buy your mp3’s on Amazon, and import them into ITunes…


  577. kcmnklvnlxk Says:

    if you think att sucks say verizon sucks ok?

    **cough hehhe cough**

  578. To MARTI Says:

    MARTI – You are an IDIOT…I have an iPhone and you certainly CAN send AND receive picture messages, there certainly is video capture, and I have insurance on my iphone…I pay $5.95 per month…not through ATT but there are companys that will insure it

  579. To MARTI Says:

    by the way, to all the morons who say they travel the country and they have friends with ATT who lose service and their Verizon keeps service…HOGWASH. I am a commercial realtor with dealings in almost all 57 err uh 50 states as well as PR and the US Virgin Islands…anytime I have been with anyone with Verizon we both lose it at the same time…both have pretty much the exact same coverage areas…I stay with ATT mainly because their plans are cheaper…luckily, I am grandfathered in to the unlimited data tough…I think they are making a HUGE mistake doing away with unlimited data…Verizon will get the edge on that service

  580. Mickey Says:

    re: MARTI post 581 – You are traveling the country… not out in the country. I’m a Oil and Gas Survey Contractor and so long as we are within a few miles of city limits, we are comperable in service. You get into some of the places I have to travel and you’ll see the difference very fast. Survey Techs and Surveyors with our company are both required to keep an Verizon cell on them for safety reasons. If I had to bet my life on rural service, it definately wouldn’t be the same service as a moron who thinks traveling the country is testing complete coverage of a single network.

  581. N. S Says:

    I have verizon now and they suck!! i have had verizon for 4 years and i really never had a problem with service or costumer service. you pretty much get service anywhere but you still have your dead spots like any other provider. when i moved i now have no service, i cant send a pic, sometimes cant even make a call, or send a text. also there costumer service sucks, they say you get a 1 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRENTY, bull crap u dont even get a new phone when it is there problem, they do a software update and send you out!!! you come in and wait for ONE HOUR, (there are very few days that you dont wait long if you dont wait long u got really really lucky!!)…and then walk out and still have the same phone with the same problem! we are thinking of switching to ATT and seeing how we like it, i hope that it is way better!!!

  582. Aj Lewis Says:

    AT&T is better than Verizon. Thats why Verizon is trying to put AT&T down. I was a Verizon phone user for 2 years until I switched over to AT&T. If I had knew how well AT&T works from the start I wouldn’t have wasted my time with Verizon. AT&T is the top wireless network in America with great coverage and a very fast 3G network. Thats one of the main reasons why business people such as myself uses AT&T. As for Verizon come on now we all know AT&T remains on top hands down.

  583. michael Says:

    just to put this out there the i-Phone has alot of rateation it almost excceds the legal limit for it so u might want to watch it there.

  584. N.S Says:

    Just to let everyone know verizon say that they have the best 3G coverage and compare the maps to att 3G coverage….. what verizon is not telling u is that AT&T has a coverage called EDGE and it is just as fast as verizons 3G and it has the same if not more coverage as verizon for ur basic Phone and Internet on your phone

  585. D Says:

    I have a Motorola Droid. One of the technically “older” android phones. Overclocked stable cpu at 1.1 ghz when using phone (faster than anything att has) and 400 mhz when screen is off. Free google maps turn by turn navigation. Free wifi tethering with android 2.2. True multitasking not just pausing apps like ios4. Full flash 10.1. All of this on a phone that came out before newer more powerful android phones. Android FTW. Verizon. Nuff Said.

  586. D Says:

    Oh and 3 dropped calls in 6 months of service. 🙂

  587. Vicky Says:

    The fact that Verizon doesn’t use sim cards is actually a plus because the CDMA system is much more secure than the GSM system. Look it up. AND you CAN, let me say it again YOU CAN change your phone any time even if youre not upgradable, just get it from somewhere else, go to a nearest Verizon store and they’ll do an ESN swap for you.

  588. Vicky Says:

    why doesnt AT&T tell their customers that they use EDGE and IT IS On a 3G network?

  589. N.S Says:

    we have been hearing that ATT stinks, and that they have spotty coverage. let me know on you opinion, do you think that ATT Is good or verizon is better


  590. N.S Says:

    verizon does not use sim cards, but if you switch your phone to much the towers mess everything up nd lets say u switch between 2 phones and it messes up you can have both phones going off at once and you have to call verizon nd get these special codes to de activate the phone, there is no other way to fix it in till the towers catch up.

  591. mereme kalici Says:

    the reason i write this is because i was a att costumer but they prices are so expensive(plans)and the service in some areas are not good…. but is triky because you can see in your device you got service and some bars but when you try to call… you got no service…thas not fair…i was sprint costumer for 10 years and a change the company beacuse the iphone…now i disapoint of att i wanna go back to sprint…please before your sign a contrac read twice…and make sure thise is the rigth company…ok

  592. Ben Says:

    i had AT&T and it was HORRIBLE, the service, the customer support, everything. i then switched to verizon and MY whole cell phone world changed. there was actually service where ever i went, either 3-4 bars and i never had under 3 bars on my phone for internet and reception, never had a dropped call and i ALWAYS saw “MESSAGE SENT” when i sent a friend a text message. Verizon just blew me away. VERIZON FTW

  593. N.S Says:

    Thank u so much for helping me!! I think that we might stick with verizon… We have been hearing so many bad things about ATT somebppl like them but we know more that hate them… I travel sometimes to Pennsylvania and I am going to need service when I go there and verizon gets great service to the place where I go… But again thank u for ur opinion

  594. deepizzle Says:

    There all a bunch of con artists if you ask me…. think about this…. lets say you purchase a phone with a 30 day cancelation policy…. and you get your first bill and its outrages… getting that 1st bill means you went over your 30 days and now your locked in and if you want to cancel… theres a early termination fee… not to mention for some odd reason.. theres a 2.99 roadside assistance and 4.99 voice dial that you never signed up for… hmmmmm

  595. Justin Says:

    You’d expect a cellphone site to tell the facts. Verizon’s a crappy CDMA network, AT&T is a world GSM network. That alone is worth the bad customer service and higher prices of AT&T, though I have T-Mobile (also a GSM service, I’d shoot myself before even considering a disgusting proprietary CDMA network like Verizon or Sprint).

  596. wanda Says:

    veriozn sucks. Its expencive, and doest not have service every where so don’t let those damn commercials fool you. in my humble opion at&t is much better. suck on that

  597. carlos Says:

    i would have to say verizon the first reason is obviously more 3G coverage. and recent test show verizon is faster followed by sprint, t-mobile, then at&t. verizon has a larger variety of nice smartphones and good customer service. i have verizon and im truly impressed coming from at&t. i live in west texas where cellphone covereage for most cellphone providers isnt good. but verizon does a nice job even 3G coverage is great even though it shows no 3G on there map in some places. of course coverage depends on where you live but if you live in texas or south new mexico coverage is great! verizon is a little pricey but its almost exactly the same as At&t. But in the end they are JUST CELL PHONES!! maybe at&t and verizon need to make a app showing 10 things that are more important than cell phones.

  598. Greg Says:

    Well Verizon is coming out with 4g LTE network before AT&T, which has had many rumors that the iPhone will be unveiled as one of the first 4g LTE phones for Verizon. This new technology will also allow talking and surfing at the same time just as all you AT&T customers do now. What I have noticed is that Verizon takes its time to implement things and make sure its network is ready, unlike AT&T that had the iPhone without any MMS for nearly over a year. Verizon is the better company both customer service wise (they have more corporate stores around) and coverage wise as well. On Long Island the coverage is almost the same, except there are some places AT&T does not get service where Verizon does, and NOT vice versa, if Verizon doesn’t have service neither does AT&T.

  599. Ben Says:

    The customer service at Verizon is horrible. If you have a problem that you did not create it is almost impossible to get taken care of. The custoemr service over the phone has restrictions on what they can give out and it will hurt you as a customer. AT@T has given the representives more flexability so customers concerns are actually handled. I’ve been with both companies and the over the phone customer service is ten times easier to work with at AT@T.

  600. Rachel Says:

    I had verizon for 2 years and i recently switched to at&t, i just got my first bill and its only been 2 weeks. My bill was for $275! AT&T sucks, tomorrow im going into at&t and giving them a piece of my mind. Might even switch back to verizon, who cares about breaking a 2 year contract. They are just sneacking their way into getting my money. If your reading this get Verizon, way cooler phones better service and way better customer survice 😀

  601. none Says:

    i have had verizon for 5 years and there OK there costumer service sucks!!! they never help u and if u want to replace you phone for a new one under warranty, then you have to go through a process so they can replace it and if you dont do it then you wont get a new phone, also i have a friend who had verizon and she hated it!! they charged her 500 dollars!!! on her bill!! so she switched to ATT and loves it, we where thinking of switching to ATT, we went to the store one day and they where super nice and set a really good impression on us. verizon has good service but they treat there people like crap and dont give a crap about the costumer because they know that there they biggest cell provider in the USA but little does verizon know the more the bully people around the more people are gonna go somewhere else, also there phone may look awesome but some of them have more problems then you can imagine. i hope att is better!

  602. cayden Says:

    i’ve gone through with verizon and at&t. let me tell you at&t is sooo much better. the phones last and are great, customer service is good, and you can use it out of the country which is important for traveling. at&t also to me has better saving and family plans. verizon had awful customer service, was overly priced, and the phones all broke under one year. the phones look cool but there experation dates are very fast. infact one of the family members and a friend had to get a phone replaced up to 7 times and not without a fight each time with verizon. the charging ports always got messed up and i NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM with at&t. verizon is a horrendous overpriced insultive company. thats all there is to it.

  603. ns Says:

    I have veizon and I’m so fed up with it I just went up to verizon and got a new phone and I have had it for 12 days its I love my phone but I am annoyed with veriozon I’m servixe has been out all day and I just Got it back in like 30 min ago and this is not the first time this has happened to me and we r switching to att we r so fed up with verizon we we are going to switch this Saturday!! I ant wait!!

  604. C32AMG Says:

    I just got the i-phone about 2 Months ago it is amazing Service! Me and my girlfriend just ported our number’s out from Verizon due to dropping calls at home the worst Cust. service had a problem with my data card called Verizon tech and found out a big company like Verizon does not have a 24 seven tech service really!! On top of that I called up Verizon to see if my lines where out of contract they first of all asked me why, I told them I am going to AT&T just let me know when my lines are out said they are done! Only to find out when they tried porting them at AT&T down the road they canceled them wow was that a headache. Long story short have had AT&T two months now and love the cust. Service as well as there coverage are Full 3G and no dropped calls. One of the many things that did impress me that Verizon ever did was as busy as AT&T store is the sales rep still finds the time two call up and ask how everything is working for me and my service! So over all I would defiantly Highly Recommend AT&T!!!!

  605. DeeDee Says:

    I have been with Verizon for more than 10 years. On my last upgrade date – I went to the Verizon store and asked specifically for a phone where I could get an app for the bible on line. Sales person sold me the phone and all accessories. I then asked for him to show me how to get the app. After several minutes – he said phone was so new apps weren’t compatible yet. Give it a week and try again. I did and it still did not work. Went to the store and was told – I could not get apps other than what was already available on my phone which did not include app I asked for in the beginning. I then asked why I cannot get my email on my phone. Sales person took my phone – played with it for a few minutes handed to me and told me to enter my password. I did and nothing. He tried again, I entered my password again – still nothing. He said he didn’t know what the problem was and moved on to another customer. I have complained to Verizon so many times – in the store and over the phone about paying for something that does not do what I originally asked for it to do. They really don’t care. I went yesterday to AT&T. Service was immediate and extremely friendly and knowledgable. In fact their plan with the IPhone is less expensive than Verizon. I went to Verizon to see what it would cost me to get out of contract and the Asst. Mgr. said they did not want to lose me as a customer – talked to me about the latest Droid phone and let’s see what he could do to help me which turned out to be nothing. Said call 611 send on my phone – they would be the only ones to change my contract date. Well I called and it turns out that only a store manager can do that. I asked how much it would cost to get out of contract and I am going to pay it just to be done with Verizon. They do not care about the length of time you have been with them or the fact that one of their incompetent sales people (who dissappeared within a week of selling me my phone) did not meet a customer’s expectations. Their current solution -add a second line (bill will just from $74/month to $120 something) and pay full price for the phone ($500). When I read that they work on commission – it all makes perfect sense now. Verizon’s focus is on making that commission – not on the customer’s satisfaction. It will be worth the $125.00 just to be rid of them. Oh and dropped calls – I’ve had a bunch as well as little or no service where I live.

  606. DeeDee Says:

    no comment

  607. Lauren :)) Says:

    AT&T is the WORST phone company! They think that they’re better than verizon. Well..i think verizon is WAY better! AT&T i think has been the first phone company ever to be in business. Then, along came verizon, the BEST phone company EVER!! On commericals, both verizon and AT&T workers have been telling people that, “AT&T is the fastest 3G network than verizon!” and then verizon says, “verizon is the fastest 3G network in than AT&T!” and the AT&T phones r SO expensive! Verizon is less expensive. My dad used to hav AT&T along time ago, and he said it dropped calls!

  608. Arrissa Marson-Walsh Says:

    I worked at Cingular-AT&T (during the merger) for about 4 years and felt that corporate was too much of an overhead. I tried my hardest to assist both prepay and plan customers and my manager told me that I should never assist a prepaid customers when their is someone with a plan waiting because her (manager) and I both make commission. After being yelled at for 4 years I told her that she will have to find a replacement because I am leaving. Then I got a job at a Verizon Wireless store, well since I had a 4 year degree in communications I was quickly promoted to the regional office and left the storefronts. I still felt that corporate was always trying to put more on these small stores and regional offices so I left after a few years. I now own American Corporate Investigations, a company that can come in to businesses and see what problems they’re having and come up with a plan to fix it so everyone in the company feels less stress and more important. I would love to here a reply from anyone that reads this. You may say I ratle on and on or agree with me. I would love to hear both sides. Maybe this will help other people that are facing the same issue get it corrected. I will try to reply on this page.

  609. Ns Says:

    I just switches to AT&T today and I love it!! The coustumer service was great and the service is better than verizon!! I love AT&T!!

  610. Scotty S. Says:

    Well…I made the switch!! Just had to have the Iphone4. I left Verizon behind and with it the assurance that any and all calls will stay connected. I do love all the features of the Iphone4 but the calling function sucks!! With every call I make I have to establish up front who will return the call when the call drops!!! This is just insane!!! I have had the phone for slightly over a month and had to have the phone and sim card replaced ALREADY!!! I live in the tristate area so I felt the service would be best here but I was wrong!! All the complaints of dropped calls are true and I intend on returning back to Verizon as soon as they get the Iphone.. To anyone who is intending on leaving there carrier for AT&T, Take my advise & stay put if you value making and holding calls on a cell phone.

  611. Ira B Says:

    WOW Scotty S. I was just in the AT&T store today thinking about buying an Iphone4. They told me I could return the phone within a month if I didn’t like their service. Like you, I live in the tristate area and I was thinking the service should be the best. One of my good friends lives in Rockland, NY and works in the city and he hasn’t had an issue with his Iphone4 but I am reading ALL OVER that AT&T sux here and AT&T doesn’t care about how bad their service is. Maybe I will wait till Verizon has this phone.

  612. Scotty S. Says:

    Good move Ira B. I am sticking with my phone even though the service is so terrible because of all the other features that are great. everytime I place or receive a call I feel the clock is ticking to a call failure!! Happens almost every time. I have decided that when/if Verizon ever does get the phone I will pay whatever the cost is to get out of my contract & immediately go back.This whole situation stinks but I know I am not alone with this problem…Good luck w/your decision Ira.

  613. Jill Says:

    I have had Verizon and AT&T . I had no problems with either Except where you are billed for a call you did not make. It is a hassle getting Verizon to remove the charges , but not with AT&T . AT&T remove the charges with no hassle at all. I prefer AT&T .

  614. Fair Says:

    I’m just a curious person who surfed the internet and read all comments and suggestions about this two companies. I worked for both before and I think if I’ll wrap things up, ATT won it. There are more positive response about ATT than Verizon. Hidden fees and some crap service is true with Verizon. I used to work for their sales department. Quality wise and customer service wise, I do good. I know how to treat people right. I grew up as a church person and I know how to spell INTEGRITY. The problem is, I don’t make good sales. That is because I disclose hidden fees and provide all information needed by the customer. Representatives get prizes when they get a sale. I CANNOT COMPROMISE MY INTEGRITY. The outcome? Verizon dumped me. They left me hanging in the edge of the earth and there’s my co-worker who stayed but knows how to play it dirty. Verizon value MONEY and not those agents who knows how to deal well with integrity. I cried a lot when they removed me but it is fine, I know where good people goes.




    HE’S COMMENT IS JUST ABOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  617. Jed Says:

    I have verizon, it sucks, the guy was nice at the store yeah, but he sold me a phone that was supposed to be indistructable and it seems to like to self destruct form the inside out(it locks up and you can’t call unless you take it back to the store), also its falling apart!
    not only that, verizon signed me up for (3) $10.00 a month ringtone subscriptions without my consent, they would not remove the charges, and lied to me about their signing me up.
    they said that the only way to fix the problem was to block the data on my phone, and the guy lied to me about what all that would cancel to.

    now i can send pics from a $180.00 phone thats falling apart.
    also verizon has NO multimedia messaging, this means you pay THROUGH THE NOSE for every time you send a pic.
    also the guy at the verizon store don’t know to much and would not tell me how to send a message to my phone from my email without using my phones already blocked 3g service. and they wouldn’t replace my “crash-proof” phone that is now falling apart.

  618. Jed Says:

    *can’t send pics.

  619. The Worst Says:

    I had both VERIZON and now AT&T (also sprint before verizon). Had the Iphone now a Samsung Captivate.

    Hands down…without question….100 times out of 100 I would take AT&T over Verizon. I can connect 99.999 % of the time. I got a signal in HAITI!!!!! I got a signal on a cruise ship in the middle of the atlantic ocean.
    Lets be honest, what do you do on a cell phone. You TALK. You need a signal. I always get a signal.

    Verizon customer service the worst customer service ON the PLANET. EVIL! LYING! The have so many hidden charges that it is unbelievable. When I ended my service when my contract was up they still billed me an early termination fee. I didn’t pay it since my contract was over for over a year. I called them and they said they would fix it… got another bill for early termination fee. Called again, they say they will fix it…again and again… month after month this happened until finally THEY PUT IT ON MY CREDIT REPORT. Finally they admitted they were at fault and canceled the bill. They said they would take it off my credit and they didn’t. THANKS VERIZON + I dropped more calls than on any other network. (Well, except sprint… do people still have sprint phones???? LOL!!!!)

    Anyway…. this is only my experience. Nothing more. After my experience, I canceled my verizon wireless, verizon internet and Verizon home phone number went with cable internet and vonage and AT&T wireless. AT&T has been GOLD!

  620. kalmia Says:

    Dumped our satellite service for AT&T fiber optic U-verse. During installation, the AT&T guys couldn’t get a mobile phone signal from our house to headquarters, – I lent them our Verizon phone. They sheepishly thanked me. While traveling extensively in the west, we absolutely positively were out of phone service for days at a time. We were blown away with those around us using their Verizon service. Yep, we picked up Verizon after this experience.

  621. Lynn Says:

    Verizon has some of the worst customer service in the world. After a couple of years of Verizon, and waiting for my contract to expire, I have finally gotten rid of them and am shopping for something else, may go with AT&T.

    Verizon bills are never what you sign up for, and when you call them to dispute them, you can be put on hold for hours. I can say that they were pretty good with me about crediting my account when things went awry, but who wants to have to call them every month to correct a bill, especially when you can be on hold forever?

    And my experience with bundling services with Verizon was similar because the different divisions are separate. So, you may have internet and phone and tv, but internet will fail to recognize that you have the other services, so they will charge you the regular rate instead of the bundled rate, and then you have to call them and make them see that you’re supposed to be bundled, etc. Month after month. On hold for hours. It’s total exasperation.

    The cellular provider that I had the least amount of trouble with in terms of no extra fees was T-Mobile. I never had coverage problems with them, but it is true that Verizon is tops at least in DC where coverage is concerned, and my test is that I can often make and receive calls using Verizon from inside my cinderblock government building, while I can’t do that with any of the other carriers, but I don’t think the headaches are worth it any more. With T-Mobile, my bill was typically exactly the same every month without a lot of add on charges, quite reliable. However, I’m now shopping for a no-contract plan and the T-Mobile phones for prepaid are not so great.

    I have heard that Verizon is going to open up most of it’s nicer (Android, etc.) phones to prepaid soon, maybe by the end of this week. It may be worth it if there aren’t a bunch of fees tacked onto those plans. However, I’m looking at other options. Cricket has an Android phone now, and I know that their prices are exactly what they say, but I don’t know how their coverage is. AT&T has the LG prime, which I don’t think is Android, but is pretty good, all touch and access to social networks, music player, etc.

  622. leon Says:

    I have verizon..I had no complaints….They always were helpful and when it came to my billing they were awesome..Sometimes you have to call more than once to talk to the right person to help you…Most of the customer service will help you but others won’t…All cellphone companies have their flaws, if you want results you have to be firm and have a thick skin talking to the people….Att use to be horrible with their customers….My friend has the samsung touch screen phone over 300 dollars and its not even worth that much..Att has cooler phones verizon has better service..

  623. Pat Says:

    I’ve switched from VZ to ATT because VZ kept charging me undue fees. Although I received credits each time after filing complains, it’s a hassle. ATT is improving its customer service and signal coverage, whereas VZ’s customer serice is deterioating. VZ shut off my service immediatly, but it keep charging me till the end of the billing cycyle. I am glad with my decision. Now I have stronger signals at my home and work place. No more frequent dropped calls.

  624. Al Says:

    This writer is an idiot. AT&T is the Best Wireless company in the world. This writer probably had bad credit and couldn’t pass the credit check and got mad because he had to pay a deposit… Verizon sucks

  625. tina Says:

    I have tv/internet/homephone through Verizon and my cell with At&t.

    I’ve been thinking about switching to an all in one bull, but Verizon is HORRIBLE with customer service. I have canceled things over the years with them (ie: starz play, protection packs)and EVERY TIME (really) they tell me over the phone that they have canceled something and months later i see they never did it. I have called back sometimes a week later to check and sure enough they didnt cancel (this went on quite a few times in a row)

    I HATE VERIZON… i only have to keep these other services because Verizon bought out my area so they are the only big company around…

  626. jco Says:

    Verizon vs At&t…

  627. Nfraizer Says:

    AT&T is horrible. Whenever I wander into the store in need of assistance, I’m always brushed off because they won’t be meeting their quota by helping me. I own an iPhone, and I have no need for mobile ringtone/game services. One month I had over $80 in charges for ring tones I never paid for or needed, and refused to remove it from my bill. Also, I can NEVER get service or internet access anywhere. Nothing is worse than being lost in a city you’re not familiar with, and you can’t use google maps because you lost all service. You can’t even call anyone…

    And the iPhone… such a joke… just like all Apple products. Android has been around for less than half the time iPhone has, and Android has already made more progress. I’ve had quite a few phones, and I have never been more frustrated with one as I am with the iPhone. Can’t even load emails without crashing, shutting off, and then powering back up again. Have fun having the same text tone as all your other friends with iPhones. The only way to get any sort of customization with your iPhone is by jailbreaking it, which voids your warranty with Apple (which shouldn’t even be called a warranty because its a joke) and slows your phone down even more, increasing the chances of crashing and phone failure.

    Overall, AT&T limits you to so little. More coverage my ass. In the past year, I’ve seen nothing but one bar, on a slow network. I have conference calls, and its hard holding them when your phone drops calls every 30 minutes.

    I refuse to renew my contract with AT&T in the future.

  628. Duke Says:

    Just spent 1/2 hr. driving to a place that is NO longer in business thanks to Verizon GPS. Called Verizon customer service and the guy said, Yes, we do not keep the data base for the GPS up-to-date.
    Verizon = useless. Went to the AT&T store and looked up the same place… no listing. What do you know…. up to info!! Going to give AT&T a shot.

  629. Willie Says:

    I really travel. I have AT&T but it the 7 countries I visited my iPhone used their carrier. I got 5 bars, and 3G with no problem. I come back home to the U.S. and AT&T and terrible coverage. Now why is it that third world countrires have better coverage? I tell you why. AT&T probably doesn’t reinvest in their own infrastructure, (More towers) but they love sending that $100 bill every month. I’m switching back to Verizon.

  630. carlos eduardo Says:

    Att say they cover 97% of the nation but what they don’t say is that they only cover 48% of the nation in 3g,while verizon covers99% of the nation and 90% in 3g.and not mantioning that verizon has the best android phones which are the worlds leading os.suck that apple. Iphone is going down.

  631. Ns Says:

    I switched to att about a month ago and so far the service is great! And the coustumer service is great the only thing that I noticed is when ever you make a call it will just say called failed or cut me off we had the sim card replaced and it still does it we switched from verizon I hope that was a good move!

  632. Ron Says:

    All comments are I believe true to all who have submitted them. I just wish everyone would submit their location, cannot get a real picture of what works where if we dont know where you are at. Still do not know who has the better coverage because of this one missing link. Albuq., N.M.

  633. Ron Says:

    O yeah I have verizon and really have had no problem with them, except it is exspensive. The reason I am on this site is I am looking in to the Droid X vs the iPhone4. Both I think have awesome features. Trying to get a real picture of the service areas of both companies. Albuq., N.M.

  634. Jennifer Says:

    I have to disagree about the AT&T thing. We have one here in the Nashville area that stays packed but you have to put your name on a list and they do have a technical support desk just like Verizon. I have had both and Verizon doesn’t have as many towers so I stick with AT&T. The best thing about verizon they have cooler phones. So it basically comes down to the technology.

  635. N.S Says:

    i have the iphone 4 right now and i love it, its a great phone and i have not had any problems on it, the service cutting out does not happen to me because i have to case on it. the droid i hear is a good phone but i did not have it with verizon so i dont know how it works. the only problem that i have with att is that we have to cell extender, we found out that att is having a lot of problems with them, and without it we will loose all of our calls, so we might have to switch back to verizon. i have had verizon and i think that they have great service to, i think all and all att and verizon even out because there are some spots where att is not as good where verizon is and there are some spots that are better service with att. the only reason i switched from verizon is because of the bill and the costumer service was not as good where att is better with coustumer service.

  636. Kody Says:

    I currently have a Verizon phone… have had this service for quite a while now and it seems to be doing okay i guess. I am tho getting tired of the dropped calls every now n then, phone freezing up, receiving txts late and sometimes calls don’t go through, and most importantly how they are putting unnecessary charges on my bill almost each month. I went into a Verizon store yesterday and got a price for a new phone with a new 2 year contract… OVER $500 to start off and i don’t recall the monthly bill but it was pretty pricey. Went into the AT&T store afterward and found the same exact phone with better offers on the contract for less than 1/2 the price… this is a no brainer. Definitely goin with AT&T. I know plenty of people who have AT&T and they love it.

  637. Kody Says:

    New Orleans, LA

  638. jason Says:

    after reading all 640 post i found one that att is better in all things.

  639. Steve Says:

    ATT/Cingular/ATT customer for ten years. No power user I, contractor guy with LG phone covered in paint and putty talking on ladders, back roads, all over New England. Reliable service, responsive customer service too. Little pricey I guess, but so am I. 😉

  640. Dallas Lawrey Says:

    I live in the city and work in the country. Service is great at home on both networks. ( I have both) The service is better in the country with Verizon. I hate having two plans and want to get rid of one. Leaning towards AT&T but can’t be without service at work. I like the customer service better at Verizon also. I live in ND and AT&T is just moving here. Not sure what the change-over proccess will be like from Altell to AT&T. Hope it is a smooth transition.

  641. Rich Says:

    I have been with Verizon for over 10 yrs, have Sprint for work, never been with AT&T. Although I’m switching over to AT&T at the end of the month, even though I have to pay an early termination fee with Verizon. I can NEVER predict what my bill is going to be for some reason and they (Verizon) can’t seem to figure it out either. I had four phones on our plan and have since dropped my son’s (grew up) and my wife’s (she’s either home or with me, so why pay for a cell phone? It was her choice BTW) but I’m still paying close to the same that I was then??!! I’ve never had a problem with service and in fact consider Verizon to be superior in that department, but I’ve compared plans (Verizon/AT&T) and can get the same plan over there for much cheaper. I live in a metro area so I don’t really anticipate too much trouble with the service and the people that I know here that already have them seem happy with it. Plus I get the iPhone and a smartphone for my daughter cheaper than I have a Droid and a basic phone with Verizon. In today’s economy, that alone is enough for me to switch.

  642. Rennie Says:

    I think that verizon is better because they have greet customer service and they have better smartphone like the droid and they are getting the apple contract this month or the next and the ipho e for verizon is coming out in january 2011 and then AT&T will pro belly loose Bout 50% of their customers and they will most likely switch to verizon verizon is obviously the top dog of the phone companies

  643. Serge Says:

    I have At&T and I live in the D.C. metro area and the 3G works fine I haven’t had a single dropped call and the contracts are very customizable. If you go online and look up your plan, you can customize it according to your needs (beware that it might lead to a renewal of your 2 year agreement). I have a family plan of 450 minutes (but with the rollover is like unlimited minutes and I’ll explain why). My parents both have very basic cellphone needs, calling related to work and relatives and since you get free calls to any AT&T they don’t really consume that many minutes and I don’t really call that much because most of my communication is via text/email and my calls are mostly to AT&T phones and when they r not the minutes getting used are the rollover ones (I have around 3000 of those). I don’t own an iPhone because it required me to sign up to a limited data plan (which is an awful point against AT&T) so I went with a non-smart phone for my upgrade and chose the Samsung Mythic and added the unlimited texting/unlimited data plan (Before with my much simpler previous phone I only had unlimited text)and the internet works great. So basically, good service in the D.C. Metro area for text, call and internet. Very customizable plans my being as follows (450 shared minutes, three lines, two without texting or data plans, mine with both of those options unlimited and pho9ne insurance for the mythic) total coming around 110 dollars with taxes included which I don’t consider awful. I haven’t had a verizon phone but I have used friends phones and their service is good in the area as well, and there aren’t that many noticeable differences in reception between the two providers (sprint is also a good option since their service is excellent and their price seems better when you have a single person plan, t-mobile lacks when you are inside a brick and cement building in the lower levels but some of their phones rock and when I had them before switching to AT&T they had excellent customer service). The bad part about verizon is costumer service and price (usually more expensive than all other providers) and incorrect billing issues that are pretty common. I mean I get it all comes down to a personal level and what it is you are looking for. In my personal experience AT&T is what works for me, but you might find yourself better off with other provider or maybe alternatives like, for example, Boost or cricket if you don’t want any contracts and hidden fees and you don’t really go out of their coverage area often. Hope my opinion helped a little bit. But yeah the key is in exploring ALL the options.
    P.S. AT&T was excellent when I traveled overseas to Colombia so their phones really are world phones 🙂 (beware of the international costs though and check their website that specifies costs for calls and text and gives you roaming options)

  644. Melinda Says:

    You may think verizon is awesome and you may think it sucks. First phone I had was the chocolate 2 and had absolutely no problems for the whole two years. Now I got the chocolate 3 figuring it would be just as good because it was an improvement from the chocolate 2. Boy was I wrong. In less than a year and a half I have had my phone replaced four times for it repetitively resetting and they give me the same type of phone and in less than four months I need it replaced. They don’t understand why I’m disappointed when they tell me I have to wait because they don’t have my phone anymore. Hmm heres an idea how bout giving me a different one that is cheaper because that would be just fine with me. I have never had at&t but I’m getting to the point where I might.

  645. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  646. magaret Says:

    verizon is better in my opinion

  647. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  648. Both have advantages Says:

    I have both the Iphone and the Droidx. with the AT&T Iphone, unless im in Decent sized city, i cant get service if my life depended on it. but with the droidx by verizon, I get service werever i go.

  649. Jason Says:

    They both suck. They are way too expensive and neither one has great customer service.

  650. Katie Says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for the past 2 years and my upgrade is this December and i might switch to at&t because verizon is expensive. verizon has really nice phones and amazing customer service. the service is pretty good too. i heard the customer service at at&t is awful. just hate verizons data plan thing. but i do love verizon 🙂

  651. Michael Says:

    I am with Verizon now and shopping. Looking at AT&T they offer plans with more for less cost. Verizon seems to stick it to you. For example; They sent me an offer for 69.00 per month. phone and internet. But the catch was 450 minutes. now who only uses 450 minutes. So they screw you on that overage of 45 cent a minute. I work in the film industry and self employed so 450 minutes is no deal. If you read the fine print and ask all the questions with verizon you will find they always have a way of getting you on the cost. Its always in their favor. Not to say others are not the same but with Verizon you need to look at it all and read it. they also are higher price on the wi-fi. Others are less and they all are on the 3G or 4G now. I am shopping around but Verizon is not one i will stay with. they are making alot of money and pay crap on the dividends. I sold their stocks for others and my dividends are higher. And all those fancy stores they have paying hi rent. YOur paying for it for the higher prices. Don’t be foolish. This is my opinon.

  652. Nick Says:

    I loved Att… Until I got my most recent bill. $50 for using 5mb of data!!! I can’t really compare to Verizon, but if somebody has had another experience like this, please post it.

  653. Josh Says:

    Verizons customer service is CRAP. I don’t know what store you have been going to but in my experience at the Cincinnati area stores you have to wait at least 25 minutes to talk to a representative. Which wouldn’t upset me too much, except for the fact that i have gone through 5 different Droid Incredibles since May 2009. All of these phones have been replaced for software problems such as the phone crashing, airplane mode not working, 3G turning itself permanently off, etc. While getting these replaced verizon has refused to be helpful in anyway and have claimed that the reason my phone is having problems is because i download apps. Last time i checked that was the point of the whole point of having an app based phone, especially when i only download 4 star rated or above apps if they arent recommended by verizon themselves.

    The employees at verizon have also falsely promised to send me a brand new phone, because their ‘certified like new’ phones are horrible, at most they only last me a month (this includes ,y previous, lg Venus, lg Dare, and lg Envy Touch.) but after promising me a new phone and sending a refurbished one, the manager told us that he was actually unable to send me a brand new phone.

    To sum it all up, verizons customer service is appalling.

  654. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  655. manyuon Says:

    good service

  656. manyuon Says:

    i mean not at&t

  657. The Red Blade » ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  658. Brittany Says:

    I believe it is all about the phone. I had Sprint and had a hybrid phone with Sprint voice and Nextel direct connect and it was by far the best phone I ever had. I had Sprint for 6 years before switching to Verizon. I decided to get away from direct connect and purchased a Razr. Than a Blackberry. My phones were not getting reception anymore and after 7 refurbished phones in 5 months I decided to get Verizon. There is a tower a mile from our home. I think it is based mainly on where you live and your preference and which phone works best. I am not going to say one is better than the other because I know several people with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Boost, Nextel etc. and they love their service. It all depends on your area and preferences. Check all of your sources before making a decision. I have no hard feelings towards any service. In my opinion there should be only one service provider and they should all merge. Better service, better phones, better people. 🙂

  659. Joseph Says:

    I choose I-phone. Ive had the i phone 3g and now the i phone 4 and it has always worked fine, no dropped calls, ever.If you know how, you CAN make mp3 into ring tones. And if you want a gps, any phone gps most likely wont work as well as a real gps so just get a normal gps. (they are pretty cheap) All the apps, multi tasking, good service(ive had perfect service), not bad battery life, easy to use itunes, great retina display. I chose Iphone 4 for all.

  660. Joseph Says:

    Also I think this article is very bias.

  661. Matt Says:

    Verizon is horrible in my opinion. My kids had to contact me at school because there was a fire and we had no service. Even 200 feet away from the school, when there friends have ATT and can text during class. And ATT plan we switched to is cheaper, and theres GPS that you don’t have to unlock, and Verizon always lied about them changing stuff. So they dropped our minutes down to 500 w/o us even knowing. We went 1000 minutes over since we talk to the kids grandparents. It was really condescending but we got over it. So know we have 4 iPhones and i only pay about $160 for unlimited Data&Messaging with 3000 minutes. Which on Verizon is almost $250 which is overpriced, Hope i could help..

  662. Marvin Says:

    I have the iPhone and my sister has the droid I have to say the iPhone is way better n I have better service then she does so at&t is way better

  663. Rory Says:

    I have been researching for a project comparing and contrasting At&t and Verizon Wireless and At&t claims to cover 97% of Americans, but their real amount of coverage is 36%. There are several circumstances in which my iPHONE drops calls on several key steets. I was tricked when Apple was with at&t causing me to have that phone service, but thankfully, iphone is switching to Verizon.

  664. Joe Says:

    At&t is better by far!!!! Verizon just does bad contracts and makes customers pay terrible fines if they are going to leave the company. At&t made the best phones of the years. The Blackberry Torch and the iPhone 4G. If you say At&t is bad, your saying bad remarks to the founder of phones Alexander Gram Bell! If it wasn’t for At&t phones wouldn’t even be here!!! All the other phones are just cheap services that are jealous of what Alexander Gram Bell started and that At&t is more reliable! Verizon is just copying At&t by the iPhone!

  665. Danny Says:

    i’ve had verizon for 6 years and no problems, i have to droid x and its amazing. It has a gps free google apps, also it lets me have wifi whereever, it becomes a wifi hotspot in seconds ,all i have to say is that verizon IS THE BEST OUT OF ALL AT&T SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  666. T from ICT Says:

    First off, if you are looking for a smartphone, iPhone is the only way to go. AT&T is the best service. Friends have T-mobile and they get ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE IN WICHITA, KS! Step Dad has Verizon and he complains about how the messages don’t ever send, and when someone gets the message from him, it’s already a day or two later! My gf has Sprint, and there is NO REASON to get on sprint bcuz their service sucks also! It’s just like Verizon! SUCKS!!!! I have never had an issue with my iPhone (I have had this 1st gen iPhone since it came out!) ONLY IDIOTS BREAK THEIR SCREENS!!! ITS CALLED TAKE CARE OF YOUR EFFING $400 PHONE!!! if you are mature enough to get an iPhone, you ought to b mature enough to take care of it!


  667. Dennis Says:

    I’ve been using AT&T up from Cingular. Am in Dallas but I spend half the year up on a ridge in NW Washington state. Up there Verizon is great but att is pity-prone. I pull a 5th wheel RV both ways traveling from WA to N ID thru MT, WY, CO, OK, then TX. Same route both ways. att disappears in CO & doesn’t come back until I-5 in WA. They can’t be bothered with that much territory & too few people.
    Verizon was really good that whole distance until we hit the blizzard. I would up in a truck stop at exit 7 of I-25, almost down to CO. I drove thru that crap for 71 miles. Couldn’t see signs, nada, except the 2 tire tracks in front of me.
    As soon as we got off I=25, even w/ thick snow coming down, Verizon was right there. Guess who I’m changing to today (end of 2 yr w/ att, I’m outa therer).

  668. Amber Says:

    “508. venera Says:

    April 15th, 2010 at 7:44 pm
    okay, y da hell would att be so stupid enough to give their BEST phone to their enemy????? i mean come on!!! The iphone was created by att, n is gna stay there, cz att aint stupid to give it to fkin verizon”

    …The iPhone was created by Apple… And Apple offered it to Verizon first. I have an iPhone and absolutely hate it. I haven’t even had it a year and its starting to crap out on me. And you have to deal with Apple, not AT&T, if your iPhone messes up.
    But anyway.
    We’ve been with AT&T for about 15 years. We’ve had SEVERAL dropped calls, little to no signal in several places, and horrid customer service. So why have we stayed with it for 15 years? Because my mother has heard that Verizon isn’t much better.
    However, on Thanksgiving we were at my uncles who lives out in BFE Kentucky. All of us except my cousin have AT&T and we all had, at most, two bars on EDGE, while my cousin who has Verizon had full bars on 3G. I’ve talked to a few people about their Verizon phones and I’ve only heard good things. The only bad thing my cousin had to say was “Droid doesn’t.” which is obviously about the phone, not the network.
    Come February, we’re switching to Verizon.

  669. codeman Says:

    To the person above, iphone was created by apple not at&t

  670. Fred Says:

    I had Verizon for 4 years and They are quite expensive…I live in San Bernardino near the mtns & desert..Even in the middle of nowhere i still get service..I am thinking of awitching to at&T I hope I do not regret it…

  671. John Day Says:

    AT&T customer service is absolutely awful. They advertise how “great” their coverage is: not so. We moved across town and had no bars. Because we were outside of the 30 days post-purchase window, we were charged $475 to end the contract (early termination fees) even though our phones were nothing more than paper weights at that point. Per Jennifer Fuller, the AT&T “manager” at the Fayetteville office, “AT&T cannont concern themselves with a customers future moves. Didn’t I read my contract??” There is nothing in the contract which states that if I move out of the coverage area, I can’t end my contract. Jennifer was typical of the policy-oriented drones that AT&T is famous for.

  672. John Day Says:

    I had Verizon before and was impressed by their above-and-beyond customer service philosophy. For example: I had gone over my limit of minutes and was going to have to pay an extra $250 (approx) in charges that month. I called customer service and asked if I could spread that over two months. They said I could, but also said that if I just increased my calling plan minutes for an extra $10 to the next level, they would forego the $250 in airtime charges from the previous month. How cool was that?

    I later had to move to AT&T (partner’s family plan was too new to cancel). I’ve regretted it ever since. Their customer service is absolutely the worst. They simply don’t care.

  673. Ashley Says:

    I had AT&T for about 4 years and I absolutely loved it. I had no complaints. Phones were affordable, plans were cheap, and I had service about 99.9% of the time (apart from the basement in my high school.. but that’s understandable).

    I then switched to Sprint, then T-Mobile, and I’m now with Verizon. If I were to number them, it’d be as follows:

    1. AT&T
    2. Verizon
    3. T-Mobile
    4. Sprint

    With Sprint, I had service lying on my bed, but not sitting at my desk. Explain that.

    With T-Mobile, they said I “chose” a 1 year contract and when I went to add a line for a BlackBerry, I couldn’t get the BlackBerry for the new line or upgraded price because of the contract I “chose.” I was never explained this when getting T-Mobile.

    All of the plans were around the same pricing ($130 a month for a BlackBerry and a regular phone).

    I have Verizon now, and although the service is great, I’m not a fan. I’ve wanted Verizon since I was a kid because the phones were nicer but I’m glad my mother never agreed to getting it. I’d feel guilty telling her that after a month of service, I no longer wanted it.

    Yes, you heard me, after a month of service. December 2nd made one whole month of Verizon service. Customer service is great… Employee that sold me the phone gave me an employee discount, so I would have paid $149.99 for my BlackBerry but I paid $110 and got the LG Cosmo free. Then I got a $100 mail in rebate. So technically, I paid $10 for 2 phones.

    No complaint there, but I was just happier with AT&T and the phones they had to offer. I’ve had BlackBerry for about a year and am ready to lay this Curve to rest and get an iPhone 4. Now the dilemma is – wait for my contract with Verizon to finish (and potentially wait for iPhone with Verizon to happen … or not) or switch over to AT&T.

  674. Ashley Says:

    Ah, another 2 cents..

    The ONLY complaint I have of AT&T is the 2 GB of data. I’m an extreme Facebook, Twitter, and internet addict. I Google at least 10 things a day. AT LEAST. And I’m always using up data. With Verizon, I have unlimited data.

    I’d always have to worry with AT&T about my data usage, and to my understanding (correct me if wrong) for every 1 GB of data you go over, you pay $20.

    I’ve been told by RadioShack, and AT&T employees that the average user barely uses up 200 MB of data. Alright, that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m no ‘average user.’

  675. Heliana Says:

    AT&T has the worst Customer Service. Worst service as well. Don’t count on using your phone or text while you travel with AT&T. Believe me, you Can NOT count on them.

  676. JUAN LANES Says:

    I have t-mobile since 4 years ago, the custumer service is the best, but the coverage sucks, I’m sick of bad signal if my phone is pointing to the east or far from the city, have a weeker signal…now I don’t know if switch to att, to get all toghether TV, internet, and phone with ATT or just get my phone Verizon, TV& Internet with ATT….

  677. gret luck with Droid X Says:

    Had Verizon for a number of years. Customer service has be excellent. My Motorolla Droid X is a fantastic phone (beyond what I could have expected) It has better reception than any phone I have owned thus far. Apps are great and cheap or free. GPS via Google Maps is excellent-better than my dedicated and expensive GPS unit (which now sits idle). They have answered my phone calls in a timely manner and actually fixed whatever problems I have had. They deserve my buisness in the future because they have done a great job for me. I live in N. California

  678. Ben Says:

    What about coverage? I don’t know about AT&T or Verizon but t-mobile’s service is BAD. Um, they cover America??? HELLO I BARELY GET COVERAGE ON THE TOP FLOOR OF MY OWN HOME!!! AND WHEN I WENT TO VERMONT RECENTLY I HAD NO SERVICE!

  679. Politics and Tech Geek Says:

    I’ve only had AT&T and a blackberry curve 8310, but my experience with AT&T has been decent except for 3 major flaws:
    1. phone choices
    2. spam texts
    3. No 3rd party android apps allowed

    First, no phone choices. I hate iPhones, and I hate Apple, because I know exactly what they’re up to. They have an agenda, and it’s right there in front of your nose. Apple practices Vendor lock-in and they try to kill all open-source and technology standards efforts. If Apple didn’t make it, they try to kill it. I’m talking about essentials like being able to play your music on whatever device you want, and being able to use FLAC in iTunes and using OGG-Vorbis on the iPhone (both are impossible with Apple’s rules).

    Apple hates you, all of you. They only want your money.

    AT&T hates Android, just like Apple, and I would be willing to bet Apple threatens AT&T into playing down Android. AT&T doesn’t let anyone install 3rd party apps on their Android phones, and this is a BIIG NO-NO that a majority of Android users shun.

    As for Verizon, they should be using a physical standard like the SIM card, so that people can buy a phone and use it if they change carriers later. What they’re doing is bad form, and is likewise a way of “disciplining” customers. This is BAAD FOR YOU.

    All of you are really willing to give up free speech and freedom of choice for either of these companies. I wish there were more people who knew what the companies were doing and cared enough to boycott them.

  680. mahmoud Says:

    at&t is the besssst

  681. barker Says:

    ATT has just filed for bankruptcy. Don’t sign with them
    Service is going to only get worse. Repeat,
    They have filed bankruptcy

  682. Tom Says:

    I think Verizon is great! Always great customer service in the store or phone.
    Yesterday I walked into a Verizon store to update our phones. The sales rep was very helpful and after reviewing our plan made several suggestions about which plan would work best for us. We also changed from the Verizon stick for internet to the newer Five Spot. We left the store with the two phones that we wanted and the Five Spot and a plan that will be approximately $20.00 a month less than what we were paying. We had a 15% discount because of my employer on the phones only but now the 15% applies to the whole package.

    We were so disgusted with ATT that we dropped our ATT land line and cell phone service is all we’ve used for over two years. I’ve had ATT, Cingular and Verizon and I have honestly never had a complaint about Verizon. This is just my experience with Verizon but obviously others have had comparable experiences with other carriers. Just go with the one that works for you.

  683. Rene Says:

    I am surprised with your Verizon experience… Mine is actually opposite of yours. I won’t get into the fact that I had them before for 5 – 6 months before I left them and paid the fee to get out quick because their phones were awful and never worked for me and their service was even worse…
    But today (01/04/2011) I walked into one of their stores in Orlando to give them the benefit of the doubt and they failed me again.
    I walked in and everyone was busy but no one said a word to me. I walked around looking until someone came to me. I heard other people come in behind me and they were told “we will be with your shortly” and then a guy that came in after me was standing behind me and I heard someone come to him and say “are you being helped?” he said no and they went off.
    Later I heard them telling the people to please sign in on the computer so they could be next. I was never told this after the time I had spent there (which was my lunch) so it was too late as others had already walked in and were told where to go.
    I called Verizon to inform them of this using their 800 number and the lady at customer care had a “and that’s my problem how?” attitude. When I told her what I was trying to get a new service provider and phone, she suggested I do all this research on line and look up forums that have people chatting about their phones to decide what I want. I already know what I want. She was not helpful at all.

    When I called AT&T and told them I was looking for a new service provider, they helped me in answering all my questions and giving suggestions and everything.

    I don’t know if Verizon still is up there with Customer Service or I just have the worst luck with them from 2004 when I first joined them to now trying to see if I can try them out again…

    So tell me who you spoke with so I can see if they can help me?

    Thank you.

  684. Tess Says:

    I’ve been with at&t from the beginning. Dropped calls are not as bad as they used to be so cant really complain about that. Cant say ive ever been unhappy with their customer service and i’ve always loved their phones. However each store is different but all sales staff are on commission and helpful attitudes vary. My contract ends with at&t this month so I’m investigating my provider options because I hear so much hype from Verizon customers how they love the company and phones. My disappointment from at&t derives from my purchase of the iphone. Sales staff were not enthusiastic about selling me the iphone and try hard to upgrade my blackberry curve to the bold,(later I was informed that at&t sales staff didnt get commission on the iphone like they do on at&t phones). My hearts desire was set on the iphone, they didnt have one in the store it came in the next day. I asked to purchase the insurance but it was not available on the iphone. 4 Months later my iphone was stolen and i was S@$*&%t out of luck. I went to the Apple store and there they explained that if i had purchased mobileMe they would be able to track my phone also if i had kept the box it came in they had the serial #. So I’m upset with at&t for selling me a product and leaving out pertinent information that would have saved me loss of $$ and this head ache!. I really did love my iphone so I looking @ verizon’s phone to find something comparable. But of course like at&t their sales staff is on commission and claim a better product. Here I am looking for in-put from people that are objective and knowledgeable in both companies and their product line? I know Radio Shack is a good place to go too.

  685. John Says:

    We’re being forced from Verizon to AT&T out here in the boonies of Mid-Michigan. No good idea when this will actually happen, and no one from either carrier knows (or will tell us). We’d love IPhone4’s, but have no idea if they’ll work at all out here……..and will probably be driving to FL when this whole transition occurs (and will be longer than the 30 day dump ATT program lasts). Any suggestions? We need phone service up here in Mich. and won’t know if we have it until we get back home…….after the 30 day period. Both ATT and Verizon “hint” that we’re just screwed. Not unhappy with Verizon, and would keep it if we could…….but we’re told we can’t. Any thoughts anyone???

  686. att survivor Says:

    i definetely prefer verizon. it gives me what i need. at att i waz paying 80 dollars a month for less than 5gb wifi verizon is cheaper in that repsects, plus their phones last longer

  687. mike hudgins Says:

    Ever noticed that each time you walk into an At&t store, you are surrounded by very angry customers? How long before the angry customer syndrome puta At&t out of business?

  688. Joseph Sattler Says:

    how dare you to say that AT&t CCARE is crap, as an AT&T representative I work very hard each day to give costumeersa resolution in their very first call as a quality policy of AT&T that as representative you must always followed

  689. Deb Says:

    I AM worried about switching from VERIZON to AT&T. My daughter use to have at&t and she always had to call them about her bill. IT was crazy how they tried to screw her out of hundreds of dollars a month.

  690. sandra Says:

    Had att, sprint, now have verizon. Att service kept having connection problems, & low signal in common places, but very good in others…overall was ok. Sprint had good call quality, and ok signal everywhere, but a lot of dropped calls, & mistakes on bills. Verizon gets signal almost everywhere, charges less tax, and no dropped calls, yet. Id go w verizon.

  691. Carrie Beth Says:

    I’m sooooo happy with Verizon! And they are getting the iPhone 4 in February! Yay! I was at AT&T but it wasn’t worth it. You always have to hold your phone up and shake it and spin around to get service. Never like that with verizon! There’s other differences but that’s I think the biggest.

  692. Kevin Says:

    I have to disagree. The verizon store is the worst. You walk in and a greeted then told to take a number and wait. If your are there for customer service issue you go to the bottom of the list. They only give you good service if you are a new sale so that they can make commission. I had great service when I went to Att and will continue to stay with them. I am relieved the iPhone went to verizon and hope users switch. Their towers won’t be able to handle the heavy data not to mention CDMA won’t ever be as fast as gsm. Great move Steve jobs, atleast for me as an Att iPhone user.

  693. Benjamin Says:

    I’ve had Verizon as a wireless carrier for almost 4 years, for my dad, almost 10, my mom, and grandpa, 5 years, my aunt, 4 years, my sister, almost a few months, and we never had problems. AT&T had to spend over $9 billion to fix AND upgrade their network, which still sux to this day. Verizon customer service is 10x better than AT&T, unlimited minutes after 9pm (Mon-Fri) and on the Weekends is WAAAAAAAAAY better than AT&T’s 5000 minute plan, Verizon data speeds are 10x faster than AT&T’s network, and Verizon has the sweetest phone selection. As of Feb. 10, 2011, Verizon is going to sell iPhones for/to their customers, but AT&T will still support the iPhones, even though the AT&T network sucks. For those who have AT&T, switch to Verizon today. Say “No!” to AT&T’s call drops, say “No!” to AT&T’s limited minutes on nights and weekends, and say “No!” to AT&T’s crappy network coverage.

  694. Tony Says:

    So lets insert a little reasonable analysis in here instead of Ben’s wild hyperbole. Verizon in general provides a more reliable voice path although all carriers have improved. AT&T really does suck in a small number of areas where they are congested (mostly due to iPhone over subscription) and generally has smaller coverage areas. Is ‘unlimited’ WAAAAAAAY better than 5000 weekend minutes—maybe for the odd person who talks WAAAAAAAAAY too much but for people of normal psychological make-up 5000 minutes should work. As to ‘care’ – Verizon used to be pretty darn good at this but in my personal experience and in polling results they’ve fallen. AT&T isn’t strong here but would get the nod over Verizon. Device selection is just always going to be better in a GSM world standard and of course ease of roaming overseas for MOST models that customers have is much better on AT&T. While a few VZ devices are on LTE, the vast majority are limping along on a CDMA technology that has no path forward for increased speed while HSPA+ has proven such a robust and consistent platform for AT&T that there’s no compelling need to rush into the LTE world. The verdict—check coverage where YOU need coverage and then decide if voice is your #1 objective (Verizon) or real Data Speeds (At&T).

  695. PoohDiddy Says:

    Everyone make good points about the service they are using but the different is NO phones like VZ or ATT are better then each other because all those services have there good points and bad points so it basically down to which service is likely the BEST for you VZ or ATT. Its a strong battle between VZ and ATT. Now that Now that VZ is getting the iphone service its going to be even tougher to deside. All my friend have ATT so I went with ATT because mobile to mobile is NO charge and thats how you save those $$$.

  696. Don Says:

    I’ve had ATT for about 4 years now. I switched from Nextel/Sprint which was the worst, literally paying for nothing. Anyway, over the past year, ATT’s coverage has literally been getting worse by the month. Our family slogan is “More bars in less places”. At least twice a day I get “Unable to access cellular network”…Really? Can’t access the cellular network?!? We are always dropping calls. My wife and I have received text messages up to 4 days after sending them, so you can imagine the confusion when answering a text message that you have no idea was sent 4 days ago.

    I’m really considering switching to Verizon at the end of the year. My work all uses Verizon, and at least half of my friends are on Verizon or ATT, and no one complains about dropping calls on Verizon. I have no home phone, so making an actual phone call on my cell phone is important; surfing the web is nice but not as important. As well, I have the iphone and my wife the Android…I think I’m done with the iphone…too much Apple getting in the way of customer necessity.

    As well, I’ve read a few posts about the bill being different with Verizon. In the past 4 years I’ve never had the bill be the same amount from month to month with ATT. Additionally, when I’ve called in the past, I was told by the ATT representative that they were unable to explain why the bill is different…sounds like a freaking scam to me. A couple of dollars here and there multiplied by 70 million customers is a hell of a lot of money.

    In a nut shell, ATT’s coverage sucks and it is frustrating. I’d give it 2 years at minimum to switch to Verizon as it can’t be any worse than what I’ve got now. If it’s better at ATT after all I’ll switch back.

  697. Al Says:

    Thank you for the info, just may sure do not Approach to Sprint they the worst Cell company of the universe for everything, SAY NO TO SPRINT beside that they do not support our soldiers.

  698. iphoneguy Says:

    Just thought I would throw this out there, but I work for a company that buys/sells phones on the secondary market. If any of you are looking to get out of your AT&T contract (strangely enough I am doing so myself because their service is terrible) you should check us out. – We are running a promo on the phone buybacks right now where we raised the prices to cover the cost of the Early Termination Fee for AT&T so you can switch over. We are located in Austin, Texas and also offer local pickup in several major cities (LA, Boston, Austin, Houston, Dallas, etc). Take it for what it’s worth.

  699. verizon Says:

    im number 700 awsome suckers

  700. Arin Says:

    I believe all companies have plus and minus npoints. I switched to AT&T from Verizon for the following reasons: 1. AT&T offered much better coverage internationally compared to Verizon. Almost all countries support the GSM devices. Something Verizon or its CDMA devices cannot claim. 2. AT&T had rollover minutes that Verizon did not – and on a couple of occasions that I did go over my total minutes and had no rollover left, AT&T was gracious enough to change my rate plan and adjust all my overage. 3. I took to AT&T because of the Iphone, however, big difference -now I can surf and talk at the same time. Why didnt Verizon offer that? And still dont, after 3 years. 4. Initially, I did have data speed issues. That has dramatically improved since. A good point to mention would be AT&T had Iphone and similar data intensive devices -all of which consume high amounts of data. With Verizon launching the Iphone now, I would really stand up and watch if a. They release the phone nationwide, like AT&T did (and watch the network die b. Play safe release in limited markets. Truth be told, I dont think with all their 3G and 4G claims, they can handle nationwide Iphone launch. I googled, based on Verizon claims, how fast their network was and voila, every article put AT&T’s data network 40% more faster. Gimmick? Lets wait for the iphone launch at Verizon. 5. If AT&Ts customer service is dubious, Verizon’s isnt any better.My high blood pressure is all thanks to Verizon’s inept customer service, low international availability for roaming, lack of wifi devices that worked abroad, high bills and actually less coverage nationally – no matter what they claimed. All said, my business belongs to AT&T.

  701. Bryan Says:

    People..if you complain about dropped calls and more bar in less places (as someone put it), please turn off your phones (I know you hate that- I did too) and turn it back on after a minute. It helps the phone to receive updates from your service provider and results in way less dropped calls. Happened to me.

  702. Susanne Says:

    I bought a Verizon data card from Amazon to test Verizon’s network out for one month. What I discovered was:
    1 – Verizon lied about not charging me an activation fee for this 1 month test (I was charged anyway).
    2 – When using your card (and maybe phone) in a moving vehicle (I wasn’t driving). Your signal can be downgraded automatically from 2G or 3G to CDMA, but it will NOT automatically switch back up to 2G or 3G if you move to an area with that coverage. I talked to a tech.rep. and he told me Verizon’s network is not designed for using your device and MOVING. You have to log out and back in for it to pick up the higher network again.

    As much as I dislike AT&T – I never had that issue with them.

  703. eric Says:

    Long story short:I had been a longtime Alltel customer but was forced to switch to AT&T when Verizon bought Alltel.Nov.29th I called AT&T because I hadn’t received my new phone and was told there was no record of my # and to please go to AT&T store in town.After a 45 min. wait got switched over and confirmed that I had 30 days to opt out.Dec.23rd I switched to Verizon and went to AT&T store and canceled service.I tried to pay my bill but was told not to,that they would send me a revised one.I just went to p.o. box and found 2 bills,one saying I had until Jan. 23rd to pay $403.77 and another bill saying that my account was closed on Jan. 13th and they were sending me to collection.By the way,that amount includes a $375.00 termination fee assessed before termination?Oh yea,best part,I’M STILL GETTING AUTO CALLS TELLING ME TO GO ONLINE AND PICK OUT MY NEW AT&T PHONE THAT I GOT 2 MONTHS AGO AND RETURNED A MONTH AGO.Mammoth Lakes,Ca.

  704. Chan Says:

    Verizon is wayyyyyy better than AT&T
    Reason 1: better service
    Reason 2: something to think about is that vz has four 4g cell phones coming out later in the year

  705. Robert Says:

    I worked for both companies in a tech scenario…ATT may not cover in as many places but the penetration into places is better, meaning where it works (alot of places) it works great.
    Its IS in fact a faster network also, up and downloads dont hang up and stall.
    as for customer service…it is what it is…they all stink and just want your money..hence “Contracts”…..For user ability and more apps unlocked for no extra cost (Verizon nickle and dimes you)…go ATT.
    Verizon will include lots of stuff on your runs automatically wether you want it or not in most cases and app killers only disable temporary in case of the Droid.
    Also as stated above…theres lots of apps included with your phone…but you have to pay extra to enable and use them.

  706. Joey Says:

    I have had ATT since 2003 and had no issues with my service. Yes the coverage at first was spotty but which cell provider doesnt have spotty areas, we are talking about cell phone coverage not landlines or wired phones. these devices work on reception which depends on several different conditions of your surroundings like OBSTRUCTIONS, trees,buildings, ETC. give them time and ATT will own the cellphone industry. in the 8 years I have had ATT my reception gets better with time, Like a Good Wine Gets Better With Time. and as far as customer service, I have had nothing but great experiences with CS, and on occation I have had bill issues but ATT has always bent over backwards to solve every issue. ATT is the best and does have the best phones, Keep it up ATT, They Will Come Around Sooner Or Later. Rock on ATT, Formally Cingular

  707. Jordon Fregoso Says:

    Man, talk about a fantastic post! I?ve stumbled throughout your weblog a couple of times inside the past, but I normally forgot to bookmark it. But not once more! Thanks for posting the way you do, I genuinely appreciate seeing somebody who truly includes a viewpoint and isn?t seriously just bringing back up crap like almost all other writers right now. Maintain it up!

  708. Bill Says:

    Everybody is all excited about Verizon getting the iphone. Sprint and Verizon use the same cdma technology so sprint phones can roam on the Verizon network. However sprint rate plans are alot less expensive than Verizon’s. If everyone who had Verizon was smart they would switch to Sprint who has cheaper rate plans and still be able to use the Verizon network. Also Sprint has this new phone called the Evo that is a better phone than the iphone 4. I’ve been with Sprint for over 10yrs and have been happy with their customer service. I can’t talk about ATT wireless’s service because I’ve never used it. I can say that if you are looking at leaving ATT you would be better off switching to Sprint and going with an android phone (I have the Evo and like it alot).

  709. Emily Says:

    So over the phone AT&T represenatives are horrific? Im one of them! yes some of the other departments can be rude but i think verizon is worse! at least we let you know what you bill will look like, verizon just changes your plans&features without telling you anything. In the store, yeah they dont know much which is different then verizon but verizon is more expensive.

  710. Emily Says:

    Ashley Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Im correcting you for being wrong,you pay $10 per GB you go over for being on the 2gb plan, not $20!!!

  711. Emily Says:

    and to the idiot who wanted to bash about att saying we dont have the feature to add when getting a plan 1400 or higher to talk to 10 numbers, we do! a family plan 1400+ get 10 numbers to call anytime! regular plans are 900+ get 5 numbers! you need to research more before bashing a phone company

  712. Bob Stewart Says:

    BIG Problem with Verizon/Google Incredable phone

  713. maryellen thompson Says:

    I have been with verizon for 6 years and as of today i am canceling my contract, even though i will have termination fee’s etc. verizon SUCKS!

  714. refill Says:

    I will stay with AT&T for the time being. The cost to move is not worth jumping ship just yet. I believe having two players in the game will only benefit the consumer. cheap cards

  715. ben Says:

    i thing than verizon is better than at&t

  716. Brian Says:

    ATT Support is terrible. I’ve had problems with the screen staying on and draining the battery on a Pantech Ease for the past 6 months. ATT replaced the battery twice, in spite of the fact that there was NO problem with the battery. They reset the phone.

    Finally after 5 months they sent a replacement phone with a phone with the exact same problem plus a non working mic, so the person on the other end of the conversation can’t hear me.

    Nobody in support has any interest, let alone any authority to resolve the issue by sending a phone that works.

  717. The Phone Guy Says:

    Just want to set the record straight, with Verizon’s version of the iPhone 4, if you connect to a wi-fi, YOU CAN TALK AND BE ON THE INTERNET simultaneously. I have Verizon and my daughter has the iPhone 4. Personally, I could care less, but wanted those who were contemplating the Verizon iPhone to know you need wi-fi to do it and it can be done. I’m off of my soap box now. Enjoy.

  718. Darren Says:

    I have been with Verizon for 6 years. I have never had a problem with customer service on the FIOS product or my wireless service. They have been more than helpfull with technical issues and equipment questions. My company makes me use an AT&T phone and I forward it to my personal Verizon phone so I wont drop calls. Given the choice, I will stay with Verizon as long as I have a mobile phone and internet.

  719. michelle Says:

    Att is way better than Verizon. I use to have Verizon Only thing good with them is the unlimited data now. I am grandfathered in ATT unlimited data since Ive had them since the 1st ever iphone… I can surf, text, talk and multi task on my iphone 4 with att verizon cant do that. Droid sucks.. my son had one.. doesnt come close or even compare to MAC aka iphones… best phones ever. ATT 3G data way faster and better than verizon, only thing good about verizon is the voice data since they are a bigger US carrier.. but ATT, i hardly have any dropped calls, I am in Las Vegas, NV. ATT has nice phones too…. All verizons has are mostly windows and droids… I am not a newbie to both carriers so I think i know what I am talking about, the plans are cheaper with ATT and I always 4000 to 5000 roll over minutes i never use.. thus, i never run out plus they now have unlimited talk to ANY mobile carrier, not landline.. just other cellphone co. so you cant beat that. ATT lets me upgrade every year that apple comes out with new iphones. Look it up online… you do the test when it comes to data and who has a better much more relaible and faster network.. thats ATT…plus the iphone 4 is new to verizon, theyre data is already slow.. wait till they swallow 2 million iphone customers running their network at the same time, you guys will feel more lag with that verizon network…..

  720. slenderfigure Says:

    ATT is much better!!got a new plan, for $30, u can have unlimited text and call to any mobile…and ur mins.plan, you will just need to use it for landline calls.what a deal?no worries about going over your minutes..i love at&t…

  721. slenderfigure Says:

    guys, you should check out the new plan att offers so you can take advantage of unlimited calling

  722. B..young Says:

    I was a loyal Verizon customer at 1 time! i had Verizon when they first came out, they sucked then. I went to sprint, they were absolutely terrible! nextel was great until they joined forces with sprint, in which I went to cingular, they blew ass! At&t came back & I have been satisfied ever since, hopefully they will continue to treat me good. now if Apple would finish the Iphone five, & solve the issues with the Iphone 4, I will be staying with at&t, & if apple keeps screwing off, Im switching to HTC

  723. j. gordo Says:

    i’ve been with & have worked for verizon for 12 years.their phones are junk and their customer service is terrible. on top of it all, i went in to get a new phone and they renewed my wireless data card for 2 years instead of my phone plan. i just noticed this and they would not fix the problem because it was over 14 days. it cost me $300 to get out of the card and my phone contract is up. i’m taking my number with me and going to at&t. i told them i would leave and that i was going to file complaints with the fcc and the attorney generals office which they laughed at. they are a very cocky company. boycott them now!!

  724. Bob Says:

    Right now I’m good with Verizon. I have issues with the phone doing stupid things. So, I went to the local Verizon Store and the girl looked at the thing, got on the phone and had a new one over-nighted. All in about 20 minutes. Both Companies NEED to better train there representives! I think, whomever wins this little battle will be the one that gives the best CUSTOMER SERVICS. That’s where both should consintrate their efforts to come out on top. Just my opinion…

  725. Blastoise Says:

    I’m currently an at&t user. I think At&t relied too heavily on Iphone sales, and completely forgot about updating their smart phone market. i think that’s why Verizon users boast about now having a larger phone inventory. oso, i have had multiple experiences that the Verizon data network outperforms the at&t data network. So, i do feel that at&t lags being Verizon in this area. I do find it hypocritical of Verizon users making fun of the apples “closed” market and re-budding with the android, and now that the I phone has gone to the Verizon network. A substantial amount of users are flocking to the I phone. Oh, and oso Verizon needs to stop marketing against at&t about having a 2 GB cap while Verizon doesn’t. Read your fine print Verizon users. Verizon just proposed slowing down users speeds who use an “excess” amount of data in pursuit of providing maximum data speeds for everyone. Way to sugarcoat coat it Verizon!

  726. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Verizon Wireless Reviews Says:

    […] writing many articles &#1072n&#1281 blogs &#959n hi-tech products. In h&#1110&#1109 viewpoint Verizon vs AT&ampT &#1110&#1109 crucial &#1110f &#1091&#959&#965 want t&#959 &#609&#959 f&#959r AT&ampT Verizon […]

  727. Larry Gibson Says:

    OK, so you followed me into the AT&T store and recorded my entire visit. You must, otherwise how would you know what-you-do each and every AT&T in store staffing ratios. Currently using AT&T without a contract over the past year, however now I need a phone with more data storage and specific applications related to work. Both phone companies have gobbly-gook sugarcoated performance charts and claim customer satisfaction to the max. It is a business for both of them and they will charge for whatever they are allowed to get away with.

  728. bill Says:

    AT&T is soooooo much better than verizon verizon sucks . i always get great service with at&t and the customer service is amazing why should i go to a store when everything can be handled on the phone . i have had verizon and i have no service their phones are crappy

  729. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers » Get your info here. The best article parking directory Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  730. Den RA Agatt Says:

    I had Verizon for last 8 years. It never really worked where I live and has gotten worse. My work ATT phone gets great bars and seems to work at home all the time. I was also VERY f#&%n angry with Verizon for charging me 40 us bucks more per month upon the “agreed upon” price per month [for 2 years], they would say it should not be so much but when the bill came….. I will be switching over my 3 family phones to ATT. So long Verizon,… although I might have more dead spots in the country, ATT will work 99% of the time. Also, I will be able to use in Europe if need be. Cheers!!

  731. John Says:

    Here?s a completley unbiased review from a former AT&T AND Verizon employee.

    1) To all the people trying to say which company has the better coverage ?because their friends? never get dropped calls? ?shut up. Go to Global Wireless Solutions. They did the most recent and accurate network test across the USA with the major 4 carriers. AT&T was shown to have the fastest mobile broadband network, with all phones tested thoroughly under the same conditions. Across the nation, AT&T has the best coverage, the most towers, the most partner coverage by far with GSM, and unlike Verizon?s old CDMA towers, AT&T has UMTS and will have the superior HSPA+. Bottom line: AT&T has better network service overall. But people, it really depends on where you live. Clearly, AT&T has bad coverage in Cincinnati, since 75% of these reviews are from there. And consider this, you?re using a CELLULARIZED PHONE. It will never be as good as a landline. The old cellphones from the 90s were designed to have a stronger signal, however, they emitted a questionably large amount of RF energy.

    As far as contract fees. Verizon gives you 14 days to return a phone. AT&T gives you 30 days. Verizon has a $25 higher termination fee. As far as prices, I used to hear it all the time ?How come I pay so much with AT&T, my friend pays $60 with Verizon for EVERYTHING UNLIMITED!? LOL no your friend doesn?t. I worked for both. Their prices are nearly identical for all plans and features, they just present them differently. As far as customer service, I can?t say I have noticed more pissed off customers with one or the other, but I actually got stuff done on my calls, and left my customers happy. So irregardless, of which company, it depends on the representative you?re talking to.

    Although I think cellphones are a joke and I don?t own one, I know that customer service can be hit or miss no matter who you?re calling. I will say this, AT&T gave me a lot more freedom as a customer service rep to make business decisions. In other words, Verizon won?t help a customer out with their bill, even if the customer has been misinformed. With AT&T, if a customer was nice and at least treated me like a human being, I would be happy to do a huge rerate on their bill if it was necessary. And Verizon was all about upselling, upsell, upsell, don?t decrease plans. Whereas with AT&T, every call I?d find a way to give the customer a credit, and save them $20 off their bill, without taking away any features.

    Picture this: Exact same scenario for both companies. Customer has $500 worth of overages on the bill. When I worked for Verizon. I would have to get manager?s approval to tell the customer we could credit HALF, only if they switched to the highest plan. With AT&T, I would instantly do a rerate, so the customer only has to pay the difference between the necessary plan. So, let?s say they needed the unlimited plan, which is $20 more. I would credit $480 back instantly, charge them $20 to make it seem as if they had the unlimited plan, and I would do this in 5 minutes (maybe 10 if the customer won?t shut up and just let me explain how easy this is to fix),and I would do this all without having to ask anyone

    Conversely?Verizon may have fired me for even suggesting something like that to help a customer out on the bill.

    In conclusion, people need to stop being so dependent on their cellphones. One might argue, ?well cellphones are necessary for emergencies?. Actually, according to statscanada, cellphones have spiked motorvehicle accidents, which is why talking on your cellphone and driving is illegal in Ontario, Canada, where I live. Also, some scientific groups believe the increased cellular band has interfered with the frequency on which bees communicate; subsequently declining their population immensely.

    If you wanna pay big money for a gameboy that can make calls, get a cellphone. Remember this the next time you call a customer service rep from ANY company. You are complaining about a CELLPHONE. It?s going to drop calls in your house. It will never be as superior as a landline. You can easily survive without it, and the person on the other end will be more excited to actually help you if you at least don?t start off the convo by yelling and taking it personally against them. When I used to work customer service it wasn?t easy. Even though I got the customer satisfied on every call, I was alot more eager to work with the nice ones. If you go on the phone and start screaming at a representative they?re more likely not going to bend over to help you. I know this from 5 years customer service experience.

  732. Hector Says:

    So John, Verizon or At&t? Thank you for writing the most honest review in the history of reviews. 🙂

  733. Lorraine Says:

    I’ve been with Verizon since 1999 and have always been happy with their customer service and the quality of reception on the phones. Customer service has always been good about resolving any billing issues I had and resolved the problem rather quickly. I was thinking I wanted to go with AT&T because I wanted the Iphone because I just hated the Droid phone I had. Now that Verizon has the Iphone, I’m happy. I’ve heard alot of stories of constant dropped calls and horrible customer service with AT&T. I’ll stay with Verizon for a while.

  734. Lorraine Says:

    Is it true that AT&T has now or will be doubling their ETF to what is it, like $350.00 now? why? Just something that I read recently.

  735. Lorraine Says:

    Verizon has raised their EFT also it appears. This whole raising fees on both ends Verizon and AT&T just stinks.

  736. Carol Says:

    I pay individually for text messages because i use so few. I called Verizon today to try and get them to block unsolicited text messages (yes i’m on the do not call list) or to block anything not from/to a number on my account, they told me to get a text plan. Yes I was polite, it doesn’t make much difference, they don’t have to listen, they have a script…

  737. Megan Says:

    i agree completely. i work for at&t and i have verizon as a cell phone carrier. i can say that unfortunately the representatives in the at&t stores are not trained in customer service like the over-the-phone reps are. that’s why the people in the store are less helpful, and why they tell you to contact care over the phone. we reps in the call centers are trained to care and help and do things correctly, but the people in the store just work off commission and aren’t trained the same.
    as for verizon, i love them! i wish i could work for them instead because then i wouldn’t have to constantly tell people that the phone reps are better educated than the store reps about the plans and fees and policies…verizon has excellent customer care and the store reps are so helpful and nice. i definitely will stick with verizon, but keep in mind, the iphone isn’t worth it whether you get it from at&t or verizon…it still requires a data plan with either carrier and it still has lots of glitches and causes dropped calls, i’d know cuz i hear about it ALL day. 🙂

  738. Megan Says:

    in reply to what John Says on February 24th, 2011 at 6:59 am, i also agree that no company charges what they say or advertise. there’s hidden fees, taxes, and usage charges. but with working for at&t, i can say that they are very likely to work with you and make adjustments if you would just ask and not demand… i personally love to help people, but i get really sick of customers saying “ive been with you 5 years and you want to suspend me…? what are you gonna do to keep my business” —i wish i could reply with “well, you signed a contract stating you’d pay, maybe you should pay your bill and you wouldn’t get suspended, and there’s millions of customers, losing you wont hurt.” haha but unfortunately i get to reply with “i’m sorry you got suspended, lets see what we can do to help you out today!” ha, what a joke. cellphone companies, just like any other company, just want to make money. that’s the bottom line. :/

  739. arturo rios Says:

    at&t sucks verizon is better by 5,000,000 mile

  740. al THEE AWESOME Says:


  741. Bob Says:

    AT&T spies on Americans. Verizon spies on Americans.

  742. Anita life Says:

    bob ur gay

  743. Anita life Says:

    bob ur gay as hell verizon is better

  744. chelsey smith Says:

    i’m writing a report about verizon vs. at&t and wanted to use this website, i wanted to cite it but i don’t know the author. what’s your name?

  745. anthony Says:

    what it comes down to is that…basicly now(2011)you can 10 cents a minuite with att&t and get decent service!you can pay 25 cents a muniute with verizon and get far better service(reception-towers)and customer service…but it costs a little more PREPAID…with a two year contract at either vsn or att you will get about equall service.verizon has better reception due to more towers. att&t has sim chips so as you upgrade to new phones you can switch it up easy with the sim cards!Verizon charges for almost everthing.IF VERIZON HAD SIM CARDS ID STAY WITH VERISON…I like att&t for its versitality and cheap minites

  746. Hunter Says:

    I have at&t and after going way over my data plan of 200mb, a rep bumped my plan and had it set to be retro from the last bill date. The rep saved me over a 100$. I would recommend at&t to anyone after that.

  747. Chris Says:

    They have done a test with verizon vs. AT&T regarding the service. The test was that each phone downloaded an app 100 times. Verizon had 100% success rate and AT&T was 47% success rate but when AT&T completed theres it was faster when it actually worked. I would much rather get a 100% success rate than speed anyday.

  748. i phone dual sim Says:

    Nearly all of the things you claim happens to be astonishingly appropriate and it makes me ponder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. Your article truly did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular issue goes. Nonetheless there is actually one factor I am not too comfy with and while I try to reconcile that with the main theme of your position, permit me see what the rest of the visitors have to say.Very well done.

  749. Jen Says:

    Most of Att customer service it outsourced so they can pay considerabally less than their own employees. This is why the quality of the customer concern is poor.

  750. sean Says:

    i have to say i have both att and verison depending where im standing one work and the other doesnt. i think it really just has to do with where you areand what phone you have. my wife has a blackberry att phone and i have the iphone and she get sevrice alot better then me. as far as dowloading apps and 47% thats bull i have never had a proablem doing that.

  751. j. gordo Says:

    after a month of having swtiched to at&t, i have found out that their reception with the iphone sucks. i couldn’t even use my phone in my house and i live in a very populated area. but on the otherhand, their customer service blows verizon’s out of the water. they gave me a microcell for my house and now i get 5 bars all the time. they also kept me informed of everything they were trying to do for me. you also get someone that speaks english everytime you call, unlike verizon.

  752. Manuel R Rubio Says:

    METRO PCS!! LMAO but by the way AT&T just finished buying T-Mobile for 39 Billion Dollars which is something AT&T customers have to look forward to

  753. AT&T RULES Says:

    Hey AT&T isnumba 1 verizon is number boil your hairy balls in hell

  754. AT&T Rep Says:

    Some of you retards dont realize that AT&T customer service IS NOT outsourced. Verizon’s, on the other hand, IS. That’s precisely why you will not be able to get any credits in a single phone call.

    Verizon customer service must double check and approve every single request made regarding billing issues. Credits?? Forget about it! Get ready for a 3 day adventure to straighten out your bill.

    I have given customers over $200 in credits on a daily basis, and I’m not even part of customer service, but a retail store representative.

    Let’s also not forget about their fail CDMA network that cant do talk and data at the same time. Not only that, but Verizon’s LTE 4G network will only be a fraction faster than AT&T’s 3G.

    Once AT&T reconfigures all T-Mobile towers and officially launches 4G, we will dominate the market

  755. Donna N Says:

    I am currently with AT&T for 11 years,have not had a problem with customer service,just that my bill keeps getting screwed up. And my dropped calls is getting higher. Called at&t, they told me they have many towers to fix in my area (Charlotte area)thinking of switching to Sprint or Verizon, hard to give up my $50 for 2 lines bill but need to consider the constant dropped calls. What do you guys suggest. Need coverage, no data, just calls and texting.

  756. #1 ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | How To And Tips Today Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon models. This entry was posted in […]

  757. Building Backlinks Says:

    Neat blog layout! Very easy on the eyes.. i like the colors you picked out

  758. Jenny Says:

    verizon is the best final.

  759. Cali Says:

    My contract with Verizon is up in August and I am trying to decide whether to stay with them or go with AT&T.

    Verizon service is excellent for the most part but they too have dropped calls!

    And YES they do nickel and dime you for everything that is no lie if my bill is supposed to be this price when I signed up don’t add these “taxes” that I can’t do anything about I’m a college student whose parent DOES NOT pay their phone bill I need it to be what I signed up for!

    And Roll over would be nice…

  760. Kimbo Says:

    I think Verizon is better. every time i use it it brings tears to my eyes. The customer service is beutiful. thank you!

  761. Eatson Says:

    Verizon sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HArdly any selection of phones and the service sucks!!! the maps on t.v. is totally worng. I dont get service hardly anywhere

  762. Erin Says:

    Thanks guys im shoping for my frist phone and ive gotten no where but i do like the stuff said it has given me alot to think about

  763. john Says:

    I have had Verizon ever since they bought out alltel and Verizon has actually been just as good as alltel was customer service wise! And my plan is also cheaper now. I live in west Texas and out here Verizon is the way to go. There is absolutely. To att 3G connection out here besides El Paso and Odessa/Midland. And att is very spotty atleast according to some of my friends. Really the only good thing about att. Is talking and surfing (wich in my opinion isnt all that great) but when there isn’t 3G its kinda worthless

  764. john Says:


  765. emkpianist Says:

    I have AT&T and verizon too. My personal phone is an Iphone 4 with AT&T and my work phone is from verizon wireless. I want to tell you, that I have had verizon in the past as a personal phone. The service is great, the coverage and data, as well as AT&T but they both had a lot of dropped calls. Customer service is better in AT&T, I havent gone to an store but when I call customer care with AT&T they help me out the right moment, with verizon it was different they would put me on hold and transfered me to different department. I was in hold for 5-8 minutes, and the customer services was really awful. I stick with AT&T from now on.

  766. isaac robles Says:

    I think att is better beacause a call has never faild me ever not even a text and the plans are really good.Att RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO LIES.

  767. James Says:


  768. Jared Says:

    I love BOOST MOBLE!! Verizon and AT&T can not compare to BOOSTS MOBILS service! I love to use it because it is so bad that it is funny!

  769. I am a mac Says:

    The best carrier is MAJIC JACK! you get it at walgreens! it is pure beuty

  770. nick Says:

    i have had both att and Verizon. both services have great coverage!! the costumer service for att is not bad other than when we canceled them they kept sending us a bill for 7 months! att is not that bad i always got service with them i did drop a call like one time, but we were starting not to get our calls with att and people would say i called you and you never got the call, so we switched back to Verizon the reason that we switch from Verizon is because the costumer service was awful! now we have verizon and i am not that happy with it most of the time i don’t get my calls! and everyday i call someone it will drop the call at least once and say “call disconnected!” the costumer service is ok when you call verizon you do a lot of “hold on” and a lot talking to different people they send you a refurbished phone but the thing is they send you a broken phone! i had to return my droid 2 four times! finally the fourth time they sent me a incredible instead and this phone is broken to! they tell me to *228 my number all of the time but that still never works. i still don’t get my calls and still drop at least a call a day if not more than one a day. in my opinion i think that att is better in other ways than Verizon.

  771. nick Says:

    and verizons map lies!!

  772. Jamal Jones Says:

    when i have a picknick i luv to eat verizon phones! the customer service tastes good with olives!

  773. Jared C. Says:

    Jared C***g is an outgoing human being with straight A’s and is going to become a barber when he gets older. Verizon is the cellular carrier he uses to communicate with his mother. He is a frequent K-Mart shopper. His favorite movie is The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. Jared is an avid fly fisher and enjoys Phineas and Ferb.

  774. ATT Verizon- Leading Cell Phone Providers | Customer Service Says:

    […] of the article who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion Verizon vs AT&T is important if you want to go for AT&T Verizon […]

  775. Suzie Says:

    Had At&t for 10 years. Went to Verizon last year because all my family did cause they wanted “droid”. Well, 10 months later and I HATE VERIZON. I have 14 months to go and the minute this assenine contract is up, I’m outta here and going back HOME to At&t. I could tell you all the whole story but it would take a year. Suffice it to say that it started with them being a month behind on getting my phone in to them now saying I did not pay my last bill even though my bank sent an ACH report to them. Don’t even start with dropped calls every day. Verizon is the WORST!!!

  776. Dennis Hook Says:

    Wife and I both got ATT phone on the change over what a bunch of crap phones, we can not get calls in or out, can not text. We tried calling the stores, all line busy of ever. When to the stores they had people lined up outside in the cold and rain. IF this how we serve customers and the goverment regulates the phone companys then no wonder we are in trouble. Junk is junk a phone or a phone company run not walk to another provider.

  777. Jared C. Says:

    My wife and I love to use verizon because of the cheap quality of the phones. They remind me of tubber wear. At&t has nice phones but the service stretches as far as a scented candles scent! I love throwing parties with all of my bff’s. they come to hang low in the hood with me! I have an afro! I can not eat more than one cup cake because of my low cholesterol. Thank you OPERA! I LUV YOU!

  778. nick Says:

    i use to have verizon and we just switched to ATT and love it! with verizon we go no service in our house and with att we have four to five bars! we love att!! it has way better service that verizon!

  779. *Marissa* Says:

    I think its clear that neither At&t or Verizon are perfect.. So chose whats good for you!!

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  786. Michael Says:

    Verizon has all its coverage crammed on the north American continent. At&t definitely doesn’t have as little coverage as the Verizon ad shows. at&t should totally show a commercial with the entire world and compare coverage. Then all Verizon customers would quit! Suck that losers haha.

  787. Kim Says:

    I have AT&T and It is driving me nuts that I dont have service where I should. I have to leave my house to get bars and even then call failed or just beep beep beep!!!! The funny thing is….they had great service and awesome reception before 3G came along. Always had service and now its all crap. Im waiting till my contracts end (4 lines)then off to find some great service.

  788. Allen Says:

    Have had Verizon for almost 20 years…always have been good reception at my home until recently. No service and dropped calls constantly. I have contacted them 6 times to check to situation out but they say I am on the “fringes” of coverage. Never was before…They let me out of my contract and since then I have been with AT&T..what a difference!!!Full reception everywhere!!!it’s great

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