AT&T Wireless Review

AT&T Wireless is the largest wireless service provider in the United States and currently has over 71 million subscribers.att wireless review AT&T Wireless has gone through many changes over the years. After several years of business, AT&T Wireless was purchased by Cingular. In December 2006, Cingular was bought by AT&T and the wireless service was rebranded as AT&T Wireless after a short period.

AT&T Wireless Technology Review

With so many changes and acquisitions, AT&T has finally landed on the GSM network which is one of the more recent and popular wireless technologies. AT&T Wireless also supports higher speed data transfered like EDGE and is offers 3G transfer speeds in some areas.

AT&T Wireless Cell Phones

Through the original years of AT&T Wireless, Cingular and the New AT&T Wireless, they always offered some of the newest and most high tech phones including Motorola lines (RAZR, KRZR, SLVR) and of course, the Apple iPhone. AT&T offers a wide variety of standard cell phones and smart phones like Palm and others.

AT&T Wireless Features

Some of AT&T’s more notable features include their marketing claim of the “fewest dropped calls” and their rollover minutes. Very few wireless providers are offering rollover minutes where your unused minutes are carried over month to month. These minute typically expire after 12 months but can often prevent you from overage costs occasionally.

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  2. santos Says:

    if you are looking for service and reliability of wireless phone, don’t switch to ATT. I have been having dropped calls like crazy lately, and they having been able to help me. i called to terminate the contract with them,but they want to charge me, when the problem is their service. But i am tired of having this problem, that my only solution is to pay to terminate my contract with them,but will never give them my business again.

  3. Nichol Says:

    To all you military and non military people I am going to tell you about Att service and customer service. I am going thru att and have recently moved to a different state. We no longer get any services at all, at my house and by the local grocerie stores. We have called several times to let them know and the just give us a run around. At first they told us that there towers were down so we had to wait 48 hours,so we called them back, Then they told us that we had to change our number so we did that and still no service, so we called back and they told us we had to get a new sim card so we did that and still no service so we called again and they told us we would have to pay to get out of the service even though they have a military clause ( not really) they just say that they do. They also told us that within a year they are getting more towers where I am at and I am just outside of phoenix. We have tryed getting ahold of the company itself and they haven’t got back with us. neddless to say there service is shity and I will never go with them again.

  4. hamsa Says:

    Very bad service. It has been hard to refrain from ***** words. They charge you months after you terminate service. They put you over to a collections agency who has no clue why you need to pay the amount. Then they ask you to dispute the charge. Trust me, all you get is hassled. They scare you with the charge of your credit history being affected. Record all their calls when they say “no more charges”. Ask them to give it in writing. Never settle otherwise

  5. Paul Says:

    I’ve had more problems in my first month with AT&T than I did in 7 years with Verizon: dropped calls, poor sound quality, inabaility to make and receive calls, and all with full signal strength. I’ve gone through 2 phones and 3 SIM cards. The problem is that they don’t have the technology and bandwidth to handle all the iPhone traffic.

  6. Jeremiah Says:

    First let me say something good. AT&T offers a wonderful service that allows you to “tether” your computer to your phone (connect your computer to the internet using your cellphone as a router). This can even be done using Bluetooth so your phone works like a wireless router. There’s just one problem. In order to use this service you have to download and install a program called AT&T Communication Manager which, though free, easy to download, and easy to use, is fraught with technical issues causing perfectly healthy systems to freeze and even crash (yes! the blue screen of death!) regularly. Visit the technical help forums and you will find that there is no really effective solution for these problems. The phone support, though generally very friendly and helpful, don’t have an answer for this either. The bottom line is AT&T Communication Manager is a problematic program, and since at this point there is no alternative to using this program if you want to use this service, anyone who signs up is in for some serious frustration. Though I haven’t canceled my subscription to this service yet because of this problem, I am seriously considering it.

  7. Jacob Says:

    I have been a customer with ATT for only 3 months due to work and I can only say that I hate hate hate their service. I have had more problems with AT&T than I did in 10 years with Verizon. I miss Verizon very much if it wasn?t for their phones. I?m thinking of going back to them even if I pay the cancelation fees. It is not worth the service. Don?t use ATT if you are looking for reliability and great customer service.

  8. Brian Says:

    I have had AT&T for 3 months now, and I totally agree with the other postings. They are not good at all. Their 3G network is horrible. I can’t make a call without hearing static, crackling, or some kind of interference in the line, and I have a brand new phone. From what I hear, other people are having the same problem. I’m having quite a few dropped calls, and poor voice quality where it cuts out too. Customer service is useless. They just give you a run-around. I switched from Cincinnati Bell Wireless, they were just as bad, if not worse. Are there any good cell companies out there? It seems like they all give poor service. You don’t pay poor prices though!

  9. Mike Tillman Says:

    I agree with Brian C.-AT&T service is horrible in the Cincinnati area. I have a new i-phone and it does the same thing as Brian’s phone when I make calls. Verizon was so much better. AS soon as my contract is up, I’m going back to them. When you call customer service about a bill or technical problem, they don’t care at all. Nothing is ever done. The towers are always overloaded because they can’t handle the iphone traffic and voice calls. That is what causes all of the crackling and interference in the line. Definitely avoid them at all costs.

  10. meghan Says:

    i had been an AT&T customer, well also Cingular, for the past 5 years. i must say that they had great service back before AT&T bought out Cingular. but since then it has all gone down hill. i have over the past few years gained more dropped calls than i ever thought possible. i recently got a new phone and started to experience increased dropped calls, then moved to chicago, where you think that service would be better but in fact it was much worse. after having a case opened for dropped calls over a month they failed to solve anything. i counted 60 dropped calls in the period of one month. i never had reception at school or work. had full signal in my apartment, but that is where 80% of my dropped calls happened. after multiple times hearing that it was the towers in my area, when it wasn’t, they replaced my phone. in a period of 2 weeks i had over 40 dropped calls to just one person that i contact. the case was opened by my mom who has the same problem with dropped calls. she received horrible customer service, always being asked about what the problem was when it was already on file. then AT&T closed the case because she did not respond to them within 24 hours of them contacting her. after all that they would only remove the cancelation fee for myself. which is outrageous when there are two other family members on my contract. why would they keep the service and pay for another service for myself? they also have the same problems as i do. AT&T failed to provide good service so why should their customers pay for it? i recently switched to Verizon Wireless. not only is there better service with a lot less dropped calls but the bill is cheaper, there are more incentives in our plan, and my new Blackberry Storm cost $100 cheaper then the previous Blackberry Curve i had from AT&T. overall AT&T is horrible. maybe they should spend more time servicing their customers than focusing on the advertising for raising the bar.

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  12. Jim Arroyo Says:

    I agree with many of the other postings. I live and use my phone in Cincinnati, Ohio and the AT&T service here is terrible. I just bought a 3-G Blackberry and there is constantly interference and static when I make outbound calls. I switched from Verizon. I am constantly having dropped calls, voice cut-outs, and problems receiving text messages. Do not go with them as a provider, you will have nothing but problems. Customer service is rude and does not care about your problems. They will try to blame it on the phone. I’m on my 2nd new Blackberry and the same problems are happening. HMMM…. couldn’t be a network problem, could it?? The iphones are using so much data and use of the towers that people making voice calls are having problems. The network is overloaded.

  13. Naomi Says:

    No phone AT&T has can ever make up for the fact that once they get you past the 30 day test period, AT&T’s mission is to nickel and dime you to death with features and processes designed to generate extra fees here and there. After years with Verizon, I decided to switch my family to AT&T because of the roll-over minutes come-on. The Samsung phones we selected on-line turned out cheap feeling and one failed, but the more irritating thing was how AT&T had set up the logic to put internet access immovably in the middle of the display – when what we wanted were phones. Long story short, I ended up getting the defective phone replaced, but phone logic and operation were user unfriendly and AT&T customer support attitudes made you feel like your call is an imposition. Customers at AT&T are unpleasant necessities to be taken advantage of and screwed in little ways rather than treasures that are the reason for your paycheck. The couple times I’d been late on a Verizon payment, they texted and called me so I could pay without penalty. Verizon had always responded well when I called in with issues (even “What can I do to save money?”). The people in their service centers are pleasant and well-informed. I was just getting used to the replaced AT&T phone but I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to stand AT&T as a service provider, so I hadn’t paid my bill on the due date. AT&T sent one piece of snail mail notifying me of the late payment. No call. No text. No attempt to use the technology they sold me! They just shut off all our phones! That was the last straw. I called Verizon and reactivated with them. Returned the phones to AT&T with an explanatory letter saying why I chose not to have a 2 year relationship with a company that behaved as they do. I sent in a check for $230.57 for activation and two months of service (quite a big penalty for a short experiment with a different provider) with a copy of the letter. They called and when I said I was unhappy with how they treated me as a customer, they turned me over to collection for $1,084 and have entered an unfavorable data point on my credit report. I hate AT&T with the light of a thousand torches. I am so happy to be back with Verizon where hardware, operational logic and service all are directed to treating the customer like someone they want to keep.

  14. Ritesh Says:

    Very Very Bad service i have seen ever from AT&T.
    No proper Billing statement, every month they are increasing bill amount like anything. Web site doesn’t have proper information.

    I have never used my phone for more then 550 minute, instead of getting rollover minute i have got over exceed minute bill.

    For last 6 month i never got single rollover minute at all.

    Now i want to discontinue my service with them but they are saying i have to pay 300 dollar for that.

    I am very unhappy with at&t . i will not suggest anyone to take this service at all.

  15. Tiffany Says:

    I will never use ATT. They do not keep their word regarding anything, I ordered my service online, and these cheap asses said I was approved, than said I had to go to the store, all because they didnt want me to get a refurb Iphone for 100. I had to go through hell! I had to be transferred a million times, and i have spoken too 15 different representatives within the last two days! They are a joke! Good luck to anyone who has Att!! Your being over charged, for “customer satisfaction” and i had no satisfaction. I got a migraine from these ignorant people!!

  16. gene Says:

    at&t took over cigular and started to circle the bowl the next day. all i asked of them is to stop sending me e-mail. sounds simple enough, 5 months and at least 20 calls to customer service and i still receive a steady 5 to 8 e-mails a week.

  17. Chris Nigt Says:

    AT & T is the worst wireless provider I have ever used. Now I am just trying to find a way to get out of the contract. I live in the San Francisco South Bay Area. I have only intermittent signal in my home area. The signal is so fragile. You lose your signal if you walk in a wrong direction or you walk more than two steps. I get call dropped all the time if I am luck enough to make or receive a call in the first place. I went out to camp with last weekend. While my friend with Verizon was talking on the phone all the time, while my phone had absolutely no signal during the entire 3 days.

    I could not understand what the AT &T guys are thinking if they have such a terrible nextwork and simply want to make money out of one-time cheating the customers.

  18. imJacksAnger Says:

    this is the second website I have visited, the first had almost 200 bad reviews for ATT. and all the 17 posts on this sight. no one has anything good to say so far anywhere.
    Im doing research to find out if what all of my friends say about ATT is true. From what I have read so far I will not give them my business. I have already caught them in a couple of lies to get me to sign a contract.(viev my problems and 199 others way worse than mine @
    Post your problems every where so we the customers can inform each other so we dont make the same mistakes. Thanks jacksAnger

  19. L Says:

    My story is that – last year, I switched to an AT & T “GO phone”. (I am one of those who does not do texting or internet with it and am a “light user”). It’s for emergencies (always in purse) and for long-distance. I did however find that I HAVE had dropped calls as mentioned which never happened with my previous “Cingular” service (different phone) – when I was on a contract. After it became “month to month”, I realized I was really paying too much for it, considering my usage with all the extra fees and charges.

    I now pay only $25.00 every three months for minutes, PERIOD. (You can add more than that and anything not used, rolls-over). My point is, I can’t see paying all those extra fees of a contract. Also, being connected to other AT & T users are free calls. It may not work for some, but it’s been working out for me so far. I don’t know if I will stay with it, if I end up discovering another company that might be better overall.

    Just to mention, I also eliminated some features on my land-line – Caller ID and Call Waiting – I had for years, which I thought would really bother me.. but it hasn’t. I have an answering machine and it’s enough. I don’t think people need or really use any “package” features, either. I also got rid of paying for monthly “long distance”, since I use the cell. (Boy, I remember when using a phone was enjoyable – they’ve taken it all away). I don’t want to tell you how low my bill is, but I never want to go back to what it was. It’s enough that we are faced with changes and other costs all the time. No wonder people are broke.

    Just wanted to share regarding keeping costs low.

  20. arnie Says:

    AT&T is horrible !! stay away..

  21. Lori Says:

    I have at&t and my husband is currently in Emory hospital in atlanta and we go there almost weekly for chemo. I have NO cell service but verizon has AWESOME cell service. I have to go all the way outside just to make a call.

  22. Sarah Says:

    I switched from Alltel to AT&T to get the iphone. I love the Iphone…when it works. Here in the Research Triangle Park/Duke University/UNC-Chapel Hill/Capital City-Raleigh, one would think their service was better than it is, but it is not. I have dropped calls while sitting in my living room. I drive 5 minutes west of Chapel Hill and have NO service. Ocracoke,NC has NO service at all and left me stranded at 10 p.m. at night, having to borrow someone else’s phone. As SOON as Apple allows for the Iphone to be used with another company, I am going to drop AT&T like a bad habit, even if it does cost me $200.

  23. Kevin Roberson Says:

    I agree with the other posts from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am from there too. AT&T’s service in Cincinnati is horrible. There are so many dead zones throughout the city. 3G coverage is poor inside of buildings. I have a brand new Nokia 3G phone and constantly have dropped calls, poor voice quality where it cuts out and echoes, static and interference in the line, and network busy messages. It is an absolute joke. Also, when my phone is turned off and someone leaves a voicemail or sends a text message, I don’t receive it for several hours, sometimes not until the next day. Their network is VERY unreliable. Customer service-that’s another joke. They need to upgrade their towers in the Cincinnati area-they can’t handle all of the iphone traffic, along with voice calls. Get with it AT&T. I’m going back to Verizon when my contract is up.

  24. Jeremy Cowell Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having problems with my 3G iphone in the Cincinnati area. I agree-I am getting a lot of dropped calls, especially along I-75, the voice quality is bad-it cuts out even with 3G, and the reception is low in many parts of the city. There are also many 3G dead zones-at Herschel Ave. and Linwood Rd in Mt. Lookout, Mitchell Ave. at Clinton Springs Ave. in Avondale, just to name a couple. There are many times when I don’t receive text messages either. Avoid them like the plague, you will have nothing but trouble.

  25. gherkinjar Says:

    I’m looking for a phone (4 lines, FamilyTalk) and I want a messaging phone with a QWERTY keypad and a touch screen. The LG Xenon rocks and I want it bad- I’m willing to pay the price of 99.99 but AT&T has such a bad reputation I think I have to say the just lost a customer.
    Probably will go with verizon but I don’t want to pay 150 for a enV touch, which is the only phone I like there. I have T-Mobile and it sucks so does nextel. I’m kinda in a pickle here…

  26. bbh Says:

    I ended up with two Blackberry chargers, have been to ATT store in Mckinney TX on central on two occasions, slow service and they can only do refund if they have taken in cash. Small amount of 30.00 and they can’t handle it ….stand around, others get waited on first that walk in after you. manager acted like oh well…could not expedite refund from some reps drawer. unacceptable cusotmer service in my book. I will probably try again but am very unhappy with that store and I have been an att customer on wireless for 20 plus years.

  27. Annonymous Says:

    I have had At&t and at first it was not that bad. My boyfriend switched and I added a line to make it a family plan. When we moved (him to NY and me to CO) there has been nothing but problems. Neither one of us gets reliable service. I have been on the phone and so has he with AT&T and like other people, they told us to get new sim cards. I do not have an At&t store close to me as I am in the middle of the rockies so they sent me a new SIM card. I called to get it activated as they told me to, but it was not done correctly. Instead they activated it under my boyfriends number meaning I had his phone number in my phone, he had no phone until it was straightened out, and my number was gone. He went to a At&t store and the guy said the SUM card has nothing to do with service. Kind of funny when a worker says that after custoner service said it would. They tell me and him that we have great service in our areas but we drop calls about 15 times when we are trying to have a conversation.

    To all of you out there, I would not recommend AT&T. Their customer service does not care, problems do not get fixed, and they only give you the runaround, Managers are never there to talk, and they will not connect you to a higher person. The reason they are “1” is because they shaft their customers and keep unhappy customers b not cancelling service no matter what the reason.

  28. paul Says:


  29. ANNE Says:

    I must say that you people are hilarious. Every wireless service is the same, no service on phone, bad c/s, I see a lot fo you like verizon. I personally hate it. Did you know that if you ever have an issue with your bill, Verizon only gives one credit every 12 months? ATT, I think, has the best Customer Service. Whenevr I have an issue, they are very helpful, I love my service and i love the phones they have available. They credit anything for me if I have a problem with my bill. Has anyone ever thought that a lot of prolbmes with your phones are user errors? Get over it people, it is a PHONE!! No service provider is going to have the BEST service all the time, get real.

  30. Mark Says:

    Sorry to say ANNE, it is the phone company (AT&T) service is really bad I get dropped calls(every where) and I do know how to use a cell phone no user error here. you must work for AT&T. I have no problem with Sprint or verizon great service. I have tried all these phone sevices for 30days. I have to say Tmobile has way better service then AT&T But Verizon is the best..

  31. Anne is a Moron Says:

    ANNE – You either work for ATT or you have a very low IQ. Which is it.

    ATT is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to cell phone servcie. They not only have the worst coverage area of the 4 major phone companies, they have the worst customer service of the 4 as well. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. On any website you will find the same result, look at Consumer Reports, CNet, etc. They are dead last.

    The were a struggling company that subsidised hundreds of dollars PER PHONE! just to have the I-phone. If they didnt do this they would have no business at all. Once they got the phone and the contracts signed, they basically left the consumers out in the cold. They could care less about getting any of these problems resolved, and why should they? They have a bunch of idiot’s out there that will buy the phone regardless of how the service is.

    Bottom line: Verizon has the best customer service and phone coverage in the US. This is not debateable.

    (If you have a story about Verizon and how bad their service is, then you must be living in the middle of no where. My advice, move somewhere that has more than a thousand people in the town you live in.)

  32. Agrees with Anne Says:

    I have tmobile right now and I hate it. All of their phones stink. And yes, this does include the G1 which I have already had to replace on 3 separate occasions on one of my lines. The dash that I have on my line keeps freezing and powering off. The service in my area is horrible. I have to dial a number 20+ times just to be able to call out successfully. I’m paying the same amount now with my 3 family talk lines that I would be paying with an at&t plan, and i’d probably be using less minutes with at&t bc all of my friends and family are with them.
    I completely agree with Anne on this one guys. All carriers stink. I had verizon before I moved my numbers over to tmobile and they would never credit you a cent if there was an issue on the bill. If you went over your minutes for example and decided to go to a higher plan they wouldnt back date it and help you out with the bill. oh, and as far as sprint goes. I cant say much about sprint bc I dont know anyone who has it so that may be everyones last hope, but I still sometimes hear old horror stories from when nextel was incorporated into the company.

  33. serge Says:

    ordered an iPhone from AT&T Premier, got it defective, sent back with return label provided. It took 2 weeks to deliver( super slow). then additional 3 days to reset my upgrade option. So, 3 weeks from original purchase I still don’t have iPhone, refund will be issued within next 10 more days, AT&T Premier customer service just terrible, you have to be on hold up to 35 min. Can not solve any problem. I’m 8 years with AT&T, and I’m thinking to go with the different provider. Sick and tied of AT&T service.

  34. Ron Kreimer Says:

    I don’t agree with Anne at all. Come on Anne, use your common sense. There are literally thousands of complaints about AT&T’s service all over the web and you blame all of those people for making errors on the phone? Hello McFly???? I am a telecommunications engineer and I can tell you their network is poorly managed and is very unstable. Towers are being overloaded. That is why all of these people are having problems. I had Verizon before and never once had a problem with voice quality or dropped calls like I do with AT&T. This is because they actually care, and test their network daily and invest money in keeping the service excellent. Do not go with AT&T. They will give you nothing but problems.

  35. Sandra Says:

    ATT is horrible. Like many other people here I have had the same problem. They have switched my phone out, given me new batteries, and given me a new SIM card. Needless to say none of these things have helped with my poor signal. I live in Chicago and can not get signal in most places like in and around my home where they claim I have a tower located 4 blocks from me. I have to sit outside and have a conversation and pray that my call doesn’t drop on me. My call dropped 3 times while talking to an ATT customer service rep. about having tons of dropped calls and NO SERVICE displayed on my phone frequently. I don’t live in a rural area I live 1 mile outside of downtown Chicago. And speaking of downtown Chicago I hardly get any service there either. One would think with all of the ATT buildings and offices downtown that service would be great. That is not the case at all!
    One customer service rep even told me that maybe I’m not getting signal because the signal is having trouble getting through the brick in the buildings around me. What a load of manure! I can not wait for the day that my contract is up and I can drop ATT. Their wireless service is the worst I’ve ever had. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE GUYS!! You will only give yourself a lot of frustration and headaches.

  36. Izzy Says Says:

    We have just moved to the mountains. We can get Verizon in our home but not ATT signals. Called to ask if they will let us out of contracts…recommendation was buy a prepaid phone from Verizon to make calls. Forward all incoming calls to the house phone. What a Mickey Mouse work around. We run a business off our cell phones and now have to give customers our home phone number to stay in business.

  37. Vince Says:

    I think everyone speak out the truth about the horrible experience from AT&T. I’m also completely dissatisfied to their service.It is horrible and a nightmare for having business with them. They just love collecting money but they don’t care about there customer. AT&T is a piece of craft. For everyone please don’t switch to AT&T. I’m just finishing my contract to them and I will switch to other network.

  38. AT&T Says:

    Quit your ninny wagging you babies! You take our crappy service and like it!!! We have you by the balls with the iPhone. Thanks for all your money! Suckers!!!!! Hahahahahahah!

    By the way, good job Anne!!

    Love AT&T

  39. at&t Says:

    yea i also work for at&t.. we dont care bout our customers we only care bout ur money…..

    good job anne

  40. Anti AT&T Says:

    To AT&T-Thanks for your horrible service in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. No, you don’t have me by the balls, I have a Nokia 3G phone, not an iphone. The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission need to come in and fine your loser company for not providing quality cell service. You make the customers sign a contract, but yet you don’t live up to your end of it. You just take our money and fix nothing when ten of thousands of people are having problems with your crappy network. Read the reviews on here morons. Many people are unhappy with your service. I’ve had the same problems with dropped calls, poor voice quality, missed voice mails, poor reception, over and over in Cincinnati, Ohio. I call customer service, and it’s the same run around every time. I am going with Verizon as soon as my contract is up. Your company cares about money, not about the customers.

  41. lili Says:

    I absolutely hate AT&T. they are the worst phone company ever in the universe! I hate them sooooo sooo much. bunch of dumb and idiot people are there sitting as customer service! expect to be on the line for at least 2 hours and get transfered over at least 50 times and at the end you get no result! F@$% AT&T.

  42. Wolf27 Says:

    The second win was a safety technology evaluation formerly done on an iron prototype, successfully per- formed in VR. ,

  43. TrevorK Says:

    AT&T is the best i live on oahu it work grear

  44. hamid Says:

    AT&T is the worst! they charge you crazy. unfriendly and tough customer service!stay away!!!

  45. angryphoneguy Says:

    I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and totally agree with the other reviews from Cincinnati and all over the country. AT&T is the worst wireless company in the U.S. Ever since I switched from Verizon, I’ve had nothing but dropped calls, poor voice quality where it’s choppy and cuts out, missed calls and text messages, and poor reception/dead zones. I also hear crackling/static on the line when I attempt to make a call. I have a brand new iphone. I call customer service and they always blame it on my phone. It isn’t the phone, it’s their crappy network that they refuse to spend money on to upgrade and add towers. It’s ridiculous. Avoid them or you will be very dissatisfied.

  46. Shiva Says:

    The Worst Customer Service I have ever seen.
    Their Website is not working properly most of
    time. You can not change your features online.
    The Next Step does not come and you do not know
    if your feature is changed or not. They
    never send you email of the confirmation. I have
    used the AT&T phone for last 3.5 years and I am
    mad with them. I have paid more than 500 extra
    dollars. Customer Service people get angry at
    you, not cooperative. I am planning to Switch To
    T-Mobile. Very worst experience with AT&T.

  47. Jim Frustrated Says:

    I am wondering, what is it going to take for AT&T to get the message and fix their unreliable 3G network? Obviously, no one cares at that company. So many people, including myself are really angry with them and are having the same problems with horrible voice quality where it’s cutting out, choppy, and static-filled, having many dropped calls, not receiving text and voice messages for days, and getting poor reception. The problems are happening all over the place-Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, etc. We need to get a class action lawsuit together to wake these arrogant executives up and get these problems fixed once and for all. I mean we all signed a 2 year contract, they need to live up to their end of it. I will NEVER sign up with them again.

  48. Shiran Says:

    Mann I was really really looking forward to buying the new Iphone 3gs and now after reading all your comments about at&t in Cincinnati, I don’t think I’ll go ahead with it. But I have this strong urge to buy it so dunno if the urge will over come my logical mind :S lol BUT I’m currently on Cincinnati Bell and so if I do switch to AT&T would it not be an IMPROVEMENT? (even if its slight). and Whats really holding me back is the fact that I have to pay $30/month for a data connection that might not work.. So can anyone tell me if 3G is good around UC? Thanks

  49. Merlin68 Says:

    Even if there are less valued employees in the firm, the highly-valued ones will drive the choice of a health plan. ,

  50. verizon31 Says:

    I have had Verizon for about 6 years, I dont have any of these problems, I have a blackberry and the service with Verizon is great, the customer service is outstanding, they answer quick and alway fix your problem, I am going to stay with them and hope one day they have the iphone, but i have never experienced what att wireless customers are having to deal with on a regular basis.

  51. attuser25 Says:

    att has the WORST 3g coverage. its spotty and they overcharge for terrible service. i reccomend switching.

  52. Darren Walters Says:

    I want to know-what is it going to take for the morons over at AT&T to fix these problems they are having with the iphone and 3G network? I live in Cincinnati and am constantly having dropped calls at all times of the day and night, crackling and static (interference) in the line when I make calls, voice quality where it cuts out and is choppy, poor reception, and voice mails that are lost for several hours. Plus, the 3G network goes down frequently. I pay over $100 a month for their horrible service. It’s ridiculous-nobody at this company cares. I’ve called customer service and tech support at least 5 times each and the problems are never fixed. The reps just give you the run around and are rude. I’ve never seen such an incompetent wireless company in my life. AVOID AT&T at all costs.

  53. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | cell phone plans Says:

    […] Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon […]

  54. Jennie Dardin Says:

    I have terrible coverage through AT&T. I took my mother’s Verizon phone and my At&T phone and she had coverage 4 times more often than I did. Then the coverage got worse and worse. I called AT&T and found out that 9 towers are down in my area. I wanted to get out of the contract but they said they don’t guarantee any coverage?! I can hardly wait until my contract is up.

  55. Jenny Says:

    Let me just say at&t is the worst freakin service ever. I have been with them for over 5 years and my mother had been with them for 7(she added me onto her plan). We had rollover minutes and since she hardly used her minutes i would use them and we would never go over, but after she canceled they also took off the 2,000 rollover minutes we had left over from however long and so now I was stuck with only 450 a month. They did not inform us that that was going to happen so I had gone over 200 dollars on my phone bill for pretty much 3 months(which was already 70.00 plus tax a month). So i went there to add minutes and it was 20 more dollars just to get 900 minutes. WTF! At t-mobile you get unlimited texting and minutes for only 70 bucks and now im paying 90 for unlimited texting and just 900 minutes, thats so stupid. Then my boyfriend called them to see if i could get some sort of deal with them because he did that with t-mobile and they kissed up to him when he threatened to cancel, offered him phones, lowered his monthly payments, but when we called at&t they told me if i wanted unlimited minutes it would be $120. A HUNDRED AND 20 DOLLARS. WTF PEOPLE!!! that is way to much freakin money for one month, plus there would be taxes on that. Give me a break. They said they would not negotiate so I am canceling them, and now i have to pay a $120 cancelation fee. This service really robs you blind and screws you big time. I reccommend not getting the service, because my calls get dropped and my phone thats only a couple months old freezes all the time.

  56. Bryan Says:

    AT&T cell service SUCKS!!!! I got an iPhone 3G and most of the time I can’t even get a signal in my own living room. My wife’s 3 year old phone geta better signal than my 3G. I drop more calls than I care to count. I hear static on most calls and the person I am talking to their voice drops in and out. I was defiantly happier with CINGULAR. AT&T is the worst cell service I have ever had besides SPRINT. AT&T SUCKS!!! and I’ll be changing to verison when the 4G comes out!!

  57. Theresa Says:

    I live in Milford, Ohio and AT&T’s wireless service here is terrible. When you call customer service or their tech support line, they always blame the problems on your phone. It’s not the phone’s fault, it’s their crappy, overloaded 3G network. They know this to, but refuse to spend any money or time to fix it-read the reviews and articles. I have been with two other cell providers, and NEVER had problems like I do with AT&T. When is something going to be done about them? The FCC needs to come in and fine them. I am always getting dropped calls, terrible voice quality where there is static and crackling in every call I make, the voice cuts out and is choppy even when I have full antenna strength, there are many voice mails I don’t receive, I get poor reception in many areas, and the 3G network goes down a lot. I pay over $90 a month for this kind of service. Ridiculous! Plus, their customer service line is useless, they never solve any problems, and they will screw up your balance. DO NOT go with AT&T Wireless, you will be very disappointed.

  58. Larry Preston Says:

    I live in Milford, Ohio and AT&T’s wireless service here is terrible. When you call customer service or their tech support line, they always blame the problems on your phone. It’s not the phone’s fault, it’s their crappy, overloaded 3G network. They know this to, but refuse to spend any money or time to fix it-read the reviews and articles. I have been with two other cell providers, and NEVER had problems like I do with AT&T. When is something going to be done about them? The FCC needs to come in and fine them. I am always getting dropped calls, terrible voice quality where there is static and crackling in every call I make, the voice cuts out and is choppy even when I have full antenna strength, there are many voice mails I don’t receive, I get poor reception in many areas, and the 3G network goes down a lot. I pay over $90 a month for this kind of service. Ridiculous! Plus, their customer service line is useless, they never solve any problems, and they will screw up your balance. DO NOT go with AT&T Wireless, you will be very disappointed.

  59. Ashley Says:

    I hate AT&T. We have iphones and have been missing calls and no voicemails pop up. Well I have called AT&T about it. They said that it is my phone. Well I went to the Apple Store and they gladly replaced our phones. It still continues and I called and they did some things here and there and still it happens. Next they couldn’t do anything so they gave me the Apple number. Told them and said it is AT&T issue which gave me back to them where they gave me the same run around like everyone before. I said I have already done this and the representative for AT&T was getting mad. She sent me to technical support where they said you need to go to 2G not 3G for better service. What the H3LL. I want 3G service because that is better. Then they say that they have issues with voicemail. I said I called 3 times and no one has told me that. Are you going to fix it? They said they are trying but haven’t done it completely. I said thanks and hung up. I HATE THEM. They can’t fix their own mistakes and can’t come up with solutions when you are having problems. If I didn’t have a iphone I would go back to Sprint.

  60. Elijah Says:

    I got two iphones and an lgshine almost a year ago, I have yet to drop a call, and I get signal almost everywhere in california. They don’t nag me about upgrades, they don’t send me any mail since I asked them not to. Me, my girlfriend, and my little sister use our phones non stop- primarily texting, I also use it to call my relatives. On the iphones we download apps, surf the web, and I even use LogMeIn to work on client computers.
    I have no issues, whereas my three years with Verizon that ended a year ago still clutters my mailbox. I had to call every hour for three days to get the service disconnected and to get a response on the disconnection fee. I also paid $120 a month for two crappy little phones with nothing but voice, and dropped calls all the time. They would not replace the phones when they broke and I had to order the parts and repair them myself.
    And AT&T service is improving, I work in the middle of my office building and couldn’t get signal when I first got my phone, now I get signal at full strength even in my cube. I find that to be pretty impressive.
    So honestly I have had no experience with all of the hate that is directed at AT&T, Verizon cost me more in the main bill and the side fees every month than two iphones do (I don’t get any ‘hidden fees’ from AT&T), and I got less services. I got 0 customer support from Verizon.
    I live in Sacramento California, and travel the state every weekend, in case you’re wondering about my usage level.

  61. krystal Says:

    Our AT&T experience was horrible, and that is why I am here- to save others from choosing internet or phone service through this ridiculous company. Not only do they provide bad customer service, but they don’t send service technicians out on time, and charge for every service they provide no matter how small. We agreed on a certain fee per month for internet and home phone service, and was charged TRIPLE the fee in our bill. The only good thing that happened in this colossal waste of time was that I argued my way out of the bill and canceled at the end of the month. AT&T is the worst choice for any service, and should be avoided at all costs.

  62. JD Says:

    After having Verizon stilling money from me for more than 5 years, now I have AT&T with the Roll Over and their excellent customer service. Defective phone? New phone on the mail within a day. Spam text charges? Not a problem, here is a credit on your bill. So far so good for me. I always hate the “screw your self” attitude of the Verizon customer service. Verizon has the worst signal on my area, Sprint the best, At&t has the best deals…

  63. robert Says:

    as 9 out of 10 people already reliaze at&t is corrupt beyond the maffia. back in the 80’s congress had to break up at&t into the bell telephone system. why? at&t actually belives what ever they do is ok because THEY ARE THE GREAT AT&t. over the years they have become more dangerious than ever. by having a team of high priced ambulance chasers on payroll, you will die of old age before getting to court. they belive in the wallmart business model, destroy or purchase any compitation. costumer service is a joke, at&t could care less if your phone works, [after payment of corse.] you can’t confront them , because they are not findable. remindes me of that early 80’s toyoto comerical {modified ] you asked for it, you got it BEND OVER

  64. S. Kelley Says:

    AT&T has the worst cell and customer service I have every encountered. I drop at least 4 calls a day, frequently am unable to make a call because of a “busy network” and miss text messages all together sometimes. When I contacted AT&T to communicate these issues I was told that I should go out into a clearing away from any obstructions in order to make calls. So apparently I am being unreasonable in trying to make calls from my house or car. I need to find a nice pasture somewhere and stand in the middle of it!

  65. Delia Says:


  66. Brad Harris Says:

    In Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, AT&T has terrible 3G wireless service. Customer service isn’t much better. I never had problems when I was with Verizon. I am getting a lot of dropped calls everyday, terrible static, crackling and interference when I make a voice call, voice and text messages I never receive, many dead zones throughout the city, and frequent network busy messages. Their service is unacceptable. I pay $100 a month for this “service.” I have called customer service and tech support numerous times, and am always blown off or told the problem is with my phone. Many other people I know have 3G phones with AT&T and they are having similar problems as well. I’ve gone through 3 phones, and the same things keep happening. When are these problems going to be fixed, and what does it take to get someone at that company to listen? I am so frustrated! Avoid getting AT&T, you will be very unhappy with their service.

  67. Brad Harris Says:

    In Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, AT&T has terrible 3G wireless service. Customer service isn’t much better. I am getting a lot of dropped calls everyday, terrible static, crackling and interference when I make a voice call, voice and text messages I never receive, many dead zones throughout the city, and frequent network busy messages. Their service is unacceptable. I pay $100 a month for this “service.” I have called customer service and tech support numerous times, and am always blown off or told the problem is with my phone. Many other people I know have 3G phones with AT&T and they are having similar problems as well. When are these problems going to be fixed, and what does it take to get someone at that company to listen? I am so frustrated! Avoid getting AT&T, you will be very unhappy with their service.

  68. Tim Rheinfrank Says:

    In Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, AT&T has terrible 3G wireless service. Customer service isn’t much better. I am getting a lot of dropped calls everyday, terrible static, crackling and interference when I make a voice call, voice and text messages I never receive, many dead zones throughout the city, and frequent network busy messages. Their service is unacceptable. I pay $100 a month for this “service.” I have called customer service and tech support numerous times, and am always blown off or told the problem is with my phone. Many other people I know have 3G phones with AT&T and they are having similar problems as well. When are these problems going to be fixed, and what does it take to get someone at that company to listen? I am so frustrated! Avoid getting AT&T, you will be very unhappy with their service.

  69. Eric Harrison Says:

    In Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, AT&T has terrible 3G wireless service. Customer service isn’t much better. I am getting a lot of dropped calls everyday, terrible static, crackling and interference when I make a voice call, voice and text messages I never receive, many dead zones throughout the city, and frequent network busy messages. Their service is unacceptable. I pay $100 a month for this “service.” I have called customer service and tech support numerous times, and am always blown off or told the problem is with my phone. Many other people I know have 3G phones with AT&T and they are having similar problems as well. When are these problems going to be fixed, and what does it take to get someone at that company to listen? I am so frustrated! Avoid getting AT&T, you will be very unhappy with their service.

  70. Jim Says:

    Long time upstate NY customer of AT&T. Live 1 mile from tower, and lost service 2 weeks ago. 5 Calls to customer service and they could care less. Just renewed my plan for another 2 years in September. Phone is useless to me.

  71. Kim Bryer Says:

    I am having the same problem Jim. Here in Ohio, I was getting full reception strength in my house, now I’m only getting 2 bars, but the signal wavers constantly and I always get dropped calls. AT&T’s service is embarassing. Also, what does it take to get a clear voice call on AT&T’s 3G network? Every single time I make a call, I always get static and crackling on the line, and the voice quality is choppy and cuts out. The FCC needs to come in and make them improve their horrible service. I never once had a dropped call or poor voice quality with Verizon.

  72. Chris Says:

    As an employee of att who has used ATT, and who is currently using verizon, i say its a toss up. Either one is great. Att has great phones, and service. I may just switch back to ATT. Dont get me wrong, Verizon is good too, but its hard to beat ATT.

  73. In-The-Field Says:

    I was on the phone for an hour with an AT&T account rep & finally bumped up to what turned out to be a very honest resolution manager. I had pointed out the obvious backed by my industry knowledge of various plans, etc. I?m paying $230/month taxes-fees for two phones, one of which has unlimited talk and 1500 text ($130) the other an iPhone with 450 minute talk, 1500 text and data ($100). I noted for them alternatives (all with their own short-comings, admittedly), like unlocking my iPhone & moving to T-Mobile ($70 all inclusive). His response was he could understand an end consumer?s problem with AT&T?s pricing (especially in the light of AT&T charging their own GoPhone customers $60 prepaid for all inclusive unlimited voice/data/text) but in truth AT&T simply doesn?t care. Their number crunchers have done the math and determined that consumers have no viable alternatives if they want the iPhone and thus will pay whatever AT&T chooses to charge and there will be no changes in the foreseeable future to make AT&T?s pricing more competitive. Again, this directly from an AT&T account rep supervisor. So there you have it. Right from the horses mouth.

  74. Jackie Says:

    I live in Texas and have traveled to the Northwest this past summer. I have no problem with AT&T. I will say, my Edge does work faster than the 3G. Life for me is great with AT&T. Granted some of you up north may have more trouble as I read the post most are from up north. I am considered Southwest. Yes there is a battle between AT&T and Verizon, but what to major providers don’t battle it out, that is nature. We each have to decide. Someday AT&T may be bad for me but at the moment they are not.

  75. D. S. Roman Says:

    I purchased an Iphone Nov. 2008, I deposited $500.00 for it and the price of the phone which is $199.00, They told me, they will give it back after a year!!!!! What they dint told me was if my service would be suspended at least once, I have to wait again for another year,and if I cancelled my phone my $500.00 deposit will be gone, What a rip off, company’s like this should never be patronized, or just change their company name to RIP OFF!!!!!!

  76. Kurt Becker Says:

    AT&T Wireless is the worst wireless provider in Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky. Nobody at that company cares or does anything to help customers. First of all, I cannot make a clear call on my Nokia 3G phone. I have called customer service and tech support numerous times and nothing is ever resolved. I am always blown off. I know several people that are having the same problem with their iphones-there is crackling and interference whenever you try to make a call. Once you connect the call, it is more than likely going to drop due to towers overloading. That happens to me at least 50% of the time. Also, there are many times when I don’t receive text or voice messages for several hours, if not days. Picture messages-forget about it. I rarely receive them. This is a poor excuse for a wireless provider. Do not go with them, you will have nothing but problems.

  77. H Says:

    This is the worst service provider ever!!!!
    Do NOT switch to this damn company!!! I ve had so much headache and spent so many hours with their customer service without getting any results!!! In every bill of mine, they screw something!!! NOt a bill goes by that everything is right!! Just waiting for my contract to end!
    Stay away!!! p

  78. Compare cell phones – Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil Says:

    […] has good coverage in your area.Art Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon reviews. click-bank If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing […]

  79. Jen Says:

    I was cautiously optimistic when I got my iphone, having had miserable experience with pretty much every carrier except cingular. The people at the store assured me they had fabulous customer service, and that my employee discount would be applied immediately, though I would not see it in my billing cycle for a coupe of months. They assured me I would get the discount applied back to when I bought the phone. Two months later, no discount. I went back to the store, they copied my employee i.d. AGAIN, and told me the same thing. This was in August. Now it’s January, still no discount. I tried calling customer service, and was told ten different ways I “should” have applied the company discount, which did NOT include doing it at the store. After spending hours trying to figure out the “IRU number” they needed, I called back. Three transfers later, they claimed they had no idea what I was talking about, and that on my previous phone call, I had “hung up” before they were able to give me the instructions, which I did not. I got transferred again to a very surly woman in the business department who basically called me a liar and that there was no record of me ever trying to get this discount, and that the “only way” to get it was by applying online, which nobody had ever told me before. I applied online, told her it was effective, and she told me, once again, it would take two months to apply from TODAY. I asked her about all of the other months I had waited with this excuse while I was paying that extra 18% (a big amount for an iphone!), and she acted like I was off my rocker to think I would get that money back when I “just initiated the discount today”. It was, she said, MY responsibility to initiate this, which HELLO I had been attempting since August. She kept cutting me off and telling me to calm down (I was calm until she told me that) and I asked if there was a supervisor I could talk to. She said no. I asked if there was a record of the names of the people I had talked to who gave me all the wrong information before, she said there was a record, but she could not give me any names except hers, and that by all means I should complain but anyone I talked to would tell me she was correct in what she was telling me. After telling me she didn’t have to put up being “talked to like this”, I finally hung up. I called the store I bought it from again, and after a couple of minutes was told I would get the discount applied starting in October – the two months billing cycle I was originally promised, and it would be applied immediately on my account, not in two months as the rude woman told me. At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I think I’m not so optimistic anymore.

  80. Jen Says:

    Forgot to mention… I had tons of dropped calls, too. After going back to the store and getting a new sims card with no improvement, I figured out the only way to prevent that is to disable your 3G, and only enable it when you are using the web.

  81. Franck Says:

    Here I am I was thinking doing it for months.
    AT&T is the worst service in the country I have stop counting how many dropp call I have, not to mention the customer service…
    Why I’m still with them? I have an iPhone. How come apple went with this company?
    I work mostly by phone and I have to go with text, when it’s possible!
    Now I’m hopping that the iPhone market will go to other providers soon

  82. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Communications Report Says:

    […] Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon reviews. Posted in Cellphone Reviews | Tags: Cell, Contracts, Evil, Necessary, […]

  83. Sean Says:

    Be careful if you EVER have the possibility of moving to a new area where the service is marginal. ATT told us that the service in Washington was “good” and when we got here, we found that the service is TERRIBLE. Thus, though we upgraded based on their characterization of the service as good, we are suffering with poor or inadequate service in the new location. Further, ATT will not let us out of our plan despite the poor service we are having.

  84. Chad Says:

    My experience with AT&T has been tearing me apart for the past few months and I’m hoping that writing about it and sparing people the same nightmare may help me feel better. I’ll start with saying something positive. I had Cingular for many years and when they were bought out by AT&T I just stayed on the wagon. Now, the past two years I was with them I did have excellent service. I never had a dropped call and my internet worked great. I even had excellent coverage when I studied abroad in Europe for six months. My return to the US about a year ago is when the trouble started. I knew that my bills abroad were going to be expensive, they averaged around $250. However, once I came home they never went back down to their normal $120, even after having the international service turned off.
    I guess AT&T thought I was comfortable with a $250 bill, why not just keep charging it? After about two months of this I called costumer service to complain and my next bill was down to the normal $120. The next month I was in for a shock when my bill was again $250. I called them again and my next bill went back down. This exchange continued for about six months until I finally decided to cancel. I have now gone into the store twice and contacted costumer service four times to have my account turned off, even agreeing to pay the $175 to do so. Four months later it still hasn’t been done although six different people assured me that it would be taken care of. My next step will involve getting a lawyer. In addition I have discovered the unethical billing practices that I’ve read in reviews on other sites. While examining all my bills closely I found that I was being double charged for my internet and texting plans. When I asked a costumer service rep what that was all about she told me that they were changing the way they did billing and wanted to get their costumers a month ahead. I could be understanding of that explanation if it happened once, but they were charging me double on every bill. So each month I was paying for that months service and a month ahead. I’ve switched to Verizon and so far have no complaints. My bill is laid on in front of me with no surprises so far and it’s still cheaper than my original $120 plan with AT&T. I’m not trying to advocate any provider but I strongly urge people to stay away from AT&T. I personally know other people going through the same nightmare I am and it’s sad because they are one of the biggest providers, you really only have a choice between AT&T or Verizon unless you live in a major city. As soon as they have a pre-paid smartphone plan I’ll be saying goodbye to contract providers for good.

  85. Bryan Says:

    Ok, AT&T is as good if not better than Verizon. I have never had a problem with a call or anything with them except customer service. AT&T is arrogant and is stuck on tell the customer it’s expectations and not asking what the customer’s expectations are. If there was a better alternative I would leave them but Verizon isn’t much better and they are impossible to get a contract with. My credit score is 710 and I was asked to provide a $200 deposit. BULL!

  86. Kevin Brachman Says:

    I wanted to share my experience with AT&T wireless on this site. Just tonight, I had problems with their service yet again (it’s never-ending). I was on my way home from work and tried to make 9 phone calls, and could not make even one because I kept getting a message saying the network was busy. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, I called customer (joke) service, and the lady on the line was nice, and had told me they had 12 other phone calls from customers in this area having the same problems. They had no idea what had caused the outage nor did they know when it was going to be fixed. I am CONSTANTLY having issues with their network. Last week, the internet went down twice. Yesterday, calls couldn’t be completed. Calls on my 3G phone are always full of static, crackling, and interference. This is my third new phone. I don’t get text messages sometimes for several hours after they are sent. Whatever you do, if you live in the Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio area, do not go with AT&T. You will get nothing but problems from their horrible network.

  87. Tracy Says:

    First off if your going to get At&t’s service, you DO have 30 days to see if the service is right for you. If you have a problem from the get-go why are you still with At&t? I have At&t. My calls never drop, my messaging works great and the phone is refurbished! If you’re getting dropped calls after 20 minutes, its not considered a dropped call. If you have a problem with your service pay your bill and move on to a cellphone company that will fit your needs. No one needs to hear you complaining over your own stupidity on the internet! If you really had great service at one time and want to actually fix your problems with the service.Tech support can and will take care of your issues. Direct tech center number is:877-998-5175.

  88. Kevin Brachmant Says:

    Tracy, First of all I never started off having problems with AT&T Wireless. Hello?? I wouldn’t still be with them if I had problems from the beginning. I do have common sense. The problems, of course, started long after the 30 day trial period. I’ve asked to cancel my contract without a fee and they won’t. Second, the poor service has NOTHING to do with me not paying my bill. I’ve paid my bill on time every month. If I didn’t pay my bill on time, my service would be turned off, duh?? It’s still on! It’s their network that’s the issue here, not my bill! Third, I have called tech support numerous times and am always given the run around. I am always told it’s my phone causing the problem, and to reset it. That’s funny-this is my 3rd new 3G phone. You can’t tell me there is something wrong with all 3 of my phones which are different models! Plus, I have a couple of friends here in Cincy that have the same exact problems with their iphones. Finally, do you have a clue as to how many consumer complaints AT&T has on this site and many many others online? Have you seen all of the complaints with the Better Business Bureau? Wake up and quit defending this wretched company. You are actually one of the very few customers who actually has good service. Consider yourself really lucky. I’m actually going to pay the early termination fee just so I don’t have their crappy service anymore.

  89. Dana Says:

    I just hate att. There service is horrible, 3G network doesnt work properly. Customer service have no clue how to help people with there problems. My mounthly bill was overcharged for some reasons a few times. I just so unsatisfied and dissapointment

  90. A Hater of AT&T Says:

    Thanks to AT&T I failed my online class because they dropped my internet connect with my air card and didn’t tell me and it wasn’t a late bill issue, I pay all my bills on time. AT&T SUCKS

  91. Rowena Cherry Says:

    AT&T has no conception of customer service. First a robot on the phone, who hung up on me when I didn’t want any of his menu-of-the-hour.

    Then, I went to the internet addy that the robot touted for help. Useless. What a waste of time.

  92. CSR for ATT Says:

    Yeah so yes i work for att.. as the customer service rep.. I can understand the Frustration for customers.. We do have stupid Policies that we do have to go by or else!.. You have to remember that we are people as well, and I do try everyday to make customers happy, but when you get irrate customers on the phone there is nothing we can do.. WE ARE PEOPLE TOO, WE ARE NOT ATT. This is our JOB.. im not going to speak for everyone but i try to do everything i can to help the “customers” And did you ever think that if you are nice and Polite, you would get more accomplished instead of Flying off the handle when we anwer the phone? 9 out of 10 CSRs will give you anything you want if your nicer on the phone. im not gonna lie if someone gets on the phone and starts yelling im not gonna want to help them. Not one customer pays my salary…. att does not supply my paycheck and.. Yes i do agree most CSRs do need more training on tone and Sympathy for customers, because no matter what customers are always right.. So point of this Blog is to say that if you do get me on the Phone Please please please dont yell at me.. ill help you if you help me. Yes the Automated system is annoying.. ill be the first to tell you, and yes we do not support coverage in many areas, but it is not the CSRs fault, we cannot snap a finger and put up a tower.. if i could i would have already..

  93. AT&T is horrible Says:

    To the CSR for ATT-

    I truly feel bad for you and the other representatives who work there. You are stuck working for a company who does not care about it’s customers or providing good quality wireless service. Therefore, you get a ton of really upset customers. Whenever I call customer service (and I have to many times), I never yell or get nasty with them. It’s not the CSR’s fault for providing poor cell service. I wish people would realize that. I agree with you, being nice gets you more, plus it doesn’t ruin the CSR’s day. It’s the company’s management and executives that are at fault. AT&T service is horrible in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana areas. I constantly have dropped calls, terrible voice quality, voice mails I don’t receive for hours, sometimes not at all, and calls that I miss because the phone won’t ring. Plus, the 3G network or towers are constantly going down in the Cincinnati area.

  94. Beth Tucker Says:

    I called AT&T on Feb. 20, 2010. The rep asked me if I wanted to add the data package. I asked if I could cancel it after a few days (to make sure there wasn’t a minimum fee)? The rep assured me that I could cancel it any time. I agreed. Feb. 25, 2010, I called to cancel the data plan. She asked why and put me on hold. After several minutes, she came back and said that because I have a ?smart? phone, I was required to have the data package. I explained that I have had this phone for 3 years now and have never had the data package before. She said it was a new policy since Nov. I told her that the rep who sold me the data plan told me that I could cancel it. She put me on hold for couple of minutes and then said she was sorry, but I would have to keep paying for it. My only option was to buy a new phone from them that was not a “smart” phone. I explained to her that I run a business and need to have my current phone. I explained again that I was told I could cancel any time. She said the rep had not made a note in my record saying I had permission to cancel the service. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold for 10 minutes, and then said she was sorry, but I had to keep it. I asked again to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold for 5 minutes, and then I spoke to China, who also told me that it was AT&T policy and I can never cancel it. I told her I was not informed of that and explained what I had been told. She said I would have to keep the data plan or buy a different phone. I refused to buy a different phone and asked how to close my account. She offered to send me a non-smart phone to use. I appreciate receiving a free phone, but it is not acceptable that the phone which I bought from AT&T for hundreds of dollars is now unusable unless I pay for a data plan. I?ll have to carry 2 phones. I also find it unacceptable that their rep told me I could cancel the service, and they are refusing to honor that. If she had told me I could never cancel, I would never have signed up.

    Update: I called to activate the free phone that they sent me. The supervisor, China, told me that I would not have to pay any fees for the phone or activation and that I would not have to renew my contract to use the new phone. However, when I called, they told me that they were sorry I was misinformed, but in order to activate the phone they sent me, I would have to agree to a 24-month contract and pay the activation fee. I explained who I had talked to and what they had told me, but they refused to honor it, again.

  95. Yvette Says:

    Service is horrible, but customer service has been good. My family went over minutes by $360’s worth. I nearly had a heart attack when the bill came in at $597 for 1 month. I called and they credited me for the overage. I agree, calls get dropped and service is sketchy in places but the customer service has been good!

  96. Rob Richmond Says:

    I live in the Cincinnati/Middletown, Ohio area and have nothing good to say about AT&T Wireless. This is the worst wireless company around. I am on my second new 3G LG phone from them and am still having a ton of problems. I get a lot of dropped calls all hours of the day, poor voice quality where there is crackling, static, and interference in the line, busy network messages, the 3G network is always going down, there are many times when I don’t receive text or voice messages for several days, and slow internet connections. If you want reliable wireless service, DO NOT go with AT&T. When I call customer service, that is a waste of time too. They never admit to the network causing the problems. They always blame my phone. Obviously, it’s their network since so many people are having the same problems with them.

  97. arnie Says:

    Stay away from ATT , horrible horrible horrible service

  98. Ron Says:

    My contract started out from Cellular One and they were pretty good. Great customer service and reasonable phones with nice plans. AT&T bought them out and still I have no complaints. I live in the middle of Manistee National Forrest (in the boonies) and get about 3 bars sitting at my computer. I live in a valley and do not understand why so many people cannot get a signal. Is it because of their phone and not the phone company? I have the free Sony Ericsson and it works great. I can even text to my friends and family using my computer instead of the number pad(W/bluetooth Dongle). My wife got the cool looking phone and the reception is terrible. Try choosing a phone that works & not because it looks cool.

  99. Chris Says:

    I used ATT b/c of the iphone. With two late payments, they ended up shutting off my service. (fine). BUT, they continued to charge me even though my service was shut off. Then, to add injury to insult, they charged me fees in the amount of my entire monthly fee!!

    So my phone is shut off, I’m still paying monthly fees, and I’m being charged other fees that are doubling my monthly fees. Who does that?

    Run…don’t walk…AWAY from ATT!!

  100. demiss shippley Says:

    i had AT&t for 3 month and i hate it. bad customer service. they charge u for everything: downloads, for purcheses etc…i cancelled my contract with them and i wont ever coming back to them. i always had drop calls, horrible. please folks stay away from AT&t crap!!!! i had sprint before for 2 years and they have great customer service and never had drop calls or network. i think i am going back with them ^_^

  101. Matthew Says:

    I have been an ATT customer for over 2 and 1/2 years. I have always been pleased with them until recently when I got a new phone. I got a Samsung A777. The only reason I got a new phone and signed another 2 year contract is because I wanted the advanced calendar features. I got the phone and the advanced calendar features didn’t work. You can check this yourself. Just go into an ATT store and set up this calendar feature on a A777. Set an alarm for 6:00 am the next day. Ask the phone to remind you the appropriate number of hours in advance so that it should go off while you are in the store. Most of the A777’s will not go off. In fact they will go off the next day at that time after the appointment is already past. You can go check the next day at the same time if you would like. (If you are not there on the hour just set as follows. If it is 9:17pm set the alarm for 6:17am the next day and ask the alarm to go off 9 hours in advance.)

    Due to the business of life, the fact that I was llearning a new phone and just assumed I was doing something wrong, and the fact that the alarm always works except when the reminder happens on the previous day I did not call ATT to resolve the issue until just past my first 30 days. They said that the only thing they could do was to send me a replacement phone. I asked them to check the replacement before sending it to me because Samsung said many of the phones ATT had probably would have the same problem. They said they could not specifically test a phone but not to worry because they check all their phones before shipping them out. Well once I received the fourth phone which didn’t work they finally said they could not do anything else for me. They said I would have to go through Samsung who would pay for everything but I would be without a phone for between 5 and 10 Business days.

    ATT finally said they would also credit me $25 for my time and $30 to use a Go Phone while my phone was out. Well, they credited me half of that but not the other. I am so tired of spending on average at least an hour on the phone each time that I am going to give up and just leave this for you to read.

    Overall I think they are a pretty good company but their customer service will only help you well if you have a standard problem which a lot of people have already had. If you fall anywhere outside of that expect to be treated like you are clueless, like you are doing something wrong, and that you are causing them a headache. I was even told by the last operator (while dealing with the fourth non working phone) that there really wasn’t a problem with my phone.

  102. P. Doff Says:

    I had a Nokia cell phone from Cingular when they were an independent company. I liked it because it was really rugged, and a big truck driver’s equipment leads a hard life. Then AT&T bought out Cungular and the trouble started, primarily a very large number of dropped calls, spotty service,etc. I decided to stay with AT&T because I didn’t want to change phones. When my wife got her laptop we added AT&T’s wireless service for it. BIG MISTAKE. IF ANYTHING, THE WIRELESS SERVICE IS WORSE THAN THE PHONE SERVICE! It is very difficult to get anything done on this computer before the connection is terminated; you really have to hurry which is problematic when it is so slow.Their customer service, while polite and pleasant, is no real help. We are going to look for better service from another provider, even if I have to give up my tough phone.

  103. oldcat Says:

    Must hurry.This is one of the few moments when ATT internet service works. Paid tons of money for service I don’t get. Internet sevice works 1 hour per month if I’m lucky. Can’t get out of contract. Take heed. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AT&T. Would say more but service has worked for 47 minutes and will fail s..

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  105. Lisa Says:

    I had my identity stolen at the store in Hanover Mall by the salesman that set up my account! The service sucked in my area so we ended up giving up the phone too.

  106. E Wallet Phone | Says:

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  107. Chris Says:

    AT&T is the absolute worst cell phone company out there. I spent many wonderful years with Cingular with whom I had no problems with cell service OR customer service. Once AT&T purchased them my cell phone service was spotty at best with dropped calls and inconsistent coverage. However, AT&T’s customer service is severely lacking and has been for many years now. 3 years ago I dropped AT&T and went with Verizon and that was the best move I could have ever done. The problem is, AT&T ended up charging me 763.28 for breaking my contract and a last months bill of 45 dollars. Where they came up with 763+ dollars I’ll never know but I refused to pay them and took the hit on my credit report. 3 years later, in a attempt to “settle” with them, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with 3 rude customer service reps who refused to help me settle this bill. They wanted the full 763+ dollars and told me point blank, management would not “settle” a bill on an existing account. I’ll take this hit on my credit report to my grave before I ever deal with AT&T again!! Word to the wise….stay away from AT&T!!!!

  108. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide | Phone Reviews Says:

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  109. brian Says:

    At&t is apparently strict with their credit checks, because I once went into a store to look at phones, and the rep that was there ran a check on me. I have bad credit, but he came up to me and asked me to leave the store!! I’ll never do business with this outfit

  110. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Phone Reviews Says:

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  111. Kevin Beaman Says:

    AT&T’s 3G network is really bad in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. The coverage is spotty with a lot of dead zones, I get a ton of dropped calls everyday, poor voice quality where it cuts out and there is crackling in the line, text and picture messages I don’t receive for hours, sometimes not at all, missed voice mails, and calls that won’t connect. Whatever you do, do not sign up with them. Their billing is horrible to. I’ve had to call them 3 months in a row already to fix billing issues. Customer service is useless when it comes to taking care of problems. That’s why these problems keep happening in the Cincinnati area-they won’t fix the 3G network problems.

  112. ashley Says:

    I just want to take this opportunity to say that my family has had a contract with At&t for several years, and were pleased with the service up until the most recent contract renewal. During these last two years the service has been atrocious. The coverage we receive from at&t’s network is pathetic. I have no reception at my home, my work, nor on most of the main roads in my surrounding area. The device I have is even worse, it is a Sony Ericsson, that has been replaced at least half a dozen times for the same problems: keys that stick, battery problems, error messages, etc. Dropped calls account for the majority of our attempted calls. I do not receive half of my text messages and in short AT&T COULD NOT PAY ME TO RENEW THIS CONTRACT AND I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT I TELL EVERYONE I POSSIBLY CAN THAT THIS IS THE WORST WIRELESS PROVIDER EVER!!!

  113. Phillip Mccoy Says:

    The AT&T Wireless 3G network has many problems and issues in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that never get fixed-no matter how many calls to technical/customer support you make. Ever since I started service with them, I’ve had about 50% of all my calls dropped. During morning and afternoon rush hours, you can never get a clear call-there is always crackling and static in the line. The voice will also cut out. Many times, I won’t receive text, picture or voice messages people send me. Especially people who send me messages from Verizon phones. The 3G network goes down quite frequently and you aren’t able to check your e-mail. Coverage is spotty at best and there are quite a few dead zones throughout the city, reception in and around my house is poor, and customer service is very unknowledgeable. They will always try to blame your phone for problems happening. I’ve read many other reviews online of people having the same issues I am having with them. No technicians are ever sent out to check the problems. When will they come to Cincinnati and fix the tower issues here?

  114. Pres McGee Says:

    Great Service! I saw Ryan Jackson at 6150 Camp Bowie in fort Worth for a minor problem. He fixed it promptly and upgraded my phone. good job!

  115. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide | Says:

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  117. Scott Says:

    Never order AT&T service!! Never!!
    If you want to order, do not make any mistake during the order.
    You could not fix it ever!!!!!!!!

    I ordered new phones. One day later, I got an email saying my order was not complete and was needed additional information. To complete my order, I have to call 7~8 times to order department, but I still could not reach to them.
    I hold this phone total almost 3 hours.
    I wish I did not start any business with AT&T.
    If you have a lot of time, please enjoy killing time with AT&T’s lazy service response.

  118. anonymous Says:

    att is gay!!!! i tried 2 orda a fone today frm a dealer they have (wirefly) couldnt do it and i had dat contract since august 12 2008 and i cant get a new 1 today ( june 20th 2010) how dumb att is the best carrier but they need 2 change their rules…soooo dumbbbb!!!! ugh!!!

  119. Javier Says:

    AT & T loves to steal customers money. I hire the company as my internet provider and they charged me $19.95 a month. With out my request at&t increased to $25.00 a they again increased to $28.00 a month. I called them several times and so far they continue overcharging me….I need an advice on what I can do.Thanks

  120. GIO Says:

    Well I switch to AT&T from t mobile back on January 2009 & I have had to call customer service for issues on all kind of charges that they can’t usually explain what they are & if they do they use their terminology. If apple is reading these, they gave a wonderful gadget to the worst company ever & yes the iPhone is a great phone it is not worth buying it with a wireless company that will give you drop calls, roaming charges(best coverage in America, I don’t think so), headaches & much more.

  121. Lynne Says:

    The worst service I have ever had. I have been with Verizon and Sprint before, and AT&T is by far the worst. I just spend over 45 minutes of time with tech support, who did NOTHING to fix the problem. Even though they said they had fixed it.

  122. Suzanne Says:

    Hate At&t ! Worst ever I hope they lose the apple contract so I can go else where. Everything has fine print….I was told I could trade in my i phone for a 4 now they are saying it needs to be in new condition and won’t take it back!!! Offered us a discounted price of $400 LOL!!! What a joke! They suck !!! Get the fine print and make sure you know the ins and outs. Also when they say you will get a discount on your bill you won’t see it for months beware!!!

  123. Sean Says:

    Why I will never use at&t again. I have had at&t for about 5 years now. I primarily use my phone for it’s data connect feature “tethering”. I just upgraded to the new Aria android phone. After getting past all the (at&t)app restrictions I was actually able to get it to tether. After a week of using it I get a text saying my internet is shut off due to excessive usage. When I bought my data plan several years ago it was unlimited. Since then they have imposed a 5 gig cap on all new policies. More recently they have imposed a 2 gig cap on all new policies. I have upgraded my phone 3 times since I bought the plan and every time I made any modification to my plan I asked if it would effect my data plan. I was always assured that it wouldn’t. As the first at&t rep told me today, I am “Grandfathered” into the unlimited plan. I was well aware of that so I was always careful to ask when changing phones. The rep cleared my internet restriction and everything seemed fine after that 10 minute call. 1 hour later I get the same text message about excessive usage. I called back and was told (after 45 mins) that in 2008 when I added a 2nd phone that my data plan was changed to the new 5 gig cap. Again I was very clear with the sales rep that this could not effect my data plan and I was assured it wouldn’t. Same thing 1 week ago, I was assured my data plan wouldn’t be effected because it’s a seperate plan. My average data use per month has been between 10 and 20 gigs for years now. All of a sudden they cut me off and say I have used 7 gigs this month. The customer service rep and superviser refused to help me insisting that I agreed to this in 2008 and there was no note in my file claiming otherwise. At some point about 2 years ago I notice the 5 gig cap disclaimer when I log in online so I call to get the facts. I’m told that this is just a standard disclaimer and doesn’t apply to me since I indeed did sign up for unlimited data connect. Bottom line… They lied to me on several occasions. I want everyone to know how they treat their customers and would urge anyone to shop elsewhere for service.

  124. Kimberly Says:

    I would never use AT&T again. I purchased a contract then moved. At my new home I had NO SERVICE. My husband has Verizon and has NO PROBLEMS with service. I live in western N.C. and we often compare service as we travel. When we leave the major urban areas he still has reception. I rarely do.
    As far as AT&T customer service – everytime I call I get a different story. I’m told I can cancel contract, then I can’t. I’m told they show I live in a poor service area then I’m told that I live in good service. My favorite is when one of the customer service managers told me that they didn’t take me serious because I was still using my phone – well, yeah, but I have to get in my car and drive a mile to make a call.
    I short AT&T coverage in western NC is horrible, go with Verizon if you spend any time outside of downtown ASheville or HEndersonville. And their customer service is worse. I felt insulted after almost all of my conversations with them.

  125. Sheilah Says:

    Bad enough that I can’t get a signal almost half the places I go, even though I live in Northern Virginia, the cell phone capitol of the world. But when I wanted to cancel my service and get a refund on my minutes, the customer service was UNBELIEVABLY bad. Web sites that lead you in circles. Phone menus that lead you in circles, without ever allowing you to reach a human being. When humans are finally reached (this took several days, with both my husband and myself working on it,) the humans give conflicting answers and lead you in circles. And in the end: NO REFUND. I will never, ever use AT&T again.

  126. Stephanie Says:

    Horrible customer servie! I was previously with T-mobile and switched to ATT only because I wanted an Iphone. Then I decided to go to Cananda for a few days and they were ready to charge me over $600 for international data usage. They interupted my service and sent me a text that i went over my data usage and that is why they were cutting off my service. Other carriers are curteous and will wave these fees as a one time curtosy, but not ATT. When I called custumer service, every single person i spoke to was rude. They told me that i was supposed to call att and let them know that i was going to travel, when I tried to explain to a customer sevice rep named cassandra bata that I wasn’t aware of such a thing, her reply was “well did you expect to use the phone for free?” This shocked me because i’ve been with Tmobile, verizon and as much dropped calls as tmobile had, their customer service skills were excellent. These people at att do not know how to treat their customers everyone that i spoke to had an attitude especially this cassandra chick. I feel like when i was getting the phone, these things should’ve been explained to me to begin with. I never had to notify any other carriers that i was travelling before, I think that att is just greedy. I can’t wait for verizon to start carrying the I phone because then i know a lot of people will switch.

  127. george Says:

    I signed up for an AT&T plan Talk7 69.99 month. I ended up putting 151.48 for down payment and accessories on July 01. i recieved a bill a few weeks later for Billing Cycle July 01 thru July 02 for amount 190.69. I called AT&T customer service and this was for 1 day of Service in July which I was charged 1 month and the next month in advance. I decided to exercise my right to cancel contract in first 30 days. I took phones and accessories back to AT&T store on July 16 and was charged restocking fee for phones. I received a credit for -16.00. I called AT&T to submit a gripe to a AT&T manager and the service attendant did not escalate my request.However AT&T informed me that I would be getting a final bill. I asked how can I get a final Bill on an account I just closed? I even got a -16.00 refund.. No explanation AT&T could give can satisfy my mind. These guys are thief’s and robbers. If you are a poor working person like me you may want to avoid these guys as you may not be able to afford the AT&T Invoices which you will not be able to interpret. Over your head and beyond the amount in your checking account.

  128. Larry Says:

    WORST RECEPTION, 100% DROPPED CALLS, NO COVERAGE. At&t is the worst of all cell phone companies. I am in Los Angeles, CA and all i can say is that AT&T SUCKS!!!! They are very deceiving with their ads, they claim to have 97% coverage (which is true) but the trick is that the word coverage simply means that they cover (reach) a large area, they simply get there. What they fail to say is their RECEPTION is so bad that you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS get dropped calls, 100% of your calls WILL BE DROPPED, I GUARANTEE IT.
    COVERAGE vs RECEPTION are 2 different things, just because you cover an area it does not mean that you provide good reception. That’s why other cell phone companies pride themselves with their SIGNALS/RECEPTION, not just coverage. APPLE made their biggest mistake by contracting their I-phones with AT&T. They’re helping AT&T make a lot of money but unfortunately they don’t deserve it.

  129. Ted Says:

    Pros: After 7 years with AT&T, the only pro I can think of is that they -HAD- better phones than the competition. -NOW- is a different story.

    Cons: Dropped calls / Late texts / Service “dead zones” / TERRIBLE phones / Overcharged and inaccurate bills / Customer service reps that over-promise and under-deliver / The LIES that their representatives tell you

    Summary: I can go on and on about how AT&T’s service is bad, but I’ll make this review quick with my “last straw” story.

    I was sick of AT&T’s service and lies about how good their phones are, more specifically, the Tilt 2. It was a HORRIBLE phone. I was done with them being my carrier so I called to cancel my service. I was quoted a final early termination fee. I asked the rep, “Is this the ONLY and FINAL amount I’m going to pay at the end of the month?” The rep responded, “Yes.” I asked the same question around three more times. All three times the rep responded, “Yes.”

    A month later, I review my bill. To my complete disgust, I see the bill was WAY more than what was quoted to me. I call AT&T’s customer service line again. I asked them to adjust the bill to what was quoted to me a month ago. The rep said there was nothing he could do because they were “legitimate charges.” So apparently it doesn’t matter what one representative says, all that matters is what the current one you’re dealing with says.

    Unorganized, uncaring, LIARS!

  130. George Says:

    an AT&T plan Talk7 69.99 month. I ended up putting 151.48 for down payment and accessories on July 01. I recieved a bill a few weeks later for Billing Cycle July 01 thru July 02 for amount 190.69. I called AT&T customer service and this was for 1 day of Service in July which I was charged 1 month and the next month in advance. I decided to exercise my right to cancel contract in first 30 days. I took phones and accessories back to AT&T store on July 16 and was charged restocking fee for phones. I received a credit for -16.00. I called AT&T to submit a gripe to a AT&T manager and the service attendant did not escalate my request. However AT&T informed me that I would be getting a final bill. I asked how can I get a final Bill on an account I just closed. I even got a -16.00 refund.. No explanation AT&T could give can satisfy my mind. If you are a poor working person like me you may want to avoid these guys as you may not be able to afford the AT&T Invoices which you will not be able to interpret. Invoice was beyond my ability to interpret and more than I could afford.

  131. Anonymous Says:

    Skip AT&T!!! We’ve had dropped calls, dropped signals, no service, text mgs not being delivered, delayed messages, etc. etc. I was also told that if going on a trip, I need to shut off phone and power it back up again at each new town so it can connect to the nearest tower to make AND receive any calls- that’s absolutely ridiculous!!! Now we are locked into a two year contract and can’t get out unless we pay an exorbitant amount! Sign up for ANY other service, but NOT AT&T – you will certainly regret it!

  132. Tim Brinson Says:

    I agree with anonymous. I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio/Mount Washington area. AT&T’s 3G service is absolutely horrible here and they won’t do anything to fix the problems. It doesn’t matter if you call multiple times or write letters. Just today, I had 4 dropped calls within a 2 hour period. I’ve been having a lot of dropped calls since I got my new Blackberry. Text or picture messages don’t even come through half the time. The ones that do come through, won’t come through for several hours, then it defeats the purpose of even sending them. I’m paying $30 for that useless service. Then, on top of that, the 3G call quality is terrible. There is always crackling, echoing, and voice cut-outs in every call. Now, I’m finding that when people call my phone, it won’t even ring sometimes (even with full strength). Also, there are quite a few dead zones here. Whatever you do, AVOID AT&T WIRELESS. This has been a nightmare since nobody at that company cares about customer service or fixing the problems that everyone is having.

  133. Hardhitter Says:

    Why is it that everybody I meet from Ohio complains about everything? Your football team sucks and Lebron is chillin in South Beach so dont take it out on AT&T.

  134. all you guys are right, ATT TERRIBLE Says:

    The biggest liars in cellular business is stupid At&T. They’re taking our money for the most terrible connection they have.

  135. Stephanie Smith Says:

    At&t is a good internet phone however Verizon completely wins phone service. I have an iphone now and wish I can still use Verizon service. Ever since I’ve had the phone (2 years)9 out of 10 of my calls drop and all At&t users that have the same problem (I talk to so many). I live in the city it shouldn’t be such an issue, but it is, a huge one! It’s extremely hard to get a conversation through. For example I was speaking to my sister today for 8 minutes total, our call dropped 3 times within that 8 minutes, its ridiculous!She’s also sadly an At&t iphone user. Verizon please pick up iphone you’ll sign up so many more people, I miss your phone service!

  136. hardhitterisamoron Says:

    The reason Ohioans complain about AT&T’s Wireless service is because it’s horrible all throughout the state, from Cincinnati to Cleveland. All we get are dropped calls, poor voice quality, text and picture messages we never receive, poor customer service, and spotty coverage. Complaining about AT&T has nothing to do with our football teams or anything else. Their service is horrible and we are fed up with it. Hence, people in Ohio complain about it. That’s the truth.

  137. spreadtheword Says:

    I encourage everyone who has complaints on this AT&T Wireless board to call customer service/tech support about the problems, write letters to their corporate office in Atlanta, call your local State Attorney General’s Office, E-mail The Better Business Bureau, post as many forums as you can online about the problems you are having, and finally, spread the word about how crappy their service really is. If we get enough people together who complain, then maybe something will get done about it. Plus, if a lot of people start switching to Verizon or T-Mobile, that will hit their pocketbook.

  138. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Popular Cell Phone Says:

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  139. Raul Says:

    At & t say that you have 2Gb for 25 dlrs but they don’t say that if. you don’t use it within 30 days you loose it and they try to charge you again, that’s wrong, they stole your money, all of this related to IPAD 3G service

  140. T Lovato Says:

    Do not go with AT&T even for the iphone! 90% dropped calls, dropped signals, no service in or around our house, text mess not being sent. I can go on and on. When you call customer service you get nothing but a big run around. I have been told we have great coverage in our area so good we had to sign another two year contract to get a damn M-Cell which is not working good either. Can’t cancel our service cause we just signed a 2 year contract and our 30 days is up. I hope AT&T loses the contract with Apple!

  141. Will Says:

    AT&T is the worst company I’ve dealt with hands down. It has been my displeasure to do business with them off and on for the past 15 years. They tried to wash their bad reputation by changing names to Cingular -thinking most people would forget -but they are still the same old AT&T, and now the old name is back.

    I have had 4 Blackberry phones since February 2010, all of the malfunctioned terribly:
    – Sending double text messages and out of order
    – Call could not hear me but I could hear them or vice verse
    -Locking me out of text message strings
    – Visual voice mail play button not functioning
    – Not ringing when I receive a business call, going straight to VM
    – Keep hearing metallic banging -pinging noises when person talks

    I want a different brand of phone – I don’t want to waste any more time with Blackberry, but guess what? I wasted anouther 2 hrs on the phone today, and got nowhere. I wanted them to switch me into an iphone, or give me back a credit for what I paid for the Blackberry, start me over and then buy an iphone for $99.

    I spoke to warranty -he sent me to customer care -then customer care sent me to a supervisor, and he sent me back to warranty department.

    I was on the phone with AT&T from 2:15 to 4pm!! The customer care person I spoke to today actually made me sit there on the phone while she typed info to a “help desk” through an At&T CHAT ROOM!! We sat there in silence FOREVER! And all she ended up doing was regurgitated the available plans and upgrade options -she said all she was able to do was offer me an early upgrade where I would pay $299 iphone! Even though they offer it for $99 all day to new customers. She said they would issue me NO credit on the Bad Blackberry they sold me. Or they said my only other option was to go through warranty for ANOTHER refurbished Blackberry. Period.

    Why should I be made to pay for buying a bad AT&T phone?

    Dogmatic customer care -repeat your information to 4 different operators -transferred to the wrong department -all I hear is “we are unable,” “all we can do,” “please hold.”

    I’ve wasted about 10 hours of my life -away from my business, to handle this issue with their product, and all they would do is swap out my phone for another blackberry. They don’t give a damn about making their customers happy. Enough is enough!

    I hate AT&T

    I would highly recommend NOT signing up with AT&T, once you do, you’re treated like you work for them, and are under their rules. The only thing they care about, is you’re money, which they try very hard to make their money.

  142. Trenton Says:

    AT&T DId not work at all in my house dropped calls after calls and they recommended Me the 3G MicroCellm Modem. And It went form 1 Bar service to full service and perfectly clear when talking to other people AT&T Is great service to have they treat You Perfect they even dropped the charges of the tower casue i was going to drop them until they rocommended This tower to me I thank you AT&T. You guys are great 5/5 Stars

  143. Jim Reynolds Says:

    AT&T Wireless is the worst wireless provider around, hands down. Their service here in Ohio and around the country is terrible. Especially in 3G areas. I travel between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio everyday and have nothing but problems. As soon as my contract is up, I am switching to Verizon. First of all I drop at least 75% of all my voice calls. My text messages rarely go through to other cell phones, and many times I don’t receive text messages or voice mails people send to me. If I do, it takes several hours for them to come through. I never have clear voice calls, there is always some kind of interference or noise in the line. Coverage is very spotty, there are many dead zones even in the major metropolitan areas. Customer service is poor, and does nothing to help when you have problems. It’s always, “there’s nothing we can do to help you” or “it’s your phone that is the problem.” They will never own up to the network causing the problems. So, I would highly recommend avoiding AT&T Wireless if you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area. The service here is very poor and you will have many problems.

  144. lisa gomez Says:

    I went with AT&T because of their I-phone. All of you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!! AT&T is horrible!
    I live in NYC where there are many towers. I have constant dropped calls, static most of the time, poor connection ( no one can hear me) Can’t use phone in the house. Have to go outside. Can’t speak for a long time because the call fails. When contacting AT&T you get the run around. All I got was a $50 credit last month . But the problem persists. They claim the towers need repairs and they will start repairing it in Sept. Meanwhile, I have poor service. I have to contact them with my landline to speak to them because if I use the I-phone the call will fail. I informed them about it & all they tell you is that they will forward your complaint. But they don’t do anything for you. They are horrible!!!
    Now my internet in the phone doesn’t work & when I call they say I have to upgrade the i-tunes software. They won’t let me terminate my contract despite all of the problems I’ve had. Just like the rest of you. They want to charge the Cancellation fees. I will terminate with them soon. I’m also hoping that Apple gets other
    providers. Until then I advise everyone out there NOT TO GET THE I-PHONE UNTIL THERE ARE OTHER RELIABLE PROVIDERS. YOU HAVE BEEN
    I Wish all of you good luck in getting away from
    AT&T. Maybe all these complaints can forwarded to their corporate office and the Better Business Bureau.

  145. marissa Says:

    The worst company I have ever dealt with. I work in a call center for a mortgage company and I still can’t keep my cool with these people on the phone. The hold times are INSANE they put you on hold without telling you, they won’t give you id numbers, you have to talk to every department for them to tell you no information at all, none of the managers can help you, the people that work there have to be mentally disabled. They lie about everything! The disconnect your service for no reason at all. They over charge you and then refuse to give you your money back.

  146. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide | Latest In technology Says:

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  147. Fair Says:

    “Purchasing” This is for any phone service providers. If you guys saw any advertisement, let us say a discounted plan or what, do not bite into it easily. Before purchasing a product or a service you have to first check the reviews. This is for you not to be surprised. Before representatives process orders they read terms and conditions. Listen carefully so you know if you’ll go for it or if you’ll pull back. I worked as an agent, though I’m doing my best on the job it is sad to know that there are some who doesn’t do it fair.

  148. Margie Says:

    Don’t buy accessories from AT&T Wireless. If they send the wrong thing, they won’t take it back, because most accessories “aren’t under warranty.” I was told by a “Premier” customer service rep, Madeline Cruladz, to throw my case away and buy a new one. I found this unsatisfactory.

  149. fort lauderdale web design studio Says:

    in the event you want to target La Genuine estate, is it necessary to involve the “los angeles” part in your website when performing meta tags and key terms? Does google know exactly where your website is?

  150. Kris Says:

    Worst customer service… AT&T
    Lies, lies, lies…. AT&T
    Dropped calls… AT&T
    Bad products… AT&T
    Take your money & offers no refunds… AT&T
    Will not give an email address so you can send a request in writing… AT&T
    Longest hold-time in history… AT&T
    Tell you a lie just to get you to go away…. AT&T
    Worst Air-Card service ever… AT&T
    Train their customer service reps to lie whenever they feel it’s necessary…. AT&T

  151. Ian Says:

    I cant beleive the price on this crappy service. Every few seconds my internet disconnects. Then when they come over here they claim to have fixed the problem and leave. They didnt even let me test if or show them what was the issue before leaving! Then they call me thinking they did a great job, they must’ve realized everyone hates them so they gave me a robot to cuss at. If anyone is looking for a great ISP the only thing I can say is. DONT CHOOSE AT&T.

  152. Krystal Says:

    My Experience with AT&T (My AT&T Horror story)
    A true story experienced by Krystal ***** of Grand Rapids, Mi

    I am taking a personal stand against AT&T and making sure that as many people as possible hear about the experience that I have had with them.

    Let me note from the beginning that I never actually signed up with AT&T, but was sucked up by them when they bought out Cingular, as they did to so many good companies. I went along with this, even the increased rates and stupidly resigned for a 2 year contract in order to upgrade to a new phone and pay less than $350 for it (which was a Razor). I went through 4 of these phones, (which all, after less than 2 months, became unusable due to either keys not working, the ear piece not working, or the part you speak into not working). I then was forced to buy a new phone because I had used my number of insurance returns-even though I paid for monthly insurance for this reason.

    My new phone, the Blackjack 2 seemed to work good for about 6 months when my battery/charger stopped working. I called customer service and was shuffled around until eventually 2 months later I could charge my phone without tinfoil and toothpicks.

    I should have been smart enough to quit then, but no, right around the time that my contract was up they conveniently started a promo to sell Iphones for $100. Being naive and too forgiving I happily signed right back up for 2 more years. All seemed well in cell phone land for awhile (minus the $100 a month I was paying for my bill).

    That brings me to about 4 months ago. My roommate wanted to get an Iphone and thinking we could both cut our bills I put her on my plan, which means we RESIGNED for another 2 years. Fine, whatever, I will keep paying this unbelievable amount per month because I now can?t imagine my life without my precious Iphone. So I agree to keep paying for SERVICE.

    This is where it gets interesting. About a month ago I moved from one suburb of Grand Rapids to another. I did not move to a small town or into a cave, I actually moved into a more populated area. Of course when I was looking at apartments I didn?t think to check my cell phone service, the price of rent and location, for some reason, seemed to be more important. So I find my new cozy apartment, right off of 44th street (a main vein in the circulatory system that is Grand Rapids).

    Right after I moved I noticed I wasn?t receiving calls or text in my apartment. It didn?t take long to figure out that even though my phone showed 1 or 2 bars it wasn?t enough to actually make my phone work. So I called up ATT?s trusty customer service and explained my problem. I was told there was a tower down nearby and the issue should be resolved in 1 week. 1 week later?. no service. So I call ATT and tell them again. ?Oh that tower still seems to be down, so wait one more week?. Fine? but now I?m getting a little annoyed. One more week later and still no service so I call back. ?Oh were sorry, it looks like your apartment complex and ? a mile in each direction around you doesn?t seem to have that great of coverage, even though there are 3 towers within 5 miles of your home?. But just in case I wasn?t irritated enough they ran me through 3 phone calls more of technical support to try and fix my phone (which was extra fun due to the fact that most of the calls were dropped, when they would even connect at all.) So ATT comes to the conclusion that since my phone isn?t working I will need to call them from my roommates phone (who was now on my plan remember?) from our home who also doesn?t get any service. And in case we couldn?t get a hold of them, they would try calling us back. Since we obviously couldn?t get a hold of them, they tried calling us which I received the voicemail for one day later. I then received a text message saying that since I wouldn?t call them back, and since I didn?t answer when they called, they were canceling the complaint. THANKS ATT for your help.

    So now that I?m thoroughly ticked and I drive down the road to be able to use my cell phone that I am paying a combined $210/month for. After 4 transfers of arguing with customer service about paying half of my rent for cell phone SERVICE I?m not even receiving I finally get to talk to the nicest, most polite MANAGER I?ve ever had the privilege to talk to. She explained to me that since I signed the contract when I was living in a different location, there is nothing that they can do. Never mind the fact that the map of coverage on their website shows full coverage in my area.

    So we get into a discussion that since I signed a two year contract for SERVICE (apparently my definition of service is far different than ATT?s, I actually think I should be able to use the service I am paying for) I will have to pay a hefty cancelation fee to cancel the service I am not getting. By the way my boyfriend?s cell phone (Verizon) and my roommate?s cell phone (Sprint) both have full service in and around my apartment. When I explained to her that I moved to another highly populated area and did not anticipate this and I did not want to pay the fee she told me that my other option would be to get a Microcell- a device that will boost the service I am not getting for a one time small fee of $75! Oh and then I would get to pay an extra $20 a month to use that service?. When I tell her I refuse to pay more that $220 a month for something they should be providing me with anyways she says so nicely ?I don?t know how long you?ve been using a cell phone for, but they usually don?t work in houses?. (Well thanks for that, you can look right at your screen and see that I have been a customer forever). Ok so you are telling me that when I am standing in the backyard I should be able to use it? ?Well not necessarily, if there are trees and buildings around you still might not get service?. So you are telling me that most people can?t use their phone in or around cities yet once you get out of the city there is no service anyways? Wait, Wait, Wait, so I need to be standing on a hill in an open field directly next to a cell phone tower to have my cell phone work? ?I?m sorry I couldn?t resolve your issue (even though she didn?t try) but I will give you a $20 credit (gee thanks, my bill is $220) for the issues you have been having (in the sweetest ?I hope you die? voice I have ever heard).

    Well it?s sad to say but the $20 would have shut me up had it ended there (I was planning on just cancelling my service at the end of the month when my roommate and myself both had time to find another phone service provider). But sadly no, I fell into another ATT trap (I at this point am thinking I like to be abused?). My roommate and I need to set up Wi-Fi in our apartment and of course the cheapest plan with the best options is??duuun duun duun daaaaaaahhhhh?? ATT!!!! When I call the customer service to talk about the rates and plans I am told that there are two choices for modems, a cheaper one for $50 with a $75 gift card or a $85 one with a $100 gift card. The more expensive one will ?obviously? work better and since I am getting the rebate it?s free anyways! Oh and it will only be $14.95 a month for the service. This sounds great, I say?.Sign me up, but hey, I would rather have that $100 go to my phone bill is that ok? ?Sure, no problem, *click click click* there you go, your all set, it?s on your account!? ATT then informs me that I should be receiving my modem in one week and since all packages go to the office, I check the office after a week and then for the next 3 days. Still no package. So I call up good old? ATT and tell them I still haven?t received it. Come to find out that?hmmm this is weird?. They can?t seem to find my account. After about 4 transfers and 40 minuets plus 1 dropped call and call back ?Oh wait here it is? the person who set up your account seemed to have set it up for your apartment complex?s office?. ?Since it?s not the right address we will have to cancel your whole account and start from scratch which means you will have to wait another week for your service to be activated?. ?Oh and just to be sure, what price were you quoted for the service so that I can make sure it?s right on your account?? $14.95 I say. Also can you check for me to make sure that I am receiving the $100 credit on my account, I want to make sure it didn?t get lost in this mix up. ?I?m sorry, I don?t know what the last person told you but we can?t even access you phone bill and it takes us up to 90 days to join your phone account with your internet account? Sweet I?m glad I was lied to. Can you make sure that I receive the $100 gift card then? She so politely says ?Sure no problem? which I can now translate to ?don?t hold your breath?.

    Cool, I?m super happy at this point, especially since my phone doesn?t work and the internet was going to be my only outside connection to the world. So I wait another week and finally my internet is working and all is happy in internet land.

    4 days later?..
    I receive my welcome letter to ATT internet usage. It says Welcome! We are glad you joined us and signed up for our $35.95 (remember I signed up for $14.95) a month service! (We love to suck the life right out of our customers, and we will rob you for every last dime you have?)? it?s in the fine print you just have to look close enough.

    I call for 2 days and get transferred and transferred, no one can help, and put on hold, at which point my phone decides after a good 40 min to drop my call. By this point I am so incredibly happy that I turn a nice shade of red and drive over to my local friendly ATT store. I finally get to talk to a representative after he has a great 12 min conversation about where he is moving to with the gentleman in front of me. I explain to him the situation about the internet, and oh, while I?m here I want my cell phone service to work and I?m not paying another dime. Well, he explains, ?the stores actually can?t access the internet service, only phone service, but I will call them right now for you?. So I wait while they call, to find out that the internet service office is closed and there is nothing that they can do right now. But he will take my name and have his manager handle it in the morning and call me. As for the cell phone, he has seen customers with the same problems call and they give them a microcell for free! Great I said, I will try that? I pay $220 a month, they should want to keep me as a customer and give me a Microcell right?

    Wrong. The first person I talk to tells me that they only gave them away free to a random drawing of people (which I was not one of). The second lady tells me that they never gave them away and that I can buy one for $150 (not even the same price as last time) and since I have internet already I won?t have to pay the monthly fee. The third lady tells me that you can?t even get Microcells over the phone you have to go into the stores. These are also all phone calls which were dropped, hard to hear and relatively rude.

    So I decide to wait for the manager of the store to call me back first thing the next day like I was promised. Was I surprised when he didn?t call? Honestly, I was a little. Why? I couldn?t even tell you.

    The next afternoon I drive back over to the local friendly ATT store and as soon as I march in (in the prettiest shade of fuchsia I might add), the representative who had told me a manager will call me, sees me, leaves the person he is talking to and goes into the back to get the manager. The manager Mike, who I am now on a first name basis with comes out and apologizes for not calling me. There was a miscommunication, he tells the representatives to say he will call in 48 hours. Also he called and tried to fix my account and there is nothing he can do for the internet. I explain to him that I won?t be keeping the service; I will be canceling it in the first 30 days as well as canceling my phone if things don?t get fixed now.

    As for the Microcell he can?t give one away but he will put $150 on my cell phone account to make up for it. Even if I don?t buy one ?ATT at least owes me this much?. Also since he can?t fix the internet service he will personally add the difference to my cell phone bill each month (as long as I send him an email). He is personally taking responsibility and will help as much as he can. (I do have to say that out of everything; at least he actually tried to help). Thank you for your help Mike, and here is my advice to you? Bail out of this sinking ship before you are completely consumed by this horrible company.

    Since I still wanted my internet account fixed and the $100 I was promised for buying an $85 modem, I called back again. After another hour and 6 transfers I was finally able to find someone who told me ?my account should be all set?. Meaning when my bill generates on the first of October it should be $14.95. Am I hopeful? No?.I?m learning. But what about my $100? Well we don?t give the $14.95 deal with the $100, (so basically I?m lying). ?The only thing we can do is listen to the (so called) recorded calls?. Actually, that is a great idea, I don?t know why I didn?t think of that, I would love for you to listen to all of these calls, and then I want everything I was promised. I was quickly transferred to a manager who told me she would send me a $75 gift card (that?s the most they can give according to her). Uh, no I don?t think so, that doesn?t even cover the cost of the modem. ?Oh and I can send you a $25 gift card too?. ?All I have to do is sign online to my account and accept the offers and I have to do it within 30 days?. Great, thanks. I will do that right after I get of the phone. ?Ok, I?m glad I could help?*click*?.

    So I sign online to my account and son of a ***** I can?t accept the offers until I get my first bill after the 30 days.

    That brings us to 2 days ago. I received a text message from ATT asking me about my recent service with Mike. On a scale of 1-5 how was my experience with Mike? I gave him a 4, he did the best that he could with the crappy company he works for. And on a scale of 1-5 would I recommend anyone to use ATT. That got a -10. Then I received another text asking to explain why I gave ATT a -10. I explained as best I could through a text why I wished ATT would rot in hell.

    Within a few hours I received a call from Kalamazoo, Mi. It was a regional representative from ATT, Andrea, and she left me a voicemail that she was very concerned about my issue and wanted to try and help (she had to leave a voicemail because my phone never actually rang, weird, I know right?) She was so concerned that when I called her back and left a voicemail, then called back 2 more times that she still hasn?t returned my call.

    That leads me to this letter/warning to the general public/venting session. I literally do not know what else to do. I will be posting this on every website I can find including but not limited to Craigslist (many different cities) Facebook (millions are connected), Twitter (I don?t have an account but will be making one for this), and any blog I can find. I will also be trying to contact the better business bureau, (I really am that desperate for help) even though I?m not even sure what they are.

    So if anyone has any suggestions or would like to vent along with me feel free. If somehow this makes it to someone high up in ATT, I really hope you can take this and learn something about your company (and I honestly hope it is too late by then, and I?m not a very negative person, so that means a lot). Mostly though, I want to keep people from getting sucked into the enormous web of lies, deception, rip offs and crappy customer service that makes up ATT. Trust me you will be much better off getting an IPod touch and actually having a cell phone that works, save hours of your life on the phone with ATT, and paying less that $220 a month for service that you may or may not receive, depending on the trees around you, the way the ducks are flying and the amount of Iron in your dirt.

    Long live Verizon and Sprint

  153. andrea Says:

    We relocated from Chicago to Pueblo, CO. A few weeks after arriving we changed our phones to a CO area code as well as upgrading the account by adding internet service etc. AT the time we were at the store, the sales representative stated that by upgrading our account we were eligible to upgrade our phones as well. As we could not decide upon a new phone we decided to return later. While we did, we were then told that we were not eligible to do this until Oct. 3rd, this was by another sales representative as the first one was gone for the day. The next day we called and spoke to the young man who had taken care of us the day before, and said that we were not eligible until Nov. 3rd 2010. This would not have been a big deal had we been told during our first trip to the At&t store, yet we feel as though we were taken for idiots plus it does appear as though the AT&t representatives from Pueblo CO have absolutely no idea what it is they are doing. We will wait until Nov 3rd or Oct 3rd, we still are not sure, and do it ourselves online without the help of a live person, as they do not know their job. They should either be retrained or given a verbal or written notice regarding their ignorance and poor and much to be desired service customer care.

  154. andrea Says:

    well, after reading more of these reviews, my husband and I have decided to terminate our current contract regardless of the cost and take
    our business to Verizon! good luck with this pathetic excuse of a phone company!

  155. logan in seattle Says:

    AT&T sucks so sbad I have had them for almost 2 long misarble years and cant wait for my contract to end If not for the IPhone they would be tits up bynow

  156. logan in seattle Says:

    AT&T sucks so bad I have had them for almost 2 long misarble years and cant wait for my contract to end If not for the IPhone they would be tits up bynow

  157. Beaulieu Says:


  158. kat Says:

    The only good thing about ATT is the choice of phones. Otherwise, the customer service is terrible, the billing and payments is confusing, and there are so many hidden charges you wouldnt believe. I was with ATT for about 6 years and the quality has just gone downhill. No reception, surprising bill every month, and insane termination fee. There was even a news article about a woman being charged $900 for termination. The news had to call ATT and tell them to fix it.

  159. Abhijan Says:

    STAY AWAY FROM AT&T!! It has by far the worst service in the country. Ridiculous termination fees, defective phones, spotty coverage, dropped calls, hidden charges and billing are the key issues. The phone that I chose began heating up after a few months of use. I got it replaced and the second one had the same heating problem. It became so hot that I thought it would eventually catch fire. I called to terminate the contract and they asked for a huge termination fee saying that this is because I got the handset at a discounted price from them. Discounted price for a faulty phone(or should I say- a piece of brick!!) I guess that is how ATT is clearing off its inventory. After being for ATT for 4 years, I have finally decided to switch. I was charged $130 for early termination. Lesson learnt!! I am absolutely positive that I will never give them my business again.

  160. Tim Logan Says:

    AT&T’s 3G service is really bad in the Cincinnati, Ohio/Northern Kentucky area. Do not go with their service, whatever you do. I am constantly getting dropped calls on my 3rd NEW, that’s right 3rd iphone. The first two were defective pieces of junk sold to me by the local AT&T store. The voice quality when I try to make a call is atrocious, there is constantly crackling and static in the line, and the voice sounds garbled. There are many areas in the city where coverage is spotty at best, half the time I don’t receive voice or text messages until hours later and sometimes not until the next day. If you want to check your e-mail or the web from your phone, forget it. It’s very very slow. It’s pathetic-I’m paying $100+ per month for horrible service like this. Customer service does not care, they just put in a trouble ticket, which means nothing. When are the 3G problems going to be fixed in Cincinnati? I would gladly pay the termination fee to not have their poor service anymore. Get with it AT&T and FIX your problems.

  161. jvph Says:

    AT&T is horrible! Im so mad!!! Never have signals always drops my phone calls doesn’t send through my text messages (have to resend it most of the time twice)
    Im going to switch to T-mobile because my Iphone is being useless with AT&T…. what a waste of money!!! I expected way more for the money I pay for them….

  162. Smarter than you Says:

    Why would anyone want to switch to a carrier with less coverage? AT&T has the most voice coverage in the USA. Little Red and The No Network cover substantially less area. If you’re having any call quality problems on AT&T (inside their coverage area) rest assured it’s your phone and not the network. While T-Mobile may have the fastest 3G data speeds in the USA their voice network is by far the smallest. If you can’t get better coverage with Verizon and Sprint (in terms of network size) then you certainly will get very crappy coverage with T-Mobile.

    Keep in mind that no network from any carrier will cover you everywhere.

  163. Yoanna Says:

    Even if you cancel they will keep billing you, after they say that you don’t owe them anything. Customer service is very rude and how should I say, not very bright. If you want to pay for services NOT provided ATT is the best way to go.

  164. kmds Says:

    I have had DSL with AT%T for over a year now. I have spent and average of 2 hrs. per month in the store fixing my bill. It was supposed to be $19.95 and every month I get charged some random amount over $19.95. I get a different story from every customer service rep. and the insistence that the problem is solved. NOW for 2 months we are getting 2 different bills for the same service. One says we are owed a credit and the other says we owe $28.00. They have 2 different account #s and the one that says we owe money is in the system, but doesn’t match any of their account numbers. It has the letter “A” in it and they told us at the store today that there are no accounts with letters in them. What the hell? And while I live in Michigan the second account has Missouri as the state. Who do I complain to about this? We had thought about switching our phones to them, but I will NEVER, NEVER be that stupid.

  165. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil Says:

    […] Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon […]

  166. notafan Says:

    Besides poor service, dropped calls and rude service and sales people my biggest beef with AT&T is that when I “upgraded” to the iPhone they lost 2/3 of my address book in the transition. Replacing dozens of cell phone numbers has been an inordinate hassle not to mention embarrassment when texts come in from old friends I can no longer recognize. Who remembers phone numbers anymore. The most they could offer for my agony was a shrug of the shoulders and an “oh well.” My advice: write down every single number in your address book if you are contemplating an AT&T switch or upgrade.

  167. Steven E. Collins Says:

    I think it sucks that everybody in the world complains about their cell phone. I searched for market research to find a bunch of babbling whinney child like adults. Its simple, if you’re not satisfied cancel service. Thats what a trial period is for. Termination fees are a given if youve agreed to a contract and passed the trial period. Stop complaining and deal with it. BBB is always available for more serious complaints

  168. stevenecollinsisadouche Says:

    I think it sucks you are whining about people voicing their true opinions about AT&T Wireless and their very poor service. Do you like paying $100+ per month for unreliable wireless service? I think not. Plus, when you are locked into a 2 year contract, who wants to pay 350 dollars to cancel? I am definitely cancelling as soon as my contract is over. BBB is available for these complaints about AT&T too.

  169. Shanhui Says:

    I registered for At&t online for phone and internet service on Feburary, the first month bill was 40 something, then it raised $59 after that, this month they sent me a bill of $79.41 with no explanation. I didn’t add any serices since then, my home phone can only reach to calls within five miles. just in 8 months, they almost doubled the price without any explanation!

  170. Shanhui Says:

    I almost switched my cell phone service to At&t, I am glad I didn’t!

  171. Shystered Says:

    AT&T is one of the biggest bunch of crooks ever. We have 2 iphones on a 4 phone account. when we swapped out a phone for the second iphone we were told it would be 10 bucks a month for the second iphone data plan because we already had 1 iphone. 11 months later we are still getting charged 30 bucks a month for each iphone data plan. we waited to pay our bill until we could call about it, but the turned off the phones, the bill wasn’t even 2 weeks past due, it’s been 2 months behind and not been turned off in the past when i lost my job. we started paying it sooner and sooner until we got it caught up so then they started turning the phones off earlier each billing cycle just chince us out of the reconnect fee, last month it was 10 days late when they turned it off. I still don’t have the $180.00 of overages on the iphone which would have prevented it from even being due for another month. Verizon is the way to go, I had CINGULAR, then AT&T bought them so it’s now shyster central.

  172. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Biz Mobile Says:

    […] Gib &#1110&#1109 a writer f&#959r Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews &#1072n&#1281 Verizon […]

  173. Momx4 Says:

    We have had AT&T for 9 months now. We have 3 I-phones and a family plan which was started in an AT&T corp. store in RI. The customer service we received has been excellent from the beginning; my bill has been correct including discounts we are eligible for, and all 3 of us love the I-Phones (we are using the 3gs, 16 gb). I do have one son that calls and the call drops 2-3 times weekly; however it is because of his phone not mine (according to him; he has this problem with other calls he makes). He has Verizon.
    We formerly were with Verizon for 12 years. I have watched their service and support decline over the past 2 years enough so that I wanted to try someone else. We went into the AT&T venture with the 30-day return in mind, but as I said, we have been extremely well satisfied all around.
    Atleast, if you are in the Northeast area, and are thinking of trying AT&T, I would definitely suggest giving it a chance. You do have 30 days to try the phones in the areas you travel to.
    And, the I-Phone is awesome. We spent 100s of $ buying ringtones and wallpapers and games from Verizon for years. I can’t believe the amount of free apps available for the I-Phones. Anything you could possibly want has a free app !!

  174. Debbie Says:

    Crap. I really wanted to get an iPhone. Good thing I read this very long list of reviews from dissatisfied AT&T customers first. Guess I’ll stick with Verizon, even though they don’t have a phone that I want right now.

  175. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide Says:

    […] blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion going through AT&T review is important […]

  176. pojul Says:

    I detest At&T. We keep having problem with our DSL connection and when I call them, it takes them about 30minutes to figure out what is wrong, most times I have to tell them what is supposed to be done. The worst one they did was when I uncle traveled and they disconnected the internet, he came back and paid for it to be put back on (tuesday), we waited and waited, saturday I called them and after a series of transfer calls, I was told the people responsible for reconnection are closed on the weekends. I called again on monday, after 45 minutes, I was connected to the right department; after begging them please to do something, they promised to expedite our re-connection, and even took my number to call me back ASAP to let me know what is going on, they never did….I called again tuesday, spoke with someone who doesn’t know what is going on, I had to start explaining what has been happening, it’s not fair that we paid for a service we are not getting, I hung up the phone after being frustrated again. They finally connected it on wednesday, making it 8 days exactly after payment.
    Whenever you call, they take your number to call you back if disconnected, I always give them my call back number and Have never been called back, NEVER. I was disconnected twice one time and was never called back. I think they are very lousy and don’t care about customers, they always apologize for any problems you have, but never do anything to fix it, except when they want to sell you something new.
    they actually transferred me to some department of theirs that said I have to purchase something before they can help me.
    Bottom line, they are just CRAP! I am so disappointed in AT&T.

  177. Angry customer Says:

    DO NOT get AT&T! They are trying to make me pay an internet cancellation fee when I never cancelled my internet. I called them back in July to cancel my home phone service because my husband and I never used it. The representative told me that she was going to cancel my entire account and set me up a new internet account. She never once told me that in doing so I would have to pay a early cancelation fee for my internet.
    A few weeks later I get a bill in the mail for the remainder of my term and to my surprise I see a internet cancellation fee of $141. I called AT&T and put it under dispute. A month later I get another bill for the same amount. I call them and they say that it is still under dispute and to disregard the bill. I never heard from them after that, until today when I get a phone call from the creditors telling me that I owe $141. I never received an outcome on the dispute. AT&T never contacted me to tell me that they were sending this to the creditors. All I can say is that I definitely will not be renewing my internet with them. I want nothing to do with them. As Pojul says, they are just CRAP! And T I too am very disappointed.

  178. Another Angry Customer Says:

    I agree with Angry customer too. AT&T Wireless is just horrible in so many ways-wireless service, customer service, technology, errors, etc. I travel in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for business (pharmaceutical rep) and their 3G service here is really bad. You can’t make a phone call that is actually clear-you always hear static, interference and crackling in the line. About half of my calls are always dropped no matter where I am in the city, coverage is spotty in many areas, there are many times I don’t receive voice or text messages for several hours, and the 3G network is constantly going down. Calling customer service is a waste of time, and they never fix the problems. Avoid them at all costs, you will have nothing but problems.

  179. wallo Says:

    TERRIBLE, finally I switched my daughter to US Cellular, she’s very happy, and found out that I was correct telling her to switch a long time ago. AT&T NO MORE. Still I am waiting to complete my son’s contract and I cannot wait until I switch him over with us. Myself, I have never thought in my life to deal with that stupid co. ATT.

  180. andrea Says:

    AT&T has the worst customer service. I purchase an IPhone 4 and insurance, the phone was lost. All at&t can say is sorry nothing we can do. The insurance was paid for at the store and an at&t customer service representative downloaded the app for insurance and even helped file for the insurance. I cancelled my service after being a customer for 7 years with 3 phone lines.

  181. Raushan Says:

    People be careful!!! This company is not just a bed service, they robbers and lairs!!!! I was overcharged several times. My first overcharged bill was on amount of 500$, next 700$ and finally it was 3000$ bill! First two was accidental internet usage as they explained me latter. Then the internet was blocked by my own request. But it didn’t help and I received another shocking bill. It took them 2 month to reveal their unclear answer, which was international calls I’ve never made of course. I asked for service disconnection and they shocking me again by saying that I am not an authorized person to do so! I had a 3-4 month battle with them trying to prove that I am a person who signed a contract, but they kept insist on that their system shows another name and phone number and only that person can call and request a service disconnection. This situation was a stupidest in my life! Finally, I called I told them that I lost my phone, this was the only way to get rid of them.

  182. Wake up call Says:

    I have been with att for 8 years, ask to change the phone number, nooooooo problem no charge.
    Then i get a bill for 10.00 more a month. I ask why, they say we didnt charge your phone we charged you plan, so we didnt charge you more. Duh! wheres the money going to come from, they said you. Ok so I am being charged. Well ya its only 10 dollars. Stay away from att. So many lies they dont remember what they say.

  183. Terry Robinson Says:

    AT&T bought out all of my older phone companies. That’s how I ended up with this incompetent company to begin with. When AT&T took over, I started having bad service, dropped calls often (more than half of all calls I made), and my bills went up. I bought a new cell after my old one was damaged. I paid for the new cellphone in full at the store. Kept my same plan. They charged me 19.99 on my next bill because I bought a new phone. I tried to cancel my AT&T home phone because it wasn’t needed. It took hours on the phone because their customer service has so many automated computers it is almost impossible to talk to a person. They accidentally canceled my internet service instead of my home phone. I’ve had it. I went with Verizon for my cellphone and Comcast for my internet. I canceled everything I had with AT&T. AT&T has called repeatedly wanting to know why I canceled their service. I have told them not to contact me again several times but they keep calling. No one should EVER use this company for anything. I have looked up my local laws. The next time I get a call from them, I plan to sue them for Harassing Communications.

  184. I HATE AT&T Says:


  185. David Rodriguez Says:

    The worst company in terms of customer satisfaction, they are horrible, blood-suckers and a deceiving company, no reliable, and all the time they try to charge you for everything or twist your arm forcing a service that you are not interested attaching that service to others to force you to buy that BS, shame on you AT&T I am one of the ATT haters

  186. Andy Ong Says:

    AT&T SUCK!!! all I can said!!
    Be careful when you travel international, AT&T wouldn’t notice you how much, even you pick up the call aboard, you will come back and end with 1K bill….damn….

  187. 1moretime Says:

    Don’t ever buy another atnt product…You have been warned!!!!!!

  188. Rachael Says:

    AT&T is the absolute worst cell phone company out there. After many problems with this company I decided to cancel service even with the hefty cancellation fee. So I went to verizon and 2 months later recieved a notice that my debt to At&T went to collections. Except AT&T never sent me a bill!Every time I called each representative tells me something different then the last. Worst customer service ever I would never recommend them to anyone. I cant even begin to tell how many times I had to call due to overcharges among other annoying issues. DON’T COMMIT TO AT&T unless you like unecessary hassles and wasting your money

  189. Dave Says:

    Was gonna leave Verizon after 10 years of service, because I don’t really like the phones they are offering. But, I will stay with them after reading all the bad reviews about AT&T……thanks everyone for the warnings!!!!!

  190. EMPLOYEE OF ATT Says:

    I work at an call center for ATT. I know exactly what you guys are talking about. We are trained to sell items to get your money. I DO NOT. This may cost me my job but I have had enough of people cussing at me over problems with the company. I personally do not have any AT&T service. I am currently looking for another job so I do not have to keep lying to people. I tell the truth to them and it has gotten me in trouble more than once. I am sorry that you people are mad but just remember that it is not the person on the phones fault, just the way they are taught. WE r reading a script. PLEASE do not get mad at us.

  191. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil « Isra cafe Articles Says:

    […] Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon […]

  192. Tania Says:

    I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one with issues. Cingular had great service then when it switch to ATT, it seems the service it worse and worse. I have to attempt to send out text messages atleast 4 or 5 times before it goes through. I recieve text messaged a day late. I need to call someone atleast 3 times before the call actually goes through. To make matters worse my hosue is supposedly between two towers and I get no service in my own home. The phones keep breaking so we are stuck in renewing our contract contstanly… well no more! We are waiting until our contract runs out and going with another company.

  193. True Dat Says:

    I have to agree with you all. I WAS with ATT before Cingular bought them. I had lots of dropped calls. Then one day, without warning, I had no service at all. I had called to find out why and I was told that they had changed carriers in my area. OK. A month later I receives a bill for $1800 dollars from them. I called them back up to find out why. They told me it was for ETF fee on my 5 lines. I said WTF. I never canceled the service that they did. They told me too bad and I would have to pay it. I told them that they would have to take me to court and that THEY broke the contract and that I did not have to pay the ETF. They told me that I would be sent to collections and my wages would be garnished. I told they to try it. A month later I, received a letter from an attorney saying they had turned my case over to them. I also had an attorney that had reviewed the issue. After only 2 months of this, I never had to pay the bill and I received an apology letter from ATT. Also I was told that I could have 1 years worth of service at no cost on the plan I was on. S@#T! Do you think I went back. HELL no. I WENT and signed up for ALLTEL (Now Verizon) and have not had any trouble with them at all. Even during the transition over to Verizon. I received a letter from them saying that my service may be interrupted for a day during the transition but I would be credited for a whole weeks worth of service for the inconvenience. WOW. Would AT&T ever do that for anyone. All they would do is “say what, if you give us more of you money, we might be able to do something”. That’s messed up. If AT&T would spend mare money on there system to get better coverage and less on stupid commercials, then they may be a force to be reckoned with. I DO NOT SEE THAT ANY TIME SOON!!!

  194. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide | Online Products Marketplace Says:

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  195. Royce Says:

    After buying three cell phones from att I connected my home wireless to the iphone without any trouble. The other two htc phones would not connect though.

    Called att service and spent 30 min. trying to explain what I said above.

    I Was then told to remove the non-removable battery (the screw slots are shaped like the letter Y).After more time was wasted I was then told the problem was with my data provider, so go call fios. I then pointed out that the iphone connected so it is not a problem with the data service. Now almost 2 hrs later and one disconnect later they are sending me to htc phone support. I will try again tomarrow and if I don’t have success I will return all phones and drop this lousy att service.

  196. Agree With you all Says:

    I live in a pretty small town with only about 50,000 people. We are a big college town though. We do not even have 3G coverage in our area. Ther is another town that is even small than we are that HAS 3g coverage. I think it is messed up when AT&T say they have the most coverage in the area. That is truley a lie. You have to live in a big city (New York, LA, Dallas) in order to get this type of coverage. Also, when you do go to these areas, they coverage is very week and can not support the traffic that goes over it every day. I think verizon needs to buy AT&T and put a stop to AT&T. It would be better for everyone and also cheaper.

  197. sandie Says:

    don’t even get me started on their “customer support” – unbelievably horrible! I have been a customer since the inception on cell phones and have always had good/exceptional support whenever I’ve called. Just got screwed on their cyber Monday “deal” and have spent over 600 minutes (that I have been charged for!) with ATT customer support trying to get this cleaned up. Unreal! The second I can switch to Verizon without penalty I will be! ATT just lost a very loyal customer b/c of their lack of service (and English speaking reps!)

  198. ATT Wireless Blog » Blog Archive » AT&T review- A Perfect Guide Says:

    […] who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion going through AT&T review is important because AT&T reviews provide all essential info to the prospective […]

  199. Martha Says:

    I am having a horrible experience with AT&T for more than a month. The bottom line is that AT&T Communication department don’t solve my bill payments soon nor follow up with this matter immediately. I had to send them my billpayer document 3 times by FAX and yet they told me that they have not gotten it. I even requested for a manager to talk with me but his attitude sucks. I am considering not to continue with their contract ever. Thanks!

  200. Bob Glover Says:

    My iPhone is great for E-mail, text messaging and finding Internet sites and absolutely useless for making phone calls. I am no longer able to complete a phone call from my home, my office or on the street. Voicemail is unavailable and AT&T’s level of customer service professionalism is unacceptable. I am seriously considering dropping my plan, buying a new smart phone and going to another carrier. I guess AT&T has more business than they need and have become unresponsive to their customers. I suppose that when I start to make my payments into an attorney’s escrow account until they solve my problems they might become somewhat more attentive.

  201. tru Says:


  202. cari Says:

    WORSE WORSE COMPANY…over expensive.,.I called at&t to cancel my service because the bill was coming too high for all the extra charges they add. but they connected me to a representative who convinced me to stay. So he told me I would have a lower money plan with 700 minutes but it would leave the rollover minutes and my A-LIST that I already had. So I accepted since with the A-list I could talk with 5 people whenever I want without spending my minutes and the 700 minutes would have been for any extra and rare call that I needed to make. So after a month passed, my next bill was super high ($240.00. Then I called att to ask why was it so high and they said that I went over my minutes. I asked how come? I have my A-LIST and those are the only 5 people that I talked for that month. To my surprise they told me that I did not have any A-LIST. I explained to them that the other representative had assured me that I would have my A-LIST, but they said they couldnt do anything about it. I guess the representative just wanted me to stay with at&t and lied to me about my A-LIST. So I ended up pay a total of $905.00 for cancelling my two lines. Oh yea their cancelling fee is the higher of all…290 per line….Think twice dont go to at&t ever….

  203. John Day Says:

    After reading all of the early-termination fee issues with AT&T, I have to heartily agree. AT&T has the worst customer care philosophy of ANY company on the planet. We moved to the other side of town and had no bars. We called AT&T initially and spoke with “Kimberly Newsome” who said she was looking at a service map and saw that we had no service and couldn’t really see a reason why we shouldn’t be able to terminate free of charge.

    When we tried to terminate two days later, Jennifer Fuller (one of their so-called “managers”, i.e., good typist, lousy customer service rep) told us we would have to pay $475 in fees. I kept her on the phone for 54 minutes just to annoy her (they aren’t allowed to hang up on you). LOL

  204. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide | Says:

    […] who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion going through AT&T review is important because AT&T reviews provide all essential info to the prospective […]

  205. Lindsey Says:

    I really like AT&T! When I’m out in the middle of absolutely nowhere I still get signals. Also, I was hanging out with friends who had Verizon and they couldn’t send text messages as easily as I could since they were in a building.

    The phones are awesome. I bought a Samsung Impression and can’t even begin to tell you what that poor phone goes through. I gallop my horses and the phone flies out of my pocket into the dirt and mud. Survives every time. It hit a wall extremely hard and actually gained a battery charge when I put the phone back together.

    When my first phone did break because of some unknown reason, all I had to to do was call AT&T. No hassle, they sent me my new phone. Great customer service.

    The only thing about it is the price and the easy ability to spend 100’s of dollars a month. You have to be careful. I suggest getting unlimited data plans.

  206. An Angry Member Says:

    All I have to say is AT&T sucks. I get alot of disconnections and my internet is slow. We have even “upgraded” and our connection is still as worse as before. I even tested my connection when no one was on, but me. The results were horrible. My upload speed was .08 Mb/s and my download speed was .35 Mb/s. Hopefully another “upgrade” that my father is doing will fix the problem.

  207. Swetha Vittal Says:

    I had very bad experience with AT&T internet service, I need to inform my all friends circle and their friends and make them aware of my humiliation experience with AT&T. I took the connection only after the sales man told that we will provide you the internet service for $19.95 with free wireless modem after the $100 reward gift, I wish I could record our conversation. but now AT&T have been charging me $57.95 per month , I called your support but they said they will refund the amount next billing cycle , they told me like that twice and both time I asked them reference number. but they denied saying they don’t keep any reference no. for that. Today there was gentleman in AT&T support said you have opted only $100 rewards so you will not get $19.95 offer. But neither had I got $100 gift card nor my rate is $19.95.
    I have been humiliated by may be because of AT&T support guys ignorant. So I was frustrated and cancel the service and they are going to charge for the wireless modem, but I don’t need that modem. They are selling their useless modem product. Please be aware of the AT&T any service. They are the worst customer service I ever come across.
    I don’t even suggest AT&T internet service for my enemies.

  208. ellis Says:

    at&t is totally a joke, its service is worst to none. i am surprised it’s still a surviving company, but it sure will be doomed if nothing changes down the road. this seems also reflect the entire company, look at the problems we are facing…people blame each other, but ultimately its people as a whole create the mass, it’s a shame, and unfortunate! wake up people, wake up at&t…

  209. Kevin Day Says:

    It sounds like AT&T’s Internet service is just as bad as their wireless service. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and the 3G Wireless service here is terrible. There is constantly crackling and interference in every call I make (from my new iphone), the voice frequently sounds garbled, voice calls drop about 50% of the time, many times I get network busy messages, voice mails and text messages sometimes don’t come through for several hours, if at all, their coverage is very spotty here, and the internet is not at 3G speeds, it’s very slow. Avoid AT&T at all costs, their service is poor and you will have nothing but problems here in Ohio.

  210. Min V Says:

    ATT cell customer since the Cingular days. Seems they were pretty good back then. I have the data plan now and using a 3 year old Blackberry Curve. Been pretty dissatisfied with the phone service for a few years now but reluctant to change and lose my number. Last 2 places I’ve lived have been in weak areas. Currently my phone barely works in the house, a little better outside (2-3 bars at best) but goes through periods of heavy dropped calls, regular audio glitches, and occasional connections without sound. Works ok 2 blocks away. ATT says I need to upgrade my Blackberry software but I haven’t been able to. Internet used to work while I was talking on the phone but no longer does. They used to boast about that ability over other providers. Internet is rather slow too, dial up speed and slower. I’m ready to buy a new phone but questioning whether I want to stay with ATT. There has to be something better out there. You’d think they would be great being one of the largest but maybe the whole system is getting maxed out. To their credit the U-verse home package is great but getting pricey.

  211. KG Says:

    Why is it that AT&T NEVER can find your account when you call them!!!! If I’m at work or away from home, I don’t keep my internet bill with me. They can’t search your account by a cell phone number or address like other companies! Then, the customer service reps seem mad at me.

  212. Toya Says:

    I have been with At&T for some serious years with several lines, business and money paid for service. Was satisfied until My “TOUCHY” Touch phone went bad. So when they warrant the phone out, they send you a refurbrished phone. So the refurbrished phone starts freezing also. So I try to handle that raggedy phone, I am now on phone call number six, porly trained rep’s on the phone, hanging up on me with their lack of knowledge. I’m completely upset. So because they are so poor with service, instead of waiving anything to make the exchange more exspense comfortable for the customer, they stick it to me. I also have an account with verizon, so when my contract is up in a couple of months, I will probably take all 3 of my lines on over to verizon, I already have 2 lines with them. Upset in Texas, think twice before going to att.

  213. Chris Says:


  214. ex-costumer Says:

    I am a former AT&T customer. I had service with them for 8 or 9 years. Due to their “bait and switch tactics” and the fact that they charge extra for data (even when you have a data plan) I decided to switch carriers. DID YOU KNOW: AT&T STORES SECURITY CODES FROM YOUR DEBIT CARD AND ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND (IF YOU PAY ONLINE) AND CAN WITHDRAW MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AT ANYTIME. THEY PLEASE I AM NOW WAITING FOR A REFUND OF OVER $300 WHICH WAS WITHDRAWN FROM MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE. UNTIL I CHECKED MY ACCOUNT BALANCE.

  215. Nick Says:

    AT&T is the worst internet service provider in the history of man. This company is a suckfest of incompetence and disorder. A lemonade stand ran by 2 five year old children runs better than this. My problems were the following: I ordered High Speed Elite service online, I was sent the modem and given an activation date, on that date my internet was NOT turned on. I called and asked them what the problem was, they said “Sir, I’m not sure what happened but I will reschedule the activation date for you” They did. A WEEK AFTER IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON!!!! When it did FINALLY come on, I was surprised to see how slow this “Elite” package was, I called them, spent, and I swear to everything in this world on this time amount, 7 HOURS! That’s right, 7 HOURS WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! For them to tell me that Elite wasn’t offered in my area, then how did I end up ordering it and getting it set up online? I don’t know. So they began to tell me that the internet was going to lag until I downgraded due to the fact that I live in an apartment building and couldn’t pull 6mbps, but if I downgrade to 3mbps then I won’t lag at all. So I finally agreed, of course was compensated by not having to pay for the modem and some bills, but I will GLADLY pay the amount they ask IF I GET THE DAMN SERVICE!!! Anyways, continuing the journey, after it was downgraded I find that I cannot play my Xbox at all online without lagging so bad that it affects my K/D (Kill/Death ratio in gamer terms) which means my performance in my games was going downhill quickly due to the crappy internet. I call and spend ANOTHER 3 hours with customer service to find out that they downgraded me to Basic which is 78kmps, which would be the equivalent of 0.78mbps, WITHOUT BEING INFORMED! I call back, mad as hell of course, and then become informed that I live in an area where 6.0mbps and 3.0mbps are no longer offered, when I had it not even a week ago. They promise me that the internet will go back up to 3.0mbps within the next 24 hours, to expect a call and after I receive that call do some things to the modem and it will work. That call came, I did those things, I still have Basic. I call back, they say they cannot provide me with 3.0mbps or 6.0mbps, I talk to Supervisor after Supervisor and still hear the same things. Right now I’m pulling a download speed of 0.70mbps with an upload of 0.54mbps, here’s the kicker. I STILL GET BILLS WITH THE ELITE CHARGE ON THEM!!! AT&T tells me that I”m getting Elite, that is what is on my account, I promise you I’m not.

    This is, without a doubt in my mind, THE WORST company for ANYTHING in the world. I would give them a 0 out of 1,000 for being the dumbasses that they are and also, figured this out recently, by the money they save me by cutting my bills when I have a problem, I spend more than that just talking to customer support on my damn phone. If you have the option to choose AT&T, save some trouble and just choose a gun and 1 bullet.

  216. Mark P Says:

    Stay away from this company!!!
    I tried AT&T out for the 30 day period and after a fair and through comparison I found that it would just not work for my application. The people at the store were understanding and helpful. I was told there should be a final bill sent to me.

    I did not receive a final bill however, I did receive a letter threatening to send the account to a collection agency. I called the number on the letter and inquired WTF I explained that I did not get a final bill and was not paying this amount until I was sent a bill so I could see why I owed the amount they claimed. The letter was sent on 12/14 I had been out of town working, I called them 12/22. I got the replacement bill 12/29. On 01/03 I was on the way to the AT&T store to get them to decrypt the bill and I received a call from Southwest credit attempting to collect for the bill.WTF LESS THAN 30 DAYS AND TO A COLLECTION COMPANY!!! WTF!!

    The lady at SW was very polite and indicated that I was not alone that she had many complaints about the same thing.

    The folks at the store helped me and I did owe a balance which I paid promptly.

    I attempted to call AT&T customer service several times and got put in the phone loop each time and gave up after waiting an unacceptable time. The final time I called I did speak to a real person whom I expressed my thoughts on their handling of the account. I was told that the person whom I was speaking could not explain why it went to collections but if I would care to hold they would transfer me to the person who could help me. AFTER 15 MINUETS ON HOLD I GAVE UP ENOUGH OF MY TIME HAD BEEN WASTED WITH THIS SORRY COMPANY!!!!!

    If AT&T were the only cell company in existence I would go back to the days of a pager and a phone card using a pay phone….
    AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Phillip Says:

    I have had the same service for a few years and was Cingular for a couple years. The customer service did drop dramatically and problems with billing and their absolute theory in charging, meaning that in the past when I had financial issues with the bill I could catch up without extra charges from Cingular but with ATT they make it tougher for me to catch up but charge me in the process without considerations. One instance was being shutoff on Christmas Eve in 2009, unfortunately the only way I found out was when my car broke down halfway through a 24 hour drive. I read the one above about the military issues, it doesn’t matter to most companies if you are, most of my assistance I get is from outside civilian sources that are far more willing to help people than anything that associates itself with helping anyone in the military.

    A friend of mine has their DSL, when they had trouble with it and tried to troubleshoot, ATT wanted to charge 90 dollars for the technician to help with the problem. I never received charges for this from any cable company I had internet service with and the problem was a simple solution from myself with some knowledge of network and computers. It still took me a couple hours to narrow it down and fix it. Point is that they are a highly profitable business that have poor systems in place and customer service is second to their sales. The proof is also from their training process for customer service reps in their land line department. A friend of mine was cutting service off for a gentleman who died and his mother was calling to cut the service. This friend was given counseling for not trying to sell the mother some service on her own personal line. The employees are not to blame as the company’s main purpose is to drive them for sales more than resolve their customer’s problems. So the focus changes and once they cannot get the company required sales quota, they will push the problem off as quickly as possible and move to the next person in order to make their quotas and keep their employment, which does pay better than average for most people.

    The biggest problem with the company is pushing sales more than customer satisfaction, especially in customer retention.

  218. Rose Says:

    We recently switched to att, my husband and son have the iphones but my daughter and I have the att pantech this phone has been problematic it overheats with little use and when menu is pressed it is set on the app center icon which if accidently pressed even for a second you get charged 2 dollars for data access we never used. When I called them to try to fix the problem they told me that they had refunded me twice already and that it was going to be the last time. I asked how can my daughter and I avoid these charges their answer was to upgrade my service (a service we don’t want) or lose the ability to send and receive photos and video. Neither one of those choices are good. I am being forced to pay for a feature we don’t use. Also in my house there are only certain spots where the phone works and we also experience alot of dropped calls. And think we just got att. Can’t they be held legally responsible for this. I have read some of the other reviews and I don’t have it so bad. I feel bad for those who have gotten bad credit score because of att. NOT FAIR!

  219. Ryan Says:

    Stop Right Here! If you are in need of a wireless provider, I suggest not using AT&T. I returned my phone within the 30 day trial period and was billed almost $250.00. When I purchased the phone the salesman said if I was not happy with the service, I could return the phone without being charged for usage. I was charged a $35.00 restock fee, then the bill came. I called customer service with no luck.
    I had the same problem with Sprint, I found out my monthly bill was going to be a great deal more than what the salesman quoted so I returned the phone. The only difference was Sprint did not charge me anything. Sprints service also kicks AT&T’s hind end. With the economy the way it is, STAY AWAY FROM AT&T!

  220. Beth Says:

    I continue to receive bogus charges on my ATT bill. Several months – into a year later and they continue. Never has a representative been able to explain the charges except with a “you must have accidentally gone on the internet without knowing about it.” I’m not an idiot! I, my husband and my daughter, especially months int it, would know if we accessed the internet. I believe every little charge is an extra bonus for ATT. We WILL be finding a new provider!

  221. Raymond Tancredi Says:

    If so many people are totally unhappy with att’s service including myself , why can’t we file some kind of a class action law suit against them and get some kind of satisfaction

  222. Raymond Tancredi Says:

    I have been on the phone with customer service for the past 3 days and they could only tell me that there was a damaged tower in my area. I told them it was a lie because its not only by my house that the calls are being dropped but in numerious areas.
    If anybody on this site is a lawyer can we do anything to help us get out from under att contacts.
    I been with them for 33 days , 3 days over the limit and they wouldn’t let me cancel my contract. I have three phones and they said I need to pay a $315 penalty per phone.

  223. Mazen Says:

    AT&T service and treatment are sucks, I strongly recommend avoiding them.

  224. John Barr Says:

    I really tried to make AT&T work for us. Bought a 2nd home in Montana to be close to our grand children. AT&T was in the process of buying Altel so I thought service would improve and even received a letter from President of AT&T saying they were getting better.

    Still waiting to be able to consistently make a call on AT&T or take the phone off of the charger because it is no longer continuously searching for service. Even bought a Microcell which AT&T now says I can’t use because they don’t have a license in our area. They are promising to install more towers sometime 1Q2011. Time to switch to Verizon as my son did when Altel gave him the option of going with AT&T.

    Time for everyone to write to the FCC and ask them to cancel AT&T’s license for mobile phone service that they aren’t really providing.

  225. tblessed Says:

    I am so so glad I have Verizon!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to go to at&t and they told me I would have to pay a 500 dollar deposit! bulls#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!I keep hearing about how horrible their service is. do yourself a favor and switch to Verizon!!!!!!!!!

  226. Hate at&t Says:

    this is the worst company i have ever delt with i promise that i will tell everyone i come inm contact with that you are better off swallowing a hand full of razorblades

  227. Tungsten Carbide Says:

    ;-` I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ,*-

  228. Ryan Says:

    The Worst! my contract is up in may , but im going to get out now !!!!! it’s worth paying the penalty : )

  229. Melva Says:

    Stay away from AT&T !! You’ll be glad you did !!

    What a rip off!! Made a mistake and signed up for a high cost cell phone internet services advertised @ $14.95/month on Dec 30,2010 at the Gainesville, Ga. store. Took all equipment back before the 30 day limit was over due to:

    1. Cell phone blacked out twice & would NOT turn on no matter what you did or how long you did it. Took it in at the first blackout, and the manager said ‘all you have to do is remove the back, take out the battery, remove the simm card, put it all back together and see, it works OK. He DID NOT offer another phone. He even had trouble getting the back off for starters. We are over 70 years old and I can just imagine trying to call 911 in an emergency and having to do this to get a guaranteed new product functional. I told this manager that this fix wouldn’t fly; that if he was in industry he would be ‘out the door and his equipment would be on the bonepile’. The 2nd time this happened we forgot about AT&T and their services and their manager and took it all in for a refund.

    2. The $14.95 internet service quoted at 700+ kbs never performed over 90 kbps and was usually less. Slower than some dial-up services.

    3. The bill for the $14.95 internet was shown as almost double and that’s what we wound up paying to get rid of this AT&T fiasco.

    4. The only thing they did half-right was refund phone & modem costs minus a $35 restocking fee and questions as to why we were returning the sorry stuff.

    You better believe IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN WITH US AND AT&T. Buyer Bware AT&T

  230. Chrislyn Says:


    AT&T is is advertising a 14.99 and a 19.99 internet service which is a scam. I got the 19.99 service in Sept 2010 and my first bill was almost $85. They did not send the modem and billed me to ship it overnight after waiting for it for over 3 weeks. I called to cancel and return the modem because of the outrageous bill. They claimed that they terminated the service but I am still receiving bills that getting higher and higher every month.

    Just received a bill for $132.00 today Feb 2,2011 for an internet service I never used or activated. The customer representative promised to send me labels to mail the modem since December 10 but never did. I got fed up with waiting for the labels and mailed the modem back to the address on the box it came.

    Their customer service even sulks. They will keep you on hold for over 30 minutes and then transfered me to another rep who kept me on hold for over 25 minutes. After being transfered to about 4 different reps the last one finally told me that my final bill will be $76 after argueing with me about why she is charging me that bill. The irony is “I never used or activated the service”


  231. Matt Says:

    It shocks me to see all the complaints on here. I have had ATT for about 6 months now and have had no problems at all. All of my calls get through and dont drop. I get and receive texts fast. I have 3g or can get wifi almost anywhere I go. I think the only time I had no service was in a basement. My bill has been correct with no problems so far, so I havnt had to deal with customer service.
    I see people complain about the customer service but isnt that typical? I mean if you are calling customer service thats because you have a problem, who ever enjoys having to call them?
    Before ATT i was trying to save money with Virgin mobile pay as you go and I will tell you what, that was a horrible experience.
    ATT is not a bad company.

  232. Wrench Set Says:

    ,,. that seems to be a great topic, i really love it ”-

  233. ATT CSR Says:

    I work for AT&T customer service, and let me tell you, this is the worst job i’ve ever had in my entire life.

    Here’s are some facts for everyone to know. You are graded. What this means, is quite simple. There is a meter on your account, that goes from a scale from 1 to 5. If your meter is at a 1, the CSR’s are told by ATT (which most call centers are not even att call centers) to do our best to not adjust any billing errors. A level 1 means you do not profit the company. In fact, if you are a Level 1, and you are within 12 months of your contract ending, and you don’t have an iphone, then you can get out of your contract with no ETF.

    Secondly, att don’t care about you, the consumer. Sorry. And for all you people that think yelling and screaming is going to get you anywhere, you are dead ass wrong. The nicer you are, the more you get. ATT will give credits and adjustments on your account for damn near anything, just be nice.

    Lastly, if your level is 3 or higher, threaten to cancel. The CSR will transfer you to the Customer Relations team, nickname SAVES. They will bend over backwards to keep you as a customer of ATT. If you are a level 1, don’t even mention the word cancel. The CSR, upon hearing the word cancel, will cancel your service right then and there.

    Good luck everyone. ATT sucks. The don’t care about no one. They will screw you out of your hard earned money every chance they get. Oh ya, one more thing, pay attention to your bills. There is a line on there for Mobile Purchases. Even though you never subscribe to these charges, att will allow these 3rd party companies to charge you, and try their hardest to not cancel the subscriptions, nor refund your charges.

    All in all, keep an eye on your bills. ATT WILL SCREW ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER.

  234. chelsea Says:

    Do not use att. They have terrible coverage and i had to cancel my contract because i didnt get service at my house in the middle of the city and they are still charging me an early termination fee, after being a customer for 5yrs. i am not happy at all. its not my fault that there service is terrible. What am i supposed to do just pay for phone service that I dont get? Rediculas. They will not work with me at all. I DO NOT RECCOMEND THEM TO ANYONE. UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FOR SERVICES THAT YOU DONT GET!!!!!!

  235. Boris Says:

    I have an AT@T GoPhone, and when I refill my account the new Expiration date is set up from the payment date not the old Expiration date. This way I get punished for the earlier payment. The same time AT@T sends me warnings a month before the Expiration date. Such a practice must be changed, customers must not be tied to the certain refill day. As a programmer I do not see any problem with such program modification. Also AT@T does not allow emails from GoPhone clients.

  236. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Cell Cover Says:

    […] Gib is a writer for Verizon comments . Article href = […]

  237. js 15yrcust Says:

    ATT service is miserable…go to the competition FAST
    I have 5 cell phones….and a data plan on my Ipad which is the worst
    Their data group cannot and will not provide any access to view your bill or print a receipt….they just collect the money with auto renewal….THE BEST PART IS YOU CANNOT EVEN FIND THE DATA ACCOUNT….FROM THE ATT HOME PAGE..DOES NOT EXIST…
    The cell phone experience has been even worse….
    I have a $400 cell phone which drops calls…all the time…makes constant duplicate calls…THEIR CUSOTMER SERVICE IS THE PITTS…THEY CANT SOLVE ANYTHING

  238. js 15yrcust Says:


  239. Laurie Says:

    I have had AT&T for 3 years now and haven’t had any of the problems I’m seeing above. For reference, I live in the Seattle area and have a Blackberry Bold. I was previously in the military though, and have service with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile over the past 8 years. I’ve observed that cell phone service call quality is definitely dependent upon where you live. In certain places AT&T had the best reception; in others it was Verizon. Usually whenever I moved to a new place, California, Virginia, Washington, Florida, I would end up having to cancel with whichever company I was currently with and switching to the other technology (GSM to CDMA, or vice versa).
    Right now I have very reliable service with AT&T on my Blackberry, but I’m wanting to get an Android phone. T-Mobile has better pricing for their plans (and what looks like better phones), but after reading reviews on both AT&T and T-Mobile, I’m a bit frozen with fear of ruining the good thing I have now. sigh.

  240. John Says:

    Here’s a completley unbiased review from a former AT&T AND Verizon employee.

    1) To all the people trying to say which company has the better coverage “because their friends’ never get dropped calls” …shut up. Go to Global Wireless Solutions. They did the most recent and accurate network test across the USA with the major 4 carriers. AT&T was shown to have the fastest mobile broadband network, with all phones tested thoroughly under the same conditions. Across the nation, AT&T has the best coverage, the most towers, the most partner coverage by far with GSM, and unlike Verizon’s old CDMA towers, AT&T has UMTS and will have the superior HSPA+. Bottom line: AT&T has better network service overall. But people, it really depends on where you live. Clearly, AT&T has bad coverage in Cincinnati, since 75% of these reviews are from there. And consider this, you’re using a CELLULARIZED PHONE. It will never be as good as a landline. The old cellphones from the 90s were designed to have a stronger signal, however, they emitted a questionably large amount of RF energy.

    As far as contract fees. Verizon gives you 14 days to return a phone. AT&T gives you 30 days. Verizon has a $25 higher termination fee. As far as prices, I used to hear it all the time “How come I pay so much with AT&T, my friend pays $60 with Verizon for EVERYTHING UNLIMITED!” LOL no your friend doesn’t. I worked for both. Their prices are nearly identical for all plans and features, they just present them differently. As far as customer service, I can’t say I have noticed more pissed off customers with one or the other, but I actually got stuff done on my calls, and left my customers happy. So irregardless, of which company, it depends on the representative you’re talking to.

    Although I think cellphones are a joke and I don’t own one, I know that customer service can be hit or miss no matter who you’re calling. I will say this, AT&T gave me a lot more freedom as a customer service rep to make business decisions. In other words, Verizon won’t help a customer out with their bill, even if the customer has been misinformed. With AT&T, if a customer was nice and at least treated me like a human being, I would be happy to do a huge rerate on their bill if it was necessary. And Verizon was all about upselling, upsell, upsell, don’t decrease plans. Whereas with AT&T, every call I’d find a way to give the customer a credit, and save them $20 off their bill, without taking away any features.

    Picture this: Exact same scenario for both companies. Customer has $500 worth of overages on the bill. When I worked for Verizon. I would have to get manager’s approval to tell the customer we could credit HALF, only if they switched to the highest plan. With AT&T, I would instantly do a rerate, so the customer only has to pay the difference between the necessary plan. So, let’s say they needed the unlimited plan, which is $20 more. I would credit $480 back instantly, charge them $20 to make it seem as if they had the unlimited plan, and I would do this in 5 minutes (maybe 10 if the customer won’t shut up and just let me explain how easy this is to fix),and I would do this all without having to ask anyone

    Conversely…Verizon may have fired me for even suggesting something like that to help a customer out on the bill.

    In conclusion, people need to stop being so dependent on their cellphones. One might argue, “well cellphones are necessary for emergencies”. Actually, according to statscanada, cellphones have spiked motorvehicle accidents, which is why talking on your cellphone and driving is illegal in Ontario, Canada, where I live. Also, some scientific groups believe the increased cellular band has interfered with the frequency on which bees communicate; subsequently declining their population immensely.

    If you wanna pay big money for a gameboy that can make calls, get a cellphone. Remember this the next time you call a customer service rep from ANY company. You are complaining about a CELLPHONE. It’s going to drop calls in your house. It will never be as superior as a landline. You can easily survive without it, and the person on the other end will be more excited to actually help you if you at least don’t start off the convo by yelling and taking it personally against them. When I used to work customer service it wasn’t easy. Even though I got the customer satisfied on every call, I was alot more eager to work with the nice ones. If you go on the phone and start screaming at a representative they’re more likely not going to bend over to help you. I know this from 5 years customer service experience.

  241. H Says:

    At this moment i feel so strongly about leaving AT&T i don’t care as much about the termination fees right now. I just want to have an uninterrupted conversation with the folks or girlfriend without “call failed” popping up on my screen and having to redial!!! That’s all I’m asking.

    Although may not care right now about the termination fees, I want to come back with a vengeance to get every penny back that i paid the AT&T usurper. Having said that, let me know if someone is putting something together to go after AT&T. Would be happy to join. Paying approx 150-180 dollars a month to those D-bags. Termination fee and just regular calling fees are unreal for the very poor quality services I’m getting on my phone. Verizon here I come.

  242. Jackie MD Says:

    I have only been an AT&T customer for a few months. I have been a CSR for a Bio-Rsch / Bio-Therapeutic Co for over 16 yrs and our customers are always right. Not with AT&T.
    I on my 3rd phone. When I send a group email only the 1st person on the list actually gets the email. Sad thing is every text says sent never have I received an error.
    Now that I have my 3rd replacement and getting no where with AT&T I decided to contact Pantech directly. After trouble shooting again they informed me this is a network issue not a phone issue. I WANT OUT OF MY CONTRACT.
    I contacted AT&T again and no one can help me. I ended up at the Savings dept. (I guess I am higher than a 3, Lucky me). After over an hour on the phone and learning they will not cancel my contract because (get this) they do not Guarantee Connectivity. Apparently that is in the contract. What crap! The Rep then offered me a diff model phone at n/c to see if that solves the problem. We all know it wont. I have already decided that I will call every week for a new phone or replacement until the cancel my contract. If not I will get pleasure in knowing I am costing them extra money in shipping for the P1 replacements and my return every week. Since my husband and son do not get the messages when I have them in a group, I think they need replacements also?

  243. NORM Says:


  244. Sherry Says:

    I’m currently a customer with AT&T. Listed are some of the “services” AT&T provides me: dropped calls, no service, overbilling, scripted answers, etc. Oh wait! I can’t forget theives and here’s why:

    AT&T withdrew money from my bank account, after receiving my payment, resulting in a double payment. This has happened twice. AT&T acknowledges their “error” but requests that I fax a copy of my bank statement, showing the transaction, before they refund my money.

    I pacified AT&T both times by faxing a copy of my bank statement however, I was told “It may take up to 10 days before receiving a refund.”

    In all fairness to AT&T, I must give “credit” where “credit” is due…AT&T is quick when it comes to taking payments. So quick, they do it twice.

    As I’m waiting the “10 days” for my refund, AT&T representatives have been generously offering me different plans to “better my service and save me money.”

    After paying the amount of money I pay each month for the horrible service AT&T has provided me, my reply to this “generous offer” is, **** OFF AT&T!

  245. Sir Says:

    I’m with T-mobile. Wanted to get a paysaber and use a Iphone 3gs- no way not with ATT thanks guys!

  246. LP Says:

    AT&T has the worst customer service. Three incidents: had a issue, requested a manager, put into a looping, “Someone will be with you in a moment, please stay on the line” for severl minutes; when I received a request for confidential information to be mailed after just supplying it online, when I asked to file a complaint, I was again placed in the looping queue, stayed on the line just to see how long, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm; had an issue with the online site which looped from home line to cell phone which kept me from getting into my account for the home line. Call Customer Service to report the problem, within 90 minutes I was transferred to nine… that’s 9 people. All very cheerful, but apparently only trained on how to transfer people. I have since heard it’s happened to four other friends. They need to fire those who are in charge of customer service, it’s blemish to their name and reputation.

  247. Mrs. Smith Says:

    I really,really, really liked AT&T. Customer Service Was Great…But The Phone Service Was NOT!! If AT&T could get better service like Verizon..I would Definitely Switch Back because Verizon Is such a RIP OFF!!!! I got More Minutes Better Phones For A Cheaper Price….Hope AT&T can Get It Together One Of These Days!!!!

  248. sutheera Says:

    I had been AT&T good customer since 2005 and last 2 years their signal has gone bad. I had to dial 13 times to get through one phone call. I live in New York not on a desert place. I always got bad signal. When I came up from subway there always no signal and it said EMERGENCY CALL only. Now they made me pay for a whole month after I canceled their service. Why do I have to pay for something that I don’t use.

  249. J Sasaki Says:

    AT&T SUCKS!!! When I changed my phone no to Hawaiian one, they gave me NOT LOCAL number. I was told from friends that they were not able to call me from land lines in Waikiki!

    I already run ad as a dive instructor and printed business cards! AT&T said “we will wave your fee if you want to change your number…” Hey, how about my cost to rerun ad,reprint business cards and lost business?? Most of people call me from hotels in Waikiki! I am so mad about them!!

    Everybody in USA, be careful when you get new number from AT&T!! I am steaming…. can you see it??

  250. FrankB Says:

    this pertains to the review written 02.23.2011 by John. Dont trust his review hes my little cousin evan who alwys uses my computer his name is not john. he has never worked in customer service or any job besides for me paying him a couple bucks for chores & he doesn’t even own a cellphone, he has a gophone from a different carrier, and hes never even bought minutes lol I have no idea where he got that idea that he worked for both verizon and att but I know he likes to start arguments on random chat boards cause hes relly wierd? hes always on youtube going to random videos making stuff up to try and get a response. anyways I noticed this cause I went into my browsers history and it was funny cause no, hes never worked any job, let alone for att and verizon, and hes never even ownded a phgone from either company. Just wanted to let you guys know that Johns review is bogus, hes like 17 I dont know where he made that crap up about the two companies, unless he found it online or maybe some heknows some1 at skool or something, but most of his friends dont have jobs either lol!

    .also I was curious about the reviews cause Im thinking about getting a cellphone 😛

  251. mark Says:

    In October I bought a Sony Xperia X10a, based on AT&Ts ad that it had “advanced” Android operating system. The reality was that almost all other Android phones were using at least 2.1. The salesperson at Best Buy assured me that SE was offering an upgrade to 2.1. They did, starting at the end of Oct 2010. The upgrade has been available in Europe, Africa, South America, and Canada. AT&T has blocked the upgrade in the U, they just stopped selling the phone in their stores.. So with AT&T don’t worry about cutting edge technology, you won’t even get third world technology After more than 10 years with Cingular/AT&T, this will be my last contract, A&T is ranked at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys for a reason.

  252. mike Says:

    My 2 cents is that it all depends on the manager of the store you go to and also the state. I live in oregon and had at&t for 3years i decided to try out the droid the phone is great the service is the same as at&t but the sales person screwed up my plan pretty bad and they dont want to correct the problem just beat around the bush every sales rep is paid commision so there gonna do what they can to keep your money not caring if you hate or love there customer service. the other part is you signed a contract so they can be a real a** when it comes to getting a bill paid correct
    I am going back to at&t cause the bill stays the same the service is the same i like the phone they offer and they have better spiffs or you get more for your money worth. 3 months with verizion and 3 times they have overcharged saying next month its gonna be 78.00

  253. bill welch Says:

    been will att before they bought out phones was given to me at last contract signing..1 year warrenty..cant hear nothing..they tell me its the cell phone tower…but my old duck taped razor works gone at next contract renewal..they stink

  254. Ophelia Says:

    at&t is ridiculous..first of all how are you gonna take off the unlimited data plan and make the highest plan you have 2gb for $25 a month.they just know how to rip you off for everything. customer service also sucks.ive never gotten a nice representative. i just dont like at&t anymore.

  255. Bryon Says:

    i love my at&t service but today i called the customer service because my 1yr old son unlocked my phone and connected to the internet and i caught it and then called the 611 to ask them to reverse the internet charges .. the rep did not listen to me and then when i asked for a manger he finally reversed the charges but then gave me a 5 min ass chewing about how i need to keep my phone out of my kid’s reach and to lock my phone so he can’t do this again … IT WAS LOCKED in the first place !!!!!!!

  256. Amanda Says:

    I was promised reward cards and when I called to ask about them I was yelled at because apparently I did not qualify. They never should have yelled at me. I’ve called at least 5 times only to be told the cards would be on their way within 6-8 weeks. Now, 6 months later I just got yelled at for trying to explain the situation. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. It’s always something with AT&T. I can’t believe they’re still in business with how rude their representatives are.

  257. Chavason Says:

    I’ve had AT&T for about 60 days now. If I had the $900 they say it will cost me to terminate the contract I would definitely do it.

  258. Andrea Says:

    Hi, I had a prepaid phone in 2006 because I was in the middle of moving westcoast to eastcoast and need a temporary phone. I recently found out I had a debt with AT&T through my credit report. Turns out even though I prepaid they charged me another month. Something I didnt know would happen. Anyways I tried to find out WHY and what was going on. I was transferred over 10 times and one person was rude… didn’t want to understand WHY I was calling and HUNG UP ON ME. I actually ended up crying in tears (hormones) and called back in tears and finally someone NICE, UNDERSTANDING AND WILLING TO GET DOWN TO WHAT I NEEDED ANSWERED THE PHONE. This woman was a god send out of the 10+ people I talked to she was the only competent person to do her job. While I get her a excellent review think only one out of those people understand and wasn’t outright RUDE. So BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  259. Ron Says:

    I have been a cingular/AT&T customer for over 16 years and today had to finally terminate my relationship with them…They are the MOST uncaring, miserable bunch of people there are in the corportate world..
    After defrauding me a year ago, they agreed to cut my blil in half, after I contacted the public service commission in the state where I lived.
    This month they doubled my bill once again and when i called them and explained, once again, their error, they informed me that they would do nothing about it.
    I then told them I was going to terminate although only half way through the contract. Their reply was, OK..
    The past year with them has been a literal nightmare.
    DO NOT sign a contract with AT&T, unless you have a copy of it and you understand it thouroughly. AND, do no believe anything the sales reps in the local stores tell you, They will say just about anything to make the sale. They sold me a plan that did not exist and then tried to make it sound like it was my error, when I had three in person witnesses..
    Sad they have to resort to such tactics. Where is our wonderful government when we need it to monitor such activities?
    So , I had to pay a termination fee. I am now stuck with two , one year old IPhones and I am back using a flip phone with a competitor. BUT, it is worth it just to get away from AT&T.
    Be forewarned…

  260. mark brown Says:

    AT&T is simply a fraud. When I bought my new Sony Xperia X10 phone, at the beginning of Oct 2010, AT&T was running full page ads (I saved one from my local paper) touting the Xperiaa X10 as having an “advanced” android operating system, despite it really having the already obsolete version 1.6. Now users in Canada, Europe, South America, and Africa have android 2.1 which Sony upgraded for free. Since AT&T can’t make any money from the upgrade (and cares nothing for its customers) it is “testing” the upgrade and obviously intends to “test” it into extinction. Meanwhile users of the Sony Xperia X10 who are blessed by not having AT&T as their service provider will be getting an update to Gingerbread (version 2.3.3) by the end of the year. This is my last contract with AT&T. Is it a surprise that AT&T throws its shareholder money into buying its competitors, since its terrible customer support prevents it from truly competing? Every AT&T X10 user should write his or her Congressperson to block the takeover over of T-Mobile by AT&T. It will just lower the standard of cellular service in this nation. Every AT&T customer who feels that they have received bad service should also write. AT&T will never stop treating their customers with disdain until they are forced to.

  261. Soukanda Says:

    I hate AT&T. I’m switching as soon as my contract ends!!!!!!!!!!!! They are trying to charge me 35.00 to block one single number because of ” sexual harassment” but they don’t care they just want the money. I would go to verizon if anything. AT&T sucks ass and I wish it was still Cingular because that’s when they were good. Horrible service, many dropped calls and horrible customer service!!!

  262. kirti Says:

    AT&T is the worst provider with horrible or in fact no customer service. I have my experience with at&t and what I got is
    1) Dropped calls 16 times in 7 min
    2) No coverage at attraction destinations like NH white mountain areas to an extend that we could not even call customer care
    3) Very slow 3G
    4) They commit something at the begeening like if you go outside USA we will let you go off contract witha companies letter but in case you are leaving you have to beg for it and still no one listens
    5) And god forbid if you have Iphones, they fail to unlock saying they dont have it. My understanding is the person who locks should have unlock code.
    6) Unbelieveably they do not give out any email address of customer service.
    7) Customer care is rude.


  263. bryant turner Says:

    just to get on the web sometimes takes as long as ten mins. i often just give up and try later in the day. if i get get on i have one chance to use the internet then”diagnose problem” comes up and i have to close down completly and start over.if this problem continues till month end-i am going to change my service-internet and phone. by the way-i’ve been a customer almost 40 years.

  264. jae lee Says:

    The most worst company in the world….
    They have no system to care their customers but they have perfect system to collect the money from customers…
    Don’t ever never have service with this company..all you will get is nothing…
    u-verse, cell phone, internet, phone…all of them sucks…

  265. Todd Says:

    AT&T wireless internet (3G) sucks big time! When it works at all it’s undependable. I have spent hours just to be able to be logged on long enough to click the “send” button on a text e-mail. Naturally I will be doing business with anybody else as soon as possible. AT&T 3G worked fine until last December 2010. Now it couldn’t be worse. Dial up is an improvement!

  266. Rock Says:

    AT&T service is horrible, and when you switch service providers, they WILL try to steal from you. After 3 years of dropped calls and poor coverage with my I-Phone 3G, I went in to see if they could provide me with a Micro-Cell to try and improve my service at home. The sales staff insisted it was the phone and not the service, so I switched to a Droid based Captivate. Needless to say, the coverage was still horrible so 3 days later I reversed the contract and returned the equipment.
    AT&T is now attempting to charge me $400 for something, and they can’t even tell me for what. One rep says I didn’t return the Captivate, another says I never reversed the contract, and yet another tells me it’s for early termination. ALL of those are false.

    BEWARE and watch your billing statements folks!

  267. UNKNOWN Says:


  268. Jennifer Says:

    I am extremely disappointed with at&t. I went to an at&t store (apparently the only friendly encounter, and help, when dealing with at&t employees)to replace my BlackBerry Torch, for a manufacturing error, (one which seems to be common)only to have to speak with two members of the device support center. These two members repeated the same information, which was unhelpful, clearly reading from a script. When I was still having issues they repeated the same unhelpful information, and proceeded to belittle me. They once AGAIN provided yet the same information, spelling it out, with an annoyed tone. As if I were a child and didn’t know how to work a computer; on top of the fact, they were trying to rush the call, to get me off the line-which I was on for over 40 minutes. I understand, I’ve worked in a call center, but never encountered such a lack of knowledge and unwillingness to help. So now I sit here, still, with a broken phone, angry, unhelped and not even one step closer to fixing the problem. Thanks at&t for making my decision an easy one-as soon as I can, I will be leaving your company.

  269. AT&T review- A Perfect Guide · Says:

    […] who has been writing several articles and blogs on hi-tech devices. In his opinion going through AT&T review is important because AT&T reviews provide all essential info to the prospective […]

  270. Fizzle Says:

    My husband and i have had AT&T for more than 5yrs. We got the iphone 3G when it came out. We started having dropped calls and we initially thought it was the phone but when the iphone 4G came out we couldn’t resist it. We renewed our contract 1month before Verizon announced their release of the iphone 4G. We were very upset but we were already stuck with AT&T since we had renewed our contract 1month before. The only good thing we like about AT&T is that we have an unlimited plan (talk, text and data). We were lucky to get it before they rolled out this new crappy data plans. I’m so sick and tired of AT&T. When people call me they tell me that i didn’t pick up my phone when in fact my phone never rang. When they finally get through to me we talk for 2mins and the call drops. It’s very very frustrating. I don’t understand how i can have 4bars and people still tell me that my voice is going in and out. Their service has become a joke. The annoying thing is that we are stuck for another 2yrs. Unless they do something about their crappy service we are definitely not renewing our contract once it expires. I don’t care about the unlimited plan anymore i just want the service to be worth the high cell phone bill we pay every month.

  271. john hulsey Says:


  272. Andrew Says:

    WORST SERVICE EVER. Rude cusotomer service, non-helpful and dont care a bit about their customers. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. You will regret it.

  273. Ashok Says:

    They just lost 3 customers –
    Worst customer service.. I recently purchased a Motorola FlipOut (crapiest phone ever) from ATT store and I had to replace it within a day with Motorola Atrix because it was dropping the calls very frequently and voice was breaking in every conversation. They charged me restocking fee of $35 despite knowing the fact that Motorola FlipOut has this issue and they went through a lots of returns on this phone. Even worst when I called ATT customer service and explained them to get the refund of $35. They didn?t want to be intervened and wanted me to go back to store and sort this out with the store as they have no control or visibility to the transactions happening in ATT store.

  274. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil | Verizon Wireless Reviews Says:

    […] Gib &#1110&#1109 a writer f&#959r Cell Mobile phone Battles, a web site featuring AT&ampT critiques &#1072n&#1281 Verizon […]

  275. christina Says:

    I really really really dislike AT&t. I get dropped calls ALL THE TIME! Customer service is terrible!!!!!. i dislike this phone carrier so much. Dont transfer to AT&t.

  276. john tratos Says:

    At&t has the worst customer service representatives in the planet! it’s amazing how un-professional this people are, they keep you waiting for hours to solve a simple phone issue! And if that wasn’t enough AT&T’s Customer Service call center are located in San Jose Costa Rica. Great a bunch of people who’s english is incomprehensible and spelling is worst! Come on guys !! do not be fooled by this multi millionaire company. Apart from all this crap , AT&T’s signal in United States is incredibly atrocious and painfully inefficient. Save yourselves a lot of trouble and go with VERIZON , they do know how to get things done !

  277. jordanma Says:

    AT&T is the absolute worst company in the United States. The customer service for this company was unacceptable before I encountered problems with my account and has continued to spiral down ever since. When I first purchased internet service, they sent me to router and it didn’t work. I called to have the maintenance man come out and fix the cables. We set an appointment and he was a no show. I called again… he was a no show again. I ended up calling seven times before I finally received a visit from a technician. To my surprise, he had to schedule another type of technician to fix the problem. Upon arrival of my first bill, I was STILL unable to get an internet connection. Finally, after over a month I was able to log onto the internet. Next…Did you know that if you move across state lines you have to start new service first calling one number, then call another number to cancel the old service. Well… I didn’t. Apparently I had two accounts for quite some time. So one day, I found out I was being billed for the old service address and new service address as well. I call a few times to rationally speak to someone about removing these changes, but they could never find my account. So instead of fighting it, I requested a statement be delivered to me to pay it off. After waiting for weeks, I never received it. I called back to see about a faxed or emailed statement instead. These guys tell me they are unable to email or fax things. I’m sure this was the case in 1994, but in 2011? Doubtful. The next time I called they must have received their first ever fax machine because they offered to fax a statement… until I gave them the area code. No, their fax machine can’t send to Texas. So, to this day, I have not receive the information I’ve requested. I’ve cried on the phone several times because of the extreme frustration. It is a terrible thing when you call customer service and they don’t even have notes on file as to how many times a customer has to call to get one thing accomplished. As a manager at a call center, I have learned from this experience. I tell my employees, “Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and DON’T EVER be like AT&T” For the past year, I’ve told everyone I know to never use AT&T. I took it to Facebook about six months ago and now as I continue to be absolutely disgusted by the repulsive excuse for customer service they deliver, I am now posting this review on every credible review site I know. Thanks for making my life 100X more difficult, AT&T.

  278. cisco Says:

    WOW,didn’t know how many people hated ATT, but now i know they do. To add to their crappy review!
    supposedly the 22nd of this month my 2yr. contract with them expired, so early this month i called to ask them if the bill being payed on the beginning of the month was for last months service or for next month, they said i still had to pay that bill even though my contract expired on the 22nd. So i paid the bill like a nice customer that I am, and on the 22nd, i switched and ported my number to a prepaid service, which is cheaper and better signal, anyways! everything was going great, but today i got an email from att saying my bill is ready to be viewed, i was like, “what? a bill” i didn’t think i had another bill. So i called customer service and asked them and this is what they told me, that in actuality to billing date ends on the 20th and not on the 22nd when my contract expires, so that for those 2 days i had of extra service i had to pay the whole months bill which was of $92, because they don’t prorate the last month of service. Excuse my language but WTF, i asked why they did not tell me this the first time I called so that i didn’t have to pay any extra money! but come on another reason ATT sucks I have to pay a whole months of service for two days I went over my supposed billing cycle even though it was their fault i went over in the first place, i just wish there was something i could do, so now next month i have to pay for their service even though i am not using it, plus have to pay for my new prepaid phones, ATT SUCKS!!!

  279. therealholytrinity Says:

    Oh boy, which planet did att fall from? probably from the same as the US goverment did. you and I know for a fact that ATT SUCKS like a corrupt politician. They have really bad customer relations and should match -up perfectly with TMOBILE if the deal goes thru. I’m currently filling charges against ATT for STEALING from my debit account, cause they could not hold up to there end of agreement.

  280. tony Says:

    Stay far away, and don’t even think about the 2-year plan….

  281. DancingKim Says:

    Howdy, i’m a professional dancer. i want to make a showreel regarding my promotions. I also wish to use some animation. Can someone suggest me the best animation studio, but not really very expensive? I’m here for 3 months for a tour.

  282. Tina Says:

    I absolutely loate AT&T since Centenial was bought out by em. We should have went somewhere else….I got a phone by AT&T, then not even 2 weeks after I got it, it’s case broke. Okay, no big deal, right? Go back to get another? Nope. In a matter of 2 weeks, my phone is already obsolite, where they cant do anything. They dont have it. They wont order it for me. If I want another case, Id have to pay out of my own pocket for it, as well as SEARCH for it on the internet. Only got that lovely bit of info once I went to over 7 locations, each saying the other had it. I even told em to CALL the other stores to make sure so I didnt waste gas. Now Im waiting for my contract to expire before I go somewhere else.

  283. Jen O’Keene Says:

    There is no way to describe how poor the service is… and we live right near a tower. My iPhone drops over 75% of my calls. The internet connection is patchy at best, and slow. I LOATHE that I am stuck in this contract for another year.

  284. Tessa Says:

    I have had AT&T for over a year now and I have had problem after problem. I signed up for unlimited everything which they didn’t set up correctly so my first bill was insane. Do Not use combined billing. I have had issues there. I get duplicate bills and I will call one dept and they claim it’s a repeat and accnts are fine. I call another dept and they say well wireless is getting paid but Internet is not. How that happens in a “combined bill” is beyond me. Then they are rude and can’t find a supervisor to help. When I called to change my address I had to call on five seperate occasions because they weren’t updating my info. My calls get dropped left and right. I’ve even been dropped while spending several hour on the phone with AT&T. Sometimes they call back other times they don’t. Employees are rude and calling them for anything takes forever. I bought a new phone. When I did so they made changes to my plan again taking off my unlimited msgs and calls. So again I got a huge bill. I hate them they are worthless. I’m ready to pay my early cancellation fees and bail.

  285. AT&T CSR Says:

    I am yet posting on here again to let everyone know about AT&T. I have been employed by the company for almost 2 years and I hate it. Jobs are hard to come by in our area so I am stuck doing this one. I want to let everyone know to check your bill. We are being told to add small charges to your account so you will not know until it is too late. We have to offer a sale on every call and if we don’t we will get wrote up. We have to successfully make a sell on every 4th call. we MUST add a line to an account at least 1 time a day. These are requirement for that are being required of us. I DO NOT do it thought. I do not feel like I should FORCE you to buy anything. I WILL though look at you r account and tell you how to save money. This is a big NO NO because AT&T wants to make more money off of you. I cannot do that. It is not right. I am being forced to do something unethical to to requirements. I am contacting a lawyer with several other employees that work with me to see if there is any legal actions we can take due to moral issues.


  286. ? Says:


  287. louis Says:

    i do not live with h
    my wife and daughter christmas i sent my christmas bonus buying them both a new I phone all the gift money buy q
    out the old contract with t-mobile wellllll
    the worse mistake I ever made.the service is bad the I phone is worse.
    when phils play at home they they get no service calls or text. thier whole blogk qut side holding thier phones up tryi ng to use thier mostly Iphones Ipay close to 200 hundred dollars a month , for home phone internet and mobile. I should have been told of this problem, sinc i live in same area code !(9148)as at&t store and citizen bank park. yesterday i recieved & very personal and costly text text % hours late all at once

  288. tony Says:

    Do NOT purchase at&T if you live in the South Bay, California.

    AT&T has HORRIBLE service in the following cities in Southern California:

    1. Manhattan Beach
    2. Hermosa Beach
    3. Redondo Beach
    4. Torrance
    5. Hawthorne
    6. Lawndale

    AT&T will not allow you to cancel your contract based on “poor service”. They sneak the terms into their contract and inform you of them every time you call.

    I will be filing a small claims case in the South Bay CourtHouse and take them to court and force them to account for their atrocious service.

    If you are planning on suing AT&T in small claims court in order to waive the early termination fee, it is best if you take pictures of you phone with “no service” in various parts of the city. Keep a log of all phone calls made to AT&T as a Judge will want to see due diligence on your part

  289. Theodore Karabetsos Jr. Says:

    AT&T seems to be reputable. I went today, June 1st, 2011, and wanted to get a new line for a family plan. The reps wanted to sell the most expensive phone, when all that did was discourage me from getting what fits into my budget. Convincing me, or anyone else about maximizing our expenses is bad for me, personally, bad for my community, family, business, and future.
    Profits are important, but customizing our recommendations, as sales associates, is the moral responsibility we have, no matter what line of business we contribute to.
    If managers and their sales team applied effectiveness what works: being courageous enough to ask “what’s your budget?” and “what’s the purpose that you’re considering this purchase?” sales would increase. Sincere concern leadst to “exceptional” customer service
    Urgency, according to John Kopper (professor from Harvard University)is not just doing more work, and pushing the bar higher and higher; urgency revolves around the “how to win”. Dynamic profiting results from helping customers/clients to receive genuine products that are assets, not excess expenses.
    A phone should boost our personal and professional progress, so sales associates should be focused on precision of “how do I give this person what she/he needs?” In a democratic country, we are free to buy most of what we want, through our economic trade-offs… though:
    AT&T can develop a great foundation to last generations with their own brand of “i-cares”. Give us what we need to success, and that’s perfect customer service.
    Moving Forward…
    Theodore Karabetsos Jr.

  290. Brandy Prati Says:

    A few months ago I purchased a LG Windows Smart phone for $200 and my husband got an I-phone. We have been AT&T customers for years now, but the customer service is getting worse and worse. I was told that I could cancel the internet data plan at any time, my husband and I made sure to ask again to make sure b/c we traveled and wanted it for a certain time. When i called to cancel the internet service on one of the phones, i was told taht i would either have to get a new phone( keep in mind i just bought that one 6 mos prior andof course it takes forever to be eligible for an upgrade even if you’ve been an existing customer for years) or i could downgrade, but i had to keep my internet on that type of phone. Even though they didn’t disclose that when i purchased it, there is nothing they can do!?!?!?! that’s the worst customer service i’ve ever heard of. Once the contract is up, I will go to Verizon like all of my family already has. The basic plan was $15 and i pay $25, but i wouldn’t be able to use it even tho i pay for it because i receive too many e-mails and it would cost additional in frees. So basically I have to have it, but can’t use it. That’s horrible. Someone should be held accountable, replace my phone if you have to , but don’t be shady!!

  291. Dennis Says:

    I have had At&t for over 20 years. It has changed names many times but the cell phone service has always been terrible. I commute on I-55 In Louisiana every day and should have sevice all the 20 miles I travel on the Interstate and sometimes do but most of the time I get dropped calls and no service at all. This is a major Interstate travelled by commuters from 3 Metropolitan areas, Slidell, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. At&t needs to stop the false advertising that they have more service than their competitors this is just blatant lies. I have updated my phones every two years signing a new contract everytime hoping for better service but never get it. Last phone was an iPhone and now have the HTC Inspire 4G so dont tell me its the phone. If you read reviews on At&t cell phone service most are negative. Why doesn’t a Multi Billion dollor business get things right for its large customer base of approx 70 million customers. Something big wrong here and should be outlawed. Where is the Federal Government on this. They crack down on Microsoft for nothing but a real issue no way!!

  292. Kathleen Says:

    AT&T Wireless service in Bloomington, Indiana is absolutely awful. I pay ~$260 per month for our four family phones, and then another $75 per month to Smithville Telephone for a house phone line because no one can send or receive cell phone calls from within the house. The same thing happens when we have visitors. NOT with Verizon though. I would switch to Verizon in a minute if there weren’t all these nasty disconnection fees and multiple plans! With 80,000 year-round residents, and another 40,000 students coming in every fall – don’t we deserve better service? If you have a choice in Bloomington – do NOT choose AT&T Wireless!

  293. Beckie Says:

    Relocated to an area not serviced by AT&T. The contract has a provision to be released from your contract for this reason however AT&T makes it impossible to do this. So for 17 months I have paid the the lowest possible level of service. My contract is due up in two months. I called today to cancel this phone at the end of the contract. This is how the situation was handled. I was told I could pay a $70 fee to terminate the contract and the balance on the contract which is $20. They would not accept my notice to cancel which is 30 days because I’m calling 60 days ahead of time. So now I have to call again, waste more of my time and there time to give them 30 days notice. They do this so they can potentially earn one more months revenue. I cannot locate my copy of the contract and they could not provide one to me so I could review the details. There customer service is terrible. They always want to transfer you to the next person so you can spend another 20 minutes explaining the problem

  294. repairs Says:

    I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very quick for newbies. May you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  295. David Says:

    I would not recomend AT&T to anyone. I transferred my account to someone else including financial responsibility. AT&T transferred to the account into the other person’s name but failed to transfer it from my Social Security number into his, and now is holding me responsible for a bill on an account that is no longer mine. The staff at my local branch have been very helpful in trying to resolve the matter but even the staff cannot make any progress with the customer care center, even when admitting that it was AT&T’s error. The Customer Care Center admits that it was their own company’s error but will not fix it and will not relieve me from the responsibility of paying the bill on the account that now belongs to someone else. The only reason I became aware of the bill is because it showed up on my credit report when I applied for a bank loan because AT&T never sent me a bill. Though acknowledging that it was their own error, their suggestions were to make payment arrangements on the bill, or I could contact the new account holder and tell him to pay it so that it won’t continue to affect my credit, or dispute it with the credit bureau. After disputing this for a month, finally a customer service representative assured me they would resolve the matter within 48 business hours and then two days later I received another call from a different representative stating they refused to do anything unless I showed documentation that I transferred the account into someone else’s name which was three years ago even though they had had proof on their computer screen that it was someone else’s account because it was showing up under that person’s name when the pulled up the account in their computer system. In fact, I had a hard time getting AT&T to give me information about the account because it was in someone else’s name but yet they are holding me responsible for the bill. This has been a battle for over a month and I have gotten nowhere.

  296. UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER #65651654652684651 Says:

    Dang TO ALL: AT&T SUCKS DO NOT USE THEM, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.. We have just payed our bill and now they want our dang Birth Certificate to keep the service going I think that is called Invasion Of Privacy, and if not our service will be cut OFF. Thats it im switching and if they cut us off I aint paying a DIME!

  297. UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER #65651654652684651 Says:

    Dang TO ALL: AT&T SUCKS DO NOT USE THEM, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF…. We have just payed our bill and now they want our dang Birth Certificate to keep the service going I think that is called Invasion Of Privacy, and if not our service will be cut OFF. Thats it im switching and if they cut us off I aint paying a DIME!

  298. tommy b Says:

    att sucks!!! the service is horable I have to use a stupid 3g microcell to even get service in my own house witch is only 2miles aay from a actual tower In the past mont I have gotton no internet and also paid a payment only to my suprize that i got charged double payment bleep!!!!!
    so after all the hassel att blames it on a 3rd party I ask to disclose there name but they wont give it to me??
    think its a copout to put the blame it on someone else not to take resposnability for there actions i have countless over draft fees and and bounced check fees because of them and they wont help me at all so i highly recomend not to get there service!!! I will be posting this all over the net in hopes that someone will lead me to a civil despute agenst them they owe us our money and more!!

  299. network amp cctv support Says:

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  300. pj Says:

    ATT SUCKS!! I was customer for years … dropped calls … overcharges…extremely poor customer service. Go to Verizon!

  301. iphone kingiluviphones Says:

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  302. Jerome Masters Says:

    I have 2 phones that are not heavy enough for paper weights.But they are useless in my home.They want to cell [this is a pun here] me a mini tower.I told them the only tower I would spring for is one of there sorry azz towers they could put in my back yard and pay me rent.
    STAND up people I am going to stop paying for no service and dare them to try and collect

  303. katherine philson Says:

    custom service is terrible!!!!! When I have trouble with my phone I have not been able to get assistance and when i am told I will be called back I am not!!!! I am going to check on other cell phone providers!!!
    I have been frustrated with AT&T for yrs…… I am ready to call it quits!!!

  304. charliez Says:

    The AT&T Store manager at their Frontier Drive, VA location is too proud of either his position or arrogant, or perhaps both. That guy, Jamie Quintero would not recognize customer service if it were dressed up in a suit and paid him a visit! He acts so non-chalantly toward customers and could care less about their service ordeals which believe me is a whole lot. Someone said part of the reason for his non-chalance is that rain or shine, sell or not sell he still gets a paycheck every two weeks. But that if his performance was tied to customer satisfaction then he’d know how to act right. Mr. Quintero traets customers as though he’s doing them a favor for having AT&T as providers, and these are the people who make his pay checks possible. They say the apple does not fall too far from the tree! He most likely learnt his ATTITUDE from AT&T itself, a company that could care less about a dissatisfied customer or one with reception or service issues! If you need help in the Frontier area, stay away from Quintero or face his non-chalance and arrogance.

  305. daledorm Says:

    AT&T has the lowest customer service. They talk allot about how they can’t help you. Having moved to an area that has virtually NO AT&T service in my home area and I have to pay $440 to get out the contract that AT&T has not honored. This is the second time that AT&T screwed me and it will be the last.

  306. Christo Says:

    Wao! Talk about being big-headed! Jamie Quintero, manager at ATT branch in Virginia is too big for his position.That dude needs to move or be moved to a behind the scene office where he doesn’t have any interraction with customers because customers make him MAD when they come to his location. He just wants customers to stay the hell away from that location on, I believe it’s called Frontier Drive or Front Royal Drive. He must not know he’s responsible for satisfying ATT customers.If it were up to him this dude would rather lock the doors to keep customers away from him. Customers irritate Jamie Quintero a whole lot, and every service question seems like a DUMB question to him.

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  310. Debbie Says:

    I agree with all of those who are hating on AT&T! I have AT&T way back when it was cingular. Had awesome service as far as cell phone companies go. Customer service was always helpful although there were very few issues back then. NOW…it’s a whole different story. After years of being a customer and giving them more money than you can imagine I have dumped them! I went from good service to spotty to down right NONE! I would attempt the call the same person 8 times in a row and STILL not get through. I started to think maybe it was my old blackberry so I got the new HTC status. Whoa! WORSE than the blackberry. All the smart phone stuff is fun BUT I do NEED to make phone calls. I will never know if it was the phone or the lack of service. I gave up! I returned the phone before my 30 days which kicked my contract back to month to month and dumped them. Went to target and got a T-mobile monthly phone for LESS than I was paying and still get everything I want/need. Works AWESOME!! Not one single dropped call. Every call I make goes through. LOVE IT! Only problem I have now is feeling sorry for ALL the family members I managed to drag over to AT&T and they are still under contract. They can’t wait to be done and move on too. It’s really too bad this company took a fast spin down the toilet. I would NOT encourage anyone to sign their life away with this horrible company.

  311. Jack Payne Says:

    This is the worst company ever. AS soon as my contract is up, I’m dropping them. I have a ton of dropped calls, text messages that never come through, poor voice quality, missed calls, slow internet, etc. I could go on. This is happening in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I call customer service and they tell me there are no problems in the area and that there are 4 towers within 3 miles of my house? WTF? Are none of them working right? This happens all the time to many people, so I know it isn’t my phone. Wake up AT&T and fix your crappy network.

  312. jasmine moore Says:


  313. Donald Archer Says:

    At&t billing is the worst around… If you pay attention to your usage and bills…. which most people do not!!! You will find constant miscalculations… especially under new contract… I had to dispute my bill with them so many times that I finally cancelled my service… I paid my final bill and a few months later I was called by a collection agency… a I had to track down a store in California (where I was on vacation when I walked into the store with an old I phone to connect after dropping mine in the water)…. I had caught the store rep trying to put me under contract with my own phone and refused…. Apparently the store rep had still put me under contract and I was now being charged termination fees… I was made to cal store after store to find the one that opened my contract and finally was assured that I would receive no further bills…. I am now fighting with AT&T again after being sent to another agency… I’ve filed complaints with the BBB and still no resolution… I warn others to stay far far away….

  314. commission commando bonus Says:

    What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re no longer actually much more smartly-liked than you might be now. You are very intelligent. You recognize thus significantly when it comes to this subject, produced me in my view imagine it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested until it is one thing to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs great. All the time take care of it up!

  315. Jackie Says:

    I have had nothing but trouble with At&t. MY service is horrible and after months of troubleshooting they told me its nothing else to be done. When I called to cancel my plan they told me I would either have to pay a 95.00 fee or I can recieve a “mini tower” in my house. The kicker is that they want me to pay 100.00 for it! How do you ask someone to pay for something to make there phone work when thats what it should be doing already!switching to anything but AT&T…especially now that other places have the iphone.

  316. Terrence Bright Says:

    I agree with the other posts from Cincinnati, Ohio. Here in the last two weeks, their service has gone from bad to worse and they have no answers for it. None. Now, at least half of my calls are dropped. Many times throughout the day, I am not able to make a call because it won’t connect, then I get a “connection error” or “network busy” message. When it does connect, the voice quality is poor and garbled. If my phone is turned off and someone sends me a text or voice message, I usually don’t receive it for several hours, sometimes not at all. There are several areas throughout Cincinnati where these problems are happening, plus I have a new phone, so I know it’s their poor network that is causing the problems. Go with Verizon, you will be a lot happier.

  317. claire Says:

    Sad customer service experience – I live in a remote area, We have a hill between our home and the closest tower. I have all but begged AT&T to help us with the purchase of a cell booster…I’ve called and online chatted with at least 6 people, always getting borderline rude responses. I get the feeling once they have you in a contract they really don’t care anymore. I’ve been a customer for 8yrs…you’d think that would mean something. The boosters run $199.00, a lot to me, I doubt its anything to them. Couldn’t they at least offered to go in halfs with me? Credited my bill…something? I pay $2600 a year for our cell service, I’m so disappointed in my customer service experience with AT&T! I finally broke down and bought the booster today, my daughter had an incident were she was waiting for a call on a job that she missed…it was cloudy that day and it went straight to VM. Needless to say she missed the job opportunity. I had no choice, and lord knows AT&T wasn’t going to help me in any way. What was it they said…oh ya, “we can’t help your geography”….not too helpful!

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