Verizon vs Sprint

Verizon vs. Sprint

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  2. ed Says:

    hey i like it\

  3. Dee Says:

    I have verizon and I can always tell when I’m talking to someone using a sprint phone. The reception is horrible….

  4. John Says:

    Verizon sucks. Don’t go there and get trapped for 2 years

  5. alex Says:

    verizon roxs ive had it for over 5 yeears…

  6. Manny Says:

    I’ve been w/ verizon for the past 3 yrs, and am very pleased overall. I’ve never used the other providers, but alson have no interest in doing so. I can say, from personal experience, I do get more signal than that of my coworkers and friends. My phone works where everyone elses does, and even in places I’m not expecting it to, like smaller, less populated areas. The main con I have against verizon is no rollover minutes. The iPhone deal, I wouldn’t even get 1 just cause I don’t wanna have exactly what everyone else has.

  7. JasonMorgan Says:

    my parents used to have sprint and verizon both are pretty bad.

  8. Kathy Says:

    I have been a customer of Verizon Wireless for 12 years. Their service is great. No complaints about their phones either. However, I have been noticing that Verizon is trying to cash in on data usage of their customers. Therefore, you can only purchase 3 phones that do not require a data package. I had a sales person tell me once, “Well Verizon isn’t a non-profit org. we have to make money somewhere.” This frightened me. Therefore, I have been shopping the other phone providers as well. As far as telephone service over all…. Verizon is still the top.

  9. Les Says:

    I have had ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon. My verizon wireless stinks as far as signal, I have tried 2 phones and went back 3 times to see why but can not change for another year. I will change sevice then. I have had ATT with bad service and several plans. For the price I will go back to T-Mobile as soon as I can.

  10. clint Says:

    i was with nextel fr their existance , then sprint only because they own nextel, then i quit sprint on april 7th and join verizon with a 2 yrs contract getting a palm pre plus because of that hotspot deal ….their network sucks ,

  11. Linda Says:

    I agree with Kathy. I’ve been with Verizon wireless for years and have the family plan. I’ve been very happy with their service up until now. Just when the country is trying to cut costs, and stay within a budget the have to ad new phones that REQUIRE a data package. When you try to speak to them about it, their attitude is not to help you but, too bad for you. I also am looking to switch or pay as you go. By the way I have no service where I live, so I have to shut my phone off every night or it drains the battery.

  12. Rich Says:

    My wife and I were w/Verizon for about 12 yrs. Wanted a data pkg., but it costs an xtra $30. bucks a month. Swicthed to Sprint– Boy; tooo many dropped calls where I know I could be talking if I were still w/Verizon. Think we’re going back to Verizon. Being a truck driver, you need to be able to reach somebody all the time.

  13. Renee Says:

    My husband and I are also upset with Verizon and their required fees for the new phones..Like Rich my husband is a truck driver and I ride with him. We live in our truck and it is important to be able to stay in touch with the family and be able to make calls from where ever we are. We also “need” internet access and have their Mifi modem which costs us $60.00 extra a month and we are paranoid about going over our given MB so no uploading or downloading un necessarily..The expences are mounting and that is too bad.. thinking we are just stuck with paying more and more. oh and if I do get the 29.99 required phone it would cost another 30.oo each phone if I use it as a modem for my computer…Can you say the consumer is screwed…Oh well gonna look into other companies and talk to our co-workers for a better alternitive..funny all I really need my phone for is to talk, text and send pictures..any suggestions?

  14. A man Says:

    Sprint claimed they are better, so we’re see

  15. Lucius Says:

    I have had sprint for about 12 years and I am happy with them.They have always been reasonable only had one drop call and it was to a Verizon user and it was his phone that drop the unlimited data use for 2 phones is only $129.00 free mobile to mobile with 1500 anytime min. only use those if you are calling a land line. I guess it what ever a person like and we all like different things.

  16. Amanda Says:

    I have been with Verizone for around 12 years. Yes, they are very expensive. Esp since my husband recently upgraded and HAS to have the 30 dollar data pkg. My phone recently broke in the hinge for the 4th time, a known problem with the phone. Due to warranty issues I am now stuck with a broken phone and Verizon will not replace. Note: every time this hinge broke, Verizon replaced with the same exact defective phone saying the phone has to break a certain number of times within a certain time period before they would give me a different phone of same value. Needless to say I am screwed and very tired of the “great customer service” Verizon claims to offer! Also I get dropped calls all the time!! Thinking of switching to Sprint but afraid will get stuck in worse situation!!

  17. Jim Says:

    I have had sprint for fifteen years and I think they are great. No problems with the service they rolm like everyone else at times but there data rocks.

  18. Ron Says:

    My whole family likes Verizon. I am now deciding if I should change to a different service. When I used cricket I had unlimited text, voice etc, internet. And now I pay out the wazoo with Verizon. I wish I could change to DOCOMO (Japan) phone and service plan. Their service is cheaper, more cell phone features, Cell batteries last longer, and a more reliable cellular network. Oh, FYI Japan’s cellular 4G possibly network started in 2002, USA started in maybe 2009/2010???.

  19. Sherry Says:

    I had Sprint for about 2 years and I had drpooed calles all the time and the service was horrible. I went to verizon and have been very happy with it. I would never recommend sprint to anyone! Sprint claims to have the best service, but I think that it is the worst!. I have also had T-mobile, but the service area isn’t that big so I was roaming most of the time and couldn’t afford the roaming charges…..Verizon is the best choice.

  20. Cindy Says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for about 10 years now. All was good until the past year or so, and suddenly my reception sucks and my calls are constantly being dropped. On top of that I have to get generic flip phones or have to pay for data packages, and was told at the verizon store that by next year all phones will require the data pkg, so I’m seriously considering moving to Sprint next month. Would like more feedback from Sprint users on what you think about the service compared to other companies. Thanks.

  21. Torn Says:

    We have AT&T but we’re not very pleased w/ it. Only one person who I know has it likes it. We’re bouncing between Sprint and Verizon. I live just outside of DC so local coverage for both isn’t too bad. On the one hand, Verizon customers I talk to say the service is the best. Favorable reviews from Sprint people but not like Verizon. On the other hand, Sprint offers MUCH better plans and pricing where Verizon will charge you for breaking wind, it seems. And when I talked to the Verizon reps about pricing and packages, while they are polite their attitude was basically “tough rocks”.

    I’ll use the phone for work a little bit so reliability is important, but at the same time, for what I need, Verizon will be almost 40% more than Sprint and my company won’t reimburse. Can anyone tell me if the extra Verizon cost is worth it or if apparent Sprint defficiencies are an acceptable risk for the cost savings?

  22. ab Says:

    We are thinking of switching to Verizon or Sprint. So far, Verizon only offers SKYPE. I do have a decent amount of international calls, so that is why I considered Verizon and the SKYPE app. Any thoughts on this?

  23. A-Bal Says:

    I favor Sprint faaaaaaaaaaaaar over Verizon. I did have Verizon prepaid and it kinda sucked, you could only get unlimited text for $65 a but it did come w/ 450 mins. but still. I don’t have Sprint but have a pre-paid MVNO of them called i-wireless. They are associated w/ Kroger and have great service, great phones, and great extermely cheap plans that fit your budget.Quite a bit of people have it but still not many people know of it. But Sprint to me is better than the criminal Verizon who thinks they have good deals when THEY DON’T!!

  24. simplee67 Says:

    Reception-wise it all depends on where you live. all networks have dropped calls when one user is moving so let’s not expect the impossible here. verizon is the highest rated network according to consumer reports but sprint is not that far behind, plus sprint’s 4G network uses WiMAX technology which is a bit faster than verizon’s future plans. verizon will have the best reception going forward but it costs upwards of $180/mo vs. sprint’s $130.

  25. Ed D Says:

    I have been a Verizon/Ameritech user since the 80’s. I have had no complaints with the service as long as I had some choice in the matter. Now I am looking at Sprint for the packages since it would cost me $120.00 more a month for the same service I would get from Sprint. The base packages are priced very close together but the difference in data packs is astounding. I have 4 lines and the data pack would almost double my monthly bill. Sprint does run an extra $10 for the EVO 4G but that still puts me close to my base cost from Verizon. Verizon has put in a new ter of data costs but I noticed that the $9.99 data pack is almost gone. I don’t see many phones I would like in the feature phone category. Sprint is looking like the best value for my money and it has good coverage where I need it.

  26. MD Says:

    We have been with Verizon for a long time (over 8 years) but they are very over priced. We are switching (have switched – waiting on phones) to Sprint because of price. I called Verizon and told them we were shopping around because their data package was too expensive and ask what would they do to keep a long time customer. Girl told me she couldn’t do anything for me and that she understood, I was the 2nd person in less than a hour who had called with the same complaint. So we are switching! We are getting two Evo phones with family plan per month for less than we were getting from Verizon and only my husband had the data package. We are watching our pennies. Oh and we learned that there are better deals on the net for the phones than what they give you in the store, even after the rebates and all. Found the EVO on line on sale with buy one get one free for the holidays and paid less for two phone than what they wanted at the store for one phone after rebates!! The deals are out there!

  27. Darren Says:

    Been a Sprint customer for my business and for personal use for 15 years and have had nothing but top notch service since the beginning.I have found that most people who “hate” cell phone companies are people who had their phones turned off for not paying their bill.I constantly travel from north to south on the east coast of America and never have had a problem with reception as well as a few trips to California.Sprint is also much less expensive than Verizon.

  28. Ric Says:

    Have been with Verizon since ’89. My contracts are up in January 2011 and we’re switching all services to Sprint. Savings for my 2 lines (with data packages) and laptop card (separate line) will total well over $100 per month. Verizon should wake up as I’m not the only one who noticed 4G unlimited at $70 / month, i’m sure!

  29. Baba77 Says:

    I had verizon and ATT kept it for little over two years or so and know i am with sprint love the service, every network have dead zones much like sprint but no issues with sprint service i travel all over America and never had issues with service and phone is my life line. for those who like paying more for the same serivce because it makes you sleep better at night do so. Sprint with their WIIMAX 4G network, high speed internet and their plan for $120 rocks can’t beat it. if you are really bought into; whats expencive is better then its personal choice not a fact.

  30. lafdsghj Says:

    1-sprint- great service great phones great prices
    2-verizon- decent service great phones kinda pricy
    3-at&t-spotty service ok phones ok prices
    4- T-mobile- terrible never any service way to expensive worst phone comany ever.
    Sprint rocks I always have service(:

  31. lauren Says:

    Sprint is by far the best verizon second att third tmobile sucks horrible reception

  32. laricky Says:

    Sprint always have service they got really cool phones and great prices 69.99 for unlimited everything verizon att tmobile are 3 times that much and dont get as good of service as sprint

  33. claire Says:

    Sprint is by far the best

  34. AUSTIN Says:

    Sprint best phone company ever

  35. justin Says:

    Sprint wins that battle by a million def. the best

  36. jrh88er Says:

    At&t sucks get sprint it rocks

  37. Aaron Says:

    Sprint is very inexpensive, the least expensive service with a contract, other than ntelos though. Sprint is still Epic.

  38. Ed Says:

    Been w/VZ since 1998 and today i called to see if they could match sprint, I pretty much was told go screw urself. i wil pay the $165 to get out of my contract today to get my 3 lins over to sprint before jan 1. i travel a lot and their svc worked when no one else had signal. Now, I need data plan, one that won’t break the bank, but if i stay with them, i will be doing just that.

  39. Ed Says:

    oh, i forgot another important piece, the 7 other lines that I convienced to come over to VZ will be coming with me to sprint.

  40. Clark Says:

    I have been with Sprint for several years, and have always been satisfied with the sevice I received. Sprint has even given me special “customer retention” prices when my contract was up. I have been tempted to change to Verizon because of two reasons. One is the fact that Consumers report gave them the best rating. The second is that verizon had the phone I want. When I woke up, I decided to stay with Sprint. They are the best. Wake up, Consumers Report.

  41. Adria Says:

    I’ve had Verizon for 13 years now and left them once for T-Mobile, when they offered my husband and I a deal that would save us $75 a month. After 2 months of nothing but dropped calls and bad sim cards, I went running back to Verizon. My phone works in the mountains, in elevators, parking garages, you name it. However, like the others on this post, I am disappointed that they force you into a data package on most phones. After looking at other carriers, they do this as well, but the pricing is not nearly as expensive as Verizon. Verizon does offer a $15/month data, allowing your phone to use the wifi in your house to save on MB usage – which is stupid. If I’m home, I’m going to be one my laptop, not my cell phone. I need the web service for when I’m out and about without the internet. At that point, it becomes expensive ($30/month).

    I did some comparing between Verizon and Sprint. After all is said and done, Verizon runs about $5 more expensive than Sprint on their all data/450 min package. If you upgrade to Sprints all data/900 min package, they are $10 more than Verizon. For the same price as Sprint’s 900 min package, you can have unlimited minutes with Verizon – yet you are paying $30 on top of that for data. Sprint will only charge you $10 extra for the 4G phones, all other data is included in the minute packages.

    On a side note – with Sprint’s all data package, ALL calls to any mobile carrier are FREE, no matter what the network. Verizon is only mobile to mobile calling. However, if you have the 900 minute package, you can pick 5 friends that you can talk to for free.

    Both networks are so close in pricing in comparison, it’s really a matter of what network is best for your area. Personally, I would rather pay for Verizon, the best service, and know that I have a phone that works when I need it to.

  42. Wesh Says:

    Sprint rocks and have had way better luck than with verizon

  43. Emily Says:

    I’ve had Verizon for the past few years, while my parents had it for over 11, and before the whole data usage changes and texting, Verizon wasn’t half bad. Amazing signal responses. Their “Can you hear me now” commercials are unbelievably accurate (I live in the upper midwest, so I should know). My family has recently switched to sprint because it is MUCH cheaper. Before we were using 3 phones for about $160 a month at Verizon, and we asked them how much we’d get off if we dropped a phone; they said $20 bucks. My dad figured that was BS, so we went to Sprint. We got 2 phones, unlimited texting, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling (which Verizon would have never offered unless it was like $100), instead of the 9pm-6am limit we now have a 7pm-7am calling time, and we can finally afford that data plan that we’ve always wanted, too. Overall, we ended up on a plan of all that for just $100. So all-in-all, if you have a lot of money, and you don’t mind paying a lot more for the same stuff, go Verizon’s route. And if you don’t call people a lot, or if you don’t live way out of no where, you should definitely get Sprint. I noticed with Verizon, also, that if you go in the store and ask for a phone without a data package, you get a choice between 3 phones, and they’re either flip or slider phones. I’m really glad that we switched to Sprint, cause now I get unlimited texting without the ridiculous cost.

  44. patrick Says:

    +3 for Sprint: I’m going into my 10th year with Sprint, ALWAYS get 25% off accessories when I walk into the store (somehow got automatically upgraded to Premier Partner) and rolled my mom and pops up into my plan. We are on the 1500 minute plan and ONLY get charged minutes when any of us call land lines. My folks dropped Verizon like a bad habit when we sat down and compared their group AND individual plans to Sprint’s (it’s just the 3 of us anyway). 1500 minutes, 4G phones with NO DATA CAP, barely any dropped calls and we are going into our 3rd year as a group. I work all over the country as a grip and electric and dropped calls/roaming charges are a thing of the PAST – all @ 129/month. Do the math people – it’s a no-brainer!

  45. dave nicols Says:

    i have had verizon for 10 years or so. i have always liked their customer service and thought they treated us well. we have 4 phones on the family plan. recently (2) years ago, we started getting poor service in my living room. so we got new every 2 phones for free thinking that might be the problem. well, it wasn’t, can be talking and will drop the call every few minutes. another problem was verizon is getting way to expensive. i also have a sprint air card which works great here, so we decided to make the switch to sprint phones. first off, i hate the phones, they feel cheap and you have to go through more steps to get someway than verizon, and don’t seem to do as much. however, sprint is cheaper, got free phones, haven’t dropped a call yet, we’ll see how their customer service is in the future.

  46. Chris Says:

    I have been with VZW for about 8 years. I have three lines which are all up in April, and we are thinking of making a switch. We currently only have talk/text but are considering upgrading to smart phones. To do all three at VZW is a lot. I went into Sprint and told them my situation. After giving all my information the guy said I am looking at $175-$180/month after taxes (based off a discount from my job). I went to VZW right after and told the guy our situation. He basically said, “Yeah, so what? Sprint sucks.” Not satisfied, I asked some questions. He eventually said Sprint can beat them on price because they are inferior in service. He said that outside of cities Sprint coverage is bad, and VZW can’t be matched. By that rationale, if you live in a city you would be wise to go with Sprint, right? We have a few months to think about it, but Sprint is making the decision tough. VZW does have great customer service over the phone. But my wife pointed out that more than half the time I shouldn’t have to call them anyway (i.e. arguing about nickels and dimes they over charge me). With the Sprint plan we would basically be paying the same each month, unlike VZW who drives me nuts with $2 here and $2 there extra. VZW does have great voice coverage. The main thing I want to continue to have is great voice coverage, the rest is a luxury to me. VZW needs to realize they are not the only game in town. Very cocky in the store.

  47. steve Says:

    former verizon customer here, been with sprint for 7 years now not 1 regret. sprint is by far the most bang for the buck with nights starting an hour earlier, unlimited mobile to ANY mobile, they dont charge extra for gps or other features like verizon does, no data caps like verizon does, someone mentioned sprint phones where cheap? um, sprint doesnt make their phones, if you have an htc its made by htc regardles if you are with sprint or verizon, sprint is always ahead of the comp. with innovation, 2 yrs ahead on 4g, their plans always give you more for less, they roam on verizon towers so its a bunch of crap if someone says the service isnt as good.. anytime i believe i have been overcharged i have ALWAYS got my money refunded… so basicly if you want to pay more for less, its your call..

  48. david tolliver Says:

    never had any problem with sprint!.ive heard verizon bragg that they had better service i dont seee its true at friends with verizon pay out their butts for service that i get much cheaper and get better service too!.

  49. sk8888 Says:

    If you’re going to post that one service is better than another, I think it would be nice to include a general geographical area in which you’re the network.

    My company has had Sprint cell service for over 10 years. Yes, it is very economical. We can call each other without additional charges, etc.

    But, in our own building, just East of Oakland, CA we cannot use our cell phones because it’s a dead zone. At home, I live in an area that backs up to a greenbelt, and unless I am in my front yard, my Sprint cell phone signal is non-existent. So, that is why after all these years we are thinking of switching.

    With so many people dropping their landlines and using their cell phone as their primary contact, it’s critical that signal cell coverage be strong and consistent where you live and work, not just out on the freeways.

  50. ryekia Says:

    Dont go with verizon customer service sux ass ive been called names. I have also went thru 12 fones and they refuse to get me a new fone. So most def dont go with there pos trash.

  51. Fran Says:

    I have been a happy Sprint customer for 13 years. I have wanted an IPhone, so switched to ATT. After a week, I am switching back to Sprint. With ATT, I have to worry about Data useage. (Sprint is unlimited) With ATT, my nights don’t start til 9 pm.(Sprint starts at 7 pm.)With ATT, every time I dial a mobile phone that is not ATT, I use minutes.(Sprint allows you to call any mobile with any carrier, free).
    Verizon has similar policies as ATT does.
    I actually wasn’t as impressed with the IPhone as I thought I would be. It’s a hassle to keep shutting down data hogs like Facebook and the internet. They keep running, and need to be manually shut down. They also eat up battery life.
    The EVO (Sprint) rocks. Puts my IPod to shame.
    I have traveled all over the USA with Sprint, and have no complaints about service.
    I feel I am an impartial “witness”, since I actually left Sprint. One week away from Sprint made me realize it’s the only company I want to do business with.

  52. martin Says:

    i have the droid incredible for verizon and it is an amazing phone ive been with verizon for 3 years and so far i love their service. the droid is also an amazing phone with amazing coverage. they might be a little expensive but i really cant complain about their service or their phones. if your gonna go verizon go with a smart phone like the droid. and if you are going to get a droid or just a smart phone than please…………. take my advice and go with the droid incredible. it is the best phone for internet connection, listening to music, playing games, downloading helpful apps from the market texting phone calls and video and camera related things. the droid incredible has a 8.0 mega pixel camera which takes better pictures than some cameras.the droid incredible also has an awsome led flash systyem and a new system update i just got even came with a flashlight app. my friend just got the htc evo for sprint and using that phone really did suck compared to the droid incredible they are both pretty much the same but the droid incredible is by far netter than the evo even if the evo has 4g. so bottom line verizon and their plans coverage and phones are better then sprint with sprint i find that theirs more dropped calls and worse coverage im stilla ble to use my phone even when i have no bars and my friends phone just losses all connection and gos cablueie

  53. Bob Says:

    I have been with Verizon/Bell Atlantic since the late 80’s. For some time I also had a T-Mobile phone since I traveled by car along the east coast and when Verizon didn’t have a signal, may times T-Mobile did. Now, I have 3 lines on Verizon and am paying about $200.00 a month for cell services and unlimited text messaging. I would like to add e-mail and internet but the cost if prohibitive. I have not gotten a new phone for many years and was told that I qualified for a New every Two upgrade. I was looking into the I-Phone and was told that that program was not available and that the data fees were going to be much higher than regular data fees and the insurance would be much higher and basically cover nothing since there was a steep deductible. So, I have checked out Sprint’s prices and for the 3 lines, I can get all phone service including free to any cell phone, unlimited text messaging, unlimited e-mail and unlimited internet for about the same $200.00 a month. Even if the service is not quite as good, it doesn’t matter – I’ll be saving over $1,000.00 a year by switching to Sprint form Verizon. If I find that the service is not as good as I need, I’ll get one Verizon phone for myself and carry it for use when the Sprint phone doesn’t work and I’ll still save about $700.00 a year. So long as people keep staying with Verizon even though their pricing is not competitive, their pricing will continue to be high. I decided I’m done…

  54. steve Says:

    lol people still like to say verizons coverage is better than sprints…. um, hello they roam off each others towers so moot point..

  55. fekadu Says:

    I have sprint the customer service is horrible

  56. Alma C. Says:

    I’ve been with verizon 4 yrs dey were and still the BEST.phones r fast ,always hv signals. I changed from verizon to sprint “man I regret it ” SPRiNT SUKS( internet dem slow fones are stupid so slooowwww. Shiet I’m gng bck to verizon!

  57. abc Says:

    I love Sprint’s data service. Currently, it’s my only connection to the internet. I’ve used Sprint’s data network since 2002. I look forward to getting 4G! abc

  58. refill Says:

    I used Sprint for years, and loved it, but Verizon has much broader coverage in Arizona, and I needed it. phonecards

  59. totter bo Says:

    How long have cell phones been out? Long enough that you should be getting service wherever you go. How much does the average plan cost in America? Probably $150.00 with all the taxes and extra cost. Now multiply 150 dollars times 30 million people. These cell phone companies are ripping everyone off and VERIZON is the biggest CROOK of them all. Why are they 30.00 more a month than everyone else? Cell phone companies make enough money to reinvest in infinite amount of towers much less enough towers to do the job that you pay them to do.

  60. Cell service Searcher Says:

    What would you recommend for service in MN, CO, IA, WI? These are a few of the states in my territory to travel for work. Verizon or Sprint?


  61. Brian Says:

    I have been a customer of Verizon Wireless for 7 years. However, I have been noticing that Verizon is trying to cash in on data usage of their customers. Now I am a customer of Sprint.

  62. stew Says:

    to cell service searcher: its a no brainer, sprint is cheaper and if you have been reading previous posts…. sprint roams off verizons towers and vice versa meaning if you get verizon coverage, you get sprint too

  63. Iv Says:

    Been with Sprint for many years and never had issues living in Puget Sound, and customer service has always been great. My daughter lives in Portland and is having a lot of issues with dropped calls but we believe its her phone. Wanted to switch to the Sprint android but the battery life is terrible, even in the standby mode it does not last the whole day without being recharged. Looking at possibly switching to Verizon, not because I really want to, but need a smartphone that can hold a charge for the whole day. Just hope the iphone hold a charge as advertised, but I hate the cost. AT&T prices are even worse, they charge for every little thing individually, even text message is a separate charge for each line.

  64. Verizon Customer Says:

    Seriously people, stop complaining about “having” to pay for a data pan. If you can’t afford to pay the extra 30 a month, get a cheaper phone from Verizon. You just want the cool one so you can look important then complain they cost too much. Get with it! Either suck it up and pay or give it a rest and keep your crappy flip phone!

  65. Elmore Frank brown Jr Says:

    I just want to know which is a good wireless server Sprint or Verizon? I have a sidekick by t-mobile it will stop on May 31st. So I am not sure which service I should use? Please let me know? I just want to have the right service for the cellphone. Thanks.

  66. sprint customer Says:

    I’ve had Sprint for about 8 years now. Fell on some hard times with work. They have always accommodated me with great customer service. Very few dropped calls, ( no more than any other carrier I guess) and a very fast 4g Evo phone. Unlimited data and messaging plans, but with 700 anytime minutes. But most of the people I call are on cell phones anyways so that works for me. Definitely no intentions on switching carriers at this time, and probably for a long time. Thank you Sprint for exceptional service and please don’t end up going to a tiered plan like other companies.

  67. John Says:

    Looking to drop Verizon in New England , Sprint or Metro PCS have blackberry but might switch to a droid anyone in New England on either service?

  68. chic Says:

    sprint and verizon roam off each others towers…if your evo loses battery you just have a bunch of apps running, get the app buster, it really helps, or go in an close apps, as far as call quality sprints is crystal clear, always sounds clear, the phone is very important for quality and goes hand in hand with the service…i tried several verizon phones with 4 lines and not one of the phones was worth anything, no service, choppy, echo, dropped calls, would not maintain charge, and the worst thing about all of it is that i have 2 verizon towers real close. sprints tower is further away and sounds like its outside my door! awesome! so sprint must have something added to their cdma equipment that enables you to hear a pin drop, plus every verizon customer i call or att customer i call they are choppy and difficult to understand. so i think verizon has junk phones. period oh and maybe alot of spider webs on their junk! now ..period

  69. chic Says:

    like i said a cheaper phone is a cheap phone i will only sound like a cheap phone and that is all verizon has, cheap phones expensive plans

  70. Robin Says:

    I can’t wait for my verizon contract to expire in August. One of my phones isn’t working properly and I have their insurance but still NO HELP. Don’t go with Verizon!

  71. tommy morgan Says:

    Ive had att (sux) and Verizon. THe incredible rocked for a week then stopped working. VZW told me I had to get in the back of the line to get a replcement phone and new customers came first.
    I appealed to corporate they refused to bulge so I moved to Sprint and they have the best customer service. Reception is excellent in most areas. Every provider has dropped calls but the NEW Sprint ROCKS! I travel 4 states for work, so I know what I am talking about.

  72. Sally Says:

    I have been wondering if I should switch from Sprint to Verizon. After reading all the comments, I do believe I will stay with Sprint. The store I deal with has great customer service. I have my phone and internet with them. The internet is a little slow, but I don’t want to have to pay more than I am already. And it sounds like I would have to pay a bundle if I did switch. My reception is great with Sprint.

  73. jacob scott Says:

    Both are very good companies it all depends where you live. If you live in a very populated area they will both work fine. If you live out of town in the country or close to the mountains sprint is best. Sprint bought nextel which means double signal. I had verizon and I dropped about 1000 calls…now I have sprint I haven’t dropped a call and my messages are sent in 1 second. Verizon stores messages and you get them 30 minutes later. But overall they are both good but I will have to go with sprint 4G.

  74. Boomer Says:

    Anyone using Sprint around southern New England & upstate NY.. how’s the signal quality? Have Verizon now, but thinking about a switch – what’s your experience?

  75. Ryan Says:

    I have had them all… My wife and I have verizon now.. My sisterinlaw works for sprint, she let me take a phone for a couple of days.. I went all over northeast and had much better coverage with sprint… more bars… WOW!!! and the price is hard to beat…getting evo for wife and I…

  76. stew Says:

    i live in northern ny and its hard to find a place i dont get a signal with sprint!

  77. Al Says:

    I have been a sprint customer for 12 years and have never had any problems with dropped calls, I live in eastern Iowa and frequently travel to chicago I have had no issues driving through rural Illinois. No problems in Orlando or Tampa Fl, no problem in San Diego or Palm Springs CA and no problems in Las Vegas. Our plan is inexpensive and we will be upgrading phones soon. One concern is no 4G coverage in Iowa, I have been unable to find any information about Sprints plans for implementing 4G here. However, Verizon will be implementing 4G here in 2011 if the pricing is similar to sprint I might make the jump.

  78. TIm Says:

    I have Sprint for work and with wife and two kids are on a plan with Verizon. Both plans are up, and I have to go with one or the other (Work is no longer covering my work phone), so I am up in the air. Verizon has been OK, but their unwillingness to help us out on my son’s phone with a screen defect, and Sprint’s help on numerous occasions with help on my Crackberry – each time – free of charge has me leaning to them…

  79. Teri Says:

    First, I have not issues with Verizon’s coverage. I currently have 4 phones on Verizon’s family plan with 1400 minutes and unlimited texting. This plan does not include data. We are unable to upgrade to the newer versions of our current phones without paying at least a $9.99 data fee. Has anyone see how much data is actually included for the $9.99 plan. Does anyone have teenagers? Therefore, to stay with Verizon, our bill will increase automatically $40.00 per month, not including any “accidental” data overages from our teenagers phones. Want a smart phone? Now our bill is at $250.00 a month before taxes and surcharges (only adding one smart phone and $30.00 data package, $280.00 for two smart phones).

    I have researched options, from prepaid to all the major carriers. I live in Northeast Indiana and I have discovered many options available.

    At the end of the month, I will be taking my business to Sprint. 4 smart phones on their family data plan is around $200.00 before taxes and surcharges. We can opt for even less if we decide not to go with the data phones for our teens.

    Sprint – no hidden limits, and they are even porting over all my numbers at no charge. Sprint has the opportunity to make a killing in this market and all they have to do is continue with what they are already doing. They are professional and customer-oriented. This combination is rare these days. Way to go Sprint!

  80. Steve74 Says:

    Here was the crutch upon my cell usage. I had been with Alltel, which I loved. Great service and plan, Verizon buys them out the service and coverage sucks (though my signal was good, yet consistently dropped calls). So, I figure maybe it was my old Alltel phone; however, I switched to the LG Envy Touch (the phone was replaced four times due software or hardware issues, shortly following they gave me a Droid. If things couldn’t get any worse, the service became even worse. Dropped calls, poor reception and a bill that kept getting higher and higher each month, even with the unlimited data package. No one at Verizon could give a reason, only that I had to pay it or service would be canceled. I decided on Sprint’s simply everything, it’s been five months and I have absolutely no complaints. Better service, coverage and most of all a stable bill.

  81. Mother of One Says:

    My husband and I have been with GTE/Verizon since 1998 and I am absolutely done with Verizon?s Customer Service; Sprint is who are researching as our next carrier.

    I would have changed sooner but because hubby normally ?wheels & deals? with the upgrades and plans as our family needs changed I never saw the full picture. Not until recently when I had to place a few calls to Customer Service and visit their stores that I realized that their current customer base (service section of store) are waiting around like herded cattle to be tended to verses the ?sales? floor where the reps where tripping over each other to sell their product.

    In my experience here in Central NJ, every time I?ve had to address something with Verizon the reps have been rude, nasty, cocky, know all and ungrateful to have your business. I think many would agree, that times call for careful budgeting for expenses and Verizon is simply not doing the most for their customers. I would consider staying with Verizon if I felt they warranted what they are raking ($) from my husband and I on a monthly basis, which by the way is never consistent.

    I?ve been a loyal, on time paying customer for years now and truly believe they can do better. They have chosen not to and so we are now leaving.

    In closing, I will say never had an issue with actual call quality. But at some point you get tired of putting out so much money, you get tired of the ?smart? remarks by their Customer Service reps and fact is Verizon is NOT the only kid on the block.

    Verizon; learn to treat your customers with respect. It seems the niceness and courtesy stops the minute you join the family; just not the way to do business.

  82. Mart Says:

    verizon wireless doesn’t have anything to stand on anymore. Everything is about the fewest dropped calls! but the cell packages are just not meeting or competing with the other carriers. their plan is to squeeze more money out of our pockets. like ordering at a chinese takeout without meal deals or lunch specials. Ala cart service doesn’t work in this type of business.

  83. Barry Says:

    Bottom line. my family plan with Verizon, 5 phones, all smart phones cost us $406 a month.

    I am going to Sprint, same 5 phones, all smart, $210 a month includes a corporate discount.

    I asked Verizon rep to work with me, not interested. Must be nice to have so many customers that it doesn’t matter if you lose a few thousand….every day.

  84. R.D. Says:

    Thanks for all the comments. Very helpful. To me, theirs more + then – with sprint.Because they both use cdma systems. The bottom line here is. Sprint is $40 per month cheaper then verizon on there unlimited plans. Thats $480 per year. So i have nothing to loose, but alot to gain. Thanks guys.

  85. chrisilee Says:

    I have VZW and i got a phone and then not even 30 days later, the phone crashed (the Kin) and all they could was send me a new replacement phone.. the same phone and 3 days later the EXACT same thing happend and i had to erase ALL DATA off of my phone, not to mention they didn’t even try to help me get any info back. the won’t give me a new phone, this phone drops calls EVERYDAY and i am to my ends wit with VZW i pay 180+ each month for 3 phones and if i were to move to Sprint i would pay 140 maybe. that’s 40$ less than VZW

    I am seriously considering changing. if you switch Sprint takes money off of your bill (depending on how much it costs to cancel the service)
    VZW is going FAR below expectations and i will not be recomending them anymore, not after the STRAPED in contracts.

  86. payg iphone Says:

    magnificent issues altogether, you just won a logo new reader. What could you recommend about your post that you just made a few days ago? Any certain?

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    wonderful issues altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What may you suggest about your publish that you simply made some days in the past? Any positive?

  88. Verizon customer Says:

    Have been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 16 years but am miffed because when I switched to Fios they said I could have a quadruple play. Then they said because the cable bill was in my husband’s name and the phones were in my name they couldn’t do it.All being billed to the same house and paid from the same checking. Just a way to not give a discount. Meanwhile they are making so much money they don’t know what to do with it.This $30 data fee will put most of us over the edge.
    Thanks to this site I am changing to Sprint !

  89. Jorge Arenas Says:

    After 6 months of complaining about poor service, dropped calls, etc. Verizon representatives are refusing to cancel the contract for poor performance. Consumers be aware, they claim the best service in the country, but from my perspective, they are worthless.

  90. Kaysi Says:

    I’ve been on verizin for 2 year… I’m on my Fascinate right now. It works great and the
    signals great. I like it alot… but I have many problems. My phone freezes a lot also
    does not send my texr messages sometimes. It says it sent but it really doesn’t I get
    phone calls saying ” Text me back please.” and tell them I was replying. I like other verizon phones to. VERIZON

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