Verizon vs T-Mobile Wireless Service

Verizon vs T-Mobile

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  2. Victoria Says:

    whatever you do, do not get tmobile. their service is absolutely horrible. their customer service is also just as horrible. im telling you, dont get tmobile! i cant wait to get verizon.

  3. angel eyes Says:

    I guess it depends on where you live because tmobile works great where I live I am still gonna get a verizon phone tho… lol

  4. tania Says:

    i will get a verizon just because my son wants a phone they have…otjerwise TMOBILE HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

  5. dont worry about it Says:

    fuck verizon

  6. alyssa hates klea Says:

    t mobile is great. i noe alot of people with verizon and they have the ugliest phones EVER!! and they all hate it! in my opinion i would go to t mobile or cricket. My mom has Cricket and has unlimited texting,calling and internet just for $40 a month!

  7. alyssa hates klea Says:

    i have t mobile and its great!! I know alot of people with Verizon and their phones are butt ugly! They also have no service. But in my opinion i would go to T Mobile or Cricket. My mom has cricket and she gets unlimited texting,calling and internet all just for $40 a month!!

  8. Dan Says:

    If you are buying a phone based on looks then you are not qualified to tell others which service provider is the best. Intelligent people buy phones based on the quality of service, NOT THE LOOKS. As for the Boost Mobile I had it in 2007. It was lousy service and quality. Not for people who use phone service for important matters.

  9. Chris Says:

    Some people crack me up. in case you didnt know everyone, THERE IS A REASON CRICKET AND BOOST MOBILE ARE SO CHEAP!!! they SUCK!!!! they have no coverage. Keep paying your 40 dollars for crap service on a mediocre network. Ill pay more for better quality. Im with verizon now and i love it, but I have had ATT and loved them as well. Those two are the best. Cricket and boost are a joke, and t mobile is a joke as well. Sprint – eeehhh, they are ok. But i would not recommend them

  10. The Guy Says:

    ok… the phones are not what you look at when you are talking about service. I have been through AT&T, Nextel, Nextel/Sprint, T-Mobile, and now Verizon. AT&T sevice sucks all around but has the top phone(IPhone). Nextel was the best until they merged with sprint then it got worse somehow. T-Mobile is really good and cheap as long as you don’t use data(internet). Verizon is the best all around but you do pay a bit more. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.
    P.S.- non-contract phones are for people who are lazy and don’t get jobs. The voice/data service’s suck for those phones.

  11. s Says:

    i’m in georgia, with t-mobile for 11 years, few weeks a go me and my brothers went for 4 days to florida port san joe, i was the only one with the most expencive phone who had not service, but others with verizon and att were ok. after driving 85 miles towars north, then i got service, huge gap. i really like to switch to verizon, but i’m not sure about coverage in midwest and europe??

  12. Jan Says:

    I’ve had T Mobile for years and it has always worked great. Never a dropped call, even picked up a signal in the middle of the Arizona desert. Thinking of Cricket only for the unlimited minutes, however, if you’re out of your area, it will charge you roaming fees. Not so with T Mobile.

  13. cadydid Says:

    I agree with the poster that said if you judge a carrier based on the look of the phone, you are not qualified to judge anything on the topic.

    I live in a small town in south central Kansas and have had all the major carriers. ATT was the worst when it came to coverage with Tmobile not far behind. I finally got Alltel and I was in heaven!! Only a small stretch of road for about 9 miles that I didnt have coverage.

    Verizon bought out Altell(may you rest in peace :(.. )So far the coverage is the same, but the customer service had taken a serious down turn. It’s been one billing issue after another. And their solution instead of just correcting THEIR mistake is” Oh you know this is because you are under Alltel terms( which is so wrong and ours is so much better). Talk about a blantant attempt to get me to switch…I upgraded early and at cost so I would be under my Alltel terms for as long as I possibly could.

    I wish I had an option other than Verizon, but because of where I live, ATT and TMoble are both out of the question.



  15. Les Says:

    I have had ATT always had to up m service not to get romming charges, Then I had T-mobile never had a problem with servie only with service department. Know I have verizon and do not like it, bad coverage. I would go back to T-mobile buy I have a 2 year con.

  16. Toni Says:

    I had Verizon several (8) years ago and had one dropped call after another. Their customer service SUCKED–big time. Rude, rude, rude!
    So I switched to T-Mo. I have never had a dropped call, however I have had problems getting their 3G network. Their customer service rocks. But their phone choices are crap. I wish T-Mobile had the iPhone 3GS. I have the My Touch 3G and it’s fine, but I would love an OS system that was smoother and faster. Maybe some day T-Mo will get better phones, but I am staying with them because they have the best and cheapest plan and they have good coverage and great customer service.

  17. Kish Says:

    I think T-Mobile probably has the best customer service in the business right now. I was talking to a Verizon salesman and he agreed that their customer service is lousy, but he gave the reason, “We have the best service, so most people either put up with it, or they can leave and go to another service.”

    I don’t care as much about the look of the phone, as I do about the service the carrier can provide. I do love Verizon for their plan and coverage, but as for their billing situations are a huge problem.

    Hope this helps!

  18. rayna Says:

    Verizon all the way 😀

  19. joe Says:

    I’ve had just about every network except T-mobile, I’m with Verizon now and service is good, but their monthly rates are outrages, the 3g web takes for ever. based on reviews I think I’m gonna give T-mobile a try. I don’t care what people say, it comes down to the price and service.

  20. george Says:

    I signed up for an AT&T plan Talk7 69.99 month. I ended up putting 151.48 for down payment and accessories on July 01. I recieved a bill a few weeks later for Billing Cycle July 01 thru July 02 for amount 190.69. I called AT&T customer service and this was for 1 day of Service in July which I was charged 1 month and the next month in advance. I decided to exercise my right to cancel contract in first 30 days. I took phones and accessories back to AT&T store on July 16 and was charged restocking fee for phones. I received a credit for -16.00. I called AT&T to submit a gripe to a AT&T manager and the service attendant did not escalate my request. However AT&T informed me that I would be getting a final bill. I asked how can I get a final Bill on an account I just closed. I even got a -16.00 refund.. No explanation AT&T could give can satisfy my mind. These guys seem like thieves and robbers. If you are a poor working person like me you may want to avoid these guys as you may not be able to afford the AT&T Invoices which you will not be able to interpret. Invoice was beyond my ability to interpret and more than I could afford.

  21. Jack Says:

    DO NOT go with AT&T. I initially had AT&T Wireless back in 2003, and they were horrible. Luckily they switched to Cingular and the service bumped up; however, once they switched back to AT&T they came after me. After having no problems for almost 2 years with Cingular, I got a call in the first month on a 1 week late bill and they threatened to cut off my service and send me to collections. So…I put myself in auto-pay, as I was travelling for work. That’s when the real shenanigans started. Overcharges, strange bill charges…and they would only ever “credit” me back the money, not refund. Of course, having voice messages arriving 3 days after tha call was lovely…in downtown CHICAGO! Plus, I had an issue with my phone being knocked out of my hand at a bar, dirt got in, and I lost my contacts. First, the person at the store altered my data plan “to save me money,” which had the great side affect of removing my text message usage visibility for a month and a half prior and I couldn’t get my current it for a month after (which made me miss a date with a girl who only texted), and then the same store manager argued with me over letting me exchange a phone that didn’t work in my office after I only had it for 3 days! I called in to get help and was mocked because I didn’t keep a backup…by a SUPERVISOR! Absolutely, positively, the most horrible company out there. I purchased a $150 phone from a 3rd party outfit and waited out my contract. Never again. T-mobile has been nothing but courteous to me. Then again, they respect and value loyal customers…I guess 6 years on their network wasn’t enough for AT&T to value me.

  22. Cathy Says:

    I have to say that I have had Cricket and their service was awesome, that was almost 3 or 4 yrs ago. Altho, I didnt have internet and all that, but I loved the fact that it was only $80 flat rate a month. I have also had Sprint & USCellular yrs ago, they sucked. I havent had AT&T. I have been with Verizon will be going on 6 yrs I believe. I LOVE their service, but at the end of the 2 yrs the phones do get crappy. The customer service is awesome, but with the prices going up I am regretfully taking my service elsewhere. We are going to sign up with i-Wireless, which is T-Mobile/Cricket. THey have the best plans so far. And for what we need with our plan, is $200 less then what Verizon is offering. If we decide to go to Verizon again, we’ll just cancel and continue on with them.

  23. Candice T. Rogero Says:

    I have Verizon and I don’t have too many complaints however I am tired of paying $100+ phone bill every single month when I hardly use my phone. I am thinking of getting a plan with my boyfriend through T Mobile but I’m scared since everyone acts like T Mobile sucks. So if anyone else can give me their opinion or experience with T Mobile it would be greatly appreciated=)

  24. clhuang Says:

    T-Mobile is beast. i just got t-mobile yesterday and i already love it. the phones are cheap and great, and the internet is hi=ust $10 bucks for unlimited access.

  25. Molly Says:

    tmobile is the suckiest provider there is! I hate them! their service was terrible their customer service was also just horrible! I am soooo happy at verizon! they are the best my bill has gone down by well over 100 dollars! I am the only one on my plan, it was the same for tmobile but some how they felt justified charging me 300 dollars for a month! and now want me to pay a 450 termination fee! ugh tmobile is the worst! 2 thumbs way down if you can avoid it dont do it! verizons service is sooo much better!! they are nice my bills are consistant, and the service is GREAT!

  26. Ty Says:

    T-mobile doesn’t “suck.” Their internet speeds are actually MUCH faster than Verizon’s. Up to 10mbps in UT, CA, NV, as far as I have experienced. Each carrier has their drop zones; simply check the coverage map of each carrier and ask someone you know that has the carrier and a recent phone, as a newer/better phone does make a difference. If you do live in a rural area then Verizon might be the better match for you. Molly is a dumbass because T-Mobile doesn’t offer 450 termination fees nor $300 bills for one line. Verizon and T-Mobile are epic companies, you simply need to know where coverage is available. Verizon = 97% of America covered. T-Mobile = 96% of America covered. WOW lmfao.

  27. duh Says:

    You guys all suck and do not know what your talking about. SPRINT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am LMFOA on your dubmness…idoits

  28. LeeAnna Says:

    I have t mobile. the service/coverage are good. i had a plan with 2 phones that was great, then i upgraded with 2 more phones and unlimited texting. that was last year and now there an $18 surcharge for a phone upgrade(per phone i believe). oh, my bill was about $80 for 2 phones and now its almost $200 for the 4 phones. then last month we had a month long ‘free trial’ for web, they said if we wanted to add web after the free trail was over we just needed to tell them to add it, but they added it anyway, that’s at $10 per phone, that’s not bad for those who’d use it, we don’t. now, i was told each person has to cancel it from t mobile’s website. i just tried to sign in,to do that and i got an error on t mobile’s website from their server. so i don’t know going on with that.

  29. LeeAnna Says:

    oh, i have had t mobile for almost 2 years, one year with the 2 phones(with no problems) then this last year with the 4 phones and just web problem. when my sister got her phone stolen not even a week after getting it, she called customer service and got a new SIM card but not the $300 phone (that i got at $50 at walmart) because we could not prove that it was stolen.

  30. Nickson Says:

    I had t-mobile for YEARS until my sister told me to try out sprint. I HATE them. Bad Customer service, bad coverage, but OK prices. But what good are the prices if you cant call nobody on them? T-Mobile has really good and cheap phones at small monthly fee and plus smartphone data has more options having 200mb for $10/m or unlimited for $30/m. on their 4g network.

  31. rubincanj Says:

    I’ve had tmobile 3 yrs just got new sidekick lx 2009 all my bill statements say should be charged 67.41 but since got new phone I’ve been paying 85. its same phone as 1 I replaced and with the 2 yr upgrade I only had to pay like 50. For phone 1st bill after was like 170. So they have been continually ripping me off and the buttons are wearing of on the new phone can barely see some and just since june last 1 had 2 yrs and was in great condition …customer service told me last month was last 85. Dollar payment now for dec bill again is 85 if not changed im going somewhere else (and that’s for 300 anyx min. Unlimited text ,data,and web 3G phone freezes a lot also )

  32. Ty Whitt Says:

    Don’t fool yourselves, the Tmobile network is the slowest thing since dialup on a party line. Who cares what a phone looks like, they’re all so similar. Try to get it to browse is the main thing. I tried my friends Verizon Droid, and it was at least 20 times faster than my Moto Cliq on Tmobile.

  33. luigi Says:

    just switched from Verizon to Tmobile, after paying 100 dls. for 2 lines 700 minutes and no texts I now have 5 lines for 125 dls. 3000 minutes and unlimited text. So far so good, some areas where I did not have coverage before I get 3G with tmobile now. I live in Southern CA

  34. San Diego, CA Says:

    Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and so far so good. Two phones 750 min, unlimited text, 200mb data plan. My bill with insurance on one phone is $115.92 per month. Both phones are the new G2 and are very fast on the internet. We chose the cheaper plan for the data because when we are at home & work we just log into our wi-Fi. The customer service has been fine with T-Mobile, but I have only had to call once. If I can suggest one thing, it would be to get your phone from the kiosk at Costco. Costco does not charge start up fee and the phone was only $99.00 compared to $199.00 at the T-Mobile store. I need to clarify that the start up fee is charged on your first bill but then it is credited back the next month. It’s a wash. Use Costco………

  35. mike Says:

    Ive got Verizon here in the midwest and I can tell you the service is wonderful. AT&T took over cingular and lost their quality of service so I broke my contract with them just to get away from them. It was worth it.

  36. Jess Says:

    Verizon sucks! Internet is SLOW, and bills are outragious! Way too expensive for cell phone service. We switched to T-mobile… LOVE IT. I have the 3Gslide and my fiance has the 4G.. Super Fast! Havent had one dropped call! Verizon customer serivce is crap.. they all hate their jobs! Switch to T-Moblie!!

  37. Herschel Witts Says:

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  38. Kaye Says:

    Verizon sucks. I have the LG EV Touch and I am on phone number 6. Customer service is HORRIBLE. I recently called and was set up with a new phone FINALLY. I was told that I would only have to extend my contract for one year. When I finally received the phone in the mail I tried to activate it, but in order to do so I had to agree to a two year contract. I called Verizon and spoke to a manager. She was EXTREMELY rude. She told me that they could not honor the agreement for a one year contract unless I wanted to pay 100 extra dollars for the phone. We stay on the phone for an hour and she finally told me to terminate my service and hung up. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone, ever!!!

  39. Celia Says:

    I think t-mobile is great, the service and phones are great. The customer service is wonderful. They do not harass you like Sprint, when you have questions about billing. The customer service representatives have really good attitude, but they do not always give you the most accurate information from my experience. However, when you tell them they are wrong, they will go out of their way to make up for it such as giving you generous credits on your phone bills.

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  41. Heather Says:

    All I can say is people with verizon are always braging cause they have verizon but I can tell yall verizon would not piss on you if you were on FIRE! Your friend from tmobile .

  42. RAYNA Says:

    t-mobile is the s**t…i love them… iv”e read all of ur replys towards it an i can understand…boost,,SUCKS..WHICH MEANS SPRINT..AT&T..CROOKS…CRIKET..CHEAP PHONES…VERIZON..TO MUCH OF HIGH PRICES… i can afford it..but the have stupid high price phones…T-MOBILE…works with u in any type of trouble.. -T-MOBILE IS WATZ UP!!-

  43. mizztweetybaby Says:

    thx ppl 4 helping wit my verizon vs tmobile debate!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way im with vetrizon all the way

  44. Alfreda Says:

    t-mo sucks. am paying for 4G but still on a 3G. Why’s that! my touch with google now after u pay the phone off they came with a lot of problems.
    t-mo does this all the time. bill can be paid and service is lousy> tell where can i get a phone that does like other phone. would that be iphone??? just get a iphone and put my tmobile sim in it?

  45. brad Says:

    verizon service is good not great I had them for 4 years.i bought a new smart phone at customer service,just found out that i paid 70.00 more than on there if i return it it will cost me another 35.00
    i just would like to say there prices suck.
    i can not witch because my entire family has verison.i just wish that alltel would have bought out verizon.the prices were alot cheaper and service was great.i had 3 line for about 90 then when we upgraded to verizon my bill went up about 30 dollars more with a 20%discount included from my job.

  46. Nigel Says:

    I have had t-mobile for about 7 years can’t say I haven’t had problems but have tried AT&T and version and sprint defiantly t-mobile is the best!!

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