Verizon Wireless Review

Verizon Wireless is the 2nd largest wireless network and has over 67 million subscribers in the United States. AlthoughVerizon Review they are only the 2nd largest network, they are the largest wireless provider in terms of revenue. Verizon was officially formed in 2000 and has grown in popularity year over year.

Verizon Wireless Technology Review

Verizon Wireless is one of the last major cell phone providers still using CDMA networks. Many of the big cell phone companies used CDMA but have since transitioned to superior technology. Verizon has also recently announced they will begin testing a technology similar to GSM in upcoming years so if you’re looking into signing with Verizon, you may see some major technology changes in the near future that would require buying an updated cell phone.

Verizon Wireless Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless offers cell phones from many of the major cell phone manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Motorola. They have a large variety of regular cell phones and smartphones. Some of their more popular phones include the Motorola Razr and the LG Chocolate. Most cell phone users would never notice the difference between a CDMA and GSM network but some tech junkies strongly prefer the newer technology of GSM.

Verizon Wireless Features

Verizon has some of its own unique services and features called V Cast.

  • V Cast Music
  • V Cast Mobile TV
  • V Cast Videos
  • Games
  • Tools
  • VZ Navigator

Compare Verizon to Other Service Providers

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249 Responses to “Verizon Wireless Review”

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  2. James Says:

    I’ve loved Verizon so far. I’ve had AT&T, T-Mobile and Cricket and prefer Verizon over all of them.

  3. eliza Says:

    Please have date on these review so we know if it is the most recent update or …



  4. John Says:

    Their network is a joke. Sometimes I get SMS messages and pages 3 days after they were sent to me, dropped calls constantly, dead zones miles wide. The internet is as slow as 2400 baud modem,
    GPS can’t find any satellites. I should have gotten Cricket or something that actually works.

  5. Verizon News Says:

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  6. myringtones Says:

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  7. Arnab Says:

    I am very happy with their service , the network is awesome , coverage everywhere , thats what you need from a wirless carrier , I had some problems with my blackberry 8130 and they sent me a new fone , without charging me anything , I had to go abroad and they gave me a free global fone with no rental charges , their customer service is pretty good , very happy with the service , can’t complain

  8. Barry Says:

    I bought several Verizon Ringtones and then upgraded to a new phone. According to the Ringtone Terms and Conditions, I have a license to use these ringtones for a year. However, Verizon wants me to re-purchase the ringtones I hold a year-long license to transfer them to my new phone. Their Terms and Conditions do not say anything about this for either Ringtones or Phone Upgrade. The Customer Server Representative verified verbally that neither of these Terms and Conditions state anything about having to re-purchase my already purchased ringtones during a conversation on 5/11/09 around 2pm MDT, which I confirmed that Verizon recorded. I believe this is fraud because they are attempting to charge me for something I have already paid for. Ironically, while the customer service rep was checking the Terms and Conditions to verify, the ad playing on the phone said that I could get new equipment and return it within 30 days AT NO CHARGE. I just had an issue with them the day before where they were trying to CHARGE ME A RE-STOCKING FEE because I returned a cell modem within 30 days. If I had not saved the chat text with one of their reps stating clearly that there were NO CHARGES if I returned it within 30 days, they would have charged me. Do you see the pattern here?

  9. John Steele Says:

    I feel Verizon Wireless is is the best provider,but most expensive too.But listen to this!Last week I did a post dated check (over the phone)for 5-16 Sat. Today Thurs.5-14 my phone was disconnected for non-payment.After I realized I haven’t had a call all day,I tried to use my phone & guess what?Shut off…all day long.I called & fin.serv.They turned it back on.I told them since I haul cars,I lost a whole day of work & feel I should be credited something.All they would do was waive the reconnection fee $15.00 when it was they’re fault.But be late on your payment & they’ll slap you Late Charge.

  10. emily Says:

    does anyone know how much extra it cost to update your phone before your 2year contract is up?

  11. Kyle Says:

    It depends on the phone. Sometimes they will let you do a one year upgrade but if not then you will need to pay full retail price which could be anywhere from $150 – $650. It all depends on the phone.

  12. Tara Says:

    I have had verizon for over a year now and i can’t stand it. I paid the 10 dollars extra for unlimited texting and not only did they take that out but they also charged me for every text i sent and received! instead of my bills being 54.00 or so a month- i had to pay over 300.00 a month! I called and complained and they told me that i was at fault and they would not reimburse me. Needless to say after all was said and done, i ended my service and will never go back to verizon again!

  13. M. Says:

    Beware of unexplained charges! I was told my VCAST would be removed from my bill and I was not responsible for the charge. I deducted the VCAST amount from my bill and Verizon has the odacity to charge me a late fee for my unpaid VCAST. What a freakin rip off!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jah kamren Says:


  15. Marty Says:

    I have mostly but positive thing to say about verizon. The only negative is that they are more expemsive. At least with Verizon customer service, you do get a human to talk to in a quick fashion, I never got that with Sprint, I had to wait hours to get help with a service issue.

    My BIG THATABOY for verizon is, My son’s cellphone was stolen, in an hours time, someone downloaded over 100.00 of getit now, verizon credit my account on the spot and then shutdown service for that phone.

    Thank You Verizon

  16. Moparmyk440 Says:

    I am a new customer to Verizon and so far have had some bad issues with 2 of the 3 phones on my account, Since it is past 30 days Verizon customer service is pretty much expired and so far I am stuck with these sorry phones or they will happily replace by brand new defective phones with previously returned Defective same model phones that others dumped in time. So far very dissatisfied, I find them a fair weather friend who after 30 days is not interested in backing their product and just wants its customers to shut up and keep paying the bill for 2 years…Think twice

  17. Very Upset with Verizon Says:

    I’ve had Verizon for more than 6 years. My Blackberry’s charging port recently broke and it will not receive a charge. When I took it into the store they said they wouldn’t replace it even though it was an internal part that broke. I called and confirmed this through their customer service department. I also had insurance but it will cost me the same amount to purchase a new phone as it did the original. Basically, the money I’ve put toward insurance each month has done nothing! At this point I’m considering canceling my contract with Verizon and moving to another provider.

  18. Danielle Says:

    how much does it cost to close a contract

  19. Katie Says:

    I asked for unlimited text messages and they said they no longer provided it. My friends had inlimited text messaging and when verizon no longer provided it the never told them and just let them keep texting.

  20. Gary Says:

    A friend of mine got charged $4k, yes $4000 for Data he NEVER USED!!! I’m skeptical as Sprint we have been overbilled and AT&T has a weak network. T-Mobile doesn’t cover less than 5% of California in the metro-LA and Hollywood areas. AMERICAN CELL PHONE TECH SUCKS. European O2 when I was in UK there was phenominal.

  21. beverly Says:

    If your verizon wireless is disconnected completely. What do i have to do to get my services back on?

  22. Bobkat Says:

    I just tried switching to Verizon. I was hoping to go to a network with better coverage locally and nationally AND get a discount through my employer. First try to switch, they emailed to inform me that my number was not available to port. Called current carrier and they had no requests to port my number. Second try Verizon emailed asking for a fax of Social Security and Drivers License cards. Why? They already had the information. Emailed them that I would not fax them due to concerns about identity theft. Their response: “?We understand your concern regarding becoming a victim of identity theft. ?Since our Credit Review Team received no hits from any Credit Bureau when they ran your credit application, ?if you want to begin service, we need to verify your identity. ?There will also be a $400.00 security deposit required for each line of service you wish to establish. ?We are very sorry for the inconvenience.” What? Who are they kidding? This phone retails for $300 and why would I pay a security deposit for a two-year contract? FISHY!!!

  23. Cassie Says:

    Verison would have to be the best for me….yes they have their problems but what thing doesnt everything has there down falls…nothing is 100% grate…but for me i wouldnt want anything but verizon….VERIZON YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. emergency cell phone Says:

    My biggest complaint about verizon is that they are way to expensive.

  25. Amanda Says:

    Verizon was just great the first two years I had them. BUT and its a big but, after I renewed my contract for another two years, it has been nothing but a constant fight. Billing me too much, changing my due date, charging me more than the aggreed upon price on my phone and to top it all off you call to talk to someone, who is not only un-helpful but patronizing and rude.
    Verizon is AGGRAVATING and a complete WASTE.
    I am switching back to AT&T they are the best service I have had.
    VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Nathan Says:

    Went with Verizon because got a discount through my current employer, so I left US Cellular whom I had been with for over 4 years to join Verizon’s can you hear me now?! After recieving my phone nothing but constant problems, places where i normally received service just dead areas constantly dropped calls and echoing like crazy, much to my misfortune I decided that I would return the equipment and return to my previous carrier. I called customer service and went through the process of cancelling and complaining about my problems with their service. The girl I spoke with assured me that I would not be billed for any services as long as the phone was returned and received by the end of 30 days, well I had only had service for maybe 3 days! I returned the phone and waited for my final statement that my account was closed. After several weeks of not hearing back I tracked the fedex shipping label and it had been returned and received only 4 days later. I called Verizon again and much to my dismay I couldn’t find a number on my bill or any paperwork to put me through to customer service. When I called the only number I could find which was of course the sales number they told me to dial 611 from my phone, I don’t have the phone anymore duh! So after finally getting the number to call customer care which was like pulling teeth I couldn’t even get through to a representative without putting in a number and last 4 of soc otherwise it just disconnected me. I finally got a hold of another gal who said in her system they did not show that they had received the phone yet and she showed I had a balance owing of over $500!! WHAT! She assured me that once the receiving department shows that it has been received they will credit me for the full balance and not owe a thing. I even had her check the tracking number herself and she even noted that it was received but she couldn’t do anything else other than that. So I waited again and about a month later i receive the bill for the amount of about $500. I once again call customer support and they go on to say that I am responsible for the charges that were due for the service i used all 3 days of it! I explain to the guy what had been explained to me and that they weren’t going to get a cent from me. They refused to say that they had never said such things about me getting credited and no charges. Let me talk to your supervisor pls oh he or she will just tell you the same thing I did. Too bad let me talk to them, after being on hold for almost 20 mins a gal gets on the phone and re explains everything to me, i tell her that this is bs and i am not paying a cent for service that was absolutely horrible you got your equipment back stuff it where the sun don’t shine. She tells me that if i don’t calm down she will disconnect the phone call. I am not yelling I am not screaming and im not cussing at this lady why is she going to hang up on me. So relentlessly after fighting with her for almost a hour she disconnects the phone call asking me if theres anything else she can help me with. Yes please credit the account like I was told and send me a final statement for my records, in the midst of explaining this she hangs up on me. I call back to get another gentleman and explain to him my situation and please just put your supervisor on, he does so and of course this guy I talk to says the same thing. So i tell him i know you record these calls here are the people I talked to and the centers where they are located since i documented all of this in case of this situation call them and see what they say. Ok he says but it may take me several days to collaborate with these ppl before I call you back fine I say just fix it. After a couple months and yes this whole thing took 3 months to resolve! I get a notice in the mail that a change of address has been submitted for my account and if i didnt submit it to please call them asap. Now what could be the problem so I call and I enter my old number and then it starts speaking in spanish! It had been so long my number had been recycled and reused to a spanish speaking individual so I made up a number and last 4 of soc and got ahold of another guy. Much to the 15 mins it took him to dig up my account he finally finds it and says oh everything has been credited and you actually have a credit of $4.30! Woot send me that check, of course this has been well over a year ago and I still haven’t received a check probably never will. So after all this rambling I would definitely not go with Verizon crappy customer service, crappy coverage, crappy phones, crappy employee ethics I hope someone finds this review useful I know that when I buy anything now especially with a contract reviews are the best!

  27. govnianii Says:

    Verizon wireless in the worst service I’ve ever had. I live in DTC area in Colorado and during the time that I had service with them I did not get any reception in my house. When I called they told me since that’s the problem area I can cancel it anytime withoout being charged an early termination fee. After I canceled the service, they did charge me the fee and did not want to refund it back.

  28. Sangju Kim Says:

    Hate verizon wireless is the *uckest service ever.
    Their customer service is ridiculous. All they say is it’s all my fault not to check with them again and everything is my responsibility. All they say is they don’t see any records.. blah blah.

  29. max Says:

    i have no problems cause i am not screwing up, you all did something wrong because its illegal to charge you for something out of random, its in the print and you need to learn how to read.

  30. Marina Says:

    December 12, 2009

    Striking Fear into Their Customers

    My family and I have been with Verizon Wireless for 6 years and we have enjoyed every aspect of their services. We loved the coverage that we received when using our cellular phones. We noticed that we received good coverage everywhere we were at, while our friends who used different phone company received no service in the same areas. Verizon Wireless may provide the best coverage when compared to other cell phone companies but they are lacking in customer service. About two and a half years ago my family decided to switch to a phone company that was less expensive. During this process we were faced with obstacles created by Verizon Wireless. Verizon stated that we already signed another two year contract with them which was not true because we never talked to them about renewing our contract. When discussing the situation with a customer service representative from Verizon Wireless this person began to threaten my father. The Verizon representative said that we have to pay the yearly cancelation fee and when my father refused they began threatening us even more. The customer service representative said that our name will be given to the bill collector, who will call multiple times a day until the cancelation fee is paid. They also threatened us by stating that they will ruin our credit score if we don?t pay the fee. In their Commitment and Values statement, Verizon Wireless states that ?it is critical that we respect everyone at every level of our business?. This respect was not seen when our family was trying to switch phone services. My family has never been treated this poorly and it?s something we will never forget. This might be just one of few incidents but threatening customers the way Verizon did is just unacceptable. When reading other reviews about Verizon Wireless I was surprised to find that there are people who have gone through the same problem that my family went through. This means that it?s not just a once in the life time incident but it?s more than that and this problem has not been fixed. One of the Verizon customers who is going by the name of tim9m stated that ?She never truly agreed to become a verizon customer. Verizon sent her a bill for 500.00 this was to opt out of a one cell phone contract. What’s even worse was they had a collection agency call her up the same day she opened the bill. They told her it was around 700 dollars for that whole mess she owed 200 extra because of alltell?. This is the exact situation that I had to go through. I also saw many reviews of Verizon customers complaining of the surprise charges added to their monthly bills. Many also complain about high costs. On one of the cell phone review sites an anonymous consumer stated that ?My biggest complaint about verizon is that they are way to expensive?. This is a very common complaint and nothing has been done to correct the problem. I would strongly recommend to other customers of Verizon to be cautious because Verizon can find a way to stick you with extra charges. There are other phone companies who also provide good services and at the same time they also provide cheaper prices and better customer services. Verizon is not a very good phone company, I would recommend joining another service.

  31. R. Christ Says:

    I was a customer for over 7 years. I retired and my contract was up so I called and asked who they would recommend for the area I was going to. The girl said “Oh that’s no problem I can fix your current phone service will it work in that area and no roaming charges. I asked what if it doesn’t work and she said they can’t charge you if it doesn’t. It didn’t and now they have are charging me with a $200. termination fee. I went thru BB after trying to get it corrected. They still turned it over to a collection agency that harasses me. The man at verizon in St.Louis was very hateful. I was a good customer and always paid on time so I say to you.DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not honor their commitments or follow thru with the ads they put out.

  32. Connie Says:

    I have been a customer of Verizon’s for the past 6 years. Their customer support BEFORE the Alltel merger was wonderful…I never had a complaint. However, the past few months have been horrendous! I just got off the phone with their so-called customer service, due to extra charges being billed to my account. Well after finding out what the charges were for (I had called them in November to have a block put on these services) I was also informed they could not remove them, and I had to pay for something that was SUPPOSED to be blocked. As I said the representative, AT&T is looking better every day!

  33. Howie Says:

    Interesting about these posts. Up until 4 days ago I would have called you people nutz. NOW, I’m a very well burned Verizon customer. Verizon sales at a Corp store, outright lied to me on pay service for pre-paid cell. Customer service cost me up the yang callin them for a *86 issue. 5 calls and no cure. Had to go back to store, costed me again. I asked about a refund for the 5 calls placed and still was no setup of voice mail, the guy tells me I’m SOL. I dial the number my problem. Now I have $102 vested into a Verizon phone service and a 90 days service date and not a year as the store promised. With Net 10 I would of had 1,020 minutes and a full year of activation. Both have no customer service, Net 10 out right cheaper. Cheap phone too! Verizon phone is the better phone. The Net 10 phone gets 5 bars of signal, the Verizon gets 1 to 2 bars of service from the same location. Go figure that one. You people are not nutz after all, it’s all true.

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  35. Lindsay Says:

    I have been a dedicated Altell customer for 20 years. Then Verizon bought them. Right when that happened, my altell phone stopped working correctly and would freeze, etc. Verizon sent me a re-furbished replacement of the same phone. It didn’t work. Spoke with someone again in customer service who sent me another refurbished of the same model. I was told by this person that if the 2nd phone didn’t work, to call and they would send me an equivalent BRAND NEW phone (and even gave me choices). The 2nd phone came and didn’t work. I proceeded to call just to have the “supervisor” tell me they would not send me a new phone..but another refurbished. Customer Service is inconsistent. When I recieved the first 2 refurbished, I took them to a Verizon store to get my numbers transferred…they did not mention a charge. I finally recieve the 3rd phone that WORKS!!! A miracle. I take it to a store and they are now telling me there is a $15 change to transfer. WTF! I take it to another store, where they tell me it is $10 to transfer. The guy was called me rude and I stormed out. Their phones/service might be good but the lack of customer service isn’t worth it.

    Not to mention, while on the phone with a representative, there was someone listening in with the phone on mute. Be careful what you say when they put you on “hold”.


  36. george Says:

    Where do I start.. I was and still am a T mobile customer. I was told by Ben at
    your Macon Georgia Riverside store I would not be charged a $35.00 activation
    fee. we were and we had to go around with customer service for two days to clear
    this up. found out Ben should not have giving us this.. also Ben told us we
    could in 30 days if we did not like the phone that (It would not cost us a
    thing) I said my wife does not know what Internet phone to get because she’s not
    compute rite. he said this phone was the best and if she does not want it to
    bring it back within 30 days AND OWE NOTHING. and we will not be charge a cent.
    I said Ben we can use it free for 30 days and he said you only have to pay the
    usage bill. so after just 22 days she said it was too big, and to hard to use.
    so we drove 45 miles tonight (First) to see if we could just turn back in the
    phone, and get a simple one. we had no reason to leave verizon up to the point
    of charging us the restock fee. So tonight Joel in customer service was very
    professional there and said Ben was not in tonight and no Manger was there to
    make this kind of request. of dropping the $35.00 restock fee that we were not
    told about at the start. So we drove 45 miles to trade in a phone but found out
    we had to pay $35.00 restock fee plus no one was on duty tonight at 7:25 that
    could make a decision. We were also asked to come back tomorrow night to trade
    back in the phone again another 45 miles. You people have made our minds up of
    going back to T mobile, here’s a hint: buy out T mobile and keep their customer
    service and Management they’re a lot better then yours.
    We are very very upset of being treaded like this. We have had to talk about
    eight different people that verizon just what we were told at the first by our
    salesperson. If had been told of a $35.00 restock fee we would have just stayed
    with T mobile. but now our phone number has been changed that we have had for
    over 10 years. just not fair.. George and Louise Long

  37. Dennis Zaccagnini Says:

    VERIZON is the worst cellphone provider out there. They now charge (a minimum) of $9.99 for a data package regardless of whether you want one. They nickle and dime you for everything. The FCC has been notified. Stay away from the carrier!!

  38. Laura Says:

    DO NOT GO THROUGH THE TORTURE OF BEING A VERIZON CUSTOMER!! I have never been so frustrated with customer service in my life. My phone broke (charging port) and they told me it is not covered by the warranty (which I paid for- I wonder why)? I took the phone into the Verizon store and they told me they could order me a “new one” (which I suspect is an old refurbished one). I was not very happy that the phone was not covered and that I had to pay for another one, but I paid for the “new one” and had them ship it to me. Apparently the phone was “discounted” which they never told me. They also never told me that I had to send in the old one. A couple months later, I get a bill for $180 dollars above and beyond my monthly bill (which is ridiculously expensive in the first place). When I called customer service I was told that the local store was not “authorized” to take a payment for a phone and that I would have to send in the old one so they could justify replacing it under the warranty. When I told her that I paid for the phone and they had not replaced it under the warranty, she had no response – only that I had to send the old phone in. This really made me upset, but I just wanted to get it resolved, so I took the old phone to a local store and they shipped it for me. The woman at the local store explained that the second phone was “discounted” and that is why I had to mail it back. That was in late January. Since then, the charge has not been removed from my bill and I have received calls at least daily, telling me that they are going to cut off my service. I have something shocking to tell you…..when I called customer service, I got the runaround. (Why doesn’t that surprise me)? The second phone (which I’ve had for a grand total of 5 months) is now broken. I am no longer a customer of verizon, effective immediately.

  39. eric Says:

    verizon is the worst company ever phones are junk so is their service and if you use the family circle dont be surprised when you get charged apparently they can choose to not add the people you want and charge you outragious fees for being as helpfull as a rock in mud they are piss poor and should be out of business

  40. Bob Says:

    Over the past few years Verizon has goten bad..real bad! they now charge for things that were free and no roll over that they said they were going to do….I am now ready to change!

  41. Amy Says:

    I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS! My cell phone sucks, coverage isn’t bad but, when you can’t hear because of your cell phone…. does it matter. They are very expensive, and they keep over charging you.
    Also, we went with them because of the employee discount…. YEAH, RIGHT. I have emailed them the info. 3 times, faxes it once and they never get back with me… they just say that they can’t read it…. 4 times? Oh, and the online one doesn’t work…. I MEAN IT IS NOT IN WORKING ORDER! Call them and they tell you to fax it again. Asked about mailing it… nope! We don’t have an address for that. THEY REALLY SUCK!!!!

  42. jess Says:

    I have been a verizon customer for almost 6 years now and have had nothing but problems ever since I last singed a new 2 year contract. I have been getting charges for data usage and downloading games which I have never done. I also moved to another state and changed banks I called them yo update the bank account information and spoke with a customer service rep and she told everything was taking care of the old account info had been deleted. Let me tell you what it wasnt. I called them after noticing that the payment did not go through and they said that there was a problem with the bank not to worry they were resending the payment through. the next week my phone was disconected for non payment so I called them again and gave them the account info AGAIN. Then the woman tells me that there is a late fee a reconnect fee and a return fee on my account I said how is that possible when you never even tried to charge the checking account. guess what they were using the old account info and then she tells me that I am now not able to pay over the phone, online, or by mailing in a check the only way that I am allowed to pay is by taking cash into the store and paying because I have missed 3 payment!! WTF I am so done with Verizon I will pay the $300 phone bill and the disconect fee and will never recomend them to anyone ever!!

  43. jorge Says:


    Read what Nathan said on 12/5/2009.
    Read the whole story.
    It happened to me just like that.
    You call the customer service to say you will not keep the service, and is on trial period.
    You return the phone to a Verizon store, and then they will bill your credit card and this is going to take you months to recover your money if you are lucky.
    So do your self a favor and avoid headaches.
    *****Do not by Verizon service!!!!!!!!!

  44. Matthew Says:

    Verizon wireless said they would suspend service and continue counting time on my cell phone contract while I was deployed for the US Army, however they did not, that will cost me $100. They also created a contract on a mobile Internet device I had purchased on my own without a contract and want $110 to close the contract I never signed. Take my advice and use PCS or deployment orders to cancel rather than suspend your service with Verizon – they can’t be trusted.

  45. Stacy Says:

    Wow. I was just on my way out the door to switch to Verizon. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 7 yrs and can’t stand them. Had heard Verizon was much better. After reading these reviews, I realize I’d be switching one headache for another. Who needs it?

    When a decent cell phone company does surface, it will be swamped. Any out there?

  46. Janae Says:

    @ Stacy I do believ that AT&T is probably a very good service. Verizon Wireless is garbage. Their service is way too expensive for them to serve their customers with crappy phones. In December of 2009, my family purchased four phones from them. I personally have replaced my phone twice and my son also twice. But my daughter had to get her phone replaced twelve times until they offered her a new phone out to the box-> by law. And then they still pushed her renew date back four months due to this. Verizon Wireless is definitely garbage to say the least.

  47. Tim Says:

    verizon sucks. I can’t believe people even do business with these scrub heads. My girlfreind got hit with a 600 dollar early termination fee. She was an altell customer and when they switched over she tried to get a second line. They wanted to charge her for an altell line and a verizon line. She had to pay full price for two lines. The better business burea was the one’s who put a stop to the contracts and told her she had nothing to worry about. These cheating scammers then kept sending a bill for 600 dollars and really just said 200 was altell and 500 dollars is are fee. The contract was actually through altell and it states 200 dollars, verizon you are antitrust monopoly pieces of garbage and nothing more, quit calling my house and wanting your stupid greedy cash cause you scrub balls are not getting nothing!!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND VERIZON!!!!!!!! P.S. Your so called map stinks !!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Nitin Says:

    Verizon is one of the worst companies in America. There no worry gurantee is absolutely rubbish statement. I have been dealing with their bills department for the last 3 months after I cancelled the service after 15 days. They send me so many bills for which I was told I will not be responsible when we first signged the contract. It was such a frustrating experience, I will never ever recommend this company to anyone since it does not offer any value for money, have old technology and absolutelty rubbish return policy. Don’t fall for the promises they make.

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  50. D Heim Says:

    Verizon is the biggest bunch of theives i ever seen, every month they wanted to charge me for somethin extra and every month for the last 5 months of service I would have to call them and get these chrgs removed and i never got it all back, after 5 th month I canceled. of course they want me to pay erly termination fee aswell,They can kiss my ass theyarnot goin to get a dime from me even though they sent it to collections co.If there is anyone out there that wants to do a class action lawsuet count me in 4-18-10

  51. o.grantland Says:

    had service with alltel in az great service now that verizon has taken the reigns our service has gone down cant call from places we normally could have we live in nv. now and the service hasnt got any better we know lots of people with verizo service and they have great service now however our bills have gone up close to 40.00 dollars more and no better service

  52. Jamie Says:

    To people who are reading this, understand that this is a website looking for complaints. You’ll find a website like this about every provider.

    That said, I’ve been a Verizon (used to be AirTouch in Seattle) customer since 1994. There have been problems, but I always found someone to talk to that solved them.

    When you call customer service, you’ll get a person. If the person you get isn’t who you need to talk to, they will get the right person on the line and hand off the call rather than just transferring you.

    As a test, I got a T-Mobile and an AT&T phone to try out. Both had spotty reception. I’ve had too many friends who had Sprint service to even want to try them.

    I need a cell phone that just works, whereever I go. That’s what Verizon gives me. They are more expensive, but to me, they’re worth it.

    Oh, as advice, don’t go to the store to buy a phone. You get a lot better deal from the website.


  53. Kim Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer since 2005. I am a 19-year-old on a family plan organized by my mom. She and I are both EXTREMELY frustrated with Verizon right now.

    Firstly, service is certainly not as good as they claim and, at best, spotty. I currently live in San Diego for college, while my family is in Sacramento. In neither place do we get really good coverage. When sitting at home it often takes upwards of one minute to send a simple text message. In San Diego, despite reprogramming and rerouting my phone, the same occurs. In my cousin’s 12th story apartment, I do not get service AT ALL, while she with her AT&T plan does.

    Secondly, the way they force you extras simply because of the phone you buy is incredibly annoying. Recently my mom and I went to get new phones. We had seen an ad in the newspaper that had a buy-one-get-one-free offer on the newest BlackBerry Curve. In the end, neither of us got one because of the extra $30 a month charge per phone. For just one of us, that would have been $720 on top of the regular plan for two years. Eventually I got another phone, though she did not, and even then we were forced into an extra $10 a month deal.

    Lastly, for my sister’s birthday in December, she got a new phone. For whatever reason we were told that we had to completely switch plans. I think all that was supposed to happen was that the $10/month charge was supposed to be added, but for whatever reason we were switched to a 65+ plan. Not only are neither of my parents older than 55, but the limited minutes, especially the limited night and weekend minutes, ended up costing my mom about $300 in overage charges for two months. She managed to correct the situation, but she was still out that $300.

    As soon as I can, I will be switching to another network.

    If you want to get Verizon, some advice:
    1) Double-check EVERYTHING they do and read the fine print.
    2) Order online: they have better deals, a wider selection of phones, and you don’t have to deal with the annoying greeters in the store. Also, it’s easy to check everything online.
    3) Don’t believe one when they say they have good coverage–like all other networks, they have good spots and bad spots.

    Out of 5 stars I would give Verizon 1, because yes, your phone will work . . . sometimes.


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  59. jessica Says:

    verizon is by far the worst cell phone provider i have ever used!! when alltel was bought out we were forced to switch over… also got talked into buying the motorola krave which hasn’t worked since the day i bought it and they neglected to tell me i had thirty days to return it for a new one even though i was in there complaining about the phone the day after i bought it. they told us are bill would be exactly the same with all the same features. yeah right we now have less minutes are internet we can only use for two weeks per month or we go over i no longer have picture messaging at all and our bill is $75 more per month!!! and yes i did say they told us it would all be the same you can imagine my surprise when i got the first bill! now i am stuck with a phone that i can only recieve calls on the numbers dont work so i cant call anyone or text. a company that refuses to help you at all… oh yeah they did offer to switch out my phone after replacing it 9 times within 3 months however the krave is a “fancy” touch screen and the phone they offered me was the only free phone they had in the store and they wanted me to give them my phone along with $50 to downgrade my phone. i told them that was stupid and they said very sarcastically at least your phone will work! beware this is a terrible company they always have hidden fees they don’t tell you your options just make it seem like you have none until its too late and they refuse to help the last time i went to verizon they told me my phone worked fine it was me that didn’t know how to work it! i have not been back since and as soon as i can come up with $525 i WILL CANCEL MY CONTRACT!

  60. Sandy Says:

    Our family of five has verizon and two of our 19yr olds just got new phones. We do not allow them to use all the features of the phones while we are fitting the bill…HOWEVER, Verizon charges $10 a month PER phone to block the data plan. This was not disclosed to us when we got the new phones. We have to pay for the kids to NOT use the data!! If we were NOT in a contract, I would cancell and go back to a month to month service provider. This is unfair and wrong!!

  61. Jenstina Says:

    VERIZON has the worst customer service. Just try calling 3 times to different people on the same day and you get 3 different answers!

    I called and asked how I can block my daughters NON-VERIZON friends from texting her so we don’t get charged. They tell me (a supervisor to boot) that there IS NO WAY – that I have to login everyday and monitor it. WTF?

    She tells kids that don’t have verizon – don’t text me but they do anyway or they lie and say they have verizon. So I wanted protection from this and they say there is no way.

    We get a phone bill $140 more than it should be because of the messages. I call Verizon and the girl says, oh for $5/month you can say stop after 500 messages. SAY WHAT?? This is what I asked for last month.

    They only credited me for half of the $140. What? They credited me for half of their mistake!!

    Verizon is a joke. They are a slimy company looking for ways to rip you off.

    I am now a happy AT&T customer. And I can “hear them now!!”

  62. sml Says:

    I hate this carrier. Verizon is the worse worse telephone service carrier and they are charging a lot of money every time.
    I have 450 minutes plan and i don’t use all minutes and they always charge me is $120 and above always always…i hate this any time i call customer service they don’d do any thing just make me mad and wasting my time….and recently i log on to my account and i was seeing through the internet and i was trying to learn how to change the plan to 900 minutes plan and i also changed to 900 mins. and i again changed back 450 minutes for that reason they charge me $128 just i was looking into the online..God what is this??????

    They are ripping me off pissing me off now i am so ready to pay the cancellation fee whatever it is and switch to either T-mobile or AT&T…..

  63. Jessbo Says:

    I had Verizon a few years ago and will NEVER go back to them!

    Their customer service is HORRIBLE!

    I was supposed to get a free phone via a mail-in-rebate. Well, I sent in the 50 million NON-REPLACEABLE things they asked for. Several weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying I sent in the wrong form (by the way the STORE gave me the rebate form).

    No big deal I thought, I’ll call customer service and they can just credit my bill for the $50. All customer service did was tell me there was NOTHING they could do!

    At that point we were locked into a 2 year contract.

    Some time later (near the end of the contract), I lost my phone. I walked into a Verizon store and told them, “If you will give me a phone a the promotional price, I will extend my contract another 2 years.” I was told that I was 2 MONTHS from my “new every 2” phone and they could not do that.

    So, I used the insurance on the lost phone to get a “new” phone. Although it was the same model as my lost one, it was NOT the quality of the old one (not even close!). It looked like a child’s toy!

    After our contract was complete, I told them where to go and that I would NEVER be their customer again!

    By the way, T-Mobile has GREAT customer service!

  64. RD Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for 8 years and had no problems until their Alltel merger. We live on a lake and I use my computer for my business. I purchased the Verizon broadband after trying it out and it was wonderful. I could finally let the dialup go away. The connection was always fast and easy to use. For the last several months, the broadband service has been like dialup if not worse! I’ve called Verizon many times and even went in to some of their stores for help. When asked about the towers, none of the agents had any idea where they were located in our area. I promised them that we have not moved our house from it’s location and that the tower we had been on for several years had been perfect. After many agonizing attempts to get help, one agent told me that the merger made Verizon service much better for some and worse for others. Guess who fell into the “worse” category????? DON’T get Verizon service.

  65. Murphy Says:

    Terrible service. Terrible customer service. Rude. Had a door-to-door salesman sit on my curb for 30 minutes on Memorial Day.
    Classy company. Hope your proud Verizon.

  66. okieokie Says:

    Verizon irritates me.

    One: I recently lost my phone, and called in the same day to get a replacement. They charge $89 for my htc eris, to your credit card right away instead of with att charging it to your phone bill for only $50, their insurance is costing me $6.99 a month, which is more then att’s $4.99 a month.

    Two: When getting my replacement they actually had me on back order for several days and said they would call back when my phone became available, in which i’m fine with that, however they never called me back i had to go into a Verizon store and the agent called insurance for me and they sent me the replacement, 10days after i paid for it of coarse.

    Three: My old phone was broken when i upgraded to the Htc, And apparently a 30 day free trial from My blackberry flip was on the account for months before i called in to ask why it was there, then they told me i accessed navigator when i’ve never touched it, and on top of that told me they coulnd’t remove it for me, that i would have to get my old phone reinstated and then unsubscribe… really my phone is broken, i hung up the phone after that since it was ridiculous. Two months later though it was mysteriously off my bill, so they did apparently touch my account and that just makes me feel like they were lying to me.

    Four: We have 3 droids on our family plan and 2 All tel phones, and they told us we couldn’t upgrade the 2 other lines because our whole account including phones were all tel, um hello do you guys not remembering selling us the droid. On top of that they made us switch rate plans to upgrade, losing our great and cheaper all tel plan, just to tell us that we still couldn’t upgrade online for the best price. One girl i spoke with said that i could call in and they would order them for me at online price with an override, the next day when we were calling to take them up on that the guy told us that he couldn’t price match and sent us to the store for the phones, because his system also for one wouldn’t let us upgrade. Going in to the store instead of getting the phone free we had to pay $90 plus dollars.

    Five: All tel was great however after forcing us to slickly switch over to Verizon i hate it if the etf wasn’t over $300 i would be at att in 2 minutes getting great customer service. when i had all tel for about 5 years i called in twice jsut to activate my new devices, now with Verizon I’ve called in so many times since November 2009 i can’t count anymore. i HATE Verizon.

  67. Ann Says:

    Verizon is the worst company to deal with. I have an account with 2 phones Blackberry Storm, so far one phone has been exchanged 10 times for technical problems and the other 5 times. Whenever I meet others with this phone and ask them about their phone it has now appear that every individual has also exchanged the phones numerous times. Cusotmer service along with their managers is a joke! Stay away from Verizon…..

  68. you know Says:

    i hate verizon. they are messed up. they are terrible , they have no coverage like anywhere. i have it now and i am dying to switch to att but the contract isnt up. f you verizon

  69. haha… Says:

    Verizon is the worst company. Customer representatives are very rude. Especially if you don’t speak English fluently as in perfect accent, you probably want to avoid their customer service.
    Plans are well designed to get the most money out of customers at the least amount of service.
    However, Verizon does have one of the best signals in the US which is pretty sad.

  70. Starr Says:

    The customer serice STINKS. They are rude and tell you they can’t help you. BEWARE!

    When my contract is up I am SO NEVER going Verizon again!

  71. Starr Says:

    Companies get contracts only because then they know they can treat you like crap for the next two years….we are such suckers. 🙁

  72. Starr Says:

    BEWARE…once you hit the key to buy the phone there is no take backs unless you are willing to pay 35 bucks!! Then they have you right where they want you for the next two years….you will be their SLAVE and treat just like that!

  73. Starr Says:

    OH..forgot to mention if you live in California they will charge tax on a phone price that is FULL price. FULL price is the price is that if the phone NOT under a 2 year contract even if you buy the phone under a 2 year contract AND no rebate or online special price. That price is not quoted on the website so if you really want to know what your tax rate will be you will have to ask them and they hope they are honest and tell you. I was hit with 98.00 bucks in tax!

  74. Larry Says:

    I have had verizon for over 50 years. They were bell Telephone, then Bell atlantic, then Verizon. They were the best telephone company in the world. NOT so anymore. I am now Verizon free! I have nothing Verizon in my house or buisness. It would take me to long to tell the problems they caused me over the last 10 years.Verizon wireless was the worst. The internet was good, but their security suite sucked. My Norton is way better! They kill you with hidden charges, and buisness practices. Its sad, because they could do a whole lot better.

  75. Prashanth Says:

    Alert Verizon customers

    I wanted all the people who are willing/thinking if becoming Verizon customers to think before signing any contract with Verizon. I signed a bundled package (Internet, TV and Cell Phone) contract for 2 years with Verizon recently (6 months back). First month I received two bills from Verizon one from Verizon wireless and another from Verizon TV & internet which total up to $150. But Verizon sold the bundled package to me at $110. I asked the customer service agent, they said it will be adjusted in the next bill. I thought that?s fair but this continued for 2nd, 3rd and 4th month. Now when I call customer service they are telling me that they cannot give me what they promised me when I was buying the bundled package because they don?t support that feature any more at the place where I live. If I don?t call this cheating you people tell me what it is? !!!

    I have explained my situation to every customer service agent in Verizon and all they say is Verizon internet, TV, Phone services, Financial services are different companies and one bill system is a different company by itself. I always get transferred from one company to another company and nobody in any of these companies seems to take responsibility and help resolve my issues. When I ask the agent what am I supposed to do now, they say I should speak to management where they don?t have facility to transfer!!! I don?t have what I am supposed to do now!!!

    People please be double double sure before signing any contract with Verizon!!!

    Please find my contact details below if any of the new customers need more details, hello Verizon management please you are out there somewhere please call me!!!
    ? Phone: 571-439-4740
    ? Email:

    I will keep you folks posted with the updates!!!

    Thanks & Regards,

  76. csingh Says:

    Run from this cell phone provider!!! They are extremely expensive and their customer service agents are incompetent. I?ve spent hours on the phone with them trying to sort out billing mistakes that their representatives made, yet they act you?re the wrong one. I?ve only spent 1yr with them and I?m never going back. Maybe it wouldn?t be so bad if their representatives gave the right information and paid attention to what they were doing!!

  77. william Says:

    Avoid like the plague. Very shady company who will charge you hidden fees and never refund if you cancel.

  78. Nancy Says:

    Unacceptable! I went into the Verizon Wireless store on 6/24 to order the Driod incredible. I was told delivery would 2wks. I ordered and paid for the phone via credit card. A week later I called to confirm delivery date and told the phone would not ship until the end of July over 4wks later. I then heard about the release of the driod X. I requested to cancel the Incredible on 6/29. Not yet seeing a credit on my account I called today. I am told they do not know when my credit card will be issued a credit but the order is in?unacceptable! When ?returning? something I have never received my account should be credited immediately. With the lack of customer service and customer care we will head to AT&T tomorrow and change our service. Very Disappointed in Verizon?s customer care!

  79. Rose Says:


    Verizon Wireless used to be really awesome. I used to swear it was the only cell phone carrier to go with. But in the last 2 years Verizon has degraded to no more than shody, unknowledgeable and dishonest customer service reps, collection agency tactics and rip off prices.

    I called 4 times to find out the cost of calls and txts when I went on an out of country trip. I recieved 3 different answers to the same question. When i got the same answer twice I assumed that was the correct answer to my question. I was told txt would be $0.25 each and $0.49 per minute for calls. Well once I got back and recieved my bill I discovered txts were FREE and $0.69 per minute. This outcome was not one of the 3 difference answers I recieved for my question when I alled Customer Service 4 times!! I called about this and was also told at that time AFTER my trip that Verizon offers a phone for about $25 a month that will give you 250 free for customers that are leaving the country for a period of time. Why wasn’t I told this during the 4 calls I made PRIOR to my trip??? This information would ahve saved me $171.00.

    Later in the year I was 5 days late on my bill, first time in 3 years. Verizon started calling teh SECONDARY phone number on my plan. THey would call every hour even after being told that they needed to call the primary number. I then called and the said they fix the issue in the system and the Primary number would be called in the future. I was asked to make the payment over the phone but I do not give out banking info over the phone and that I would be sending my payment in 3 days. I was told that I would continue to recieve calls unless I made the payment with them right then. I called back later a spoke to someone else and they said they could put a note saying I would pay in 3 days and the calls would cease with that note in the system. Why didn’t the first rep do this?? According the the first rep they couldn’t do that unless they had my banking info and scheduled a payment with them. So this was a flat out LIE!!!

    Now 9 months later I am again late on my bill….by 9 days. Again they are calling the SECONDARY number on my plan. Again I call up and want to get them to call the primary number, they tell me that the system has the primary number listed and are not sure why it is calling the secondary number but they will transfer me…..they transfer me to a number that is no longer in service!!

    This is not the first time they have transfered me to wrong numbers or even hung up. I’m very polite and I don’t get angery at them after all they are just employees and they just do their job. The problem is witht he polocies and management and training of the employees.

    Credit Cards, Utility companies etc don’t start calling or sending letters till you are 30 days late. But verizon sees fit to call you every hour when you are only 5 days late or at the latest 9 days late?? This is harassment!!

    Customer Service reps are untrained and will give various answers depending on who you are talking to and seldom are any of the answers the correct ones. They hang up or transfer you to non-working numbers.

    My contract is up with Verizon wireless and I am now shopping around for a better and cheaper carrier. I will never recommend verizon wireless to any friend or family member. I will only recommend them to my mortal enemies.


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  81. alexa Says:

    i hate verizon they are such a joke after going through 4 of the same phone i finally got to get a new one which was referbished of corse i paid 287.00 dollars for the samsung intensity and a month later found out that is the price of a new one…i never get service any where…needless to say verizon is a joke.

  82. Judy Says:

    I have been with Verizon for a very long time, around ten years. I moved to Alaska and found no stores and very unreliable service. At my home I loose calls and sometimes I am unable to even make a call. I tried disconnecting my phone to find the customer service unable to do that without an early termination fee. They would wave the fee if a tech comes out to say for sure I don’t have good service but that would take time. Which would mean another months charge. With both phones I had about $150 early termination fee. They were not going to wave the fee even though they are unable to give me an Alaska phone number and when I did a search on thier web site to obtain a contact number thier web site even says they do not have service in my area. I beleive this is poor customer service on thier part.

  83. Tonya Says:

    If you want your rebates, make sure you make copies of everything. For years I have been a VZW customer, & up till now, have been satisfied. I only received one of my rebates & they claim they never received the other one. How can you receive one & not the other? They are mailed at the same time, same address, & your return address is on the envelope in case it doesn’t make it or gets lost. Mail does not get lost completely. I believe they just trashed the other one, said they never received it, & hoped I didn’t have copies so they wouldn’t have to give me my rebate on that phone. The very 1st time I don’t make copies & I get screwed. How about that? Good way of Verizon getting out of paying money, but you sure can’t. They also made me purchase a data package for internet use even though I didn’t want it or will never use it. Fees & charges keep going up & I have had to pay for ringtones & ringback tones that I never purchased in the past. I have been a customer for 7 yrs. now & the last few years have been ridiculous. But guess what????….. I’m stuck for another 2 yrs. unless I want to pay up the rump for early termination fees on 2 phones.

  84. Brett Says:

    Verizon has ok phone service, but if you need to deal with their representatives (by phone or in store) look out. All these people want to do is sell you more. For example, my motorola smart phone (little over a 1 year old) did not work after I attempted to upgrade it using a verizon upgrade feature. I call online support, she had no clue, but offered to help me select a new phone, which I would have to pay for. Next, I went to a store close to my work. Same thing, guy said the phone was toast and I’d need another one. I walked out, and visited a store close to my home later that day. But this time I was up front and told them I was not going to buy a new phone, I just want this on fixed. Ah, finally, my phone was fixed in minutes. He would not tell me what he did, but at least it worked.

    I had spoken to others that had similar complaints that verizon pressured customers to replace fairly new equipment, even when the problem is just a bad battery.

    If you like the phones Verizon offers it is not all bad though, Verizon will give you a new phone, but they will extend your contract 2 more years.

    Anyway after about 18 months with my still working motorola phone, I tried to get out of my contact. I had been a loyal customer for the past 12 years and hoped they would let me off early due, no such luck- contract had 6 months to go). So I kept it till contract ended and canceled it the next day.

    I’m a happy AT&T customer now. I’ll never go back because of the poor customer service.

  85. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information – Verizon Wireless Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  86. Kevin P. Says:

    Nightmarish experiences with Verizon. The technology is no the issue for me as much as customer service and common decency. Verizon has neither in my humble opinion.

  87. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil : : BestAnswer Says:

    […] Art Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon reviews. […]

  88. Oliver Says:

    Verizon disappoints again! Long term customer, had to have a LG Dare phone (junk) replaced again, but there’s only a 90 day warranty on this replacement, on a brand new phone! Would Verizon take care of this obvious problem for a 10 year customer? NOT A CHANCE!

  89. Jeanty Says:

    Verizon’s owner will die soon for internal thievery’s methods with their prepaid phones and cards too. They are monsters and thieves in stealing money from those who cannot afford cell contracts with them. They will go down to history as thieves…

  90. Jaime Says:

    I just purchased a New Blackberry bold 9650. After the first week I noticed a funny feeling with the track-pad and that I had to constantly restart my phone to get the V-Navigator program to work properly.(which I pay extra for) The internet ran slow when I was on my WIFI network instead of the 3g network. I compared my phone to a friend of mine, who had the same phone. It seemed I had gotten a “lemon” phone! I came into a store that was certified in tech support and saw the defects, told me to call customer support, because they had no phones, to give me, and no one else had one locally. I called 611, the number the person told me at the store to call, and the tech support guy advised me on a few options. One, I could order a Certified New Phone (aka used phone) after owning mine for a month or pay $200 and get a brand new phone, and get it credited back after I send mine back. I asked if I could simply go to a store and get it exchanged for a new phone. I wanted to simplify the situation and I was able to do it with Sprint with no problem. The tech support person agreed and noted it on the computer. I went to one store and after spending 1 hour trying to resolve the situation, with the manager, and with tech support on the phone, the tech support person advised me that its up to the store if they want to give me a new phone and he can’t force them to do so. The manager was acting like if it was the tech supports problem and not his. In the real situation, he did not want to help me out at all. The tech support person also advise me to go to the store where I originally purchased it at. I was in downtown LA and drove all the way to Encino. That’s an hour drive with little to moderate traffic. When I arrived at the store the associate recognized me and told me the same story as the other place. When I asked to speak with a manager he told me that there wasn’t one on site. WTF????? I ended up ordering the free Certified New Phone(AKA Used Phone), after being too tired to fight and I only hope that one meets or exceeds my expectations! They have horrible customer service when they have an issue to deal with and like my friend said, “where are all those people that follow you all around when you need them the most”(The network of people they show on there advertisements)

  91. Kris Says:

    I was with Verizon for 8 years. One of my kids phones, which we thought was broken so he left at home while we went on vacation, was stolen and used. Never in 8 years did we have any incidents like this, never did I ever ask for an adjustment on my bill. I proved to their investigator that we were out of the state and since the calls/downloads/etc originated in our home state it was not any of us. Despite all this I was called a liar, repeatedly, by no fewer than two of their “customer service” agents and they refused to refund the entire amount because they “didn’t believe me.”

    I won’t even go into the 6 months prior trying to get my son a functioning phone, we went through no fewer than 3 “new” phones, none of which worked for a week.

    Verizon is useless. I took my $170/mo elsewhere and will let everyone know that if you have an issue with a Verizon phone, you’re on your own, they won’t help you and even worse, they’ll accuse you of being as unethical as they are.

  92. DrCandela Says:

    Good network, but I’m tired of the hidden fees, I asked to change my billing date and the charge me 42 Dollars, I had Metro PCS and I can’t wait for my contract to expired.I’ll never again get Verizon!

  93. Marcel Santos Says:

    Verizon Internet and customer service is USELESS
    I’m on the phone right now for over 2 hours and nobody was able to help me!!! it’s been 2 weeks with the internet not working good…

    I advice you to stay away from VERIZON SERVICES!
    from far the worst I had in my lifetime!

  94. Shaking Head Says:

    About Verizon Wireless….

    Information for those complaining about features, phones and services …. (research helps, also educating yourself works too and not just hearing what you want to hear works wonders)

    1…Three types of phones… ones that don’t require any data package (9.99 or 29.99), these are the devices you would choose that would suit your non-data needs hence those horrid feature charges we HAVE TO HAVE on the account while that device is active…wow, problem…choices who knew you had them

    2….If you child is recieving text messaging from another child on another network provider that is costing you to pay per messaging making your bill an extra 140 dollars and you ask to have only those numbers block then i suggest you have those specific numbers ready for the rep you call, and get ready to be told you have a limit and it will block the calls to. Other wise you will have to block all text messaging. As much as some people might like your text package does not include a babysitter NOR A EXCEPT INSTANT CREDIT FOR YOUR LACK of ability to understand how the reality of certian things work AND THAT YOU ARE STILL THE PARENT. blah blah…NEXXXTTT

    3….insurance…i hate insurance, car, health…whatever, its all a matter of pay me this and then when you die i’ll make sure you’ll have a lovely box that everyone will cry over. Get over ppl, you pay a monthly cost and pay a deductable when you make a claim, what the hell do you expect when you drop your phone in the toilet, your babies daddies ex took it and called you for a ransom or simply you just got mad and smashed bc you wanted a new phone. You are going to pay a ductable. If you havent got an upgrade available yet then you know what (oh btw those discount pricing on a the phones are not just something that the wireless companies dont have to pay the manufactors, they pay them, how do you think they stick around to even produce more phones silly consumers) full retail price of a phone sucks big time and its easier to come up with 50 dollars than 200. thank you but really ppl dont blame cell companies for your need that everything must be given to you becuase you pay for a rate plan every month. WITH THAT LOGIC MY CABLE COMPANY COMCAST SHOULD GIVE AN UPGRADE ON A TV EVERY TWO YEARS AT A DISCOUNT PRICING IF I SIGN A TWO YR SERVICE PLAN CONTRACT WITH THEM. THEN I SHOULD GET A FREE TV…OR BETTER YET A FREE SMART-HD TV WITH A FREE DATA(INTERNET)UNLIMITED PACKAGE LIKE SPRINT FOR A CHEAP PRICE AND LOW CLASS SERCIVE FOR 60 BUCKS. bored now moving on…

    4….If you cant afford your cell bill I suggest you should not go over your minutes, that usually makes it higher. This information was just actually sarcasm but on this website it actually might be helpful. Damn was that sarcasm again.

    5….I understand that the spelling and grammer in this post is aweful and at this time being made fun of and pointed out, however just to let you know I am aware and with all the errors from previous posts, i’m feeling right at home. My next piece of advice to cell phone users because I LOVE VERIZON AND THIS IS TO EVERYONE WHO HAD A BAD WORDs FOR THEM.. as a customer i want to share some information
    -If you don’t pay you bill on you due date you will have a late fee…wow, what a company, WHO THE HELL DOES THAT, oh damn my electric company thats right…

    —If you don’t pay your bill you service is disconnected and you will have to pay 15 dollars for each line to get it turned back on….THEY WORSHIP SATAN SOMEONE CALL THE FCC, file a complaint this is so evil, how could a company do this. Damn, my alarm didnt go off, what, no lights the electric company turned my lights off, oh i didnt pay the bill I suppose thats normal RIGHT.

    —They turned my phone off, what if I have an emergency, you can still call two numbers you ninny… customer service but don’t if its really a emergency call then other number 911…it still works. lol

    6….oh yesss the world of warrenty replacement…
    just remember this is not insurnace, no ductable
    because there is no user damage to the phone. This is the manufactor. For example, if you have a lg phone, tthe company lg will replace the device NOT VERIZON (even though you are talking to verizon the middle man) free of charge for the defective device for a year after purchase unless you have purchased an extended warrenty…(WITHOUT USER DAMANGE) and most impartantly it will be a refurbished device. it is explained (the warrenty replacement program) in the box that you purchased the first device in, read it, when you buy anything read it, if its an important piece of equipemnt to you. So your gudge is with lg about the reburished device. They make the product. ok cell phone consumers later take care

  95. Also, Head Shakin’ Says:

    I could not agree more with the last post. Just like any insurance, if you need to make a claim, there’s a deductible. You crash your car in to a pole, you don’t go to the Honda Dealer and tell them they need to replace your car, you contact your insurance provider and pay the deductible, then get your car fixed/replaced.

    Restock fee – Customers will exchange their phone if they don’t like the color, or when they get a “Basic” phone because they don’t want to pay the $9.99 or $29.99 (Which I agree, is expensive), then when they get that “Basic” Phone around their friends, they get laughed at, they want to exchange it for that Droid, or Blackberry. Verizon can’t re sell that Basic phone as new, so they charge a small Restock fee to compensate for the loss. That free basic phone you got for renewing, actually costs Verizon (and Every Other Carrier) $200+, but they subsidize the cost, knowing they’ll recoup the money with the 2 year contract.
    All Verizon stores have LIVE Phones that you can spend hours playing with before making a decision. Do your homework, choose the right phone the 1st time, and you won’t have to worry about restock fees.
    Saying “you spend $600 per year”, or “I have been with Verizon for years, you should give me that Car Charger Free”, or “I never pay to have a phone book transferred” is pure silly. $60/month, $70/month? Verizon has customers who spend $7k per month (Business customers) that get better pricing. But even those customers don’t get Accessories Free! If Verizon gave out things left and right, they wouldn’t be in business. Do you go to your grocery store and say you spent $1500 last year, so I think my next grocery trip should be on the house? NO!!! So why do it to Verizon?
    My last thing, (and I could go on and on and on with the stupid things that Verizon, and other wireless carriers customers let come out of their mouths, but I will digress) Verizon has now something like 80 Million Customers. The 30 or so that are on this site that have their silly complaints, are the ones that didn’t listen to their Verizon reps, or can’t pay their bills on time, can’t read their receipts (That clearly Outline Restock Fees, Return Policy, Early Termination Fees, etc..) or are the oblivious parents who give their 9 year old kids phones and expect them to not use Text Messaging, or Downloads, or Mobile Web, but that when they do, they expect Verizon to credit them back for it. YOU ARE THE MINORITY. Verizon is obviously the #1 Carrier for a reason, and when someone gets a product or service and it meets or exceeds their expectations, usually they don’t write about it. So of course you’ll hear about more good than bad. I just find it HILARIOUS that most, not all, of the complaints on here aren’t really 100% Verizon’s fault, it’s mostly USER ERROR, or just plain customer stupidity. Plain and simple, make sure you read what you sign, do your homework before deciding on a phone, and if you’re not clear on something, ASK!!! Thanks for giving me something to chuckle about, as I found a lot of these excerpts very entertaining!!!

  96. Also, Head Shakin’ Says:

    Correction: Off course you’ll hear more BAD than GOOD.

    Seriously though, just educate yourself before making decisions. I have never had an experience at Verizon where I felt like I was being deceived. They disclose everything at the time of purchase. If I don’t understand something, or if I question something, I’ll clear the air before signing on the line (or electronic capture machine) We’re all adults (have to be 18+ to have service) so don’t assume, you know what happens………….

  97. frustrated verizon user Says:

    Their internet services sucks!!!!! The last two weeks I had to continuously call them to get the same problem fixed and today when I tried to speak to a manager they hung up on me. I am usually a pretty nice person to telemarketers and support help because I understand that it can be a really frustrating position but these guys really outdid themselves. Never use them unless you want to spend hours on the phone with the their tech support who are absolutely useless–as in they don’t even try to do their job!

  98. Head Shakers Boss Says:

    Head Shaker and Also head shaker are so right in their depiction of Verizon’s customers and the issues that they cause…themselves.

    Most issues are the results of us as customers, we make poor decisions and then try to find ways around the spot we have fixed ourselves in. I know that if my plan includes 900 minutes, I should keep to 900 minutes, if I go over, is that Verizon’s fault? No, I am the one who used those minutes, I know that I get 900 minutes and if I use more I have to pay for them. Why is Verizon considered wrong if they charge customers for going above what they have contractually agreed to provide? My gas tank holds 16 gallons, I know that if I go below E I will run out of gas and I need to put more in. Should I be upset with Chevron or Aston Martin when I have to buy more gas because I drove further than I thought I would?

    Data…yes, it does cost to be able to use your phone as an mp3 player, a radio, a tv, dvd, you tube, internet, email, banking, games, grooveshark, camera, flashlight, GPS, Facebook, messaging, etc.. and so forth and so on. So, my phone can now function like a high tech device…hmmm….high tech…I bet that cost a little bit of money for Verizon Wireless and other companies to develop a network that can allow me to use my device in such a way…And, I want more, I need my phone to be able to do more, Verizon needs to get busy expanding and making it faster…Does that cost? You betcha!

    Speaking of money, my phone has an app that does a coin flip, now I don’t have to grab a coin that hundreds of unwashed minions have touched and flip in the air to decide what’s for dinner.

    Insurance…Why do people even question the fact of a deductible? The entire concept of insurance is built on the fact that you pay someone to help you just in case something happens, and about 98% of the time, when something happens, you pay a small fee to facilitate the cost of what you change you need. Someone hit my car. Not my fault, not the lizards fault…but, I pay the lizard and he fixes my car damage that wasn’t our fault for a fee of $200 (deductible). Now, the $200 is NO surprise to me, when I signed up for service I had a choice of deductibles depending on how much I wanted to give the lizard a month. So, if your child pees on your phone and it has to be replaced, the concept of insurance works the same.

    Contracts – Verizon is EVIL because they ask people to sign a 2 year agreement or pay a fee if they choose to break the agreement. Why??? Let’s see, I bought a phone, I paid $99.99 for it, why should I have a contract for something that only costs a hundred bucks, it’s utterly fricking ridiculus!!! The phone only cost $99.99, I paid that!!! I bought the phone at full price and have a contract!!!! What? The full price wasn’t $99.99? How much was it? $649.87? Screw you! There are FREE phones out there, no way this phone cost that much!!! If it did, why did I only pay a hundred??? Answer that tough guy!! Huh? Verizon paid the rest of that amount so that I could buy the phone at a cost that I could afford? Why would they do that?? I mean yeah, I couldn’t afford 700 for a phone, but they don’t really cost that much! Let me see, my iPod was $200, my house phone was $79.99, my laptop was $2190, my portable DVD player was $149.99, my digital camera (3mp) was $329.99 (yeah, my phone has 5mp), my gameboy/playstation whatever was $299.99, 10 games for about $35 each, and a case to carry them in, my PDA was $500, Sirius Radio was $249.99, my alarm clock was $29.99, flashlight $9.99, digital voice recorder $89.99 (great for ghosthunting), calculator $5, GPS $99.99, digital weather themometer $49.99…Ok, I hope you get my POINT!!!! Look at all the crap your phone does!!! With or without data! My first phone made phone calls, that was it!

    Entitlement – Never before have I seen such an attitude of entitlement than I have in the most recent couple of years (hmmm, recent elections?). You pay for what you get. You make a mistake, you pay for it. You give your phone to your child and expect Verizon to babysit their usage. You add a feature on your account and then decide a year later that you never really wanted it and want a credit for it. You didn’t have to use your insurance so you want a credit. Ooops, you dropped your phone in the lake and want a new one, brand new not like new, and for free. You shouldn’t have to pay roaming because you went on a cruise ship and got trashed and call your ex 27 times. Your battery dies because you forgot to charge it so you want a credit because you weren’t able to use your phone. My phone should never get shut off because I don’t pay my bill. I shouldn’t have to pay a late fee. I bought the newest phone 3 months ago and now there is a newer one and I want it, I want to upgrade, forget the contract.

    No where else in life have I heard of people who are so stupid and so entitled to think that a business is not a business. I have bought stock in companies…guess what? I want a frigging PROFIT!!! That’s why I INVEST my money, so Verizon can INVEST that money in a network to give me more and more of what I need and deliver it to me faster and faster!!!

    You want a bill with no surprises? Don’t go over your minutes, or better yet…go to the unlimited plan, I hear they do that now.

    You want to control your kids usage? Be a parent.

    You want the newest and fanciest and techiest of devices? Pay for it.

    You want your phone to work? Pay your bill.

    I know my cable company, my electric, gas, water, mortgage, auto insurance, auto loan, student loan, credit cards, etc… want to be paid and if I don’t, there will be CONSEQUENCES TO MY OWN ACTIONS.

    Bottom line, be an adult, set your expectations on planet Earth, realize that nothing is free…and last, Karma is a B&*(^.

    -Happy Verizon Customer for 10 years and excited for the new possibilities that my investment in Verizon (i.e. monthly service) will be rewarded by more and better services down the road.

  99. Head Shakers Boss Says:

    Oh yeah, I bought those puppy pads and my dog STILL peed on the floor!!!! PetSmart is responsible for cleaning my carpet!!!

  100. rose Says:

    so i have a verizion. Its so lame for any of the good phone they want 29.99 data fee and i told the guy im like what if i dont use the internet i just want the phone well he said i still have to pay it sucks trust me im off verizion once my contract is up they have like 2 phones that are touch you can get without the 29.99 data fee but you have to pay 9.99 fee for one hour of online rip off

  101. Edward Says:

    They do not honor their mail-in rebate. No matter what they may tell you at their retail store when you purchase one of their phones, please note: THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR MAIL-IN REBATES! YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED!

  102. Hey Edward & Rose Says:

    YES THEY DO HONOR THE REBATES! But guess what, you have to send in the info requested.

    ATTENTION VERIZON CUSTOMERS: Edward is LYING!! You will receive your rebate! I got ours on a fricking gift card.

    Don’t come on here lying to us about what a company may or not do, YOU made a mistake, that’s it. You suck not Verizon or any other company.

    Rose, come on! You are getting this device that does hundreds of fricking things! Read the post above #101. Those devices CONSTANTLY connect to the internet and update your features, whether you utilize it as much as you think you won’t.

    Oh Yeah….OTHER companies do the EXACT same thing! I have to pay AT&T $25 and it’s not even UNLIMITED, I only get 2GB, with Verizon for $5 it’s UNLIMITED…Guess who I am choosing!

    Plus, the iPhone SUCKS!! You have to hold it just right! You can’t expand the memory or even buy an expanded battery. And, if something goes wrong with it you have to send it to Apple, I guess AT&T can’t help their customers! I know my boyfriend, who has Verizon, had a problem with the phone (which by the way is the manufacturer’s fault not Verizon, they don’t actually make any phones) and they sent him one the very next day! I think that is awesome customer service, not having to wait 6 weeks for Apple to drag their feet about getting an inferior product working.

    Apple changed the cell phone industry in the states with the iPhone, no doubt they started it all and AT&T was lucky enough to get them on an exclusive contract. However, Motorola has caught up and surpassed! The DROID phones are fricking INCREDIBLE!!! My boyfriend got the Droid x and that phone is the best one I have ever seen! I can’t wait until I can leave my piece of crap iPhone behind and get a Droid with Verizon! Especially since they have a MUCH larger network and will be 4G soon!

  103. Guvnor Says:

    I wanted to leave a lil ditty that Verizon has my vote on service. I just recently left a wireless company that was as diserable as a multitasking tash can. Anyhow Rose, that phone you want so bad does require a feature, because not all phones now a days are used just for talking anymore so there are certain ones that do certain things. It would be as if you bought toilet paper because it looked pretty and fancy but you did not intend on using it. You would end up getting really messy if you didnt use the tiolet paper the way it was suppose to be use when it was bought. So would your bill if cell phone companies allowed customers to use smartyphones without a data plan, expensive it would be….talk about needing toilet paper then….booyyyieee…
    With this in mind I dont don’t think it is rightfully so that a company would not give someone a rebate, because I got mine. I filled out my homework, would you like some help partner. Call the rebate people they are friendly I called them when I needed some information. Dont get your knickers in a wade, cry babies never get anything done, son.

  104. Paul Bonitati Says:

    This is to notify anybody considering visiting the Verizon store located in Waynesboro, Va. If you are a potential new custumer, You’ll recieve all the help you need. But then once the contract is signed dont expect any kind of help what so ever. I’ve started at sales associate and went all the way to store manager. Exerybody will ignore all of your calls and will just jerk you around and blow you off in hopes you’ll just give up and have to deal with ur phone and/or service issues on your own. I am as sure everybody else is, that new custumers are priority. But some sales associates and store managers might want to direct a little of their atention to existing custumers if they want to return custumers. Best of luck to anyone deciding to use the Waynesboro, Va verizon store. I sugest you shope elsewhere!

  105. Bill Agnor Says:

    RE: Dover, DE Verizon store. Warning, be sure to read the FINE PRINT before signing anything. It could end up costing you thousands for the Wi-Fi service! Even if you cancel in a couple of days, it costs. Good luck!

  106. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Says:

    […] articles &#1072n&#1281 blogs &#959n various hi-tech goods. H&#1077 believes th&#1072t verizon reviews &#1072r&#1077 m&#965&#1109t f&#959r &#1072&#406&#406 those dealing w&#1110th th&#1077 company […]

  107. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  108. Michelle Queen Says:

    I was with Verizon Wireless for almost 6 years and Verizon is a drop call rip off! My own Wireless service rep in the store recommended that I look at other carriers, specifically Sprint after I became disgusted by the fact that Verizon was charging “a la carte” and was no longer offering t.v. services. Verizon charges you for every LITTLE thing!!! I switched to Sprint and I have unlimited internet and t.v. and lots of other things AND it’s cheaper with no dropped calls!!! I can now talk in the grocery store for a change! I’ll never go back to Verizon. Not to mention that Verizon’s own rep told me that I had to pay for the rest of the month at the maximum minutes and couldn’t lower my package after a different rep told me I could! Please, CHECK OUT SPRINT before going to Verizon.

  109. Kzoookid Says:

    Verizon(alltel) Screwed me over royally. Tarnished my Credit rating. Would not settle my account even though they couldn’t retrieve any of my records,only a false balance. Even my Verizon salesman was astonished,actually he requested a goodwill settlement; they declined. I had all my reciepts,records,cancelled checks,etc…”Proof in the Pudding.” This has been going on now for over a year. Countless hours on the phone with customer support. Several Faxes were sent-copies of all my records. Had multiple Debt collectors harasing me. Best they would offer me was $20 pay to delete. I had no choice but to pay it. I still may not make the deadline to remorgage or save my home from foreclosure because of their mistake. They did say I was now eligible for future service with them…Yeah, right!!!

  110. Cell Phone Contracts – Necessary Evil Says:

    […] Art Gib is a writer for Cell Phone Battles, a website featuring AT&T reviews and Verizon reviews. […]

  111. lnda wilson Says:

    VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
    They are the most rude people I,ve dealt with! I purchased a droid htc returned it throught the mail as instructed after recievieng my second purchase for a droid x. 60 days into the return They still had not reinburst me for my intital purchase. as I went up the chain of command and started speaking with supervisors. They were very rude and never returning my calls. It was a inconvience the entire interm. Houston TX coporate office, I do not know wear they got there people from Elnora and Gloria said they were supervisors, HOW? there attitude and customer service suck!, and my issue was left unresolved. Gene Edmond there supervisor never called me after I left numerous message. I tried to find a complaint line for verizon, could not find one. Do Verizon know there customers are being treated like this? When my contract is up I am going to try AT&T. I never recieved my full refund for the purchase of the phone!

  112. alan Says:

    My wife realized I was getting billed $15.00 per month for 4 years for an internet service that my phone wouldn’t accomodate. It is standard company policy for them to add that fee on, because they figure most people won’t notice it. my friend is a manager of a Verizon store, and confirmed that it is their policy. Please, check your bills. How many people have been robbed by this company? They said the best they could do was a $40.00 credit, so that’s $680.00 they stole from me. They need to be stopped!! Class action lawsuit anyone?

  113. Wiley Pullin Says:

    Good day I appreciated your post. I think that it is important when discussing diabetes to at least mention natural remedies that have been proven to be efficient in controlling high blood glucose. Several natural herbs can be including in a diabetics treatment that will help preserve a healthy sugar level.

  114. Gage Says:

    why is verizen wireless better than cricket wireless? i have to write a paper to my mom about why i wanna switch to verizen. i mainly know that verizen has better coverage and better phone but what else could i include? i really wanna switch cricket really sucks they get no service and their customer service is crap.

  115. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information « Jetzt wird Geld gespart… Says:

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  117. VINOO NAIDU Says:

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  118. AT&T Employee Says:

    I would like everyone to know a little something about AT&T. Verizon is A LOT less expensive than AT&T. I would know. I am with Verizon. I tried when I started working for AT&T to get service with them using the exact same plan that I have through Verizon. I have 3 phones and a Hotspot. AT&T wanted a $500 deposit per line as well as a monthly bill of $420 a month. EXCUSE ME. Oh I will also get a 10% discount as well. Also I will not be able to get unlimited internet on my smart phone.
    Well I only pay $200 a month on Verizon and do get unlimited internet. Plus I also get a 8% discount as well. Plus where I am at AT&T does not even have 3G service. We are suppose to be getting it in November of 2008. WAIT A MINUTE, I THINK THEY ARE A LITTLE LATE. The towers have not even been started yet. You tell me what kinda company will sell you a phone in an area but not offer everything they are suppose to.
    I know for a fact that AT&T tries to get the most money out of people. I get so many complaints a day over how upset people are and how unhappy they are from the service. I have NEVER had they problems with Verizon as people complain about AT&T of having.

  119. Becky Says:

    Verizon is a complete joke. I had it for 2 years and was satisfied at first, but towards the end I was paying close to 200 a month for ONE phone. My plan was the 60/month one and i never went over my minutes. Whenever I called the customer service for answers, they were rude, confused, or just didn’t care. In fact, they went out of their way to make me feel like an idiot. So I TRIED to discontinue my service with them and so far I have gotten 3 early termination fees, all being $100-$130. Each time I call they say I have to pay it, but I haven’t had my phone for 3 months, haven’t used any minutes, yet they are still charging me. I have heard good things about verizon so maybe it’s just my luck, but i personally would not recommend them to anyone.

  120. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Android Phone Dell HTC LG Motorola Samsung Sony Ericsson Tips Blog Says:

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  122. Laura Says:

    Verizon rips it’s customers off. On two different occasions I found that I was being billed for services that I had either turned down or requested to have removed. Verizon’s policy is that they will only reimburse for three months EVEN WHEN THEY HAD IT IN THEIR NOTES THAT I HAD REQUESTED TO HAVE A SERVICE DISCONTINUED EIGHT MONTHS PRIOR. The have their customer service people trained to say that they check their own bills every month, and therefore, if you were billed for a service you did not want, it is your own fault. Needless to say, I will be switching to Sprint.

  123. Brie Says:

    I have been a cust. For 12 years, and throughout the years I feel that my timeand money has been a waste to a company that just doesn’t care about me. In fact when I ever did have a problem, I never felt that anyone tried to help me. The word “sorry” would just pass through there lips as a comment to end all conversations, or one time a person at a store told me that if I wasn’t happy then go to another company cause she felt verizon was the best and that was that. I have payed thousands over the years, the international service(which I paid for) never worked internationally. The droid phone doesn’t play movies, the music speakers don’t sound good at all, and don’t let me get started on the worse touch screen ever created, in my thoughts are-VERIZON NEVER!!!!

  124. Greg Says:

    I’ve spent multiple calls, multiple menus, multiple waits, gone through multiple supervisors to try to get my account unlocked for the first time so I can put some money in it. They all promise something will be fixed, but it never is. I’m going to throw this phone out the window and NEVER be a verizon customer ever again. Their service sucks, I’ve been lied to several times, and they won’t fix the problem.

  125. Dylan Says:

    DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON. I just got my Blackberry storm 2 last month. I went through five because they are all freezing and resetting themselves. They told me I have only had one. They will NOT send me a different device even though my warranty shouldn’t be up. Also, they want me to pay $500 for a replacement. Canceling there service in the morning.

  126. JT Says:

    Just dropped Verizon and switched to T-Mobile. Verizon customer Service reps are perhaps some of the most uneducated and ill-trained persons in the field. Bought two phones and neither would call out or text messages would show up several hours later. When I tried to get new phones, Verizon wanted to charge 35 bucks per phone restocking fee, 85 bucks per phone for rebate payback then cost of new phones etc. I do not recommend verizon. Since thier take over of All Tell thier customer service just went to hell which is where Verizon can go.

  127. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  128. CH Says:

    I have been with Verizon for 12 years. Never had a complaint until two years ago. My daughter Nd I got new phones and then it all started. They changed our plan to a more expensive, more minute plan (we didn’t even use the minutes we already had so why would I need more minutes) without our consent. There were charges for all sorts of things…we went from a $200 phone bill per month t suddenly getting a $750 bill. It took me four months to get it straightened out. Next they extended our contract dates and because their employee put in the computer that I consented to extend our contract date, it must be so. Now why on earth would I consent to extend my contract date. I could go on and on about the things Verizon has done over the last two years and the countless arguments I have had with them over their unscrupulous business practices. I used to tell people they were the best and they were…until two years ago. Now I think they are crooks. I don’t appreciate essentially being called a liar because their employee or Verizon would never do anything unethical. They have done numerous unethical things and because of that they will be losing a long time customer. What a shame that they value the business of their dedicated customers so little.

  129. AT&T Employee Says:

    I would like to tell all the Verzion haters a little something about ATT. Switch to there service, and then see if you still have issues. I know you will. I deal with it everyday. I do not like telling people the things I say but I have to. I am an employee and it is my job. Just to let people know it is not the person on the phones fault. It is the company. Keep that in mind next time you call in to gripe about your service. And as far as Verizon being expensive, not nearly. They run about 50 cheaper on average than ATT. Dont believe me do the price check for your self and see.

  130. boyo & jimmy Says:

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  131. Louanne Taverab Says:

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  132. John Says:

    I purchased a netbook from the queensbury ny store and it died not only was there no service agreement available but they wouldnt replace the item. I contacted Gateway and theres nothing they could do but repleace the broken part at an extremely high price ( 4 times what I paid for it) The sales person George Lapointe may have made a sale but they have lost 3 customers for lif

  133. Tina Says:

    Wasn’t pleased with Shrewsbury – unbelievably horrible service… drove 20 minutes to Millbury…wonderful – pleasant – courteous service..
    Maybe Verizon is so big – they just don’t care about their customers…. Sad, Sad..
    consider changing.

  134. Tiff Says:

    Verizon is horrible horrible horrible… every phone I have had breaks with in 2 months of having it. plans are way to expensive, u get billed alot for extra things you dont even use!! Frustrating!!! People are rude in the stores whn u go there for help! very bad experience!! Wont ever go back to verzion!!!

  135. joey ihsan Says:

    AMAZING. 3g speeds are super fast ….droid 2 im downloading a mobile movie off the interntent and super fast speed

  136. JennyD Says:

    Though it is a rare occasion that I drop a call, and I have never really experienced a no service area (even when I traveled to Europe), Verizon’s customer service is not only clueless but rude. I have been with the company for a year and have gone through 5 different phones- 4 blackberry Tours and 1 Samsung rouge and as I do believe the quality of the phones are poor I have also been lead to believe the customer service was not at all for the customer. The customer service makes you feel like you are stuck and doesn’t offer too many options when something is wrong. Verizon only offers a 14 day grace period after the contract is signed compared to a normal 30 day grace period the other companies offer. Verizon expects failure and doesn’t offer ANY resolutions, I really believe Verizon takes on these low bid phones as to make MORE money off their devoted customers. I am currently in the middle of my contract- I can either upgrade and sign on for an additional year or pay the cancellation fee. Even though the iphone is going to be offered through Verizon, I think I am going to pay that cancellation fee and go to another cell phone provider.

  137. Lynn Says:

    I WANT Alltel back! Had Alltel for many, many years, all the way back to the box carried in a bag (for you youngsters, yes, that was when the dinosaurs roamed and it was very cumbersome). Service was great even during hurricanes. Had a problem once in a while with billing but always got to talk with an English speaking rep and the situation was resolved expediently every time. Since Verizon took over I’ve had to call every month because of the messed up bill/service and most of the time multiple calls per month, some getting resolved and some ongoing. The turnover rate is so great that no rep knows what they are talking about and gives incorrect info/guidance. Other members of my family paid the cancellation fees and left Verizon. I kept thinking it would get better but my contract ends soon and I’m off to another company also. It won’t be to AT&T either because of the customer service (lucky if I can understand the rep) and billing issues with all their services encountered by me and other sources.

  138. Jason Says:

    I am attempting to activate a phone with Verizon and they will not let me do so because my wife is the “account owner” I find it ridiculous that they could not and would not do anything to help a customer that was trying to spend money with them. They then suggested that I log in as my wife and add me as an account manager. I went to attempt this and got another error message, which cannot be overriden unless the account owner is present when I called. RIDICULOUS. Would much rather have dealt with Sprint or AT&T, at least my new phone would work.

  139. john mosher Says:

    verizon is the worst network ever. i cant stand them and wait for the day i can cancel my contract, everytime I have gone in to make a payment, or have a question, or wanna talk about possibly changing features, i have to put my name on a waiting list and wait over an hour, even when the store is damn near empty, and its not just in my city, ive been to verizon stores in other states as i travel alot and its the same damn thing, and when i finally am able to speak to someone, their cocky sob’s thinking their network is top notch, when in reality its an overpriced piece of crap.

  140. Mike C Says:

    How come my review is not posted? It is not opinion but actual fact

  141. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information » Get your info here. The best article parking directory Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  142. Greg Pearson Says:

    I have been with Verizon for many years and have been quite satisfied. Customer service has been responsive and helpful. I have had little occasion to contact them in the last couple of years until last week when I decided to try a new phone. I contacted a representative using the “chat now” feature on their web site. A very frustrating experience…I asked the same question 3 times and the rep apparently never bothered to read the question responding with some unrelated nonsense. I ordered a phone the following day (Thursday) and it arrived the following Monday defective. I contacted customer service who promised overnight replacement (that was on Monday). I called customer service on Thursday, no phone yet, and was told that the phone was shipped that very day using 2 day service. Not what I have come to expect from Verizon. I hope this does not reflect the current quality of there service.

  143. Kate Keeley Says:

    When I don’t have a problem, Verizon is great. But when I need help from customer service, I feel like a ping-pong ball. It’s someone else’s problem. No, in the end, it’s my problem. I have two major problems with Verizon, 0 satisfactory results.

  144. rs gold Says:

    Thanks for the share, I have been readin online all day and this was actully worth reading. Thanks

  145. me Says:

    verizon wireless sucks in so many ways. there feature phones suck, the go bad and all the do is give you a new one, that still sucks.

  146. Sydney Says:

    I have had nothing but terrible experiences with Verizon. Devices and customer service. I am appauled at their over priced plans and what you get for it is definitely not worth it. i had to talk to 8 different people just to get an order in. I was paying $15/m for data on my blackberry and i swapped my blackberry for 2 days to another phone while they sent me a new blackberry (cause surprise the first one or second one didnt work) and i called to reactivate my 2nd blackberry and they said i have to pay a minimum of $29.99 What the hell!?
    Terrible service. I would definitely pick AT&T over Verizon.

  147. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  148. Jerrid Kidd Says:

    I want to say that verizon, best network or whatever else they claim, is probably the worst experience I have ever had with a cellphone and I even had AT&T back in 2005 when they were awful. So my contract is coming to a close after 2 years, I am calling customer service to find out when I can cancel, get a new phone and can keep my number etc because I am sick of overpaying for what I actually use. First call yields a date of march 9th I can terminate. I find out when I go into get a new phone that march 9th is incorrect and I call yet again to get a new set of dates and hear april 9th is the new date and an explanation of the mixup and how I will be all set after I pay one more bill. Well I pay that bill and sure enough I get hit with “one more bill.” I call about it annoyed but alright whatever and the final slap in the face from verizon is I could have canceled my contract with an early termination fee of only $60 like 6 months ago. Since then I have paid 70 dollars a month for crap service and have complained a few times and they never once mentioned how your early termination fee goes down 5 dollars a month until my last billing cycle cycled through. Verizon is the biggest bunch of corporate crooks out of every cellphone company. I read an interesting article that we pay more per kb of air time with text messages more than it costs nasa to send a message to a space station orbiting the earth… enough said I reccomend people look for a better value with equivilent service else where.

  149. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Wireless Verizon Says:

    […] articles &#1072n&#1281 blogs &#959n various hi-tech goods. H&#1077 believes th&#1072t verizon reviews &#1072r&#1077 m&#965&#1109t f&#959r &#1072&#406&#406 those dealing w&#1110th th&#1077 company […]

  150. Claudia Sanchez Says:

    The worst service that I’ve had. For sure there’s nothing worse than verizon service. Bad customer service, bad service, everything bad… I shoudnt change my service, I was happy with timnes warner with internet service and phone service. I changed it to save some dollars… I shoudn’t change it for this trash of service…ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhh I’m so frustrated.

  151. Peter Isaac Says:

    If you are thinking about becoming a customer with Verizon Wireless, you should probably get educated on their complete business plan, customer service answer book and whatever else you can get your hands on. Every time you make a call to them, whether it is to change your plan, or just ask a basic question, you will get a different answer with a different rate or no information on your plan change rate. You will notice on your next bill though, that you are being charged a significant amount of money for this information of lack there of. My family was with originally with Alltel who had fabulous customer service. We were with that company for over 10 years and then got bought out by Verizon. Verizon is the best for phone service but if you have a BUDGET to stay within, do not go to them for your cell phone service. You will never know what your bill will be. If you leave them, they will nickle and dime you to the point of owing them a ton of money and then turn your account over to colletions whether you agree to make payments with them or not. If you to into the verizon stores, they will also give you a different answer as far as their services, plans, rates etc. Verizon will never stay within your budget.

  152. stacey Says:

    Verizon is garbage. Total crap. I have been with them for almost two years and cannot wait for the day my contract is up in the never too near future. I have had at least 6-8 months of overage charges when my average usage is 280 minutes out of my 500, only to find out they have been charging me for every incoming call I do not answer. I have 300 minutes of 1 minute calls. $70+ over for several months is not a good deal. They say to me, “every call is subject to a minumum data charge, whether answered or not.” I find this completely outrageous. I refused to pay it one month so they disconnected service and then neglected to tell me that after they reconnected it, my minutes were pro-rated to 200 for the following ENTIRE month without my knowledge. Another overage bill. Total scammers.

  153. Erin Says:

    HORRIBLE!!! I am so unhappy with Verizon. The bill is ridiculous $148 dollars a month to use my phone??? WOW also the customer service is the WORST I have ever dealt with. Verizon wireless does not care about there customers, all they care about is getting money!! They have NO sympothy for customers at all or SERVICE SKILLS!!! completely RUDE!!!! Not to mention the numerous times i have had to here my friends say they called me and i NEVER received the call. Or text messages sent that I never received. Also the 3G is a JOKE do they have towers anywhere??
    I MISS T-MOBILE I can not wait for my contract to be up because over my dead body would i give them an extra $300 just to cancel my service. …. Although it would probably save me lots of headache!!

  154. Cathy Says:

    If you are thinking of changing over to Verizon wireless, DON’T. Their customer service has alot to be desired. Their prices are high, and their cancellation fee is $350, compared to $200 with other companies. I cancelled, and they did not seem to care – the fee was high, but I have re-couped it already by changing over to Sprint, who has lower monthly plans. I would not reccomend Verizon to anyone!!! Take my advice!!!

  155. Lauren Says:

    I purchased the verizon 5Spot wireless card to use with my IPad. The device did not work, I called customer sercive twice for help and was more or less told I was out of luck and that they were not familiar with how the device worked with the IPad. I called to cancel my service and they were rude and unhelpful. The end result was offering to charge me well over $100 to cancel the service that never worked. Why create a device and continue advertising and selling it to consumers when it doesn’t work? I feel like I was scamed into paying a company that already makes plenty of money for a service I never received. Verizon needs to work on their products and customer service.

  156. Jay Says:

    Switching to Verizon was a BIG MISTAKE. The guy who sold me my phones in the store was incompetent and put my account in the wrong name. Porting over numbers from the old carrier turned into a nightmare that took about 6 hours of calling Verizon over and over (and that was just me… not counting the calls from my other family members). This is a very disorganized company. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have changed from T-Mobile, who always gave me good service except for dropped calls. I still have the dropped calls with Verizon but they are costing me a bunch more than my previous provider. I was also not told in the store how much various charges would be and my phone bill was a huge shock. No matter what Consumer Reports says, beware Verizon and don’t expect good service (maybe better than ATT but that is not saying much).

  157. Amy Perna Says:

    Verizon is trying to charge me $500 for a phone that I have returned to them. I have the confirmation and tracking number from FedEx that acknowledges the package was received at the Verizon warehouse. I cannot discuss my bill or anything with them as they have sent this to collections and all I have been able to do (after many hours and transfers through the Verizon bramble) is talk to a collection agent. This is now on my credit history – I have been to the Verizon store and they have not been helpful – the youngsters their just want their commissions and they tell me to pay the entire amount and “straighten it out later.” As well, I cancelled my service in November and Verizon continues to charge me $297.00 a month for service that no longer exists. I should have just kept the replacement phone and sold it …. which also to note was sent to me because of malfunctioning software on my existing Droid Eris. Verizon you are just bad news all around.

  158. Mark Says:

    If I had to give Verizon a letter grade, I wouldn’t insult failure by giving them an F.

    They are too expensive for so much trouble. If we were in France, I could probably sue for emotional damage because every time I deal with them, I’m 20 steps closer to heart disease. They are unwilling to get me the help I need and honestly only care about getting their money from you. They’ve even taken money from a card they weren’t authrourized to take. I’ve had phones break on numerous occasion. I had my Casio phone for two months before moisture in the air got into my phone through a bad seal (the phone is supposed to be water resistant). They refused to do anything about it, and now my phone doesn’t work at all. Now I have to buy a new phone, but I’m dropping this service the second my contract is up.

    I think Verizon’s only mindset is “You owe us the world.”

  159. Stela Says:

    Verizon is the worst. I almost had a heart attack when one day they called one day and told me that my bill was almost 300 from the 60 dollars I pay montly. They are always hidden fees and you feel trapped because you have to pay YES or YES (because of the CONTRACT.)

  160. Stela Says:

    please be smart and dont go with verizon if you some day dont wanna have a heart attack WITH ALL THE HIDDEN FEES. they charge 6 dollars for late fee? come on! any of my bills are as high as verizon bills..and my phone even dont have internet. I CAN’T WAIT TO BE OUT IF THAT CONTRACT. I THINK THE DAY THAT CONTRACT WILL BE DONE, I LL CELEBRATE…!!!

  161. ROCIO Says:


  162. Michelle Says:

    Verizon is terrible. I just cancelled my account and switched to att. When I purchased the droid the sales rep added many extras I never agreed to on his own terms. 1.99 music thing and all kinds of stuff. When I called customer service they handled it like no big deal, sales reps do this all the time. Scary huh? After a couple months the phone just stopped working so they sent it back and gave me a “like new certified” phone. Keep in mind I had to wait 4 days with nothing comped. The phone comes, I am the only person in the store and was there 2 hours bc the guy had no clue how transfer and ended up wiping out my gmail info. He said sorry you will have to start over. I left mad, got home and the camera, gps, etc nothing worked. Couple weeks later phone stopped working so they sent another one…same issues. I told them I didnt want another piece of crap nor did I want to keep going without a phone 4 days at a time. Cheapest piece of crap phone they had was 200. So they have you trapped. Customer service would not work with me on taking some money off bill for days I hadn’t been able to use or anything. At least att offers phones that start at 9.99.

  163. Helen Says:

    Why is it that Verizon locks you into a 2 year contract with phone that are only desined to last 1 year…if even that? When you do upgrade in a year, they lock you into another 2 year contract with the new phone when your last 2 years hasn’t even expired? Can anyone answer that?

  164. Eric Says:

    I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for many years,until the 4th of April, 2011

  165. Eric Says:

    I have been a loyal customer of Verizon for many years,until the 4th of April, 2011. For no apparent reason my calls started dropping, have been at my address for a year and a half. Reported the trouble and a replacement phone was sent to me. Upon activating the new phone, the same problem continued immediately of drop calls. Reported the issue again and a second phone was sent to me and the problem continued. I was told that the problem was not the phone but the tower that was sending the signal to my phone. A trouble ticket was open on April 12, 2011. Here we are April 25, 2011 and the problem has not been resolved but gotten worse. I have spoken with customer service and tech-support numerous times to no avail. The last two calls I placed to tech-support I was told by a person who identified him self as Jason, Empoyee #556222, told me that the trouble ticket had been investigated and there was no problem with my service, except that while I was on my cell with Jason the call kept dropping. I asked him for my options and he eluded to the fact that perhaps I should change provider because there was no problem, according to Verizon, with my phone.
    Jason was the second person at tech-support who told me that I should look at changing providers. This is the type of customer service Verizon is providing these days and because, they are the giant in the industry Verizon does not need my $89.99 monthly payment. All I have been asking for is an honest attempt to give me the service that I’m paying for, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. One last thing, do not count on Verizon personnel calling you back when they say they will call you back ” LAIRS” Good luck to you all Verizon lovers.

  166. Jeff Says:

    I have been a customer of Verizon wireless for over 15 years and I just cancelled my service for their lack customer care. I bought a 4g hotspot card and signed up for the 10 MB plan for data. This was April 8 2011 and I have had issues from the start, constantly getting disconnected from the web and my card never going to 4g coverage and when it attempted to change to 4g it would disconnect me because of the weak signal. On top of that they said I was burning through my data plan at a 10 times greater rate than my old air card. I have invested at least 6 hours of my time trying to get my issue resolved. So finally on April 27 I had enough and I asked to be put back on my old plan (which was unlimited data)and send me a 3g card. The response I got from customer service was that I was beyond my 14 day return window and I couldnt return the product. The end resolution from Verizon they would send me a 3g card but I would have to sign up for a new data plan. They told me I could not have my old service back since they don’t offer it anymore. So I decided to cancel my service for two phones and my air card. I was told I had to pay $175 2 year termination fee on the air card since I changed service. I was told it didn’t matter that the device and service they provided never worked properly I had to pay the full charge. I spoke with several supervisors and I got bounced around like a bumper car. Also I had two supervisors tell me that they would call me back to help resolve my issues. That never happened, this was my worst experience ever dealing with a company. They don’t care about customer service or a common sense approach of dealing with the public. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON!!!!

  167. Jen Says:

    DO NOT LOCK IN TO THEIR PLANS! Bought a blackberry and had to return it many times. THEY cancel my warranty plan (I pay for) because I have had to return THEIR phone so many times. Then tell me when it decided to white screen I HAVE to upgrade and lock into another two years? NICE TRY!

    AVOID VERIZON unless you like throwing your money away…

  168. Bob Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for many years. When calling about my bill today was informed that I would be required to pay for service a month beyond the date of cancellation on one of my phone lines. This is extremely unfair. As soon as the contracts are complete on my other lines I intend to replace Verizon with a carrier who treats their customers more fairly.

  169. Cindy Says:

    I have been a Verizon customer for more than 10 years. I signed up for their “Unlimited” broadband service when it first came out. I was told at the time that this unlimited data download. Recently, Verizon told me that actually I am limited to 5GB per month, after which they will limit my internet speed…this time it was limited to 0.09 MBPS…so slow that downloading emails is difficult. Essentially this is a 5 GB service…not what I signed up for!

    Is anyone else having this problem with Verizon not living up to their contracts? We should file a class action lawsuit…its just not right to treat customers this way.

    In any case…AVOID VERIZON unless you want to waste both your time (customer service is non-existant and each person you talk to has a different answer to the same question) and your money.

  170. Lori Says:

    My phone was cloned and now Verizon wants me to pay for the extra charges!

  171. Kurt Says:

    Verizon has a new policy that they do not exchange defective phones out at their stores any more, you go to the store they check your phone out and then they send one to you next day (business Day),so your without your phone for the whole weekend if it goes out on Fri. then you have to send the old one back.
    With this type of service how long do you think they stay number 2

  172. Verizon Reviews ? An important Source of Company?s Information | Verizon Store Locations Says:

    […] a techno-junky who writes interesting articles and blogs on various hi-tech goods. He believes that verizon reviews are must for all those dealing with the company for the first time. These Verizon wireless reviews […]

  173. Disgruntled Says:

    I used to love Verizon, but their escalating prices, rediculously uncooperative sales representatives and shady dealings have made me exceedingly bitter.

    There’s no reason I should pay the same amount for internet on my phone as I do at my personal dwelling.

    There’s no reason my single cell phone bill, nearly stripped down to nothing should exceed 50$.

    They’ve become a bloated company wanting to scam you out of money and most people are still too blind to realize that you’re not paying for that much better of service. The next time you get a surprise on your bill with Verizon, have fun finding out how much they value you as a customer as they’ll run you in circles without helping you even if they admit it’s their fault.

    Verizon is not what it used to be.

  174. not satisfied Says:

    I do agree with a number of post regarding Verizon’s poor customer care and lack of compassion when dealing with customers. I have been over charged for service that I purchased to be able to use my phone in another country. I was not given a clear explanation of the charges, just a redundant “I can care less but you will pay” attitude. Will definitely think about using another service provider once our current contract ends.

  175. gold exchange rates Says:

    Heya i?m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to offer one thing again and aid others like you aided me.

  176. Joe Says:

    All I can say is to stay away from Verizon Wireless!!!! I have signed up with them for about 4 months and during the four months both my wife and I had at least two dropped calls. I have called them several times and they were extremely rude and arrogant. I told them that I had absolutely no coverage at my house or work where I spent most of my time. I live in Bountiful and worked in Salt Lake City Utah. So as you can see it was out in the middle of nowhere. After at least 20 phone calls they finally said that they will send out a tech into my house to test for coverage. Well, apparently the tech tested it and he got perfect coverage. In my opinion they didn?t send anybody out there just try to play the game. I?ve asked for the report that the tech prepared and the CS associate told me that she cannot provide me with the that report. Than shortly after that she said that they don?t guarantee service in the house or a building. Verizon Wireless is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I strongly encourage you to stay away from them. They don?t take responsibility for anything they do and when I told them that I need to cancel the account because of the lack of service and unusable coverage, they are charging my for a $400 early termination fee. Since then I have switched back to ATNT and at that same house and work I have perfect coverage and never had a dropped call. Again, do not give your business to a company like Verizon Wireless because they deserve to go bankrupt.

  177. fax server hardware Says:

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  178. gsm alarm system review Says:

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  179. Nerissa Sobolik Says:

    Found your site on Yahoo…Great post! I look forward to reading more from your site.

  180. Jay Says:

    verizon service i have no problems with. their billing is wayy short of being top of the list. they just charged me for gaming and starz play back , backup security. I never ordered.. this isnt the first time i had to dispute billing. they will find a way to add charges all the time. charge me for stuff i never ordered then only give me back credit for part of it . WTF!!!!
    isnt there some kind of law to protect me from this billing crooks!!??

  181. Shane Says:

    I have been with Verizon Wireless since 2000 and previously with the comapny Verizon Wireless bought for 10 years. The experience has always been good until this last year. Policies have changed and made the company less attractive to me. I have my entire family with Verizon as well as my entire company. I have pursuaded them to join perhaps because I can talk to Verizon customers without any effect on my minutes…..I do tend to talk a great deal. I had bought a phone paying top dollar with Verizon of course, and it has been swapped out due to poor performance three times in the first 4 months of having it. Of course they swap it out with a refurbished phone that someone else had issues with already. This week I was told that I could switch to a different brand phone and they would ship it to me. I was told to go to the Verizon store and look at the different phones. I did just that on Saturday morning, just what I was hoping to do on my day off from work. After being told by the salesperson which of the phones would best suit my use I contacted verizon to tell them and they said I could get a replacement with any phone except those two that were recommended by the salesperson. When I asked what the cost would be for the pphone I wanted I was told $650.00. NICE! Then I was told that I could pay $480 to terminate my contract with Verizon. That was nice too because then I could go and get the phone through a different carrier but would have to pay the promotionl fee for the phone bringing my total out-of-pocket cost back around $850 with the termination fee at Verizon. NICE AGAIN!! I can’t wait until this contract runs out because I am gone, my family and friends will follow. Not a huge dent to Verizon but it makes me feel better. This reminds me of a conversation I had with an Executive Vice President of one of the largest corporations in the United States…After they tested for custome satisfaction they found that a satisfied customer will tell at minimum of three people of their experience and a dissatisfied customer will tell a minimum pf FIFTY (50) people. The executives at Verizon need to learn about this study!

  182. Verizon H8r Says:

    Been through 7 phones in a month
    All have been Casio
    All have had “device defects”
    Every “factory like new replacement” has had the same problem
    Still not a satisfied customer

    I bought my first Casio phone, the Rock, years ago and was extremely satisfied with the product. it did everything the company claimed and more! So when it came time to upgrade their weren?t any ?rugged? phones in my price range so I went with the Samsung Intensity. It did the trick but I was always worried about breaking it so I rarely brought it with me.
    When the next upgrade came to fruition, I looked back towards the Casio family and chose the Brigade. From the reviews, I was prepared for the possibility of a ?device defect?. The defect being the phone sporadically restarts after sending text messages. So when I encountered this problem with the brand new device I took it to my local store (3541 S Jefferson St Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041 (703) 379-6540) and they had a ?like new factory replacement? sent to my house, next day. The same problem occurred with this one, and the next four. Now my conservative estimate for the shipping cost of these phones is almost 300$. So I got fed up with trying to get lucky with the Brigade and called the *611 number and worked my way through the illogical and frustrating automated answering service to finally talk to a human being. They apologized for the poor device and offered to send me another ?like new factory replacement?; I said, ?No send me a different phone.? So they sent me a ?like new factory replacement? Ravine. I was happy for about two days and then the Ravine started having similar problems with sending text messages. This time I was livid, I spent over a half an hour talking to customer service, made it to ?tier two? of technical support only to have my phone reset, my contacts deleted, no solution to the defect and then hung up on by the rep. I called back after I calmed down for about 20min and talked to a customer service rep and within 10min she arranged for a ?like new factory replacement? Ravine.
    I am already considering switching cell phone carriers, and if the next phone I receive has the slightest defect, you can bet the farm that I will be canceling my service and switching to Virgin Mobil. This has been one of the longest months ever, I am extremely angry at the way I?ve been treated by Verizon employees, and with the devices I received.
    I did not go out of my way to buy an expensive phone just to receive a malfunctioning model, get downgraded to an older model that still doesn?t work properly and waste at least 2 hours of my time and at least 400$ of Verizons? money.

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    I have been with verizon for 10 years…i was in their store yesterday looking up upgrade to a smart phone. the phones require you to buy a $30 data package. i though it was pretty steep, but at least it was unlimited. had to sleep on which $400 smart phone to get, but when i come in today the $30 data package is only 2GM a MONTH!!! called verizon they say no way to give me the price plan I was quoted less then 24 hours earier. said the people in the store should have told me about the upcoming change. even tho i have payed in around $10k over my years of useing Verizon, they refuse to offer me ANYTHING! talked to the people in the store, they say that verizon had them under contract NOT to tell any customers about the change in pricing. so 10 years, $10k and a quote from the day before means nothing to this company.

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    Then I get a bill for $280+ from Verizon. I have argued with them sent copies of the contract, they said my contract is with Dr Cell Phone not them I have to get the $85 from DCP to send Verizon? They send it to collection and report it to transunion I have filed suit against verizon and am filing against transunion tomorrow.

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    I have contacted Customer Service and I even wrote to the president of Verizon, who had some assistant respond. They say we can’t have our money back, but show us no proof that we ever agreed to this remaining balance forfeiture policy.
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  245. LL Says:

    If you like planning ahead, forget Verizon. They try to force you onto the auto pay plan by limiting the amount of days you can set up a payment in advance. Today is Thursday, i want to setup a payment to pay next Friday…BUT I CAN’T because it will only let you set a payment in the next 5 days. There is no rhyme or reason for this except to make it inconvenient for you so you go on the auto plan. Now I have to go back in a few days to schedule even though I should have been able to set this payment up today. I wonder if ATT limits payments?

  246. Maria Says:

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